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Self Interest and the Keys to the Kingdom

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Allow me to wax a tad metaphysical as I go in and out of what is seen and unseen. We learn to see things a certain way as children and then the world and the methods of education are visited upon us in order to create conformity of thought; all the better to feed the industries of the time and to grant us a place within it. If we are fortunate in our birth we have our wheels greased. If we are fortunate in our karma we find opportunity opens up for us. These two may be the same and they may also be anything but, depending on what you define as fortune and opportunity.

I want to talk about something else now and that is blood. Blood is imbued with magical power. We have seen the results of this when particular individuals are martyred. It changes the world from the moment the blood hits the ground. There are other uses to which blood is put and that is for the purpose of gaining power. This is how those who can see it, can witness what feeds on the battlefields and wherever malice has been turned toward the shedding of blood.

We know that those who create the wars are doing it for profit or some sort of gain including the actual financial end, which tends to follow in any case, whatever their other purposes may be. Actually these lives are sacrificed and the blood is spilled to gain the favor of invisible forces that drink it and grant requests as a result. These may include what has already been mentioned or something more arcane.

Different results are obtained depending on whose blood is being spilled. The blood of children has a particular attraction for particular entities who grant a term of favor in one area or another. Whether it is the blood of a lamb or a goat; a chicken, a dove, a certain kind of person, or a great many people all at once, there is a power that is released and harvested by those who have received instruction in the application.

George Bush Sr. made a comment not all that long ago; something about if people knew what they were up to it would go very badly for them. There are particular rumors that follow this man around and they have to do with some of what I have already mentioned.

No doubt most people think of someone like Giles De Rais as an anomaly. One could gain a great deal of insight into present conditions by studying who he was, what he believed and what he carried out, or had carried out. History is littered with creatures like this. For some reason we tend to think, in this modern age that certain superstitions, as they are called, no longer apply. We imagine that in this modern world, certain things that used to occur among a certain class of people no longer occur.

When you look at the savagery of this modern age and the serious psychopathy of many world leaders, as well as business and religious leaders, you should promptly disabuse yourself of the idea that they are constrained by any of the features of what is euphemistically called ‘civilization’. Some things are very old indeed and their tastes do not change. Certain traditions are very much alive and they are practiced every day but they are costumed as something else.

It is true that many warped individuals engage in terrible acts to satisfy their self interest without ever being aware of the implications of what I am talking about. However, there are quite some numbers of individuals and groups who are well aware of what certain things mean.

It might surprise you to know that there are world leaders who engage in various activities for the purpose of advancing their standing in relation to the one who sits upon the throne of the world. People from various walks of life such as the entertainment business, the banking community, religious organizations and the corporate world are members of some ancient orders. Of course you have heard about the illuminati and the Masons and some of the groups I mentioned in the recent Smoking Mirrors but these are ‘front organizations’. There is another organization behind these from which certain observable types are selected for membership.

Perhaps you think the illuminati is anything but a front organization but it is. It is the idea of the illuminati that exists in the mind of those aware of such an order. That idea is a power all by itself. It is the case that many who think they are truly behind the scenes are not. Everyone at their level is led to believe what is useful to the forces behind them. All of these individuals- and some of them are not corporate- believe what they believe according to what is put into their minds by the universal force of conscious darkness that is divinity disguised as the devil, concealing its light behind a particular mask.

Any true lightworker has nothing to fear from this agency. The single fear that is the concern of any lightworker is their own weakness and susceptibility to self interest. It is quite possible to fall from a very high place, especially if you consider it to be such. Anyone determined to succeed in the service of the light had better remain as humble as the ground upon which they walk and be aware that the ground itself is very aware of what is walking on it and with what intentions. The Earth is a sacred vessel. It hides its secrets from the profane and can grant and withdraw protections at any time.

Very few people realize that everything they think and say and do is being monitored and recorded. Very few people realize that the path to enduring freedom is right in front of them the moment they make that sincere commitment to abandon self-interest and to be led in all things. It is one thing to believe there might be the divine and the demonic and quite another to be consciously aware of their presence, depending on your inclination. They are serving the same thing but with a different relationship and destiny to it. As Lao Tzu so succinctly put it, “though Heaven favors no man, the wise man favors Heaven.”

