Wednesday, June 19, 2024

"Will The Angel Transform You, According to The Operation of The Sun... OR... Will You be Food for The Moon... Again?"

God Poet Transmitting.......

I was having a conversation with The Divine earlier about how so many people with a considerable following... lie, and make up outrageous claims that they cannot prove, but which dovetail right into the expectation of the great bobbleheaded public that seeks sensational news. Stuff about this Guantanamo Death Camp... armies of clones; pictures of mask lines on world leaders and celebrities... exposed to camera angles; by accident, of course, and... you know the kind of thing I am talking about.

I watch Trends and Patterns. I see where certain authors are constantly presenting sensational copy because it sells, and... not a single thing... that they work up their audiences over... has EVER happened. If it bleeds it leads. I'm not going to name names; what's the point?

Either you know who I'm talking about, and there is no need for me to elaborate, OR... you don't know, so... no amount of extrapolation or clarification... on my part... will have any effect... other than to trigger the reactive mind, and the desire for argument, which... ALWAYS... renders me speechless.

Somehow I got around to wondering if I lie too, so... I asked. I was told that I do not lie intentionally because The Divine is always present, and on the lookout for that, and I would be corrected on the spot. However... he said, you do sometimes lie unintentionally when you don't know what you are talking about. He said it in such a way that we both started laughing.

He went on to say that such things were unavoidable... in all cases... because even great masters and sages... are not completely informed, and... language ALWAYS has its limits; I don't tell anyone everything. Some things I keep eternally to myself. Wow! Kapow! Well... it makes a big difference if you are there and hear it being said... because the presentation is a big part of the effect. It always is... which brings us roundabout to the sensationalists again; why they do it... the clickbait junkies that come and go. (speaking of Michelangelo?)

So... The Divine... took me through the bends and turns... helping me to understand... all this woo-woo... speculation... insinuation, which believes all that matters is the headline. This is what happens when those in search of money and an audience... probably in that order... forget to... or don't bother to... go to The Well in the first place, and swear undying fealty. Otherwise... if you don't go to the wellhead... on your knees in submission and adoration... you're on your own, and The Truth wants no part of you. You are who you serve.

Don't kill the messenger! Yeah, about that, your life... such as it is... was forfeit the moment you dropped into physical form. Then... the race is on, will you manage to let the angel transform you... according to The Operation of The Sun OR... will you be food for The Moon... again?

It's said that the whole thing is accomplished by The Sun and The Moon... with the aid of Mercury. It should be simple enough to figure out what that implies. However... what all that occult science never tells you, while you're messing around in the laboratory like Walter White... is that the whole process is under the aegis of The Angel... who has total authority over the result, AND... if you do not... right from the giddy-up... or at least after the first couple of warnings... put it in the angel's hands and hold still... you are headed Nowhere in a hurry.

The best of the trouble would be simply taking a wrong turn and winding up somewhere unfamiliar. The worst would be if you open the wrong jar, and get a whiff of the contents.

What is it that compels people to make shit up? Why do people participate in so much small-time magic and divination, and miss the cardinal point; why attempt to predict the future when you have the means to change it, right in front of you, via meditation and contemplation? Glamour really is a problem. Everybody wants to be a rock star. I did... until I found the rock on which he built his church... speaking to me, and realized that anonymity is the greatest fame of all.

Famous according to who, Ozymandias? I often think of the fallen head of that king in Ithilien. Was it Samwise who noticed the flowers blooming like a crown upon that head of stone? God leaves us evidence everywhere, but of what use is it... if we want something else? If you go looking for The Truth, you... will... find... it. The problems always come when you see something shiny by the roadside, step off the road to check it out, and continue off-road from there.

I am not the brightest light in the firmament; not hardly. I had one thing going for me. I was absolutely... unequivocally... looking for The Real Thing... no matter the cost. That is all the credentials you need. The Invisible Realm is ALWAYS watching us. Boy! Would people be startled, and stunned to know they were on TV, in every private moment. They would be even more startled to find out who it is... that was watching them.

You don't have to be anyone of importance to get Heaven on your side. All you have to do is to be on the side of Heaven, and... stay there. Yes... as a matter of fact... it is a bumpy ride and every bump hurts... initially, and it's not long before most people start looking for a greater degree of physical comfort. Oops!

