Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fort Hoodlum, Fort Hoodwink and those the Gods Drive Mad

Dog Poet transmitting.......

“Those whom the God’s would destroy, they first drive mad.” These are powerful and prophetic words from one who was considered a madman. There are so many conundrums and contradictions in existence, in words ...and surely in the people who speak them. Why would one purported to be an atheist reference the actions of one in whom he has no belief? Things are not what they appear.

In keeping with that quote from over a century ago let us consider the present behavior of those ticketed for destruction; assuming the quote is accurate and I think it is. History gives us many powerful examples of individuals, groups and nations believing and doing the most irrational things which did lead to their being presently ...an object lesson for us all.

For the intelligent who are atheists, it is not God they do not believe in, it is religion. Consider the curious case of Yahweh. What would an objective intelligence make of a God who says, “I am a jealous God”? Does this not mean he has placed himself among ‘other gods’? What do we make of a god who appreciates burnt offerings; child sacrifice, the wholesale murder of other cultures, the singling out of one group of material envelopes over another? The personality is that of a demon or a devil, not a god. Maybe we need to look at what is termed a god and see if we do not find representatives of what most of us consider good and evil. The same man who made the quote mentioned also wrote a book entitled, “Beyond good and evil”. You can explore the implications of that on your own time.

Logic tells us that those who serve evil gods; so defined by their tastes and alleged statements are devils in human form. Those who serve good gods are angels in human form or, more precisely, either are overshadowed or motivated by demons or angels.

If there is one god ....and my experience has led me to believe this. He/she rules in both the infernal and heavenly realms but appears as opposites for the purpose of the play of existence in the manifest. Above and below this plane are the descending and rising kingdoms where those leaving this ‘middle Earth’ migrate to. This plane is a recycling way station. You might think of a bus station from which buses set off for distant locations and then return after a time. This is a multi-dimensional bus station and some buses pass through warps in the fabric of physical existence and journey to places that cannot be seen from here. Indications of what lies beyond can be seen here by what we see here.

It is a staggering thing to see, the highly placed and pervasively visible, going on and on about the fall of The Berlin Wall with no mention of the wall that surrounds Palestine. It is amazing to see so many unnamed mouthpieces mentioning that the Fort Hoodwink psychiatrist was a regular at a strip club. Some of the details mirror those made after 9/11 about Mohammed Atta and friends in Florida. This was around the time they were visiting Israeli bagman, Black Jack Abramoff on his gambling boat; as reported by the FBI. It is amazing to hear that this psychiatrist had ancient links to ‘so-called’ 9/11 terror mosques and radical Imans. It is completely amazing that a non combat, medical officer could shoot nearly 45 people on a military base with an automatic handgun and a revolver. The dynamics of reloading are beyond possibility. Of course, the make of the handguns changes by the day but still, the dynamics are not possible. Remember, it’s a military base.

Today they said the recession is a good thing because burglaries are down due to so many unemployed people remaining at home. I could list quite a few interesting statements like this but I suspect the reader is seeing them. Blankfein of Goldman Sachs said, with a straight face, that his company is doing god’s work. This justified the sharing out of 12 billion dollars (or pounds) among these worthy priests of a particular god.

The president and his little helpers are extolling the virtues of their democracy while murdering hundreds of thousands of people in foreign countries for various, given reasons that don’t hold water. The land of the free is overrun with black suited tazer waving trolls who can very quickly teach you the cost of being free. The land of equal opportunity gave away enough money to solve all of its problems to the people who created the problems. I could go on and on in this vein but these are just a few illustrations of the ‘madness’ of those “whom the gods would destroy”.

I have access to occult history as well as the revisionist history of the moment, as it reflects the past, according to how those in charge of the present would like it to be viewed. There’s one thing you notice and that is the fall of empires. This has been happening for a lot longer than ordinary history records. A logical mind would assume a cause for this and we’ve had theories aplenty. Let’s just say that someone, or something, is opposed to the continuity of any particular top dog of any particular period of time.

Another thing you notice is that most cultures are vibrant and alive in the beginning. They manifest great works of architecture and art. They become very prosperous and that period holds through the summer of its glory and the early fall of the bounty that continued but was not further compelled to repeat. Then it fell apart. We’ve had theories aplenty and some of them are true, within the limitations of the tools of measurement and analysis, as well as the limitations of the portion of the canvas being observed. I note that none of these theories have been useful in preventing this process from repeating itself over and over again. Could it be that at a certain point they just go mad? The irrational thinking, speaking and acting that I see certainly make a strong argument for that.

Today we have a lot of complex theories about the Kennedy assassination, the Oklahoma bombing, 9/11 and soon, as we already see, about Fort Hoodlum as well. I don’t much care about the angle of the bullet or the speed of the planes... structural and mechanical treatises or whatever your view may be while you play Clue. For me it is enough to know who did it. For instance, as the attacks were taking place on 9/11, Dick Cheney ordered the jet fighters to stay on the ground. Obviously Dick Cheney was involved. An Israeli security firm was in charge at every 9/11 airport. Obviously Israel was involved. When you ask cui bono, these facts are strengthened enormously. When you observe following patterns it becomes even clearer.

I don’t need to know what hit the Pentagon. I just need to know who did it. These are the people who are being driven mad. I’ll tell you how that happens, by the way. Whether you believe in demons and angels or good and bad aliens is immaterial. Whether you believe they are interdimensional or based within some aspect of the phenomenal world is immaterial. The fact is that some version of it is at work. The good side influences the good and the bad side influences the bad. In times of decline, the bad side has a more prominent appearance. Most people would think that it does not look good for the home team but... it’s all arranged and it’s all under control and it is being done to demonstrate something to you. I’ll leave you to consider what that is on your own time.

My perspective and observations tell me that those being driven mad are under the influence of a lesser god or a lesser alien race and that’s going to become more and more apparent. There are some unguessed at and mighty forces around and it doesn’t matter to me if they use supernatural forces or flying saucers or whatever they have at hand. What matters is that they are there and will show up when the back stage manager gives them their cue. There is a backstage manager and a script writer. There is also a director. Shakespeare had a lot to say about the people on stage and life has shown this to be true.

I don’t have to be concerned with the possible outcome of other people’s behavior, except for the lesson in it or my job on commenting as I go. I have only to be concerned with my own behavior. I know there is more conscious power in reserve than has ever, at any time, appeared on the stage. Against this power there are no armies of any consequence. They are, according to Francis Dolarhyde, ‘ants in the afterbirth’. The arrogant presumptions of those being driven mad are ludicrous. Their every effort serves a higher purpose of which they know nothing. Listen deeply and you can hear the comforter speaking in the wind and in the quiet of your heart and mind.

End transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Les.
Your words are always very much appreciated.
Keep on fighting the good fight!

A.Mouser said...

Please, come and walk with me.

Rome wasn’t built in a day – and it didn’t fall overnight either.

History shows us the decline of the empire occurred over time with small identifiable events that retrospectively are clearly seen as signposts of what was happening.

Let us now look at the present empire. Although there are many signs and events there are three I want you to focus upon – two in the past and one in the present.

