Friday, March 26, 2010

It's not a Total Wasteland Yet

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It’s some kind of a trend. I’ve been noticing it for awhile; a year or two, maybe more. Lately the incidents have been getting more frequent. Is it a population increase or are they just getting louder? Someone showed up at my seldom visited Facebook page last night, wishing to harangue me about giving Avatar a positive. He hadn’t seen the movie but he knew all about it. It was a blatant rip off of Dances with Wolves and also Smurfs and Fern Gully. I don’t know much about these last two. I think they’re children’s movies.

He wasn’t going to see the movie because, he says, Rupert Murdoch financed it. I don’t know the real details about this. I think Murdoch might own 20th Century Fox but as far as I know, financing comes from all over the place. Like I said, I don’t know. Then I started hearing about James Cameron being an illuminati and 33rd degree mason filmmaker. There was a certain amount of virulence going on. I suggested that the posters should look very carefully at everything they buy; the car they drive, the roads they ride on, the places they eat, the food they eat, the beverages they drink and I am certain they would find that they were supporting the same kind of corporations many times every day.

From what I hear, Picasso was a ruthless sonofabitch and I’ve heard negative things about many famous artists. I have seen some of it too. I’ll wager that a pretty good portion of well known artists are no different than politicians and religious figures. Self interest rules the days in most cases. Regardless, Picasso was a great artist and his work endures. Maybe you have to be a selfish hard ass simply to survive in that world. I don’t know, not having been put to the test in that way in recent memory.

The individuals sneering at me on my wall at Facebook are part of, what appears to be, a growing breed of individuals who think just about everyone is either consciously evil or an unconscious sheep. It looks to me like only they and their close associates are free of taint. I expect as this viral condition intensifies they might begin to denounce themselves as well (grin).

Recently we’ve heard a lot here about the possibility of me being an agent of Satan or employed by something called The New Age to assist in the proliferation of NWO and Masonic/illuminati philosophies that are all part of a conspiracy of darkness that covers the Earth from pole to pole. It appears to exist in nano form in the air we breathe and the water we drink. It’s in our minds. Its representatives travel the interior of our body from mouth to rectum like Stanley looking for Livingston. “You can imagine some illuminati agent climbing out of your rear end and saying to his comrade, “I don’t know Fred, this doesn’t look like The Belgian Congo but that last stretch might have been it.”

I don’t know what the persona of James Cameron has to do with the movie Avatar. I don’t know what Picasso’s personal life has to do with his paintings. Filmmaking, painting, tool and die work and even accounting all operate according to certain rules. You’re either good at your job or you aren’t. When you are great, it’s because inspiration enters the mix and that is more likely to be found in the field of art than in tool and die and accountancy.

I enjoyed Avatar like I have many things that pass quickly in and out of my life. I haven’t thought much about it since. This seems to be some kind of new strain of political correctness; like the recent flu strains that are half pig, half dung slug and half Paul Wolfowitz. These people, like the Jacobins, make their life a dreary place by running around screaming “j’accuse” every two minutes like a meth-head with Tourettes.

I might have a private opinion about famous rock stars who accept knighthoods from The Queen and run around calling themselves Sir Paul but it really isn’t any of my business. It isn’t any of my business if Mick Jagger hits all the fashion shows so he can bang the heroin models. One could make a case that much of Jagger’s work was satanically influenced but professionally that band was at a very high (or low- if you prefer) level. I was never much of a fan of theirs but I recognize competency and ability.

I can’t stand the films of Ingmar Bergman and he was another prime sonofabitch in his personal life but I respect that many other people enjoy his films after a chatty evening of white wine and modern art. I’ve no use for most modern art, which I wouldn’t call art by any definition but people see things I don’t. Not everyone is me or has to conform to my standards; providing I have any.

