Monday, September 20, 2010

You have been Warned

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

You are warned that this is the Petri Dish and you should proceed no further if bad language and bad attitude upsets your ability to bend over for the ruling forces who are doing one heck of a job screwing up your world and leaving you to remain in that position with intense longing; all of that would be your own unless they have now come up with Genetically Modified Desire to be had, while being allowed to be the low man on the scrotum pole. I think that makes you a fluffer; not good enough to do the evil but definitely able to excite the evil to carry out its agenda.

This is a poem I wrote in the 70’s and my good friend Regis Mull; the greatest country western songwriter I have ever heard and also one of the most obnoxious attention whores I ever met, called me up the night after I delivered it at about 3 in the morning and said; no doubt behind half a quart of Jack Daniels, “Hey Les, the Pope is dead.”

“I know that Regis, I’m sleeping.”

“No, you don’t understand, the new Pope is dead”.

And so on and so forth...

So.... Please stop reading if bad words offend you. The truth has been known to use what anal retentives and those unable to attract suitable partners, because of squeamish tendencies, consider to be profane.

The truth has the luxury of not giving a shit. Here we go. You have been warned;

Perform something long needed on the guy with the funny hat


Fuck the old pope
And fuck the new pope
And fuck all popes in general
May they be knocked down from behind
And gang-fucked by terrorists daily

“Ah, come in Senator.”
“Good afternoon, General”
“May I offer you a drink?”
“Well, perhaps some sherry your grace-
And one or two of those small boys,
I find they concentrate the mind wonderfully

The conclave was held in the Popedome
Each Cardinal was given a fresh novice
Upon which to carve his ballot
Afterwards, the smoke from their burning
Ignited the hosts of rabble at the gate

“Monsignor, pray close the window
Crowds make the master excitable.”
Even now, his hooves were tapping nervously upon the dais
His shaggy horned head was pitching too and fro

Once the window was closed
They arose as one
And lined up at his rear
Where the ceremoniously kissed his little red asshole
Such is the manner of the great
Such are the rituals of the great
And those who would become so
From St.Peters to the Bohemian Grove
From Westphalia to the Bilderberger suite
So it is...
So it has always been
Popes Alexander and the Borgias were so informed
Honorius and Innocent
They knew the value of a dollar when there we only lire to be had

A recent Pope was so precipitate as to integrate the elect
What courage to have faced down tradition so early in the game
Certainly they awaked us to injustice
See how they seize the evil and make it register
In the black
From the very start

How grateful we are for the Pope
For the Cardinals in their little suits
(What do you think a rig like that goes for?)
And the good little Bishops
Who move only on the diagonal
And the rest
Only some of whom dine on brandy and cigars
And ride in Lincolns through dirty Mexican streets
Only due to the lack of tits on men
Did the Vatican miss being built in Tijuana

There is a saying in Zen;
“If you see the Buddha in the road,
Cut him down.”
Thus I take it to mean that external Buddha’s are a myth
So, should we not say;
“If one sees the Pope in the road to do the same,
for he must be an illusion”?
However, it is unlikely that we shall see him in the commonplace
Such honors are reserved for the singular few
Who do not smell
Who never sweat
Whose hair is never out of place

I have sat in Notre Dame
Our lady of empty space
And when stillness prevailed
Over the vendors and pigeons
Shuffling their relics from the cosmic privy
I have heard
The relentless screaming of heretical babies
Remorseless and unrepentant in their ways
I have heard the victims of Pizarro and Cortez
And the inquisition
Rivers of gold
Rivers of gold
God’s men must have gold and ceremony
For pompous displays of mumbo jumbo
Divorced from the pagan witch doctors
Only by the rapacity of their vision
Only by the stupendous grasp of their avaricious sexless minds
Which have transformed all of their desires
Into one insatiable soul sucking greed

This house of usurers
Providing documents of passage for the Fourth Reich
Fleeing the flames of Berlin
And yet serving the Synagogue of Satan who started the affair.

But there are other fires
No Pope can extinguish
Vatican passports and priesthoods in Hell
For the burners of Jews
Making up lies for the father of lies
Bad Karma for the Christ killers
To come upon, not only Hitler
But the Pope as well
(that font of overflowing compassion)
One only wishes the Pope would have been able to do something about
The money changers while he was trying to sodomize Saladin

What has changed since Luther nailed his shit to the door?

The distance of years always gives
A clarifying perspective
Up close
Right now
We are too often blind
How wise the Pope is
To counsel us on sex
A blind brain surgeon
A mute arpeggio
A deaf window on the land of the living
Vampires do not blush
Except while feeding

His edicts on birth control
Make him the biggest mass murderer of all time
Author of global starvation
Milking the endless bloody nickels of third world Hell

Fuck the Pope
Oh come let us fuck him
For he has fucked us
In extreme measure
In this lifetime or some other
Throughout the ages the church and state
Have sat with expanded gut
Over the common plate
Like pigs at the trough
They have done their special duty to God and man
Taking from the one
And holding in escrow for the other
God however is not their father
God has no need of such things
Could never author such things
Men are the authors
And when men are corrupt and mean and ferret like
When unmoving ignorance leads
They create the great anthropomorphic fool/
From glutinous power mad litanies
They call up out of the abyss
Their likeness
And they call it God
But it is not God
God has left them behind
From the moment they departed
God remained behind
And they stand
Holding up old bones
Dressed in their coffin bound glitter suits
And they hold up these dead things
And they say
They have the power of God
I spit on them

