Friday, June 03, 2011

The Blood Drinking, Zombie Cannibals are Imploding

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

I said it recently and I will say it again; “Those whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad”. From the Zio-Con Weiner, ‘tidy whitey’ boy, to Sue Wallis in Wyoming who wants to slaughter horses for food and is connected to a slaughterhouse and the lobbying industry, the insane are rising up among us, consonant with the degree of self interest that motivates them. Self interest is a primary driving force behind insanity. Arrogance, fascist oppression, intentional poisoning with laboratory agents made by corporate and government practitioners of the scientific black arts, are all mad as hatters.

The money men are losing it. The politicians and police who serve them are losing it. The economy is losing it; strangled by the machinations of the few, who cut off the flow to the rest of us. A system must operate as a system from all levels. When it becomes perverted it begins to die.

Yet another greedy swine, Stephen Swartzman has gone nova with mind parasites. Read the article on what this raging egotist has been up to; one million dollars for Rod Stewart to sing to him; Patti Labelle singing that he’s got the whole world in his hands and look at those in attendance. This is like the man who made the faulty body armor and then paid ten million dollars for his daughters Bat Mitzvah. You can find the lineup of musicians who played at that for huge sums of money, while soldiers died on the battlefield, in wars that were engineered by the drinking buddies of these men and women. You can look at the pictures to the right of the article and read about the behavior of celebrities, who are also insane and acting like it.

I spoke about Satanism in the last posting at Smoking Mirrors. As anyone would know, Satanism is very big in Hollywood, always has been. Here’s a Christian forum thread that talks about all sorts of things and you can find pictures of Sammy Davis Junior, John Travolta. Jayne Mansfield and a host of others, getting photo-ops with Anton Szandor Lavey, by utilizing the search engines. Of course, Scientology qualifies as an ancillary engine of similar cant. If you read the Laurel Canyon stories, you’ll be knee deep in all sorts of oddities and speculations about lifestyles and deaths of the famous.

Stephen Swartzman is Skull and Bones. Skull and Bones is a satanic organization. My mind comes around on occasion to a Massachusetts Senator, who presented himself as one thing and now is an agent of another. It’s foolish to tell yourself they do this for money and power. These might enter in as motivations that brought them into the club but after that they do it by directive. They do what they are told.

These things flourish in times of material darkness and glamour. It’s like the way certain bacteria spread in warm, dark environments. This is exactly how it is. The world you move through is ruled by these cabals and is the explanation for the madness being manifested by TSA and all of the governing authorities who have their marching orders handed to them. They are in the club.

Every so often I hear from a misguided soul who has these outbreaks of writing in all caps; a sure sign of mental derangement. This person insists that all Masons are bad. This type of person is a dupe of the very thing they imagine they are exposing. They are actually working for the dark side when they seek to spread this kind of BS. All Masons are not evil. All Christians are not evil or insane. All members of any of these larger aggregates of humanity are not evil. When you study the tenets of these organizations you learn that they are vehicles for higher understanding, when they are operative in their original form. They are parts of the building blocks of society and you don’t have a society, without organizations and groupings of like minded souls seeking the expression of their beliefs. Whether it is Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, it is essentially a benefic construct, when it seeks to express the higher reaches of human imagination and possibility. The deeper interpretations of things are not known by the general public. They get the moral codes and rules of life by which to abide and in good times it is a good thing.

You hear all sorts of things on the internet about Albert Pike. Here’s a brief bit of evidence of what goes on in the interpretation of occult things and the performance of occult orders.

There is a system. There is more than one system, whereby things can be made to happen and can be prevented from happening and so on and so forth. The world you move in has its foundations and features because of this. It’s because of the tool and die people and the dreamer people that you have what you see around you. If all of this is evil, then you are evil too. It doesn’t work like that. There is a system and it can be manipulated in various ways and the understanding of how to employ these manipulations, is in the hands of organizations that have physical and non physical residence in certain locations.

