Saturday, June 27, 2009

In the File Cabinet of Dirty Deeds

The Iranian revolution that never was, slipped out of the window in the dead of night, slithered through the silent streets, moving like a shadow casting itself against indifferent walls and arriving at the British Embassy, crawled through a sewer drain into the office of the ambassador and then curled up to sleep in The File Cabinet of Dirty Deeds.

The pretentious son of Reza ‘Savak’ Palavi lowered his trousers to half mast and mooned the blinded world with the neon-green handprints of Henry Kissinger on his ass.

Across town, two agents provocateur from the SAS, toasted each other for the murder of Neda Soltan. It’s all in a day’s work. It’s all in a day’s work.

Bin Laden is long dead. Mossad and the CIA did 9/11 and the same Israeli security firm was in charge of all 9/11 airports as well as at the London Tube and the Madrid Train Station on the day of the attacks. There were no weapons of mass destruction, Iran is not making a nuclear weapon and five dancing Israelis did a cabaret revue while the towers burned and then fell at the speed of free fall into their own footprints... all three of them. “Pull it!” “Pull it.” Pull my finger so I can tell you what I think and... these dancing Mossad agents were all set up and in place before any plane hit any building; Madame Cleo strikes again.

Les Visible stands acquitted of his claim that Zionist psychopaths were deep into the slave trade.

Obama proves that he can talk out of both sides of his mouth at the same time; talking bout justice and the rule of law and an extended, infinity of detention without charge for people who had nothing to do with anything but being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Obama slicks his cowlick and says, “What me worry?”

Unmanned drones massacre Pakistani civilians... a million dead Iraqis and god knows how many Afghanis, with Iran in the gun sights of the Zio-Nazi, vampire overlords, while the crocodiles in congress weep their feeding time tears about a handful of dead protestors with American money in their pockets and no one says a word about eight Basji militia men killed in the engagements.

Mousavi, the alleged ‘unknown’ who was already prime minister of Iraq and who planned the murder of American Marines is now praised by American Zio-cons and assorted Hellraiser whores for his forward thinking, democratic perspective. Hypocrisy, it’s what’s for dinner.

The Empress Shah, loaded down with jewels, extends her pinky finger out from her cup of tea and talks about her people ...who need her zombie ass returning to the land where her husband brought torture to a level unseen until recently in the U.S.A.

And the daily revelations of sex scandals and congressmen on banking committees dumping and buying stock; Arlen Specter’s millions from the health lobbies, the bailouts that went into the pockets of the people who caused the meltdown, Michael Jackson in the house, moon-walking in celebration of all the ass-backwards operations of lawbreaking lawmakers.

Israel is lining up on the Lebanese border again as the Litani River glistens in the distance of the coveted land. It is anti-Semitism to want to live when Israel wants you dead. It is anti-Semitism to occupy land that Israel wants. It is anti-Semitism for Palestinian children to keep jumping into the gun sights of the IDF. Let’s get that hate crime legislation up on the conveyor belt so that anyone who still insists upon walking on two legs and maintaining an open mind can be tossed into prison for getting in the way of The New World Disorder.

The Bankster Holiday is coming. Blow up those green condoms into festival balloons and lets redux Mr. I knew about Pearl Harbor and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. Let’s party like its 1984.

Speaking for all of the dead and dismembered; the screaming white phosphorus candles dancing the tarantella in Gaza, the tortured and tormented, the butchered and bombed, the disillusioned and despairing, the wracked and ruined and homeless beneath the bridge abutments, let me say... You vile, despicable scum; you Wolfowitzes, Rumsfields’s and Murdoch’s... Rockefellers and Rothschild’s... the bankers, politicians and lawyers, dressed up in their neoprene, Waffen S.S. outfits on their way to that Berlin leather bar in the sky... your day is going to come. Your day is at hand.

One can neither define nor understand you. Poised with your bloody fountain pens, you sign your own death warrants with the blood of your victims. The axis of evil; Israel, the United States and Great Britain, as your population does the horizontal hula with a Brittany Spears blowup doll you turn gold into shit with your reverse alchemy. You are weaving the hangman’s rope with your every word and deed. You are parading yourself before the eyes of the world and you’re proud of it. You are insane and your day is going to come.

There is no hyperbole or superlative that can accurately describe what is occurring now. It would seem that the fabric of reality must surely part in the face of the spectacle of our times. There is no up and down. There is no right and wrong. There are no maps and no instructions. Black is the new white. Death is the new life. Halloween is now a year long event. Out of the sewers and storm drains of Hell, these creatures have emerged and everything they touch turns to shit.

