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One More Lone Gunman who wasn't Alone

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

You would think they would have the numbers straight by now. I keep seeing the number 76 and then I see where it is over a hundred or in the high 90’s. There’s so much being written about it at the moment that you can’t keep up with it and, as the writer in the link just given points out, it’s certainly taken the focus off of Rupert Murdoch and all of the evil shits who enabled him. As I scan the whole affair with my intuitive sense, I see this is the primary intent of the whole thing. I get the feeling they have cadres of deluded malcontents, intricately programmed for the moment of need whenever it arises.

What must be going on behind the scenes and in the minds of the players in the higher spheres of social and political discourse? Surely they know, this time they know and there can be little doubt at any level that Israel, her banking commandoes and special ops terror forces, are lizard-neck deep in the horror of this event and in most of the related horrors of these times.

My thought is that the force of The Apocalypse is making itself felt upon all of the operations of obfuscation and fascist control around the globe. They know about things on the horizon that are still concealed from the eyes of majority population. They know that critical mass has entered into the playing field of its maximum expression. In times of great historical change, there is a wall clock that counts off the moments to the inevitable. It hangs in the meeting rooms of the halls of power. It ticks away in the minds of those who have perpetrated so much rage and ruin upon the populace of so many countries, for the purpose of economic gain and an ever widening net of global control.

It is going to collapse around their heads. It can’t go any other way. It’s destiny. After decades of mass murder, applied genocide and phony peace talks, the declaration of a Palestinian State looms on the near horizon. They’re not going to be able to stop it. The Palestinians have no other options. They’re up against the wall and the force of the Aquarian Age is on their side, regardless of the cost in the process. They have little left to lose and they keep losing that. Israel is on the wrong side of history and everything they do, exposes them for what they are, a bloodthirsty cabal of non-Semitic interlopers, seeking to forge the historical record and write themselves into ancient locations that they never occupied in the first place.

Three things have made the activities of these psychopaths so successful. One of them is the fabrication of an event that every known record disproves. The other is their control of the banking world and the third is their control of the media. All of these efforts were in the planning and operations phase for a very long time. Once they felt secure in their position they came out of the closet and have begun a systematic takeover of human consciousness. I should mention that their hijacking of the Christian fundamentalist, cartoon absurdist religion has also stood them in good stead, with a massive chorus of lemmings and cannon fodder at their disposal; “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

What are the things that are crumbling away as we approach maximum dénouement? The truth about a certain fabricated event is slowly making itself known worldwide. The whole of the Arab world knows about it now. The banking system is collapsing and thanks to the internet, the media stranglehold on the world’s perception of events is losing its force and capacity for containment. It’s all coming apart and this leaves the bad guys with few options. The rogue elements in the CIA and MI6, which take their marching orders from Tel Aviv, are scrambling like panicking rats up and down the guy lines of a doomed ship of fools. Everything they do is turning against them.

What is the guaranteed response from the perpetrators, given that all of their plots are imploding? The guaranteed response is more false flags, with an eye toward a more horrendous massacre in Gaza, with an excuse based upon the changes at the border crossing in Egypt. This is to be in tandem with an assault on Iran. These inhuman killers need maximum distraction to take the attention off of the daily exposure of their terrible acts against the rest of us. Things like the fall of Dark Lord Rupert cannot be allowed to continue and this means the near certainty of some much greater and more horrific false flags at important points in Europe and the US. This is how it sorts out in my thoughts at the moment.

We’re right in the eye of the storm at the moment and we’ve been there for awhile. It’s a big storm and it passes slowly. Soon enough the eye is going to pass by and the rampaging winds and fury of the attendant rain is going to come down with a vengeance. It’s going to be very selective. The weather and everything else is an agent of the cosmos and employed in the best interests of all of us who are present in this time. It doesn’t look good at the moment and it hasn’t looked good for a long time but that’s just appearances and that’s all this world really is anyway, appearances and appearances lie.