A system becomes corrupt when those controlling it are corrupt, which is why a high moral standard has always been demanded by those seeking to enter into the mysteries. The mysteries of light can be perverted by the intelligences of darkness and this is more so or less so, depending on the tenor of the times in which you find yourself.

There is a great deal that I do not know but one thing I do know is that everything is under control for the purpose of demonstration. This is how those in the general public, evolve into inner councils and the like. There’s more than one of these things, going on for centuries, for the performance of a ‘demon’stration. They come up against each other. They are populated by corrupted and not corrupted agents of varying agendas. This is the thing about humanity finding its way; being shepherded and also driven in a variety of directions for particular purposes. Keep this particular phrase in mind, “By their works ye shall know them”.

In darker times, the inner chambers of ‘whatever’ can become corrupted by the self interest and profit and control seeking entities, who are always busy looking for ways to turn you into either an omelet or the bad guy; when they are the bad guy.

Some people think they are very clever. They paint themselves as the victims of histories and policies that they caused and promote. You can look right at it, if you have any objective reasoning and see what’s going on. It’s been going on for awhile. There are more facts than anyone needs to get the ball rolling and the ball is rolling, just like those precision engineered balls that rolled down the viaducts in ‘primitive’ Peru, with lazar like precision in composition, which sort of ties into the new discoveries that the pyramids were wired and might have been a source of power.

The disease of evil is in a terminal phase. It looks for quick fixes and cures and most definitely it is looking to lay blame elsewhere and create distractions to take your attention away from the fact, that it has done what it has done ...and so all sorts of odd outbreaks of viral threat by certain cabals are a warning to non cooperating countries; Eric Cantor coming off against his Tribe associate Weiner, shows that there is dissension in the ranks. Certain scaly dinosaurs are agitated in their lower parts because of their conspicuous consumption of the world’s goods.

Evil never wins but it does horrific damage on its way out. It does it to maintain its profits and to increase them. It does it to distract from its actions and it does it for pleasure because evil takes pleasure in the misery of others and evil is assisted by powerful non human energies that can accomplish all kinds of mischief through perverted magics for the purpose of: gain, control, position. These lodges, orders, organization follow humanity in its quest toward self realization. Some dramatically assist in this and some operate for their own purposes.

The Apocalypse is pushing the evil out in all of us. It is pulling up the curtain and it is ushering the players forward. The players think they are operating according to their own intentions but this is not so. This is a dramatic rendering, that the world needs to see, concerning what has been being done to it. These shameless predators cannot help themselves. They announce themselves and.. and...? Something has gone wrong with the program. One would be entertained and informed to watch that great film, “Time Bandits” and pay close attention.

All Masons aren’t evil. Masonry isn’t evil. It is the men in high positions who have corrupted the light, who are evil and deluded in their pursuit of power and privilege and the more they take for themselves; the more they take from you. Hopefully the reader will get the message that is being presented here and not be off tilting at windmills and imaginary dragons. There are dragons real enough to be concerned with. Systems and orders are based on verities and some endure and some do not. Some are benign and some are not. Some are compromised. Many good people are about and working for the good of all. We are in the middle of enormous transformation, so it is good to be focused on what is enduring and what is basic.

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Visible said...

I wonder about things like this.

just me, Laurel A. said...

:)) what more can i say ((:

it's perfect, les!
thank you and thank you again!

Anonymous said...

Visible I think you have made a good point about the Masons, though at times it does seem to be an evil organization. I does explain the fact that some of the founding fathers of America where masons and seem to have been divinly inspired.

from a remote area in Oregon

Zoner said...

RE: Pike and the Mason's. I'm sure you have at least seen the book "Morals and Dogma", Les? I was given a copy and while I have not read the entire thing, it strikes me as similar in a way to the amazing Manly P. Hall work "The Secret Teachings of All Ages". A manual, of sorts.

