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Waiting on the Cosmic Ex-Lax

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According to a well known astrologer friend of mine, the week of 9/18 to 25- most inauspicious on the 20th- is a major crisis point for the nation of Israel and considering some of the things they have been up to over the course of time, any crisis is a good crisis when it comes to these people.

I don’t particularly want to talk about them today; talking about them makes me feel like I need a shower, even if I just took one. I get the sense that the world is in a state of constipation because many things that would have happened, haven’t happened because conditions changed on the way to their occurrence. So, like a crowded airport, planes of unlanded circumstance are in a holding pattern over the runways below.

I want Justice and I want Peace but it appears I can’t have one without the other; “no Justice, no Peace”, as the chant in the public park goes, outside the soundproofed windows of the apartments above. The rage in the streets below has gone toxic and any small provocation to anger is likely to light a conflagration that will consume both park and apartment building. From Karachi to Seattle, the tension is right up against it; the tension being the intransigence and rapacious acquisitiveness of the bloated and insatiable ruling classes, against the needs of the victimized public.

Because of the unyielding and imperial sense of entitlement that is assumed by the financial elite, the rest of society is losing everything. They are losing basic services, infrastructure maintenance, health services, retirement guarantees, the long ago lost union representation and most of those inherent truths granted them by The Constitution and The Bill of Rights and all of this has come because of the general accepted lie, concerning the origins of 9/11 and the actions taken in the follow up.

All the terrible changes that have placed a grey cloud over the day to day existence of the majority of the Earth’s people can be traced to that one day in 2001. In no time, this event, now proven to have been orchestrated and carried out in a joint effort between Israel and the American CIA- as well as elements of British intelligence and collaborators in other countries- has put the world in the loading zone outside the gates of the Concentration Camp Mind.

One day follows the next as humanity marches on the lip of a volcano. Onward they march in search of the mastery of others, with no thought of self mastery, which lies in the unremembered and unchallenged past, a realm of shadows and lies, a place where none of these things happened but are recorded as truth. We can hardly expect truth to bloom on the horizon when it grows in a landscape where it has never yet appeared. This is why truth appears as a savage monster when it arrives, because it bears no resemblance to the claims made about it and is destructive to all that we thought we knew.

I saw this at What Really Happened today and thought of what his country subjected him to. It made me think of Marlon Brando, Orson Welles and many other great artists that America and other countries have known. As soon as men like this begin to speak the truth they are no longer welcome in their country and are branded with evil terms that have no bearing on the veracity of anything they may have said, which diminishes their achievements and makes it impossible for them to be employed at their profession. Many great Americans like Henry Ford, Jack Kerouac and others have had their say and been marginalized for speaking truth to power. Now we are hearing about The Beatles and what they had to say about the thefts and slanders that they endured.

How much information supported by irrefutable evidence do we need to experience before the reality of our situation dawns upon us? I come across things like this on a regular basis. Anton Szandor Lavey makes more sense to me than most ministers of most religions and has some very surprising things to say. I’m not a fan of his philosophy but I listen to everyone. I think what he has to say in this video will present some things that certain readers here bring up on occasion. Try to see this video with a sense of humor which is how I do it. I’m not afraid of these people or these kinds of things so they have no impact on me.

Even so called real Satanists can’t hold a candle to the kind of people we’ve been talking about here because they still possess a certain kind of restraining morality. The khazars possess none. In Israel today we have a collection of the very worst genetic compositions that have ever existed on the face of the Earth. They would make Genghis Khan blush.

As I have said many times, this is the time of The Apocalypse. Now, all of the things that have been concealed by the evil threads, woven through the tapestry of an age, are being showcased for what they have done and the way they have altered our perception of the tapestry by their presence within it. It is their presence that has made our understanding of existence and our place within it into a lie. They transformed and made important, certain falsified records of history and used religious books for that purpose, with the knowledge that this would confer veracity upon their self-celebratory myths. Now, like sunlight breaking through dense foliage, the truth is making itself known and not all the efforts of the darkness can resist or contain it.