We wander aimlessly in our existence wondering when and where we will experience some realization; some insight into what is going on. All along the way it all awaits in every moment for the moment when anyone has decided to put aside self-interest. It is what creates any and all conflict with your fellows and what puts you outside your right to an awareness of the divine. The whole of Heaven is waiting for this simple truth to be born in every human mind. It is the key to the kingdom. Those who have comprehended the nature of selfless service; who serve as they go, who bless life as they pass through it, are already walking in the kingdom. Heaven begins where your feet touch the ground.

Take a close look at life around you with this in mind. Go anywhere that there are people and watch with this in mind. With true objective detachment observe their behavior. Consider what they hold in their eyes. How deeply are we capable of seeing? We can see as deeply into others as we have seen into ourselves. We can experience empathy for others to the degree that we have suffered. We possess as much wisdom as we have surrendered our self interest to acquire. Wisdom will not seat herself on the brow of a fool and a fool is a fool for not knowing the value of things by comparison. A fool only knows what he wants, not what it costs and not what he passed by in the pursuit of it.

These things should be common knowledge because experience and observation should teach us this without fail. It is a good question to ask why what is unmistakably so is routinely ignored. Immortality and other gifts are daily extended in the rays of the Sun.

It is a profound wonder that those possessed of great intelligence and various other seemingly desirable abilities would choose to serve what will surely destroy them. What madness is this? It reminds me of that line of scripture about gaining the whole world and losing your soul. Every day you see them, marching in large numbers on that highway. How is it that they do not realize what is real and what is not? These are ancient mysteries. The fires of sensation are a brutal course and the very power upon which the world is founded.

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Visible said...

I should never write these things at night unless it's meant for Origami. The later it gets the more aware I become of things that probably aren't the province of blogs like this. So, my apologies.

Anonymous said...

Les --

God bless you, brother. The wisdom of your words are seen in the spaces you left unsaid and the simple light you shed. You may not think you needed to say it, but I and others need to hear it and have it bring tears of recognition to our often lonely eyes and hearts.

I bless you thrice and ask for nothing but more warm light from your beautiful soul.


Anonymous said...

Funny that you made a comment that you think your blog was off the mark somehow. It felt really, really right on target to me. I spend a lot of time wondering how people can just not see what is right in front of their eyes? And how can people waste their precious life energy and gifts pursuing trivia? Living the life that is right in front you - that's the trick, isn't it? Children live that way; when does that approach give way to "grown-up" concerns?
E Vero

Anonymous said...

I call all evil to my command.

That it will elect a representative to come before me.

To justify itself and thence receive judgement, under the light of righteousness, to be our footstool forevermore.

Rabbi Didi Remez said...

Except form "The Complete Guide to killing non-jews" (sic)

"... Therefore, any citizen of the state that opposes us who encourages the combat soldiers or expresses satisfaction over their actions is considered a pursuer and may be killed. Also, anyone who weakens our own state by word or similar action is considered a pursuer…Hindrances—babies are found many times in this situation. They block the way to rescue by their presence and do so completely by force. Nevertheless, they may be killed because their presence aids murder. There is justification for killing babies if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us, and in such a situation they may be harmed deliberately, and not only during combat with adults.”…In a chapter entitled “Deliberate harm to innocents,” the book explains that war is directled mainly against the pursuers, but those who belong to the enemy nation are also considered the enemy because they are assisting murderers..."

Khalid Amayreh said...

"Indeed, like Nazi Germany, which waged war on Europe and killed or caused the death of millions in the name of self-defense, Israel is doing the same thing by threatening and attacking its neighbors, especially the helpless Palestinians who have been trying for decades to rid themselves of the Nazi-like Israeli occupation of their country."


Anonymous said...

thank you les
your words always wise
too many men now days
just practice the divide
to aquire positions
in themselves where they
think they are free
brain maybe clever
but they just cannot see
delusion infected
most of this earth
I have been their myself
that place in the dirt
I dragged myself out
pulled myself back together
I always felt love
but it was
locked in the cellar
where I come from
in this little town
crowd follows crowd
to delusion sound
I tried to tell them
but they just can not see
they are all locked up
but they think they are free
its getting late
got to go to work in the morning
I will probably go completely
tired and yawning
I will have a think about this petri dish through out the day
tomorrow I will be back
with something different to say
so I send my love
to all out there
I know underneath
most people care
they are afraid
they just wont show it
so I send love to all
its up to you
please grow it

nina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

"It is a profound wonder that those possessed of great intelligence and various other seemingly desirable abilities would choose to serve what will surely destroy them."

