Monday, June 24, 2024

All Hidden Things, in The Swampland Dark of The Mind, Where The Snake Coils and Wears Your Face... Are Soon Revealed.

God Poet Transmitting.......

A couple of people have objected to my linking the Europa series. I don't see the problem. Watch it or don't watch it. The power of choice exists, and I was clear about the nature of the work from the beginning. We've all heard the statement that... those who do not learn from History are doomed to repeat it. That is... from a certain perspective... a basic element in the force of Karma and its continuance.

It is important to know what you are up against... even if... at a higher level... no such opposition exists. You have to deal with Reality at the level it presents itself. If a car is coming at you on the highway, you take evasive measures. You don't Will the oncoming car to the side of the road... or try to levitate it. Even though... metaphysically... that is possible, you do need to be able to do it. That is one of the reasons we have that other statement; talk is cheap.

So... if I happen to mention that a certain mad dog... serial killer... or possible danger of inclement weather is on the horizon, you are free to take my word for it or ignore me. There could be reasons for either position to be taken. Everyone has to make up their own mind. On the plane of separated minds... that is already a given. People will do what they think they need to, even when their information is wrong or... intentionally directed to cause them harm. Panicked mobs originate that way.

I work for the same employer that Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening work for. This is what we do... we bring hidden truths to light; this is the time for it... this is what is happening anyway... we are all suffering because of the combined nasty behaviors of the self-styled elite and The Deep State. On this plane of action, one needs to always be aware of the possibility of enemy action.

I am not comparing myself to these two powerhouses. I am a small-time player, a niche guy for a niche target audience. Many people come around here and it's not their cup of tea. They move on... or they should move on. I had people who might have once been friends of mine who don't talk to me anymore because I delve into areas that they don't want to hear about. I comment on inconvenient truths.

When you are 8 years old, and someone is telling you something you don't want to hear, and you stick your fingers in your ears and go; “la la la la la... I can't hear you,” it might be amusing, especially because you know that... later on... life will get their attention... whether they like it or not. However.... when an adult does the same thing... it is not amusing... it is not cute; it's denial... and sooner or later that dike is going to wash away and it won't be pleasant. I'm a kinder... gentler version... of what life is going to do to your ass at some point.

I've been around for a while on this go-around and I've been talking to people wherever I met them... in parks... at parties... gatherings of various kinds... in bars, and I am not afraid to mention those we are not allowed to criticize. The Truth is far more important to me than The Consequences of telling The Truth, and I know I didn't just start in on this recently.

In Germany, I publicly discussed something that it is against the law to expose as a lie. It didn't matter if you were right, (and I was/am) you weren't allowed to say it was all a lie. These slippery little shit-weasels knew what they were up to when they drafted the specific legalese to protect them from The Truth coming out. It's their cover for what you hear about in the first episode of Europa. I did it for fifteen years there... back when I had tens of thousands of visitors to my sites.

So... I have these people who might have once been my friends, and I also have these people who are friendly to me... who come and tell me about people they talk to... about taboo subjects... who don't want to hear about it; La La La La La, I can't hear you! People are afraid because of their hostages to fortune OR... because they are chicken shit... or... for whatever the reason is, BUT... your resistance to The Truth has no effect on The Truth, and... SOONER OR LATER... a time will come... like now... when it all comes out.

I say what I say because of conditions and events like this. (you'll want to fast-forward through the 2 commercials.)

Hollywood doesn't hate Trump because he is not an exponent of liberal or progressive policies. They hate him because he was going after the pedophiles; though most people caught up in the waves of irrational hate... do not know who is generating the hate. When he was president... there were regular sweeps of a hundred, and sometimes more of them... in Southern Kalifornia. I have my own memories of this... as far as the record goes... to my satisfaction... as far as it being true.

There is a surprisingly large... international cabal of Satanic child killers, AND... their time has come. So whether you don't want to hear about it or not... you are going to hear about it because it is ALL coming out, and not just that, but every hidden thing in the swamplands... in the darkness... of the human mind... where The Prince of Darkness dwells, and wears your face... if you are so disposed... it's ALL coming out. Like it or not.

Everything visible comes out of The Invisible, and that is what is happening, and there is no defense against it... except to live in a righteous fashion. That is your permanent safeguard. Heaven prefers no man, but the wise man prefers Heaven. The Clueless and indifferent sleep on a pillow of darkness... in a world of change. Sooner or later the house catches fire.

Everything going on now... that is authored by The Deep State... from COVID... to Climate Change hysteria... to looming wars... to social unrest... to economic terrorism and sundry... are all distractions designed to cover their asses... or subvert scrutiny... in their last-ditch effort to control and contain what is slipping from their hands.

When a perspective of atheism... or fundamentalist anthropomorphism... influences you toward disbelief in God... or a fanatical belief in what religion tells you... so as to influence what you think...say... and do... concerning spiritual matters... you can become a monster, and... and then you are headed toward The Land of Dreadful Wakeup, and... when you sleepwalk... in your controlled dreams of life... you get what you see in the first episode of Europa. Well-you-may-ask; how come no one has ever stopped this?