What can they be thinking? What do they tell themselves? Here are the privileged few in their custom suits with their elite educations, chauffeured cars and private planes. Dining with crystal and silver, speaking as if they were human... moving in ordinary ways as if nothing were out of the ordinary; how can they have convinced themselves that they are sane?

They laugh, they wink and nod. Bob’s their uncle. I cannot comprehend it. En masse they engage each other in processes and plans, each one more demented than the last. There are no fences and no boundaries. Stark raving lunacy cheers them from the stands. They cannot be shamed or embarrassed. You who support them, you are guilty too. You who do not speak out, who pursue the course of your own self-interest, who can allow yourself to believe that the blasted bodies of women, children and impoverished farmers are terrorists hostile to the empire... you are guilty of these murders through acquiescence to your brutal denial. J’accuse. J’accuse.

Your green revolution is an ever increasing waterfall of inflated dollars. You’re going to need wheelbarrows in place of wallets. You’re in need of gumboots to traverse the rising river of blood that your indifference and cowardice have permitted to flow. The stones and the grass beneath your feet cry out against you. You are dishonored and damned. The clock hands move, grinding away each and every minute that you ignored what took place in your name. One day those hands will stop and other hands will break up from the Earth to pull you down into your just reward.

Listen to your sneering mind as you read these words. Listen to your hollow laughter as you mock and scorn the voice of your conscience. Stop and listen to the voice in your head as you reflect upon what you have read. Ask yourself whose voice is this. Whose voice has led you to such a pass?

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Anonymous said...

"Obama proves that he can talk out of both sides of his mouth at the same time..."

Yes, and if you listen very carefully you will notice that another orifice is involved as well. :)

Seriously, these people are psychopaths, they aren'y worried about being "sane" by any definition other than their own. Real people are nothing more than cattle to them. Most of us have more compassion for insects than these semi-humans have for us.


Visible said...

When you are having trouble commenting do not simply inform me of this. I know there are problems because of Zio-control of the interface. Send me your comments and I will post them for you.

Star-Fleet Commander Visible (grin)

psychegram said...

Speaking of words written in an alphabet of fire....

Some day in the not too distant future, historians will marvel at the mass hypnosis that has allowed things to come to this pass. But some will point to your words and say, see? Not everyone was asleep.

Has anyone noticed the clouds recently? Here in my part of the world they've been fantastically freaky, like nothing I've ever seen before. Beautiful and terrifying at the same time, and perhaps a bit of pathetic fallacy as they call it in theatre. I'm not the only one to notice ... it's become a topic of conversation for people around here. "I saw the oddest cloud formation on the way to work...." And no I'm not talking about chemtrails. Just wondering ... what does the sky look like where you are?

faithful forever said...

For you, psychegram. Are these the same clouds you are seeing? I have seen them once in my area of Illinois last year, but not since:|main|dl1|link3|

nina said...

I used to think if its name was never spoken, if it were never acknowledged in any way, it would not, did not exist. But the slaves and the Indians know better. The Palestinians know better. The Iraqis know better. And we're just getting around to discovering how ubiquitous it is and has been all along.
We must be The Dark Planet. They must whisper about us and use us as a threat to maintain order in the Universe.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Arcade fire on the caroussel of death. Wooden puppets and other co-riders burn to a crisp where the last image imblazened upon their retina is a neon bible.
Silence is acquiescence acording to the law.
All those who are complacent and silent despite their knowing the truth are most certainly guilty! Me too, j'accuse - j'accuse!

Double triple dash said...

-.. .- ... .... -.. .- ... .... -.. .- ... .... / -.. .- ... .... -.. --- - -.. .- ... .... / -.. --- - -.. .- ... .... / -.. .- ... .... -.. --- - -.. .- ... .... -.. .- ... .... / -.. .- ... .... -.. .- ... .... -.. .- ... .... / -.. --- - -.. .- ... .... -.. --- - -.. --- - / -.. --- - -.. .- ... ....

Anonymous said...

psychegram, check out pic 3 in the following link
an alphabet of fire perhaps? The monument behind the letters is also interesting. The materials it's built from makes for a large capacitor. So much stuff hidden in plain sight. The clouds you speak of are a good example as well :)

Phil R

Ted said...