We must keep in mind these individuals you refer to AREN'T HUMAN. Some are clones who are programmed to act that way. Look at them as androids. Sounds far fetched but think of all the blood on their hands. Could you start wars that kill and maim millions, steal people's livelihood, murder children, start plagues etc. all for personal gain when you already have more than you could possibly spend? Think about this man, they wouldn't hesitate to murder you to change their dollar signs in a computer. It is unreal, more than crazy, planet of the apes. Call them lizards if you like. They are soulless, don't possess human empathy/intellect. An alien intelligence. When soulless entities die that is the end of the line for them. No hell, no karma, no reincarnation they are made as if they never were. That is why they seek pleasure and grab as much as they can while they are here. (note all clones may not realize their predicament) It is now or never. In a way they should be pitied, but with all that blood on their hands it would take a saint. Once you know the score, just keep your distance, don't cooperate, and stay in the light.

Is it possible to eventually raise our vibrations to such an extent that we completely disappear from their reality. They are left thinking their bioweapons etc. were such a stunning success it must have killed all of us. So now they can turn on each other. The last man standing with the biggest number in that computer wins!


reenie said...

I always love when you write "late at night" that is when I really get it. Reenie

Anonymous said...

I get afirmation from this when reading, it is spine tingling. Now I know why I have had about thirty jobs of some duration in what can laughingly described as my working life.Aquainted with rich and poor but the poor seem cleaner.Times that produced Les Visible are interesting and terrible together.Try the dodecahedron for a universal geometric tonic. as ever, rubbell.

the BCth said...

Once again, you hit upon a theme that runs through my own thoughts of the moment. Selfless service as the key to the kingdom. Humbly and wholeheartedly committing one's entire being to the purpose of serving others is indeed the key. When one makes that commitment from the bottom of one's heart, without ulterior motives of selfish desire, Heaven eases one's way forward through synchronicity, giving one the opportunity to make good upon that commitment. How could it be otherwise? I see how this has held true for others time and again.

I wrote a prayer for myself here, but lost the text. This also teaches me humility. "Pray not as the hypocrites, who stand on the street corner crying in a loud voice that they may be heard of men. Whisper unto your Lord in secret, and he who hears in secret will reward you openly." (I think that's a close enough approximation of the quote.)

the BCth said...

Let me follow that up with a relevant link:

Thank you, Les. You are a servant of God.

Anonymous said...

vidyāṁ cāvidyāṁ ca yas
tad vedobhayaṁ saha
avidyayā mṛtyuṁ tīrtvā
vidyayāmṛtam aśnute

"Only one who can learn the process of nescience and that of transcendental knowledge side by side can transcend the influence of repeated birth and death and enjoy the full blessings of immortality." [Śrī Īśopaniṣad, Mantra 11]

We are already immortal spirit souls by constitution; nothing can change that. The real question is, "What are you going to do with your eternity?" Ride round and round the merry-go-round of karma and rebirth, or learn to perceive actual reality and get out?

Les, is right: the key to actual spiritual life is humility and service. This is true whatever your theological orientation happens to be. My spiritual master used to say, "Deserve, then desire." You come to deserve the favor of the Almighty by being of service.

And I'm not talking about walking old ladies across the street, although that does count for something. I mean the far more profound service of facilitating other people's spiritual advancement. If you can dedicate yourself to that service, you get to deserve some very desirable desires.

Joe Bloggs said...

You're more than allwrite, Les - you're... unutterably ...

Anyway; back to bigold ImportO me. This one got writ by itself right after having read your thoughts, and the comments, on self-interest and the keys - a subject dear tomb me. It was probably an ok text until it passed through my squidgelly handpixeling; here are the sorry remains:

Surf's up
Jump right in
Serf's are out
Reserve your discipline
For yourselfservice & satisfiction
Is only any good if others are observed
Foaming over with recreative-funlove&light

ThinkingWolf said...


"If the American people ever find out what we have done to them, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us."


You'd have to pry them off the couch first.

Anonymous said...

thank you les i can hear the cicadas rubbing their wings outside my window

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

The Straight and the Narrow and the Long and Winding Road.

Unknown said...

Hey Les, once again, in full sync with the all...

If you've never seen this series, I suggest you watch it, there were only 2 seasons made and it's well worth the time; It's entitled TRUE BLOOD, and you'll find it on TVSHACK.NET.

My son suggested it and I literally stayed up to watch through the 20 something episodes. The intersting stuff picks up after a few episodes, but in my evaluation, it is a perfect allegory of what we are going through, and that is starting to surface to our awareness. It depicts those forces from higher world, as ever present and, well, enough said, enjoy!

