Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Coming State of Chaos and Disorder

I want to talk about something that I believe is going to be of profound importance sooner than most people realize. We’re all familiar with Gerald Celente. I think Mr. Celente is a little taken with his own abilities but he’s also very successful at what he does so maybe a certain amount of personal promotion can be allowed under the circumstances (grin). I note the tendency of various seers and successful alternative news sites to engage in this sort of thing and in a couple of cases, which will remain nameless, are really over the top in this regard.

My personal feeling is that none of these predictors and presenters is completely accurate. No matter how good we think we are we have our limits and our blind spots. Here is a brilliant presentation of what many of us are soon going to be up against.

What Celente and other insightful forecasters do not see, or intentionally ignore is that what is happening is not the result of powerful firms and individuals being stupid and greedy. It’s not about people being dishonest, lying and manipulating whatever is at hand for their own personal profit. Certainly all of these things are features of these firms and individuals. Some of them are immense bloodthirsty octopuses or anaconda crocodile hybrids, like Goldman Sachs, with the power to destroy national economies and start wars.

What has to be understood is that this is all intentional. It may be stupid and short-sighted even among those with seriously long range plans but, it’s not the result of ordinary human failings. We are dealing with the relentless and remorseless actions of full blown psychopaths, more demented and dangerous than any serial killer you’ve ever heard about.

I don’t have the tactical skills of Gerald Celente, nor his workforce and instruments but I can predict things too. Anyone with an objective reasoning capacity and a certain amount of clear vision can predict certain things and I’m going to do a little of that today.

The CIA has a term called ‘hotspots’. You can think of them in the context of natural phenomena such a volcano. Things erupt along the path of least resistance according to the pressure of a force greater than the material resistance to its passage. A pressure cooker has a release valve on top in order to facilitate the proper function of the unit. I could talk about a lot of things like boilers and steam pipes; propane tanks and whatever. You get the picture.

Certain scenarios are going to happen. They are going to happen in the places where the pressure is the greatest. That means your urban centers. Some urban centers in some countries are going to go first. It’s going to be widespread. The pressure of survival upon the lower ranks of humanity, combined with a lesser but still great pressure on the middle class is going to result in eruptions. This is all being choreographed by monsters in human form. Any fool can see the safeguards they have been putting in place for some time now. Any fool can see the changes that have occurred in the laws of the land and the thug-mind that has been generated in the police forces as well as the weapons that are now routinely applied in situations where they were not previously. The climate of fear is a big factor in all of this.

I am at a loss for the solution in terms of the majority inhabitants of this planet. A large percentage of people would not even consider what solutions I and others may possess. There’s little one can do in this regard. Once people have mired themselves in illusion and turned their will over to the beast there’s not much you can do for them. Once people have surrendered their reason so as to accept the manufactured lies of an agenda driven media you can’t tell them anything. There is an unfortunate tendency in a great many people to believe what they are told by the very forces responsible for their plight.

I’m talking to you, not to them. They’ll never read this. They’ll be listening to Chris Mathews and Anderson Cooper and thinking about how his big arms will hold them tight. They’ll be listening to the front man, Obama while he tells them to “remain calm” as government employees lock the fire doors. The last thing to go through some people’s minds will be the evening lineup of shows they are going to miss. It’s a sad state of affairs but it is what we have.

During times of turmoil certain people will band together to protect their neighborhoods and organized gangs will leap for the opportunity to loot and sundry in the moment of opportunity. Once a certain level is reached there will be no way for any amount of government forces to contain what happens. They’ll be in a few places and they’ll be indiscriminate because policy is hard and fear is going to tap deeply into their survival instincts. When the veneer of civilization is peeled away the beast of chaos is there.

Here’s a clear example of where your brothel of government leaders is at. These paid whores are in lockstep toward their own doom. The good men and women who could have made a difference have been marginalized or closed out of the process. No one gets into the club who will not serve the interests of the swine in the shadows. There are good people at various levels and there’s no telling what positive effort they may yet bring in government, the military and law enforcement. We are going to see every human judged according to their capacity to rise to the occasion. We’re going to see the best and the worst of what we have in us.

It is past time to start thinking about where you are and what you see around you. In a time of large transformations there are increasingly visible signs. The necrotic state of the culture should be evident. The corruption of governing officials and corporate interests is up close and personal. It is foolish to believe it all works out when that is not the intention of the people who are creating the problem. The whole point of 9/11 was to introduce the Big Brother schematic via the overnight appearance of The Patriot Act written long before it surfaced. The creation of a non-existent enemy and the ruination of the financial system through gratuitous wars and banking malfeasance are a part of this.

