Friday, October 23, 2009

Mea Culpa in the Miso Soup

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Probably a lot of people want to know what’s up at Casa Visible. This I intuit due to commentaries designed to cause me to stray from my determined course. You might be surprised to find how I actually live compared to how you think I live. First things first.

Whenever a person sets about telling the truth they are going to come into competition with lies. Lies are big money and they fuel your wars and they coalesce the companies that plunder. Whenever something is a major criminal enterprise such as; money, pussy or drugs, you can be sure that the government and the business community are silent partners. This is how they fund all their illegal behavior from things they made illegal to begin with. Some things should be illegal in a sane society, like human trafficking and loan sharking. Then again, most corporations do the former and most bankers do the latter every day.

So... all in all... it becomes something of a gray area. One thing you should know- these days- is that the government is not your friend when it comes to their market share. There is no real government anymore. They merely front for the corporations.

Because I got hit a lot when I was a child, something went wrong with my serotonin flow. The government and the corporations would prefer that I just bought the regular bottle of Scotch or went to my doctor for an anti-depressant. In all honesty and to be fair, I tried those venues and found them to be worse than the condition they were supposed to relieve. Since I have tried just about everything, I would know. Here is what I know about that. The legal end of what was available is the only thing that really messed me up and I stay away from that action these days.

It just so happens that in my travels I did find something that treated my condition and it worked like a charm. It also happens to be illegal. Well, so are insider trading, routine murder and a host of other charming pursuits that the corporations and governments get up to every day but hey! They are the man. Like Bernie Madoff with his cocaine and silicone-tit, fueled Ponzi scam, that’s all right if you are in the club... for awhile. Most of the time, you can get away with anything because you are the power that makes and breaks the rules.

I’m just some guy on a private mission who needs certain elements for his ship. I landed on this outlaw asteroid awhile back and I’ve been trying to get airborne since. Maybe I shouldn’t have developed the compassion that I did develop on behalf of a lot of the residents but... I did. I took exception to the way they were being treated by the overlords- while I was also looking high and low for the elements I needed to power my ship- and I may have said a few things about it so... there was a period of years there where I got to be a Public Enemy without the advantage of looking like Johnny Depp; that might have been just as well since I became a guest of the state for extended periods now and again.

I make no apologies for being out of my mind. From my personal perspective I can’t see how the rest of you oblige these scoundrels in their relentless bullying ways but that’s you. It ain’t me.

I go by the old stand by of ‘trust but verify’. I apply this to most of my engagements. I look at religion and I know it’s a marketplace that conceals a living wonder. I throw away the excess and I take what’s vital. I look at the rank hypocrisy by which your public servants rule you and I make my own rules. If it works for me then it works. If it doesn’t, I discard it.

Now I see that certain probes are being extended in my direction to see if I will promote behavior, that I might personally engage in, among those who follow my work. I never have and never will. My constitution is different than most peoples because I’m not a native of this planet and what works for me might not work for others. I have it on good authority that there are others like myself here; shipwrecked on this flea market planet and trying to cobble together the necessary parts to get our various conveyances back in the air and from there back to civilization.

I don’t want to drink Scotch. I don’t want to take dangerous anti-depressants. I know what works and what doesn’t. The corners I cut do not result in the same massive loss of life as does the activities of those trying to suppress the seekers and entrepreneurs among you. The fact that I am still standing and in better shape than most is a testimony to the fact that I must have some idea of what I am doing and... by this time... I know that the agents of the dark side that run the show here, for a little while longer, are lying sacks of shit who have no interest beyond self interest and couldn’t care who they hurt on their way to maintaining the status quo SNAFU that they routinely engage in.

It just so happens that I do have certain information that is useful to the saner residents of this planet. There’s nothing all that exceptional about it. I come from somewhere else so I can see things differently than the way most people have been programmed to see things here. The main thrust of what I am about is a change in consciousness and it has nothing to do with ingesting chemicals of any particular type, be they legal or illegal. If a visitor comes from another planet, it seems to me that it should be common courtesy to allow them whatever comestibles they prefer and to leave them alone with their native customs. Unfortunately that is not an automatic here. This has no bearing on what I do however.