I havent owned a TV set since 1979 personnally, but with the Internet I do some catching up from time to time.


Blood! Ahaha... Or is it Dawg?!

Anonymous said...

"Any true lightworker has nothing to fear from this agency. The single fear that is the concern of any lightworker is their own weakness and susceptibility to self interest."

"We possess as much wisdom as we have surrendered our self interest to acquire."

Just the best of words to share Les!!!! Thank you for taking the time to help others do this!!!!

Anonymous said...

for every child they kill
every adult they confuse with hate
upon their mission
through life to dictate
sacrificing lives for
some psychopathic domain
they may feel something
myself I call it insane
but their insanity
it grows me stronger
my compassion grows
through these days I wander
wandering back to the absolute
the root of everything
the total truth
I know I know nothing
that doesnt matter
as long as I do my work
with these seeds scatter
one day maybe one
will grow take root
truth seeds planted with
love bare fruit
I know a lot of people
run me down
I dont mind thats ok
I've been earth mother found
and my love for earth
that is my duty
to help her,love her,
I see her beauty

Anonymous said...

Wow, Lesji -

As they say: "nail, hammer, bang" and DEEP PENETRATION too!
No apology necessary, cause the crucial wisdom, unveiling, and insight is right there waiting for the expressing and expounding. Might as well let it flow...

But, as the subject is selfless service (in part), I can't help remaining aware of the Boddhisatva Vow and those who work from that place as opposed to "getting off the merry-go-round". Where would we be without them? There's also the limitless possibilities of beauty-creation available here (without the "ownership"), which some of the master lineage artists I have known express no desire to forego. I also tend toward that sentiment.
Anyway, 1000 thanks.


Todd said...

Wise writing indeed, Visible.

Leviticus 17
[10] And whatsoever man there be of the house of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn among you, that eateth any manner of blood; I will even set my face against that soul that eateth blood, and will cut him off from among his people.
[11] For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul .
[12] Therefore I said unto the children of Israel, No soul of you shall eat blood, neither shall any stranger that sojourneth among you eat blood.
[13] And whatsoever man there be of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn among you, which hunteth and catcheth any beast or fowl that may be eaten; he shall even pour out the blood thereof, and cover it with dust.
[14] For it is the life of all flesh; the blood of it is for the life thereof: therefore I said unto the children of Israel, Ye shall eat the blood of no manner of flesh: for the life of all flesh is the blood thereof: whosoever eateth it shall be cut off

Better Built Craftsman LLC said...

XX/XX/XX a thursday

some no-name desert wash
tucked in the arms of an arroyo
i recollect a cactus

sought by sightseekers after
a door to the fourth popped open for a dime-men
shunned by the safe and sane society

dose mystic tourists with fleshy brew
kamikaze color bombs startle rods and cones
cortex visual aid ignited, stem impact in:

T minus 5 arbitrary units of measure

honed steel grip cramps guts
expected projectile purge of spirits --
evil or otherwise -- thrown to thirsty earth


suspended slide forward into vacant space
tethered by one frayed ropy nerve
a bungeeless plunge off the step snappy
32ft per second/per second whack


thick walk through molasses grass
the saurasaur dewdroppedin andohfuck
Godhandle renders the 3 dimensional daily
refracted lightening from every angel


towering eyeful of impression
a swirly world awry, welcome
to the state-line of the psychonscience



hi, les

Anonymous said...

Melisande --

WHEN THE AYUHUASCA SPIRIT SPEAKS -- you sure know how to listen

Luv 'ya darlin'


Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

When the Dog Poet gets his Flying Saucer Back.

Visible said...

Is that what I was noticing?

I knew it resonated and I knew I liked it but I didn't know why.

Anonymous said...

As one with an aversion to the idea of serving a master of any sort, it is difficult to describe my agreement with what you say, yet agree I do.


wv: weadie, chine

Satan said...

That which has a body must know death, since all bodies decay and eventually die, and is therefore not immortal. One must relinquish body to know immortality. Without body or forms, there can be no time (duration of conscious perception of changing forms).

It follows that one must become formless and timeless to become immortal. Without form and time, can you really say there is any sense of consciousness? It appears that immortality implies no consciousness or non-existence.