While these pathological miscreants go about the business of destroying themselves there are going to be wide spaces that will be relatively unaffected by what is going to take place. If you are in a position to consider such things it is past time to do so. The wreckage on the horizon is not going to happen overnight but it might happen quicker than one might think. There is not just one pack of evil entities in global accord. There are many and they are set against each other. They are set against themselves from within. Besides what they are up to there is another force that is directing them to their destined end. It is impossible for them to win when they are at war with themselves. No one can win such a battle when they are also making war on the wider world outside.

It’s time to think about where you are. It’s time to get in closer touch with the elements of your own higher nature. You’ve got help aplenty within. Its part of what you are. Rather than to be dismayed by external circumstances it is far better to connect with your own central authority rather than to be divided against yourself like these unfortunate creatures due to the fear that is loosed in their lower nature.

In times of personal trouble I have always found that there is a place inside me that knows what to do. I have had moments of remarkable re-adjustment based on the degree of my ability to receive insight and to trust what I hear depending on the source and the sense of integrity in the message. It is in moments of crisis that we truly find or lose ourselves depending on where our values are.

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Anonymous said...

Krsna in BG 3.33 explains,

sadrsam cestate svasyah prakrter jnanavan api
prakrtim yanti bhutani nigrahah kim karisyati

"Even a man of knowledge acts according to his own nature, for everyone follows his nature. What can repression accomplish?"

paolocaruso said...

During the Great Depression of the 1930’s, families will guided by a strong father figure, and in cases of widows, a strong mother figure. In those desperate times, neighbors all knew eachother, mainly having strong ethnic ties, or all connected to the neighborhood parish.
In the coming depression, the above conditions do not exist. I recently visited relatives in the American suburbs, and they lamented in over the past decades, their small suburban community has changed. They no longer knew the names of their neighbors, and they had several dispute going on. They had a homosexual couple who were fighting with neighbors and calling the police because of alleged anti-gay remarks (hate crimes). Many of the house have single divorced mothers who let their kids run amok. One father got arrested for supposedly threatening a divorced mother by making a hand gesture.…on the same day his son left for iraq, he was taken out in handcuffs and the police took his gun collection…while the other divorced mothers and lesbians were dancing in the street. What was once a nice quite treelined neighborhood, is looking more like a trailer park, only with split level homes.

My point is this. When times get tough, and lets say the public water or electricity is disrupte and food is not fully stocked on the shelves, and people start raiding eachother’s gardens and water supply, these quite suburban neighborhoods are going to turn into warzones. And this particular neighborhood is completely white. Imagine the mixed race neighborhoods. And yes, the cities will be much worse.
The USA is not the same country it was 80 years ago. It is more cynical, greedy and fractured. Its going to be a real shitfest and its no wonder the federal government is turning the local gendarmes into technocommando killers.

Anaughty M. said...

The rise and FALL of the West.
Get ready to push the final count- down

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best-

A couple of things.

Something told me long ago that much of what the powers-that-be were saying, was wrong. And that it was better to trust one's own feelings, impressions and interpretations.
It's good to know there are others in the world who perceive in somewhat the similar way.

Anonymous said...


I cant find reason to plan or worry. As paolocaruso well shows, things are in a new "way." We have little idea of the "evil" we will see before us. I say, so what. Im working on issues and a life that is linked to something bigger. This time now and the hell to come is for me and I need not fear nor plan for it, just move within it? As I come to issues of great change, I wonder as all of us do, but feel even MORE wonder in my own changes.

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

I am a 19 year old student at university, ive been following your work since i was 15, i've never missed an article you posted. i have introduced a great many people to your work, and boy did i learn a thing or two about these people in reaction to your work. .. i would like to thank you for revealing the world for what it is, and in doing so revealing the hidden intentions of those that make the world be in the state that it is in.

The truth of our condition in our limited time here on earth hurts the senses, it's painful and not very pleasant to look at, liesten too nor feel it's presents.