What you described above is an accurate portrayal of hell. Which is an accurate portrayal of where we are now. Which is hell.
Where did you think you were? Part of the hellish experience is not realizing where you are or who is running this reality. That’s the great lie.
Think about it. Even in Christianity they say that if you don’t make it to heaven you go to hell. What most people don’t realize is that you merely come back here again. Who offered to give this planet to Jesus if he would change sides? You can’t give away that which you don’t own.
So, what you continue to describe as insanity is really par for the course. You see it differently because you’re probably a little closer to graduation than most. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of humanity, a delusional existence as part of the herd will continue indefinitely.
I find this world view to be much more accurate, and less stressful, than always expecting things to get better. Screwed up is SOP. Living a virtuous life is the exception, which should be admired and strived for but never expected.
As a group, our natural inclination is toward self centeredness and self preservation. Altruism and empathy are the result of a conscious effort to rise above rank materialism and act from love instead of fear. This world does its best to crush and discourage people from taking that path. (hence the truism: “No good deed goes unpunished”). Consequently we find ourselves in the mess we have today.
The world is this way for a reason. Ultimately it’s for our greater good, but that’s a hard perspective to keep in mind sometimes. All we can do is our best to make it a little better.



nina said...

Hi Ted, what an interesting way to see it. We'ev had it shown to us before with other mediums such as TV movies where a diverse group of people wake up inside a box having no idea why they are there or even who they are or where they came from. There have been other references to this concept here on occasion. The problem is we have no way to disprove their accuracy other than to keep evolving spiritually enabling the truth to find us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les.

Just spent ages typing my usual rant, and in the blink of one eye it was gone, it appears there are gremlins all over the place.

Needless to say it most likely did not amount to a hill of beans, buy it was my hill of beans, and no-one has the right to squish it.

It was mostly to say, that this is my 4th recession.

In one of those recessions I worked in the house of a dentist who had a table laid out in settings of gold and silver.

Now in this recession I am living in a community whereby, were I to have a delivery to a lot of places to-day I would have to state my business to a touchpad before I would be allowed access.

The difference here being, it would appear there is more fear of your neighbour.

This I might add, in a country which we were told was the friendliest in the world.

This same country where a government would have us believe we should be proud of the Celtic Tiger.

Nothing really changed, it is more like it was a Celtic Sow which was to be milked by the few at the expense of the many.

When the Polish people (among others) came here to work and seek a better life, they were treated with contempt, and were seen as a means of cheap labour.

Nothing really changes, they say the more things change the more the stay the same. It is more like, the more things change the more like things get worse.

Evil, and bad people are not particular to any time in life. There are always liars, cheats, and their whores. They will always flaunt, and live above us.

It would seem in to-days world they are intoxicated with their power and feel they are un-touchable. Perhaps the vanity which they are so in love with will be their downfall.

The key to this power is their control of the media, but thankfully we have writers and readers such as is on this site and others like it, and hopefully we dare to make a difference.

Sorry, but I am sort of pissed with this post as the one I lost was so much better, (maybe it is still crap, only you will be kind and not say so).

To hell with it, I am going to save this before I try to post it.

Anyway keep the faith, any faith, as hope will spring eternal from the human breast.

Regards, Mac.

Anonymous said...

Testing, 123

Ivan de Coward said...

Decryption of Double triple dash's comment for those who are not familiar with Morse code:

dashdashdash/ dashdotdash/ dotdash/ dashdotdashdash/ dashdashdash/ dotdashdotdot/ dotdash


Nayon said...

To Psychegram

About the clouds, I also saw some pretty weird ones yesterday, and I've been watching clouds for years. I also stumbeled on a Youtube clip of woman from San Diego who was wondering about strange clouds in her area. I don't know where you are, but I'm near Montreal. Coul be a reaction to EM weapon; ELF?

And to Ted, I'm with you on this; we are in hell, where the scums are rewarded and the saints are tortured. Maybe we got in trouble on our home planet and were sent here on this prison planet to learn to behave.

Ivan de Coward said...

Ted: So, what you continue to describe as insanity is really par for the course. You see it differently because you’re probably a little closer to graduation than most. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of humanity, a delusional existence as part of the herd will continue indefinitely... The world is this way for a reason. Ultimately it’s for our greater good, but that’s a hard perspective to keep in mind sometimes.

Ted, I am reasonably certain that you'll find a close affinity with the author of Face Crime and Anthrax who, in my judgment, came up not only with the most profound, most uncompromising, and most accurate diagnosis of the malaise at the root of predicament the Western world finds itself in today but with just as profound answers to how remedy this next to fatal condition:

... I've spoken often in these broadcasts about the Orwellian nature of the program to enact more "hate crime" laws. It was largely in connection with the mindless willingness of the public to go along with this trashing of their most fundamental freedoms that I began using the term "lemming" to describe people who believe whatever they are told to believe by their television screens and who then adjust their attitudes and opinions accordingly. Orwell also clearly understood this aspect of human nature. He understood that most people are susceptible to thought control by the media and by the government. He understood that no matter how repressive a government becomes, most people will never think of rebelling or even want to rebel, as long as they believe that most other people approve of the government.