A lot of people running around and talking about the New World Order; illuminati, Masons, Satanists, New Agers and what have you do not have a firm grip on their subject matter. I have next to zero use for the way the bankers in white yoga pants and Nehru jackets make their money or in the things they preach but I try not to throw the baby out with the bathwater; mostly because they stole a lot of their material from traditions I do believe in and I’ve no cause to reject things that are true on their own merits.

Good and evil are very often relative and change places as the times change. A number of things that were formerly considered evil have become useful tools of humanity. Even those serving their own self interest and under the influence of forces inimical to humanity do good things, even if they are unintentional. The divine turns everything to his purposes and that is the key. That is the key. We’ve got a lot of wild-eyed Don Quixote’s running around tilting at windmills that they think are dragons and they’re not saving the world from what I can see.

Everyone is not evil. Not even all the priests and politicians are evil. The Catholic Church is a circus of pederasts and its done horrible things over the centuries but it’s done a lot of good too. Its time is passing. The time of so many institutions and traditions are being reconstituted into something new and alive but... in time... these things will turn out the same.

Somehow we have got to try to see the silver linings and have more fun with our lives because a benevolent all powerful consciousness really is in control of everything and “be not deceived, even the devil is turned into an angel of light at the given moment” No doubt people can find a lot to pick at here and no doubt things said here can be misread and taken out of context but I think there’s some real truth to be had with a little focused sifting.

We can’t just sit around thinking the world is completely crap. We don’t know what’s coming and maybe each day is influenced by what we think and say and do, more than we realize. The darkness wins if we give it power. The greater power is within. Like the scripture says, “greater is that which is within you than that which is in the world” Dark and heavy times are moments of great challenge. This is when we show our mettle and rise to the occasion. We’d be a lot better off if we handed out encouragement like sweets at Easter. We wouldn’t live in a self created mind-world of apparitions and fears if we were helping out where needed and serving as we go.

If we could only forget ourselves we might be of real use to others and help to make at least our part of the world a better place to live in. We carry our world wherever we go like a snail carries its home on its back. We are ambassadors for our world in everything we say and do. The proof of the power of any of our worlds is in the good it can do for the other worlds that come and go by us like ships in the night. We can sit around lamenting like Minever Cheevy or we can shine a light into the darkness of this world. That’s the job of stars.

We are given this life to see what we will do with it and we each have our shares of crisis, loss and disappointment. Many people give up in the face of these but something illumined and priceless awaits those who soldier on. We’re not meant to stay here and that’s a good thing to keep in mind. Remember that you’re just passing through to your bright home- to worlds and moment’s unimagined now- and it won’t weigh so heavy nor seem so dark.

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Anthony said...

Hi Les,

I think it is useful to write what you did.

Evil is Evil and our child raping, mass murdering, devil worshiping overlords qualify as such by most standards.

But they do have a function and at the end of the day they even serve love, whether they realize and/or like it or not.

I don't like to say it, just like I don't like praying for them (which I do), but it is true.

I found their 'raison d'être' in a funny little book, the Science of Getting Rich.

He casually explained the Rockefellers et alia prevent anarchy and that that is more important than their blatant crimes.

Considering the fact that since people so despise taking control of their lives, they leave an immense powervacuum which MUST be filled because of natural law, it is hard to disagree with him.

Anarchy is worse than slow genocide, because it is quick genocide.

Of course, quick genocide is coming, our time giving away our power is up, but we have been blessed with just slow murder and slavery as a result of the powerhunger of the Rothschilds.

Strange, but true................

Unknown said...

Les, you have a gift for saying what needs to be said when it needs to be said.

Thank you,


paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les,

Those who are influential should always be scrutinized to a degree, as I have In my mind, you are what you say you are and I concur with most of what you write. But I always hold the possibility that you are not. Thy cynical italian I am. No one should ever submit completely to any philosopher, prophet or leader.

As for satanic... I do not believe you are. You seem to be clearly and consistently on the side of goodwill.

paolocaruso said...