Everything we hear these days is a lie and every lie is calculated to obscure a particular truth. Whenever you read something in the media, you can take it as the gospel truth that it is a lie and then you can look at what’s not being said and be pretty certain that that is what is really going on. Give it a few days or a few weeks and the real story will start to emerge in the blogsphere and then a series of seemingly oppositional talking heads in the mainstream will debate the follow-up lies that are meant to distract from the emergent truth. This is what has happened with the bank bailouts and the theft of public resources from every location they can be stolen from. The comic spectacle of truly insane greed is a wonder to behold. They are out of control and how does this play up against their relentless push for control? It creates a dichotomy that they cannot escape, explain or understand because their capacity for all of these things is being compromised from locations within and without that keep them in a harness of blindness, as they are marched toward their date with the cosmic comeuppance.

I know that a lot of people can’t see this because of the apprehension that is coming down on them in these times and because of the power of false appearances that makes such a large shadow thrown by such puny figures. The degree of force that is needed to wake people up is going to be the determinant of how intense it gets. If you don’t need a two by four in the back of the head, it is likely you won’t be getting one. On the other hand, if you do, well, you do the math. Of course, you won’t be doing any math because you are already buying into the manufactured figures of those who are performing these deceptions upon you; that is why the two by four is necessary. There’s nothing anyone can say to anyone who is not in a position to hear it and that is why The Apocalypse is necessary to begin with.

Lao Tzu makes several comments about how one’s grasp should never exceed their reach and why an army should never march too far beyond the supply wagons. He makes a good case for all kinds of prudent behavior and his sutras have lasted as an irrefutable teaching until this day. This is because those who do refute them, wind up object lessons of them. Those who do practice and embrace these truths are not often heard about because they don’t go around looking like they swallowed the sun and the moon.

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Anaughty Mouser said...

Wonderful post.

My heart goes out to the innocent youth killed in Norway and their families.

Mossad has brought sorrow to many, many lives that will NEVER end.

May God damn israel.



DaveS said...

Dog poet,

I can never thank you enough for what you've done to help open my eyes to reality. You're a gem, and I'm not sure where I'd be without your words, which help me balance all those other words pouring into my small brain from too many directions.

I like reading many blogs, but this particular one resonates with me, and it's also where weird truths, and even stranger happenings are discussed openly – I won't find that many places.

Thanks for taking the time to continue educating me and the rest of your readers. We're on your side for sure.


Odin's Raven said...

Here's an article which doesn't mention you-know-whos, but points out that the banksters and intelligence agencies are explioting the situation to divide and rule.

Here's another which emphasises that people are not supposed to infringe the state's self-allocated monopoly of mass murder.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"May God damn israel."

Sophia, a Goddess, wants a piece of their ass too.

Anonymous said...

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.

-Lao Tzu

kikz said...

peter of lone tree..

i read lash's writings also :)

Anonymous said...

How did you do this Les Visible?

And thanks for explaining what is going on in my head (once totally muddled by the ziogre false-reality machine, but getting less discombobulated by the minute)!

As you described in another fine composition, almost exactly, every core thought roaming about in my mind for the past few days (although not in as creative or orderly form as you write them into this world) - hey hey!

Jody Paulson said...

re: news distractions

Remember when the Abu Ghraib torture pics came out? How convenient that Nick Berg (who was later found to have actually worked on a tower at Abu Ghraib) was "beheaded" soon after to take the heat off the scandal (see on the likelihood the video was staged -- at Abu Ghraib!)

And let's not forget that Qaddafi's grandchildren were killed by NATO forces the same day bin Laden was supposedly bagged by Navy SEALs.

Anonymous said...

Les -
Brilliant piece. Absolutely loved this line: "Israel is on the wrong side of history and everything they do, exposes them for what they are, a bloodthirsty cabal of non-Semitic interlopers, seeking to forge the historical record and write themselves into ancient locations that they never occupied in the first place."

Oh - Peter - read that piece yesterday and devoured it. Excellent article, and fits right in line with several of the recent pieces up on (excellent, excellent site, too).

Thanks -

Miriam said...

