Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Most Dangerous Virus in the World

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I’ve got a virus. It doesn’t have a common name because it isn’t a common virus. It’s difficult to catch this virus because there are only so many ways for it to enter your system. You can catch it as a result of extreme trauma which results in all of your defenses being shut down. This includes all subconscious resistance and all systemic defenses. You can catch it as a result of long term abuse. This includes abuse visited upon you or abuse you visit on yourself. Often this abuse comes about because the virus is already looking for a foothold and it will attract one of these two kinds of abuse. You can catch it through diligent and repeated efforts to catch it, in an environment of quietude, created by a relentless persistence of the mind to cease from the production of thought. There are a few other ways.

Once you’ve got this virus there’s no cure for it. Every cell in your body is going to be replaced and the world will gradually- and sometimes not so gradually- take on the appearance of an insane asylum, while also becoming remarkably predictable. People think insanity is unpredictable but that’s just one of the illusions that are part of the ordinary mindset of the collectively insane.

People who have this virus can understand one another without having to say anything at all and if they should speak they are also understood by people who are vulnerable to this virus. This is one of the ways that the virus spreads. The impact of the virus speaking induces trauma that naturally moves toward the extreme. People who do not have the virus- and who are not susceptible to catching it- will not understand a single word being said. It will make them uncomfortable and sometimes it will make them angry but at no time will it be understood.

There’s a lot of news, noise and argument about Howdy Doody’s comprehensive health plan for the Teletubbies. Most people think that some permutation of universal health care is going to be a major step up for American society. They seem to think that having it is somehow going to lead to a more general state of well being among the population. There are several reasons why this isn’t going to make the slightest difference no matter what kind of a program finally get decided on.

It doesn’t really matter whether you can see a doctor of your choice or not and have some amount of it paid for. It isn’t going to have any positive effect on your health. Health is the result of a few basic things and one of them is youth. The other things are diet and ones mental and emotional state. An awareness of ones relationship to all of these leads to making the right decisions about how one lives their life. A conscious awareness of diet has a profound effect on one’s well being. One’s mental and emotional states also play significant roles. One needs only to study how many stress-related diseases there are to understand this. If you factor bad diet into unbalanced mental and emotional states you’ve got a problem no doctor can deal with, especially if your medical system is of the allopathic variety.

The people who decide what doctors can and cannot do and what doctors can and cannot tell you are permanent bed-partners with various corporations for whom good health is a bad thing. These are the pharmaceutical concerns; the AMA, the hospital equipment industry and related suppliers of related products. These corporations have another relationship with the various food industries in the sense that they will not write or permit policy that impinges on major enterprises that bring you processed foods, fast foods, mystery meats, candy and soft drinks and whatever else hides under that umbrella. What this means is that, according to the capitalist mentality that rules this society, it is possible; it has to be possible and it damn well will be possible to eat anything you want, avoid exercise and generally break any and every rule of intelligent behavior and if there’s a problem they will either cut it out of you or suppress the symptoms until they have to cut it out of you.

Because the will of corporations is the rule of the land, there will be no change in the profit line for participating corporations. What will change will be the language that the non-change is presented in.

To see into the black heart of the system in charge of American life you have only to look into the prison industry where 5% of the American public and 25% of the world’s prison population are incarcerated in American prisons. Why is this? It’s a business. Is it coincidence that America uses 25% of the world’s resources as well?

The unstated objective of American society is that a small percentage of its members shall possess the greatest amount of wealth at the expense of everyone else and will then be lauded for their efforts to assist the less fortunate where no such efforts exist. Such a system cannot survive and will not survive and is presently at the state where a number of shell games are being used to give the impression that the system is doing fine (nicely recovering from a bad scare) and going to get better as it approaches the lip of a high cliff. As things begin to fall from the cliff, you will see charts and graphs appear that indicate the true state and direction of the culture and economy but they will probably be holding these charts and graphs upside down.

I see these things and many other things because I have this virus. Others have this virus too and many more are on the verge of infection. The biggest concern of the TPTB is the proliferation of this virus. Their concern about all other viruses, which they manufactured to begin with, is just Slim Shady dining at the Red Herring Restaurant.