Something I needed... showed at the door yesterday like greased lightning, and it wasn't through Amazon, who can sometimes be really surprising. I was musing about that, and... The Divine said, “Well... Visible... that's how it goes when you get into resonance with me, and you are (he moved his hands in so-so fashion and said...) close enough. Then miracles happen all the time. That's how it is for me, so that's how it is for anyone I am riding with... WHEN... we are conscious of each other, and you are not messing with The Works.

“The thing is... everyone is going to have to prove themselves to me, and... there is no way around that. Period. I will put a person through it until they are old and pretty sure they are going to fall down any minute. So what? I can reverse the aging process any time I feel like it. I've certainly done it more than a time or two. I can do anything! I can do anything... at any time... if I feel like it, and... if you keep on coming... I will. Real faith will convince you of that because The Substance of Things Unseen WILL materialize.

“When you get real, everything else gets real or... it leaves the kitchen. It's not really heat, but... it will make a person uncomfortable if they are hiding anything at all. It's sorta like when things went wrong in The Garden... way back when.”

A similar condition descends on a person... when they give lip service to a high ideal... or treat The Ineffable like an extension of themselves... instead of themselves being an extension of The Ineffable; a sort of spiritual conundrum where the cart is put before the horse.

You see... when you are not in a fully surrendered alignment with the flow toward the Godhead, a snake coils up in your mind and starts calling the play-by-play. Since you can't see the action, you have to take the snake's word for it. Here are many versions of what happens when you trust the snake.

Interestingly, Donald Trump has several times read a poem about that snake while giving a speech. Odd... eh?

You can trust the snake when it has ascended to a hood above your head, once the learning process is completed, and you... are no longer around... in any separated way.

After my initial Kundalini experience, I have lived with the understanding of the serpent's rise from liar to oracle of truth. As The Man on The Beach told me, God is a serpent. He is sleeping and this is his dream. I started saying over and over; but he'll wake up, right? Right? For some reason, it was very important to me. His reply was... I don't know.

I am losing interest in criticizing the lost and the doomed. How do I know who is lost and doomed? Heaven can turn things around... in a heartbeat... for any time. If you have made a welcoming place for The Avatar... you should be noticing a thing or two by now.

At the same time, since I am using words, and the dancing polarities of Dvaita... are operational where words are employed... it does happen that both The Realms of Light, and The Kingdom of Darkness do come into play, and... at any time... epiphany can strike on some Road to Damascus. Where there is life there is breath, and also hope.

I recommend dancing through the penumbra... until you find a stationary patch of light. If it's stationary... it's probably located within. Never be afraid. When you are afraid... you automatically separate yourself from your greatest protection.

Anyway... the level of outrageous speculation has reached unprecedented heights of late. Rumors and tales have set the coconut telegraph on fire... sparks are jumping in every direction. I am getting the distinct sensation that a whole lot of people are looking for cover, and... heading for the hills OR... simply losing their minds. That... and the insanity... are the same thing, and the real pandemic. We'll see how that plays out in times to come.

End Transmission.......

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By the way; a reader pointed out to me that I put the wrong link in yesterday. the link I put in was not Dr. Martin but other people. Sorry about that! Here is the real thing I intended for you to see.

Chapter 10 continues
(Divine Splendor) in The Bhagavad Gita


Among the hymns of the Sama Veda, I am the Brihat; among poetic meters, the Gayatri. Among months I am Margashirsha, first of the year; among seasons I am spring, that brings forth flowers.

I am the gambling of the gambler and the radiance in all that shines. I am effort, I am victory, and I am the goodness of the virtuous.

Among the Vrishnis I am Krishna, and among the Pandavas I am Arjuna. Among sages I am Vyasa, and among poets, Ushanas.

I am the scepter which metes out punishment, and the art of statesmanship in those who lead. I am the silence of the unknown and the wisdom of the wise. I am the seed that can be found in every creature, Arjuna; for without me nothing can exist, neither animate nor inanimate.

But there is no end to my divine attributes, Arjuna; these I have mentioned are only a few. Wherever you find strength, or beauty, or spiritual power, you may be sure that these have sprung from a spark of my essence.

But of what use is it to you to know all this, Arjuna? Just remember that I am, and that I support the entire cosmos with only a fragment of my being.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

RE: Yeah, about that, your life... such as it is... was forfeit the moment you dropped into physical form.

