Sunday, September 06, 2009

Surfing the Beaches of Deadwood with Lt. Col Kilgore

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well, I can’t link to the S&MSM because the force I work for doesn’t want me to add to the number of people reading the lies written in human blood on the mainstream billboards of “The Fifth Element” world but... but I suspect Gen. Stanley McChrystal is none too happy with that little event in Kunduz where they blew up some larger number of poor Afghans siphoning fuel from hi-jacked tankers and just kinda mizzed the (cough-freedom fighter-cough) terrorists and what else is new?

Huh? War’s not new and this war’s not new and there’s collateral damage in my mulligan stew. There is a way to pacify and consolidate Afghanistan and that is to kill every living creature there with a thermonuclear blast but short of that you aren’t going to succeed. The reason is the Hindu Kush, among other things. Some colossal hand reached down and grabbed the fabric of the world awhile ago and squeezed it with a pull, which caused an impossible complexity of mountains and valleys over a whole lot of landscape that just cannot be contained unless you send in more people than you can get or... well there is no or. Or died in Catch 22 or maybe not.

I suspect that Gen. McChrystal is going to find that he can’t do Lt. Col Kilgore like Robert Duvall could because Duvall had the advantage of being in a movie instead of real life. Even though it is my contention that real life is a movie, there is that question about the remote that still hasn’t been answered to everyone’s satisfaction and... of course the fast-forward and replay is not available and so on and so forth.

I don’t have any questions about the remote or even the ‘up close’ but then I’m not trying to take over the network, the movie or the world ...or make the world safe for Israel or whatever it is they are up to because aren’t the Turkmen mineral assets being managed by one time Mossad agent Yosef Maiman? I don’t know about the rest of you. For me it’s pretty easy to understand because I don’t have that, “Don’t go there”, ‘blinders on’ way of going about my life. I can see who’s doing what and why.

There’s been a host of rampaging archetypes using the human parchment to write their dreadful tales, which are just another series of golden spikes nailed short of the mark. From Kubla Khan to Mao and from Tamerlane to Stalin, the names have come and gone but those who mint the coins and own the mines have their wide shovels going all the time and it’s got to be some kind of looping video game because there’s never enough.

The monkey will push the cocaine button over and over until it jumpstarts Dick Cheney’s heart in Frankenstein’s castle and there’s more to a title than a book might imply. In whatever fashion we may be finding ourselves on these seeded hills of destiny, we need to understand that the destiny is woven into the seams.

Real magic isn’t artifice. It is focus. Whether it is the lens of a camera or the mind, it’s the same thing and surfing the beaches of Armageddon only puts it on display. We’ve been running this game for centuries and centuries and now the time has come. The game... as it is, cannot be played anymore. The system is breaking because the system doesn’t work. It’s an endless road of domino Band Aids. Eventually, all that motion is going to give the itch friction to the chemicals in the product and start a fire in the wounds. That’s how it happens. Yeah, cauterize me baby...

You are in the driver’s seat. You can be Lt. Col. Kilgore. You can be Kilgore Trout or you can be yourself, that’s up to you. You are going to have to drive through some parts of Idiocracy to get out of this mare's nest but most of you won’t be reading this and most of you will be busy doing or ignoring the things I am writing about so I’ll just stick with the present audience.

The world is about to have an Elvis Presley moment. You know how it is when your leg starts shaking and you can’t do anything about it? Son, it’s that rock and roll that has done gone and gotten into your bloodstream and there ain’t nothing no doctor hereabouts can do much for. It will do you good to see what happens when you get out of control. I’d like to say I’m glad your sainted mother isn’t watching you now but point in fact she is. Look at him go! Blasting the landscape of existence into screaming, burning shreds of confetti in the name of free enterprise. Hunting them wolves in dark places. Making themselves into gods, as they like to think it and they never heard of Ragnarok? All in good time, my son. All in good time.

Well, Gen. McChrystal is not Al Swearengen and Secretary Gates is not Doc Cochran but Afghanistan is definitely Deadwood and the economy has got to be E.B. Farnum and the Yemeni thing is on the wing

Gerald Celente is an interesting guy and he makes a point about ‘con’fidence ...and fantasy markets while he points to the real unemployment figures and how people are not buying. Let me take that a step further and say the dream is dying. In other words, the essential thrust of the world’s force to produce, is dissipating into cotton candy and burning confetti that looks a lot like pasta. Bon apetit. .. or is that too French?