However, the sweet lies that we are constantly being fed in this distoreted reality they have enveloped around us truley is a work of a non-human, devilsh entity. I sometimes cant help but set back and marvel at what they have achieved at our whimsical expense. but after taking the red pill i just cant get myself to be a part of it anymore, i cant deny who i am anymore. i feel like a disenchanted actor who is locked in a cheesy play of an ever repeating scenario, where the actors forever compete enthusiastically amongst themselves to portray the characters that has been scripted out for them by the snickering producer's. ... ah, all i wanted to say is thank you Les, telling it like it is despite it all. I take comfort in your faith and mine. The light will shine forth in the end!


Anonymous said...

Damn it to hell Paolo you were reading my mind only perhaps you put it better than I could.

On a trip to the US some years ago I was struck by the polite manner of the people I met once I left "civilization". Then I suppose this could be said of any other country I visited. Then as you or Les point out it is not accidental that we have civilized society acting like this. This civilized society we live in regardless of country, is in for a wake up call in the very near future. I have been trying to tell people for too long, but I will be regarded as a crank at the least for my trouble.

The wreckage you mention Les is in the here and now, but I find the people are somewhere else. There are no father figures anymore, there are only house husbands, and where children used be afraid when daddy gets home if they did wrong, children will not fear a house husband in a pinny.

I like to think I am a good man, I like to think I will tell a truth regardless of who I talk to, but it seems as if for all time it is the lying governmental whore will be listened to more readily. I think it was Oscar Wilde who said, the people get the government they deserve, alas he erred on the right side there.

I have been battening the hatches for some time now, for I fear for a lot of our futures so I do hope to find strength in my own thinking, but for now I share less with the blind who will not see. The blind who support their miscreant governmental whores seem to not realize, those same whores have their bets well hedged.

I tried some time ago to make my own MSM aware of the situation in the US a long time ago, and for my sins I was regarded as a deluded crank. This I thought, if the US goes down as it seems to be going, then the world is in dire straits. For it is not solely any one country which is in trouble, it is all countries.

Anyway Les we can only hope for the best, and keep plugging away in our own way, and keep supporting each other in whatever way we can.

Regards, Mac.

Just A. Human said...

You are right on the spot. It will be quite a “ShowTime”. The coming generations may refer to it as ”The Great Chaos”.

The chaotic disruption, of course, is going to be worldwide. Keep in mind that almost half of the world’s population lives in the India-China region.

China just saw the worst riots since its modern formation. The situation could have been easily contained peacefully but it was obvious that someone wanted bloodshed. And, it is the only country that has been successfully resisting the reptilians.

Next to it, Pakistan is busy devouring itself. Planets Earth’s most beautiful region has been destroyed and millions have been forced to flee their homes. Thugs, thieves and scums are serving their masters and the country is ready to erupt.

In the south, Sri Lanka is celebrating the recent slaughter of more than 15,000 innocent civilians.

The center piece, India, has been ruled by the servants of The Empire from the very beginning (see It has just declared the Maoist Communist Party as the “Terrorist” organization stating that communists had been “spreading” their influence from the Eastern states to the Southern states! With its genocidal culture of destruction, mass killing, and obsession with burning-alive its targeted victims (see, it is going to be the slaughterhouse in those states of India. The land and the resources of India belong to the corporate giants. Millions of poor “squatters” have to be eliminated.

South America, after being left alone for a while, is in sight again. Expect s**t hitting the fan there too.

Africa, of course, is the battleground of the looters for the centuries – inhabitants are just the irritants that have to be taken care of.

In Europe, Georgian half-brain-monkey is waiting for the signal to throw in the wrench and blow up the fire keg. Expect a great firework there. Europe, already in economic ruins, will not be the same again.

Here in The US, we already have more than 30 million newly minted homeless and penniless Americans. The “real” unemployment is above 20%. More than 35% of the population either cannot feed themselves, have no roof above their heads OR just cannot make the ends meet. And, the situation is worsening by the day. Read more on it at:

With the strange contribution by the weather gods, don’t bank on the continuous availability of food supply on the store shelves.

Alas, coming generations won’t have much fun either – Think about the repayment of interest and principle on trillions of dollars already handed over to the banksters!

Unless, of course, we wake up from our “dreams”.

Just A. Human

Anonymous said...

I believe you are dead-on. One thing though, the head of the monster is the Rothchild enterprise. All the other demons in this world march to the tune eminating from the Rothchild plan. The Illuminati, CFR, Federal Reserve, Israel, APAIC, etc, etc are just the tentacles spreading from this mystery 8th Beast. Eustice Mullins is one person who has identified the Rothchilds for what they really are, people should read his books and warch You-Tube interviews. Mullins spent YEARS combing through the National Archives conducting research for Ezra Pound. Mullins and Pound are men who should be admired as each risked their life to educate others.