Their church is a tomb
It is a tomb of snakes
And spiders and wraiths
Of dead children and things that go bump in the sacristy
Of all manner of unnatural goings on
Hoarder of pornography
Spellman on Cohn’s boat –paraphrasing Churchill with buggery and the lash
Killings of saints
Torment of Michelangelo
Scourge of Galileo
Head chef to Giordano Bruno

This church
Filled with murmurs and groans and wailing
Curious scuttlings,
The sounds of a lizard climbing through the eyeholes of a skull
A gigantic lamia
A bloodsucking siphon machine
It eats hopes
It eats dreams
And it eats shit
It plunders and primps in the universal mirror

Back Satan!
I adjure thee
Back into the pit!
Take the gold
Gnaw on it in your darkness

ii Fuck the Pope uh huh uh huh

Fuck the Pope uh huh uh huh
Get down get down
Disco with the Pope
Pope’s got a brand new bag
Uh huh uh huh
And fuck the banks
And fuck the Swiss Exchange
And fuck the Club of Rome
And the men in the shadows
And the Trilateral Commission
And The Round Table
And the oil lords
And fuck Wal-Mart
And Montgomery Wards
Uh huh uh huh
Get down get down
And fuck the Rockefellers
And the anthrax letters
And fuck the moon shot
They filmed it in Colorado
Uh huh uh huh
Get down get down
And fuck atomic fallout
And fuck the discothèques
And fuck the governments
And fuck McDonalds
And Burger King
And fuck having it your way
And fuck all manner of not looking where you are going
And driving over the top of others
Fuck your jewelry and your deodorants
And your head full of cement
And fuck buying and selling and dealing
In crap with no value
To people with no taste
And fuck skateboards
And the entire Pepsi generation
And young girls with crotch cutting pants
(But I think that’s the point)
And tuna fish for brains
With the emotional depth of a gopher
Uh huh uh huh
Get Down get down
And fuck political correctness
And fuck Drudge and Geraldo
And all the sickies that muckrake
Into the lives of Gleam smiling androids
And fuck Disneyland
And fuck Rush Limbaugh
And Andy Warhol spitting some hopefuls cum into the limousine ashtray
And Fuck My Lee Cyrus
Somebody please!
And fuck the record companies
And fuck the morons on TV
And fuck the AMA and the pharmaceutical combines
And fuck the insurance companies
And fuck the Republicans
And all social Darvons and Valiums
And sensitivity insulators
And bullshit incubators
And God Bless all kinds of beautiful dreams and people
That this is not the time nor the poem for
And may they flourish forever
And God Bless every righteous endeavor
But fuck war
And fuck all merchants of fear
And fuck blind comfort oriented progress
And fuck all things that keep us in harness
And fuck all things that leave us heartsick and broke
And last
But not least
Fuck the Pope
And Monsanto
And the Rothschilds
And all the corporations
And and and and...

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis narrates:


Zoner said...

That's a lot of fucking to be sure.

Yet there is always more fucking to be done it seems. Always someone stepping up saying "Fuck me, too".

While thinking they are the ones who will be doling it out.

We'll see, I suppose. Well done. I am impressed with the thoroughness of your words and your stamina. Skateboards? Who knew?


Visible said...

Yeah, I updated it a tad but only about six or eight lines.

Visible said...

I have five times as many visitors now as I had in the past, 20 to 30 thousand per post. There are people who are annoyed with what they consider my intolerance at some of the commentators but they don't have access on tracking who those commentators are and I do. Some wish I would stay serene and above the fray but that would mean putting on a dhoti and staring off into space with a far away look of wisdom in my eye. Some would wish I would embrace their idea of some unnameable source of evil, as if H.P. Lovecraft were a source instead of a horrifically bad writer. Some might wish I were one thing and some might wish I were another and I am neither.

In the meantime, even before the New Shangri La has even had a chance it is already doomed to failure by those for whom failure is a graduate degree. i don't fail, I continue. We fail ourselves first and then we fail each other. If I were like every one else or gave a shit about being invited into polite company I would be as boring as polite company is.

In any case. there are 3 blogs, stay away from the ones you don't like.

Anonymous said...

To the blog owner:

This is disgusting - crass nonsense.

Not for many year have I borne witness to such a display of uneducated bilge.

It's Pax Vomitus Rendundum, not Rendundus. You should conjugate the verb correctly, then write it out 100 times.

That aside, the whole article and poem is brilliant. (Perhaps Neil could use this as a template on which to expand his own repertoire..?)



wv: pukdafope :-p

Anonymous said...

Couldn't read it all cause of my brain tumor but loved what I did read. Rock on Les been reading you for about a year now. I've shut em down no longer want what they are selling. Buying local, handing out what I can to the underclass, which in many cases are on a higher plane than myself..I refuse to stoop to signing my life away for welfare. I knew instinctively at age eight in 1966 it would get ugly.

nina said...

That was good Visible, reads especially well on a bed of posies. You could have us doing Pope2 vocals with fanny wags on stage right and you, spotlit in showers of pink and purple with your sunglasses, stage left, doing Pope1 in your clear bass speaking voice. Simultaneously.
Maybe intro with theramin on the warning before busting it all out.

Visible said...

The fact that I fucked up the conjugation but got the rend over the redu correct should be an indication that I have my Latin together, or should I give you the 64 progressions of the verb 'to carry'?

Sometimes you are being fucked with and sometimes it feels good and sometimes you get to feel good by pretending it is not happening.

Visible said...