Regarding satan worshipers. I had this strange woman as a neighbor, who used to post crucifixes, rosaries and pictures of Jesus on her front and back door. I would often catch her praying to the statue of la Madonna in the garden. But then I would see her wearing black capes, sometimes with a bright red hood. She always wore hoods, and dressed for winter even in the summer. She had candles all over her porch, with pieces of amethysts, and freaky face masks.

I kind of think that she worshiping on both sides of the fence.. or wherever she can feed her spiritual needs. Nonostante, quella tizia mi faceva venire un po'dell'angoscia.

Murphy151 said...

Hi Les,

It needed to be said and well, it just so happens that you say it very well indeed. I particularly liked the quote about the 'world within us being greater than the world outside of us', that is why I think love such is a powerful weapon; to be able to give without an expectation of reward is the way of the divine. If more of us followed this way, things would change quite dramatically very quickly.

Undoubtedly, modern life and consumerism distracts us by developing ambivalence towards each other.

You are correct, we should stop and make a conscious effort to see the positives as it should illuminate a divine path to take rather than the jumble of emotions negativity brings out leading to nowhere.

I note that the optimism in your writing lately has attracted some opposition. I think it is a sign of the times and it is to be expected for a 'surfer of the apocalypse' like you as your writing questions, probes, explains and challenges the status quo.

I know you are a resilient fellow and there are more of us in agreement with you than those who attack you so carry on!

Regards from the UK


Zoner said...

Thank you for this positive viewpoint - it has to be a balancing act, no, or else we fall?

There is a great opportunity currently, as well, in these times of darkness. Expressions of love carry more weight, it would seem. To reach out and commit acts of kindness and leave as much beauty in your wake as you walk among the frightened masses, and observe how far the ripples expand outward, has taken on a new dimension, even in my too infrequent and feeble attempts to counter the ills of the world. As heavy as it is, it only provides greater opportunity for healing and gratitude for whatever we are given.

Spring has arrived, and it seems as if everything I would ever need to know about the world can be observed in my immediate surroundings, if only the time is spent in silent observation.

This is the reason for abandoning the days of old spent scouring the 'net for answers and problems. There are no end to both available, and a complete contradiction of any belief structure or "truth"(with pictures!) can be found so what is the point?

This time it's personal. And beautiful as well, in spite of it all.

Thank you, Visible, for manning the scales.


Anonymous said...

Les Thanks

"If we could only forget ourselves we might be of real use to others and help to make at least our part of the world a better place to live in."

What important and wise ideas youve shared today.
Ill see much of the darkness and worry youve talked about and many time just push it along myself. Its hard to talk about events without some pain and fear but youre correct the last words out of our mouths should be love.

The Fool

Neko Kinoshita said...


Thank you, I really needed to hear this today.

Anonymous said...

And don't ever forget the best thing(s) in life are FREE.

Like the Maha-Mantra.

Anonymous said...

Somebody informed me that today (3/26) is "World Dance Anywhere Day" - 3pm NYC, 8pm Paris, etc.
Sounds good to me.


abe said...

Good stuff as usual Les. Any chance of getting your thoughts on the Anunaki? This really added something to my perpective. I think it jives with what you've been saying:

Also got a Cliff's notes version:

Of course if all that's true- it would make Enki and Enlil the first manifestations of Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca, on this planet at least. Good reading either way....

Anonymous said...

The people who seek peace and higher consciousness and silence move inward through meditation or beautiful art,great music. Those who seek entertainment or mind entrapment seek pleasure through outside stimulation .Their music is always loud and discordant just as our culture has become. This gross art feeds our egos , its like heroin, addiction . Do you have withdrawal pains if you haven't seen the latest movie or your favorite idol. America worships its Silver Screen ,its fix for the day , the week . Have you noticed that there is less or no programing at all that increases real awareness or knowledge.

Jay Leno guests are always movie stars hawking their latest visual carnival. Its like some Barker on TV , "come on down" . Become engaged to Americas Reality show of murder , war , rape . enjoy yourself .Have a good time . But whatever you do , don't question the premise , Just turn off the logical side of your brain and absorb the propaganda as it flows directly from the screen into the subconscious.