I found this aspect of Orwell's book most interesting and also most profoundly depressing: his portrayal of the ease with which the thinking of the public can be controlled by the government and the media. Prior to absorbing the message of Orwell's 1984, I'd had a rather idealistic view of people -- that is, of my people, my fellow White men and women. I had thought of the White public as being comprised of a mass of individuals, each able to think for himself and make his own decisions about the world around him. I had thought that if it were clear to me that the government is corrupt and is not serving the interests of our people, then all I had to do to persuade other people that the government does not deserve their support is show them the evidence. I thought that most other people could reach rational decisions about such matters. But when I read 1984, I had the nagging conviction that Orwell was right about the nature of most people, and I was wrong. Orwell's portrayal of people had the ring of truth.

For a long time, however, I resisted accepting Orwell's view of the nature of the public because I didn't want to accept it. I wanted to keep my idealistic view of my fellow men. But eventually my own observations and my reason convinced me that Orwell was right, and that most people are, in fact, not individuals at all, but are lemmings.

I thought about the implications of that quite a bit, and I finally decided that it wasn't necessarily a bad thing. If the race had evolved that way, then it must have been for a reason. It must have survival value. And, of course, it does. We are able to have stable societies only because most people are lemmings: only because most people think and act only as members of the mass, not as individuals. In a time of war, for example, it is essential for a community or a nation to be united in its thinking. That's one of the reasons that multiculturalism weakens a nation. That's one of the reasons I've condemned as traitors the people trying to keep America's borders open to the Third World, trying to bring more "diversity" to America. They are weakening America, damaging America.

Josey Wales said...


What needs to be said understood by every American is this:

In December 2000 our Democratic Government was overthrown, a coup d'etat took place and a dictatorship was installed.

It became officially a dictatorship with the swearing in of George Bush as President.

The will of the people was ignored, the counting of votes stopped, and five Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, placed Bush in office.

After the takeover a group of journalists went through each and every vote and determined that Al Gore won the election.

These Justices who were in some cases appointed to the Court by the Bush family, had a monumental conflict of interest. The State of Florida, where the contested voting occurred, insisted on counting the votes but was overruled by the Supreme Court.

If you have any doubt about this read the minority opinion by Justice Rehnquist, and a revue of the vote analysis at

Since the takeover everything has been illegal. Treason was committed. The removal and impeachment of the Justices who placed Bush in office need to start now.

Our blessed democracy has been usurped and a coup d'etat taken place.

Now, what needed to be said, has been said. This is where we begin to restore our Government.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. Zola has nothing on you anymore. This blog is now better than Smoking Mirrors. Could it be the quality over quantity thing?


Anonymous said...

FYI the word LUKTAN in Swedish means "smell". Any connection to your monniker?

Anonymous said...

Weird clouds over NYC -- cumulus mammatus? with the sunset on them, orange breasts. Strange. Even stranger clouds over UK, spiral helices..... HAARP?
Where are the hurricanes?

Anonymous said...

For those of you wondering about cloud formations, and whether the weather is manipulated, Trowbridge Ford has authored an excellent primer-

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the "File Cabinet of Dirty Deeds", here's a speech by Dr. Kerr, former director of the NRO-

My take on it is that they're circling the wagons. The internet has become this huge Frankenstein protected by the shield of commerce which they can't seem to get a handle on. A great barometer for the net's truth dissemination powers would be the comment section in a mainstream blog following a 9-11 hit piece. They're loosing. They know it. "Intelligence Sharing" is a euphemism for consolidation of power, and the eradication of enemies within the power structure itself (see John O'Neil).

psychegram said...

faithful forever: you got it, man. That's exactly what I'm talking about.

psychegram said...

Seems I'm not the only one to notice the sky behaving strangely. What to make of this? HAARP? Perhaps. Earth Changes? Again, perhaps. I sure as hell don't know.

And speaking of hell, that is indeed where we find ourselves. But only if we choose to. This world has the capacity to be whatever we want it to, prison or paradise, and if it resembles the former it's only because we've spent millennia handing over increasing fractions of our power to bloodthirsty, power-mad demons. It doesn't have to be this way, and the moment enough of us wake up sufficiently to realize that it can be changed, it will be.

Hank said...

As those of you that have read my rantings before, you know that I've been trying to make sense of "humanity" for a long time.