Here's an article by the great Gordon Duff, that has many twists and turns in it and is imo not so much about Gaddafi but once again about the insidiousness of Zionazis Rothschilds.
Reading this,
remember that Israel sent mercenaries to Libya to help Gaddafi. Libya does NOT have an independent bank but is rather a Rothschild controlled creature(I have been saying this), and how the US is owned on all sides(well that goes w/o saying...)

Playing all sides against each other, Israel and their minions will end up walking into a sword of their own making.

Exclusive: Stranger than Fiction, Debt Default In Gaddafi’s Hands

Terrance said...

" Untouchable pale petals, already saying goodbye.

Let us celebrate their parting

while welcoming the fresh spring breeze."

Anonymous Modern Haiku, Japan

Thank You Les Visible

Anonymous said...

The answer to the question of who benefits becomes clearer. Before the terror, real questions getting asked about the murdoch organization and its implications. Questions about the role of government, the ethics of finance, and the insanity of letting a war and security machine run amok. Specific questions about agencies arming insurgency in Mexico or who could have done the anthrax.

Many people in Europes are getting cold feet over the union and want to reassert nationality - and with that ask who does government justly work for?

Post terror attack: back on your heads. Coffee break is over. The war on terror is all-seeing and never-ending. Be afraid and obey. And pay no attention to a certain ethnic affiliation crime family behind the curtain.

Anonymous said...

Hi All :

I suspect you are correct Vis. My intuition tells me they will not let go easily and that greater crimes will be committed in desperation. My fear is this will only cause more blindness in the blind.

Thanks to the commenter yesterday who posted the study showing that 10% of the people can change the view of 90% of the people. I needed that.

On a different note it seems that the some average folks in Israel are not happy with the current regime either.

Protestors in Tel Aviv

Thanks for your Blog LV

Patrick V1.0

Odin's Raven said...

Here's an article that has no hesitation in blaming the right people.

The author sees things almost as clearly as Mr. Visible.

Neko Kinoshita said...

An odd thing about that “eye of the storm” thing is they way that the rampaging winds and fury seem to be passing right by…as long as I maintain my devotion to the source that is.

Every time I make the mistake of thinking I know what I’m doing, the divine lets just a bit of it slam into me. I admit I’m not very bright but I am starting to notice the pattern. Hopefully I can get to the point where the brush of the rushing wind is all I need to get me back in the flow, we’ll see, or not.

It is downright amazing how little the distractions seem to matter at all to me. The continuing pattern of the fall is unmistakable, and the details just aren’t important. The nature of the distraction seems self evident, and “proof” is not required when the divine is showing the path.

As always, the voiceover provides a scathing commentary to the disintegration.

“Across the vein of night, there cuts a path of searing light. Burning like a beacon on the edges of our sight.”

Song has been stuck in my head all morning…


wv: prout - When one's pride force a pout at unwanted information: "When told about building seven, Johnny began to prout."

Nayon said...

Thank you for all you do. You are a precious teacher to many.

Here is a recent interview of Alan Sabrosky on iranian Press TV declaring Israel behind 9/11. Could be a solid tipping point for the middle east.

Anonymous said...

" would be the new Israel, unashamed, having already bled the US dry of military aid dollars and goodwill- a rogue nation who is standing alone, using primal mafia hits against its political detractors in Europe."

Nuf said.

Endwell Road said...

What a wonderful post!
Your words are balm for the soul.
Thank you.

"The mystic dances in the sun,
hearing music others don´t.

´Insanity´,they say,
those others.

If so it´s a very gentle,
nourishing sort."



Anonymous said...

Pluto (THE truth, destruction) entered Capricorn (Control, Powers that Be) Jan 2009 so they are going to be exposed and destroyed but before they will stage horrid events that lead to their own exposure. In the end, they will perish.

Mrreg said...

Thank you D-poet for your perspective, it is allways mentally enriching. But somehow I have the feeling that this Norway incident is a different breed of fish...

I am myself a Norwegian. This incident is something that not just has happened IN my county, but TO my country. And it seems all of it comes from within. In other words there are noone other to directly 'blaim' than ourselves. But this time I will not be taking part in the 'blamegame'. The reason beeing that everything points the same way: lone sosiopath with the possibilitys created by an open, adwanced and rich society.