Ideas are not evil, but actions can be. If you go to the trouble of getting the juice, it is up to the individual which way you go from there. We're seeing how that is working out for those who would corrupt sacred gifts for the "wrong" reasons (heh).

Everything is under control. We have won, and are now existing in the echo. An incredible light is breaking, so please don't be too distracted by all the kicking and screaming going on. That's how I read it anyway.

PS; If for some reason you have not had an opportunity to peruse M&D, Les, I'd be happy to send it to you. Hopefully it would have a better voyage than the last package I sent!

Unknown said...

Gene Roddenberry was a Mason. A great visionary whose progressive ideals brought us inter-racial (well, and inter-species) solidarity on TV, and women in charge.

Interestin' how much of the original Star Trek series is with us now. The slidin' doors, and some cell phones look a bit like communicators.

A lot of Masons gave us quite a bit in the past. The actually value intellectual know-how. I have a friend who knows a Mason, who when confronted with the alleged evils of Masonry said, "That's news to me."

Anonymous said...

LV, thank you for being you and sharing your thoughts. You do keep me hobbling along.

I’ve been wondering about the same. I read that article last week and have wondered why MR of WRH hasn’t addressed it. Awhile back WRH did post an article speculating on a small part of what is addressed in the article you brought attention to.

About those arrogant people… I’ll share a small story, but one that always makes me smile. Hope some of you will smile too. During the Christmas holiday shopping season, at the very busy fragrance counter in a large department store, in a large city in the usa, a young man ran frantically back and forth attempting to get the attention of one of the several clerks behind the counter. This certain young man happened to be the son of the mayor of the city. When he did manage a glance from a clerk, the clerks usually admonished him to wait his turn in line and would then turn their backs to him. Finally, he got in the face of one of the clerks and he indignantly shot at her, “Do you know who my father is?” And the clerk shot back, “No. Does your mother??”


Anonymous said...

Oh ry in eye ay - oh ry in eye ay
Oh ry in eye key ooh lay
Ka kay ooh lau ee - oh ry in eye
Say te lee ay vee show

Midnight sunshine silent thunder
Sky as black as day
Only a dream away


Waking while you're still deep sleeping
Finding you're not here
Watching a dream appear

Tumbling through a thousand centuries
You don't know where you'll land
Its so dark in mythology
Treasures of history to be found
Near the legends of time
All the handiworks remain there
Only a dream away


Greedy feeling wheeling dealing
Losing what you won
See the dream come undone

Stumble you may with the elementary
Lucky you got so far
All you owe is apologies
Measure the mystery and astound
Without taking up time
So the handiworks remain there
Only a dream away


In out, hot cold, up down, young old
What a lot to do
Sharing a dream with you

-George Harrison

Neko Kinoshita said...

A fine Friday view into the petri dish, and I see answers to several questions I've had for weeks in the item that you wonder about.

Please Visible,just keep on keeping on,


Visible said...

Well, we see in the comments what I think, thank you Zoner, on both accounts. I'm taken care of at the moment (grin).

and so it goes

Visible said...

Yeah, Morals and Dogma. If people would read the fucking book they wouldn't be wearing the ignorance hat like they do. There are bad guys but there are not ALL bad guys. Trust but verify.

Thomas said...

Thanks Les,

this whole week of your writings (and sundays radio show) has been so fine. Heavy, beautiful, fine, fine. Hardly anyone speaks as truthfully, & as consistently, as you do, about our times (in my limited understanding).

Righteous words on account of the scum-sucking satanists and their spineless bitches.

It's funny that you mention that evil is pushed out in all of us. I experience that lot these days, but then again, I asked for it... To burn it away, it must come to the surface, and the cleansing fire feels like a consuming burden, but it is meant to be like that, I'm sure. Very teaching... Everything that happens, to us also, is for a reason.

anyways, I'm totally in agreement with you on the most salient point. Everything is under control, and utterly perfect.