The irony of seven thousand tons of opium, which I don’t use, flowing out of a war torn area where it had previously been suppressed by those now being hunted by the very machine that is profiting from this item should not escape the notice of even the most stupid of you but... I never underestimate the power of stupid.

I don’t provide anything to my readers but information and the occasional musical cds or books that they might order without my needing flashing LED adverts on my pages. When I am fortunate enough to obtain a certain item that assists me in my unfortunate stay here- which isn’t often- then I am grateful. It is a failing of mine that I am generally too honest with the reader about my personal behavior and maybe I should make an adjustment in that respect but... I feel I am in the company of friends and tend to behave that way. However, not everyone who comes here is a friend nor has my best interest at heart and I can tell when they show up, I’ve got that particular implant.

Far be it from me to ask those of you who are incapable of being honest with yourselves to be honest in any other way. I wouldn’t dream of it. If you think I’m going to play patty cake with your incredibly, unskilled efforts to make me out as something I am not, well... that’s not operative.

I’m pretty clear about most things and if it’s not clear you have only to ask. I’m probably one of the most law abiding people I know because most of the commonly understood laws make sense to me and I abide by them. I draw the line at the laws which are created for the benefit of corporations and government whores who break them on their own time any time they feel like it.

In the long run it is probably better to leave me be, as you should already know. I don’t work for you but I do work for someone and that someone has a lot more weight than your employers will ever have and you will just wind up looking like what you are, after it is over. Spare yourself this. You have enough embarrassments to be concerned with. You don’t need one more which will also serve to make my case far better than I am already making it on my own.

I know the ins and outs of your various ways and what you are capable of but these are very different times and you do need to keep that in mind. The hounds you formerly unleashed at will, may no longer serve you in the capacities you are used to and you wouldn’t want to find that they are prepared to turn on you now as they might well do. I am the Dog Poet after all.

End Transmission.......

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shiloh1862 said...

Once again very well stated.


chuckyman said...

Point taken and well said Les. Picked up on this vibe over on Origami.


ThinkingWolf said...

I look to you for more detail sometimes because you have done, or can do, what I think that I might benefit from; additionally, you seem trustworthy - these things you cannot find just anywhere. I say thank you.

Visible said...

thanks Shilo, Chuckyman...

Thinking Wolf. I'm as trustworthy as you need me to be. I'm not running an operation and I don't hand out name tags or take collections but 'always' keep your eyes open. As I said, 'trust but verify'. Sometimes the only way you can do that is to measure it on the scales of the heart.

Imagine my dilemma. I don't have anyone I can go to except within and that's not always consistent, though I'm not complaining. I've got no comrades around. I'm on my own seemingly. I haven't found anyone on the outside as a mentor that I can sense the power of and the night riders are at me from both directions.

It's not all bad though. I've got my virtual friends and my invisible friends and a lot of dogs and I can't think of anything I want which is a good thing.

If I can be of help I will. Otherwise I'll be about whatever business requires my attention.

ThinkingWolf said...

You are a great help, to me anyway. I, like many here (I presume), have few, if any, like-minded people for person-to-person discussions on these topics.

That personal trust has yet to be verified - electronic means simply won't do.

Rebel 4E said...

I share the same dilemma l.v,
I have very few 'like-minded' people that I can go to so I tend to look within...
It's been that way for a long time now (-__-)

Peace, love and truth always.

Anonymous said...

Very well written.

You can sense the odour of the "innocent" female poster asking for you to tell her in front of the world and God that it is good to take illegal drugs.

And her scent is not purfume or collogne - but it is l'eau du toilet.

Now why would the powers-that-be be trying to entrap you?

Because Mr. Visible, you are not playing by the (courrupt; pussy, power and gold) rules!

How are the satanic, plundering government and corporate entities going to make you cease and desist with your profitless truth-telling if they can't corrupt, blackmail or suppress you in some way?

Not only aren't you playing by the illuminati NWO rules, your truth-telling is being increasingly read and spead everywhere.

So they are presently trying to spin your opinion about certain drugs as being: "not politically correct". That would enable them to make you a bonafide "enemy of the state".