With this virus I can see that the appetites and desires being milked by corporations in order to promote and sell their products leads directly to aberrant behavior which leads to the prison industry for those who are not making the laws that route the unfortunate toward the prison or the grave with that long interlude of enslavement at the looping track of life where they chase the uncatchable dream rabbit that is already steaming in the pot of their betters.

With this virus I can look directly at the lies of politicians and religious leaders and hear the truth that spotlights the pies around the corner and their relationship to the pies in the sky which are moving on conveyor belts behind unbreakable Plexiglas. I can see that there are no pies because the pies are only video projections of pies bounced off of a series of mirrors. I can see the people who do no have the virus and I can see the world they are looking at and it turns out that this world is also just a projection bouncing off of mirrors and one of those mirrors is their minds. These projections then activate the furnace in the visceral brain which causes those without the virus to dance like millions of chickens on a hot griddle that somehow got the impression that they are auditioning for American Idol.

It is not possible to create a society, based on the principles that some of us have read and most of us have heard about, when corporations are the ruling authority of the land, because the intent of a corporation is diametrically opposed to the principles that some of us have read and most of us have heard about. You can’t make Beef Stroganoff out of pork rinds and Velveeta but you can convince people that that is what they are eating and that is the point.

There’s a debate that has been going around since Cain brained Abel and that debate centers on whether it is better to have this virus or some form of all the other viruses. The awareness that comes with having this virus can lead to the rack, the auto da fe and other less pleasant locations. Having the other viruses can lead to being a hamster or some part of a compost pile and a fire burns there as well. They can lead to being canon fodder and the merciless hands of those who practice a form of medicine that has little to do with the stated intentions of the art. The hands of these practitioners are often more dangerous than the problem that brought you there.

Most people spend more than ninety per cent of everything they have saved in their lives in the last year of their life on an industry whose purpose is exactly for that reason.

This virus of mine- and perhaps you have it to- is not an easy burden to bear. You can never pull the covers over your head again. You know there’s no monster in the closet but you also know where the real monsters dwell. You are doomed to an unending quarantine even as you move among your fellows. One thing you do acquire as a result of this virus is compassion and, as Lao Tzu said long ago, “Compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead.” Realization may not be all the things we imagine it to be but it is preferable to the restless sleep of nightmares wielded by the whip hand of psychopaths.

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Anonymous said...

I've got the virus...and no amount of blue pills ever gonna fix it...(-___-)

Peace,Love & Respect all

Anonymous said...

I see said the blind man as he walked through the forest. Yes, the burdens of this virus are also the blessings. Life is not the cartoon illusion that we grew up seeing. As the truth sets you free it also lets you see the waters that you are in and swimming becomes important.

Along with this virus showing you that you are not in a cartoon anymore, but it also tells you that you can't be a cartoon character anymore.

With the vision of truth comes the responsibility of awareness. What you ingest becomes your responsibility. The food you eat is your choice. The knowledge you ingest as well becomes your choice. Cartoon MSM info is as toxic as the chemical soup found in those cans of soup on the shelves at your local bad food store. The food for profit store, not the food for health store.

We are not in Kansas anymore, we are not cartoon characters and we definitely not slaves and serfs anymore.

There is one common root to the poison plant that has spread across the land. It can no longer hide amongst the rest. The virus allows you to see it and even peer into the depths to see its common root. No more shall it thrive for the light of truth is its death.

As we shall look into eyes of our fellow victims of the virus and words will no longer be needed. We shall know before they are even expressed. Welcome to the higher plane. We shall walk amongst the others and not even be seen but we will see.

The frequency of vibration is getting higher and higher.

Thank you Les.


Anonymous said...

As we journey to what is to come and when words are no longer necessary then what we perceive as time will no longer be. It will be an explosion and a new big bang. Infinity in a moment. We will have passed through. After all, hasn't time been an illusion all along?

Love and light,


Robert said...

Amen and amen, Les...

Thankfully we do have a growing community of souls!