Much Love To Everyone :)

kenny said...

Incredible story from Jim Stone that you linked. Not to be dismissed.

Browns Ferry has had problems lately and now TVA wants to restart construction of a mothballed since 1988 reactor in Alabama at the cost of over $5 billion. Insanity.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
I sort of suave my thinking with my previous studies of duality.

When you put everything into the context of duality it explains why these things are happening.

Right now, Maya is happening in 'real time'.

Maya is effecting duality everywhere and breaking it down to the truth, atom to atom, to singularity.

love to all,
dw in the Tahoe forest

Anonymous said...

Free Masons have what they call the outer porch masons. Most outer porch masons are within the first 3 degrees of masonry.

These "outer porch masons" are not without "SIN", they have acquiesce their minds to the craft.

Once you give up thinking for your job/career etc you are culpable for the crimes of the group that you gave your mind to.

kenny said...

While on the subject of Albert Pike, there's only one song that I know of about him.

Visible said...

It comes down to who is driving the car. It's a system and the results of it are determined by the character of the men involved. Character is fate. You are what you are.

Jody Paulson said...

There's nothing the bad guys want more than for the good guys to mistrust each other -- and their own selves. I'm pretty sure I'm a reincarnated Mason or Rosicrucian. Not long ago I was under heavy psychic attack and some malevolent force wanted me to question my own motives, making me worry about whether or not I was mind controlled or truly evil or something along those lines. Then I read something in one of Sylvia Browne's books that said something like this ... "if you're worried about whether you're a dark entity, don't worry, you're not." Just as vampires can't see themselves in the mirror, dark entities never reflect upon their own actions. Why should they? They don't have a conscience.

Of course, that doesn't mean the good guys can't be duped. That's how the bad guys get their energy, after all. But the good guys can call upon God and their higher selves and ask for help and discernment. If you're ever worried about whether or not you're on the right path, that's a good way to go.

Thanks a lot for that link on Fukushima, Les ... I've been suspicious about that whole story since day one. After all, it occurred exactly 7 years after the false-flag attack on the Madrid trains.

Anonymous said...

Well written, great links. Not all Masons are evil, of course, nor all devil worshippers, probably, nor are all Christians good etc. However, because some Christians are evil and some Masons good speaks to individuality. The constructs of a philosphy guide people. Masons, like Mormons, believe Man can attain god-head status, ie., become gods. This is Lucifer's sin of rebellion, or pride. A person raised to worship Moloch could be intrinsically good, but is good despite the philosophy he/she had been brainwashed with. One must always consider what the odd, gifted sociopath might make of or do with a philosophy if taken to it's literal extreme. The Bolsheviks who murderered so many were all Masons (B'Nai Bri'th), just as an example. Great blog, I'm just commenting because I've done some soul searching on this. There used to be a site supposedly run by ex-CIA, ex-Masons called the cutting, and it was mind blowing.

kikz said...

i've often wondered over the years....if unc' al's preoccupation in M&D w/kabbalah and the zohar ...were not tzun tzu's axiom in action... 'know' thy enemy. :)

Lukiftian said...

Here's a novel for your reading list.

It's about how things fall apart, even with the best intent. You may have read it, but I doubt it. When would you have time?

kikz said...

yo refuge...

you should really read up..

i think the first 3 degrees should be taught in middle school. and visited again thereafter in high school.

although the index is not included... you can google, can't you :)?
M&D in it's entirety, free and online...
enjoy :)

Animadverto said...

I tend to question anyone that takes a “blood/death” oath of secrecy. What is it that is so secret?

"For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed." JFK

“We have founded many secret associations, which all work for our purpose, under our orders and our direction. One of the many triumphs of our freemasonry is that those Gentiles who become members of our Lodges, should never suspect that we are using them to build their own jails, upon whose terraces we shall erect the throne of our universal King of the Jews, and should never know that we are commanding them to forge the chains of their own servility to our own future King of the World.” – B’nai B’rith Convention, Paris, (Published in the Catholic Gazette 1936)

Anonymous said...

