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Fluffy Toilet Paper and Old Growth Trees

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Oh what a noxious stew we brew when we go to the Petri Dish for our view. Just thought I would paraphrase a little Shakespeare (cough-Bacon) to start off this entry; remember to be wearing your lab coats because it’s the only way to distinguish your-self from the creatures crawling through the laboratory apparati.

In light of the reportage from the S&MSM (cough-Zio-Press) covering the presentations from Gaddafi and Ahmanedijad at the U.N., it might be a good idea to take another look at the Lockerbie bombing and then compare that to the coverage of the event by the same Monopoly Men who give you the aforementioned S&MSM news, which they cook up in another Petri Dish that’s been used for so many viruses, media lies and STDs that it resembles a Madonna concert in full swing.

If Obama or Bush had wanted to camp in a tent before an important speech there would have been no great outcry because an outcry requires what? It requires the transmission tools of the S&MSM to manufacture the outcry. As anyone with a brain knows by now, Libya had nothing to do with Lockerbie. Even if it had, it involved a small number of dead which, compared to the dead left at the feet of Bush and Obama is inconsequential by comparison and that is also inconsequential compared to the deaths provided by the ones who own and run them.

Israel mass murdered many more women and children in Gaza, up close and personal ...and using banned weapons and... somehow it is still the fault of the Palestinians for having had the nerve to even be there to die in the first place when there was thousands of miles of empty sand around them, which they could have marched off into and died in ...without Israel having been forced to kill and dismember them instead.

I wonder what it must be like inside the heads of the members of The Black Nobility these days as they consider why so much is not going their way. They had to set the Lockerbie Patsy free because of the pending exposure of so much evidence proving his innocence. Now they’ve evaded that, for the moment.

Since we’re all about culture here, as well as sputum, mucus and related forms of fast food pate, it might be enlightening to read this little entry before proceeding. The days when one might see something as tongue in cheek have been surpassed by the amount of times people instantly think of other cheeks automatically. There’s been no decrease in tongues however. This would lead one to- might lead one to- consider which segment of the public most often associates scatological accessories with sexual engagements.

Coincidences abound more frequently than tennis balls rebound at Wimbledon; speaking of rackets, the smart money continues to invest in disease and the absence of cures by way of the pharmaceutical companies or in the military and prison industrial complexes by way of the fact that there’s no shortage of people who need to die and no limits on how costly it can be to achieve it. On the one hand they die quick but the material and means have to be purchased and up taken through major transport and the quartermaster supply. On the other hand they die by inches and have to be poorly maintained on the way.

We’re beginning to find out, or we’ve known for some time, that just about every disaster; terror attack and assassination (and the list goes on) have been carried out by the same people. You can see who they are after ...and you can watch the steps they have taken to get around to it but there’s one thing you don’t see much of and that’s people realizing that they are next or... next after them or next after them.

Here’s one of the defining aspects of Western Culture as it’s been spun out of the American Culture; fluffy toilet paper from old growth trees. There was a big article in the S&MSM media about it, which I won’t link to because I would like to protect our minds as well as the old growth trees. Corporate heads wrung their hands and said, “What can we do? Our customers demand ultra soft toilet paper for their massive asses. We have to supply it.” The reason they use old growth trees for toilet paper is because the fibers are ‘longer’. You should be able to figure this out by thinking about it.

You can connect this with the extraction of those minerals necessary for cellphone, video game components and computers from The Congo. You get some idea of what Western Culture is all about. It doesn’t have to be like this but it is like this because corporations now run the system that controls what is and is not against the law. Because corporations- and the people who run them- are not human, the motivation is to always seek the highest possible profit return with the least expense. This also includes things like health care; pensions, jobs and employee wages. This is the reason for outsourcing and unregulated immigration. This is why corporations began to employ people for time periods that fell short of what the law had mandated for receiving certain benefits.

All of this is connected to the effort to dumb down the public so that they would not be able to see beyond what B does following A. Strange things happen when you get to C, D and onward.

Ahmanedijad is a simple man born of simple means who loves his country and is not corrupt to the bone like those seeking to destroy him. I’ve studied the man’s personal history (what can be known) and I’ve looked at what he has -and has tried to- accomplish.

All of the wars and terror events as well the economic downturns and social unrest are happening in order to make fear and uncertainty the most important focus of concern. You can clearly see, if you want to, the connection between the growing hostility between the races; the holy war agendas and the rumors of threats on the horizon in relation to the manner and direction in which life is changing in front of you.