Anonymous said...

This is the best rendering of the truth of the U.S. fiction that any of us out here are likely to encounter any time soon, anywhere.

In appreciation,

Dr Jazz

Anonymous said...

I think the virus works only after you ask for it? I have found the more I seek and view the more Im asked to continue, keep moving along the road please. A self created demon or will I have defined to fight for some reason? Im sure there are better forms for travel. The monster isnt waiting for me on some black path but pushing me to haste and simple answers. The more I want to think and group together ideas, the larger the beast becomes. Im giving life to him, why?
Les your soo right about the healthcare system. I say, if you must ask others for help or health you'll never get what you want, you should ask yourself. Now this can be hard if the beast is bigger then life. The long stream of ideas and worries has to go. Im working on eating them per say. As I find long hidden debates and conflict in my mind I try and add them to my bank of ideas without framing them on the wall with the picture of the monster. This has helped.
Problem, I seem sick and lost to most people. Why dosnt this guy care about has flesh or what kinda job he has, is he giving up? Why can he set for hours with a smile while we have to watch others and copy? Les Im tellin ya this is the hardest part of the virus. The fear and pain I create around me is pulling me down. I find staying away from people helps but that seems to be a stop gap measure? Im working hard not to let my beast out but at the same time show the monster in all of us.
Ideas of the mind arent the right tools I say. The heart seems to keep the system going much better then the left half of the brain. In fact Im pretty sure my heart has never been wrong about anything. Its the mind that has to question itself?
The gods are said to begot thing via the head many of times? Is that the beast? Is creation in the seen world a big joke? I say so. The corporation is a child of this. A motherless creation? The whole idea that one thing is made via only one other thing is false and to male in nature. Now lets not get Tao mixed up here, but we are the product of two wills? Why do we only show the male and lighted parts? What happen to the tree of life and its snake? At one time the story was the moon created the sun and pushed it into the sky. When will we remember this will, her will?

Greg Bacon said...

At one time, I had the dreaded medical condition known as 'Cranium-Rectal Inversion' that had left me in a debilitating condition for years.

It was only when I applied massive amounts of LSD and 'shrooms that I was able to free my head from that dank, dark and very nasty place.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Dog has diagnosed my problem and the prognosis looks both good and bad at the same time because there is no cure for me. I am not looking for a cure however and that is part of being on the sunny side of the street.

Turning on the TV and running across the crystal cathedral and Jack Van Impe will cause you to have serious health implications and vomiting. You may lose focus for a few seconds as the room begins to spin.

You might just find you are playing out the words of old songs in your mind like "Oh mommy I ain't no commie" as old friends begin to looks at you funny.

Co-workers in the workplace may comment that your thoughts are becoming radical and disturbing. In certain situations you may be looked at as a "truther" by the reality/denier subset.

It is tough to explain to people why you prefer movies like Braveheart and American Outlaws as opposed to kicking back on the couch with a six pack and a whopper taking in Caligula.

This virus is serious enough give to make you appear no longer even interested in world affairs when people relay the latest Fox News spread that you saw last month browsing the web.

The medical community seems dumfounded as the virus rages through your body and mind and yet your T-cell count and immune system seem to be acquiring new strengths.

Anton said...

There is a cure for this virus. It is to see all that arises in samsara as nothing more or less than wisdom display. All the difficult and negative interpretation of "reality" is based in nihilistic and dualistic thinking. In this mode of consciousness (I and thou, this and that, good and bad... etc.) one pole really isn't any better than another... it is just samsara. Stir up a pot of samsara, you just get a stirred pot of samsara.
When you can see everything that arises to be immaculately perfect, just as it is, then the virus will be cured.
A good exposition of these ideas can be found in Thinley Norbu's White Sail: Crossing the Waves of Ocean Mind to the Serene Continent of the Triple Gems.

Visible said...

There is no doubt that advaita vedanta is the highest form and the path trod by 'initiates' after the merging of the dual perception into a single focus... however... even the books that speak of it use dualism to present their ideas.