This is a major shock to us alll, but never before have I been more proud of beeng Norwegian than in theese last days. Especially when I see the reaction from the kids who survived this ordeal. If they, and their equals, are the fundament of our common future we have little to fear!

And if you want a further glimpse of the possible future, then you have to lift your gaze, take a few steps back, and see how the ordinary people of Norway reacts to this incident. The world may have something to learn here... If we react to the actions of psychopaths with their own thinking and action, we loose. What has the Norwegians done? They have racted diametrically oposite to what the psychopath wanted.

The psychopaths are fighting for our conciousness. Do not give it to them! Do not play their game!

This, in my belief, is the way...

Shame on you shill said...

I work in Scandinavia. The spelling mistakes, cadence, diction are not those of ANY Norrman jag har någonsin träffat.


Anonymous said...

It was their most blatant and obvious operation to date.

They obviously dont care about coming out of the closet, just like congress didn't about both, "we the people" and the constitution.

And the timing so close to that whole rally and vote, not to mention they partially dovetail.

Now it is just monty python in suits and uniforms.

"hey you're just pretending to be the victim you are the real bad guy"

"No i'm not, you give me money or we wont come to the peace talks"

Like you were writing about earlier and the thought had crossed my mind....really does feel like this one could be the isreali mistake.

Anonymous said...

Mrreg; iyour blog called: the world of Mrreg you make zero spelling mistakes in you posts, but here you can't spell even the simplest of English words. Just wondering.

The Mossad did Norway. Don't take my word for it - go research it.

Your real viking blood countymen are going to tear Mossad country limb from limb - you watch. I'm going to offer to help them. Me and thousands of others sick to death of this zionist death machine in our midst.

Anonymous said...

"In other words there are noone other to directly 'blaim' than ourselves."

Are you fucking kidding me? You insult the perished youth working for peace in Palestina and their bereived families with your zionistic diatribe?

Sunnmore, more like Tel Aviv. You are a disgrace.

The Norwegians are not to blame for Mossad killing over 65 unarmed youths on Utoya. To even suggest it is disrespectful of those who have died.

Anonymous said...

"I once watched TV, or should I say,
It once watched me?

CNN showed me her loom, isn't it good, blond haired,blue-eyed, anti-Islamic, isolationist, nationalist, hood.

I sat on a rug, biding my time,
donating my mind.

I watched until 3:33, and then it said, it's time for bed."

And who does the "nazi" attack in his quest for "living space"? Young, white, Norwegians of course!!

I feel another SLAP coming.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

just a movie, but
The Intenational

gets it pretty well right.
(and moreso pretty with Naomi Watts)


wv: recce. a greek people's renaisance.

Anonymous said...


WOW! Your two greatest quotes are below:

“Israel is on the wrong side of history and everything they do, exposes them for what they are, a bloodthirsty cabal of non-Semitic interlopers, seeking to forge the historical record and write themselves into ancient locations that they never occupied in the first place”

“I should mention that their hijacking of the Christian fundamentalist, cartoon absurdist religion has also stood them in good stead, with a massive chorus of lemmings and cannon fodder at their disposal; “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

I am so alone as a Christian in this country I call America. Every “fundamentalist” I talk too repeats the same old Pro Israel crap. I even had an opportunity to explain in SIMPLE terms that that these people we call jews are actually Khazars, Edomites, or European converts to one such “Fundamentalist”. It was like talking to a brick.

I further explained to him the atrocities by these monsters and that too was to no avail. He basically gave Israel a pass and explained that the Jews needed to protect themselves from the Palestinian “Terrorists”

Finally I explained to him that his bible he claims states support for Israel says no such thing. I explained to Him that the bible was annotated by one Cyrus Schofield for the purposeful manipulation of the masses to accept Zionism.

Only God can open these peoples minds.


Anti-anti-semite said...

Humanity looks forward to the good day when shithole Is(is)RaEl [Venus.Saturn.Mars] is turned to glass.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a suggestion that the killer may have been a controlled double of Breivik.