Its the ideas behind AVATAR that people are upset about . It goes against the materialistic bent of the modern world . Imagine , that we human being can communicate with natures awareness through our linked DNA. Isn't that a sin?
Shame on you for seeing the beauty and infinite light of nature.Shame on you Cameron for making a beautiful visual experience that
wakes us up . Where's my low vibrations fix , I should of watched Inglorious Bastards , it won best movie.

Visible said...

Abe, I don't really have any info on Annunkai. I stopped sifting through the past before that came up on my screen. What I think I know is that some permutation of the same mindsets have always been employed at residing on the hilltop and plundering the valley.

In any case. It's all being exposed now. It amazes me that 'they' don't see what this implies.

Visible said...

One more thing. The same forces are messing with the blogs again and comments are disappearing. I can't even post articles unless I use work arounds and there are other things too. If you have problems then remember to email your comments to me and remember they can mess with emails too.

DTN8 said...

Hey Les,
I have visited your sites many times, they help me maintain a precarious buoyancy. Great article! ahrooooooooooo.

Franz said...

You got me reminiscing with this one Les:

"...Maybe you have to be a selfish hard ass simply to survive..."


One of the writers I met in the long-ago was poor dear Richard Brautigan, once famous for his hippie novels now long dead and totally forgotten. He blew his brains out with a shotgun in a shed after his books stopped selling and they didn't find his body for some weeks.

In the dustups and postmortems some of us who liked him searched for a clue, and one of us (can't remember who) said: "RICHARD WAS DAMN GOOD BUT HE DIDN'T HAVE THE CREATIVE ARROGANCE NECESSART TO SURVIVE..."

I thought YES that's the one I was looking for: Creative arrogance is the thing anyone with distinction needs or he/she will shrivel and die on the vine.

I bend metal, you write, she sculpts, but we all of us must think: I'm the best there is for this iron gate, that essay, this sculpted figure of Venus, or what the hell? It must be us or the job won't get done right, or even at all.

Creative arrogance cannot be confused with the OTHER arrogance which is what you're running into. It's the arrogance of ignorance dismissing what it is too timit to create for itself. The arrogance of the timid is what requires artists to develop armor, because it's a lot more common than creative arrogance.

Creative arrogance gets us somewhere and the arrogance of the timid tries to prevent it, from what I can see.

Visible said...

Thanks DTN8.

Frank; I remember Watermelon Sugar Man. What I remember most about him was his ending a book with the word 'mayonnaise'; something he said he always wanted to do.

Jamo said...

With enough resisting and resilient souls we won't become a total wasteland. Great post les you're kicking ass

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Les I have a comment disappear once in awhile. I don't get worked up about it, I know it isn't you so I just keep commenting.

I commented awhile back that I liked the Jefferson Airplane also and Grace Slick. Who could not like Grace and her son God Slick. I thought she was dynamite in my youth. Very attractive lady also.

I saw her do an interview a few years ago. She said yeah I did some crazy things. I can relate to that so did I. When they told my dear mother who is in the spirit world now what I was up to she probably flipped out. I am pretty sure she will never be back in this place. She was too innocent.

DTN8. I see we have another ahrooooo poster. Welcome aboard and Ahrrrooooooooo

Fellow Being said...

You don't have to read my babbling if you instead read the (Sura 35 Verses 2 to 8) of Quran, but I babble anyway!
The word “War” is not the opposite of “Peace”, not in our book, but Satan has a history of changing words and twisting meanings.

There is not a single action or thing in the universe that can be purely evil inherently or purely good inherently. In fact actions and events are all orphans and their alignment and type rest entirely on the contexts and intentions in which and by which they occur.

“Peace” should be the opposite of “Rotten” or “Messed up” or something that is against the divine purpose of human! To not wage a war against Satan is against peace and it is “Messed up”!