Let me be perfectly clear about something. I put that poem up knowing that none of the people who link me will link it. I am tired of them and I am tired of the people who abuse you and I am tired of so many of you putting up with that abuse. I have been doing this on my dime for a long time with nothing to show for it on this plane and like I give a shit about that; I don't.

What I do give a shit about is where we are going and I will fucking be the dray horse in that respect.

I'm about to get together with some friends of mine and really shake this joint up. You be the judge of whether I am telling the truth or not. As we leave summer, let the allegorical perfection of my invisible friends choreograph the matter according to the seasons themselves.

I realize I am departing from the accepted parameters of what is allowed and expected. I can feel who is still with this and who has stepped away and I am well aware of the effect and affect of the thing entire. You are all in your own court of personal being. Let us see who has what when it has all been reduced to nothing but our wits, our potential and our sponsors.

chuckyman said...

In my humble mind I think I have scored a small victory if I do not fit in any of their pigeon holes – no label fits and the orthogonal peg won’t go in the round hole.

This really is a poem that will take many readings to attempt nuance Les. The initial shock factor builds along the way to an impassioned rage against thousands of years worth of betrayal and filth.

It is behooven on us to take it or leave it (pun intended). Truth – like war and death – is brutal. I can only hope to summon the courage every day to face a little more. When we hit the wall of cognitive dissonance then we have found a point of programmed resistance and we can show our mettle by facing that ‘truth’.

As for accepted parameters - all I can say is ‘I don’t know’. The time and energy put into all your blogs is enormous. Clear the temple, push the envelope, piss of the pedantic and kiss off the kiss ups. Only one way to find out.

Visible said...

You learn by doing, not by sitting on your ass. You learn by emulating and living by example, not by worshiping; friends, not master and servant.

One is the result of the risks taken, not by the skillful avoidance of the pain involved and later on talking about what one never experienced. If you have not walked into the darkness knowing the light is your friend and confidant then the darkness still awaits. I tremble for everyone who never took the chance.

Rebel 4E said...

Words can not begin to describe how shocked and offended I am. (O__o)

Watching the crowds fawning over the Pope on his recent U.K. visit was the highlight of my T.V watching week.

Fuck it!

DodgyOne said...

Some of the shit that went down -> by someone there at the time who managed to not get covered in it.

Heres one of those target things someone was asking for, death of a billion cuts is too good for some ->

A treasury of facts is to be found thereabouts !!

Les have you considered the implications of naming zionism as the mark of the beast ? Especialy to the befudled fundies who need to be rescued from there gullibility !!

Visible said...

And here I thought I had finally implicated the Catholics; I can't win. I know who the enemy is and I know which types he uses. I don't have a problem with the enemy. I am one of the angels who insures the destruction; no, I don't have a problem, everyone else does.. and they had better wake up or else.

DodgyOne said...

What would be a better blow than to strike at the trunk of zionism where the funds are sourced for the empowerment of the anti-christ state of parasites ?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to do!

hehe ;)

DaveS said...

Cupid recently preformed a lobotomy upon me and left a quivering mound of jello in the place where my small mind resided. Honestly, it's not so bad, but I don't have much attention span left to float down the internet highway.

When I do have the time and energy, I check in with Les and Co because... well you all know why.

Seriously, I sense a seriously serious change crackling fall leaves as it creeps closer to humanity's camp. The hunters are about to become the hunted... and I imagine those with the guns will be surprised to find the thing hunting them doesn't bleed.

Peace all,


wv: whayloid... I've been whayloid by love :)

Kurt G said...


thelevelshift said...

I thank you.

Much love and hugs everyone,


Anonymous said...

Hey Les
I don´t like Pepsi either.
´Prost´ says
the original Martin

kikz said...

daddy had a tshirt once upon a time, covered totally in such sentiments varying in font/color :)

wish i still had it.

one of my fav's on it; fuk the toothfairy >:)

y, i think it's good to identify the sources of ill will aimed at one, no matter how moldyoldy.

as far as sheer volume and longevity, the unholy see tops the list.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Les,...

I have always been a fan of poetry and am of the school that ‘thinks’ that a poem must be heard, that is to say delivered, by the author in order that the intonation and exclamation; the emotive aspects, are fairly expressed – sans this I always take the time to try to understand the import ‘for good or [my] bad’, so...

“Providing documents of passage for the Fourth Reich”

Definitely eretz israhell

“They create the great anthropomorphic fool/”

For me this is the lumpen climäter.

“No Pope can extinguish”

Our faith is not open to conjecture, regardless of the machinations of the Satanists.

I could go on, and on, as you are well aware, - to convolute the verb(grin).

What I would really appreciate is HEARING you read this poem; could you organise it without too much trouble?


the errant acolyte


Oh, by the way: anonymous@3:31 ‘martin’: It’s ‘reddendum’ not “rendendum”, it's not a verb, it's a noun: Neut. of L. reddendus - that must be given back or yielded, gerundive of reddere. See Reddition...

Martin; if you are going to be pedantic: BE PEDANTIC! Or, fuck up!

Anaughty Mouser said...

Thanks for the 'poem' Les.

The things that are really inportant in this life are the things you cannot take with you when you die.

You cannot take your money, your house, your car, your possesions, your degrees or your fame with you.
Only the things you can't take with you when you die are relevent in the eternal equation.

The devil or the evil force in this temporal world is distracting us with materialism from that which is really important.

Love, for lack of a better word, it is love. The love between parents and children, between family members, between partners and between friends.

Truth is a part of love because neither can really exist without the other.

Rothschild and the Pope and many others have been distracted by materialism. Following these 'leaders' leads to nothing of importance. Exactly what the devil desires.