Watch out for 'ascended' Masons - they're the plot-lost-its - 34th to 53rd Psychopompes >> (G-D)


What you wonder about Les - all it needs is some back up from intrepid Japanese video makers post-quake & pre-tsunami - know anyone likely? from around Sendai, maybe?

It's goin to get so much murkier for them psychopompes (it's possible Eco coined that title in 'Foucault's Pendulum ;)



Visible said...

Of course it would be an Israeli and this is the headline graphic at the force is pushing it out. Giving the impression that Israel is at the forefront of the human revolution, while routinely mulching Palestinian's. So it goes.

siamsam said...

Looks like Poland now has a suitable character running the show - after that nasty business with a non compliant government.

siamsam said...

and on and on.........

Surely the evidence is conclusive that only sick fucks are suitable candidates for senior political roles

Miriam said...

And they looked with horror at what they had lent their energy to build...

Guess we'll have to wait and see who is left standing then....

wv:fienest~ fie-nest; a disgusting nest

Visible said...

These things the force is pushing it out. Giving the impression that Israel is at the forefront of the human revolution, while routinely mulching Palestinian's. So it goes.

Anonymous said...

Interesting link...


Anonymous said...

Ah, Visible, once more you help me to regain my perspective. Thank you my friend, I'm blessed to know you.


Henry George said...

Hello to all ... I have been fascinated by the Masonic Order for many years now, and having done much research, was very spooked by the organization. I am a REALTOR, and while I earn a sustaining living, I have never been one to join any group or to "network" to try to increase my income or spere of influence.

I was surprised to learn that a friend of mine (also a REALTOR) that I have known since 1990 is a 32nd degree Mason! How does one become a 32nd degree mason? I have a current client, a man in is late sixties, who is also a 32nd degree mason. Given the fact that the 33rd degree is an honorary degree (I think that Robert "Sheets" Byrd and GHWB were/are 33rd degree masons), a degree granted after doing God knows what, how close to the innermost circles do you have to be to gain the 32nd degree? I asked Henry Makow, and he said that it is possible to achieve this degree while still being an ok chap. Is this true? Please enlighten if possible. Sincerely ... Henry George.

Visible said...

You are what you make of yourself according to the guidance you get and the profit you seek. We are forged in the crucible of experience; life. It's all there. I seek and serve God, that's my thing. I haven't done it all that well on occasion but I am getting better. I'm improving at a good rate and hope to accelerate.

Anonymous said...

I read a long time ago about how the evil forces infiltrate anything and everything good and corrupt it until it is no longer. What I read, talked about the Iluminati being a group of scientists, artists, professionals who were spiritual, and didn't like the Roman Catholic church taking over humanity. Supposedly, DaVinci, Michaelangelo, and other well known artists, authors, scientists back then, were a part of this group - maybe even some of the founding members. This isn't the Dan Brown stuff either. Part of the response to the Inquisition was this group forming. Of course, the church found out and infiltrated the original Iluminati group. We all have heard about the modern day Iluminati being composed of evil people. I wonder if there are any light beings among them.

Maybe we should all join a group - be it the Masons, Iluminati, Skull & Bones and corrupt the hell out of them and bring it back into the light. Didn't someone say here about all it taking was to strike a match to bring some light? Ha, wouldn't that be a fun thing to do. I'll have to think about which group I'd like to join and have some fun with!

Many Blessings

wv: wines .... why yes, I think I'll have some and invite some bornaginners over

DaveR said...


I'm glad you posted that link to Fukushima. I've been posting it where ever I can put it. I think it's more important than just about anything (not) in the news. Anyone wonder why Fukushima has dropped off the nightly news? Who controls the news?