The formless and timeless Infinite Creator, from which all existence springs, actually does not exist (duality). When Humanity was given Free Will, death of body went from waking from a dream to dissolution of ego, the latter being much more horrifying. Enlightenment or entering Heaven is tantamount to ceasing to exist.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Les! and thank you brother! I believe that charity should be anonymous, therefore I can relate this experience...and remain so. In the district where I work I have witnessed a man who is filthy, down and out, yet I have NEVER seen him solicit anyone for money. I have witnessed this soul picking through garbage cans...especially near the McDonalds down the street. This past Saturday I saw him across the street and approached him. I said, "hello...I've seen you around for a while and I want to help you!" he appeared apprehensive but non-confrontational, "oh yeah.." was his response. I reached into my pocket and gave him some cash. He didn't grab at it. he gracefully took it from my hand and said with WIDE EYES, "THANKS!!" I said "you're welcome!" and then I walked away. I felt like a millionaire!!!

gurnygob said...

Hi Les. I'm going to copy and paste this latest post of yours into a word document and leave it on my desktop so that I can read it over, time and time, again. You have touched on things close to my heart in ways that I could never explain.
This, for me, is one of the best pieces of writing I have read in a very long time.
Just one thing I would like to bring out to the attention of your readers and that is the appalling numbers of ABORTION carried out in this so-called civilized world we live in today. The blood of million upon millions of innocents has soaked the earth and has seeped into her very heart. The very earth herself cries out for justices for these, yet people still think that Abortion is a choice or a right. Abortion was hatched in the depths of hell and along with a few other nasty practises keeps the world in perpetual woe. I remember a few words someone once said that went something like this..."A nation that kills its own children has no future". The Earth, the stars, everything, was made by God and by conscience has some of His spirit in it. In other words the earth is more than just a lump of dirt floating around in space. It is a spiritual being. Something Holy and it is sick with the stench of human sacrifice called abortion. God our Father is a loving God but what few seem to realise is that true love demands true justices. Now consider the justices coming from God for the innocent blood that is spilled on the sacrificial table of the NWO and offered to the ruler of this earth for certain favours. 50.000.000 ABORTIONS each year is a lot of justices coming our way. Those who have had an abortion need only repent and seek forgiveness as do those who perform abortion, but there are others who know what abortion really is and it is they who will suffer the most.
I didn’t mean for this comment to turn into a “pro-life” call, but it did.
There is so much more in this latest post. There is a depth in it that will cause me some considerable pondering and my hope is that others will think deeply on this one and not just comment for the sake of it.
Great post Les.

Odin's Raven said...

T.S.Eliot, in verse IV of Little Gidding

The dove descending breaks the air
With flame of incandescent terror
Of which the tongues declare
The one discharge from sin and error.
The only hope, or else despair
Lies in the choice of pyre of pyre—
To be redeemed from fire by fire.

Who then devised the torment? Love.
Love is the unfamiliar Name
Behind the hands that wove
The intolerable shirt of flame
Which human power cannot remove.
We only live, only suspire
Consumed by either fire or fire.

and V ...
And all shall be well and
All manner of thing shall be well
When the tongues of flame are in-folded
Into the crowned knot of fire
And the fire and the rose are one.

Anonymous said...

I must say your posts are getting better and better by which I mean they are approaching an ultimate truth which we have been brainwashed out of. But things are happening. I like your metaphysical wanderings. But just remember, wherever you walk there are minefields. Sometimes it is better to be patient like a sharpshooter until you the target squarely at dead center. Let us know when you figure out what this war is really all about and what kind of a war it actually is and the only way it can be won. At that time we will be victorious.

Zoner said...

I always know when the sharp stick has reached its mark when the urge to jump up and yell a bit arrives.
(Oh, you naughty reactionary mind!)

Your words often make it seem such a simple task, casting off desire and self-interest, but why then does it constantly elude? Why does it get HARDER to let go?

Small self says "Not smart enough, not trying hard enough, didn't read the right book or blog posting".

Where are the Realized Masters these days? Is there any help coming, or are we on our own here?

Smaller self says "I want it, gimme. Right now!".

Smallest self wants the fuck out of this deal. Game over.

Yeah, it's under control. Sure, "out there" is no match for what resides within.

The Sun rose today, and breath is making its way in and out while the blood still flows (well, as best it can under the circumstances).

I guess another opportunity presents itself?

Thank you for the gentle prodding.
Please just tell me this doesn't go on forever. The air must be cleared so we can SEE for once!


Anonymous said...

Your "Pollyanna condition" is a most power and welcome gift, thanks man. Dont stop, we get to choose how the react to things and Pollyanna is the best way!(smile) The line in white Xmas from the general is the best; "When you dont know what your talking about, you might as well to positive about it"
The Fool



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