Sometimes you have to make war to reach peace while other times you have to avoid war to reach peace. And we all know that Satan is our enemy, because he messes things up by both war and avoidance of war. He wants to remove peace and the strange thing is he can do that both through “hate” and “love”. I am against those who preach only “love” or those who preach only “hate”! Things are not that easy.

We have to learn to see things beyond these misleading colors for what they really are. The act of killing is not inherently bad just as the act of saving a life is not inherently good!

Some things should be conserved and lovingly cared for while others should be violently destroyed! Only in the state of pure evil everything has to be changed and in the state of perfection everything has to be preserved ...and clearly we are in a mixed world, it is so much mixed that you see some Jews (Neturi Karta) are friends of Ahmadinejad while some Muslims are friends of Netanyahu. The dynamics of our world are so complex that one has to have a very Active Logic and reasoning to constantly recognize the good and avoid the bad and more importantly to detect Satan's plots.

Here is an analogy: In order to walk, one has to move one foot and then the other, to say that moving the left foot is always bad and moving the right is always good is pretty much to say don't walk at all.

Sometimes you have to stand still and sometimes you have to move, it is the timings and intentions that make these two harmful or beneficial. Actions are always relative, but this doesn't mean that there are no absolutes or constants or fixed unchanging principles.

Satan can ruin you even by Love! Never underestimate him! God can also save you by giving you a timely illness! Never underestimate him either! And don't see only the surface of these things.

God talked about Hell as much as Heaven in all the main three divine religions. Those who say “talk less about hell because it is a bad advertising method”, really have no clue.

One of Satan's effective tools of deception is to beautify things that are ugly. He pictures for you a beautiful life that in truth is rotten to the core.

You know very well that Muslims are accused of having many verses of hell, punishment, violence, jihad and war in Quran... I confess that there are indeed just as many as verses of heaven, reward, love and peace... and this is precisely the logical and rational requirement for a proper divine book! God does not want to guide people by advertisement! He does not want people to believe because of reward or to believe because of punishment, he gives varying degrees of both to people in order to test them.

And no doubt that everything is in God's control, but it is not meant to look too obvious! It is God that gives result to our actions! And seriously he has no interest in giving any real “results” to evil people in the world except to test those who believe in him and he has promised a speedy victory to those who stand firmly against evil, firstly at the individual level and then at social level. I have seen a few BIG examples in recent years.

Thanks for your attention

abe said...

Many thanks Dublin!

ravenise said...

Rothschildlandia hired an army of online 'soldiers,' some of them dressed as furbies, to conflict people & obfuscate the truth... Its possible that a couple of them may not have F.A.S.

Seeking the power of the light within as you put it... seems like a great idea.

I had a strange meeting last night. While meditating, I was getting messages from a kind of UFO. It seemed kind of pissed, so I decided to send it some positive vibes... immediately we entered into this positive magneto-feedback-loop, but for whatever reason things went to shit... and the UFO got pissed and jetted off into the night sky. I need to hone my concentration skills... Ah well. With time.

Better Built Craftsman LLC said...

Facebook. I don't really use it, who has time for all of this BS? But I do have an account with a very few close friends. Anyway, I was on Facebook the other day and on my "friend suggestion" thingie, there you were, Les. With no goddamned conceivable reason that out of the 459645465 million Facebook users you would pop up randomly. I really don't like the fact that my computer tracks the blogs that I read and tells Facebook all about it.

But I didn't say anything to your wall. I prefer talking to my own walls (they're great confidants!) :P

Verification word: eugmates

Will you be my eugmate, Les? lol

Visible said...

New Visible Origami up-

Saying Goodbye to the Same Old Same Old..

Anonymous said...

On Sitchin, Annunaki, etc

This site, run by a scholar, Michael Heiser, addresses the issues raised by Sitchin who has refused to debate him. Heiser says the seals and tablets on which Sitchin bases his edifice, were mis-read improbably by Sitchin.