Barrington said...

And some day we will learn the truth about who really started the bombing war in WW2, how many people died in the WW2 interment camps and how they died, the horrors of Palestine,Lebanon, 9-11, Iraq, Afdghanistan,Egypt, Rwanda, Libya and all the colored revolutions and wars that NATO and the USA have created....some day.

Anonymous said...

I will believe this when I see it but.....

Rob in WI said...

Thanks, Visible, You reconstitute and expose the lies of both the MSM, and the compromised alternative media. Something worth reading. I'd contribute, or listen to radio show, but can only afford dialup. BTW, I am experienced (JH quote), and may know as much as you about the evolution of synthetic enlightenment.

A.Mouser said...

Dear Visible,

Patsy Breivik's double.

Great theory/discovery of Aangirfan.

It explains so much about 'lone-nut gunmen' events all the way back to Dallas.

One commenter wrote:
"I suspect that the real Anders Breivik, the facebook trance music fan, is lying in a shallow grave."

I have been thinking about this all night and it would seem very possible. The main reason is that otherwise the real patsy (Breivik) might begin to reveal the truth once in custody.

That in turn means it's the patsy double who is in custody. Also explains why the (late) arriving swat team took the patsy double without a shot - he was one of theirs. This lays bare the corruption in Norwegian police security with Rothschild/zionist NWO infiltration.

This was a message to all Norwegian ruling class - "we can even kill your children, so do what the NWO tells you".

Psychopathic of zionist Rothschild.

Anonymous said...

@Mrreg how do you really know what the psychopath wanted or will the society there follow what his possible psychopathic handlers wanted? "If we react to the actions of psychopaths with their own thinking and action, we lose. What has the Norwegians done? They have racted diametrically oposite to what the psychopath wanted." Is that what the handlers wanted all along?

est said...

have you ever
run through a field
as fast as you can

at night in the dark

trusting solely in
your instincts
and some - thing

you can't explain ?

it's hard to describe
the sensation of total

but you never forget it

absolute trust
absolute freedom

that's all the math
i need to know

Greg Bacon said...

Yep, the 'fix' is in:

Could accused Norway killer land in luxurious prison?

Confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik may end up serving time in a newly built maximum-security prison that's considered among the world's most luxurious, according to The Telegraph.

The prison, Halden Fengsel, opened last year outside of Oslo and houses around 250 male inmates. But a Norwegian news outlet TV2 claims Breivik will more likely end up in Ila prison, which is less cushy than Halden, but still "a far cry" from the bare cells of American prisons.

The documentary photographer Alex Masi writes that the cells in Halden are equipped "with an en-suite bathroom, a flat-screen TV and various comforts. They measure 12 [square meters--about 129 square feet] and are divided up into units (10 to 12) which share a living room and kitchen," much like a college dorm. Time Magazine described the cells as resembling an Ikea showroom, complete with "stainless-steel countertops, wraparound sofas and birch-colored coffee tables."

The art budget for the facility came in at more than a million dollars, Masi says, while the cells are brightly painted and lack bars on the windows. Inmates take specialty cooking classes or choose from many other courses at an in-prison high school. They can jog around the 75-acre wooded facility or even climb on the prison's rock walls.

You can see more of Masi's photos of the prison by clicking the image above and at

According to Time, prison guards are required to help each inmate make his sentence "as meaningful, enlightening and rehabilitating as possible." About half of the prison guards are women, since research has suggested that a corps of female guards can help reduce aggression among the prison population. The unarmed guards eat meals and play games with prisoners.

"Life without parole" is not an option.

P.S. It's worth clicking on the link to see this luxurious 'prison,' which is more tastefully decorated and cost more to furnish than my humble abode.

Lahdahn said...

When NATO ran out of bullets 30 June 2011, they had the phone hacking scandal so the world won't learn that Gaddafi is still fighting the NATO rebels to a standstill and other African countries are helping him as well as Russia, China and Iran. When Murdoh began to feel too much heat, he called Israel who had this sleeper agent start killing Norweigers. Check this out, looking into his face, he has the same expression as Tim McVeigh. Like he's sleepwalking...