The very first is the last shot entering president Kennedy’s head which was captured upon the McGruder film. The exploding head shot has been fired 90 degrees different from the empire’s account. The Warren commission confirms it is very unlikely a single man Oswald was to blame. Looking at the last shot on film one can see the final shot was a state of the art exploding tip sniper’s bullet – not from Oswald’s bolt action riffle.

The second is building seven (WTC7) on the eleventh of September 2001. Many films reveal the descent of the 47 story high-rise at freefall speed symetrically downwards was achieved by controlled demolition – contrary to the empire’s account.

The third is still going on, and the reason for this talk. The event is being described by the empire as being the work of one crazed Muslim soldier. Twenty five eye-witness testimonies will likely be procured that Hasan killed 13 and wounded 31 singlehandedly. The empire’s story will be accepted and the man will sit in jail for the rest of his mortal life. History will someday reveal that Hasan never even held a gun on the fifth of November 2009. The event was staged and carried out by government agents (several gunmen) in order to garner further support for the empire’s wars of exploitation against middle eastern Muslim countries.

Years after the empire has fallen, historians will point to the Fort Hood shooting together with the Kennedy assassination and the 9/11 attacks as three pivotal events which the citizens of the empire ignored and which were crucial to the fall of America.

Thank you for walking with me.

ThinkingWolf said...


I am not nearly as perceptive as you Les... I await the more obvious, physical crumbling of this empire. Tomorrow would not be too soon.

Anonymous said...

It is not demons or space invaders causing the madness in Humanity. It is their refusal to evolve. Since they committed the original sin of acquiring Free Will, they have regretted it.

Humanity can no longer go back to being animals, but must eventually evolve to become one with the Infinite Creator. The Infinite Creator, from whom all creation springs, lies beyond life or existence. This is where Fear of God came from.

Animals never really experience Death, but Humans are fully conscious of it at all times. As Shakespeare stated, "a hero dies but once". The madness of Humanity is caused by Fear of Death.

paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les, If an empire ever looked like it is in decline. that would be the USA.

What other ingredients are needed?? Decadent morals, losing wars, splintered families, debt burden, failed economy, corruption, inequality, worthless currency, unemployment, now resented and hated by every country in the world (even Israel)....what else does a declining country need.

The USA is done for. What I see for the US is successionist states, confederacies, communes, compounds, oligarch warlords, tribes and cults.

Indeed, the US will use its last ditch effort to incite a WORLD WAR to leverage its state of the art technology to regain its power, but it will be defeated again by people in sandels, using that damn Kalishnakof (celebrating his 90th birthday today in Moscow).

Visible said...

A few comments and, hopefully the right individuals will see them (grin). You only have to send me one comment. It will go up; barring the unusual, unknown or profane. Contrary to certain belief systems, I am not at my desk all day long. In fact, I am outside most of the time, weather permitting and only check in now and then to review the comments.

Concerning emails, I know a lot of you have written me recently and received no reply or something less than what I would have liked to send. I'm sorry about that. Sometimes I just am unable to answer. then, a few weeks later I will. If you really, absolutely have to have an answer then you can bug me and that will probably work.

I don't usually reply here so if you absolutely have to have a response then you have to let me know.

Sometimes people send me emails that they intend as comments but don't say so and so I assume they are emails. Please say that you want it posted.

I'm sure there's more but I want to get back outside.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me they don't even try to make things believable. Why don't they get one of their Jew friends in Hollywood (Arab if you happen to be Alex Jones!)to write the script. I guess like you said they are going mad. A 357 magnum and auto pistol of some caliber and this Muslim guy cranks out a couple of hundred rounds at a army base while all the soldiers stand around with their finger up their ass. Then Jessica Rambo Lynch the second saves the day. Over forty casualties and the guy wasn't even a trained killer. A 357 magnum only holds six shots and is cumbersome to load. Sometimes the empty casings have to be pushed out. With the automatic he would need over a dozen clips hanging from his belt. Wouldn't that look cute. I hope they aren't going to tell us he kept reloading a couple of clips. Wouldn't surprise me. This is more unbelievable than 911.


JSP said...

My favorite quotes from this post:

"The land of equal opportunity gave away enough money to solve all of its problems to the people who created the problems."

"Logic tells us that those who serve evil gods; so defined by their tastes and alleged statements are devils in human form. Those who serve good gods are angels in human form or, more precisely, either are overshadowed or motivated by demons or angels."

"History gives us many powerful examples of individuals, groups and nations believing and doing the most irrational things which did lead to their being presently …an object lesson for us all."

Thanks Les

Anonymous said...

There is considerable debate on whether or not Rome actually fell. It centers around dual citizen Israeli in the Jesuit section of the vatican and whether or not the good cardinal in Boston has more pull than the president.

We know queen Elizabeth bows to the Pope and Joe (you don;t have to be Jewish to be a zionist) Biden is said to be the representative on the scene for their interests. The queens sends her cousins to rule America and melts down even the teapots to send back to London town in exchange for worthless paper money.

So did Rome really fall or are they simply using the western nations as their mercenaries at present?

I am sure there is some in fighting among the elite over who is to be the alpha dog of the new world order.

No empire allows foreigners to print up colored toilet paper and charge them interest. Empires do that to the colonies.

Anonymous said...

"No empire allows foreigners to print up colored toilet paper and charge them interest. Empires do that to the colonies."

Dublin Mick -

This is a very good point that you are bringing up. By way of owning the controlling interest in the privately run federal reserve, Rothschild has always kept America at colonial status. AND, that status is about to nose-dive when the world reserve currency changes from US$ to SDRs run by Rothschild controlled privately run world bank.
From preferred colonial status to banana republic with the flick of a Rothschild pen.
Believe it.
It's all over except for the crying.


Rebel 4E said...

'Rome never fell, the Empire never ended'


Dammerung said...

We're not going to WIN, we're just going to LOSE in an exciting new way. Still, if we can only carve independent city-states out of the California coast, we can have a modern renissance and everyone else can go to Hell

Odin's Raven said...

Dear Mr. Visible,

As a follow up on your posts about your ability to experience spiritual realities beyond the ordinary, and about the culpability of governments and intelligence agencies in committing terrible crimes; would you please give your comments on how much credence should be accorded to the stories alleging torture of their own agents by MI5 and MI6, to control their minds and telepathic abilities, found at the collection of blogs starting at
http://www.mi5andmi6exposed3.blogspot.com/ and
Many of the stories are found in the comments. The authors appear to be ex-agents helping each other to find the codes by which they had been brain-washed. There are stories of strange rituals and the involvement of public figures, and the use of intelligence facilities for criminal purposes. Some of these people may have been involved in the sort of atrocities you mention and they write of secret co-operation between various countries and factions within the so-called 'illuminati'. It is bizarre and disturbing, not least because of the alleged medical misuse of mental health hospitals and patients and staff. Also one of the commentators alleges that the heads of the intelligence agencies were trying to 'become gods', or at least be treated as such by their mind-slaves. Some of the torture rituals are alleged to have taken place in the 'well of souls' under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.
It seems there may be sinister variations on the quote with which you headed this post!

the proprietor said...