America isn’t out of value and resources. The Federal Reserve is out of money (even though they can print however much they like). You can only go so far with the money game before there is no more money in the money. The Federal Reserve is out of money because they are thieves and have done their best to consolidate their wealth into their own ‘personal’ hands and the hands of their cronies. They’ve also had problems with their crime machinery which left them with mountains of paper on which the ink is fading because there was no integrity in the ink and none in them either.

I’ve never felt the need for fluffy toilet paper, nor does the item it is most associated with make me tumescent. I’ve never been able to justify killing people for the means to create unnecessary products which put the ‘excessive’ in ‘excessive lifestyles’. I have no inclination for fraud and theft at every available opportunity and have been unable to make myself stupid enough to buy the various rationales which prove that up is down and black is white if you are stupid enough to believe them.

Given what I can see, it is amazing to me that I don’t feel anxious and insecure about what’s coming. For some reason I’m not getting the signal to head for the hills with survival items and dehydrated food packets. I haven’t been by the gun store and the sight of a police car doesn’t fill me with panic. I’m thinking that it helps to have a historical perspective and some kind of a belief system that hasn’t gone Hollywood on the one in possession of it.

You don’t have to look further than the need for fluffy toilet paper from old growth trees to get your answer to the question, “Why is everything so screwed up and what’s wrong with people?” You can find that article via keywords at any search engine. You can read it, if you think nano-bots won’t cop your head as you do so. The players and events in the article and the comments included pretty much say it all. And there are ever so many more examples than this.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Les Visible for these direct words. I am sincerely glad you and the Truthseeker are both up and going again.

tim said...

This is amazing. Israel, the Neo-cons, the CIA, all vindicated because of the Iranian nuclear facility reported on last night. The UN is speaking in one voice about decieving the IEA by Iran. This is gonna be fun..

Visible said...

I don't think so Tim and I don't see how this issue suddenly absolves the people you mentioned from everything else; Iraq? Afghanistan? 9/11? Not hardly.

I've also seen the news and it appears to be no big deal and there are zero facts because no one has even been there to look at it yet and finally- Iran is a signatory to the Nuclear pact. Israel is not and HAS nuclear weapons.

What you are reading is disinfo put out to add credibility to the pending attack.

tim said...

I agree! I meant that it is being presented this way in the MSM, not that it is true. It means that the vast majority of people will think it's a good idea to bomb the shit out of them.

Visible said...

Sorry Tim;

I should have assumed that given what I know about your comments but perhaps I'm not paying the attention that I generally do.

I fully expected this and all it means is that the 3 Stooges; Brown Obama and Sarkozy are providing evidence that the attack is on the way.

However, I think a good portion of the public is hip to what's going on and I think this time the repercussions on these fools is going to be pretty spectacular. I keep getting this feeling over and over that they are about to step in it big time. I hope I'm right.

Animadverto said...

They want WWIII and by golly they are going to have it. Remember the first prime directive:

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

Personally, I think that they are all in cahoots with one another.

tim said...

I just wanted to give you a heads-up because of the way they are presenting it on TV. They interrupted the little meeting in Pittsburgh for a speach by Omama, the French President, and the British Prime Minister. They all talked tough about Iran deceiving the IEA. I hope you're right about the public's attitude. The conditioning is wild.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best.
Was re-watching the film "1984" the other day and thinking of 3 terms he used:
"Crimestop", "doublethink' and "all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others" , these in the context of the US MSM's coverage of and recent interview with President Ahmadinajad.
So, we viewers are supposed to use "crimestop" and not notice that the journalistic whore interviewing the man refused to answer or even acknowlege the points he raised?
And use "doublethink" by realizing that Israel has a nuclear arsenal, Iran does not, yet Iran is the threat? Or are we the people to practice the dictum that "All animals (people) are equal but some animals (Israelis) are more equal than others"?
Those who own the MSM must think that the public is exceedingly stupid.

Anonymous said...


If it hurt going in, it should hurt going out, soft stuff isnt going to help! Im thinkin you could make the same link with healthcare reform, just one big roll of quilted northern.

