Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Meaningful Stroll down Memory Lane

Dog Poet Reminiscing.......

I’ve never fit in here. For a long time I thought it was some kind of a curse. I tried to fit in and that generally ended in tragic-comic results. It seemed like life was playing a joke on me, which didn’t strike me as funny a lot of the time. Other people seemed to integrate effortlessly. They knew what to do in different situations. To me it always seemed like I should do something else and that something else did not mesh with the demands of the circumstances or the world I was in.

I got into trouble with the law as if it were some innate ability I possessed. They keyed on me even if I wasn’t doing anything. It wasn’t just the law. It was also the established church and certain emergent organizations with pretensions of becoming the established church. Most of the time, all I had to do was open my mouth to offend someone and I didn’t even know I was doing it.

One time a couple of teenage girls came up to me in the park. They wanted my opinion on Scientology. I told them I thought it was a form of satanic mind control. My kundalini had not yet awakened but people often came to me about different things and I often had a crowd around me because of the things I said. I didn’t know the meaning of what was happening to me. I didn’t know who I was and there’s an argument to be made that I still don’t.

Later in that day these girls came back to me and told me that 'they' wanted to talk to me at the Scientology building. This was the flagship location for the firm in Washington D.C. They weren’t nearly as powerful and rich as they later became but not much has changed, from then to now, in what they are and what they do.

So... I walked over to the site from DuPont Circle and a woman of about forty some years invited me into her office. She asked me what I knew about Scientology. I told her I was familiar with the book, “Dianetics”, and that I thought it was some kind of a scam. In those days a lot of energy was coming off of me so that it wasn’t always what people were hearing from me but what they were feeling. We only exchanged one or two following comments when she jumped out of her chair. She was trembling and unhinged. She screamed at me. “Get out! Get out of here. You’re a suppressive!”

I smiled at her and just walked out of the building. Over the course of the rest of the day and the following day, people would come up to me and hand me a folded slip of paper which said, “I can no longer speak to you or acknowledge you in any way, you are a suppressive.” I thought this was pretty funny and it didn’t matter to me one way or the other whether I encountered these particular people again anyway.

What followed I only found out about later on when a police detective confided in me. Representatives of Scientology went to the police and told them I was a drug dealer and a corrupter of the young due to possessing a Svengali-like persona. They were very insistent that the police do something about it and the police were more than willing to accommodate them.

The police sent a couple of guys into the park to work me. One of them was black and one of them was white. I still remember the name of the white guy, Eddie Verone. There were some amusing events that came out of this but the results were not so amusing.

The first time I saw them they had come into a circle of people where I was talking about something or other. During these days I often said and did things without knowing why. It was all part of pre-kundalini thing. I had gotten a strange hit from these guys so the next time they showed up in my circle I started singing that Dylan song, “Ballad of a Thin Man”. After a moment or so, one of these guys got really uptight and started screaming at me, “Are you saying I’m a cop!” I said, I don’t know what you are. I was usually pretty calm, no matter what was happening and that was because of changes that were taking place inside of me, due to the acid I was ingesting. Probably I should have been paying more attention. I was paying attention. I just wasn’t paying attention to things like this.

At that time I was a close friend of John Hall, who went on to form the band, “Orleans” and did a lot of studio guitar work with certain rock luminaries. Today he’s a congressman in New York.

It should be mentioned here that I was not a drug dealer in any sense at all. I was a consumer. So these undercover cops had to come up with a plan to snare me. They approached a fellow named John Reed who was a serious ne’er do well and who was a drug dealer. John and I were standing in the park a few days later when John Reed came up to me with these guys and said they wanted to get a few ounces of weed from a friend of mine named Frankie who lived in Virginia- ergo Federal implications. I was the only one who knew where Frankie lived. All of us wanted some pot and there were a couple of others guys around who also wanted some, so they decided to pool their resources.