Anonymous said...

Nothing like the stench of MK Ultra in the morning. Isn't it odd the youth retreat had a pro-Palestine event the day before and Norway intends to remove troops from NATO's latest imperial resource grab.

Anonymous said...

what a busy bunch of psychopaths

"Indian leader suspects Mossad-CIA handiwork in Mumbai blasts to derail Indo-Pak dialogue" - July 17, 2011

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

the "Kingdom of Zion" is an ugly utter of exploitation, corruption, misery, pain, disease, poison, power, everything so disgusting in one's nature is their "normal"...

this evil demigod in control of this putrid dimension knows nothing of creation...look at what this maniac has done with stolen divine energy...not is illusion based on lies, evil sickness...

our Apocolapse is exposing this crude evil illusion of this final awakening (how much more awakening does one need)...all these occuring exteme circumstances are just symptoms of a dying planet...

those that turned evil...remain unawakened...or a supporting minion...are walking on thin ice...

as each day passes..."we" see more and more

corruption...lies...deceit...abuse...exploitation and evilness come to Light...the perpetrators of evil in the highest places cannot help but lie and cheat and swindle...BUT, they are no longer able to hide what they are is coming to Light...politicians/world leaders are being seen for what they are...they are used to getting away with everything...for aeons...they can now be seen by all for what they are...demons...liars and sons of Darkness...yet, them still fail to realize their own demise...

must run and get some more popcorn this unfolding reality show on the "Kingdom of Zion" beats all i have ever seen...

Best Wishes Always

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

Be and Become what you Aspire To.

Anonymous said...

(Fake) Mrreg AKA: Hasbra
These stupid yid morons have degenerated so low (thankfully), that they cannot even fake simple postings without screwing up.

Full of spelling errors (the REAL Mrreg has none), Wrong cadence. Here he gives himself away further; he writes: "and see how the ordinary people of Norway reacts(sic) to this incident."

A REAL Norwegian would have written: 'how my fellow ordinary Norwegians' or "how my fellow citizens' or 'how my ordinary countrymen'.

Thank God, that they are DUMB.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, I think it's a mistake to say that CIA & MI6 take their orders from Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv takes its orders from London and is itself a dagger in the hand of the usual plutocratic suspects. Israel was born of British intrigues and raised up on the world stage by British operatives. It's a tool of the lodges, not their master.

Visible said...

Anon 6:41

Hmmmm, no, I meant that metaphorically as much as anything so the orders can come from London and still be from Tel Aviv. Some number of people want me to accept that it's really a very secret anglo saxon cabal that is running The Tribe, I don't agree. I think it's them, wherever they are. Of course, it's all the devil at the top but they're his chosen people.

bholanath said...

Agreeing - Lash is Da Man!

So, what's with all the 'majority-rights', anti-'european-genocide', norwegian-liberal-youth-got-what-they-deserved, anti-'alien-colonization', capitalism-&-white-culture-defenders MENTAL WANKERS trying to justify the shooter/zio-black-op/whatever-it-was as justified action against "traitors",etc etc?
Such astonishing fucking ignorance of history. Hello. European/American so-called "culture" plundered, raped, ecocided and genocided every goddamn (real) culture on the planet (Africa, Asia, N. & S. America) FOR 500 YEARS under the banner of white exceptionalism, manifest destiny, and bullshit religion fairy-tales against imagined "pagan savages".
Western/European people don't even realize the fact of their own subjugation at the hands of their 'royals', inquisitioners, feudal-capitalists that fooled them into thinking they are "free" with the 'gift' of insane materialism, disconnect from the natural world, and Atlantean sciences.
And you're worried about yer fucking JOBS?????
Gotta love the apocalypse.
Jai Kali Ma

neal said...

est- thanks for the poem. I used to get these urges, and run as fast as possible through deep tangled woods at night that were impassible in daylight without a machete. Never tripped up, never a scratch. I think now that was good practice for these times.

bholanath, if they would have stopped,and cried then, maybe they wouldn't be crying now. That whole seventh generation thing, that devil comes calling; ironic and karmic and tragic. They were warned, and maybe chose unwisely.

