Friday, October 16, 2009

Up their Sleeve on All Hallows' Eve

Dog Poet transmitting.......

Sitting here and thinking; what are we supposed to say today? The grey wolf is moving down out of the foothills of the dying year. The sky is milk and the furnace is on, as one of the major holidays of the dark side approaches. Yes Samhain, All Hallows Eve, is coming. The High Priestess of Beltane will be studying herself in the makeup mirror and dreaming of Spring. “Oídche na h-aimléise” is on the way. The veils between the worlds are supposed to part for a night and that would explain the variety of congregations amidst the heather on the moor; in uptown penthouse apartments, in the sub-basements of European castles, ancient church ruins, desert and darkling deep.

It’s easy to find the mark(s) of the shaman in the human hand. I’ve got them. Certainly some of the readers here have one or more as well. If you have the mark of the shaman, or any of the occult sigils that set one apart, it can bring the unusual into the life of the one possessing them. Should that person take certain substances from the vault of Nature, you’ve got a Marshall amp with a volume knob that goes to 11. Seasoned psychedelic travelers are well aware of the portals that lead into the stairway of the mind. The stairs go up and the stairs go down. For those with the propensity and ability- the result of karma and certain initiations in the past- the door to the stairway is open. Otherwise it is not.

Don’t go looking for the Mark(s) of the Shaman, that’s my term for it/them. However, you can readily find the location and names of the signs that indicate an affinity for the occult and arcane, the unseen and unknown. Sometimes, like now, larger portions of humanity experience internal transmissions because some large and pervasive changes are on the horizon. The hand is an extension of the mind and therefore it gets imprinted with a record of the general direction of a person’s thought, both conscious and sub-conscious. It’s said that the passive hand is the hand you are born with and the active hand is what you’ve done in the particular life.

I’m not a divinatory type, except as the intuition chooses to grant me insight through the car windshield on occasion. This is why, even though I made a pretty exhaustive study of chiromancy and astrology, I didn’t move in that direction and focused more on the esoteric end of the sciences; and sciences they are. There’s a test you can take which shows whether you have the points that indicate possession of the astrologer gene. If I remember correctly, there are 49 of them and the more you have, the greater your innate ability. I didn’t have too many of these points. In any case, why bother predicting the future when you could be employed at changing it? This is why, though I studied the Tarot for decades, I stayed away from the divinatory side of things. Those who are attracted to card reading are, very obviously, unaware of the real purpose and value of these pictorial archetypes.

Eliphas Levi said, “A prisoner devoid of books, had he only a Tarot of which he knew how to make use, could, in a few years, acquire a universal science, and converse with an unequaled doctrine and inexhaustible eloquence." I’m going to go on record and say that this is a true statement. People; the means and mechanisms for understanding anything are available. The reality is that most people are not inclined to look. They are also the first to say that there is nothing there, based on their lack of effort and inquiry.

I’d appreciate not hearing from the reader about how Levi was a Satanist... or any other disparaging comments about people you haven’t met. The good guys are often mistaken for the bad guys and vice versa. Take what’s useful and leave the rest.

Here is a great quote by Madame HPB, “There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe. I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only, and closes fast behind the neophyte for evermore. There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer; there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through; there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount. For those who win onwards there is reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity; for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come.” This stands as one of the most beautiful and inspiring things I have ever read. Take this as a daily reminder and see what happens.

I’ve been mentioning certain things in my meandering way for a reason. There are four ‘low’ holy days in the satanic calendar. Walspurgisnacht is the biggest and after that is Halloween, more precisely known as All Hallows Eve. It should be considered a no-brainer that a considerable portion of world leaders and other public luminaries are Satanists. In many cases they are unconscious Satanists but that makes no difference in respect of the ones who consciously serve the king of the underworld and manipulate them.

Just as one can be possessed of- and in communication with- the intelligence of angels, the reverse is also true and much more likely, given the particular time in which we find ourselves. If something is confusing you that is probably the purpose of it.

Bilderberger, like most similar gatherings, are exoteric institutions that front for the esoteric behind the scenes controllers. They gather- both the exoteric and esoteric- at certain times to plan out certain actions and events whose goal is to further the interests of the warden on Jailhouse Earth. We’re hearing a lot about October 25th. That should be considered a general date representing a particular period. It’s pretty close to All Hallows Eve. There are reasons why certain predatory nations attack others at particular seasons.