Hey, I've been enjoying your blogs and in fact they have been keeping me up way too late at night. Your balance of wit and prophetic wrath are just what this sorry ass floating space rock needs to hear. But I have to take issue with some things.

For the intelligent who are atheists, it is not God they do not believe in, it is religion.

Well this is true. Everyone believes in a god, or several. They may not call it God, but they believe in one. For some, it is the state. For others, themselves.

Consider the curious case of Yahweh. What would an objective intelligence make of a God who says, “I am a jealous God”? Does this not mean he has placed himself among ‘other gods’?

It means that fallen, lost, spiritually deranged mankind has elevated all sorts of created things -- sticks, stones, stars, demon princes, janitor spirits -- to the status of godhood, and the real God is displeased because he knows of the destructive effects of this scatterbrained idolatry upon the idolaters. He is jealous for our sake, not his own.

What do we make of a god who appreciates burnt offerings; child sacrifice, the wholesale murder of other cultures, the singling out of one group of material envelopes over another? The personality is that of a demon or a devil, not a god.

* Burnt offerings -- they were object lessons. The object was to illustrate that rebellion against the creator leads to pain and death. And expense, since a sacrifice was expensive as well. It was a disciplinary tool.

* Yahweh condemned child sacrifice. It was Molech and the other false gods who demanded child sacrifice.

* And speaking of the above, this was one of the reasons for the "wholesale murder of other cultures." They brought it upon themselves by their own depravity and bloodlust. (The Israelites, in turn, fell into the same depravity, so they too were judged, many were slaughtered, and they were removed from power as well, albeit more mercifully than the people of Canaan.)

The fact is, if you believe that somebody created everything, then you have to grant that that somebody can also un-create. As my mama used to say, with some hyperbole, "I brought you into this world and I can take you out." THe creator, logically, is also the boss. He has the right to make the rules. Yahweh shows that he gives people (even pagans ... you might say, especially pagans!) ample warnings before visiting judgment upon them. WHen they get it, you can bet they were asking for it for a long, long time.

Now does the fact that I look back upon those historical happenings mean that I somehow have the right to rip it out of context and exploit it to prop up totally unrelated actions by totally unrelated entities (U.S. and Israel, for example)? No, not at all. Those were unique occurrences and nobody has the authority of Moses or Joshua today leading the Israelites into the Promised Land. YHWH is not speaking to any national leaders out of a pillar of fire, to my knowledge. The Israeli Knesset does not hear from the Urim and Thummim on a daily basis. SO, any attempt to utilize ancient scriptural accounts to justify contemporary actions is abuse of the scriptures. .......

the proprietor said...

......If there is one god ….and my experience has led me to believe this. He/she rules in both the infernal and heavenly realms but appears as opposites for the purpose of the play of existence in the manifest.

This is closer to the truth, but I would add that even the "evil" God in "creating evil" has a good purpose and design at heart. There is a resolution coming and good will win out. It will not be some eternal stalemate or balancing act. Evil (pain, fear, hatred, division, darkness) was never meant to prevail. It is merely the scaffolding upon which something of incomprehensible good is being built.

It is amazing to see so many unnamed mouthpieces mentioning that the Fort Hoodwink psychiatrist was a regular at a strip club. Some of the details mirror those made after 9/11 about Mohammed Atta and friends in Florida.

Just your regular bunch of party-hearty, stripper-lovin' coke-sniffin' radical Muslim fanatics.

Blankfein of Goldman Sachs said, with a straight face, that his company is doing god’s work. This justified the sharing out of 12 billion dollars (or pounds) among these worthy priests of a particular god.

Sure, if you are talking about the god with horns.

Whether you believe in demons and angels or good and bad aliens is immaterial. Whether you believe they are interdimensional or based within some aspect of the phenomenal world is immaterial.

As I say, it doesn't matter if you believe Satan is a great dragon spirit, a little man in a red suit with horns and pitchfork, or just "the evil within us all." Whatever you think about Satan, it is real and it behaves exactly as the scriptures say it does. Whether personified or not is almost beside the point.

My perspective and observations tell me that those being driven mad are under the influence of a lesser god or a lesser alien race and that’s going to become more and more apparent.

Well that's why the true God is jealous.

the proprietor said...

@Dublin Mick: Yes, Rome never went away.

These Zionists and shylock banksters -- they are so villainous, they are almost out of a cartoon. Like a show placed there, for us to see. Right on down to amateurish "art students" clunking around, trying to be noticed while "spying" on high-security installations all over the US. We are meant to see the Jews "behind the curtain," but they were never very difficult to see and nowadays they are right out in front of us, center stage. I figure this is because they are meant to be seen. But there is still a backstage and, behind that, there is still a director and a producer.

What are the forces not meant to be seen? WHo did the Rothschilds work for? They were court Jews. They worked for royalty. And they were named as the keepers of the Vatican treasure.

U.S. law is based on Roman civil law. The location of Washington, D.C. was once known as Rome, situated between the states named for the Virgin and Mary. Biden as well as the biggest movers and shakers in the U.S. government who are not Jewish, are Romanists.

The Vatican is the only acknowledged global state. Its population, and highly placed agents, are scattered everywhere.

The International Jewish superstate could be a tool in the hand of Rome, just as the sellout Sanhedrin in the days of Christ.

Anonymous said...

729 is the new 666.

Visible said...

Odin's Raven;

What I have found as I attempt to sum up, briefly, how I feel about this is that I have found within my limited experience as well as through inner observations via supercharged accelerants or the occasional opening of doors for which reasons are seldom given that 50% of it is based on actual happenings and 50% of it is hysteria and fabrication.

That the various intelligence services have black bag extensions is well known. I'm unable to comment on specifics because I wasn't there and I try always to keep that in mind.

I'm aware of a variety of things I don't mention because it is either not time or I don't see the merit in it. For instance, this site has been getting a certain amount of sock puppetry for awhile now. I can see it without having to look for it because it declares itself. Pantanjali talks about how restraining the chitti and focusing the mind on any specific object will cause it to reveal everything about itself. I use this example as an example only, not because it's the best means to perceive what I was just talking about but because it more generally covers everything.

If you work in the business world, or law enforcement or the military; any large area of endeavor, you will have people of a higher rank that you interact with. You will have mentors, you will have rivals and you will have those who appreciate and despise you.

This is just as true in the metaphysical or spiritual areas of endeavor. Much of what happens is not happening for the reasons that the people involved or the people hearing about it believe it is. It's often more about payback and related things because there is nothing in this manifest realm that is not possessing some amount of karma and all that we see and hear of it is an expression of that.

I've gotten into some number of debates here with people because they don't like the idea of karma and believe that their personal solution is the better one. Well, you might not like the North wind but you're not going to be able to do anything about it... that's not germane to karma because, in fact, there are things you can do about it.

I often see here where people will take exception to something I said and then present their version which, in different words is pretty much what I originally said. But people like to be contrary and they quite often believe that they can create or fine tune their identity and position by taking a different position when in fact their position isn't different at all.

All kinds of things happen around here (grin). Anyway, I've got to go do something else

nina said...