In an hypothetical scenerio they could send in a swat team to take you to an analogous Gitmo prison as an "enemy combatant" because you have been deemed "politically incorrect" by the powers-that-be.

No jury of your peers, no impartial judge, no fair trial. Just kidnapped (like the Israeli Dimona whistle-blower) and incarcerated without due process - indefinitely.

I am very glad to know you have the "bovine excrement detector" gene Les.

Please keep your third eye wide open because there are snakes in the grass at all three of your blogs.

Even I can sometimes recognise them by their smell, rattle or slither.

It is clear to me that you have had a bite of the fruit from the tree of knowledge and from the tree of life. Your truth is a threat to the temporal world at the same time it is a salvation to the eternal one.

Continue to play music on your flute of truth which can only result in leading all these little snakes back to their original masters where they can bite freely in their sepentine frustration.

May God continue to bless and protect you in your work.


Anonymous said...

"I make no apologies for being out of my mind. From my personal perspective I can’t see how the rest of you oblige these scoundrels in their relentless bullying ways but that’s you. It ain’t me."
You tell 'em !!!!!
Im still lost, and dont get the worry about others viewing your work? You dont block the light, Les Viz, its just goes right threw!! I know thats why many love and support you and your work.
Keep your head up, its best to show your loving face to the bullies!!!

Ed Sedderah said...

Miso, too ...maxima culpa

Even in the electronic form, peeps can smell mego a mile, or more, away

I mean, although I try to send happy-shit, it's still just shit... and I as I was scrolling through the comments I thought, UUow, that's a lot of reading, be it to the point or not - it takes time and energy to survey the audience's ovations, be they standing - or themselves - or you, or tomb it conserves

Keeping an eye on the traffic-feed must be a semi-pleasent nightmare!

I must admit I zap back and forth from your blogs a great deal; not just to read some of the brilliant comments - and to see if there is more, more, more (a new post from yourshelves) - but mainly (hangs head in sham) to see if my crap has been approved

(sshhh...shut up, shut up!)

Having said all that, Odd still loik to sink a liddle sunk, hoping it's not too far off the subject...

ps. Eye coveted and got hold of an Oud, and wood d'ya know? - Aid surely be a freight-train if Aye dint squeak "muy" mint and say - I hope wheel play togather sum soma day, Manna


The world is a funny old place
You used to have a sunny smile on your face
Now your wearing a rigor mortis grimace
Another case of over-exposure to the rat race

I might laugh and I may smile
But I am still just a spoilt and unhappy child
And if I don't get my way
Then I just don't want to play

Take your rules and stick 'em up
I've had more than enough
This bitter stuff is killing me
I must think of my family

The friend ship lies wrecked on the rocks
My door is close(d)
But it is not locked
I'm hoping you'll come around
I am and I am (k)not keeping my eye on the clock

John said...

Les, this brings back memories of your recent post about your experiences in the DC area.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well said and detected, Mouser!

Unknown said...

Yes, I understand that feeling of being here unaturally. I started walking and talking complete sentences at 9 months and I really don't have any good memories where I can remember that I liked being here. I was very self-destructive when young and am suprised I am still here after all of that. I feel like I've been dropped off in hell or something the way this world is going.

I don't have people around me that I relate to either, so this computer has definately been a blessing. Of course I wouldn't know the truth of the world if I never had it, but it isn't like I never thought something wasn't drastically wrong in the world all along.

Good thing dogs exist. I dont know what I'd do without animals. They are he only creatures I trust anymore, sad to say.

I bet I don't have any seratonin left! General sense of wellbeing? I'm not having any of that either! I imagine all of the poison they put in our air, food, water and vaccines have a lot to do with it.

Anonymous said...

I think you can trust your gut to keep yourself secure, if there can still be such a term in these times.

Thank you for your warm and generous hospitality.
A pox on those who would abuse it.

Anonymous said...

You have an extraordinary sniffer, even for a dog, by divine grace. And/or a strong trust of your animal instincts. Its wonderful to witness and a boon to all of us.
While so many of us feel isolated as well, I want to assure you that I personally trust your particular brand of 'insanity' and your integrity, and you can count me and my associates as allies and at your service in any way required. Apparent distance is not truly a problem, as you surely know.