Nothing material has any real meaning. What a wasted life it is to see who has the most toys when they die.

Love and truth have no religion. But they do have reverence and respect for that which is pure.

Organised religion has become completely materialistic and political, it no longer spiritual.

The devil is laughing at all the souls he is leading to waste their lives through organised religion.

Rothschild, Rockefeller, the Pope, the Zionists and many others are all on the road to nowhere.

That which is important is inside of us and right in front of us but we can't see it.

To hell with the devil and all his minions.


Anonymous said...

Les is more, uh-huh uh-huh


Anonymous said...

Evil wears many disguises but the stench is the same.

It is so easy for the sheeple to be sheep. Be there on all fours and well.. you know what. A man stands erect, stands his ground.

When they start to herd the shep towards the slaughterhouse they wil find a few surprises along the way. Man on two feet who stand erect!

Proud to be here Les!


Visible said...

You want that veritas with fire and brimstone and me beating my hand on the desktop as I run it off. You got it in a couple of days. I will put it up for download. May I also say I have a lot of video tapes decomposing of my tv shows that if someone has to tech and wants to I will send it to them and pay the expenses to get it digitalized. Some of it, most of it is very funny. I used to on at the same time as Saturday night live in the late 80's and early 90's when they sucked so bad I thought I would provide an alternative, worked so well I had to stop doing it and leave town, not chased out; wrong kind of fame for a temporary entertainment vehicle.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Les,...Brother; fire & brimstone ya say?! Ye so I want it; cooooeee!

the errant acolyte


Anonymous said...

My brother is dying from alcoholism. He might not see his next birthday. He surely will not make it to 50. He was molested by a pedophile priest when he was an alter boy. I never knew why my brother drank so heavily during high school. He could have been a good football player had it not been for his drinking. I never knew why my niece was acting out either. It wasn't until 10 years ago that my niece told my about my brother molesting her when she was 7 - he was 12 at the time.

Two lives totally fucked up by the fucking catholic church and their fucking pedophile priests. Pope sicko is a vile creature. He has no conscience, not a care in the world for the after affects of his vileness.

While my brother isn't long for this world, I am fighting for my niece's life. The pain and torment inside her won't go away. May the sick fuck of a Pope and his rotten puke priests rot in hell one day.

amarynth said...

Aargh sorry Les ... takes way too much energy to do all that. But the vision of that little red butt hole will stay with me for sure.

About the New Shangri La .. lose the losers. We have to start living in community for the next while. You know it, we all know it otherwise we can fuck who we want, and the fucking will never be complete. About those who say 'this won't work', they need to come up with a plan that will work and then make it work.

I owe you some photos and property description. Life has has been busy ... Will send as soon as I can. I would love to join the Italy thing for a while .. alas, family matters keep me otherwise occupied for now.

Anonymous said...

Scary, scary, so much sound and fury all around. Fear is a low vibration pressing down upon us all. But the winds are changing, can you not feel it?

Remember how it was when you were a child, before the world hammered you senseless? Your eyes were open then. Open them now. The darkness is all around, but do not fear it. It is only the darkness before the dawn.

Now is the time to stand and be true.

Anonymous said...

Les --

Fuck the system! In verse... great.

Now onto the subject of Shangra-La.

I have been in on this thing from the beginning and my problem is this -- The idea of picking and choosing a place for a closed-end community basically turns me off. It is too static an approach to the kinds of people we are trying to attract.

The problem these days is that all the old "bohemias" have all been destroyed either by pricing them out of existence (The Vilage, Haight Ashbury, Coconut Grove, Aspen) or they have been usurped by sexual gender-bending politics (Key West, Provincetown, etc.)

What I'm suggesting is this -- Why don't we campaign financially-strapped town and neighborhoods to welcome us as the vanguard of a New Bohemia -- Artists, weirdos, visionaries and loving people Willing to Come To a Town Like Yours -- Just ask!!!

Make it an internet campaign and sees who out there in the world would WELCOME us coming to a town like theirs...

Then people could stream to these places in a similar way that they streamed to Bohemian enclaves in the Sixties.

Just a thought --

I Love you Man,


TheSparkle said...

Les, I have been meaning to ask about "Mr. Visible's Neighborhood" and why I can't find them anywhere.

I hope you get them digitized and online.

Anonymous said...

Les --

In the true spirit of a 60s movement for a New Bohenia(s) -- we could call ourselves The Shrangra LALAs in determined opposition to everything that Lady GaGa stands for -- Instead of political demonstrations we could have sustained Sharngra-LALA-Ins where people take over the parks and stage bliss rallies?

Nah, just the weed talkin'...


Visible said...


I know it is hard to follow the whole trail of events taking place and what gets said about them before anything happens and nothing has happened so let me reiterate; regardless of my extra terrestrial state, lack of sleep and core belief that there are no dirty words just people who created an divide between the sacred and the profane which pretty much adds up to both being legitimized once the authors leave the scene.

Well the channels for whoever decided that emphasis should be dictated by Pat Boone who, if I remember did an album of heavy metal Satan music either to be hip or because he needed the money to keep living next door to Ozzie Osborne who is about 5'2".

I ran into him one night walking up Tinker Street when he stopped me and asked if I knew where the AA meeting was. He had his lead guitar player with him. I still think the guy who played with Billy Idol was one of the best showmen I ever saw. Am I digressing? Yes and that is part of the point. Details get missed in all the shit that gets said.