It’s more than passing weird that after all the blanketing bad press; the Russians turn out to be the good guys. Inside my mind the concept of good and bad guys may be different from other minds. I take people for what they are to themselves, usually... still... using that kind of math... it’s no wonder Mother Shipton is making an appearance in my life, all of a sudden ...and I’m sitting here with coiling Celentes and Time Monks with an Edgar Cayce on the side, hold the five easy pieces and let’s have lunch with some rich men talking about world hunger.

This should prove to be a bang up Halloween. H1N1 costumes are definitely going to outnumber the R2D2’s. We’re sure to have quite a few real ghosts and goblins, vampires and werewolves and speaking of the latter... I just wonder who is going to carry all of the Gold Man’s sacks down into the nuclear vault shelter, tanning bed? Will there be real life Blackwater action figures standing at the door, with 50mm machine guns in one hand and a snarling three=headed dog at the gates. “Cerberus to the white courtesy phone.”

As they say, “The die is set”, then again, the die is cast so we’ll just have to think about whether we want to be the people making money off of the predictions; the people causing the predictions, the people reacting to the predictions or the people who are watching and waiting. Are you getting lean and hungry out there yet, ...”yon Cassius”?

You might well imagine that there are quite some number of people who are not sleeping easy these nights because, after all, the joker is wild. It reminds me a little of the meditators who think bouncing on pricy cushions is levitating and also that women I saw on Maui who was hosting a fire-walking seminar and talking about how doing it would free you of all kinds of physical restrictions but she had bronchitis and it looked to me like a bit if a hard sell; not that the usual yokels were not lining up... because they were. It’s a pity that visible called attention to it. It sort of ruined the mood. Visible was generally persona non grata around the new age set.

It reduces, when it isn’t reductio ad absurdum, to values and intentions. You are defined by what you are after and you are what you do. As it so happens this is being pointed out now with an increasing regularity because, as I said, the joker is wild and I think he cut a deal with the broomsticks in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice so I don’t know if it’s going to be ‘divide and conquer’, or ‘multiply and swarm’. I just know it’s not predictable when you have the dice in your hands.

Whether you want to think of it as literal or metaphorical, I suggest if you should happen to enter any large forums or arenas that you check to see whether or not someone has chain-locked the fire-doors.

That dog won't surf.

Tale end transmission.......

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The New Shangri-La.


Bill from yonder hill said...

I relish reading your runes, immense and intense mind-boggling blogs; best write-ware I tasted yet. Jam-packed with double entendres, zest, jest, quest and much more. Done to a T!

tim said...

Fud was 100% correct over at Smokin' about General Butler. Place his booklet in the recruiting station for a positive effect. His entire message was that war for profit was the worst thing we've ever done. But it's not new...goes all the way back to the Egyptians and Sumerians. Probably way before that. What is it that makes the elite enslave everyone for their own profit and pleasure? I think it is as simple as we are either going to evolve or die because nobody wants to play this game any more.

Anonymous said...

For the twice born the only true mansion is in the heavens


Anonymous said...

wow again,this is poetry,or maybe logic rap,whatever it is refreshing to me,thank you u ben franklin u
stanley kubrek showed you the ways of the chimps at war in the opening scenes of 2001,what is it you dont get capish?

Greg Bacon said...

"How many Gooks we kill this week?"

Oops, wrong war for Empire and Israel.

From the "Only good Indian is a dead one," to today, we Americans like our killing, just don't bring none of that shit here.

Anonymous said...

'...the world is in for an Elvis Presley moment...'

kikz said...


pinkerton/hearst are runnin the 'wood'.

take cover y'all.

i'm outta town, watchin from across the hills...

the dirt-worshipers are good company.

Visible said...

ain't it the truth Kikzter...

Visible said...

that's going to include a senior moment at exactly the same time.

Anonymous said...