Our circumstances can be best illustrated by the traits of a tsunami. You have an earthquake and then the waters recede. Simple minded folks take this as an opportunity to explore the wonders of a newly revealed ocean floor. Others will know something is up but they won’t know what. Others will hightail it for higher ground (cue Stevie Wonder).

Tsunamis, like desert floods in a dry wash, can happen in a short period of time. Everything can appear to be moving along normally- depending on what passes for normal- and then, suddenly it is upon you. We are often lulled into a state of false confidence. Today we see a handful of powerful firms, manipulating the stock market, in order to give the impression of returning prosperity. The reason they are doing this is to (yet again) suck in homo ordinare and send him to the cleaners for his missing suit.

The point of this missive is to tell you that everything which happens has two possible sources; divine or infernal agency. Of course, this is only the right hand and left hand of a single force. Every demon has a luminous outline behind it that signifies the particular angel in disguise. Each of us has to work out our own awareness of this. If you have done so then you know the meaning of the phrase, “be not afraid”.

Like I have said many times in the past, though never as effectively as I might wish, events and conditions are not going to turn out the way that anyone expects; regardless of whether you are a participant or an observer. It’s better to try to focus on what you cannot see as opposed to what you can see. One of the primary things that people need to comprehend and adjust to is that the power within them is greater than the appearance of power outside of them.

The kitchen is dark. The cat waits below the breakfast table for the mouse behind the refrigerator. The mouse is safe where he is. Consider the mindset of the mouse. He knows the cat is out there. Ask yourself what causes the mouse to run out from behind the refrigerator. Ask yourself what force is acting on the mouse. Consider the serpent and the bird. What is it that roots this flying creature to the ground as death approaches? Here we have two different examples of the same thing.

Don’t judge the inherent benevolence and compassion of the universe by your personal lack of it.

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John said...

I haven't thought about the palm in awhile. I have always known that mine is unusual. My heart and head line are merged into one straight line across the palm. This has been called a simian crease. It is most common in humans with Down's syndrome ("mongoloids"). I am going to search and read now.

ZHP said...

Les- I have always had difficulty in pulling a costume together for Halloween and I still do not know why. Sometimes it works out and sometimes not.
I know I shouldn't be afraid but I had a " demons swirling around me" experience last Halloween that left me even further bewildered as to how I should feel about this time of year. It was very disturbing.
I feel that that some sort of particular sacrifice is not being made by all the party-going good people while the big people open further the temporal window leading from the underworld.
Your posts have been quite helpful on all levels, but I just had to be honest about this one in particular because I never had the demonic world so real and close.

Visible said...


I'm not clear on what you are saying. I have no love for Halloween and don't participate at all. I sued to show up at parties dressed like I do any other time. When people would give me shit for not having a costume I would say, "But I am in costume."

"Yeah, what kind of a costume us that?"

My reply-

"I'm a serial killer. We look like everyone else."

On Maui in Hawaii, Halloween is a big deal and people get into it. They march around Front Street in Lahina in these bulky and uncomfortable outfits. Meanwhile, drunken locals are prowling around punching people out; now and again.

This is another reason that I stayed out of costume. I was then much more flexible and able to deal back at any threat that came my way. I've been a lot of places in the world but Hawaii was one of the most dangerous.

Anonymous said...

John I am warning you this science is fun but can take up an awful lot of time. I use the Benham book of palmistry. I was pretty uptodate with this a few years ago. I studied it enough to actually appear that I knew what I was doing at one time.

I have a simian line also with a couple of small lines intersecting.

Many people simply do not believe the spirit can imprint your whole history in the palm of your hand but it is true.

The short fat hand with stubby fingers is the murderers hand and the slender, long, pale one is of saturn the dark side. This much I can remember.

Many long horizonatal lines running away from the thumb means many lives. You can also tell how many times a person has fallen in love. It leaves a distinct line in the hand.

Anonymous said...

Les, the new dogs are still up to their old tricks. I cite India. You may recall a rash Indian farmers committing suicide some time ago. Just happens that fieldfresh/freshfield (owned by ELRO, A rothschild company) got in to agricultural business in India with Bharti.

Then we had the Mumbi incident with individuals staying at a Chabad house.

Now we have this

The British/Israeli pups will never learn.

ZHP said...