The work of Cremo and Thompson, based on anomalous and ignored archaeological findings, would suggest that human civilisations existed hundreds of thousands of years back in time. Not within the time-frame of the Annunaki constructs. Downoad the book free

There are mythologies other than those of West Asia, which have other cosmologies. There’s evidence that some SE Asian myths and genes (populations) moved west, after the sinking of Sundaland, the landmass extending south and east from SE Asia, says Stephen Oppenheimer in Eden in the East (1998), who also authored The Real Eve (2003).

The Navajo language (Dine) of the Navajos (Apaches de Nabahu) is considered by linguists to belong to the Athabaskan (Na Dene) family of languages. Both Sumerian and Navajo are typoligically similar - verb-final languages. They are not related genetically.

mick said...


If I were working for the Bad Guys, I would make a list
of names and yours would be right up at the top of it.
I'd take that list to my boss and say "We gotta take this
guy down right now."

Here is how I would attack you.

I would start by reading everything you've written, and I
would study your work until I loved it. You have to love
someone to be a perfect enemy.

The attack would come at your weakest point, which is your
connection to your readers. To reach them as well as you
do -- which is the reason you were at the top of my list
in the first place -- you have to leave yourself open to
them. We would use that.

The attack would come in the realm of religion, and would
be ia Christian-themed attack. Although you say that you
are primarily Hindu in your orientation, I believe I detect
a "soft spot" in your soul for Christianity. And anyway,
Hinduism is do damn complicated that it confuses even the

We would use many voices, and we would write letters
to you. We would never use anyone except people who
sincerely and utterly believe their roles. I am not sure
that anyone else, no matter how sophisticated, could
convince you.

We would tell you that we think *you're* the enemy. *You're*
Satanic, an Illuminati tool, etc. And we would fine-tune
the attack using your reactions.

Please note that we would not attempt to physically harm you,
at first, because we need, if at all possible, to get you to
burn out publicly.

If we can get you to engage with our letter-writers, to the
exclusion of your actual mission, we've almost won. We would
then fine-tune the attack, based on your reactions, to hold
your attention and keep provoking responses.

We can hold your attention because, fundamentally, you care
for your readers. You will think that you can help our
letter-writers by engaging with them, to "wake them up", etc.

If we can get the actual burnout, then we will come physically.
To make sure that there's no chance of a comeback. If we cannot
get the burnout, we will continue the attack until we at least
reduce your effectiveness to an acceptable level.

You're a powerful person or -- again -- you wouldn't be targeted
in the first place. You will have a lot of resistance to this, or
any, type of attack. But The Bad Guys are very, very good at this.
They've been doing it for a very long time.

I'm rooting for you.

----------------------------------- Mick Richfield .

TheSparkle said...

Howdy Mick. You always have the best information.

Abe, also regarding the Annunaki, Zechariah Sitchin's quote that strikes me is, 'Come, let us make the Adam in our image." Sitchin's interpretation is that 'primitive' man was present on Earth and that the Annunaki modified the DNA resulting in 'the Adam'. (paraphrase: The sons of god found the daughters of men fair and made children with them. There were giants in those days, men of renown.) Also search 'sons of god', 'sun gods' etc. I am also struck with Elizabeth Haich's 1953 book, "Initiation" which when taken with everything else on the subject, helps to fill in many details. Nassim Harramein's DVD (and an older free internet recording) lectures (6-8 hours?) give much insight also. These themes are reflected in the most ancient literature and oral traditions the world over, including Vedic, Nordic, Egyptian, Mespoptamian, American, African, Chinese, etc. If you like to read there is a wealth of information out there.

Still alive said...

I never go to the movies and I very seldom rent or watch movies but now that you mentioned Avatar I will have to give it a look.

Schoenen Tag aus irgendwo des Universums.

Sorry, I am trying to revive my poor German and just had to throw that in.

Joe Bloggs said...

Yodood, you said it!
Not as ill as you sometimes get but not bad, Les - not bad at all.
More like; wicked, man!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sideboard said...