Great dogpoettransmission....
Yeah, Roky Erickson's later dog
poet lyrix come to mind --
Two headed dog, Walking w/ a Zombie, Blood Temple, etc....Colonel Klegg McChrystalmeth is out of his league. Celente and Coffin were on goldseek radio as you linked &
Bob Chapman was on Aug. 29 - International Forecaster 9/5 states
SEC can't find Madoff's money b/c it's in Israel.... will wonders never cease? I'll bet they all bought tix to Madonna concert in Tel Aviv w/ some of it... draped in the blue star flag as she was...

Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick

Give me a hamburger and a pizza baby let's rock and roll. Rememba tha kang!

Did somebody mention Elvis? Read Smedley years ago.

It is beginning to look to me like O'Brien refuses to buy into 4 and 4 making 5 any longer. He is sticking with 4.

The word verification today is hang onto your hat (commize) I can appreciate a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post.

I think I'd like to be Kilgour Trout. The other side of the mirror looks interesting too.



Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick

Forgive me for not using a google account. I try and stay away from it. I use This search engine uses the google data base but erases all traffic in 24 hours.

They also have an encryption lock which causes someone extra work to highjack your search engine along with another feature which warns your IP has been highjacked by information awareness. Give them a try.

This message has been a public service. Word verification (mickier) ?

Anonymous said...

so we go from where we came,slaving away the material plain,some serve with just good deeds,others serve just too decieve,but all in all its not looking good,the material plain blinded by a hood,and when that hood which will lift,a sudden opening awareness shift,and we will see who cast the spell,to try and take mother earth to hell,blind men who lead the sheep, decievers when the time comes cant speak,but mother earth is part of the heavens ,she will not be taken by any weapons,which the deluded try to aquire,the arm of the heavens will strike with fire,now I dont know I'm just a man,a bit rugged and smashed up slaved by the damned,but what I have learned has kept me good,so I stand as one I know I should...peace

Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick
It is different when the only mainstream news talking about Cayce is on

The Russian psychic Baba Vanga predicted that Russia would be the least effected country by earth changes. Nothing would be left she said but Russia and the glory of Vladimir. No word on whether that is Putin or Lenin.

Kinda doubt Lenin

"Climatic and seismic cataclysms are to shake the whole planet and, consequently, change it greatly, Cayce predicted. But Russia will suffer least of all. It will lead the reviving civilization with the centre in Western Siberia. But the time when all the above-said events should happen is already wrong: Cayce assigned the end of the 20th century for all these catastrophes. But it is still possible that he defined the tendency itself quite right. Scientists say that in about ten years the glacier melting in Greenland and Antarctica can provoke violent tectonic activities such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis and floods. Cayce’s predictions remind those of Vanga’s at this point. In 1979 she prophesied that everything would thaw like ice and only Russia would be left untouched."

Mankind has always had prophets they just try to kill them.

The forum on is a hoot also. I read it but don't post on it. My computer is slow enough as it is.

Only sick music makes money today............Nietzsche

psychegram said...

It just struck me how much better your recent stuff has been than anything since, well ... since I started following you. Which is saying something, you were already the best writer on the internet and now you've managed to build from there.

You gotta wonder what really awaits the fortunate sons who'll choose to take refuge from the chaos in their underground strongholds. They're going there expecting safety, but somehow I expect that Universe is playing a colossal trick on minds that have embraced the Biggest Lie of all: Separation. According to some rumors, the D.U.M.Bs aren't the largest, nor by a long short the oldest underground structures. Underground is a big place, with room enough and more for any number of surprises. Serve the bastards right if they get eaten by hyperdimensional reptilian entities who maintain their physical manifestations Below ... or demonic hordes, the drow of the Underdark, call them whatever you want. To go below may well be to walk right into their waiting clutches.

Of course, those who descend don't believe in such fairy tales....

Meanwhile, for those of us left on the surface, at the mercy of the silver dragon's tail (I'm thinking a comet, a very large one ... although if the electric universe paradigm is correct a moving planet essentially is a comet) as it lashes the earth ... throw in the possibility of a pole shift and gawd knows what else and the odds of survival start looking pretty grim, too.

But I've seen enough movies to know that no matter what the odds, the hero has a better than even chance of beating them. The only difference with this movie is, we're all the hero, each of our own plot line but, only insofar as we choose to be, as we see ourself as the hero and act accordingly.