I think you are onto something with the bus terminal. If people, by now, have not been forced into movement by Greyhound, they might miss it. Heh, miss the bus. But I've seen it in 3-D, and it is something awesome, far more "moving" than actually being on the bus, which is an entirely separate experience not without its own amusement. The real kicks are to be found in all-nighters at for example, the LA terminal, and it can be terminal, you have to be very strong, or alone, to comprehend this madness in its finest, fullest, heaving manisfestations from the pimps and hos to Darth Vader alien-1's and burger-flipping Wal*Mart zenith clericals behind plexi with a speaking hole to remind the affected travelers of the most recent adjustments in schedule. Now there, indeed, is the beating heart of the anthill, the Queen mother's girth rising and falling dripping with the saliva of civilization.

Anonymous said...

"I don’t have to be concerned with the possible outcome of other people’s behavior... I have only to be concerned with my own behavior. I know there is more conscious power in reserve than has ever, at any time, appeared on the stage....Listen deeply and you can hear the comforter speaking in the wind and in the quiet of your heart and mind."
Very correct Les, your light has no end, thanks man!

HistoryComment said...

In 1945, right after the end of the WWII, the Western Empire was still in existence. Its name was NATO, and many claim that Vatican was behind it. The name of the Eastern Empire was the Soviet Union. Both Empires are still striving to achieve the same goals as they did thousands of years ago. Both were "liberating" the countries around the World using the same methods Julius Caesar did (devide and conquer), and they were keeping each other in check. This time around there was a third player in the game: China. China was basically Eastern, but basically kept to itself.

Then in 1991, the things took an unforeseen turn. Because of reasons not exactly clear, the Eastern Empire suddenly collapsed.

So, finally, after 2,000 years, the opportunity emerged for Caesar's legacy to work itself out.

American President George H. W. Bush started talking about the New World Order, a politically correct term (then) meaning Pax Americana (Peace under American Terms), in which the World would become one big market place. With no Eastern Block to keep it in check, the Western Empire, or the United States, launched massive military campaigns on Serbia and Iraq, while issuing serious threats to many other countries to comply with its demands, or else. The United States did not build walls around the countries that did not succumb to the NWO, but it did build economic and political walls around the "punished" countries, such as Serbia, Iraq, Libya, (Iran) etc... So, the New World Order is finally here. The whole World is being ruled from Washington, DC, the American troops are present in every country on the planet, their spy satellites are all around the Globe, their helicopters patrol the skies, their bombers scatter death from above.
This is it. The Tower of Babel has been built. One world, with thousands of different languages spoken and God knows how many religions practiced, but all living under one umbrella. Now how long will it take before the Tower finally collapses...?
The first signs are already visible.
Extremely cruel and genocidal wars are being fought (Palestine, Irak, Afghanistan); tornados and floods are taking many lives away with them, fires, civil wars, earthquakes...
Apocalypse is here.
Apocalypse Now...!

Hoodwink me once - shame on you,
hoodwink me twice - shame on me.

Fort Hoodlem, just like her big brother 9/11, was an inside job/ false flag by the very same people - CIA and Mossad.

You can bet your freedom on it.

kikz said...

the author said...
* Yahweh condemned child sacrifice. It was Molech and the other false gods who demanded child sacrifice.

seems one of 'his chosen'... has another take on this little gem.

'Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, head of the Yitzhar settlement in the occupied West Bank, says: “It is permissible to kill the Righteous among non-Jews even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation.”

yahwey, the torah/talmud and the rabbi can kiss my unrighteous goy ass.

Anonymous said...

Im sure this will go over like a boxes of rocks.
As to Rome and the empire we call or called it. It did fall, in the minds and hearts of those writting history of it. The nation or nations grouped together no longer fit in an empire as such, so we say Rome died. Look to the split between east and west. This is where history shows the parts of Rome that didnt "fall."
Ok bigger part here, the mind and hearts of western people. This is were Rome still lives. The nature of human thought, math, and social interaction have not changed sense Rome. There is good reason to study this and see whats up? Look to the def of government - in latin is means "mind control?" This empire is still living and in the minds of tooo many people?

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful teacher.
Your Blogs and the comments that follow are something I look forward to each and every day. I’d like to encourage everyone to keep up their participation,as we can all learn a lot from eachother. Yes the world is full of iniquities, and falsehood runs rampant. For Most Truth is Hard to find, much less even think about.
Here are some profund words to contemplate.
If you students of the Way wish to become Buddhas, you need study no doctrines whatever, but learn only how to avoid seeking for attaching yourselves to anything.
-Huang Po

Franz said...

Hi again Les Viz! Ahead of the pack as usual I see, and yeah, Fort Hoodoo is another can of worms for the Empire. The question now is, can the Empire do anything ELSE as it impoverishes us totally and bugs out for Paraquay or Israel?

But I love the variations of "Whom the gods..." as much as the next guy. My favorite is: "Whom the gods would defeat they first make victorious."

All these phrasings go back to Homer in one form or another, still I think this ONE is spot-on. If the Kaiser or Mussolini had handed the Allies their balls on a platter in either of the "Great Wars" we might (MIGHT!) be living in a different world. At minimum the BS level would be lower. The worst thing that ever happened to the Nation Formerly Known as the USA was Douglas MacArthur accepting the Japanese Surrender on the USS Missouri.

Amazing to realize and very sobering: The Japanese surrender killed more Americans, eventually, than the war had. Giving Wall Street and international bankers the keys to the world will go on killing millions more till we accept that "victory" as the fraud it was.

Till then we do our part and read Les when we can. It is a process, I think, and knowing we're a part of it can still be frustrating when we know there's apparently no way to speed it up.

Just A. Human said...

You project deep thoughts and great understanding of this idiotic game that is being played by the mentally retarded morons governing the affairs of this planet. You write from the depth of your heart and with lot of emotion.

You bring references of “God” “Maharishi” and “Mahabharata” in many of your writings. My field of interest is basically physics, but I have spent a good part of last two decades in my effort to try to understand the “God” matter. In my quest, I have skimmed through the pages of various versions of The Bible, Quran, Torah & Talmud, Vedas and the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. I suggest you also read these texts (if you have not already). Real fun you will find in these books.

As for the God, “he” and “she” applies to a planetary physical form. We need to understand our Universe (rather, the system of Universes) and its complexity to get some idea what The Creator of all this should be. Even we, the human, are not just a physical form. We are a lot more than catches the eye. It is so amazing to see human disgrace and humiliate itself like this.
Enjoy the God at:


Sites’ home page will take you to many other articles devoted to understanding ourselves and, our Origin.

Anonymous said...

life school time
my favorite time of day
I suppose the lessons that we learn
are learned from where we radiate
upon our interpretation
and calculations of what is manifested and displayed
in this realm
as we see
some are just trying to dominate
but the nature of themselves
abominated and misplaced
trying to become gods
bad mistake
only god is god
we at best
just an aspect
that may with truth wake.

Anonymous said...

Stealing a line from above this will most certainly go over like a box of rocks.

A jealous God? Maybe he is jealous for more attention than the temporal receives?