I did not trust the under covers and so I said, “I’ll take you there but I’m not touching any of the money”. That was cool. We got in two cars and drove to Frankie’s place. John Reed jumped out of his car and ran toward the building leaving me behind and one of the undercovers called me to a car window and said, “Here’s $20., get me another ounce. Stupidly I took it and said, “I’ll give this to John". Of course, John was in on it, which is why he ran off. It all went down and we returned to DuPont Circle. A few days later I found out there was a warrant out on me and so John Hall and I split for the West Village in NYC.

Some time later we returned to D.C. and I went to stay with John at his parent’s house in suburban Maryland. His parents were wealthy and very straight. It didn’t take all that long for them to begin to resent what they felt was my strong influence over their son so... and here it gets murky again... a few nights later we were having dinner when we heard a bullhorn outside the house announcing the police and demanding I come out, or else. When we opened the door there were spotlights blazing in our eyes and a number of policemen with guns drawn etc.

I was arrested by a famous Maryland, narcotics officer named “the White Rabbit”. The murky part is that later I was told that John’s parents had leaned on him and he told them I was wanted and I was betrayed to the police. This kind of thing happened to me a lot.

It took six years for me to get a pardon for this nonsense; most of the time I was on the run ...and some of the time I was locked up. Every time I managed to get out I left immediately again which is why it took so long. As far as I was concerned I had done nothing wrong and I wasn’t about to cooperate. I never have and I never will. What I choose to put in my body is my business and not all the king’s whores or all the king’s men will ever change that. If I think a law is reasonable I will obey it, otherwise I will do what I think is right.

The point of this tale is that through all of the things I endured, I evaded all of the terrible things that happened to others in my situation and I am here today with no regrets except perhaps in the area of my early, romantic behavior (grin). I believe I was protected and looked after because there is a higher justice and if you put yourself under its wings you will be okay. If you buy into the temporal BS, or you accept guilt from those guilty of far worse, then the conditions are different.

I believe the same things apply now and always ...and anyone who is willing can place themselves in the care of a power greater than anything they will come up against or... you can rely on your own devices. I would caution you against that. Shit happens, it is true, but when you are ‘in the way of the one’ it always works out to be something better than you expected. Lessons must be learned but there are a lot of ways for that to happen.

End Reminiscence.......

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Anonymous said...

Amen! Skyentologists have ALWAYS been like that. Recall the time in 1974 on The Drag in Austin by the univ. they had their "church" and were offering "free audits" with their tin can and a string. I said this is a farce. Then they demand $25 and say no free audit because I am suppressive. GET GET OUT! I was nearly physically assaulted. As WS Burrough penned after he soured on them, "Get it in writing!"
There's a great book from Feral House called "Sex And Rockets" about the Jet Propulsion Lab founders crowd who were into the occult and Crowleyism and L. Ron Hubbard was right there at the house, screwing the other guy's wife. Late 40s, an earlier Laurel Canyon type scene, a lot of the science fiction writers at that time were into that and probably L Ron got the dianetics idea at that time.

Rebel 4E said...

I still feel like I don't 'Fit in'...but after taking many a wander and observing the consensus reality in which most people live their lives, I've come to the conclusion that it's not such a bad thing.
My early experiments with hallucinogens where immature to say the least, but still acted as an 'upgrade' of sorts.
I have very few regrets about any of the (mis)adventures I've had so far in my journey through this life...after all,
they helped form me into the
curmudgeonly,cynical old f*** that I am today...(O___0)


Unknown said...

-hey, I tried to post this earlier....didn't get the comment has been saved notice....don't know what's going on....I am new to this....If my comment repeats a few times sorry about that...."To live in the way of the one."- I hope this means to strive for God consciousness and to help and serve your fellow men and women whenever possible. I am 29 years old. This has become a more intense desire for me over the past couple of years. The good people of God could use some extra protection in these dark days. peace, pond owl

Anonymous said...