To set the record straight, Southern Italy is a location I do control in terms of the right to set crazy people like our readers loose on some sort of actual adventure.

This place is never going to be more than my personal getaway and where those with the tools and the class to make shit happen will be my welcome guests. It is a starting point, a beginning instead of something that is going to add to Sturm thinking nothing will happen until after he is dead; I agree. We'll have some meetings. It will hit the ethers and as a result I will buy 'one' of the main locations elsewhere. There is no single location. Some of us will never meet.

This is just about showing it is possible. After that it will be like any collection of templates; something the residents decided worked for them in the place they wanted to do it in. Some will fail and some will succeed but serious ass-kicking take no prisoners rock and roll will still be playing long after Thudnuts and the beatbox no shows have released their thousandths thing that lasted for two weeks. Like rap is has a short shelf life but an immediate ego slamming presence where the same idiots who think that a red stripe on a black background is art.

The great shit does not die. The things people whore their souls for was never alive in the first place, bad luck for the fans, parishioners. stockbrokers and cowards who make rules for everyone else so that they are not forced to act like the heroes they pretend to be.

You can't fake the real thing and you can't own it in any location because it is holding all of our variations up while we compete to take credit for them and so on and so on. Man I'm stoned. No more questions tonight, I'm pretending I'm on stage in my house here and doing non stop extemporaneous gigs, courtesy of Susanne and her mother taking off for someplace a couple of hundred K away. It's Thursday to Sunday which should prove interesting; just me and the dogs... ahroooooooooooooo!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Les, the haters out there who try to knock the idea for a new community in my opinion are actually turning their own envy and jealousy and self hatred and trying to place it somewhere else.
They try to downplay and wish "failure" to something that has an intention in love and that makes them cringe, as well as hit them in the middle where they have turned off their own dreams and put away their own inspiration. Whatever light they have is hiding behind the shadow and they don't even recognize themselves. Unless they are aliens or hybrids, the human spirit is there all the time.
The idea of something like this will make many people angry because it shows them/us how some of us have tarnished our own dreams out of paralizing fear.
On another note, I remember in a girls catholic elementary school, when i dared to play with my schoolmates and fell on the floor.
My legs went up in the air and the nun didn't like the site of my panties so she really gave it to me that day with a wooden stick.
I had the scar for a couple of days.
That same evening, my mother went with me to complain to the nun and whatever the nun told her made my mom beg me to apologize to the nun for showing such an impure part of myself and for playing.
Such is life in the catholic world.
I'm still recovering but I'm just glad I'm not that nun.
I think I spread my legs for a long time in revenge of the nuns and the molesters and the drunks who hurt me but the need for vengeance is gone for the most part. What's left is eyes wide open and a thirst for truth and justice that nothing can satisfy.
I wish nothing but good for your New Shagra-La, I'm even jealous; however, well aware that I can do this here also and it's possible.
However many thoughts I can conjure up to tell me otherwise, it's possible.
Love you, love you, Debs.

Erik said...

Hi TheSparkle;

About that latest rabbit-hole you 'invited' us into, have you already finished reading it?

I have started reading, looks promising and different to say the least, but I am having some difficulty with it:

For one thing I cannot yet reconcile Gnosos (Knowledge) with 'I don't know';
When you don't know, what's the point of Knowing...?

Les, you have also studied Hermetic and Gnostic texts, maybe you can help me out with this?



Anonymous said...


I hear 'ya brother. Great news about the set-up in Italy...


Visible said...

like so many things, as soon as someone comes along and says they can; hope I didn't wait too long.

Josh said...

It's funny you start talking about metal music because I listen to it and it's what I have been looking at on the internet the past few days (synchronicity or that thing you do Visible where you grab the reader's thoughts from the ethers). Actually I listen to it a lot and that might not be a good thing (grin). I know I have commented here in the past in a white boy rap lingo style (just as a joke!) but it's funny and ironic because I never listen to rap music, at least not anymore. Just to set the record straight rap sucks and metal, rock n' roll, world music, classical, folk, blues, punk, jazz, soul, and on and on and on, all of it kicks rap's ass. Got it? Good.(grin) Power on. Grey Owl

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

3:31 PM...
4:14 PM

Les :-)

I honestly have no idea whether you fucked up that conjugation or not...

It was just an attempt at humour, a form of parody is all.

Sorry if the joke wasn't obvious to everyone (or anyone).



wv ishutupnow

Visible said...

Good metal when done by people who know what they are doing no matter what version of god they think they serve is authentic.

Blues even done by a white man with chops works although I don't have the blues and as simplistic as I am I am not as simplistic as the blues. Now you guys might argue about it's complexity but that comes down to the syncopation of the ground force; bass and drums and the ability of the lead guitar player. Occasionally someone writes a story worth hearing besides life is fucked, it's all the woman's fault and I feel real bad cause life is unfair.

I tend to like the uplifting shit. Everyone I know who failed at their original intent, whether through not having the material, an inability to wear nothing but chaps with no pants for the guys who control the money or the simple inability to stand by what they said in the first place always wind up singing the blues.

I give major props to Stevie Ray Vaughn. Bobby Bland, that kid who's name I can't remember who hit the scene at sixteen and I never saw him again and Eric Clapton who can do all kinds of things but who realized as good as he was and as many great people as he played with like Stevie Winwood who does not do the blues, eventually you fall back on your signature that is why Eric can play the most simple shit like B.B. King but somehow you know who that is.

