Thursday, September 10, 2009

The 9/11 Fish Head Flu Pandemic

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

With all of the press hoopla about the H1N1 flu an even bigger epidemic is being overlooked and that is the 9/11 Flu. Deaths from the 9/11 Flu have gone over a million in the last eight years while H1N1 remains a piker by comparison.

The 9/11 virus is a mutation of the Zio-Flu virus which killed tens of millions in the former Soviet Republics and has recently been responsible for over a million deaths in the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan. Millions more are homeless and living in camps. The 9/11 Flu attacks the brain centers of western leaders and compels them to horrific mass murder against innocent life forms who are made to appear to be dangerous, radical cells due to counterfeit cell markers. This flu not only attacks the reasoning centers of western leaders but a symbiotic associate of the flu also attacks their communication centers. It devours the medium of speech and replaces it with its own body.

When the original 9/11 Flu appeared, coincidentally on 9/11/2001, a bizarre anomaly attended it. Suddenly, almost overnight, the majority of western leaders were replaced by fish creatures that appeared to be human but behaved exactly like fish. They began to swim in schools. They displayed a propensity for moving about with their mouths open and swallowing hooks. The tongue replicant parasite seemed to come out of nowhere shortly after western leaders were replaced by fish.

As a result of this phenomenon, whenever a government official opens its mouth the parasite speaks for it. Other viruses have been attended by dangerous associates in the past, most notably the HIV virus but the 9/11 Flu is proving itself to be more complex and more dangerous by far.

In the early stages of infection by the 9/11 virus the reasoning center is attacked and the most absurd conditions and events begin to appear to be normal. Large buildings can suddenly collapse at free fall into their own footprints and nothing seems strange about it at all. Just as the communication parasite replaces the original organ of speech, reality is replaced with impossible fantasy and the transition is undetected in the host organism. In one case, a skyscraper was reported to have collapsed 20 minutes before it actually happened. Then it did fall even though it wasn’t hit by anything and yet it fell to the earth exactly as would a structure undergoing controlled demolition. Observe this video where you can actually see the windows blowing out and note the smooth and inexplicable descent. Those under the influence of the 9/11 virus vehemently maintain that this building was brought down by fires that had already been extinguished.

No rational or reasonable mind could come to any other conclusion except that a controlled demolition took place. It is certain that many world leaders noted this but when they opened their mouths to speak the parasite spoke instead. We can’t know what actually was taking place in the minds of the bipedal fish as they witnessed this event and then made to comment on it. One must remember that fish are not very smart at all and unless the building was a worm dangling on a hook they might not even register it. Many did observe how they stood around with their mouths open.

Another unusual side effect of the virus is a film that slowly covers the fish eyes of those affected. The properties of the film are not known at this time because research into the causes and symptoms of 9/11 Flu have been halted by government decree.

Just as any other disease has a basic demographic, the 9/11 Flu seems to target specific groups and individuals. Politicians, bankers and corporate leaders are in the principal high risk category along with journalists, newscasters and academics. It has also shown a propensity to attack military personnel, scientists and technicians as well as law enforcement leadership. There is an especially nasty mutation that occurs whenever the 9/11 virus encounters the Jesus Virus and this results in various forms of delirium and auto-erotic sexual activity where those infected see visions of another world and experience a painful tumescence which is only dissipated through aggressive, collective frottage in places of worship.

Large sections of the public whose IQ’s fall below the 100 mark also seem to be especially susceptible to the disease.

With the passage of time and the tireless efforts of certain researchers proven to be immune to the virus, conclusive evidence tying 9/11 Flu to Zio-Flu has surfaced and is now considered incontrovertible. As the association between Zio-Flu and 9/11 Flu has become irrefutable, new laws have been passed making any discussion of the matter a criminal offense.

In government offices and media complexes around the country it is now official policy for armed guards to check the mouth-holes of employees to see if the tongue parasite is present. Those who cannot display the parasite are not admitted past the checkpoints.

An underground movement of concerned citizens, who have not been turned into fish, has spawned in actual and virtual communities around the globe and their investigations have revealed new and alarming trends. Studies have shown that what is being called the 9/11 Flu is about to mutate into a new and more virulent strain in high population centers which have remained unidentified so far. Researchers are looking for signs of sudden migration by Zio-flu-infected life-forms as an indication of an outbreak in that location.

Areas where there are reports of Bin Laden sightings and/or the arrests of Muslims suffering from laboratory induced schizophrenia are also high on the list of possible hot spots.

Lately intrepid researchers have discovered a connection between Fiat Currency Flu, Zio-Flu and 9/11 Flu. As one wag put it, “I’d hate to be in the neighborhood if these three get involved in a gangbang.” One scientist said that the Currency flu appears to be a genetic controlling agent which triggers a denial phase in the composition of the 9/11 complex. The Currency Flu advances and withdraws at great speeds and causes those suffering from 9/11 Flu to experience panic attacks affecting the ‘fight or flight’ response system.