Les- Apologies if I was unclear. I simply wanted to express the effect Holloween has had on me-very similar in tone to your Maui experience.

Anonymous said...

I glanced at my palm real quick but couldn't see much through all the hair..

Unknown said...

Hey Les, another great post! What's your thoughts on numerology? Anybody else? I've found it to be quite true, right on point, just like astrology? pond owl

Visible said...

Any science is only as legitimate and informed as the practitioner. Just as physics disappears into metaphysics, when it goes beyond the routine understandings of the established truth of the moment, so does any science reflect the possibilities of truth concealed within it, based on the degree of brilliance and vision possessed by the one presenting and interpreting it.

I sure hope that makes sense.

Unknown said...

That makes a lot of sense Les. It's like you said before, only God can know God, is this not? But the practioner, blessed with a brilliant and penetrating mind,can come ever closer to interpreting archetypal and detailed knowledge from a formed science such as this? I hope what I said makes sense too. [grin] Also, if any are interested, Hans Decoz numerology has been a very interesting and informative source for me. pond owl

kikz said...

'The hand is an extension of the mind and therefore...'

here's my 'transmission' for the day:)

A Glorious Dawn
ode to Sagan

Anonymous said...

Speaking of All Things Demonic -
Remember couple years ago when Cynthia McKinney blasted Rummy for hiring the child-sex-slave company DynCorp? Nuthin' happened (except her getting trashed).
Now 30 Repub. senators voted against Franken's bill to remove the exemption from military contractors gettin sued for gang-rape (KBR in current case).

Also heard Obongo told them peons in New Orleans that "there's no money, honey, sorry..."

Wonder when we'll start seein a bunch of those commie French contraptions with the descending blades start bein set up in city parks....


John said...

Dublin Mick: It is fun so far. I was reading then my computer was beset by awful spyware. I just spent 4 hours removing it.

Now I see lots of unusual lines on my palm. I have a big bow (of intuition?) on my right hand and a saturn ring I think. It's a very complex subject, and I just 'happened' on it today. I wonder how accidental it is as I have been thinking about shaman-related topics lately.

I was at a very unique store here a couple of days ago, checking out some silver and turquoise and other things. I started stringing beads together and ended up with copper, silver, turquoise, amber, quartz and bone all kind of alternating. I was just going for a nifty look with a little silver and copper. After I put it on, a pain in my neck went away. Of course I don't necessarily think there is any connection. But, in looking at how I constructed it with alternating beads of metal, each separated by a crystal, rock or bead, I found myself thinking about the construction of the orgone accumulators which are basically alternating layers of metal and a nonconductor sort of like a capacitor.

But, after making the necklace and wearing it a couple of days and noticing how it seems to alleviate pain I was thinking, "Wow I wonder if I accidentally made a shaman bead necklace of some kind." I'm pretty easy to amuse though.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Halloween just a degradation of 'Celtic New Year' or Samhain? Being the approx. midpoint between Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice.
That the dark planet rapers use the particular quality of energy present at this point in the seasons for their own demonic empowerment and co-operative efforts shouldn't preclude the rest of us 'normies' making this time into something both grounding and uplifting. Here in Atzlan the Day of the Dead is pretty festive.

I'm sure others on this blog know more about this that I. Just throwing out my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff on all three blogs, most notable for tremendous writing skill and some of the best content I read.

That said, I was wondering if I am the only one reading with kids. I have three, 6, 8 and 16. As much as I have arrived at the point where I am cool with whichever way the cookie crumbles, they have not even begun to live, explore make mistakes and learn on their own...and I worry for them.

Part two of my comment has to do with "the art of the possible". I still believe the overwhelming majority of people I have met over the past 52 years are mostly good...and I have worked as a freedom advocate in national capitals for 10 years so have met many donkeys...but they aren't evil just self interested (most of them, as there are certain obvious exceptions.)

The problem as I see it is not some Chomskyian vision where manufacturing consent is the problem, it is the manufacturing of what passes for DISSENT that is the stumbling block. I meet so many otherwise intelligent people who actually think that marching around and chanting with bongo drums is actually going to change the thinking of the middle class (who vote). People everywhere seem to act in what they percieve as their own self interest. Helping people to understand that short term self interest is not going to get them anywhere and that by adopting the label of victim they repudiate every virtue of their forefathers, who had it orders of magnitude worse than we do now but just got on with it and worked hard for a better tomorrow, saved and built.

speaking of kids gotta go

Anonymous said...