Sometime we get involved in the moment too much? Did we forget Col Gaddafi has had complete control of his "western given" nation for some fourty years? Hes a puppet, for the "Black Nobility." We should ask what job he was asked to do at the UN?
I know you see hope in Ahmanedijad. Im sure he does too. Hes speech was the only highlight to the UN dance party. He too is a broker of sorts? Iran still has an ilatola. (is that how you spell it) This system is very old and well poisened by MI 6,7 and the CIA. Im saying he's a fairtale story more than real. The simple facts dont seem to be working, right? We all know that Iran isnt working on a bomb or threatening anyone, so why the links and deals with Russia and China? China wants oil, and Russia wants the Black Sea to control that oil. How in the world isnt Iran already within the hands of big oil? Sorry to say, but it is. A plot is needed, a struggle to hide the rape and death at the hands of big oil and big bucks. The peace deals of the past that never take affect are the same too. We see the US playing a support roll for Zio bad guys but it works the other way around too?
Les Im saying if Ahmanedijad was the real deal, he wont bother to speak at the UN nor ask for it to be a more powerful body that defended "human rights." He would walk away from it and its NWO path?
Im just putting some ideas out there for thought?

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, should've added this.
If the US and Russia get into a war over Iran then those who remain afterwards wind up on top. The people running things in the US might do well to consider this, and question why Israel is always eager to have the US take the heat for what it does

Anonymous said...

"Just thought I would paraphrase a little Shakespeare (cough-Bacon)"

One more cough please, (Violino St. Germain). You know the mysterious individual who was "instrumental" in writing the Constitution. You think a few Masons penned it?

I know the ass wipe conglomerates must deal with "massive asses" but I didn't know old growth trees were necessary for toilet paper production. Longer fibers, who would have thought! I learn something every day.

I agree the FED is about at the end of its rope. It doesn't do much good to print money when nobody wants it. Foreign governments are wising up and dumping dollars when they can. What a dilemma, foreigners wanting to dump dollars at the same time the FED must print trillions more.

You haven't been to a gun store! Damn!! We have two hundred million guns over here and billions of rounds of ammo. For a lot of us the gun shows/stores are a national pastime. Nothing like the sound of an AK-47 on full auto. I like the bigger stuff too, and oh those shotguns with OO. Large caliber pistols are fun. You Europeans have given up the spice of life.

I just ignore the cops. When the SHTF they will be out numbered a thousand to one. It will be a blood bath in the large cities, and the cops will be the least of people's worries if you get my drift. Small towns should be ok for a while.

OH, this is Petri Dish. Man, I guess you know where I was heading, sorry Les, I got lost. I'm ok now.


Anonymous said...

“You can clearly see, if you want to, the connection between the growing hostility between the races; the holy war agendas and the rumors of threats on the horizon in relation to the manner and direction in which life is changing in front of you.”


The race baiting by the American MSM (TV, Movies & Internet) has become so blatant that one has to be a racist (card carrying or subconscious) not to notice, or care, that the powers that be are exploiting your ignorance and mocking your gullibility with the age old tactic of divide and conquer.

The puppet masters are so confident about the incomprehensible ignorance, stupidity and prejudice of the average Amerikan that they’ve bet the house that “y’all” would rather turn on each other while your country burns instead of coming together, even temporarily, to deal with the traitors in your midst.

One just has to note the lack of collective outrage at the relentless perpetuation of negative stereotypes both in movies and on television (what good does it do & who does it benefit?) along with the hatred constantly on display in the comment sections of most mainstream posts having anything at all to do with race to conclude that ‘they’ have made a very safe bet.

Yes, keep the ignoramuses hating, bickering and bitterly divided as we plunder and pillage what’s left of this rotting corpse of a country.

How ironic, one could almost say fitting, that a country built by racism (the genocide of the Native Indians, the slavery of the blacks and the looting of 3rd world countries since the turn of last century) will by all indications be destroyed by racism that is even more malignant than Amerikan’s.

Karma’s a bitch, isn’t she?


Anonymous said...

"American households watch the box for over eight hours a day on average, twice as long as anyone else." - Economist. Though more people are waking up, the majority are not. There were as many shopping in a mall recently as when I last went to one, five or six years back.
This below discusses wealth and power.
More than 50% of the billio naires in the US are ofone group, which explains a lot.

By the way, it should have been Shakespeare, but it was Walter Scott. Marmion XVIII. (Canto Sixth 532-537), about the Battle of Flodden Field,9 Sep1513, the biggest one btw the English and the Scots, which the Scots lost.
O, what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive!

Glad you and The Truthseeker are ok. Best.

Anonymous said...