This appearance of truth is intensifying by the day and doing it exponentially and logarithmically, as it both intensifies and is the beneficiary of an ever increasing speeding up of time, due to the movement of the planet into a certain position in the cosmos. An apocalypse appears at the end of every age. There is no difference between an age and a movie or a book. It contains all of the same components and conditions which appear in the places you expect them to.... Climax, anti-climax-dénouement; I wouldn’t be surprised to see credits roll down the sky at the conclusion; ‘soundtrack mastered in Dolby and THX with surround sound’.

Take a look around you. What is it that keeps people from seeing what is to be seen everywhere? “Tsunamis, earthquakes, wars and all of the features of ancient prophecies; of course we’ve had these things a time or two before but seldom altogether as we have them now. Meanwhile some strange force is breaking upon the human consciousness and making a number of things clear to a certain number of us AND, some other force is turning over rocks, seemingly at random and exposing all sorts of things in a timely fashion. Evidences long hidden are jumping out of cobwebbed corners and convicting certain criminal people with their own words and records. The exponents of religions and governments are being nailed for any number of peccadilloes and crimes against both parishioners and the general public. All of this is taking place under the shadow of a long awaited time period, centering around a general date of 2012 which is recorded in the ancient records of civilizations around the world and no longer present.

While this is taking place the degree of materialism and epidemic self-interest is at a level never seen before. Stupidity has been elevated to the position of a norm and trivia and bad taste are considered to be an epitome of conformity. How can so much be so coincidentally present, in a condition of such pervasive irony and comic overstatement; if you can call that sort of thing funny? All of this is right in front of our eyes and becoming more visible with the hour and yet... and yet.

Some may think this is a post that didn’t need to be written and some may wonder what the overall point is that I was trying to make. It has to do with that waiting/constipation thing. Something is retarding near everything. Events that should have logically occurred already are dangling in a frustrated immobility, as if all of them were awaiting some signal happening that opens the canal locks for all of what must follow. I can feel this like I can feel the sun and the wind on my face. I sense that whenever, whatever, comes to pass there will be a sudden rush of events like nothing we have ever seen before and that it will be tied to the biggest mass awakening ever seen. I do not think this awakening will be connected to the events so much as just one more part of the collective transitioning to the next state.

I was sitting with my friend Yuka yesterday. We were playing guitar and singing Beatles songs which both of us love and, of course, the harmonies make the doing so much fun; not that I was anywhere near my best capacity, given that my voice comes and goes these days as it is being changed, apparently, as well. We spent a lot of time talking about these very things and it was arresting to me, how much the same observations kept coming up. I feel like the readership here could have all been in the room with us and it would have been the same thing.

As predicted, the membership at The New Shangri- La went over five hundred (501, this morning) and is increasing at a remarkable rate. I’ve been posting there now, as promised, and am hoping our core group is giving thought to the imminent appearance of a place to happen in. Hang in there.

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Anonymous said...

Wars and rumors of wars, I have my thoughts, but I can't put them into words as you can Les
Israel has shown us that it has no respect for international laws,
Killing under a white flag- OK, Killing in international waters- OK
Attacking Civilions - OK
Should we worry when this comes around to them? - Nope

Anonymous said...

I know most of us will end up ok--no matter what happens. I feel it.


Anonymous said...

I think Lennon's assassination was another demonstration of the "magic bullet".. Read more here:

Anonymous said...

Well said. I feel it too. I have no idea what will come of this but "something evil this way comes". Their masters have given the word and the "final push" is on. Maybe they have done the math and decided that they only need so many yacht washers, golf caddies and pool cleaners.
The "place" is a mess (the whole place) and, everywhere you look it resembles feudalism without the "nobles oblige". The question remains, will they all sit still for it? Maybe.
As you say, time will tell. We're along on this journey, like it or not. It IS theological. Nothing new here. The names have been changed to protect the guilty but it's right in the script. I suppose our confusion results from some belief that they will "announce" their complete mastery. Sort of "as of today you are all living in a complete totalitarian state, it really sucks to be you!". No, I think those with eyes to see already know that.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't enough about Charlie Chaplin. When was that movie made? Why did he look like Hitler? That speech sounded like it could have been a Hitler speech too. I never knew Charlie Chaplin was blackballed too. Was he one of the original founders of United Artists along with Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks Jr to fight the jew's monopoly? Were they all blackballed like that? You opened a can of worms there.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your writings, you have inspired the emotions of free thinking and revealed the real truth of the past and present. For all to see, to push forward the reality we are truly living.