I keep trying to back off far enough to actually SEE the big picture. Not the one presented to us by "them", but the "real" big picture, if there is one.

My searching has taken me to some strange places, and only my desire to confront my fear and keep an open mind has even allowed me to look into some of these dark places.

Answers will not be found in life as we know it today. What we see around us is a result of things that took place ions ago.

Sitchin has deciphered the ancient Sumerian and tells us that we were genetically engineered by an ET race. All the evidence points to that conclusion. The evidence of ETs not only visiting earth, but having lived and built here is substantial.

As with any eugenics project, the results cannot always be certain. I have commented before about my astonishment at not being able to impart a truth so blatant it could set you on fire, to people I have known all my life. I am forced to admit the possibility that it is Ivan de Cowards "lemmings" that were the intent of the genetic engineering, and that they are in the majority. I am forced to admit the possibility that they are not capable of seeing anything that requires independent thought.

That leaves us. That is, those of us that are the anomalous results of the eugenics. I believe that there were those that were built a little smarter than the masses by design, to be trustees if you will, to shepherd and milk the masses. I believe that those are the ones we know as the illuminati. We are not them. We are the rejects of the project. The ones that ended up with independent thought, and there is the real possibility that we are lost in a sea of automatons, incapable of hearing a single word that has not been programed into their data base.

However, all is not lost. As someone pointed out, though we may have been created by a race of beings, they in turn were created. I believe that because of our "flaws", we are able to sense this greater creative force, not only in ourselves, but in the universe as well. We have been given the knowledge of good and evil, if you will. It is what allows us to see "them" for what they are, and more importantly, what they are not.

I believe we have exceeded even the ones built smarter by design, and though throughout time, there have been many of us, we were not able to group or find each other, the way the internet allows us to do now.

We have infiltrated into every nook and cranny of human society, and "they" are not sure how to control or get rid of us. They know we can destroy them, but they may not be able to get rid of us unless they are willing to blow up the ship, so to speak.

I believe it has come time for us to forget about trying to turn the herd, because they will not hear us. Better I think to seek out "our" kind, and group ourselves. Organize our thoughts and spirits, and understand that it is the unity we can create that "they" cannot fight. We cannot concern ourselves with borders or nationalities, or religions because these are the things "they" use to keep us apart.

Everything Les describes in his post are the distractions. The things that task our hearts and spirits, because WE have those things. I believe we must resist the power these events have on our being to create the unity we need to destroy "them".

Then again, what do I know, I'm just a mechanic. Peace to all.

Ivan de Coward said...

Hank, I wish I could take credit for "lemmings", but it was Dr William Pierce who came up with this succinct, albeit admittedly oversimplified, model of the nature of human beings in one of his Dissident Voices broadcasts:

... There are four basic types of people -- White people -- in the world: First there are the Sally Soccer-Moms and the Joe Six-Packs. They constitute about 95 percent of the White population. Some are rich, and some are poor; some are factory workers, and some are lawyers; some are barely literate couch potatoes on welfare, and some are academics with pretensions to intellectualism. What characterizes all of them is an inability to think independently or to hold any opinion not held by the herd. I often call them lemmings.

Second, there are the exploiters. They are rational people, who see the world as it is and attempt to use the world -- including the rest of the population -- for their own advantage. They recognize the lemmings for what they are and manipulate them in order to use them, nearly always through deception. Prior to the 20th century most of the exploiters have been White people themselves: the leaders of the Church, the leading members of the aristocracy, and the very wealthy -- the plutocrats -- for example. Exploiters have not necessarily been malevolent, nor have they always been powerful. Aristocrats and plutocrats often have advanced the interests of the herd while advancing their own interests. What distinguishes exploiters is neither malevolence nor power, but rather the ability to think independently and the placing of their personal advantages ahead of everything else.

During roughly the past century an extremely dangerous transformation in the racial nature of the exploiters has taken place. From nearly all White, they have become substantially Jewish. The White exploiters, instead of fighting off the exploitation of the White herd by Jews, have made alliances with the Jews. They have made agreements with the Jews for sharing the spoils. All of the top Jewish media bosses are exploiters: Sumner Redstone, Michael Eisner, Gerald Levin, and the rest. And so are White men like Rupert Murdoch and Bill Gates.