In late 70's many were speaking of "not being from here". I entertained that concept for a while. I had already experienced some feelings of being "at home" in India, especially the Himalayas. But in '82 I spent a year on Hopi land (more correctly - Anasazi), and became fully conscious of a deep, heart-and-soul connection both to this continent and this Earth-rock place. There has been and is so much magic and beauty on this rock among the many sentient 'nations' (plants, animals, elements), that I cannot reject this place nor this 'dimension', nor even aspire to 'go elsewhere'. I can't judge 'where I am'.
Things just need 'cleaning up', to my mind. Perhaps we may disagree or have differing perspective, but no problem.
Could we possibly be here for the 'clean-up operation'?


Hank said...

Maybe that's why I like coming here so much, because we're both not from here. We may not be from the same place, but we're definitely not from here.

I don't seem to be able to remember where I am from though. Very distressing that, and it has gotten worse over the course of my life here. When I was younger I didn't notice the differences as much, although looking back, those around me did. I remember one comment in particular from one of my buds, before going into the house of one of the girls from our high school, "Hank, try and act normal". At the time I was clueless about how different I actually was, but it has come into crystal clarity over the course of time.

It is really weird sometimes, because of the attachments I have formed with some of the indigenous population. For the most part, humans are, at their core, the ignorant servile species they were bred from, but there are those who have exceeded the designers expectations. They have acquired the ability to know that there is a greater force in the universe than that of those who altered us. It is the true creator, and it created those who profess to have created us. Although I believe that there is a connection between all living things and this creative force, I believe something special happens when one reaches the point of knowing it exists. At that point I believe that the kind of connection one has to this force becomes choice, and determines how it will work in your life.

It provides all knowledge, and does not treat kindly those who choose to ignore it. Ignorance if you will. For those who know of it, and deliberately choose to work against it, it has a special suffering in store.

There are many diamonds in the rough in the dirt that humans were made from, and although the cleaning and cutting into a gem can be assisted, for the lions share, it has to be done by the diamond itself. The gem has to see itself in the stone, and seek to be the gem. The final polishing is done by choice and desire, and cannot be accomplished by anyone but self.

Les, be confident in the knowledge that there are those that see the gem that you have made yourself, in what you choose to share. Pity those that cannot see, because they are blind, and cannot see themselves. For them, in another life perhaps. For yourself and the rest of us, just keep shining. Peace find you my friend, and all here.

Visible said...


The best I can say to all of that is that even if I am a stranger here I've tried to treat the planet as my friend and I like the planet. I was talking more about some of the viruses that have over run her but I wasn't explicit in that regard; calling it a dead asteroid; poetic license... hopefully they don't revoke it (grin).


Hank... yeah it's like the way an oyster makes a pearl. We get a certain irritation under our shell and sooner or later... there you are but fitting in here for me has meant at least being in a culture different than the one I was born in. That's made all the difference these last ten years.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, you certainly have a way with words, "Lies are Big money" Change would be good. Laurence Parrine wrote alot about the subject of lies: "First, many situations in real life have unhappy endings; therefore, if fiction is to illuminate life, it must present defeat as well as triumph."

We cannot expect government to control the uncontrollable, but if it thinks it can manipulate people into buying that which we should not buy is both arrogant and naive. The procumbent leaders of today have decided they are above any laws or public demands for self-examination. The entire political world system is finding it harder to sell the re-packaged goods. I can't wait to see how hard they'll have to work to sell the new Karzai image, when it's already clear he's nothing but a US molded overseerer of the drug and oil distribution networks connected to Cheney's Halliburton and private mercenary thugs.

So if war criminals like Dick Cheney feel they are all simply a reflection of human conduct in modern society and donot expect politicans to play by the rules, he's wrong. With it's collective "devil is in the details" may care attitudes, -{the dead giveaway} society has always condemned this as an evil, and I believe society's judgment is correct. Liars and thieves are still liars and thieves.

It's been said that the media can create fear in others without feeling it themselves. They are simply in the business of human misery and vice.