Anonymous said...

Aquarius is now upon us. The outpouring of truth as the Great Opened Book to occur over the next two thousand years has already begun. The new body of higher understanding available to the consciousnesses of Man has already started unfolding and is rapidly expanding.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your writings and the links, appreciated.
Have you looked at the work of Michael Tsarion?

Zel said...

Perhaps this cosmic constipation Les speaks of is somehow related to the 100th monkey syndrome--assume for a moment, that a certain percentage of the population was close to the tipping point, when it comes to discerning the holographic/conciousness driven nature of the universe.

It is possible that the spirit is purposefully holding back the flood waters for a brief span of time, in cosmic terms, to allow this awareness to mature in those close to the finish line.

Or perhaps the constipation is a symptom of the same percentage of people closing in on the finish line, but stymied by blockages due to events in their past life/or lives if you believe in reincarnation.

In either case, an avalanche effect seems reasonable--the more people that cross the finish line, the easier they make it for the others, and the faster the progression of awareness overall.

I've been living out the movie Groundhog Day the past 5 years, and I also feel a finish line is fairly close ahead, though I can not begin to imagine what lies beyond that line.

Michael A. V. said...

Part I
Les, with all the crap I've talked to you in the past, I apologize and I want you to know that you have earned my respect with one of the statements you made in this article. "This is why truth appears as a savage monster when it arrives, because it bears no resemblance to the claims made about it and is destructive to all that we thought we knew." You are right about something else. Everything went out of balance. Certain events were not supposed to occur to people, places, and things and certain didn't occur involving persons, places and things. Things were majorly put out of balance. And because of that everything got exponentially worse. I can speak for myself when I say everything went wrong for me and I know things went wrong for many others of all faiths, backgrounds and ethnic origins. People just don't understand, and even if you tried to convince them and show them the light, you are right, they will label you as evil and destructive. When true healing and unifying light isn't allowed to do its thing, the darkness will prevail until the Almighty deems it is time for his final solution. And his solution is something no one wants. People will doubt it, but it is true.

Michael A. V. said...

Part II

Les, the only way this cycle of destruction will stop is when people start to empathize with each other. There are some that view empathy and emotions as a weakness but without that we lose our humanity. When you can sit there and watch something go wrong and watch someone suffer and do nothing you are not a human. It doesn't matter what faith you are if you have hate or apathy in you and hate everyone for not thinking or doing as you do. If you sit there and laugh at someone elses suffering or watching others lives get broken or ruined you are less then human and are a true psychopath. It is only when people understand the pain that each other feel that things will get better. Now that doesn't mean go and do wrong to those who have wronged you. This eye for an eye thing will really destroy the world and each other if we let it happen. From experience, I was wronged so much in my life and when I went acted vengeful it really only made matters worse. I have decided to forgive what was done to me because the things that occured can't be undone anyway and its the only way for me to move forward. This is a lesson humanity has to understand and incorporate before it is all to late. We are in this mess together and can move forward together or we can all shred each other to pieces until there are only a few left standing and the eternal ruler of the cosmos, the GOD of all has enough and decides that he will finish us all and bring all of us back to him. People can reject the hate that has ruined all us for so long and move forward in the right direction or let this neverending cycle of hatred, pain and wrongdoing consume us all. And it will consume us because hate is a poisonous virus that just keeps on spreading to those who are fooled by its guises. Sometimes hate comes in the name good, justice, fairness, etc., but it is just hate at it's core. I read something today about every faith preaching forgiveness but not a single person in the world or a part of those faiths chooses this practice and instead chooses vengance instead, and all this does is make things worse and wors. People really need to come out of the darkness because GOD knows its the only way. We will all see what course humanity, nations, faiths, and all genetic strands of the world choose to embrace, love or hate. If we choose love and the true light granted to all of that is inside of all of us, there will be a way, if we choose hatred, apathy and coldness, and vengefulness we will all stay on the course we are all on, but no one will accept as true, inside GOD's cattle car, on the way to his slaughterhouse. You're a good man Les, and as I said before, you have earned my respect and I hope you accept my apologies for insulting and demeaning you and and your views in the past, even though I still do disagree with some of what you view as correct.