I've also seen enough movies to know that it's usually when the hero gets over himself enough to make this realization, that he ceases to be merely the protagonist. And that can't happen until the climax. Well, that steady digital readout on the semtex is displaying seconds, now, and sweaty palms or not the bomb must be defused....

Josey Wales said...


I've been having strange dreams lately. You know how they say your mind works to solve questions while you sleep?

Well, the last one had to do with calculating drying, or set-up times, for Quickcrete when mixed 60/40 with sand and or gravel (depending on what's available). Of course temperature,humidity, and proper mixing all enter into it. Also the size of the job.

The most obvious application being for shoes, you wouldn't want them falling off, once their placed on.


Bob Long Island NY said...

Perhaps the world is up side down and backwards. Perhaps the North Pole should be on the bottom, and the world should rotate in the other direction.
The pyramid represents the game of greed built on sand, while and inverted pyramid represents the game of love built on a rock. One leads to a point on top, while the other leads to an infinite expansion.
Many say we need a revolution, but I think we need a transformation
Perhaps things will change in 2012. We can only hope. In the mean time Les you are a shining light in an otherwise dark world. Please keep shining, as you are illuminating a path for many to see.

Is the Bible the script for the movie of life? If this is the case then my three favorite lines from the book are.
Ro 12:2 -
Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and
perfect will

Eph 6:12
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms

Ro 9:6 –
It is not as though God’s word had failed. For not all who are descended from Israel are Israel

Anonymous said...

mother earth who keeps us well,she knows who those are that cast the spell,playing around with deception illusions, decieving all them good man peace unions,and when the lines open again,the energy will flow to mend,medicine that come from the stars,it was written long ago on cards,and on scrolls and rock,but men cant see the heavens clock,and when the time comes the earth will be healed, mans heart will need to be stilled,with peace then he might just make it through ,if earth mother wants him he will need to be true,cos if he's not,he will just face the same,the lesson will just come again...peace

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to echo Psychegram here. Your game has definitely gone up. I take it the good ship Keta has landed (I can always tell) and good for you. May your docks always be open.

One of the swarmers from the BOTF invasion.

Anonymous said...

What Really Happened and Truth Seeker both down. What happened?

Anonymous said...

Saw in the video store today a new release, yet ANOTHER Henry Lee Lucas movie: "Drifter".
Now "That's Entertainment"!
Isn't Jollywood grand?!

And nobody knows the real story - pardoned by W wasn't it?


Anonymous said...

Greetings Dumballah... gett'n close now huh? Yeah, ya can feel it thump, thump, thump, thump, clangabang, clang of gunfire huh? Like; too close to the speakers man,and boomgoesthebass..and so it goes, The closer we get to 051009, the cooler my colleagues and I are gett'n, cold even. Somber, yeah, somber, reflective,.. Dear Mum; I'm sorry I was such a pain, tell Dad I love him...etc, etc.Numb with regret..and..."We're goin'in loud and crazy ladies, so "Mags on, Cock'em and Lock'em,….OUT,NOW!GO!GO!GO! NOW! FUCKOFF! GO! GO! STAY LOW! CONTACT!! TEN O’OCLOCK,..FIRE FOR SUPRESSION, MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!!...FIND HARD COVER, FIRE,FIRE, RETURN SOME FUCKING FIRE, GET INVOLVED BOYS GET INVOLVED, HOOK IN, HOOK IN!!"...and so it goes. Fuck the NWO and your gay/sodomite Boss; Lucifer!

Tango3Echo (T3E)

*******all below - not for publication, or at your discretion and editing for relevence and appropriateness*****

Oh by the way, I hope you don't mind I've embedded your song "Walk through the Fire or Burn at
we have been unable to get our HTML site up now for four months and are left with the blogspot address, which is a little embarressing. Apparently being a Templar is anti-semitic. Even though there is no political rhetoric or editorial content on the site that can possibly be regarded as anti-semitic. Go figure. We do however build simple and effective wheelchairs for Landmine victims and ship them around the world free. We make these things out of recycled bicycle parts utilizing very few new parts; wheel rims, foam core and tyres(foam core, like the stuff those swimming pool noodles are made of; makes them almost indestructable and definately puncture proof). We are working on recycling computers for the isolated indigenous communities, particularly those that are being oppressed by Howards' and now Mr. Potato heads' 'Intervention'. Which is nothing less than a breach of Australia's version of the Posse Comitatus Act. Together with these computers we are intending to provide multi-fuel generators with a solar battery support. These will have a value added benefit. Big dream, I know, none the less...