A short while ago, a Canadian station (The passionate eye) did a program on the medical advantages of "Mexican Marlboro's" Hee , and "The U.S. Government vs. Tommy Chong." They made a cool remark about it (U.S. justice system) ".not being a government, but a mob outfit." That ontop of that makes big bucks with it's privitized prison system.

The CBC has dealt many times on the subject of the 1980's drug trade and the U.S. Governments internal links being directly connected to South American drug dealers/arms, and I've read a few books on the subject. So now with America controlling the Afghan drug trade, it would seem there isn't anything they won't do now. Which means the only thing left is the opening of those prison camps.

Strange thing happened last week, PM Harper publicly sang a little Beatles tune sung by Ringo, my stretched guess is Harper probably did so to let his fellow pushers know he's in all the way. They like to do things in public so as to have something to laugh about behind closed doors. Sick sense of humor those elite members have.

But the people in power don't like being made fools of themselves. And cause Tommy C. made a joke about bongs being the only weapons of mass destruction the Bush administration had found , he ended up in prison.

William G.

Anonymous said...

Boston, 1971.
Recruited and rejected by the Hubbardites for saying Hare Krishna.
They couldn't handle the idea of God as a Person. Though they believe themselves very scientific, they are actually Very superstitious.

Hell, when I would visit my brother in Lawrence, we would walk by Burrough's house. He was often sitting on his porch smoking left handed cigarettes and drinking whiskey and coke. I'd yell Hare Krishna! Hare Rama! He'd laugh and shake his fist at me. Very nice.

nina said...

That story is over now, Viz. Rituals for Lover Earth

Unknown said...

haha, Curiously enough I also ran afoul of Scientology several years ago. I was younger and more naive then and was doing my Sagittarian searching for the higher mind thing. I was searching. My "stay the fuck away detector" did go off then, but with my youthful recklessness I pushed on anyway. After two visits to a center, bad vibes, their controlling nature, and the obscene amounts of money they wanted, suffice to say, I ran the other way and never went back! lol They're a persistent bunch, aren't they? lol They called my home phone every once in a while for up to two or three years. Needless to say, I didn't answer. pond owl

Anonymous said...

I found myself in the center of alt-view points as a kid too. I was big in debate and had fun pissing people off. I enjoyed turning worlds over and showing the ying/yang of life. I would play any side that made people uncomfortable. Im not sure why, some atention Im sure, but never did I try and be mean about it, I just couldnt stop. I have lost many good jobs because of the same and had to get out of the Army too. Im much better at keeping my mouth shut now. I never had trouble come to me but created problems for myself. Im a Leo and being the center of the issue is natural for me. As I have gotten older I have learned to focus my ideas for better use. I once thought I needed to share, and still do, but I didnt know what I was sharing, just distrust and misleading things I pointed out. Its still this way. I do however know what Im fighting in own mind. This battle isnt done and I cant report any victories so I try and not run at the mouth anymore.
Funny thing, people still see my as a trouble maker. I just dont do the same old things others do and that makes them uncomfortable when Im around. Their problem not mine. Now I seem to want others to interact with me so my actions were hurting that goal. Now over the past few years "forces" have come to me that replace others interaction and Im fine to walk this world alone now. I have a guiding hand thats not some "love one" are what not. Even more funny, this force was with me at an early age, I just didnt see it because I was to wrapped around girls or the next big job or something outside myself.

abe said...

Dear les and LeMat,
Child prophets and trickster spirits are far more common among our young than the psuedo-scientific masses realize. This is the reason for the heavy push in to vaccines and ritalin in recent decades - to disable the mental and metaphysical gifts of our future braves, hence the resulting ADD/Autism epidemics.

PS: I don't know why, but LSD never really did anything powerfully spiritual or visionary for me, maybe too little in the dose. Just made my hair feel light and the sky look like a patchwork quilt.

Anonymous said...