Hank said...

"What has to be understood is that this is all intentional."

Once the truth is seen, the fact that it is all a big production becomes clear. As Les has said many times, and as a result of his pointing the way, I have come to accept and understand that it will all be right in the end.

You see, the bad guys cannot win because, they are the bad guys. They are not just bad to the good guys, they are bad to each other as well. They are a collection of "me" people, always ultimately concerned with only themselves. They will band together for the benefit of what they see as the big payoff, but the closer they get to achieving their goal, the more they will turn on each other to try and get more for themselves.

Unlike those who seek the "good", the bad will feed on their own. In this sense they truly are reptiles.

By their very "nature" they are destined to fail, because none of them can stand the thought of someone else reaching the prize before they do.

They're getting carried away though. Over reaching, because they think they have mastered the ignorant masses, and are seeing each other as more dangerous. They are becoming a spectacle, and are not seeing the looks of astonishment on the faces of the masses.

Not all the faces to be sure, but a good many more than there were, and the ones lost in lockstep are going to find themselves in the middle of a feeding frenzy, with them on the menu.

It will not be easy on, or good for any of us, but as many here have said, we cannot concern ourselves with the masses now. We must look to ourselves and our families, and the community of souls like ours, that see when looked at, and hear when spoken to.

We must remember what separates us from the "bad" guys, and that is a hand up. See, when the good guys get near the top of the hill, the many will help the one up, knowing that he, or she, will turn and help the others up as well.

The good do not feed on their own. That's why they always win the war, even when battles are lost.

Peace to all.

Phil said...

It's well past time to stop the projector and change the real.

It is the duty of each individual to control their thought and the image that is projected by these thoughts. For six to seven thousand years the mind of the mob has been manipulated to create a false image leading to the mass projection of fiction. The projectors of fiction are worn out and eroding in the cesspool of greed and corruption that brought them into being. As the mind reawakens to it's divine nature, and the thought is unshackled from the devises of control, reality will once again shine bright for all to see.

The current image being projected through the mind of the masses is coming to an end, the lights are coming up as the seats empty the popcorn lays on the floor waist deep, not moldy thanks for the artificial butter, and the image on the screen fades away leaving in its wake an empty screen. The watcher has become the watched as the duty to become the director dawns from above. What image are you creating and what reality are you projecting on the screen?

It is time for the eternal image, the image of a conscious beings aware of one's self and the power and authority of the one, working as two to create a new image out of love for all to see. It is the image of the original thought, "eternal creation inspired by the power of love".

Anonymous said...

When today's politicans can proudly hold automatic-authoritarian zeal with such high regard and zest combined with guiltless arrogance and not even hiding the total disgust these self-worshipping demigods feel towards those, who still try to cling to what are now vilified principles, then we are in trouble. Such vulgar bizzaro-world hero's, as we see in todays Italy, mafia-style Mussolini kindhearted president, who can easily stay in power no matter what they do, then we as a society at large are doomed to extinction. I think are unconscious pysche better release the chock hold, and I mean now.

gurnygob said...

Hi Les. I wish I could say that I think you are wrong, but I can't. One reader made a good point about families and about fathers and so on. The family unit is almost a thing of the past. Much to their credit, the NWO feminist/gay agenda has seen to that. You break the family then you break community. When there is no family unit and no community spirit there is nothing. People become independent of each other and all that matters is the "self"
And guess what…. We got what we wanted. We wanted it because that’s what we were told and we believed them. They told us we needed to move with the times and we said yes. Now all the old structures that once held everything together, especially in times of strife, have gone and it’s every man for them selves.
Dog eat dog. I wonder how “political correct” we will all be when the shit starts flying.
Divide and conquer. They know the game so well. Yet, as you say, they will fail because that’s the nature of the beast. In the mean time, keep safe and true.
God bless.

Anonymous said...

Call me pessimistic or call me realistic..entirely up to you.
I really don't think that 'they' are going to lose this coming battle, they've been planning it for centuries now...all the control measures are in place, the population has been ruthlessly dumbed down and the Militarised thug police are just chomping at the bit for a good old bit of head bashing. I understand the need to look at the bigger picture and also be aware that there are greater forces at work.....But, don't you think that they also know this and have been planning for all eventualities in their 24/7 think tanks.
Time to be be concerned me thinks....(--_--)

paolocaruso said...