And non-dualism does not dispel the dual aspect of the universe which is necessary and without which non-dualism could not exist. A stage must be present for the experience to have a location to occur. The mind must be divided so that the mind can be united. The fall in the garden must occur so that redemption may follow.

Whenever I think about proclamations of the ultimate and all of the ideas of existing beyond the manifest in a state of merged Nirvana I am reminded that it's all easy words to say and hard words to live by.

For myself I will use comparisons and analogies to point the way as well as I can see it in the beyond within. Before the time of such total and complete absorption there is the work that must be done. There's no escaping contradiction until one is actually resident in that place beyond voices and definition.

Anonymous said...

Les, Ziomemetic Narcosis is an organic issue. It begins psychologically,then becomes organic in a form similar to the Stockholm Syndrome.

Anonymous said...

And having this virus is why we are so grateful for your blogs, Les.


Visible said...

Thank you Joe. I am pleased to tell you that my condition worsens by the day.

Anonymous said...

Les, here is a paper regarding climate change. The summary says it all.

Anonymous said...

Ultimately, the greatest proponent of the impersonalist Advaita philosophy, Adi Shankaracharya, before leaving this world, composed the Bhaja Govindam prayers that evokes the mood of devotion to Lord Govinda, Krishna.
TEXT 1 (the first)

bhajagovindam bhajagovindam
govindam bhajamuudhamate
sampraapte sannihite kaale
nahi nahi rakshati dukrijnkarane

Worship Govinda, Worship Govinda, Worship Govinda. Oh fool! Rules of Grammar will not save you at the time of your death.

TEXT 34 (the last)

bhajagovindam bhajagovindam
govindam bhajamuudhamate
nahi pashyaamo bhavatarane

Worship Govinda, worship Govinda, worship Govinda, Oh fool! Other than chanting the Lord's names, there is no other way to cross the life's ocean.

Animadverto said...

"There's no escaping contradiction until one is actually resident in that place beyond voices and definition."

Now that is an accurate statement!

Anonymous said...

This virus has physical manifestations as well.
I recently turned someone on to a bit of truth and they were eating their dinner. Suddenly the food tasted rancid and her face turned purple. It looked as if her head were about to explode. She stopped eating and demanded we leave the restaurant. I wasn't sure if it was a pre-programed auto immune response initiated by hours and hours of television that caused such a reaction or perhaps she couldn't handle such a large dose of truth at that moment. Or maybe she fought off the virus-- because after that we talked about it no more.

Anonymous said...

This virus you speak of has, I think been a cohabitant of this mortal frame of the writer for some time. Reading your piece has made me think as to where I may have been infected. I think it may have been in a pub some years ago. As I could have been known by various names back then, a red, or a commie would have been mentioned. The politician in the group would have me on the rails as he thought I was not fit to be in his party, or affiliated to his religious denomination. I was quite happy to point out to him, I was content to be apart of his group, as I thought the company of Jesus in my group, was quite sufficient.
Perhaps I might give the reasons here as I did then. Jesus, to my mind in this mortal life had come from the father with the good news of a new way for mankind. He devoted his life with a passion, and proved this with the sacrifice of his body and blood, for our salvation. This Jesus, which is my Christ, would show us a new christian way were we to follow his teachings. Catholicism is not Christianity in my thinking, no more so than commune is communism. Christianity, were it followed in the teachings of The Christ, would give us a community of Christianity, which is true communism.
I hope the writer has expressed the contents of the head, and has not lost his meaning in the travel to the fingertips. This is why I like this site. I read the mistakes of others, and I make my own. I have no wish to be eloquent, or presume to know that which I don't, I say what I think, and hope it is of use to the reader, or listener. I have had plans as to a better way, but the listeners have the virus under control due to medication, by a cute-hoor who is not necessarily a doctor. The prudent builder will not knock down a building without the thought of a better replacement.
The politicians, religious, and social elite have this virus also, but it seems they have a method of controlling it which is, coin of the realm which is changeable in any realm which is of like mind. The aforementioned also seem adept at spotting those who are not on the prescribed meds. They will tell all and sundry to avoid those who avoid the meds, as they are somehow unhinged and are of a disposition to disrupt and upset the world, and the smooth running of this world. This is why it is all societies are to be ruled by the few, for the most profit, for the least amount of effort, and side-line those not in accord with their status quo.
The politicians could be forgiven for some of their miscreant behavior, as they are a people apart from normality. It is in their nature to be liars, and cheats. Their siblings, and off-spring are weaned on this vomit of human unkindness, and are suckelled on such from cradle to grave. The political elite with their MSM in toe, are a tight fit as in hand in glove for a comfortable fit. The religious elite are a different matter, be they of any creed for creed matters little in this control. It is a control of the mind, or the lack of it, through the soul. All creeds have hope of betterment with religious approval.