I don't wanna be buried, and I don't think I will be, but I'd have a custom tomb stone made. Died on the day of my birth, born on the day I transitted to the next realm. After all, ain't dat de twooth?

From my NDE recall, we all volunteered to be here due to issues we have to deal with. Well, having come to the conclusion this place is worth less than Joe Biden, there ain't no way I'm comin' back. I can't think of a realm more contemptible. Well, the realm of ths psychopath, but still. . .

What went wrong in the garden. I figure curiosity on what it's like to be 'self'. Separate for a while from what made you, provided you were 'made' in the first place. I have a feeling we're eternal in both directions, so. . . I mean, if there is no time. . .

I'm takin' it as it comes, since that's all I ever had to do as I now know. After all, I do live in an alternate reality that is reverse to what is going on in the world even though I still complain; I do have an appreciation for that fact. This post is a doozy that's gonna help me get through this feckin' holiday at work, and
NOSTRILS TO THE SKY! (Do ya hear the Celts complainin' about no longer bein' slaves, not that colour was the issue if you do some real research. It was ECONOMICS! Blacks owned slaves too, and they weren't always black. Never mind about the slave trade in Rome, the Middle East and everywhere else. It happened everywhere to everyone. Oh, and there is no black solidarity in Africa. It's TRIBAL SOLIDARITY. They sold prisoners and undesirables to the traders, who were often Jewish, or should I say KHAZARIAN?

Anonymous said...

……while you’re messing around in the laboratory like Walter White….. LOL Good one .
AND. About these body doubles and masks.if they are going to slip someone in to take an idiots place why oh why would the body double or masked face still act like an idiot. I understand some of the masks are to make the idiot look like a younger idiot but some also imply its an impersonator. Still idiots just the same. I don’t get the point of it even if true.
There is much rumor and innuendo flying about but when SHITF we will know it .There will be no more speculation.

Visible said...

In full agreement, Anonymous, and those are only a few of the points that... I am sure... has occurred to both of us. I'm convinced this is another op whose sole purpose is confusion. They got to be on their last legs I think. People get sucked in though, and once that happens, how deep does the batshit continuum run?

That said... I know that some of the things that are said to be going on, are going on, and I will publicly admit my error in perception just as soon as I get convincing evidence to the contrary.

M - said...

I am losing interest in just about everything going on "out there". It's obvious that blogger is censoring some comments I've submitted because there's nothing in those comments that would give you pause, Vis. So I know it's not you. I was frustrated by this, but now I'm tired of it. I've lost interest. Not in you, but all this other shite.

I'm wondering how many other Readers' comments might never reach your eyes.

Some of the bloggers I follow on Wordpress see this as well, although none of them write about the same subjects as you do. They speak to many of my interests (food, gardening, cats, wicca). Perhaps AI is at work here.

Perhaps this comment is innocuous enough for blogger to let it through. If so, Blessings on this beautiful summer day. The day before Litha. The Summer Solstice.

Visible said...

I guess they must be doing something like that. I don't hear about it so, that mystifies me. Even with comments not coming through, readers could always email me. Odd.

Anonymous said...

"Anyway... the level of outrageous speculation has reached unprecedented heights of late."

It must be part of the show our Divine is putting on for those so inclined to sit with him and watch "a good movie" he does supply all necessary snacks.

I'm waiting for the book\movie to see who done it and what until then Mom has the remote firmly in hand. Many "gurus" and "prophetic" are only given what the King wishes them to have and many realize not that their prophetic word was more for them and less for us than they desire for their popularity contests.

It used to be just about the gold and women, now it's drugs\alcohol and likes as well.
I'm glad I may get the chance to see the next golden age come in because the current sewer age is getting old.

Much Love Brutha!

0 said...

Dave Martin is like Anna von Reitz in my book. He knew what it was and hes made money doing constant commentary on it over the last decade. He warned but expected it to happen and profited from the process.

The whole "It has to happen to hold them accountable" angle makes me angry.

Why does it have to happen? if they clearly KNOW What is about to happen and they ALLOW it to happen, doesn't that make them complicit?

Did you see the stupid film Asteroid city? To my mind that movie was about why the worlds being put thru the series of engineered events to get everyone in a Shared Experience that can be referenced. What they can't control is what people think, presuming they think at all, about what they experienced, which is why all the talking heads are there to tell you what you experienced if you can't reflect on it for oneself.