On a related note, if anyone still needs definitive proof that Alex Jones is a shill, have a look and careful listen to this YouTube video before it gets taken down.

“G-20 Protester interrupts NBC Nightly news”
(September 24th, 2009).

“InfoWars… Honey, aren’t they the loonies associated with Charlie Sheen who faked like they had an interview with the president about their 9/11 conspiracy theories?”

“Uh. I think so, can you pass the gravy, please.”

By contrast, I wonder how many Americans finally woke up during last night’s broadcast, clued in and said,

'Wait a second. If Pittsburgh was a ghost town as Brian Williams says, then how is it possible that a lone wolf InfoWars punk with a bullhorn was allowed to interrupt the entire fucking broadcast of NBC nightly news?’

Sadly, since the average American has the critical reasoning skills of a 2 year old, they are unable to put 2 + 2 together so it flies right over their head as do the other countless, almost daily, opportunities they are given to get a clue that they’re being had.

Truth is, most wouldn’t have it any other way because at some level, even brain dead Americans realize that to just begin to clue in means opening up a Pandora’s Box and they just don’t want to go there.

Might make ‘em feel guilty about the slave labor that built their Nike shoes, or the MILLIONS killed in the Congo War so that they can have their cheap trick cell phones and computers to talk shit and download porn.

It’s just so much easier to ignore reality altogether or to rationalize it as ‘savage, spear chucking niggers who can never get their shit together’. But, I digress.

In a 100 years, do you think Les, you, or me would have ever been allowed to interrupt the entire broadcast of NBC Nightly News with Brian ‘The Super Shill’ Williams?

Alex Jones (or one of his lackies) was able to because he’s part of the system of disinformation and shillery.


Anonymous said...

the power of equality,essential to humanity,the construction of compassion and development of empathy,the practise of our qualities,detachment from dependency,on falsity,will amplify the capacity for unity,unified realities transmit positivity,positive realities unify our communities, universal equilibrium for peace is very necessary,to unify with peace is surely every mans destiny,..peace

faithful forever said...

In regard to the current world situation, Les wrote: 'Given what I can see, it is amazing to me that I don’t feel anxious and insecure about what’s coming. For some reason I’m not getting the signal to head for the hills with survival items and dehydrated food packets.'

As a matter of interesting fact...the more it goes down, the higher my Spirit soars. Don't get me wrong, I am beyond saddened by the blood that is flowing in the streets everywhere in the world, but this time 'like no other' is going to be an amazing event to witness the kingdom of this world be overtaken by the Kingdom of God for peace on earth with NO strangers among us. I am rejoicing more with each passing day because this system of things is passing away.

Keep shining Les Visible. with love from Illinois.

nina said...

C'mere Pup, lemme scratch you behind the ears. Such a smart dog. When you are good, you are very, very good. But when you are funny, you're fantastic.
Love, nina

Anonymous said...

Here's the rub - - it turns out that Iran did indeed inform the IEA about the allegedly "secret" facility. The US and Israel just didn't know about it and ended up looking like amateurs in the intelligence business, That's why all the brouhaha . . . ha, ha, ha.

Merced Marie

Findatroll said...

"Alex Jones (or one of his lackies) was able to because he’s part of the system of disinformation and shillery.


It takes one to know one Joe...

veritas6464 said...

Greetings Dumballah....right on brother, now is not the time of worry or impatience. It's over; the tribulation is resolving into the resolution. Iran and WMDs, yep that's the ducky. We have heard it all before by these unimaginative muppets. The investigative authority has said emphatically NO NUKES, NO HOW! The Yids and their spruikers just pretend this report was never written and blow-hard about "hidden" sites. Check out google images. No-one could hide a stolen chest freezer in thier garden let alone a fucking Nuke development site in Iran. Don't worry about it, it's done now and the good energy is already autosaved onto the hard-drive and the shit will be erased in the 'restore process'. My plan is to opportunize some serious payback as the yids call for Shekinar. (ye who think me petty I'll wager my salary next week AUD$1765.00, that I've seen their shit up front and you haven't, I know the smell of burned exposed flesh)Remember we will still be us after the advent, it will be then that the shit gets sorted. We can't afford another innings by these cunts. NO QUARTER NO PRISONERS - Yids that is. Lucifer is Uriah Heep. Let's not blow it by being magnanimous and full of noble thoughts. The big bang which zaps the yids won't give us a new nature, just a new opportunity to create a new nature. Or, develop it further. There will be a time of pain - no doubt. How much pain you suffer is up to you. If you let them live they will just con us and fuck us again; THAT IS THEIR PATHOLOGY THEY ARE AN EVIL TROJAN.