Anonymous said...

To those who would quote the origin of Irish history and as to where Zionism has its roots. A perusal of mythology as to a people who settled in Ireland before the birth of Jesus. Following on to the time in the early 1000s. From then on to the present day to a reason as to why Christianity in its true form, and the reason the new Catholicism was to replace the Culdee, (to name but one), and their followers had to be controlled and eliminated. This is also the reason why St Patrick was not, and never would be canonized.
Ancient Irish histories indicate that two ladies of Eastern Origin both of whom appear to have been daughters of Zedekiah who were connected with the mythology of Ireland. The ladies were, Scota, and Tea Tephi. Scota the eldest daughter married Niul, a Milesian soldier of the Pharaoh Hopra. Scota, and Tea Tephi were the adopted daughters of the Pharaoh, after the defeat of Zedekiah. It was Scota whose name the people of Ireland later took as the name of the country. Ireland was called Scotia until the 10th century. In fact it could be said Ireland, and Scotland were considered as one and the same. As North Ireland, and East Scotland were then known as the two Riadhs.
According to a 1700 BC legend Scotia, wife of the former Milesius and mother of six sons was killed in battle with the legendary Tuatha De Danaan ( the tribe of Dan, one of the tribes of Israel) on the nearby Slieve Mish mountain. Scotia had come to Ireland to avenge the death of her husband, the King who had been wounded in a previous ambush in South Kerry, hieroglyphics mark her mound like tomb.
British imperial occult designs on Jerusalem and the Temple Mount first surfaced prominently in 1865, with the founding of the Palestine Exploration Fund, which was under British royal sponsorship. Prince Edward Albert the son of Queen Victoria who would succeed her as King Edward VII, visited Jerusalem in 1862 and gave his royal approval for the launching of the Palestine Exploration Fund immediately thereafter. Prince Edward Albert, known as the Prince of the Isles, was a dominant figure in Britain's imperial designs of the Nineteenth Century and Jerusalem, and the Holy Land was one of his personal priorities.
When the British Mandate was established over Palestine, Rabbi Kook was appointed by London to serve as Palestine Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi.
He revived Jewish mysticism, the teaching of the Cabala and the prophesies, relating to the Third Temple. Kook founded Merkaz HaRav the Rabbi's Center in Jerusalem, as a training academy for young religious zealots. When Kook died his is son Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook, inherited from his father the entire apparatus, including the infrastructure of training academies.
Sorry if I seem, or perhaps did ramble on there Les, but such is the path of those who would stick their noses in where there is perhaps no need. I do try to learn in all walks of life, as every day should be a school day. I am learning just now as to the ruling authority's in all our lands are running scared. Their spin doctors are as bereft of ideas, as are their masters. Hopefully, this virus will soon become one big epidemic and then the rack will have its rightful occupant.

Anonymous said...


"Before the time of such total and complete absorption there is the work that must be done. "

Yep, I have been guided by a very dear friend that said the same. She suggested many of my ideas where moving too fast and I needed the feelings and actions to go with them before I could move on to newer ideas?

Anonymous said...

No I dont want to 'name names' & dont think the name/shame trip works anyway, but I did write my two cents' worth (with expletives deleted) to the various entities who kept quiet about the Truthseeker being down. No, I don't expect a damn thing to come of it, but it did make me feel better.
They could be quiet out of fear, you know... not necessarily money/competition. That "there but for the grace of god go i" type thing. Problem is, they WILL be next. We should all be afraid, and get out of dodge while the getting is good.