National Public Radio recently aired a radio program “ A Post Macho World” which celebrates the end of the of the patriarchal society. According to the intellectual pundits and experts on their show, this deep recession is pretty much evening things out and they expect this will finish off men as head of the household.. All that is left is for women to make more money (while they take all the jobs that men used to have, real and nominal pay will continue to decrease).
Feminism was a total scam to replace the one working well paid father with two working households for the same price. A two for one deal, and in the meantime, the family unit breaksdown and the kids go wild.
But NPR the pseudo liberal venue (totally a Zionist media outlet), has got it all wrong. Once this recession turns into a depression, its going to be every-man-for-himself. These desperate housewives with the prestigious jobs, alimony, child-support and all their exhusband’s wealth, are going to be shitting their drawers when the lights go out and their cushy neighborhoods turn into jungles. Once their house gets repeatedly robbed, and their car is stolen, and they are assaulted by neighborhood gangs, they will be pleading on their hands in knees to be able to bake cakes, wash cloths and kiss the ass of the strongest man they can find.
I am not against woman equality, nor am I chauvinist, but things have gotten way out of hand, and it is by design, but the backlash will be sobering in the years to come.

Visible said...

They don't recognize this mysterious power. Their concern is a possible cohesion of motive in the minds of the masses which they attribute to charismatic leaders or communities aroused over repressive government tactics. They are unaware of the power that sits in their own minds and which can switch the lights on or off at any time. No matter how it looks it is under control and working toward a destined end.

eric said...

I weep when i see the mighty USA being brought to its knees by a foreign country that pretends to be its friend.If only the american leaders would wake up and rid themselves of these vile money changers what a different world it would be.
god bless the american people.

Perry L said...

If the PTB has their way (and they probably will) there will be no chaos and civil war because they plan to kill the combatants with "swine flu" shots this fall. There will be no frontal assault by the GOV...just a soft kill.

So be prepared for endless celebrity deaths and other meaningless horse shit the rest of the summer to keep the sheeple occupied/entertained until it is time to line up for their "flu shot"...then silence. The PTB are really hoping for a "Silent Spring" in 2010 with 2 billion less "useless eater" on earth.

Anonymous said...

I really do hope you're right Les..we certainly do live in interesting times.
Do you think that 'they' are separate from us or that 'they' are some kind of physical outward projection of a much deeper malady residing within all of us..the entire human race.. some would suggest that there is no separate other..only a oneness of being,and as a whole we have been storing a lot of hard to deal with shit in the collective Subconscious closet for a long time now.
Rebel4ever (--_--)

Anonymous said...

Lesji and friends, blessings -

Of course its intentional. What is the intent though, and really whose? A lifetime can go by trying to uncover the answer, yes? Like a freakin Russian doll box set.

We all know about 'population reduction' and useless eaters. Up to 7 million dead in Afghanistan and expanding exponentially, and all the multiple places mentioned by JustAHuman, not to mention the groundbreaking levels of depravity reached in Gaza. As awakening sovereign beings aren't we supposed to get to the bottom of the nature of the 'goal', aim, or perhaps 'appetite' of our adversary? Like the hero of "The Dark Splendor" had to do by gettin his 'world grid' cracked open and meeting both the adversary and the ally in bleedthrough situations from the other dimensions/densities. The adversary was not your ordinary psychopathic serial killer. He too was just a tool of something far out of reach of combating by ordinary humans.

So what prize? There's a contest?
Or has this feeding been going on for eons, gradually increasing as food stock expands, and the final feast is about to come out of the oven? It seem to me that both the endless wars and the "satanic" "human trafficking" and widespread ancient-and-modern ritual sacrifices are all part of some hyperdimensional meals-on-wheels program. So, what...after the big feast, then the sampson option, and then head off to the next planet?

Anyway, these astro transits that have been going down (expanding our metaphoric skills [grin]) since the last 'election', through Gaza and all the rest of the veil-renting shit - this is slooooow ongoing stuff that's gonna go way into 2010. These all include aspects in effect during the last WW plus the 60's, and, but waaaay more gnarly. Jupiter and Neptune are exactly together tonight even, but ALL the heavyweights are closely tied in and will remain so for many months.

For example: Detroit is supposedly now practically totally owned and operated by private bulldozer-equipped "management companies", tied to international "private contractors" (mercenaries). Gettin ready for herding the cattle into the chutes onto the killing floor.