On a final, I had a strange dream the other night. Obama was running around a basketball court, and everytime he shot for the hoop, he missed. And even though he never came close to the hoop, the people in the stadium would yell out Slam dunk!! Cheney also appeared in it. Dick was selling french fries when he suddenly started throwing what appeared to be ketchup (blood?) soaked fries at Obama. The fries stuck to Obama, and that's when I noticed why Obama never bounced the ball because it was deflated. Cheney yelled out "Freedom fries forever" , then I awoke.

I thought about this vision all day, and realized that where ever or whenever Cheney makes an appearance, trouble follows.

William G. Ellipser

Anonymous said...

Im in love with your mind!!! I say human are gifted to see the forces at work. Its not this simple but all life has ideas working within. A tree uses some and an ant uses maybe some more. The antear uses different ideas but still from the the same root as the ant. Well this goes on till you reach the human. Now agian simple and crude, we are the mass affect of all life before us, and now have a new idea, a human one, FREE WILL. It took a lot of hard work moving up the ladder of ideas to get here and it too bad many people just sit at the doorway to the next leap?

Anonymous said...

Ellipser -
That was one right-on dream man,
cool to the max!
Peace out.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

A brief pause in our programs being displayed in the petri dish, for a word re: our current condition from Jelaluddin Rumi (1207-1273)-

The grapes of my body can only become wine
After the winemaker tramples me.
I surrender my spirit like grapes to his trampling
So my inmost heart can blaze and dance with joy.
Although the grapes go on weeping blood and sobbing
"I cannot bear any more anguish, any more cruelty"
The trampler stuffs cotton in his ears: "I am not working in ignorance
You can deny me if you want, you have every excuse,
But it is I who am the Master of this Work.
And when through my Passion you reach Perfection,
You will never be done praising my name."

OK, sorry for the interruption, carry on...

love & respects

Jo said...

Les-I've been reading you for almost two years now and can wholeheartedly state that I know you are a man of integrity, honesty and a spiritual morality that transcends any popularly sanctioned--therefore suspect--code of behavior.

Every day I look forward to getting home and tuning into your blogosphere because of what you offer and also the community of folks who also contribute. It helps me feel less alone.

I've spent 44 yrs so far on PanchaMama and since a young child have felt like a stranger in a strange land: you grok? I have yet to find such authenticity and genuineness in my everyday experiences with peers/coworkers/general public and am forever grateful to have stumbled upon this holy place.

After reading this PD offering I thought immediately of one of my top ten favorite books (out of hundreds) which is Peter McWilliams'; "Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do--The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in a Free Society"

Here's a link:

It opens with a quote from Billie Holiday; "I ain't hurt nobody but myself and that's nobody's business but my own."

Approximately 800 pages of insight, facts, challenging ideas etc.- I think it should be required reading for seniors in every high school across the nation/world. Basically because it champions Freedom/Liberty while also calling for personal accountability, something so sorely lacking in our species. In other words: if I want to get drunk, stoned, gamble, screw a girlfriend, take vitamin K, drive without a seat belt or helmet on my Harley than so be it as long as I don't harm another!!!!!!! Once I cross that line than I ought to pay the price. It's all about sovereignty and free will-choices. Of course we're talking about adult behavior here--minors are different no?

Anyway Les, I hope you never have to doubt yourself or feel defensive if trolls visit and question your motives or play their silly games. Most of the community here are aware and awake enough to see through the BS and can separate the wheat from the chaff.

Thanks Hank/Bholonath/Waterlily/R4E/mouser/anon etc.
for your input- it really helps to sooth my own heart/mind distress in times like these.
Peace to all~xojo

PS for some reason I felt very weepy reading the recent offerings here and at SM today--but I'm a Cancerian so not too unusual--and I just want to share one of my all time favorite tunes: "Braided Hair" by One Giant Leap----Enjoy the video/song all~
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin~All My Relations


Rebel 4E said...

Great Song Jo
Positive vibez are always cool...

Word Verification - IGrok -



chuckyman said...