Anyhoo: Love Light and Peace.


Mouser said...

Here's a real 'zinger' by Michael Rivero:

"Indeed it is probably easier to count the times the government has told us the truth than to keep track of all the lies."

I'm still laughing (and crying) at the truth of that quote.

Greg Bacon said...

Call me cynical, but why do I think that the Iran story was released the day after General McChrytal's report requesting 500,000 more of our kids to fight and die in Afghanistan was released so they could generate hysteria and clog up the news cycle and bury the troop increase request?
The WH had that info several years ago, so why release it now?

And all that fear mongering about domestic terrorists buried any news about the Audit the Fed bill that was discussed in Congress on Friday?

And right on cue, the dead guy, Bin Laden pops up and makes boogie-boogie from his grave. I imagine BL will return to being worm food as soon as the troop request is approved.

I must getting grumpy and paranoid in my old age.

Anonymous said...

That now in itself is a petri dish in its own right. Bacon, Marlow, Shakespeare, to name but a few. Here we have names again, we could even fit Guy Fawkes in there as he was another patsy in those times. We will find if we search, there are many explanations as to the origins of the black nobility. Truth be told, they are neither black, or noble. They were a bunch of tanned vagrants on the move as they were expelled from many countries for their insidious usury, and deception. This bunch of vagrants were on a mission to find a base of operations, which would see them conquer, and terrorize the world in glory of their master.
If we look to the so-called royalty and the houses of Welf, and Gulep. We could trace the origins of where those devils arrive at a point in time whereby, they need to establish their throne in order for to re-create the world to their liking. In recent times those same devils have revised all our histories and we are now to believe the house of windsor is of Davidic origin. Venice has become their home since the death of society in old Venice as the fake Jews were to have a vendetta against Catholicism on their eviction from Spain. Modern banking, and our greatest evil was created when, The Doge of Venice was replaced with the Great Council of 1171.
The real villains at the heart of our economic and cultural strife are the dynasties who own the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve. They also control the World Bank and IMF and most of the world's Intelligence agencies. The Bank of England was nationalized in 1946 but the power to create money remained in the same hands. England is in fact a financial oligarchy run by the Crown which is a reference to the City of London, not the Queen. The City of London is run by the Bank of England, which is a private corporation. The square mile is a sovereign state located in the heart of greater London. It is the Vatican of the financial world, this City is not subject to British law.
Those bankers dictate to the British Parliament, and the world. In 1886 Andrew Carnegie wrote that, six or seven men can plunge the nation, any into war without the need to consult Parliament at all. Vincent Vickers, a director of the Bank of England from 1910-1919 blamed the City for the wars of the world. The British Empire was an extension of bankers financial interests. Indeed, all the non-white colonies India, Hong Kong, Gibraltar were Crown Colonies. They belong to the City and are not subject to British law. The Bank of England took control of America during the T.R. Roosevelt administration 1901-1909 when its agent J.P. Morgan took over 25% of American business.
According to the American almanac, those bankers are part of a network called the Club of the Isles which is an informal association of predominantly European based royal houses including the Queen of England. The Club of the Isles commands assets which are estimated in the trillions. It has control over such corporate giants as Royal Dutch Shell, Imperial Chemical Industries, Lloyds of London, Unilever, Lonrho, Rio Tinto Zinc, Imperial, and Anglo American De Beers. It dominates the world supply of petroleum, gold, diamonds, and most of the vital raw materials, and uses those assets at the disposal of, and for the use of its own geopolitical agenda.

Anonymous said...