As far as what the Hebrews i.e. David and his army did. So what? I have no problem with that seeing what Paul is conveying in Romans 9. Though I will say that such times are past. For now it is time for the sword of the spirit not the temporal sort. Some vessels are framed for destruction while others are framed for the experience of being lost(though it was merely an allusion) only to be found and have The Creator......well this is surely a let down but...BLOW you AWAY...

Vessels framed for destruction? You know, like those shit bags claiming to be the chosen while they turn their heads or take part in the open slaughter of Palestinians. Or shit bags like the banksters and their vast host of minions?

Justin_n_IL....dropping off a box of rocks:)

nina said...

Many fine comments here today Vizzy, however, its a little embarrassing that such great minds including mine, overlooked the amazing opportunity justifying a bailout for the rag trade. It was the legacy of Bush wasn't it, that No Industry be Left Behind? Surely that was the reasoning supporting such a vacuous program entitling the Sopranos to rocket palm-greaser Karzai into position while enabling the pharmaceutical industry's record breaking growth ... now complimented by the long arms of the debt industry. The humble rag trade, slave labor sweatshops literally sweating could stop with the panties and Calvin Kleins and start over with sweat wear for terror. This benefits the sickly media industry as well, who are limping with such transparently stupid remarks in print such as "He shouted Allu Akbar" creating ubiquitous disbelief among internet users. To read such claims only brings up previous statements about recovered passports in ashes which makes everyone suspicious. Instead, why not just manufacture terrorwear, specifically Hoodies bearing Allu Akbar in football style typography across the backs and perhaps one word emblazoned vertically on each thigh of the pantlegs. Can you see it? This would vastly improve the credibility of law enforcement personnel to discern who is and is not a shooter or suicide bomber. Indeed, the rag trade could go so far as to begin supplying uniforms to un-uniformed armies. Trillions would have to be scraped together, obviously an easy feat for the Sopranos, the real Romans, to rewrite the legalities sanctioned by the Supremes concerning the legitimacy of rendition, something that would initially please all of those who are nauseated and affected by those rules, but sadly lead them astry on yet another path of hope only to find all that really happened was another bailout daylight robbery taking place. But it would busy the Conservatives for a few weeks hiding online as healthcare editorials busy them today and a number of American industries would be further enriched in the process. Maybe this would even change the course of economic collapse for American Samoa... the possibilities and opportunities are unlimited.

Anonymous said...

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 12.3.32

dasyūtkṛṣṭā janapadā

vedāḥ pāṣaṇḍa-dūṣitāḥ

rājānaś ca prajā-bhakṣāḥ

śiśnodara-parā dvijāḥ


Cities will be dominated by thieves, the Vedas will be contaminated by speculative interpretations of atheists, political leaders will virtually consume the citizens, and the so-called priests and intellectuals will be devotees of their bellies and genitals.


Many large cities are unsafe at night. For example, it is understood that no sane person will walk in New York's Central Park at night because he knows he will almost certainly be mugged. Apart from ordinary thieves, who abound in this age, large cities are filled with cutthroat businessmen, who enthusiastically convince people to purchase and consume useless or even harmful products. It has been well documented that beef, tobacco, liquor and many other modern products destroy one's physical health, what to speak of mental health, and yet modern capitalists do not hesitate to use every psychological trick in the book to convince people to consume these things. Modern cities are full of mental and atmospheric pollution, and even ordinary citizens are finding them unbearable.

This verse also points out that the teachings of the Vedic scriptures will be distorted in this age. Great universities teach courses on Hinduism in which Indian religion, despite limitless evidence to the contrary, is described as polytheistic and leading to an impersonal salvation. In fact, all Vedic literature is a unified whole, as stated by Lord Kṛṣṇa Himself in Bhagavad-gītā (15.15): vedaiś ca sarvair aham eva vedyaḥ "By all the Vedas I [Kṛṣṇa] am to be known." All Vedic literature is meant for enlightening us about the Supreme Personal Absolute Truth — Viṣṇu, or Kṛṣṇa. Although known by many names and appearing in many forms, God is a single absolute entity, and He is a person. But this true Vedic understanding is hidden in the Kali-yuga.

In this verse Śukadeva astutely observes that "political leaders will virtually consume the citizens, and the so-called priests and intellectuals will be devotees of their bellies and genitals." How sadly true this statement is.

Anonymous said...

god is god
the everything as one
not anything left out
all individual aspects
the whole sum
but human nature's way
the underlying flow
I suppose
is to try and perfect itself
to make itself glow

FORT HOOD was a FALSE FLAG said...

Here's the skinny;

- Hasan was the patsy and never held or shot any gun on Thursday the 5 November 2009.
- There were 3-5 real gunmen/shooters that were caught and then released.
- Hasan was left on the transit hall floor for dead with four bullets in him by the real shooters.
- Likely none of the bullets in Hasan came from either of the two civil police guns.
- The 13 dead and 31 injured were all shot by the 3-5 brown-skinned CIA/Mossad gunmen wearing army fatigues and proclaiming "Allahu Akbar".
- The MSM will report the official procurement of at least 25 eye-witness testimonies that Hasan acted alone when he shot them.
- This false flag was carried out to foster further support for the exploitative wars by the empire in middle eastern Muslim countries.
- If Hasan is believed to be going to expose the false flag i.e. to tell the truth that he did not fire a single shot, ie he is a patsy - he will be suicided.

greencrow said...

Fort Hoodwink ; ) that's a good one.

The perps are starting to realize that staging these false flags has to be more controlled than in the past. Just like you don't do a lab experiment in a restaurant, you can't have a mass murder where everyone can witness who the perps are.

You have to have a "controlled environment", ergo, what could be more controlled than a military base?

Or, is it? Wait for the truth to come leaking out or up through the floorboards. Rivero is already saying that "his sources" say that it was a minor mutiny over forced deployment that has to be covered up lest the unwashed find out how disgruntled the grunts are.

Again, the official plot has a mite too much hubris....the muslim get up, the heroic female, the lack of video cameras in one of the highest security areas of the world.


Jo said...

Hey all~
These LV blogs are an oasis in the desert for me these past many months, though I realize I am continually eclipsed by the bright minds, hearts and unique intellects that gather round these parts. I rarely comment knowing my contributions would be mediocre at best but I often compose in my imagination; love songs, poems, and responses to all you compatriots in this blogosphere, (whose links I always follow), that express my gratitude and relief at finding such a place as this.

Must say too that the last 2 times I did try to post--they never showed :( Wonder if Les just missed 'em or decided I was a sycophantic sock puppet and refrained from airing my wandering musings???? Esplain por favor :P

I'd really love to join the conversations of so many threads and reply to those who move me or cause me to reflect anew yet I could never type as fast as the thoughts whizz along nor could I communicate as eloquently or insightfully as many of you; especially of course Les himself.

Suffice it to say I am profoundly thankful that this well exists and for how it so deeply quenches my thirst for communion and authenticity.

Much of the topics covered in LVWorld just feed my depression, but the humor, wit, perception and creativity in response feeds my soul. Namaste-I bow to you, my invisible friends.