Now the "scientists" have created "sperm" in the lab. Hahahahah!
A great book is "Crakes And Oryx" by Margaret Atwood, about the insane ultimate logical conclusion to genetic engineering. Extinction of normal humans, everything else mixed-DNA, all systems collapse. A masterpiece horror novel of a different kind.

Couldn't we just levitate the Monsanto Corp. in St. Louis....or something? How many people went to the maha funeral I wonder....?


Anonymous said...

Screw em all, learn to swim.

An angry misanthrope...

Visible said...

Well said bholanath, in your usual trenchant manner. One could almost say the answer to the sequences of the costume ball are well defined in the planets rubbing up against each other as well as the tensions of counterpointing but... who's got that kind of savvy. My reading on the planets is generally based on my inner responses to their influences as I see it expressed in my disposition and the like; remembering that the wise man rules the planets... rides them so to speak. One is atop the waves or roiled in the torrent.

However... as I continue to believe and suspect I will for some amount of the foreseeable future... this is just a stage play. It's heavy drama but it's cleansing.


Sure, we're all one at some level of the operation but at this level there's the appearance of separateness and coming to the all one thing involves a whole lot of surface conflict on the surface. There are wise beings that are completely detached from this shit and actually dwelling in the all one. The rest of us are there too but the realization is not.

The tenth trump of the Rider/Waite and Case tarot decks shows a wheel with four concentric circles as well as the four fixed signs of the zodiac. There are certain alchemical sigils that don't need to be addressed and on the right side is a red devil character that symbolizes the level of humanity at this time. That's the evolutionary pattern. On the other side is a snake representing the de-evolutionary pattern and you can think of 'them' as riding this one. We are riding the other. the object is to become the sphinx atop the wheel.

The sphinx has a sword. I look at that as a symbol of discrimination. We need to be able to apply more of that.

Many cards reduce to other cards and this one reduces to The Magician. The problem with understanding the cards as the problem with understanding life is that things don't always mean what we think they do. The meaning of things is colored by our desires.

the best thing anyone can do is seek a closer contact with their divine center. That's where the information is. We access it through the intuition. If we aren't exercising our intuition we are only getting surface information which is a lie.

There are cosmic laws in the universe. Just because they don't ride into town like the Lone Ranger every time we need them doesn't mean they aren't in operation. The bad guys have the appearance of power that they have due to this age of materialism and glamor. In all four stages of the theater of existence; much more light than darkness, more light than darkness, more darkness than light and much more darkness than light (this is simplistic and not entirely accurate but easy to present) conditions are different. We are in the Kali Yuga so it's a scumbag friendly environment. Just cause it looks a certain way doesn't mean that the cosmic ruling power is diminished by the settings... that is NEVER the case. And no matter what, the bad guys eat it big time. The reason we are supposed to have compassion for them is due to where they're headed.

"these are the times that try men's souls." try means to temper or strengthen. We need this in order to become the invincible warriors of God that we are destined to be. We can't get all trembly just because these SWAT outfitted Gumby's like to walk around like Berlin gay boys in a leather bar (not PC sorry about that).

The whole point to their having all this wealth and power is for them to be shown it ain't shit. There are things going on right now that are disturbing the hell out of them whether they are letting on or not. They can't figure out why certain things are happening. Things are not going the way they planned. That's not something they are inclined to let us know about but I assure you they've got things on their mind but nothing like they are going to have. They are screwed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les..I really need to look into some of those things you mentioned...I intuitively feel that most of what you say is true, or as close to the truth that we can get ...
"We can't get all trembly just because these SWAT outfitted Gumby's like to walk around like Berlin gay boys in a leather bar (not PC sorry about that)"...Lmfao! made me grin from ear to ear...very witty!

Whenever a feeling of aversion comes into the heart of a good soul,
it's not without significance.
Consider that intuitive wisdom to be a Divine attribute,
not a vain suspicion:
the light of the heart has apprehended
intuitively from the Universal Tablet.
- Rumi

Peace & Love to all...Rebel4ever (--_--)

Ivan de Coward said...

Gerald Celente makes some good points, that's for sure. His web site boasts an impressive list of accurate predictions. But I wouldn't expect him to publish his predictions that were not that accurate. I'm sure he had a few of those.