That is why all kinds of people can parrot the truth but when it's real God crowns the messenger. Not with money pussy and having to hang out with assholes with money but the right to keep doing it. God takes care of his own and even when the message is dark and fatal, if it is real, God endorses it, like with Robert Johnson and he gives all of them a place to practice or some recognition.

there is no blues player in the world who does not know who Elmore James is. I don't like the blues or the world it exist in full of wanting and being hungry and bitter about a world that did me wrong some how but it ain't my fault. You know what? Elmore James never pissed me off and I play guitar like Bush controls a Segway but I know what it takes to do what they do. As good as Al Dimeola is and he is untouchable given he plays an acoustic electric he's just not a success as a person. Everyone who wants to be famous should keep one thing in mind. Is the trouble I am taking to be remembered worth the price I paid in the people I fucked over. Anyone who wants real fame makes sure the muse never leaves. As far as people here remembering, I would say that is the last thing on the mind of a genuine artist. They sing for god alone. If you hear it, it's an afterthought.

Visible said...

Why is everyone so touchy all of a sudden. A; I did not know it was you because you are one of my favorite rock solid people and you know more about the building blocks I take my flights of fancy from than I ever will. B; so fucking what, I'm an idiot at least you know what you're talking about. I'm lucky if I can get myself to listen half the time.

I did take Latin in school and I still can't speak Italian very well. God has placed certain limitation upon me; given me gifts but made simple traffic of communication arduous. Any one wants to learn German should never live in the provinces because everything you learn is compromised by dialect. I know what people are saying even thought I sound like a Pakistani in NYC asking "do you know the way to Brooklyn or should I just go fuck myself"?

In Italy it's a snap because people are painting pictures like two French guys stopped in the middle of the street with wheelbarrows facing in opposite directions, come back an hour later they are still there. It's like the road improvement in Switzerland everything works perfectly except they are constantly tearing up the highway system for reason I cannot understand and instead of a single color taking you around whatever the fuck they think they are building there are five different colors that make no sense period.

Switzerland may be great if you have money and don't want people hassling you and it might be okay if you are Swiss but for me it's hard cheese with little human return. I have some good Swiss friends but I never know if someone is going to be kind or not even take the trouble to tell me to go fuck myself. They figure I already did that being in Switzerland and for a country where everyone has money I have never figured out why so many of them sell their ass as if they needed the money. Nothing makes sense anywhere. You pick the culture you can live with. That pretty much leaves me in the cold period but I am less noticeable in the countries where the governments are a nightmare but the people are friendly and don't give a shit. You want to understand Italy. look at how they park. Vital though.

When I think I miss the US what I actually miss is the South Pacific. America really dislikes people like me. Europe has no problem at all. I'm just one of the rest of them. Even walking wherever I go and singing "I want it All" by Queen or anything else that is running through my head, it's just me. You can be free here and even if no one else is they don't complain. You're just some of that shit that seems to be able to support itself that hasn't caused problems in the business of doing the same shit over and over every day. Talking too much I think.

TheSparkle said...

Erik: I am still reading, though finished with the majority (I think). It has held my interest. I have, at the very least, 'broadened my horizon'. I really dig the idea that this is, as the Gnostics taught and apparently teach, the world of the Demiurge, the Architect, Satan/Jehovah/Allah or whatever he calls himself.

Les, my favorite band (EVER) is RUSH, though I don't know if you'd call them Metal.

...with the heart and mind united in a single, perfect shpere...

TheSparkle said...

Erik: I just finished the chapter 'Exodus' on that website, and it stands alone as a good read. Fascinating like a short story inside a larger work. But, then, all the chapters are kind of like that.

If you aren't there yet, just skip to Exodus and then resume if you want. It was a really nice chapter.

TheSparkle said...

Les, I have been meaning to ask you about your Hermetic Library which you had put up online awhile back. I copied and saved a portion of it but never finished. Do you still have it up online?

wv: arkslap

Did you know that the toothbrush was invented in Arkansas?

If it had been invented elsewhere it would have been called the teethbrush. ;0

Origen the heretic said...

All I can say is GFW -- Great Fucking Poem!

kikz said...

"I give major props to Stevie Ray Vaughn. Bobby Bland, that kid who's name I can't remember who hit the scene at sixteen and I never saw him again"

um...kenny wayne shepherd? perhaps?
de ja voodoo...

pardon the
10 sec stupid indian IT commercial(eyeroll) way to edit it out...

speakin of moldyoldiez..

pat travers still sounds good years later. my kids like it.

and i swear i think i heard in car today.. leon russell will open for elton john, soon in ft. worth.. what an odd pairing..

Origen the heretic said...

Al Dimeola does ANY guitarist like Santana, David Gilmour, Robert Fripp etc. etc. etc. I learned C, A-, F & G so I coukd play all those 60's hippie somgs.

Rev. John

wv despera -- yeah, just add te, I think I'll have a cup.

Josh said...