So for some reason this song blew thru my mind as I picked up my 9 yr old son from aftercare a bit ago and I wanted to share it here now. An old favorite to be sure and sort of sums up the way I've been feeling for oh say since my child was conceived....or longer.
The wheel keeps turning; Carry On.


I ask myself daily what legacy and world are we passing off to our children???

This favorite also seems apropos in these times of Mordor(love the red derby!):


So what's a depressed, ADD, Borderline personality, binge drinking, occasional herb toking single mom of a kid with no legs, with a part time job as an assistant kindergarten teacher at a charter school (where all the staff but me seems to adore Obama-ugh!) with some gov't assistance (sort of kidding here-am so beyond pigeon hole labels and have mystical aspects/experiences that kinda freak me out but remind me to know better and my kid is a Teacher/Buddha) to do???

Trying to stay centered and balanced while the emergency alarms are blaring and paradigms are crumbling and remember that whatever the outcome of this Grand Drama and surreal tango with Maya it is still ....


Keep smiling; keep dancing the Great Mystery!

Blessings~Aho Mitakuye Oyasin~All My Relations~xojo

Still alive said...

You said it, Les. Fort Hood is indeed Fort Hoodwinked. And as always it well sell like hotcakes with the morons in the land of morons.

A couple of weeks ago I recall seeing a headline that read "9/11 terrorist passport found along Afghani border". That was funny. All that was missing was Fred and Wilma and Barney and Bambam.

Now they`re saying that this Hasan guy has links to "Al-Qaeda". Apparently they found Adam Pearlman`s cell phone number in his coat pocket.

Today I went shopping and as I was checking out I saw the cover of the latest slime or jewsweek (I`m sorry-I meant "Time" or "Newsweek", which ever one it was) and it read "how America could have won the war in Vietnam".

The psychopathic satanists are getting really desperate. All of humanity and planet earth is in grave danger. I just hope someone is keeping an eye on things and will dole out justice before it`s too late. I remain positive that good will prevail over evil.

Thank you Les.

Anonymous said...

As ever, an interesting and uplifting piece.
The madness will continue and the plain fact is, it will get worse before it gets better.

Visible said...


As I have said so many times here. I actually print more than 95% of the comments I receive. there are times when I feel my editorial control should be more narrow but that would mean that I thought I knew more than I actually do.

There is a real problem with Google/Blogger. You have no idea what I deal with here behind the scenes. I can't control simple things like my back ground colors and text colors. It's more than that. this is why I set up the world press mirror sites that you always see at the bottom of the page because many people can't even get the sites to load or experience other problems. You will note the information above this dialogue box that has a work around for people who can't post and who often lose their posts.

That seems to have been corrected by my switch to a pop up format but now new problems surface.

When you do not see your comment go up you have to email me and I will post it the way I receive it except for possibly fixing some spelling mistakes and maybe adding paragraph separation.

People should not assume I am not publishing their work. It just isn't coming through the system. They are likely using rotating filters so as to annoy different areas of the populace on some kind of a schedule.

As for the sock puppetry thing, that's a minor issue and more of an amusement than anything else. It's not a harmful thing although it is used to add weight to certain opinions and so on and so forth now and again. I haven't seen it recently and may even have missed it.

I'm sorry your comments didn't go through. If it doesn't go up in a few hours then email it to me. You can also email me if you see new comments going up and yours isn't one of them. Do remember that I live in Europe and am usually sleeping between 2:00AM and whenever I get up.

FortHoodFalseFlag said...

The shooting at Fort Hood was a false flag to fuel hate against Muslims and thereby further support for the Rothschildean-American-Zionist wars of exploitation and genocide in the middle eastern Muslim countries.

In this inside job/false flag/psyops the media method used was leak, mislead and hide forensic information, and to impune the patsy.

Specifically, the government was leaking 'inside' information, giving misleading anecdotal information, hiding the forensics and nominating the patsy to impune.

The truth was/is hidden within the conflicting main stream media disinformation. Now a main stream media summary or 'official story' has been formulated stating a lone crazed Mulsim soldier shot 13 and injured 31 after he yelled "Allahu Akbar".

The truth was/is very difficult to discern from the bits of facts that can be gleened from the MSM disinformation being delivered. The truth presently exists only as conjecture: Hasan was a patsy who had no gun and fired no shots on Thursday 5 November 2009 at Fort Hood.

-The real gunmen were 3 - 5 in number, CIA/Mossad, brown-skinned, wearing American army fatgues.

-Some doors to the transit hall were simultaneously closed and locked to impede escape or assistance from occuring, and to creat a 'shooting fish in a barrel' scenario.

-The four bullets in Hasan came from the CIA/Mossad gunmen - not from the civil police.

-The rambo female police story is not true.

-Hasan was left for dead on the transit hall floor.

-The real gunmen were apprehended and then released OR they escaped out of Fort Hood duing the confusion unnoticed.

-Hasan will be prevented from being interviewed by an impartial party to suppress the truth and thereby keep the false flag secret AND/OR he will be suicided.

-The MSM will confirm that official investigators have procured at least 31 eye-witness testimonies stating that Hasan was the lone crazed gunman.

Besides the great difference in loss of life and in the complexity of preparation, the Fort Hood false flag is very similar to that of 9/11.

tim said...

What if this world can't be "fixed"? What if it was designed to be this difficult? You know that we've had some very authentic and powerfull Adepts and Avatars from esoteric traditions this past 100-200 years, but the money-changers with their armies still call the shots. Maybe we can only transcend this place. Some people believe this type of world is obsolete; it's too vicious; I hope they're right.

Visible said...

Well tim:

Isn't that pretty much what I said with the bus station analogy? ...and I expect I've put similar out dozens of times. This world is just what it is. However, the moneychangers don't control it and they don't control the people who don't need the moneychangers. Think of it as something like a department store. You go in there because you want something. You have to expect cashiers and inventory monitors, store cameras and all sorts of things. In this case, the department store might be run by thieves but they are only stealing from themselves and this is just one life. The bus is leaving every day for a new spin off on an old story... or a dramatization of a lesson upon a previous life abused or whatever the case may be.

This world can be a fine place indeed- depending on what you are after, which is why people keep coming back. One doesn't have to come back here except that there is unfinished business and all of that comes at a cost. Sometimes people come back to be of service but that would definitely be the minority. There are a number of ways out of here to other more salutary locations.


A little announcement. I'm not going to permit the same thing to be said over and over again so, if you've sent me the same thing you won't see it again. All anyone has to do is go back and read one of the others. this kind of thing becomes a form of advertisement; for what, I won't guess at but it's no different than the same car commercial throughout a football game.

"Pull-it" said...

I'm pulling my ads from this football game.

Forgive me for the repeated notices. The reason is the anger I have towards not waking up to 9/11 being a false flag until 5 years after the fact - after over a million Iraqis had died based on that lie.

This time it is happening right now. I guess my indirect feelings of responsibility and guilt for the deaths of innocent Muslims (because I was tricked about 0/11) is resulting in my (up to now) bullhorn attempt to inform everyone of the false flag which has just occured at Fort Hood.

But Les you are right, here at your blogs I am really only preaching to the choir and therefore wasting my breath and your space.