Anonymous said...


Scotia was returning to her homeland.
The real jokes is, both roman and then later the kings man hunted down the celtic druids to hide the fact they(the jesuit) copied the older and more wise trinity of the goodess and then turn that light and love into a man, their new superstar Jesus!

Anonymous said...

You new age Twinkie you. Loved the tune (and the essay). Better watch that Vita. K, good diet, and exercise. It's a sure fire truth serum! Haven't eaten meat, paid taxes, had health inurance or drank alcohol in 12 years and couldnt be finer at 55. Yes a Virgo, born today. Shine on LV.

Anonymous said...

I like Edgar Cayce's definition of the Israelites best. He called them those who seek the light as opposed to those who seek to manifest darkness.

It certainly saves quite a bit of debate on the subject. It is just one of those things I tuck away in my head where my lastalta is constantly undergoing revision.

Krank said...

I read your articles sometimes ten times over. I have never seen someone with multiple personality syndrome channel them constructively for the benefit of an increasing wider audience. I would not want to live inside your head but it is a smashing place to visit. I'm going to make a prediction. The more insane things become the more people are going to seriously consider you as someone to seek out and weather the storm with. For two months now I have been reading in the archives and I am astounded at what I see. Maybe the road will turn rough for you and maybe it will just get better but you are certainly unforgettable.

Anonymous said...

By Jove, I think I've got it!


Beautiful Writing, one of your very very best pieces ever, even with the spelling mistakes.

A+ doesn't seem enough, how about A++ instead?

As for the Anon rambling down the paths of time with the tribe of Dan-- great ramble!


Anonymous said...

We would rather forgive the evil proliferating around us than the rebellion against it, which we mistake for the true evil....Arno Gruen (Betrayal of the self)

Visible said...


Your review was pretty much okay except for the gratuitous backhand and the fact that you didn't list the spelling errors for the edification of the reader. I'm guessing there weren't any real spelling errors but more like creative usage on my part. I put the text into a professional spell checker and got only uncatchable which I'd had red-lined before I put it up but which I decided I had a special dispensation for.

If that were so then the word 'errors' would be an error. Perhaps it's the word mindset that you have trouble with. You've never heard anyone use it? It should be two words? Once again, I have a special dispensation. I'll put you in touch with that department if you like.

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up.

The World Inside our Minds.

Hank said...

A very interesting and insidious virus, this see1know1 virus. It allows vision like a view of a dump from a penthouse apartment, making you glad and sorry at the same time for where you are.

It causes a kind of death, this virus, where one day you suddenly find yourself outside the life you once knew. Still visible to those around you, but incomprehensible to those still trapped inside that former life.

There is a serenity to be found in the place this virus takes you to, but a loneliness as well. You find yourself shunned by former loved ones, who's language you know but no longer speak.

There is a terrible chaos one has to endure in the process of contracting this virus, as it rips apart the illusions you have found comfort in for so long. Memories and beliefs and associations become a maelstrom tearing at your mind and heart. Then suddenly you are on the outside of some kind of bubble, looking in at, and seeing clearly for the first time, the life you used to have.

You see the food you used to love as the poison it really is. You see the money you have as the the shackles used to enslave you rather than the key to freedom you used to think it was. The medicine you take for what ails you as the cause of the ailment instead of the cure. You see those that have been chosen and trusted to lead for the monsters they really are. The pervasive lies and propaganda, the almost complete societal rot, the merry go round of insanity that impoverishes and kills the many and enriches the few and the religion and nationalism and manufactured history they use to do these things becomes clear, when the virus is done changing you.