Anyway, this post reminded me of an interesting digression on prediction made by astrophysicist M.F.M. Osborne in his fascinating book "The Stock Market and Finance From a Physicist's Viewpoint".

Predict means literally to speak in the future tense, and in that sense anyone can predict. "There will be an earthquake in San Francisco tomorrow." This fulfills completely the definition of a prediction. Then the question arises, what is an accurate prediction, and what is a useful and profitable prediction. They are not the same things.
Take wild predictions like the one I just made about earthquakes. Are they profitable or useful? The answer rather surprisingly is, yes, they are. The evidence is that people pay money to astrologers, tea leaf readers and palmists for predictions of this sort. The newspapers print the Old Farmer's Almanac, and an astrologers column. So making such predictions is certainly profitable to the people who make them. It is also profitable in a sense to the people who pay for them, because it eases their minds. They have a problem they don't know how to decide. They get a decision. Regardless whether it is accurate or wise, they go away happy. It is exactly the same phenomenon in which a doctor prescribes or a pharmacist sells you a pill which kills pain. This is profitable to the manufacturer and the doctor, even if it is only a placebo to make the patient think he is having his pain relieved. The patient is relieved of the pains and ulcers of indecision. A great deal of stock market prediction falls in this category. People are paid to do it and the people who listen go away happy.

Anonymous said...

They'll give me my flu shot as
easily as they pry my cold dead etc.
away from my gun collection.:)
(Yeah, hung up on externalities I guess).
Don't know if this belongs on mirrors or petri dish or where, just put it in the Let Them Eat Cake Dept.
Just some ephemera but I like the way the guy framed it. Consider probably in truth 30-50k lost their jobs today. The banks that got tarp'd trillions just told Calif. to
shove their IOUs, they wont take them. The 80yo woman I saw working at 711 today fell when her bum leg gave way. Now this:

It ain't "hope and change we can
believe in" boys and girls!

LeMouser said...

This forum is just smokin' today!

Anonymous said...

I'm certain people like Celente know the mess the economy is in is a product of design. They want to have popular appeal so they concentrate on where we are now and use the popular "reasons" for how we got here. Then by studying all the trends they make projections for the future. I was watching CNBC the other day and a floor trader said "there is absolutely no reason for the stock market rally we have had since March. All the economic numbers are terrible. The market is being manipulated, we don't have a free market anymore." I remember Rick Santelli saying the consumer price index doesn't capture all the inflation out there. What the fuck good is it if it doesn't capture all the inflation. People can trade on the phony statistics coming out of Washington because they know they were phony last month, they are phony this month and will be just as phony next month. These people know the score. People criticize Ron Paul because he won't say 911 was an inside job. Do you think for a moment he doesn't realize who orchestrated this travesty? Three buildings are blown up on national TV for all to see. It's been eight years now, anyone who still hasn't got it figured out is making a statement about himself.

We live in a make believe world. Lots of people know what is going on but in the mainstream you can't talk about it. They go about their lives with a wink and nod and get by as best they can. As in the above examples occasionally someone lets it slip. It is a shitty situation but that's the way it is.


Duke said...

Peace be with the reader.

The chaos will be triggered by the revelation of the Son of Man.

The Faithful Witness

Mike Swanson said...

"You’ve got help aplenty within. Its part of what you are. "


Anonymous said...

Despite using your favourite term 'psychopath' yet again and the usual lower animal metaphors, an excellent post. The nail is hit cleanly.

And yet... aren't you missing something?


Unknown said...

What a treat to have someone write truths about India. AND post this website. I live in Bombay and am sick and tired of listening to "Hindus are a peace loving...." etc

Anonymous said...

If it walks like a troll and it looks like a troll and it lays eggs like a troll - maybe it IS a troll!

"Lukt" in Swedish means smell.
I'm not referring to that beautiful coniferous forest smell of the BC woods near you or the wonderful smell of fileed Chinooks from the S.Frazer frying in butter over an open fire. Nope I'm talking about the oderificious way your comments impinge on the olfactory nerve of truth.

Anonymous said...

I could't post in the new Big Brother post so I'll try here....

"I like Alex Jones and think he’s genuine which, coming from me, is high praise indeed."

And I stopped right there.....

He's a shill, you tube William Cooper. He's rounding up the cattle, you think he fights for us? he's a mole and I'm really suprised that YOU, of all people, don't see it.


Visible said...

My suggestion to you Odium is that you read the comments and not make assumptions about me. I knew very well what I was doing and did it to provoke the comments that I am getting.