Michael A. V.

Anonymous said...

Hello les and friends. I was doing an astro chart for a friend last week and we were working together on figuring it out with the ephemeris when 'things started going really wrong' in her life.

And when they started going 'right'. Anyway--- I was deep into the numbers and the cycles and 'saw' that when Uranus goes back into Aries in the spring of '11 that 'there will be a lighting bolt so big that it will totally shred what remains of the veil of delusions shrouding us from seeing what it is really in total control of our being able to see'.

I saw that 'lightning bolt' and it was so much more than that and got to pondering the next day about that vision and came out of that with 'Uranus' hmmm it will be a Uranium type bolt-not man made like a nuclear device... that will enable us all who are able, to see what has been controlling us for the currently known history of humanity. And we aren't going to be scared when we see-we're going to be pissed.

It is truly uncanny how many times our tribe is working something out and I read here and you and yours are totally in synchronicity. *smiles*

I have come across the 'lighting bolt' referenced a few times this past week in vastly different sources.

Uranus in Aries... it's a good thing.

the gardener

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up now and I think it is one of the better ones ever. Make sure you read the book I linked for you.

The Costumed Self in the Temporary World of Time.

covkid said...

Hi Les and all,

I've come to regard reflections in a petri dish as an existential version of Galadriels mirror.
The 'things that YET maybe',are slowly taking shape.Interesting times indeed.

Anonymous said...

"Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality" - Michael Ellner


Visible said...

Well said Zel... probably because it agrees very closely with my own thoughts (grin).


I can see where I occasionally annoy people. In some cases I do it on purpose. Hopefully the need for that is no longer what it was because I no longer feel the need to defend myself against something that I felt might compromise my usefulness to people (if there is any).

I hope you will read today's Visible Origami and also listen to the song, "Listening to God in the Morning".

Any criticism and apprehension that some people may feel for me is perfectly okay with me. I'm a work in progress and that is to be expected.


Yeah, there's quite some number of aspects and the like coming up. We don't have to worry about feeling responsible for making changes come. We're going to get a boatload.

You remember that major cross of about a month ago? I was thinking about that on the day of its greatest intensity and it struck me hard that I was expecting something and missing an important point about astrology. Quite often nothing happens on an expected day because that isn't what is going on.

What is going on is that something has arrived and has begun. It might mean that from that day on this condition will present itself in various ways in the future. I can't remember all of what I was thinking at the time, I just remember how it hit me.

gurnygob said...

Hi les I remember writing a comment some time ago about a place called Garabandal in northern Spain. Apparently Our Lady appeared there in the early 60s with a message for the world. Now before anyone jumps on me, I am not trying to promote catholic prophecy I just want to point out some things that seem to be falling into a very coincidental timeline. The visionaries of Garabandal say that god will give the world three signs. First will come a warning, then a miracle and lastly a chastisement which will be conditional and will depend on how people respond to the first two. Some of the visionaries have described the warning as some sort of revelation of self, like seeing ones self in the light of God and thus realising the need for a change of heart. All people will see or experience this at the same time no matter where they are in the world.
It will be an awakening of sorts of how we offend God in our dealing with each other. It will cause many to change their evil ways. There will of course be those who will try to explain it all away as some sort of mass hypnosis (for want of a better word) but people will know in their hearts that this will be direct from God. It is said that some will reform and some will just get worse thus sealing their fait for good or evil. The point I am trying to make is this. The visionaries say that all these things will take place within their own lifespan. Most are now in their sixties and one has died just last year. It is interesting to me that way back in the 1960s there was no talk of 2012 and all the stuff we hear today about a new awakening. Could it be that Garabandal and other prophecies, not only catholic, could all be tied together in some way like bits of a jigsaw puzzle that is near completion so that the whole picture is now coming into focus? It seems to me that people are beginning to understand the tapestry and the many intertwining threads that make up the picture of life and are making preparations accordingly. Of course there are still some threads hanging and some bits of the puzzle that have still to be worked out and TPTB are taking advantage of these missing pieces to manipulate the board to their own selfish agendas. Some people are trying to fit round pegs into square holes and causing a lot of confusion in the process. Some of TPTB (religious and otherwise) have been doing this for years in order to maintain their grip on power and I am under no allusion (as much as it pains me to say it having invested so much of my life in the catholic faith) that the Catholic Church is deeply involved along with other mainstream religious and world elites.