ACME Automanufacturers

eleanor said...

Nice surprise to bump into you here Dammerung !

Visible said...

No my friend, back up a moment and think. You've sent me about half a dozen comments that are basically the same thing, even the same phrases. Vary your message and all is well. I don't mean to offend you and I can understand your feelings. I should probably been even more diplomatic but the busier I get the less subtlety I employ.

You're not preaching to the choir because new people come through here every day. the world IS literally waking up and that is going to become a dramatic fact soon, just you wait and see.

Please continue.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny that this who claim to be reresentative of "911truth" also are guilty of committing the same slanderous and lible actions committed by the socalled media regarding the Hasan incident ?

Here's a perfect example:

Re: Ex-CIA Chief James Woolsey handed down gag-order to 9/11 Firefighters

"I want to say that Paul Isaac has sent me enough material by e-mail to make it look as though his claim Woolsey was never responsible for a gag order is likely valid. At the very least his outspokenness on the very subjects that were
supposedly made off-limits for police and firemen to discuss is proof enough for
me that he was misquoted."
(Mark Graffis-retraction 
11-5-09 re: false woolsey article)

This story was cooked up by Jerry Mazza and initially posted by Mike Rivero


Visible said...

I agree. I see it all the time. I don't know about this specific incident though I did hear about the gag order but I see a ton of disinfo on both sides.

paolocaruso said...

WHen I first viewed guys in army fatigues grab a G20 protestor, in front of riot police, my instincts told me that the protestor, was actually an undercover agent.

I believe the same happened to the real killers at Fort Hood. Wisked away to let Hasan. The fact that the killers were dark skinned and in fatigues (israel mossad) leads to the confusion of eye witnesses.



Visible said...

Read this and tell me if you spot the various things I noticed like the four bullet wounds, the running away afterwards ....and the waiting an hour to see a doctor. does this sound unusual?


I can't imagine how outrageous they intend to get but there appear to be no limits.

tim said...

Thanks, Les. Then why do we get so angry with the Divine and scream about the suffering?

Visible said...


Because it hurts.

Because very few people know this is so.

Because even a lot of us who do know don't like it.

Because it is so difficult to surrender to something beyond personal desire while cutting desire loose at the same time. Once we do that the suffering really backs off.

Ive had some degree of suffering over the last year and a half. At another time it would have been more than I could have handled. Now, even when it's rough, I manage. Beyond where I am lie the green fields of Elysium and much much more. That's worth shooting at and giving all of this up for.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

Climbing to Freedom through the Devil's Horns.

Anonymous said...

An important correction is necessary:
you state that an "automatic" pistol was used, the pistol they allege he was carrying is a semi-automatic pistol. This pistol has magazines with a 20 round capacity, this equals 20 trigger pulls to empty the magazine. An "automatic" would require only 1 trigger pull to empty the magazine. This is an important distinction...

Anonymous said...

It appears that Obama made a deal with the devils of Washington, Wall St and Israel.

Nobody is going to convince me that Obama is a tool for the dark side.

I think he is just helpless before the Gods of War, Wall St and Israel.

They let him have the office - along with his "yes we can" brigades... to give the country its first black president... then we all feel good about ourselves... and it's business as usual.

Anybody notice that the Goldstone Report was replaced by ISLAMIC TERROR>>.. just like the Durban Conference was displaced by 9/11.

Jesus.. I hate Jews.

Visible said...

I'm sorry, that's ridiculous hairsplitting. In every movie and in every book, semi-automatic handguns are called 'automatics' as opposed to revolvers. I doubt seriously that anyone thought I was talking about a machine pistol. It's like the term '45 auto.

If I have to parse every phrase and word when my readers are intelligent enough to read what the S&MSM says anyway and often know more than I do about what the news 'says' happened it would take me a week to write one of these things.

I don't mean to be abrasive or confrontational but that is 'reaching' in my book.

Visible said...

Sorry to be laughing but that comment, "Jesus... I hate Jews" stuck me as pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was on PCP! He wants to go to Afghanistan, couldn't get enough action in the National Guard.
Yeah right, go to Afghanistan and do god's work kinda like the Goldman Sacks boys.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the automatic vs semi-automatic distinction: do as you please and perpetuate the gun grabbers mis-info, I thought it was important to mention as a lot of people do not understand the difference. Plus in this case the difference means a lot: it would be much more difficult to accomplish what they allege with a semi-auto vs an automatic.

Anonymous said...

My 16 year old son and 14 year old (47 year old) husband watch The Simpsons and Family Guy cartoons. What I watch doesn't matter because I'd turn it off.

Anyway, these 'cartoons' have been totally freaking me out. They openly state the truth about the things we come here to read about, however, because it's presented as satire and are cartoons, people don't believe it when they happen across it in their own lives and blindly walk away from it. It's so blatant that my son and I often just look at each other and shake our heads.

(My son sees much deeper than my husband, but they both think I get carried away when I go on about things like "children eaten like dinner mints", the powers that really delegate authority, or the entities that feed off of our emotional energy.)

This is part of the counter-conspiracy movement to debunk the genuine truth seekers.

I can only suggest that people check out these cartoons to see what we're up against. Otherwise, they're absolutely disgusting.


Visible said...

You're playing with semantics. I seriously doubt that a single person here took from what i said that a machine pistol was in use and I went on at length about the impossibility- right here in this post- about the reloading scenario. I could hardly have intended what I did if I was talking about a full auto.

Furthermore, I was referring to what the media said and that's all in the media. I wasn't speaking from a position of experience in the manner... merely pointing out the fallacy in the facts they presented.

Once again... everyone calls that weapon a '45 auto as also applies to these sorts of handguns all over the place. Like I said, it's in the common vernacular, in movies and in books. Your quarrel is with the commonly accepted usage of the term and not with me. It is sort of like your telling me I shouldn't call water water but should call it H2O or something.

In any case, I suspect everyone here got what you are trying to say. I do suspect that they already knew this however.

And finally, since it is very likely the man was not the shooter in the first place and the guns used were not the guns that were claimed to be used this is all moot.

Anonymous said...

I laughed too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, Can you make the distinction between AUTOMATIC AND FULL AUTOMATIC. If you go into a gun shop and ask to see a 45 automatic will the proprietor bring out a fully automatic Thompson Submachine Gun? (assuming they are legal in your state) Where does the gun grabber come in? Does Les want to grab your guns?


Anonymous said...

First, the difference between auto and semi-auto is virtually always used to differentiate between types of rifles, not pistols. Pistols are always described as either revolver or automatics.
Second, if you want to pick nits, then what about your bold statement "This pistol has magazines with a 20 round capacity." At Fort Hood/Killeen, there are lots of gun stores. Gun stores where one just might purchase a new Glock FN 5-7 which takes an optional 30 round clip.

paolocaruso said...

Anonymous says ""Anyway, these 'cartoons' have been totally freaking me out. They openly state the truth about the things we come here to read about,"""

yes, indeed, on the Simpsons, And Family guy, the media establishment joke about the truth and conspiracies. Cartoons are the inside joke for zionists.