Both Oliver Cromwell and William of Orange were funded by Jewish bankers. The English Revolution 1649 was the first in a series of revolutions designed to give them world hegemony. The establishment of the Bank of England by William in 1694 was a most crucial step. Behind this front, England has been a Jewish state for more than 300 years. The reasoning for this is, Jewish banking families made it a practice to marry their daughters to sons of spendthrift European aristocrats, in particular the English. In Jewish law the mixed offspring of a Jewish mother is Jewish. For example, in 1878 Hannah Rothschild married Lord Rosebery who later became Prime Minister. Winston Churchill's mother, Jenny (Jacobson) Jerome, was Jewish. In 1922 Louis Mountbatten, the uncle of Prince Philip and cousin of the Queen Elizabeth ll married the granddaughter of Jewish banker Ernest Cassel. By the beginning of the 1900s, there were very few English aristocratic families left that did not intermarry with Jews.
According to the American almanac, those bankers are part of a network called the Club of the Isles which is an informal association of predominantly European based royal houses including the Queen of England. The Club of the Isles commands assets which are estimated in the trillions. It has control over such corporate giants as Royal Dutch Shell, Imperial Chemical Industries, Lloyds of London, Unilever, Lonrho, Rio Tinto Zinc, Imperial, and Anglo American DeBeers. It dominates the world supply of petroleum, gold, diamonds, and most of the vital raw materials, and uses those assets at the disposal of, and for the use of its own geopolitical agenda.
There you go Les, you start me off on a rant, and somewhere in there you give me a link which leads me into a site which would have us vote yes in the Lisbon Treaty. I haven't even mentioned this in the the above writing as I think I have to try and post this and I am not even sure if it will go through. If you allow, I might try with a later post as to the nail in the coffin of freedom for Europe. We will in future times remember it as the Great Irish Blunder, and not the Lisbon Treaty.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

The Ambulances come and go, talking of Michelangelo.

Kevenj said...

In reference to your Onion link-

I kind of thought the end was coming neigh after the 2007 Gov'mt inquiry into the excessive ostentatious wealth of numerous well-known Jesus lovin' TV preachers. Of course, it showed well but it was all about taxes not about protecting the gullible.


Like parasites, they're still with us today.

John said...

Damnit. G20 videos. University students at home, the university. Parents: Arm your children carefully before sending them to college.

John said...

Mac. That was a nice summary. Reminded me of Icke and Tsarion.

Mac, Les or anyone: What do you make of Rixon Stewart's fixation with Ahriman? He mentions this sinister figure from time to time on .

nina said...

Greg: The WH had that info several years ago, so why release it now?

Of course they knew. They were informed exactly one year before the required IAEA six month notice for such construction. Remember the trailers, those mobile bioweapons labs ... that's why.
Rumsfeld redux in the era of extended Bushness. Its all repeating, even Guantanamo remains open for business.
Our memories are thought to be wiped clean with chemicals and chemtrails.
Even Larry King cut off Ahmadinejad's explanation. But Mahmoud IS a humble man, he knows exactly what's going on. He said so very gently "President Obama has made a mistake." Makes you want to weep, doesn't it.

Lasher Darkmoon said...

"About a decade later, I asked myself what art was all about. One day I found this sentence in a biography of Burne-Jones, and I jotted it down in my diary and pondered it for a day or two,

'I mean by a picture a beautiful romantic dream of something that never was, never will be — in a better light than any light that ever shone — in a land no one can define or remember, only desire — and from forms divinely beautiful.'

When I read that sentence, I almost fainted. I was a sensitive girl, given to fits of swooning at the slightest opportunity. It was then I realized there was no real difference between poetry and painting, between painting and music. All, in their own ways, sought for God — albeit a God who might not exist — but a God nonetheless. God was beauty. God was longing. God was the fire in the rose.

That’s what I thought then. I was young and foolish."


Anonymous said...

Thanks John,
Never heard of Tsarion. Look forward to reading that.
As for Icke, a bit too wriggly for my liking.

Anonymous said...

Please excuse me while I veer away from all the SERIOUS IMPORTANT issues that hang perilously over our collective heads.

I've had friends and strangers look at me in dismay and horror when I bring up a reference to the TITLE OF THIS POST - for 40+ goddamn years!

There has been no/none/zero doubt in my mind that 'western civilization' was destined to swirl down the toilet (in my lifetime). The telling evidence to me was the phenomenon of CLEARCUTTING FOR TEE-PEE (old growth or not), the use of paper to avoid touching one's muladhara.

I have mentioned that human beings have washed with WATER for-fucking-ever, to "environmentalists", and have NEVER gotten any response, again, in 40 YEARS.

Something to read, to get a clue:
"Dirty Arab", by Layla Anwar.

...then, learn how to travel about with a 'water cup'.

Now, back to our regular serious programming...


nina said...

Now, back to our regular serious programming...

Oh we can't do that just now. CNN is at this very moment airing a discussion on the Happiness Gender Gap. "Would you say you are happy, sort of happy or unhappy? Are your happiness points dropping?..."

Mon Dieu.

Visible said...

Dammit! I broke a nail. My day is completely ruined.