Third, there are the Judases: White people who might be considered a sub-type of the exploiters, but whose behavior is more in the nature of knowingly cooperating with the exploiters or knowingly letting themselves be used by the exploiters rather than engaging in exploitation themselves. For the most part Judases are people who understand the situation, more or less, and would be happy to be exploiters but are not quite bright enough, tough enough, or energetic enough, so they settle for collaboration. Many lower- and middle-echelon Gentile media people fall into the Judas category, while other Gentile media people -- especially those in the lowest echelon -- are merely lemmings. The same can be said of politicians and bureaucrats. Bill Clinton and George Bush are outstanding examples of Judases. Though apparently in the top political echelon, neither has the qualities to be a successful exploiter without Jewish backing. Clinton lacked the self-discipline, and Bush lacks the intelligence. The ranks of the bureaucracy, of the military leadership, and of the educational establishment are filled with Judases and lemmings, with Judases predominating in the upper ranks.

Fourth, there are the independent-minded people who understand much of what is happening in the world -- that is, they are not lemmings -- and are not inclined to be either exploiters or Judases. We'll call them "observers." They make up somewhere between two and five percent of the White population. Observers are mainly interested in looking out for themselves, but they're more concerned with the welfare of their fellows than the exploiters are. They understand that as the herd fares, so fare they. If the race goes down, everyone goes down with it. So they do feel some sense of responsibility for what is happening in the world: just not enough, in most cases.

continued ->

Ivan de Coward said...

-> continued

I've always considered the observers the key element in our population: certainly, the key element in getting the Jews off our backs and regaining control of our destiny. Three of the four categories of people in my oversimplified model understand the issues involved in what the Bush government is doing now -- or at least they are capable of understanding -- but the exploiters and the Judases don't care about the things we care about. Only the observers -- two to five percent of the population -- are capable of understanding and caring. If something happens to cause them to focus their minds on the simple fact that seven thousand Americans were killed on September 11 as a direct consequence of the Jewish control of the U.S. government -- seven thousand Americans were killed because our government has for decades been used to further the interests of Israel at the expense of the interests of the American people -- if they will focus on that simple fact and also on the fact that many more Americans are likely to die in the future if the Jewish control of our government continues, perhaps some of them will put their minds to the problem of breaking that control.

And so all of my own efforts have been directed toward helping the observers to focus. I don't waste time now on the lemmings, because I can't compete effectively with Hollywood and CNN for their attention -- although part of what I'm doing is building the media that will give us the capability for competing in the future. I don't waste time on the exploiters among my own people, because they won't break their alliances with the Jews until they have been convinced that doing so will be to their advantage, and the time when they can be convinced of that is still a long way off. And I don't waste time on the Judases, because such people aren't worth any time at all. The time will come for dealing with them as they deserve, but that time isn't here quite yet.

You can listen or read the whole thing here: "Regaining Control" [audio-mp3] [text]

Anonymous said...

Ivan de Coward:
Yeah, say what you will about him, the late Bill Pierce knew his stuff -- everything he predicted (so far as I can tell) has come to pass -- everything from Pres. Howdy Doody on down the devolution. Pierce would not be at all surprised (would probably laugh!) that three days along, all the MSM channels continue nonstop their "paean for the pedophile" and second rate artist, M. Jackson. Here it is Sunday night and it goes on nonstop, with more promised for Monday! Right now we have Michael's "spiritual advisor" Rabbi Schmuely Boteach, the one Israel Shamir calls the "trickster rabbi," doing a complete psychohistory for us on the Jackson family.... Eck. As Pierce would probably say, "Well now you know how it feels to be white in South Africa or Zimbabwe."
It is funny how behind all these heavily (over)pushed public icons there seems to be a large group of jewish handlers -- certainly in the case of most of Jackson's career. I certainly don't recall a fraction of the media time spent at John Lennon's passing. But this is timely what with the dirty CIA/Mossad tricks in Iran, the foreign oil companies bidding for Iraqi oil, the escalating drone bombings of Pakistan and Afghanistan, etc. So many dirty deeds to cover up!

Anonymous said...

I used to sit around just to watch and wait for the Jell-O-Life to justify my patience for the crimes that this world only seems to want to give more of.
Then I realized my sitting around allowed it to happen. My ignorance, my shallow vows, my blind eyes allowed it to happen

Mankind has now reached the point where we are breaking records in medical, sciences and technology in every field, but we haven't done anything to make today's world a better place. Then you realize just who is running the show. That doesn't mean we have to hand over our souls.

It looks like mankind is gonna have to start over again as the road we are on.. will only take us to hell.

Few (as far prophecy goes) will make it out alive of this place we are now, here on earth.
But let's not forget that where man thinks he can wreck the planet to make a better world for the illuminati, old Mother Nature decides she's better-off without.

So where man falls short in giving evil a short leash, the laws of nature can no longer seperate good from evil and cage us along with the rabid beast.