The difficulty in treating this pandemic is best illustrated in the fact that Zio-Flu has compromised all of the important systems in the operations center of the afflicted. This causes those infected with 9/11 Flu to engage in self-mutilation as well as unpredictable assaults on their associates. Those so affected begin to exhibit a complete loss of self-respect and to engage in spontaneous displays of public humiliation without being aware of it.

So far there seems to be no cure for any of these viruses and the implication that they are directly connected to each other provides a grim prognosis for the future/ Those who are suffering are warned to avoid television, radio and newspapers and not to see any holocaust films under any circumstances as this has the result of accommodating the host body to Zio-Flu which immediately prepares the organism for 9/11-Flu.

It is the author’s sincere hope that a cure will soon be found for all of these conditions but the only successful treatment so far has been constant exposure to alternative news sites and regular visits to blogs such as the one you are reading. The biggest problem can be most clearly expressed in an analogy. During one of the terms of President Reagan, the president declared that most of the people in mental institutions did not need to be there and that they needed only to take their medication in order to function in normal society. Unfortunately, people who are mentally ill are not inclined to take their medication so that didn’t work out at all. This was the genesis of present day homelessness.

Tomorrow is 9/11. For those of us who are white blood cells in a dangerously ill organism let me wish all of you the will and the heart to fight the good fight. It’s not whether we win or lose that is most important (although it truly is important). What is most important is that we fought at all, even for the fish.

End Transmission.......(Ahrooooooooooooooooo!)

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Anonymous said...

Very funny article, les, and right on the money as usual!

Although it does seem that our present crop of western leaders were already of a fish-like persuasion when they began their political careers, at least in recent (the past 60?) years. Susceptibility to non-human viruses certainly appears to be a prerequisite to gain the top job.

Did we ever work out why some of us have an immunity to these insidious viruses, or did I miss that article?

All the best to all here.

Schroedinger's Cat

Anonymous said...

"Where is my mind..."

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head will collapse
But theres nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself

Where is my mind..

Way out in the water
See it swimmin

I was swimmin in the carribean
Animals were hiding behind the rock
Except the little fish
But they told me, he swears
Tryin to talk to me koi koy


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I caught the 9/11 flu when the first plane hit back in 2001.

BUT when the second plane hit my "inside job" auto immune antibodies kicked in and did their job like any good immune system should.

Zoner said...

Very well done, sir. It seems these flu bugs are mutating and finding new ways into our systems all the time.

I discovered yesterday that my 7th grade student is to be given an inoculation against the influence of marketing, media, and propaganda. This will utilize texts, documentaries, examples of advertising and propaganda and most importantly an intensive study of the event known as the holocaust as an illustration of what happens when a society falls prey to the influence of these devices.

My fear is that this inoculation actually has the Zio-flu component hidden within and that the stated purpose of this whole exercise is a lie wrapped in something that could potentially be quite valuable. Something about the course title really bugs me.

The name of the course is - "Persuasion".


Anonymous said...

I at first hoped the 911 flu was but a cold. A few days rest and back to normal. But as the week went on I began to see no change.
Its been years passed and still we havent returned to our healthy mind? How could the world be changed in a blind of an eye? What happen that day? Will the pond not settle?
If you tell a tale long enough it becomes history. How many months then years did we hear about 911? Why dont we speak about pearl harbor, oh most of the people that got that flu are died?
I think most people can see the real story but cant find a way to make it fit anymore. They want too, but doing so makes all the BS for brith to death, in the hands of big brother.
Its funny to watch. They ask for the mans help and hope he will provide healthcare and what not, why would they bite the hand that feeds? Why stop living via government handouts and fake money but at the same time know they are being walked to the slaughter house.
No wonder people are in such pissy moods? They see their own weakness and run to wally world to find something to sidetrack the pain?

Anonymous said...

This Flu was a long time coming, many centuries. Immune systems of countries would kick in and drive it out and yet it always came back. Now the world is smaller and it is spread far and wide.

When 9/11 happened and they immediately pointed the finger at Bin Laden I knew it was BS. So I started to follow the money, the heart of any crime. It only took me hours to come upon the Carlyle group. One aspect was a company called United Defense Industries which was formed at a cost of 40mil by members of this group just before 9/11. Two years later it sold for billions. Follow the money. The Bin Laden family used to be members of the Carlyle group.

Back to our virus of concern. With the demise of our public educational system and now our health system we have to ask what is government for? The road work they are doing this summer? Hahahaha… The Romans built roads that lasted centuries, the Germans built roads that last decades, we build roads that months! Ah! Defense is the answer. Our government will defend us. First, they just need to create something to defend us from. As we are looking into the distance at this purported enemy who lives in caves and can bring down buildings like magic thousands of miles away we don’t notice the fence being built around us, or the emptying of our pockets, or the poisons being slipped into our food, water and even air.

Don’t worry about the particulars of the camps in WWII we are quickly becoming camp USA with all its own horrors. Or is it camp Earth? Will have to see

Anonymous said...