I hope you don't mind the embed, I'll remove it if you wish.


Visible said...

It's all good. It seems we are of one mind at the moment as you will see from the new Smoking Mirrors going up in moments.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

We'll all Be Rewarded when the Shit Hits the Fan.

Anonymous said...

Shit! The truthseeker is down again
as well, from USA at least (8 Sept.
word ver: TOXIden

Anonymous said...

"The monkey will push the cocaine button over and over until it jumpstarts Dick Cheney’s heart in Frankenstein’s castle "
Hehe that all folks!!!

Kevenj said...

Dear Mr. Poet,

I know you have mentioned some vague reference to not being able to ..interfer with situations presently occuring around this neck of the stars but I was hoping you would quite possibly, like give me some better odds at hitting the MEGA next week.
I mean, its not like you're actually.. busy up there or anything is it? Why not put those tri-quad processors to work?
The wife and I would be glad to invite you to a cook-out with ..ah,whatever you want to bring to cook out!
We've got the drinks!

" I don’t know if it’s going to be ‘divide and conquer’, or ‘multiply and swarm’."

Hee hee.


Zellie said...

I'm glad to see Edgar Cayce sitting at the right hand...there is a web site written by 79 year old William Hutton, a practicing geologist, and EC researcher of over 50 - this website is the place to go for up to the minute earth change/pole shift data. EC was not 100% accurate in his predictions...but just because he wasn't accurate as to 'dates', did not mean his predictions won't come far, all of what is happening is tracking very well with his readings/predictions/ comments about this time we are in...he has readings on people in high places being brought low, he has readings on buying a 10 acre farm if you don't want to grow hungry in the days to come, he has readings on the economic situation here in the U.S., food shortages, comments about Russia and China, and MUCH MUCH more material including the more relevant earth change readings....I have commented on here before with my thoughts - the 4 people/areas I pay attention to are: William Hutton (a translator/ communicator of the EC readings for these times), Dannion Brinkley, Mary Summer Rain's material on No-Eyes, and her own material in her own right. What just these 4 areas will give you is a broad background to predictions, historical events, GOD in the world, and our life's meaning in our relationship with God, preventative actions, and what to expect. These varied and diverse materials will set an inner course of faith...outlining, the earth's progress, humanities progress, and the soul progress...And Jesus said, "Lo, I will be with you always, even unto the end of the world." I am not worried about mankind bringing or making predictions come true, what's coming cannot be orchestated by can only be due to man's behaviors in the earth.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

The Thought Born Universe in the Undisciplined Mind.

Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick

The time line of predictions can always be altered by certain activities. Bear in mind also the end of this age is open for debate. The Gregorian calendar altered this.

The Mayan calendar is more precise and the end of the age falls somewhere between 2000 and 2012.

Anonymous said...

What of the calendars which existed thousands of years before there were any Gregorians or Mayans or Buddhists or Theosophists?

Brought to us from those who taught us how to talk and count..

Vidar said...

Apocalypse Now, Kilgore Trout(Heinlein?), Al Swearengen this is full of classic references and Ragnarok! Love those Norse and their ravishing grimness.

Anonymous said...

There were none. Mankind virtually went from the stone age to math and agriculture with the arrival of the Sumerians/Nefilim. These were the builders who cloned themselves using the wombs of primitive people producing the 12 tribes.

Dublin Mick

Anonymous said...

"The Indian air surrounds us, the original thoughts of kindred
spirits.....And O! how the mind is here washed clean of all its early
ingrafted Jewish superstition! It is the most profitable and most
elevating reading which is possible in the world."

Arthur Schopenhauer

Anonymous said...

“Arthur Schopenhauer was the first Western philosopher to read some of the Vedas”

Paste this in Google.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if you could be a little less clever and a little more coherent.



Joseph Brenner

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