I just wonder if Garabandal and other prophecies, that now seem to be gathering pace towards fulfilment, are part of this worldwide awakening that is about to hit as we approach 2012???????????????????

Anonymous said...

Great post.

Visible said...

There's a new mini-post at Siamese Mirrors which is the open blog for those of you who wanted to be a part of it.

Dropping in.

Visible said...

That unpleasant dinner guest, Van Morrison said (no, it wasn't at my house). "Well here it comes. Here comes the night." Sorry Van, old news like that book Monkey on a Stick. We're talking dark underbellies here and I'll put this comment and link at all the sites because there it is for those who have the eyes to see it,
Holy Shit!.

Certainly this will be the next Smoking Mirrors (in progress).

Try to avail yourselves of the perspectives presented in today's Visible Origami in the same way you would use 3-D glasses to watch Avatar.

Okay... quiet on the set (explains the constipation). The actors are coming out of their trailers. Places! hovering etc.

Anonymous said...

I experienced a flat-screen enema earlier as I subjected myself to a portion of "The View". Whoopi Goldberg and Baba Walters, amongst others, fawned over their special guest. Some character named "Obama" who purports to be the president of the USA was the special guest on a rerun of The View. He waxed pathetically on "the greatest country in the world", the USA. Obama praised "his" policies that are going to stimulate economic growth as well as providing better health care etc. GROWTH...growth, growth, growth. Addiction to "growth", it's a cancer, it's economic viagra. Economists are so attached to the word that times of recession are referred to as "negative growth".

When is the penny going to DROP!? IS a defining moment coming when all the lies give way to the tragic outcome of such unprecedented deceit? Let's face it, it's "labour day" here in North America and good citizens are prepping their "kids" (goats have kids!) to start yet another new school year. Another year in the mill.

The unprecedented flow of information post 9/11 and its obviously flawed "official story" isn't changing a thing and I have reached the end of my tolerance for this charade and all the subsequent misery that was inflicted on countries and individuals that had nothing to do with the event....brought to their the "greatest country in the world"

I want to share in your optimism that the "cosmic exlax is indeed forthcoming". Yet I must confess that pessimism gains the upper hand as abject stupidity parades itself in the mainstream.

Anonymous said...

Les --

My idea of Shrangra-La is a cross between the Troubadour Courts of the Cathars in the South of France in the 11th century and Neil Young's vision of Sugar Moutain in 1969 Topanga Canyon where the barkers had colored balloons.


Anonymous said...

Capturing the tone of these times, and the feelings of many, thank you. How you manage to write these posts escapes me.

I've just come across this, which is astonishing. Whatever one may believe and wish to think, one cannot dismiss or ignore evidence, like the screen-shot below.

The author says he does not know how much was real and how much not.
In an interview with Fetzer, he said that many published photographs were all accessed for editing on the same date in February that year.
"When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." -Sherlock Holmes

Visible said...


you have my commiserations (interesting word) concerning your observations. Actuality, is that whatever you are magnetized to, you are connected with. Anyone get that?

iron filings?

true north?



"abracadabra" "presto", "Open Sesame"

where was I?

Offload doubt. check! bring in the faith containers... oh yeah... okay as long as I can remember not to bring coals to New Castle I'll be doing okay.

Help is on the way. Watch and see.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les! by God, I've read enough of your posts to know that you commiserate with me and others who have an acute sense of the magnitude of the lies and the pain. I certainly hope that my words are not perceived as whining.
It's almost tragic that when I discuss these matters with other folk I'm offered, "well, there's nothing you can do about it" as some sort of consolation yet it only augments a sense of frustration.

The collective vanity and indifference, particularly in North America, will come with tremendous be it.

right then, full speed ahead!

greg said...