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up and tonight is also the monthly Smoking Mirrors radio show of which this post is a portion of it.

Curly, Moe and Larry got Game.

Hank said...

The yin and the yang. It's interesting to watch the forces of the universe work.

We're seeing and feeling the forces of man building to some kind of crescendo, which is evidenced by so much blatant abnormal behavior. The bad guys doing their evil deeds for the whole world to see, while some are suddenly awakening to the truth and others are burying their heads even further in the sand. Unfortunately the epiphanies are far too few and the sand far too abundant. I don't think man has ever seen so many fight so hard to remain so ignorant.

Then there are the forces in the planet and the universe, which seem to be going through some kind of crescendo themselves. Weather events, global warming, magnetic field weakening and shifting and things I'm certain we cannot even fathom. You can feel it. We can all feel it whether we can articulate it or not, and I believe it has a lot to do with much of what's happening in the world.

Much the way, in microcosm, things played out on the Titanic, I believe the forces playing out in the world of man are about to confluence with the forces of nature. Some of us have felt the ship hit the iceberg...or was it a goldberg...anyway, we have felt the disturbance in the force and know something is very wrong. Many more however are lost in arguing for their right to go down with the ship, even though they seem totally unaware that the ship is indeed sinking.

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to concern myself with the squabbles on the beach, when I keep getting the feeling there is a holy shit of a tidal wave coming. I keep getting a feeling that all the concerns of man are going to suddenly change in the not too distant future, and they along with a significant number of people are just going to disappear. 911, the jews, money, technology, religion and so much more is going to suddenly be of no concern for those left, moving into the future.

It's all just a feeling mind you, and there is always the possibility that I'm just full of shit, but I have an overwhelming desire to just find my spirit and surrender to the forces about to play out. I just get the feeling that in the river of shit that's coming the leaf has a better chance than the salmon. Peace to all.

Pangolin said...

The phrase people need to learn in regards to Iran is 'export land model.' This is the statistical model that points out that oil producing nations are increasing their consumption while production decays. Iran increasingly uses larger percentages of the oil produced at home. This is unacceptable to the G-20 nations as they require Iran's oil at a cheap price to prop up their economies.

The so-called 'world leaders' are frapping idiots. In California, we have learned that when it's already hot, and the wind is blowing, don't light any matches because everything burns.

Everything burns if you raise a spark on the wrong day. Politically, this is the wrong day to be lighting matches anywhere near the oil supply.

FWIW the true risk to fear are little beasties like drug resistant Tuberculosis and Malaria, both of which have strains invulnerable to all standard medicines. Between the two of them they can quickly reduce the population of the Northern and Southern hemispheres of the squabbling masses. If they get out of the pocket populations where they have been raised.......

v'word: inases....sarcastic freaking AI

ricochet said...


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"Dynamite" the Nobel Peace Prize Committee
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"Dynamite" the Nobel Peace Prize Committee


Shame on The Nobel Dynamite Prize Committee Members :
* Thorbjørn Jagland
* Kaci Kullmann Five
* Sissel Marie Rønbeck
* Inger-Marie Ytterhorn
* Ågot Valle

Obama's vision of a nuclear-free world means : " Only Israel and the USA should have nuclear weapons"

Thorbjørn Jagland (Thorbjørn Johansen) (born 1950) is a warmonger.
He told the newspaper Aftenposten he wanted more Norwegian soldiers sent to South Afghanistan: "The Norwegian special forces will certainly be welcome throughout the winter. If NATO is demanding them, Norway should contribute"
Thorbjorn Jagland is on the List of Council on Foreign Relations Members : CFR/85. He has been elected Secretary-General of the Council of Europe.

He said ( his post as chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, which awards the Nobel Peace Prize every year. "It is very prestigious position, and it can enhance the stature of the secretary-general of the Council of Europe" --> Now no doubt about it !

Kaci Kullmann Five (born April 13, 1951) is a politician for the Conservative Party
Sissel Marie Rønbeck (born 1950) is a politician for the Labour Party.
Inger-Marie Ytterhorn (born 1941) is a politician for the Progress Party.
Ågot Valle (born 1945) is a politician for the Socialist Left Party (SV).

Dynamite the Nobel Peace Prize Committee

Call for the resignation of Thorbjørn Jagland (Thorbjørn Johansen)

The world does not need politicians who wage war, hypocritical moralists and zionists crypto-supporters of Jewish exclusivity.

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