Maybe you should trust that I of all people do actually know something about that but that there are different ways of getting to it than my just stating it. A whole lot of things wouldn't have gotten said if I had done it another way.

Try to have a little faith. One of the things I've noticed in my travels on this planet is that people are oh so quick to turn on someone even when there's been a much longer period which should make them grant a little leeway. I'm not a shill. That's what counts.

Still alive said...

I wonder how much and how quickly everything in America would change for the better if only 20% of Americans could find themselves and begin to discover the truth.

But we`re all human beings and it`s so much easier to be a fat clueless moron living in cartoon land and to have everything programmed into us every day.

Shame. Shame. Shame.

As down and angry as I get whenever I look around I do agree with Les that things will change and the human spirit will prevail and the evil in the world devour itself.

You are a beacon of light and hope in a world that`s rather dark.

Keep the candle lit, Les.

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up now which is a part of tonight's radio broadcast.

An Experiment in Knowing and Unknowing.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to see comments that I wrote about 30 years ago. Those comments are in my book A DRAGON THIS WAY COMES. I was chided for being an idiot and a wacko for writing such things.

It is nice to see many other people seeing the same thing. So the only conclusion I can come to is that all the signs are there for everyone to see, but most people either cannot read the signs or refuse to believe them.

I want to thank everyone...when many different people from all over the world see the same thing and draw fairly close to the same conclusions--there has to be something to it.

Within 18 months, we will be in the world's worst depression. It will be an economic war. On its heels will be a third world war--which will be an eugenic war.
All of this is in A DRAGON THIS WAY COMES.

Tom Dennen said...

An excerpt from Cornelius Tacitus’ “The Annals of Rome”, Book 6:

“Meanwhile a powerful host of accusers fell with sudden fury on the class which systematically increased its wealth by usury in defiance of a law passed by Caesar the Dictator defining the terms of lending money and of holding estates in Italy, a law long obsolete because the public good is sacrificed to private interest.

“The curse of usury was indeed of old standing in Rome and a most frequent cause of sedition and discord, and it was therefore repressed even in the throes of a less corrupt morality.

“First, the Twelve Tables prohibited anyone from exacting more than 10 percent, when, previously, the rate had depended on the caprice of the wealthy.

“Subsequently, by a bill brought in by the tribunes, interest was reduced to half that amount, and finally compound interest was wholly forbidden.

“A check too was put by several enactments of the people on evasions, which, though continually put down, still, through strange artifices, reappeared.

“On this occasion, however, Gracchus, the praetor, to whose jurisdiction the inquiry had fallen, felt himself compelled by the number of persons endangered to refer the matter to the Senate. In their dismay the senators, not one of whom was free from similar guilt, threw themselves on the emperor's indulgence.

“He yielded,(unlike Bush) and a year and six months were granted, within which everyone was to settle his private accounts conformably to the requirements of the law.

”Hence followed a scarcity of money, a great shock being given to all credit, the current coin too, in consequence of the conviction of so many persons and the sale of their property, being locked up in the imperial treasury or the public exchequer.

“To meet this, the Senate had directed that every creditor should have two-thirds his capital secured on estates in Italy.

“Creditors however were suing for payment in full, and it was not respectable for persons when sued to break faith. So, at first, there were clamorous meetings and importunate entreaties; then noisy applications to the praetor's court, and the very device intended as a remedy - the sale and purchase of estates - proved the contrary, as the usurers had hoarded up all their money for buying land.

“The facilities for selling were followed by a fall of prices, and the deeper a man was in debt, the more reluctantly did he part with his property, and many were utterly ruined.

“The destruction of private wealth precipitated the fall of rank and reputation, till at last the emperor interposed his aid by distributing throughout the banks a hundred million sesterces, and allowing freedom to borrow without interest for three years, provided the borrower gave security to the State in land to double the amount.

“Credit was thus restored, and gradually private lenders were found, (but) the purchase … of estates was not carried out according to the letter of the Senate's decree: Rigour at the outset, as usual with such matters, becoming negligence in the end.

”Former alarms then returned, as there was a charge of treason against Considius Proculus: While he was celebrating his birthday without a fear, he was hurried before the Senate, condemned and instantly put to death.”

So there you have it: The trivial financial problem in the fiat economy had been resolved by minting gold sesterces from resources available to the Ruling Economy and things returned to normal in Ancient Rome.



Joseph Brenner

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