Yeah, I remember watching the first tower burn on live TV , thinking ( as a pilot) "What a colossal fuck up!" . Then the second one stupefyingly hit and I thought,"It's all over".
And it is.
I'm an old timer and i have been watching this slow train coming for a long time. but i think that at this point, just before The Home Tree crashes to the ground, pretty much everyone who is going to wake up, has woken up. And they are getting themselves out of the line of fire as much as possible. Some who are intellectually awake, don't actually do anything about it.
I think there is going to be a cataclysm, whatever the way it manifests.Everything points to it.
Interestingly, in 2006 NASA released a report that they predict that there will be a massive solar storm in around 2012 (
The last storm like this predicted one occurred in 1859 and knocked out telegraph lines. There wasn't much other use of electricity. Imagine the damage to our computerized, electrified, electronic world if it happened now.
Maybe this is the Cosmic Solution. The civilization of the entire first and second world would instantly break down. The third world would hardly notice. People who are "awake" and take action ahead of time could make it. Those others in the cities,totally dependent on modern technology are going to have the flow of their day interrupted as George Carlin would say.
There would seem to be some cosmic Justice in this scenario.
I think this a real possibility, among others.

Visible said...

Yes Greg,

it is best to be where the food and water is. more importantly where the one is who makes it grow.

I'm doing my best in real time

Anonymous said...

Check these out for some astonishing facts and interpretations.

Visible said...

New Smoking Mirrors up-

Hey Buddy, Want to Buy a Watch?

Anonymous said...

"One day follows the next as humanity marches on the lip of a volcano. Onward they march in search of the mastery of others, with no thought of self mastery, which lies in the unremembered and unchallenged past, a realm of shadows and lies, a place where none of these things happened but are recorded as truth."

I read this post and then had to go outside and turn the sprinkler off before it flooded the yard.

I wondered how it is that my dogs, my cats, even the big monarch butterfly weaving by have such a better sense of self-mastery than we humans.

Is it our unique ability to think, to see the past, to worry about the future, that leads us away from mastering our present selves? My strongest spidey- sense is that self-mastery is the key and the path to survival in these strange times.

Time to observe the timelessness of nature around us and let her nurse us to health (of all kinds).


Anonymous said...

For those into this (reality described) all this Sun, Moon planetary actions... Barbara Hand Clow always does a nice synopsis every month on that thing that always happens-called a New Moon-where the Sun conjoins the Moon-and the energies are out there.

at the bottom of this page

I'm lighting my orange candle-pounding out some letters to the reality editors... determined to at the least get it documented that actions and non actions are not to my satisfaction. And if the deviant derelict thieving, lying, criminal murderous maniacs existing in my micro won't be held responsible for their actions then those paid the big bucks to handle them can be. :) wish me well

Winter is soon upon us-my fatherless child and this widow are not going to be left holding only the bag of bills if I have anything to say about it.
the gardener

Visible said...

2:05 well, it begs the question of why are you not offering me your insights into my own astro-schematic.

I do have Paypal (grin)

I would like to see some projections id you have the time.

ganeshapuja said...

"It has to do with that waiting/constipation thing. Something is retarding near everything. Events that should have logically occurred already are dangling in a frustrated immobility, as if all of them were awaiting some signal happening that opens the canal locks for all of what must follow. I can feel this like I can feel the sun and the wind on my face."

i always wondered how the fifth world would end; we've had ice, fire, water, and earth, what's left?

how 'bout two dollars on shite in the fifth? we drown in our own poo poo this time, a colonoscopy of the soul is coming, with a chilled corrects-it laxative.

we have met the fifth element, and she am us.

i feel what you feel, certainly in private matters. i get tantric about the whole mess: heat and pressure turn a lump of formless hope (me) into a diamond, with indestructable adamantine faith that every little thing gonna be all right. in that transmutation of hope; that a simple circle with a cross through it, found in all times in all lands, tells me that god's ultimate trick shot is being lined up, the money's on the table, take a big gulp of your sarsparilla, a big hit off your sensilmilla, and watch the fun unfold.

thanks for your lyrical take on things, as always, Les.

Anonymous said...

When the Power of Love overcomes The Love of Power. there will be peace.
Jimmi Hendrix


Odin's Raven said...

Here's an article about the nature of our evil elites.



Joseph Brenner

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