I heard that Picasso paid for everything he bought with a personal check because nobody cashed his checks with his signature on them.

Anonymous said...

Les Ill play with this idea some? The Annunkai word is fully loaded with tons of ideas. The best way to start down this path is asking yourself if youre ready to find out that you are the "Annunkai." Sorry if this is too unclear, but is safer and healthier to look at ones self than read into things? Many have tried to relate the issue for us. Michael Tsarion does a great job I think?
The Fool

Visible said...

If I tried to look into everything that's out there I would have no time for anything else at all. So... I don't look into much of anything except myself. Nothing in the past is of much importance to me now. What is happening and what is coming are far more important and they aren't that important either (grin).

Anonymous said...

That is true Les but in the case of the Annunaki if the ancient manuscripts are right, they are not only our past but our future on planet earth.

The word around the campfire is they may be back. We are apparently descendants of the Nefilim/Annunaki and there was no chosen tribe, simply simply twelve tribes.

It was they who finally dismembered the all seeing eye on the great pyramid (Ninurta) exclaiming humanity should never have to be troubled by it again. There was a war of the Gods (Angels) and there are still places in the Sinai which are radioactive from a possible nuclear war. The question is are the descendants of the Nefilim stupid enought to do it again? The answer is probably yes.

The great pyramids and ziggurats around the world were most likely built by the original Nefilim and that is why we still don't have the technology used to build these type structures.

I don't want to get into a long dissertation on it but the native Americans still say they are not descendants of monkeys but their ancestors came from the stars. I am sure Abe will second this.

Visible said...

That has nothing to do with my lack of interest in one more story out of the endless stories that there are. It was my contention decades ago that some of us came from the stars and I've long maintained that there are star ships under the pyramids as reflected in my 1984 recording of Jews From Outer Space; not referring here to the self chosen members of the synagogue of Satan.

My comments contained no judgment at all. It just indicates that my interest does not lie in trying to find the truth in tales and explanations that no one agrees on.

My position is that if it is important for me to know something I will be told.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't trying to offend anyone I was only trying to add to the direction the conversation was headed. I did not broach the subject and was only trying to add to it.

It is always best to go by what is spontaneously revealed by spirit but I do not discount the benefits of a background in simple rote learning and familiarization with some of the great writings available. There are times when an intuitive reflection will simply clarify many of the so called great books we have read.

Of course this is just my opinion. Many of the native Americans mentioned that learning through books and learning from spirit were both good and lead in the same direction.

Visible said...

heh heh... now we're both saying the same thing. What I meant; without a back story, is that I've been through a lot of changes in the last year or two and they have often been not easy. These experiences seem to have thrown me into a state of personal helplessness against conditions so that, more and more, I have to just let things be whatever they are and just take whatever is being handed out.

As a result I just don't have a lot of interest in the intricacies of what may or may not have happened. It's enough for me to tread water and wait on the tide. I can feel the tide all the time. It's coming and bringing something that I can only prepare for and hope to be equal to.

I just have to go through each day the best I can. I'm not saying this very well. I just got up.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Convenient Media Rope-a-Dope with The Pope.

Anonymous said...

That's actually a quite excellent attitude, Les.

Lord knows...

Anonymous said...

Anyone can learn a lot from a Daitya...

Carissa said...

"Is it a population increase or are they just getting louder? Someone showed up at my seldom visited Facebook page last night, wishing to harangue me about giving Avatar a positive...."

I think they're just getting louder. The internet has evolved to give everybody a platform to spout their opinions, be it blog comments sections, messageboards, Facebook pages, etc. People are really taking advantage of that, for good and bad. Every website and blog nowadays has a comments section it seems, giving people a platform to be noisy. For my own website I don't have any areas where people can post commentary, or any sort of corresponding messageboard for discussion, which solves a LOT of problems right there! :D

Thanks for all your blogs, I really enjoy reading them.....

- Carissa

Anonymous said...
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