Anonymous said...

And God passed over the waters, and the waters shook.

So visible hold on tight to that spirit, no matter what, the powers that be will try everything to make you loose your hold upon it. But that is the light that will carry you through this darkness, and fear not what is about to come, the ressurection of the dead has begun, and the souls of all of those sacrificed to keep this system going will make themselves known.

Maybe you should read about Chaco Canyon, those who built the 5 story building knew it was a satanic system in this world of formation. Every foundation laid into the ground without the letter of the law, died in the wool, is crooked and must come an arm's lenghth out of the ground. This is why they left it all behind, because it required the letting of blood to sustain it. Nothing has changed, we are involved in the wholesale slaughter of innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan so that we do not loose the value of our fake paper fiat. This system is collapsing on itself, there will be nothing left to sacrifice. Fear not those who can take your body, fear those who try to steal your soul.

stay in the spirit


i lost the first half of what I wrote so be it

Mo said...

This seems to be saying a little similar:

Norway Bombing and Israel?

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

People's participation, (like it or not), in the slaughter of those 60 BILLION animals each and every year after year after year simply to please the tongue has to be accounted for.

That's the law of nature.
Very strict law.

I'm not trying to be a stick in the mud to bring anyone down from their high, rain on their parade or be the bearer of bad news from misanthrophy or anything of the like.

Au contraire.. I wish everyone nothing but the best, the very best for ALL concerned.

Anonymous said...

I read of the "Ikea" prison where the alleged shooter will be pampered and pedicured.

21 years is the maximum period of incarceration. Let's correlate these despicable murders to the "crimes" of another much feared "right winger",namely Ernst Zundel. He spent 7 years in prison. 2 of those years were spent in solitary with a light on 24/7....For an opinion!!!!!!!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

Palestine and the Irresistible Winds of Change.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, via Homer, Friday, July 29, 2011 1:30:00 AM.

Having just this moment finished a beautiful piece of grilled lamb, I thank you for your best wishes.
May you live long and prosper.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Thank you, Anonthy.

I'll simply say this..

Neither long life nor prosper is on my wish list of things to be.

bholanath said...

Homer -
Regardless what the what-me-worry scofflaws think, no one is above certain laws.
Respect is everything. Every failure to heed such always results in karmic citation. Pleading ignorance is no defense with 'the honorable' Lady Kali/Gaia/Sophia/Durga on the bench.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..


I agree.

We are aware of the various manifestations of karma as per circumstances.

It would be foolish of me to believe Inuits or desert nomads could exist on a diet free of animals, just as it would be foolish to believe Durga Puja and the like would ever decline in Kali yuga.

Those who use animals in ways which respect their being via offerings such as Durga Puja, are not the same as the demonic assembly line slaughterhouses and the resultant karma of association with these.

Then too, this Durga Puja has manifested itself in a very dangerous direction as is the norm in Kali yuga.

The Hindus have, as befits the times I guess, turned Durga Puja into a horrific miasma of death and animal terror to a degree rivaling the modern slaughterhouses.
Though these five days are certainly not every day after day after day for decades and centuries on end.

Intentions are huge, as I'm sure you well know.

Thanks for your words.

The Lonely Ranger said...

Hey Les! How's it all going in 'I' taly? (My friend who used to work in Can Stats would criticize people for pronouning Italy with a long 'I'! The same goes for 'I'raq and 'I' that stupid 9/11 Country song. Duh!

How's Poncho and the other little pooch that you adopted? Give them both big hugs and kisses for me!
...and tell them it's from Uncle J.P. in Harperville Lol!(Ottawa)

P.S. If I had a choice to go anywhere in the world to meet someone to hang out, talk, and jam. party, and get drunk with...well, it'd be you man!


"Live, Love, Laugh, Learn!"

Blessings there Brother!

J.P. :-)



Joseph Brenner

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