Then this is popping up. I put a link to "Collateral Damage" on my little neglected blog. [maybe I put up the whole thing, I'll have to look] and I'm going to post, very soon, an Excel spreadsheet of all the tenants of the WTC for like the last 10 years if it's existence.

This leads to John 3:20, my favorite biblical verse. Whenever I cite it people keep telling me I mean John 3:16, like I can't read. Sheesh.

Miriam said...

This is the second message from Anonymous:

Just Released! ANONYMOUS declares war on the system! JOIN THE RESISTANCE!

Anonymous said...

In regards to masons and masonry.

While it is true that not all masons are bad the system of masonry has been corrupted just like the system of our laws has been corrupted.

Both systems are run by evil people at the top.

So regardless of who is or who is not in it regardless of good or bad, the system itself needs to go bye bye, just like our system that america runs on needs to go bye bye.


bye bye

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

I would never join a club that would have someone like me in it. (Grouch Marx said that)


wv: opacidac . an illuminating drug?

Anonymous said...

Their time can't end soon enough for me. The masons around here are a good ole boys club that scratch each others backs, nice for them I reckon. Anyone out there ever heard of this outfit? They have meetings around here and have caught my interest. From Minnesota

Rabbit said...

Good one Les. I think I may have been on a thread of yours recently where such a lower case challenged person was making exactly the point about the Freemasons and as I pointed out I happen to call one quite high and elderly Freemason a friend and mentor and not only is he one of the finest men I know he is also one of the finest examples of a true Christian gentleman also.

As you say no organisation is all evil although some people are close enough as makes no difference and some like Zionism have so little good they might as well be called the exception.

siamsam said...

Considering that the UK social services are in the business of stealing children and many of those in the job have been exposed time an time again as pedo's, then the police need look no further than under their noses. But they know that anyhow!

siamsam said...

If it is difficult to get a job which positions one in close contact with children, then it may be best to gain some credibility and suitable background by abusing adults first!

The apocalypse is certainly keeping up with it's end of the bargain

Anonymous said...

Yes. The faith that comes from knowing wields a singular advantage in the world of appearance.

As such,it appears the 'dissociative
ones' may have the Universe just exactly where 'It' wants them.

Mean-time, best to walk (mindfully)
between the raindrops.

Now, everyone look into the mirror and scream (with feeling)"BOO"!!

Anonymous said...

In the first place one need to understand that most of the characters mentioned in the article are not whiteys, but Joos. To them, all of us-black, white, asian-re GOYM, or slaves. Those whoever bothered to read this document know very well all their tricks of brainwashing both Christians and Muslims. Who do you think is fighting in Libya against Gaddafi? Brainwashed Muslims. Who gives a portion of their paycheck to Israel every month-brainwashed Christians. Wake up people.

Anonymous said...

"Why am I in this handbasket and where are we going?"


Anaughty Mouser said...

“To smile when confronted with the most severe oppression, is an act of resistance rooted in unparalleled beauty.” Jonathan Azaziah

When did J.Azaziah first meet Les Visible and his caravan of truth?

Blaze on you crazy diamonds!


Anaughty Mouser said...

"Israel unloaded several white phosphorus bombs on Gaza in April (2011)" J.Azaziah

My question: Is "israel" completely fucking barking-mad CRAZY to be killing Gaza children in front of the whole world?

Fact: the country of "israel" IS a false flag. Their flag is the criminal goldsmith Bauer's red shield. The "country" of Rothschildlandia is as false as the Balfor "declaration" paper written and paid for by false-jew Khazarian Ashkenazis. This "country" is as fake as a three dollar bill.

It is time to end the fakery, the madness, the murder.

Dissolve "israel" before it samsonises the whole world as they did 9/11. Put Nathan and his whole criminal klan in prison (sic).

Press restart and begin the civilised world again - without any usury or any fraction reserve banking. There is no other way - the system can never be fixed as it presently exists. Corruption exists at every single level in every single governing body in every single country everywhere in the world.