They did stop it a hundred and nine times in past centuries. Now... it seeks to do the same on a global scale. They could not have picked a worse time, BUT... the timing for all things is in the hands of our mysterious author. He's the only one whose watch actually works.

I posted that documentary series as an answer to all the people who have come to me asking me what they should say to people; how do they convince people? Well... here you have chapter and verse. If someone doesn't want to see it; la la la la la, I can't hear you, their uninformed opinion is something they can keep to themselves, but the uninformed do not have that sort of restraint, and they can't stop talking in circles because they are terrified of The Silence.

You do the best you can. You can see if people are open or closed. Never be driven by the message. People don't like Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses showing up at their door.

I do not expect everyone to agree with me... or understand me... or appreciate what happens here. Whether you do or do not is macht nichts to me. I don't do what I do for anyone's approval. Only God's opinion carries any weight with me. Take what is useful and disregard the rest. If you are determined to close your eyes to unpleasant truths... you can count on them showing up at some point later on... in person.

I don't really want to watch that series. I already know what's there, so... I am watching it in small doses. I have to watch it because it explains everything that has been going on and is going on. Anyone on the fence about the matter... that you are not allowed to bring to light... will no longer be in the fence after watching this.

The shearing and slaughter of The Sheep would go on indefinitely except for The Hand of God intruding. It's been a long and torturous road, BUT... the time has come, and then some.

The World is a whirling ball of confusion. Upheaval and drastic change are coming to everyone. No one is immune... if they are attached to anything transitory in the cycling force of change that is upon us. Let go of everything except that central core within that is holding on to you. The dust will settle, as it rearranges itself into new forms.

The archetypes are humming that song of adapted and modified OM... that precipitates all that we see around us into being. The Word is coming down from above and everything has to move accordingly or... it will move regardless.

If you are paying attention... you can see revelation concerning The Usual Suspects and their brainwashed minions being exposed far and wide. What is hidden will be uncovered.

End Transmission.......

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Excerpt from Chapter 11
The Cosmic Vision in The Bhagavad Gita-


“I am time, the destroyer of all; I have come to consume the world. Even without your participation, all the warriors gathered here will die.”

Therefore arise, Arjuna; conquer your enemies and enjoy the glory of sovereignty. I have already slain all these warriors; you will only be my instrument.

Bhishma, Drona, Jayadratha, Karna, and many others are already slain. Kill those whom I have killed. Do not hesitate. Fight in this battle and you will conquer your enemies.”


“Having heard these words, Arjuna trembled in fear. With joined palms he bowed before Krishna and addressed him stammering.”


“O Krishna, it is right that the world delights and rejoices in your praise, that all the saints and sages bow down to you and all evil flees before you to the far corners of the universe.

How could they not worship you, O Lord? You are the eternal spirit, who existed before Brahma the Creator and who will never cease to be. Lord of the gods, you are the abode of the universe. Changeless, you are what is and what is not, and beyond the duality of existence and nonexistence.

You are the first among the gods, the timeless spirit, the resting place of all beings. You are the knower and the thing which is known. You are the final home; with your infinite form, you pervade the cosmos.

You are Vayu, god of wind; Yama, god of death; Agni, god of fire; Varuna, god of water. You are the moon and the creator Prajapati, and the great-grandfather of all creatures. I bow before you and salute you again and again.

You are behind me and in front of me; I bow to you on every side. Your power is immeasurable. You pervade everything; you are everything.

Sometimes, because we were friends, I rashly said, “Oh, Krishna! Say, friend!” – casual, careless remarks. Whatever I may have said lightly, whether we were playing or resting, alone or in company, sitting together or eating, if it was disrespectful, forgive me for it, O Krishna. I did not know the greatness of your nature, unchanging and imperishable.

You are the father of the universe, of the animate and the inanimate; you are the object of all worship, the greatest guru. There is none to equal you in the three worlds. Who can match your power? O gracious Lord, I prostrate myself before you and ask for your blessing. As a father forgives his son, or a friend a friend, or a lover his beloved, so should you forgive me.

I rejoice in seeing you as you have never been seen before, yet I am filled with fear by this vision of you as the abode of the universe. Please let me see you again as the shining God of gods. Though you are the embodiment of all creation, let me see you again not with a thousand arms but with four, carrying the mace and discus and wearing a crown.”


M - said...

I appreciate you providing links to that series. So far, nothing has suprised or shocked me but I have learned things. There are always two sides to every story and if you're only hearing the one side you're being lied to. Or misdirected, as you say.

A person will change when they're damn good and ready to - and not a moment sooner. Or "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink."

Blessings on this Midsummer morn.

Anonymous said...

And yet another blue ribbon post! You’re our resident Ernst Z - you know - that German gentleman who spent the best part of his life researching what you explain. It’s not easy to UNlearn the things which you were taught from an early age. Maybe why it is soooo difficult for most people to wrap their minds around.
And BCii comment from Friday’s post: I wish i had said that (smile, good to see you). You too, Ty. Nice comment!

Interesting times…


robert said...

Visible bringing the invisible into our view

May we prefer dedicated workers in the vineyard...