No John it was probably no accident. Copper has been used for ages to alleviate pain and arthritis. It draws electro magnetic energy around it. See Edgar Cayce on healing.

Same with the native Americans using the big necklaces of silver and bone. It enhances the aura. You don't have to be a shaman. I have one myself a big Navajo 8 piece I wear around the house. The neighbors might think you are strange though.

Anonymous said...


Supermodel and Project Runway star Heidi Klum has upset America's leading Hindus by dressing up as Goddess Kali for a Halloween party over the weekend to celebrate the holiday..

Anonymous said...


The celtic winter solstice was a high holy day. The Celtics lit fires on hilltops to drive away the powers of darkness.

Christianity came along and named it into something else because they wanted to discourage nature worship. Busy beavers they are those Christians. You can't have people celebrating the gathering of crops. Pretty much every pagan holiday has had a Christian holiday placed on top of it.

Of course the dark ones kind of claim it as their own also. That is about it in a nutshell.

Of course the satanist are eveywhere. I read they even have them in Tibet. They are called the hat hats and steal women and children for their energy and satanic rituals.

I know there is supposed to be quite a few of them in the Carolinas and it stretches on through Tennessee and Alabama.

I have a friend who said he was in Alabama and a fairly nice looking young lady asked him for a ride so he gave her a ride and she suggested they pull into this wooded area near what appeared to be an abandoned House. He figured what the heck it must be my lucky night.

He said he looked into her eyes and they were glowing red like a wild animal. He refused to go into the house with her and told her to have nice night and he was on his way.

It gets better though as he said a couple of days later he read in the paper there was a satanic ritual murder in that same house. Somebody had beaten a man to death apparently with ball bats leaving signs of sacrifice.

We also had a vampire here in Florida who beat his fifteen year old girl friend's parents to death and drank their blood. He took off to Louisiana with her and they finally caught him. The kid was originally from Kentucky but the story goes he kept a towel over his cell door and slept during the day and paced the floor at night. His parents were supposed to be linked to satanists and he really thought he was the real deal.

I don't go trick or treating and I don't pick up any hitch hikers this time of year.

Anonymous said...

Slave traders in New Orleans had their biggest auctions on Halloween. Special significance on certain slaves was associated with big harvests and future fortunes. 13 Year old virgins to be exact were prime sales targets. Knowing how to extract and harvest human energy is a gift few understand. There are however, huge costs associated with abusing substances and the milking of powers that must only be sipped and not guzzled . The price that must be paid by the slave masters is coming due, with the first window opening in about October 25.

John said...

I will be dressing up as a Vector Equilibrium this year and exploring the vacuum.

chuckyman said...

This is a subject that I am wary to get into – major BS warnings all over the place.
As Dublin Mick rightly states, this was a high festival in the Celtic calendar. The Christians knew that they had insufficient power to ban it – so they adopted it.

It is immaterial whether you believe in the spiritual aspects of it or not. The important point is that many people believed in it and that gave/gives it great power. I’m sure that LV will set me straight but individuals acting collectively form an Egregore. To quote Eliphas Levi;
"A clear idea of the nature of the magical Egregore, or group form, should be built up in the mind in order that the aspirant may understand what part he plays in the whole complex scheme, and thereby may know how closely he is guided and aided in his chosen work."

I took this quote from the following site; WARNING – not for the faint of heart

It is the group belief that makes it happen. Satan, Ahriman, Lucifer and all the others are constructs of our belief – the Egregore. To to turn it around, if enough of us believe in something we also can give it life force.

On a separate note, I find that I am watching the lunar phases. Not for a spiritual reason but for a militaristic one. Sneak attacks only happen on moonless nights. We are entering a moonless phase tonight. The next one is not until the 16th November.

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like you might be ready for the Atlantean power wand. You can make them with a little copper pipe and crystal.

You can also use bamboo. Throw some copper bbs in it and seal it up. If you keep it around your computer it is good for soaking up microwave frequency and converting it back to earth frequency.

Anonymous said...