Hi Les. You can’t know me – I’m new here. I’m that embarrassing uncle that people put up with. I’m not a mushy type and I dislike sounding needy or needful. I also don’t give trust easily but when I come here I feel grounded - home.

I can second the thoughts of Ed Sedderah when he talks of his anxiety waiting on that next post and to my shame also – will it pass muster.

I get the feeling from many of these posts that a number of us are lone wolfs. The corporate classification system does not work with us. We do not fit in their pigeon holes.

You have a message Les and the addicts here get it. Some may or may not understand why but we do. Your writings may be mere musing on today’s thought or maybe a planned meme you wish to share. It matters not. It challenges us on and in the very areas we thought we knew. You bring us all here and it is a wonderful cross pollination of ideas.

I commend and admire your workload. To weed and sort the many posts takes a lot of time. We addicts also understand how hard that can be on your own personal time.

I mentioned the idea previously of the Egregore. You also pondered about using the term dog poet. I think the collective goodwill and keen input of the many here have created a presence of its own.

Josh over on origami queried the term awakened. I can say that it was through your efforts on this site that I joined the ranks of the awakened.

For that sir you have eternal thanks


PS thanks Jo for the braided hair link

Animadverto said...

I have done my fair share of "stuff" over the years. The ancients like mushrooms. And, God only knows what John was on when he wrote "Revelations" - even more bizarre, is that it is coming true. But I don't feel that John, whatever he was on, predicted the outcome, and more likely some people simply adopted the riddle sometime along the way. Mankind will realize its own curse. And, I have already told that I am not from here either.

Animadverto said...


I have also been know to say that the "Architect" wrote Revelations.

Unknown said...

Les- My apologies if I have been carried away with enthusiasm lately and have been posting too many comments. I found Visible Origami four months ago and have been a faithful reader ever since. I have also gone back and read many of the archives. I have no intention of trying to stray you from your course or trying to dominate the conversation here. I am a spiritual beginner here who is mostly surrounded by more spiritually advanced people here and I am well aware of that. Basically I am just a regular dude who has struggled with anxiety and depression and this has caused me to turn inward and seek God. I look forward to continuing to read here for as long as you wish to write. Respectfully, pond owl

Anonymous said...

I admit that the visibles are tops. It takes someone to know a someone does it not? Wishing to be better at using this forum/media in order to communicate blessing and praise, I try to post but it usually gets lost in the pipeline somewhere. Hell, I don't even know what a Text Edit page IS. Esoteric consciousness is hidden by the ego. Everyone {you the reader included}needs to stop thinking that you are thinking so the channel can be clear. Get it. Perhaps you are and perhaps it is, but we know one thing for sure... it is lonely out here.

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Passing through the Kingdom of the Prince of the Air.

rubbell said...

You're a tuning fork for many of us. If for some reason you went out of tune may of us would too.

Anonymous said...

Josh if you are serious about depression I would suggest looking into SAM-E. It is a natural substance, cheap and you don't need a subscription. It is being hailed as a miracle regarding depression and is actually prescribed by some doctors who are ethical and have a conscience.

I have seen it do the trick for numerous people.

Wow word verification traters

Unknown said...

Thank you for the suggestion Dublin Mick. As for that word verification, I have no idea. pond owl

Anonymous said...

Mmmm. miso soup... maybe with some wasabi and garlic--- perfect for a cold October day. Thanks Les

Otherwise... what Jo said. Keep your chin up, chow. Caio!



Anonymous said...

Les is presently establishing himself in his winter abode in southern Italy.

This temporary interruption in transmission at his blogs will not be long.

Peace and love.

Anonymous said...

Les et al, been reading for a few mo's now, love the left brain aspect you have on things. Just awesome. Don't read the comments much but see so many tonight just had to add my soul into the collective wave running on the universal web. Former 60's hippie, now consider myself insurgency of 1, but see I'm not alone at all.
Not gonna say more, on duty using the enemies equip, so need to b discreet. Keep up the great work. U remind me of me 40 yrs ago when I discovered Carlos Castenadas. Got off track, but getting my jedi groove back at age 61. Better prepared now, eyes wide open(all3!)


Anonymous said...

Good one Les.
Thank you for all that you do.



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