Everything going on now... that is authored by The Deep State... from COVID... to Climate Change hysteria... to looming wars... to social unrest... to economic terrorism and sundry... are all distractions designed to cover their asses... or subvert scrutiny... in their last-ditch effort to control and contain what is slipping from their hands.

Synchronicity is going into over drive and not just in this local oasis of free spirit!

In a convo with a friend decrying the seeming totalitarian triumph from the convergence of anti-life schemes, we came back to what we can do.

I pointed out, from the certitude of checking in the with One in as many moments as I can, that we can withhold our consent to be demoralized, depressed, distracted and deterred by the world wide psyop now coming apart at the seams.

We can reclaim our creative power and begin to imagine heaven on earth, coming to a dream theater near you

We take back all the energy which may have fed the parasites and direct it in light of the new promise being fulfilled from old prophesies

We can realize we have nothing to lose but our blinders, our burdens, our pain of frustrated creative force

We can smile as if God is smiling through us, knowing as One that time is coming to an end when suffering stains all visible light shows

Remember when in childhood time was timeless?
We had all the time in the world because there were no perceptible limit to time or to life.

Are we willing to trade adult (a dolt) mindsets for perfect trust?

Becoming again what we have always been while sleeping through personal nightmares?

Why or how did we buy into the inversion that we must hold on to our pain to retain our "identity"?

Why not let go of the cannon ball that will drown us and change our grip into a union that persists beyond our human strength?

Use our magic to see through the sleight of hand hiding the iron fist?

And begin the rolling thunder of our laughing the foolish players off the stage?

My friend was focused on the lack of justice being presented in the infosphere.....

My take was that my focus was on clearing the stage for freedom to play the lead and let the long-faced laggards face their consequences in private...

Who would stay in the misery of watching karma's inexorable balancing act on upside down clowns when we can observe the new growth of life enjoying unlimited vistas?

Let the dead account for the detritus of demonic delusion while we move with the wind into cleaner pastures!

AL said...

"I posted that documentary series as an answer to all the people who have come to me asking me what they should say to people; how do they convince people?"

People seem to be driven by that mighty spirit within whether they like it or not, know it or not and the demonstrations will continue until moral improves.
My Daughter in law asked me for some Mullein for her ongoing cough brought on by a cold of some type so I gave her some with dosages and directions written on it. My Wife asked her how it was working as she is using it for the same reason and having success, my D-I-L says I don't know I haven't used it yet after having it for 6 days.

My Son and his family have had this for almost two weeks, I told them 6-10 grams of L Ascorbic acid a day in 4-6 doses should clear that up. Told my wife the same thing as we normally use it that way everyday. My wife misses her doses on many days and I do not. I am the only one who is not sick. My Sons family, children included, walk around coughing like chain smokers but will not take anything for it in spite of asking for and receiving remedies.

That separated mind is a selfish bitch who loves to inflict pain and suffering and as you know most live by it and swear by it and eventually die by it.

I like you have no need to view that documentary but already know the usual suspects M.O. and history as well as I need to, God tells me the rest so nationalities, races, religions, yadda yadda mean nothing to me but hypocrites, liars, identity thieves, murderers and the like is their club emblem and soon to be their disappearing act.

Much Love Brutha!

0 said...

This made me smile.

Now how do we get the invisible friends to do the same to everyone in the FED GOV?

Also I managed to watch about 6 hours of the europa the last battle documentary. Daaaang. Ha.

Its almost like they're gonna use Hitlers plan for germany that brought germany back as a powerhouse after he kicked out the financiers as Trumps plan for America once he takes office, tho per the documentary this far the clown international financiers have already noted it would happen by Consent (ie people are to dumb to understand what they're consenting to) or via force. The same pushes from the same types of clowns in high places seem at play with fomenting ww3.

I think we can pretty safely say that whatever shows up, the same cocknballs want to be the cunts driving it.

Ah well. Looks like a week of 100degree+ days. Junes power bill was already 480 bux. Its gonna be a fugly summer.

Hopefully the Americans outdo the clown takers.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from NorCal. Spot on on brother...

Love dpw

Anonymous said...

This kind of chicanery is mind bending. On the Sydney Powell flim flam, listen closely to what she says at 0:24 with Lou Dobbs. I don’t know about anyone else, but i’ve never heard a more backward statement. She seems to be chumping for Biden when she “says” vote flipping happened. How is this helpful to the fact vote fraud happened
to favour olde Gropey Joe? Weird.

If that clip was tampered with or if she misstated her point, it’s hard to tell.
AI & Photoshop can be made weapons of mass destruction, rewriting history along with the promulgation of mass mind fuckery. I remember distinctly watching a homemade video of election results literally flipping the exact amount of votes over to Biden that Trump had tallied right in front of viewers eyes, as reported on TV.

I have a few questions for Sydney about that interview with Lou.

We live in a mad house. But we all know that, so i won’t press the issue.



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky, and may soon what happened to Carthage happen to Khazaria by any other name.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"By The Day, The Unreal Fades, and The Eternal Dancer is Revealed... in All Her Glorious... Radiant... Everlastingness."



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