It takes two to tango.


Zellie said...

Fantastic post..right on the to speak...

My 2 cents on the clouds and greenish hue to the atmosphere, more specifically, "Spirit Song" introducing the visionary, No Eyes, written by Mary Summer Rain, and the follow up, "Phoenix Rising", are MUST READS...the greenish hue to the atmosphere is mentioned demonstrating that we are now in the Phoenix Days...I saw this greenish hue in Arlington, Texas in 1990, and Austin, Texas in 1993....the whole daylight had turned to greenlight...and there were clouds in the sky of very odd one time, those clouds made the news....but not the color of the atmosphere.

....This is what keeps me sane...this short version of the truth for me...based on all I've read, seen, dreamt, experienced (which I can say is NOTHING compared to some of you bloggers and your own inner knowing, so pardon me for sharing all that I can share)...but back to what guides me....If Edgar Cayce (born late 1800's passed away right after WWII ended, has a website where his readings are still kept), Dannion Brinkley (Born 1950, struck by lightening in1976, has written 4 books AND has a website)...just reading those 3 and not even studying anyone else, a common theme will stand of them is...WE ARE VISIBLE to the higher power, WE MATTER...our GROWTH, our own and humanities IS IMPORTANT to everything, and everything is connected to everything...None of us is ever abandoned for good and we are given untold opportunities to find ourselves! These visionaries saw the future back then...if the FUTURE is VISIBLE then why is that? If there are warnings abounding about the future then why is that? If you cannot die, except in a physical form, then why is that? These warnings/predictions of where the precious forms called humanity are headed are given to us so that we might PREPARE, and spend our time wisely...EVEN if you cannot leave your own little spot in the earth, you can make your own little spot the VERY BEST SPOT in the earth, and you will have done your share to bring the best to the earth! If you are left to lead, you will grow to that leadership; if you are going to be gone, then go in peace! Between the coming and the going lies YOU...

When you read the truth, when you've searched long and hard and listened and learned and experienced, the truth will expose itself and then you will know more...but still....others before you will have revealed what's coming...READ the signs, READ the words, absorb and learn...then take it to the next can make it...All 3 of the people I mentioned from a precognitive/spiritual/visionary perspective have something to SHARE with you...if you can HEED it, you can get to what to do next...

Then if your inspiration level desires like minded people...find them, reach out and get together...they are waiting to meet you too! Since these times have been predicted...the evil people are impotent against this power of can some people already KNOW ? If they already know then the evil is already known...if it is already known it is only a matter of time before it is exposed or revelations about it will appear...THAT they cannot prevent as the future is already known!

Anyway, my .02 cents...

Anonymous said...

Max Keiser on edge:
Henry Paulson, liar, thief:

Anonymous said...

Clouds? Yes we see the change coming!!! The face of this earth is changing and soon we will see things not seen in thousands of years. The shies will be filled with fire!!! The HARRP stuff is funny to me. Yes the government is working on weather systems but dont forget the earth's path in these days.
I too have seen different things in nature, new to me!!! But I see the mask of one world coming off and another starting. Sometimes its pretty, like clouds, but sometimes it looks like dell computers with too many ways to spy on you, not so pretty.
Be at peace with "new looking" things, its a good sign!!!!

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

Oh yes Zellie, I remember "green sky over Austin." And it was green again before in 1982 when I went out and had a thin layer of ash over my car in 1982... they blamed that one on the eruption of El Chichon volcano in Mexico, but Chichon was thousands of miles away. In the 90s the green was blamed on increasing ozone in the air as the greedy developers ruined Austin. When I got there it was a sleepy college town (residually) of 300k, now it a megapolis with GMA of 1.2m -- and greenish sickly air -- I fled in 1998 with severe respiratory problems. We used to joke that the aliens were preparing the environment to their own liking. Now with the bankruptcy of Calif. the silicon valley geeks are moving ops to Austin.... one city where real estate prices have NOT collapsed. Michael Dell has his walled minicity there "Jewish Community Center" with homes and stores and synagogues and ability for self sufficiency -- high security and access by checkpoint -- maybe that will be the "Control Center" in case of meltdown/martial law in US?

Zellie said...

Yes, Austin is thriving so far, and so is most of Texas, one of the last states to enter the 'new age of the recession to end all recessions'...I have pondered the fact that the chief of police went to Israel for a week or so...and now the Israeli commandos train the Austin police in new 'control' tactics... maybe it is as you say..a new command center is here...but like so many man made places on earth...under the glamour and sheen is rotten things..smelly things...unsettling things...uncontrollable things...for now...the next plan is to install cameras everywhere downtown...face recognition and otherwise...friendly, isn't it??? Well, it is being touted for our own safety...We all will be turned into movie stars...little stars's a wonder they don't recycle all the beer and hard liquor bottles, and cans so they can collect fingerprints and DNA enmasse...oops did I give someone an idea???