In Toronto after a 'free' IQ-sort test at the Scientology centre off Yonge Street, they wanted me to buy Dianetics book for $25.00 (every dollar I had on me).
So I asked if I could find the book at the local library and just borrow it to read. I met silence. So I said if the book was really good it would be in the library. More silence. So I left with all my money still in my pocket and them looking down at the floor for an answer.
Never did read more than a couple of pages of the book when I finally got a hold of it - it was rubbish.

Dammerung said...

I hear you man. I was kicked out of churches, expelled from high school, arrested twice, and inconvenienced countless times by the Enforcers of the Consensus. I didn't do anything violent and I didn't actively oppose the "Authorities," I just didn't listen to a damn word that came outta their mouths.

I'd like to believe, as you do, that there is a higher purpose and I've been protected (as many times it has seemed) by a higher justice. But things keep getting worse and worse for everybody and We have never, ever, ever won before. So why should this time be different?

Visible said...

I've been told that this format for comments will take care of all the problems people have been having leaving comments. We'll see.

Visible said...

I've gone into it at length about why I think it will be different, here and other blogs.

Let me just add something to that though... things happen differently when we personally change for the better. That's a consideration too and the one I focus on. Personally I can tell you that things are very, very different for me the last ten years than they were before.

Anonymous said...

It all sounded pretty paranoid Les, in fact I was waiting for the point where you turned into a cockroach. The 60s were kind to me, the 70s not so kind but I did discover Punk so it wasn't a total washout.

I've always felt I was different as well, and for a long time tried to fi... um... no actually, I didn't try that hard at all. Not at all.

But I never thought there was anything wrong with me, in fact the opposite, that something was wrong with everyone else. I decided that instead of being inferior, that I was actually superior to others, and I didn't care whether they knew or not, because I did. This belief in my inborn superiority persists to this day, even though I understand intellectually it isn't the ca... well, reason is a whore isn't it? It can prove or disprove anything I want it to.

I had an employee once, she wanted to be a photographer and she was saving up money to purchase equipment. She always had the wild look in her eyes of someone who needed something to believe in, it made her an inspired worker. One day she found her god--- a ponzi scheme in which she proceeded to pour all of her savings and investments down its sewage pipe. For all I know, she's still doing it.
The greatest kindness for some would be a misery cord. And yet her ponzi god was better than Scientology.

It's strange. Scientology has some interesting, even benign tenets to it, many lifted from the O.T.O., then deconstructed and recontextualized to fit a more organized practice. There are parts missing, but it's a good start.
The main aim of Scientology is to manipulate reality as you understand it. The individual is god. Everything else is BS to draw the money in.

I've watched them. Most of them are empty vessels. Hollow. Chasing something they've missed because it's been taken from them. The higher-ups, they're a different story.

I took their personality test in 1991. The same thing--- yelling... namecalling... I guess I passed?


Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Our Sacred Trust and the Greater Promise.

Visible said...


As soon as I dropped acid the first time I also discovered that I was not crazy but that most everyone else was. I didn't particularly feel superior because of it. I felt liberated.

I'm familiar enough with Scientology to know the value of some of their techniques. The one thing of value that I got from them was the sauna detoxification process. You go into a sauna every day for six weeks at a low setting of 140 degrees and you stay in there for four or five hours. It is an amazing process that bleeds the poisons out of the systems and tissues.

The organization is a bad one though as are portions of Iskon. Some of the very best people I've ever met were Hare Krishna's but one has only to read, "Monkey on a Stick; the Hare Krishna Murders" to see what can happen.

Unknown said...

I didn't have the Scientoloists in my area giving me grief, but I sure relate to the rest of your story. Those scum entrapped and ruined many a life in my area. It seems everyone in TX has been on probation or parole or locked up in one of their many, many jails. I got the heck out of that place. I thought it was just TX, but I think it was the entire nation with an agenda and the fake "war on drugs" junk. Prison and probation is big business for this country. China has millions more people in their country, but less in jail than we have. We lead the entire world in our prison population. Now the cops are joining with military to use military weapons against innocent people like they just did in Pittsburg during the G-20 summit. The world has gone to hell.



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