Nah Les you ain't talking too much in fact you are spot on. I think most rap sucks. Hey everyone did I mention I think most rap sucks?(big grin) I'm cool Vis I just felt like talking that's all. Tone and mood is sometimes hard to communicate over the internet but I was just making a general statement, I wasn't really directing it at any one in particular. You're right, I'm just a little guy, I'm not a priority for the bad guys when it comes to making problems for the system. I'll say this though, I speak my mind to anyone I want to and I don't care if the people I live in the same country with like what I think or not. I make an effort to live by my ideals and be the change. Anyways on the topic of music. I haven't been around as long as some, but yeah blues is good, I dig it and like hearing it. Lots of music can be sad but at least blues has heart, has humanity ya know? Any music made with a piano is also sweet. Oh yeah I agree the 60's music, the "hippie music" (love music), and the rock music from that time, hell yes that is some of the best music ever made. I like hearing music from around the world too, from different cultures and backgrounds. Some of that music is very beautiful, very soulful, the richest and most powerful music I have ever heard. I guess they label that world music now. I do like the metal, I know that's probably not a favorite of most people here. I like the power and intensity of the actual music, whether it generates a positive or a negative feeling, at least it generates emotion, which is a reason we listen to music, yes? Yes the lyrics leave something to be desired and can be overly negative. Much of it is like that and for that reason I sometimes will not listen to it. I wish they played more quality music on the free radio here but we just get the same ole bullshit. Wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first.(grin) Peace to all, I'm out. Grey Owl (formerly known as Bearwalk7)

Josh said...

Oh yeah and I forgot to say that I don't see why some metal can't be made with positive and uplifting lyrics. Seems to me there is a little room out there for that. I know the two aren't exactly a natural pair but I don't see why it can't be done and still rock, still sound great. Grey Owl

Josh said...

Oh and I guess I shouldn't have said rock n' roll, I should have just said rock. We don't say rock n' roll anymore, right, we just call that huge genre of rock with many variations from the past 50 years rock music. Although I know that pioneer rock n' roll from before my time had some good stuff too. Grey Owl

Angeline said...

Les, I fuckin love you dude. I can't tell you how grateful I am to come here and see how you put into words all that I feel but haven't these words for. The unbelievable convoluted creatures fucking up this Eden. You give me courage. offend me? Not a chance babe!
Love, A

Dave Klausler said...

Speaking of Rush, how can any musician, of any type, deny the talent within that band? Beside the sound produced, have you ever read the lyrics?

I often work-out with this stuff cranked on a fine system... just ask my wife & kids.

wv: "zedissin"
Zed is sin, and of course "Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead."

Anonymous said...

Something interesting happened to me one time.
I was on LSD one time in my early 20's and the radio was playing some "Rabbit In the Moon".
One of the songs had this heavy mental, a very slow and heavy.
As I was listening, i had my eyes closed and the music started to turn into shapes and faces of demons. It was as if the music waves or frequency started to materialize into the shape of evil faces, dark droopy sad depressed faces.
Les, do you think this was the creation of my mind and I created these shapes due to my own fears and visual memories or would you think this was this really what was behind that particular music?
I'm still puzzled by this.
That same night, I also saw demons moving accross the street. The travel from side to side, not forward. I'm also not sure is this was just hallucination or they were really there. It felt real at the time.
After that experience, I never felt the same way about what's really behind certain metal music.
Was it all about the intention of the music producer or was there something already behind prior to the music being created, or was it a figment of my imagination...
Love, Debs.

Anonymous said...

Hi all....this just across the wire...little synchronicities indeed! Les, did you do this?

Pope’s top bankers in laundering probe

By Guy Dinmore in Rome

Published: September 21 2010 15:25 | Last updated: September 21 2010 15:25

Italy’s finance police have seized €23m held by the Vatican in an Italian bank while the pope’s top two bankers have been placed under investigation for suspected money laundering.

wv: ofulso
oh, you fools!

Visible said...


I see I did not respond and I remember I was about to and that's all I remember (grin).

The honest truth is that I don't know but I can tell you there is rock solid evidence of either perspective (which is dripping with irony). It comes down to whether you trust the integrity of an actual rock. The acid test is to pick it up and hit yourself in the head with it.

Visible said...



Visible said...

Rats! Guy. heh heh I have to do the whole registration thing. I can definitely not do that now.

vixen said...

Ahh, that brings back memories of sitting on the floor in a circle with friends smoking Acapulco Gold back in the 60’s and listening to Sandy Nelson’s Birth of the Beat played on 16 instead of 33. Didn’t see any demons, but what a trip!

long john said...

The Bhagavad Gita

I encourage all blog readers to please take the time to read, see, and/or listen to the entire Bhagavad Gita at:

Bhagavad Gita introduction:

Bhagavad Gita in summary:

Bhagavad Gita in pictures:

Bhagavad Gita in audio:

Anonymous said...

I saw the Yamaduta and it was no hallucination.

I Lay there dying, head smashed, all busted up and there he was, looking really dire, terminally nasty and determined.

As a result of the car crash I ended up in the back seat looking directly at the Ganesha I had just acquired for my daughter. The Yamaduta was there floating with his ropes, sneering at me and though I saw him there I was so transfixed by the mirrors and little shining gem stones affixed to dear Ganesha that I felt no fear or pain at all. I just stared at Ganesha...
The next thing I knew the Yamaduta was gone and someone was talking to me, telling me not to move.

Ganesha is, after all, Lord Shiva's son..

Almost forty years later and still I often think of how Ganesha saved me that night.

Ganesha Maharaj ki jai!!!

Visible said...

Wow! Yes he's real he shows up in a tuxedo sometimes for my evening walks in Italy.

Anonymous said...

You the man.

Anonymous said...

Good grief you had some whiskey on this one. Hey I will go link it on my blog. I am not much of a tea party type myself. It is a little late in the game for proper etiquette.

Josh said...

At the risk of going on and on about something no one here cares about (grin), I would like to say I like listening to metal music that swings from soft to loud, love to fear, good to evil. I like the way it sounds and how it illustrates the opposites. Certain types of it can also be cathartic to listen to, at least for me. Also after thinking about it more I doubt that more metal can be made with more positive and uplifting lyrics. I mean yeah I do think there's a bit of a shortage out there of that type of metal, but it can't be made like that for most of the songs. The sound of the music doesn't fit lyrics geared that way to much. Too much of that and it would all come out sounding like soft rock. It's got to have the duality which includes the positive and the negative in it. Grey Owl

Ghana said...