If you love your children, if you love life, the above MUST occur worldwide!



Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

The best deception of all was when evil had "true beings" believing evil did not exist...

you can tell them by their actions...

they are master liars...they are the great deceivers of truth...they function in the dark...

this will be the finest reality show a true being could ever witness...the "Terminal Madness of The End Times"...

These demons in power are spiritually dead...they have no inner inner ring of divine awareness...they are of pure evil created by the evil demigod that usurped this dimension for his playground...

all this craziness tells me everything is in order...the master plan unfolding...bringing the message to all loud and clear that "this dimension is finished corrupted and poisoned and evil is being destroyed through self destruction"...

one best decide which side you chose because time is running out...and ignorance will not be a excuse anylonger...

Best Wishes Always

Visible said...

Visible Origami is here-

The Shortcoming, Long Time Going.

dublinmick said...

I wrote this in the spirit of the great Irish poet William Butler Yeats

The protocols make no mistake are some gigantic plot
brought to you steadily and tirelessly by some gentile bot

We are daily traumatized and unquestionably victimized
It is a 24/7 job for all of us to keep this thing sanitized

Don't furl your brow and worry your vaccine soaked heads
Just go shopping girls, watch lady Gaga and take your meds

Shunting the lies aside we ,have nothing to do with the fluoride
It is a mystery to us concerning the degradation and suicide

We refuse and do not accept any vaccinations or to be drafted
We most happily bank the gold our artisans have slyly crafted

It is amazing how cowardly you are, and what your dollar buys
Only a couple of our bad ones behind this, don't believe your eyes

Happy families and smiling faces are not what we plan for you
We'll take you down and bring in replacements stupider than you

Back in early America in the old west you were not such a coward
Your trust is blind and you keep turning your back on Mr. Howard

So keep rapping and banging, doce do and think you are free
We just laugh and deny, these protocols are made for you and me

I am really taking a liking to Richard lately

Greg Bacon said...

How Fucking Crazy Can Televangelists Get?

Of all the TALMUDVision (TV) televangelists clowns I've seen, this one, Chris Kirk, a mental asylum escapee that calls himself the "Hoppin Mad Hillbilly," takes the prize for being the wackiest. He even admits that he is a"true nut."

When he's not babbling about his Jesus coming back to save the 'christian' righteous, he's preaching about how godless Muslims are, that they're in league with Satan, vampires, demons, and evil night creatures while praising his peace-living Jewish friends that he tells his viewers to adore.

He claims that if there are extra-terrestrial beings, then they are Satan's spawn, since his Jesus only came to Earth to save his type of Christians and their lovable Jewish friends.

He runs his cult out of Dandridge,TN a state that seems to have more than their share of rabid Muslim haters... sorry, Kenny's Sideshow. There's no link on his web site for donating money, so where does he get the wads of cash needed to produce, run and broadcast on cable/satellite networks to put his brain damaging psyops on the air?

Click here to watch this bozo in action, couldn't find any ADLTube videos of this joker.

Dear Leader Kirk's friends at the ADL list Dandrige, TN as having a KKK clan:

Knights of Yahweh - A small Klan group based in Dandridge, Tennessee.

"Knights of Yahweh?" Nice touch, Kirkstein.

Abe and Kirk, the "Knights of Yahweh."

In a land filled with morons, a person with half a brain could be King.

Visible said...

Good one Greg!

billbo said...

hmmmm - this is interesting. Parallels your article, a lot! The powerful are being exposed. (I haven't vetted this outside of the links below).

The webbot stuff often said whistleblowers were going to come forward. I hope so, the more the merrier.

I have often thought - That if we just knew the truth the awakening would be a no-brainer.


also posted at:
referenced at:

- billbo

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Madness at the Break of Dawn; keep on keeping on.



Joseph Brenner

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