But there are other things as well. At the same time you see those things you were told were of value as the cheap trash they really are, you realize that things of real beauty and value can no longer be hidden from you by the lies that are used to keep you from them. When the lie of religion is torn away, you see the human spirit for the thing of beauty it can be. Like the man who pans for gold, you realize that, in what at first just looked like a pan of dirt, there are precious glints of true beauty. Sparkling and vibrant and full of light. You realize that you are seeing and feeling those others around you that have this virus. Strange things happen as you find value and strength in surrender. As you find incredible knowledge contained in the words, I don't know. As you realize that even though santa clause, the easter bunny, the tooth fairy and all the crap they try and sell you with religion is just that, there is a world of true magic, and all the wonder you had as a child can still be yours. Peace to all.

Anonymous said...

Religion is an essential, profound and wonderful being.

It's irreligion, no religion and the despoiling of religion which is demonic.

Those who claim religion while acting as demons are not religious.

So why blame religion which is innocent and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

love releases,truth eases,nature fixes like medicine,all weathers all seasons,makes all grow,feelings flow,but many men cant feel,but think they know,corrupted by deceit,they try to rule to keep,their place in the heap,so they lie when they speak,dont know what they've presented,they think clever and inventive,but lies is all that they centered,they dont know what they rendered,a storm cloud grow,I would hate to be the foe,but aspects of ourself need to be shown,overthrown,so we seat,the rightfull owner of the central seat,love,the true nature of ourselves and wake from sleep,cos then we are protected,from the lies,defected,from hell intercepted,and the lies it represented,now I dont know,i'm just a man trying to grow,this seed planted deep inside my soul,the nature of my whole,north south east west peace evolves,harmonizes takes me from the cold...peace love harmony

Kevenj said...

"Those who claim religion while acting as demons are not religious."

I disagree. They have made their decision by the actions they take whether it is known or not.Karma is really a bitch sometimes.
Those that claim to be religious but do opposites of what they stand for publically are fools at best, liars at worse.
Funny how we have so many Christian Inc. CEO pompous asses talking sweet then doing shit. Whether its sucking a few dicks from AIPAC or trolling down to fun town once in a while, I understand everyone needs a break.
Liturgy is easy to recite, bake sales and Awana programs make it look so much more legit.
Its gonna get interesting when those mega churches start getting filled up w/ formally upstanding middle-class tithe paying members of the congregation simply because they need a home for the month.Or two.
I think its going to be a perfect situation for them to partition the State/Fed for Section 8 housing allowances, as long as they tow the line without becoming (hee hee).. too politically involved.

So in the near future you might have your family rounded up by the good looking boys you taught bible study to in Sunday School with his other buddies in the "Internment Specialist" MOS category of the National Guard and be led to a nice semi-clean church that is guaranteed to have many kids the same age as yours. I sure hope its not one of those churches that are "wrong" and all going to hell.

Then of course the managers of these operations (i.e. the pastor/deacons) should and will be given remuneration for all their hard work.Naturally.

I guess it beats selling Amway full time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kevin john, for helping to make my point.

You refuted what I said, then went on to support it.

Kevenj said...

"You refuted what I said, then went on to support it."

Pastor Hagee?


Please explain in language that even one as lowly as I could understand.

yaknow,its really hard to porn-surf, type and drink beer @ the same time.

Kevenj said...

and type.did i mention type?

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up

Any Day Now, as the Song Goes.

Anonymous said...

Once again... thank you.

Anonymous said...

Man, you hit the nail on the head! Once the bright butterfly of truth has flown in front of your eyes, your vision will never be the same. As for the snake's venomous fang...keep it! When the skies grow dark with locust feces, we'll all feel the mediocrity.

One Woody Woodpecker's noise filled the 45 year old's head, now cluth cargo is no more. Sad, but the puffy white clouds are being deflated by the breath of fire demons! And that's the truth! White chairs are being shattered into 1000's of pieces, while the sounds of bumble bee's take hold.

I know the virus well. And it will not be destroyed by the songs of yesteryear, modern arrowheads or rodent urine. Dangerous territory this is! Once you play with the moster, your his! His fangs are dull yellow and his breath is putrid. But with sunflower in hand, there's a chance to rub the rabid monkey's head in the mud! Just mind the tree's shade and never forget to slaughter the morbidly obese woman. Peace and Peanuts!!!



Joseph Brenner

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