Thanks, once again, for another brilliant parable. I, myself, came late to the clinic and in recent months to the Visible Blog world. It seems that true healing is just around the corner, though not without a healing crisis. Homeopaths need to decide among different potencies of a remedy to heal such a disease. In some cases, one dose of a high potency does the trick, but for this flu, I believe, that the best course of treatment is a daily dose in low potency of websites like WRH and your blogs.

Jim G.

Greg Bacon said...

"What in the hell happened? I wuz peacefully watching the ONLY news channel worth watching, FOX, when my browser flashed for a second and I wound up here.

Shit, I thought maybe you were sitting in for Glenn Beck, so I went ahead and read. That's when the room got brighter and I noticed that I had been drolling when watching FOX.

Damn, I don't know what to think, since I never think, I always let Bill or Rush or 'Mikey' Savage do that for me.

That way, I can let my grey cells fester and collect dust, since only a small part of my brain is needed to listen to those people.

What the hell am I going to do know? You made me think, dammit!"

Anonymous said...

Cut off their shillin' tales and let them all starve.
What is government good for?
That is becoming a really good question.
The ideal of government was democratically elected representitives of the people empowered and entrusted to do good for the people.
What do we have now?
Corruption. Croyism. Corruption. Oligarchism. Corruption. NewWorldOrderism. Corruption. Murder. Corruption. Zionism. Corruption.
The French revolution bannished the monarchial corruption with the guillotine.
How can we through non-violent methods be free and finished with this sticking kettle of fish we call modern government.
On the eve of 9/11 I'm just asking is all.


Anonymous said...

peace connector,activator..,raw right,open sight,of the blind mans truth eye thats shut tight,raw word truth aim like a million arrows taking flight,in the night,rights store stored and grew the weapons of right,when the light strike,all good men stand like knights,stand with no fear,we are one,stand sincere,with honour and strength,for the lost shed a tear,,so strap on your armour the time draws near,dont matter from where you come what creed ,mother earth needs all to peer,through the darkness,the vastness,like an ocean parts us,mother earth wove together a connector a light harness,and if we all weave together with our calm from the palms we plant this,mighty seed that grows to tree,and all the leaves sway in the wind there connected but free,but the battle needs to be fought,so I take my sword,prepare my horse,strap on my armour,and will right straight from source...peace

Anonymous said...


You are mentioned at Urban Survival as the Dog Poet yet again. This is two days in a row and this time you have your own paragraph sentence. Is this a self fulfilling prophecy?

Anonymous said...

Cutting edge and infectious, Les!
Just what the dog ordered
You're breaking the ice and melting the code x cess
you may be changing the shape of
well, at least the fluff that frills me pillows and wruffels me fetters an tickles me pink - or is just the wind, ie my platulence?

Zellie said...

This is so fine, it is so mighty fine, I'm just gonna have to JUST SAY NO, to the needle prick of exploration and intimidation and experimentation heading toward my arm or butt!

The disease of dilemma: To wake up or not to wake up, that is the question.

Two great diseases per Mary Summer Rain courtesy of No Eyes: Apathy and Despair...GET your INFO so you can combat both; wake up your brain, heart, mind, and spirit, so you can plan and act.

It's time to send a little email to all on your email list...send this link of this Dog Poet emissions so it might infect the air with a rarity of truth...go on like Nike...JUST DO IT!

Anonymous said...

Interesting site I would like to share....(---_---)


Anonymous said...

P.S ....(-___-)

Main site below-


@ŃŎΠŶΜΌŲȘ said...

These recent postings are grand slam home runs fun as listening to some Carlin even. Bravo!

kenny said...

If your words here today could be incorporated into a vaccine, then we might just have a 'shot.'

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Les, and a superb birthday gift I'm willing to share.


Sickofyourshit said...

WTF are you talking about 'a birthday gift I'm willing to share'?
You moronic, self engrosed, pompous idiot.
Do you think you are above us other mortals because you know when certain birthdays occur?
Lukiftian could mean "stinky shit" in slang in Swedish.
Is that what you mean to put forth?


Anonymous said...

Checking out some of the other sites to see what's up or not, Rense has claimed attack and apologises for the slowness of the site as a result. He seems to have some good '9/11 was an inside job' articles on site, or variants of.

Guess what, les. has put your 'Fish-head' piece up as one of their main articles! But it took several tries to access their site, so maybe they're having problems as well.

Btw, I thought it was really cool that you took the trouble to correct the spelling mistake on my last post. Thanks, man.

Best to all,

S. Cat.

Visible said...

S. Cat

I had a nice chat with Laura yesterday and it was a good thing. That's why that article is up now. I had the impression they didn't like me there any more and I think it just comes down to a particular individual in a critical placement but, I don't know really.

We'll see where things go from here.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami post up now-

The September, Visible Origami Radio Show.

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Truthseeker's Imprisoned in Rothschild Castle.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if Stewart Rixon at the truthseeker could send an email out to be posted here. He has been down quite awhile.

william wilson said...

hi Les, best

good work- reminds me of the info given on "The Way of Life and the Customs of the Natives" (meaning prisoners) in the Gulag.
You are writing a description of a mass affliction of our time.
There's a simpler description of these flus-it's called cowardice



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