Ive been moved and work with the ideas you suggested today for many many years. My father showed me how to read the hands as so I could pick up girls!!! Heeehee, I have learn sooo much more! The hands change and one should take a picture of them if you dont believe me. I find reading them as you suggest isnt a means to see into the future but to see things as they are. The tarot work in the same way. You see, pictures are the best form of thought in the "seen" world for they dont mislead. The very nature of man forces us to look into the future. Evil forces help to create visions of the future and this isnt all bad, if you dont get carried away by them. The same nature of man can force us to see the now too, but we dont like that, western thought works as a line and the now is a point moving outwards in all means of light. We can get back to ourself if we look at the hands and focus. Their, there to show and guide as with all things if you so please. Oneness is in all things, pictures, and the sort. We must take the time to see that? Alan Watts is a great start as are you!!!
The circle and seasons are ever changing in do course. The ego wants to be a captian of this movement and we let it and evil smiles. Again, not bad but the trip isnt complete that way. Shortsided and without form it is, a lie to keep us grounded in the hope of change. Its as if we need outside forces to act so we can feel alive. These forces are all natural and fine, if we see and study them. I can feel and see a demon within me as I become mad or hang on to ideas tooo long. He looks like a old man with gray thin fingers? If we get these ideas mixed up or let others define them instead of setting and think them out, well we get modern world before us, killing, hate, and the like. Time is given to us to be used and its not wise to measure how much of it is needed to come to a clear view. Better to take breath and look around some more. Why not?

DodgyOne said...


Seems some people in the guessing game should use a reality check before sprouting dribble. The reality check in this case would be a calendar that shows the 25th is a Sunday, the worlds not big on trading on Sundays.
Constant wrong predictions like the boy who cried wolf have the exact opposite effect of being a warning.
The warning about strikes in India is very much along the zionutter plans to by deception cause strife with Pakistan who no doubt could melt the dark heart of israel, and who also form an Iranian border.
Having India do all the killing for them would suit them just swell.

Anonymous said...

Wow too much coffee to night!
I might me just plain out there, but I have never been around or seen the evil things that have been created in stories? I never have bad dreams and not one dark thing was visited me, ever? Once in Iraq, at Ur, I was awoken by a dream. I saw a gorgon, meduse of sorts? She was putting things into a big bowl and was looking at me. I seemed to just stand there not in fear but stillness. I awoke and was covered in sweat. I have little idea what that was all about but Im not seeing it as all to bad? That the biggest event of my life in that nature? I too dont let feeling and idea take me away, or I try not to? What we ask for we get? What we know is coming and dont let out, we get too? Im saying the evil side is to be welcomed for it a sign on the path, not a bad dream? Its there to help and guide too? We just dont like the darker stuff. And for that matter dont deal with it. If so, than I think more is in store if we are false and not seeing things as they are, its a bad loop of fear? Its coming to a big showdown soon, for all of us. Welcome it!!! Give it its right to be and move on?

KennedyAssassination said...

A very interesting article with related links occured at WRH a few days ago.
I've been mulling it around in my mind these past days and I would like to share it now.
The end of America began with the inception of the Rothschild controlled Federal reserve at the beginning of the 1900's.
We received an honest warning in Eisenhover's speach about the dangers of the military-industrial complex gradually taking control over everything.
The real de facto end of America occured with the assassination of John Franklin Kennedy.
Here's where it gets interesting.
Just prior to Kennedy's inside-job murder he and his government were cery actively involved in two specific areas.
They were the following:
1. A concerted attempt was being made over the 1½ years prior to the Dallas deed to have the "Zionist council of America" to register itself as a foreign government organisation. The reason was that the Zionist council was receiving millions of dollars in seed money from the Israeli government to lobby US elected officials to vote according to Israel beneficial laws in the US congress.
Registration of the Zionist congress would have made illegal the accepting of lobby money from the Zionist council by US memebers of government.
The Zionist council refused to register because they said it would severely thwart Zionism.
So the justice department, under Kennedy's direction was preparing to legally shut them down.
Then Kennedy was killed and Lyden Johnson became president and the proceedings against the corrupt Zionist lobbying ceased.
The Zionist council changed it name to AIPAC and have had a free hand since then to "buy" votes on any law passed which influenced Israel.
2. Kennedy was active right up until his death in trying to control the nuclear development in Dimona. He was openly upset that the "sons of bitches" in Israel "kept on lying" to him about their nuclear program. It was originally ONLY suposed to be for nuclear energy.
Fast forward to the present:
A) The entire house of representitives in Washington, including the president, are wholly "lobbied", that is to say, bought and paid for by the Israeli govenment through AIPAC and other Israeli lobby groupd like the ADL.
B) Israel has 200-500 nuclear warheads 'ready to go' even though they are not supposed to have ANY.
In summary, let us answer the question of qui bono concerning the assassination of Kennedy in 1963 in Dallas.
The Cubans? The CIA? The mafia? Israel?
It is Israel who gained exponentiallly through the killing of president Kennedy.
They (Israel) now control the 'democratic' USA politically and economically, and they now have a nuclear bomb arsenal which they are planning to use to take over the whole world through threat of use (including the Samson option).
Fait accompli.
The Zionists in Israel, who were created and are a direct arm of Rothschild and the international banking cartel, are now poised to try to take over the world.
Qui bono?
History very strongly suggests it was the Israeli Zionists who killed John Kennedy.
His famous speach just prior to his assassination confirms he knew exactly what the Zionists were planning to do.
The truth set him free - literally and physically.
The America which was good and God fearing "died" that afternoon in Dallas.
A bit of all of us died along with him. Since we have turned a blind eye to what really happened we are now reaping our just desserts.
Rothschild and Zionist Israel are actively taking over the world and enslaving all earth's citizens as modern day serfs.
Not a joke.
This is the truth to the very best of my knowledge.