In the 90's prior to 9-11 Warner Brother created a cartoon of Pinky and the Brain. Two rats, one british and the other American, who wanted to take over the world. It was for kids with total adult political content. If you get a chance to check out Pinky and the Brain, you may see a blue print for whats going on today.

Anonymous said...

This is an incredible friggin' mess. The media who is "in-bedded" with the MIC has been caught lying too many times, period dot com!. Aesops dog tried this and the rest is history.

This time it is even worse. The Media and MIC can't afford another fiasco, even if they finger the right partie (s) or not. They cannot lose this one even though innocent blood was shed. Who will believe who?

JUST IN: MSNBC has just had an interview regarding ISREAL is the most advanced in green technology in the world. They cited stock quote ( ORA ). I suppose they need the blood of others to make the "desert bloom"... after they "harvest" the organs.

Nuff said.

paolocaruso said...

Pinky And The Brain Cartoon
is a Steven Speilberg production with Warner Brothers. it is just pre 9-11

check out the theme song in the video ... amazing. ..at the time, it was supposed to be Bush and Blair.. but not sure who was the genius.


darqawi said...

do you have a link or reference for the abramov 911 comments?

Visible said...

Look, I don't mean to be rude but have you ever heard of a search engine? Itg took me less than ten seconds.


Anonymous said...

Hello friends, Hello Les.
I'd like to recommend the works of Nassim Haramein, I’ve been to one of his lectures and some of my closest comrades have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with him. He's definitely operating on a high level of consciousness and his work is some of the most profound information to date. Anyways the last time I had the opportunity to post here I mentioned the teachings of Huang Po, and I find it interesting that your response to Tim , reiterated the point of unattachment or complete surrender to the source.( I believe the two to be one in the same) Maybe that’s the point of life. When has there been a more compelling time to transcend ego?
Why don't we bring together our resources and create our own Permaculture community? What's stopping us from finding a plot of Land and buliding Shangri-La?

John said...


Nassim Haramein is a must see for everyone.

Another topic, automatic vs semiautomatic: non-issue. Get a life.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Five Hundred Lawyers on the Bottom of the Ocean.

kikz said...

nassim rocks :) mr. OMGiWasSoExcited!!! he cracks me up :)

i'm a fan.. he does get 'out there' on his alien ponderings..

but, i love his sacred geometry :)

another, who operates on a higher consciousness, inre biology/genetics..

bruce lipton...
bruce answer'd an email awhile bak, i'd sent him a .wired.com link inre the 3D genome i htought he might be interested in, (looks like flyin spaghetti monster) which i suppose functions as/like a torus.

bruce told me i was the 'fractal mention' in that he should probably get in touch w/nassim and compare notes :)

as above, so below :)

Anonymous said...

Since you are around you are probably the one to ask on this one. I remember you and I talking about minerals before.

The Blood Typing Farce: Nearly 95% of the population, who have blood type ‘O’ and ‘A’ which are the thinnest blood and lowest blood volume, and blood type ‘B’, have copper deficiency, due to slow poisoning from blood thinners, alkaline & acidic chemicals (any non-neutral), copper binders, and copper antagonists, that they have completely and thoroughly saturated the food and food chain and water sources with. These are in addition to wireless radiation and vaccine poisons which are quicker and more effective methods for depleting copper, and are primary methods for expediting our death. These poisons have altered and damaged the proteins/DNA of the blood and other tissues of the body, with the damage (and deficiency) passing down through the generations. Starting in 1996, the copper depletion rate was significantly increased and coincides with the onslaught of GMO foods, chemtrails, wireless technology, increase of diseases and debilitating symptoms, weakened immune system, and decreasing lifespan.

Consequently, due to unbalanced pH levels, the vast majority of the population has malformed proteins and is missing normal proteins, as can be evidenced just in the blood properties as noted in different “blood types”. The blood types of A, B, and O are missing the normal (clotting) proteins; type A is missing B, B is missing A, and O is missing both A and B proteins. The “Rhesus Factor” (D-protein) is a probable malformed or variant A or B protein, resulting from insufficient copper levels. Moreover, we were not created with “blood incompatibilities” that would harm us and our unborn children, as known to occur with an rH negative mother and rH positive fetus, and with blood transfusions. The blood type AB is balanced and therefore does not carry the malformed “Rhesus Factor” protein as found in the other blood types, thus, only AB negative blood is possible.

A balanced pH of 7.00 is present in blood type AB, which is the only normal blood type, while the pH of the alkaline blood types (A/O) was set up to 7.54 in 2005 and the pH of the acidic blood type B decreased further by the same date. Lifespan decreases as blood pH moves further away from 7.00. The desired population reduction rate was set up by increasing the pH level of the alkaline blood types to 7.54, while decreasing the pH of the acidic blood type.


Visible said...

What happens if you are B Negative?

John said...

Mick, I'm going to have to review that. Sounds like some facts interspersed with some other things.

The normal pH of arterial blood is 7.35 to 7.45. Blood type has no bearing on blood pH.

On a cultural and historical level, one of the most fascinating things about the Rh Negative state is that it must have developed in relative or complete isolation and prevented from interbreeding with an Rh Positive population. When Rh Positive populations breed with Rh Negative ones it's a virtual death sentence over time for the Rh negative mothers and their Rh Positive babies. It's only with modern anti-immunity treatments with Rhogam that Rh negative mothers can safely now interbreed with Rh positive fathers. I have wondered where this isolated gene state developed.

Curiously, red/blond hair, blue eyes and other recessive states must also have developed in isolation because they rapidly disappear when cross-breeding with dominant traits occurs.

I'm going to have to read up on that link, Mick.

Dr.Dee said...

A+ typA ag on RBC's, w/rhesus ab
A- " w/o
B+ typB ag on RBC's, w/rhesus ab
B- " w/o
AB+ typA+B ag's " w/rhesus ab
AB- " w/o
O+ no AorB ag's " w/rhesus ab
O- " w/o

ag = antigen (little protiens on
on the outside of RBC's)
RBC = red blood cell
w = with
w/o = without
ab = antibodies (proteins that
attack and bind thenselves
to specific antigens)

O- is the universal whole blood to receive because it causes no production of A, B or Rh antibodies in the recipient.
A person with AB+ blood can receive blood from any donor.

I have not heard blod typ and pH are related, nor that acidity/alkalinity are relately to life-length.

Anonymous said...

I have AB+.
It's a catch 22, sort of.
What I like best is it basically relieves me from blood donating duty.
Though I can accept any blood type, I can only donate blood to fellow AB+ who don't really need it because they are universal recipients also.

It's the least I can do and anyone who knows me knows I'm always willing to do the least I can.

(that's a joke)

Anonymous said...

Either I am reading it wrong are it is saying that minerals copper in particular can change the blood type.

It is one must admit something you would not see in medical school if they planned to zap those with malformed blood protein with wifi or Harp. It would certainly be worth of the term the abomination of desolation.

They have a wifi antenna on top of me by the way and no houses will sell around here for awhile. I suppose it is sayonara.

Anonymous said...

As old gods in their dotage wither and fade to mere demons and devils, new deities can can rise from the same.

Even now, they do.




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