Anonymous said...

Well, Z., I got out.... Austin didn't seem the place to be at Meltdown Time... wish the rest of my family would leave.... subsequent viewing of the Alex Jones films of the "dry runs" with the checkpoints going up and down on I-35, the coming NAFTA superhighway or Trans Texas Corridor or whatever they want to call it, makes me feel my gut instincts were right. I have a lot of friends who left. Also watching the disaster of the faux Hurricane Rita 'evacuation' with millions stuck going nowhere fast.(I think that was some sort of NSA 'test')
Interesting to hear the Israelis are training the Austin police! Seriously, there is more going on at the Michael Dell "compound" than meets the eye. We got chased out of there toute de suite before the gates went up. Out here in W. Texas the gated (high gates!) communities are still going up, I guess it is like when Rome was sacked, the wealthy headed for the Alban Hills & fortified hilltops. Rest assured THEY'VE made contingency plans!
"Made of Lies"

mNemosys said...

for supposedly "clever white folks" [ahem] y'all appear to miss the point of Mr. Jackson being the same kind of target as [ahem] you "truthers" [the cleverer white ones that is]

...same kind of target being attacked by the same liars to CAUSE the "spectacle" of performers self destructing for the purpose of inculcatin a sense of contempt in the lemmings for aspiration to any kind of higher state.

[celebrity = celebration of individuality run amok?]

kinda inneresin that the story has been changin a mile a minnit kinda like, um, dare I point it out, 911.... that they sold "pedophile weirdo for years and provoked disaster anytime they needed a distraction
...well: that was obvious to me....say: anyone notice they keep changing the story.....hmmmnnnn...could it be the fella was just a song and dance man that figured out that something was wrong about the "script" and started pointing it out?.....nnnnaaahhhhh...just another foolish, insanely talented, [read: hard werkin] brilliant kneegrow dat got chewed up and spit out by your lovely "white people" fantasyland...[which he did his utmost to master...DOH!!!!]

...ahh but I figure the cleverer white folks knewed dat already....
say: ain't the "western woild" the result of "white folks" superiority?....[ahem....]

you mean ya don't like the awesome results of the eugenics/race game?

jeez....folks iz stoopid...

even the, um, cleverer ones what see how UM, "amerikkka" "changed" [ahem] and "got worse" [bahaha] from it's oh so wonderful idealistic and principled early dayz wif them principled christian forefathers....or was it charlatan foreskinnerz?
the face of troof reveals itself at last as not concerned wif troooff at all but more silly bullshit....
ya can weep as much as ya like about the sky fallin: it's your woild charlie brown....and the grand king of pop sho nuff deserves mad props for holdin it down for as long as he did: crazy hard work: try it sometime instead of your incessent whining and bitchin 'bout "the lemmingses"....
editors note: it does not escape this readers notice that troofers sure use the "we" word a lot....
"we troofers" [who were just 5 minutes ago the usual lemmings that need to read orwell to "see" trouble ahead....doh...ooops.....anyhooo.....bahahahahah]

Visible said...


the liquor store is right down the street. Leave the satire to the people with chops. You don't have any.

Anonymous said...

The evil and virus of earth-America, Israel and England are slowly going bye-bye.

May they burn on their way to hell. And that is exactly where they are going.


Joneve McCormick said...

Bravo! Thank you for telling it like it is. It seems not many people can think for themselves, or don't dare (little separation between the two). This is beautiful:
Why then do seemingly intelligent people resist the obvious truth? Let’s give an example of a personality type. Let’s take a man who went to war in Vietnam or Iraq under the illusion that he was fulfilling some patriotic duty to a democratic country. We’ve since learned that the Vietnam War and the Iraq War, like nearly all wars, were the brain child of bankers who initiated them for profit. Let’s consider that the so-called democratic country is not, in fact, a democratic country but a serf nation in fealty to a collection of bankers called The Federal Reserve. All of the representatives of this serf nation are employed by the bank and serve at the pleasure of the bank. John Steinbeck illustrated the nature of the bank in his wonderful novel, “The Grapes of Wrath”. Today you see the reality of ‘the bank’ at work in wars for profit, in foreclosures and corporate thefts as well as the tightening of counterfeit, fiat currency flow into the economy.

Visible said...

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