I have had a definitive belief for as long as I can remember that none of the religions practiced today remain untarnished and that some began that way and the HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH is the institutional ANTI-CHRIST while the saucer hats own the title SYNAGOGE of SATAN. They are like a bad mortgage and fire insurance rubbing up against each other in a safe deposit box in a remote corner of a bedroom closet. Shit is about to burn down me hopes and I ask Source to keep me up wind if it is my Divine position. Otherwise a gas mask and blanket will do fine.

When Sinead tore up the pope's pic on SNL a couple of decades ago I became a huge fan of hers, until she cow-toed in 97 and asked the pimp for forgiveness. The Divine brings all things together in their proper time and I am grateful my time to share with you arrived. I needed a contemporary person to speak in modern day language about the wv; unreality(?) of this world and it's affairs. I kept the focus of truth as my intention, not political correctness and you are my home page now. Yeah, FUCK the pope(s), president(s), prime minister(s), dictator(s), and other human-less lemmings that ooze forth hee hawing like donkeys in a squeeze chute waiting to be branded an ASS kisser of the child abuser in charge.

I shake my head at the 700 million catholics that will darken the doorway of a catholic brothel each weekend and pour their blood and sweat into the hand of a pedophile enabler if not an outright pedophile. This very blindness in all aspects of living is the very trumpet that screamed for the Divine to awaken and stir shit up; again. It is a fact that the Divine will only allow stupid evolution (No, I tu love) to occur for it's allotted time. How simple it would be to turn wine into Jim Jones kool-aid and fuck off a ton of followers; knowingly taking it down the throat.

Alas, I am proud to call you friend and admirer of your steadfastness to the truth and your power of the Word(Reason).



al spense said...

Ban the burka, ban the bomb
Ban the man, who turned us on
Ban the pub, ban the smoker
Ban the comics and the jokers
Ban the cheese, ban the butter
Ban the vegetarian nutter
Ban this, ban that
Ban banannas and the twats
Who ban bannanas
In bowler hats
Ban the terror, ban the 'ists'
The nihilists, the anarchists
Ban the tali, ban the ban
Al quiada and the minuteman
Ban the rockets, ban the drones
Remote controls and mobile homes
Ban the welfare, ban the dole
The means test and the Nat King Cole
Ban abortion, ban the pram
The baby and the family plan
Ban the bottle, ban the dummy
The Prada wearing yummy mummy
The ASBOS and electric tags
Ban the fairies, ban the WAGS
The hatchet faced pram pushing hags
Ban adoption, I.V.F.
Bunny girls in high vis vests
Ban Macdonalds, Burger King
Finger lickin chicken wings
Ban religion, ban the pope
The priest with all his holy hope
Ban the saviour, ban the cross
The rolling stone that gathers moss
Ban tea, ban coffee
Aero bars and treacle toffee
Ban the hijabm ban the veil
Throw the criminals in jail
Ban peas, ban nuts
Garden centres, Pizza Huts
Ban hanging, ban the rope
Then where would we hang the soap
Ban the druggies, ban the drugs
Ban the druggie neighbourhoods
Ban the hope, ban the glory
Monsters Inc. and Toy Story
Ban Disney, ban Fox
The electric sewer T.V. box
Ban the hookers, ban the tarts
Massage parlours, ladies darts
Ban dates, ban rapes
Teddy boys in blue suede crepes
Ban the Beatles, Adam Ant
Microscopic gold hotpants
Ban the shooter, ban the knife
The ritualistic sacrifice
Ban the unions, ban the press
Ban the monsters from Loch Ness
Ban the army, ban the police
Leo Tolstoys War and Peace
Ban the Simpsons, Futurama
Buddah and the Dalai Lama
Ban speed, ban traps
Global satellite tracking maps
Ban acid, ban weed
Simon Cowell an Cheryl Tweed (sic)
Ban murder, ban crime
Ban the miners down the mine
Ban the Nazis, ban the anti's
Fellas wearing women's panties
Ban pedantics, ban semantics
Pyrotechnical gymnastics
Ban love, ban hate
Ernest Bevin's welfare state
Ban bikes, ban cars
Richard Branson's trips to Mars
Ban the chickens, ban the turkeys
Weekends for the eighteen-thirties
Ban the prayers, ban the masses
Christenings for the lower classes
Ban the bars, ban the clubs
Yellow cars with bright red wheel hubs
Ban the aircraft, ban the carriers
Jumping jets and Hawker Harriers
Ban school, ban teachers
Bible bashing T.V. preachers
Ban biscuits, ban cake
Everything that isn't fake

Allan A Spence


hello les,
just read your Fuck The Pope and thought you might like this,

allan spence

Unknown said...

TOO MUCH, Too Much. Couldn't read more than a dozen lines before my eyes filled with tears of appreciation. I love ya, in a spiritual way man. PEACE BE WITH YOU. (keep writing !, please)

Unknown said...

Hey Vis, I haven't been here in awhile. Nice to see you are still with us.

Now on the word Fuck. Funny how it is both sacred and profane. You can't say it in front of children ever though they along with all of us are here due to the simple fact that people fucked.

For me the word fuck is like saffron, excellent when used sparingly and overbearing when overused.

"Fuck the Pope"? No, conquer the pope.

; )



Joseph Brenner

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