I find myself watching the old magnificent 7 movies along with some westerns from eastwood (a fistful of dollars, for a few dollars more).

It will be interesting to see how it shakes out. Presuming I'm still in this iteration of form when consequences are had. About all it does for me is make me not want to be part of "society".

Take it easy,

Visible said...

Did not see Asteroid City because I checked who did it and was in it and I gave it a pass. I let most of them pass these days. I did just see Hit Man; that was really nicely done. I'm about to watch Europa; The Final Battle. It's ten hours I think.

Oh! My new monitor came while I was writing that and I left and never came back. It was time for my nap. (grin)

gvino said...

As I see it that David Martin speech is another attempt to deflect from the real story, which is that there is no virus. His whole speech is based on a fiction that SARS-COV-2 was isolated and is a real thing. Over the past few years more than 200 FOIs have been made to health/science institutions around the world and yet the authorities have not been able to provide a single shred of evidence that it exists. Which makes sense because without any virus the official narrative is easier to control and explains things like flu disappearing in 2020~2022.

The secret weaponised virus (shhh, don't tell anyone) is a story that has somehow managed to "leak out" and is now widely known despite their best efforts. It's even in the mainstream. Funny that. As for the patents that Martin talks about, they prove nothing when the controllers have that level of power. The amount of noise that is being made about the weaponised virus and the fact that Martin was able to make his speech in a controlled forum like the EU should raise red flags. One group the public almost never hear from are the doctors and scientists who go against the medical establishment and ask for proof of the virus -- any virus -- or that they cause illness. Why aren't they able to address lawmakers like Martin? In fact, they are usually censored or banned outright when posting on many of the large social media sites. Ultimately, what the bioweapon cover story does is save big pharma from implosion because it keeps the fake virus and germ theory model alive, which is obviously what their main source of income is derived from.

From a Naturopath: "No virus has ever been isolated. All "virologists" use a standardised method which was established in 1954 (by John Enders). All alleged isolation is a Tissue Culture Method, by which they add poisonous drugs and monkey kidney cells (vero cells) into a medium of tissue where they believe they have an alleged virus. Their actions create DEBRIS inside a sick cell which they call a "virus". They spin out the material and compare it to a prepared chart of "viruses" by Western Blot, which is a circular argument to "prove" they have a virus. They are not doing science! They are clinically insane." -- Amandha Vollmer.

A Farewell To Virology

Who is David E. Martin

ps; Btw, I'm not a troll or FEer. Just telling it as I see it.

Anonymous said...

Joseph Benner had truly made a welcoming place for the divine within in him. That's for sure. Synchronistically this week I read the Way to the Kingdom again and The Impersonal Life. He makes a number of references to God not giving out all the answers to anyone and therefore the only One you can truly put your full trust in is God. Yesterday that particular part stuck in my mind and then you write about it. How magical. Thank you.

Ty said...

Every time I drew a caduceus the intensity and energy of the kundalini would intensify to the point of being near unbearable. I couldn't draw them anymore, but I stopped entirely after one day about 10 years back when I drew a caduceus with fish hook like barbs on the tale of her ida and pingala. It pulled the entire lower astral and shot it up into the heavens and released hell on earth.

I thought it looked nice on paper, I had no clue, my god the shit that showed up was terrifying.

0 said...

Hehehe a Nap is a fine thing.

I hear ya on films, I'll have to check out the europa thing as I like sci-fi.

The beekeeper with statham was a good flick... almost makes one hopeful that such exist to correct the system when it gets top heavy with willfully unaccountable colluders.

Watched Pale Horse last night.

News says open war by the 24th, I figure it'll start tomorrow on 6/21 the solstice. But who knows. Sure seems like Europes about to be cooked, one way or another. Guess we'll see what the demonstration produces.

The best thing about the All is that if ones in harmony with it, it brings what you need to know to your awareness moments before its needed so it can be applied. Hard to hear such if ones always being clever. So one knows what one needs to know when one needs to know it.

I always like a nap best when I'm next to my dog. :)

Take it easy Viz,

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"They have The World Feeling like Anne Frank in an Attic... with a Blow-Up Doll Virus Named COVID Sponge-Cheeks."

Visible said...

Not that Europa which Metflix deceptively nameed their series in order that people would go there thinking it was the other series. At least that is what I suspect. hit the link I included cause that's the real article.

0 said...

This one eh?


Visible said...




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