Mouser said...

Fitzgerald not Franklin

Hank said...

Les, I have never read that quote by madame Blavatsky before, and I have to say it enthralls me. It comes as close to an explanation and description of life as anything I have ever read. The whole concept of those words gleams in my mind like a primal light and resonates in me like a perfect sound.

I anticipate a wonderful day. I've never felt like I could walk through fire before, and I can't seem to get this smile off my face. Sometimes thanks does not seem payment enough for the reward, but it's all I have. Thanks. Peace to you and all.

Anonymous said...

In to the 25th of Oct, they have a habit of waiting till weekends to announce bad news.

In regards to Kennedy, that explains why they have managed to keep the truth the dark up to this day. They are in power!

The fact that you were able to read that shows that the dam of deception is cracking further still. When it goes, it will go. Dam fail slowly up to a critical point and then it just crumbles. Just watch and be on high ground.

This country has been a fraud since JFK.

Les, your vibration is getting higher and higher.


John said...

Chuckyman, that's an interesting website. I found this there:

"Well then . . . Calling Jesus a druid might seem like a cheap trick to some, but I only mean it as the highest praise.

After all, the proof is positive. At the first Council of Nicaea, the Roman Emperor Constantine approved the name HESUS KRISHNA for their composite psyop messiah savior to keep the people pacified. Some might use the word “secure’ but it would not be true. Constantine was British, Hesus was the Druidic divinity. There was no letter ‘J’ then. Slam dunk. Case closed. In one paragraph, thank you."

chuckyman said...

Thanks John. Some interesting reading there. As i said in my post, it's not for the faint of heart but we're all grown ups on this site - mostly :+)


Anonymous said...

Along the lines of Kaminsky's reporting on Sarasvati (more than a river but also the wife of Lord Brahma) is this link to a truly gifted human being who has researched extensively the ancient histories and their sources, as well as the Sanskrit Vedas.

Paste in Google...

Bhakti Ananda Goswami Reveals Hidden Vedik Culture

Anonymous said...

That is a very interesting read

Anonymous said...

He seems to be a little confused on who attacked the trade center however implying it was Mohammed's muslims.

kikz said...

kaminski's still writing?

hmmm... i've not read him for ages.

glad he's still around. i usta be on his mailing list...

nice guy.

tad of a 'doomer'...but a nice guy.

kikz said...

oh and....

celtic xtianity.. or the johannine celts...

some interesting reading..

enjoy :)

v4veritas said...

Papa Damballah,.. is it me or am i unable to see the new posts because they don't exist!? Fuck meeeee! why do i get the old posts:'From Fort Hood to Ramakrishna. Don't be Deceived.' and 'It would have been the Radio Show'.. Oh, LeMat, If this forum were a 'Politics in the Pub' night in Aussie, i think I would have to be quick to get to you before Dublin Mick to punch your fuck'n lights out. there is a difference between intelligent or pseudo-intelligent critique, and smart-arsed egoistic slight. get a grip dick. anyhoo, Messshurr. Vizeeb, the links are not opening your new posts for me. Is there a technical issue, a privilege filter operating or am I barred? Or D. all of the above.

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