Monday, August 08, 2011

The Black Swan is on the Wing

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

'May your noses always be cold and wet.'

Monday is here but I am six hours ahead of the US and it is morning here, so there’s no news to speak of yet. There will be. This is a little dated, by about a week, Max Keiser nails the situation; a little mellower than he has been of late. It’s clear as crystal that the root of all evil is exactly that and those in whom it is blooming are the enemy of humanity. The bankers are the problem. The bankers manufacture recessions and depressions to exert a greater control over social and political structures. The bankers create and finance the wars on both sides of the conflicts. The bankers orchestrate famine, poverty and want. The bankers control the policies that control the media and the education system that is operated to maintain ignorance in the public so that they can be shorn like sheep. The bankers launder the drug money and keep drugs illegal. The bankers are the problem.

The international banker is the scum of the Earth and they have to be brought to account. What will accomplish this? There are several possibilities. One of them is a real run on Wall Street, where the public goes into their offices and dispenses frontier justice on their person. The other is some kind of cosmic intrusion of forces that I won’t begin to speculate on and the other is some kind of financial miracle in which they actually wind up broke but I don’t know how something like that would work. The most likely is a combination of the first two, where the second channels through the first. Once the cost of food, lodging and fuel hits a certain point, the public will be universally galvanized by the force that builds up from the pressure of their asses against the wall.

We can be there in a few days. Once the system begins to collapse, it will have its own speed of free fall and things will move at a spectacular rate of change. It will be like the way weather can suddenly transform in the South Seas. At the point when this begins to occur the probability of global conflict will accelerate to maximum thrust. This is the primary truth about imperial currency activity, when the money goes south, violent attention goes east.

Yes, maybe it will all just limp along on crutches, while plastered with Band-Aids but that goes contrary to the mathematics. You can spread the numbers only so thinly or you can only press them together so much and you’re going to get holes appearing in the net all over the place or you are going to get implosion. Do I have any idea of what I am talking about? It is possible that I do not. There’s an area where allegorical poetry gains a mystical influx of metaphysical certainty that is no different from theoretical physics, where theory is just another word for things we don’t want to accept as inevitable. Maybe freedom’s just another word for no one left to screw.

It stands to reason that sooner or later, the public will have no further option but to declare open season on the bankers. They’ll be hunted down as the ‘be all and end all’ of everything dangerous and wrong. They are a plague and a pestilence as bad as any epidemic. They are the whiskey and yellow fever blankets on the reservations of ordinary life. They are anthrax masquerading as Sweet and Low. They are the long standing source of the majority of humanities problems and have little competition except for the ubiquitous presence of ignorance and impossible dreams. Whoever these bankers are that is who they are.

When the shit hits the fan, as it is going to do at any moment, the guilt of the bankers is going to stand out like zits on a beauty queen. The transformation in the mind of the public is going to be immediate. People watch the news and though it is nothing more than garbage and lies, the players have all been seen there. They’ve been seen in Congress and they’ve been seen wherever the lies created to defend them have been publicized. They are a known quantity.

There is no argument of any kind that can be used to generate sympathy for the bankers, who are either behind or finance every outrage against the public that is in existence. Now their day is at hand and they show no signs of having any kind of a clue. They sit at their vanities and admire their image like Marie Antoinette. They whoop it up like Louis the sixteenth in Versailles, surrounded by gold leaf wallpaper and sycophants, while they diddle the sons and daughters of a dying empire that they brought to this pass.

There is mercy to be found here but none of it can be for the bankers who have acted with none, in their intentional efforts to beggar, mutilate, maim and destroy anyone and everyone who is not them. That mercy is for the public who like Lefty, “only did what he had to do”.

I try to get my heart and my head around it. I try to see an out for everyone but the only out I can see for the bankers is, ‘out of our lives’ and marched still living through the Gates of Hell, where they can reunion with the banker in chief. I’m not the judge or executioner. I’m an observer who’s never had enough money to even think about banks in the first place. People like me aren’t all that affected by changes in conditions, where we don’t own anything in the first place. There’s no house to take, no job to lose, no salary attending it, no car in my name, no stocks or bonds, no savings or loans. How do I do it? I rely on invisible means of support and you can argue all you like about the feasibility and actuality of it, it is and it works. I don’t recommend it for anyone who can’t generate the faith to make it so, by having gone through what is required to possess and generate it. I do work all the time and I collect nothing from the government or society for my upkeep, so let’s not bring that up.

I’ve had jobs and cared for myself and others on the way to here but no job or possession has had the pull to saddle me to the system. When the choice had to be made, then whatever got cut loose rather than tightly grasped. Now the bankers tightly grasp what is going to turn into flaming coals in their hands. Judgment is going to cry out from the Earth they walk upon and have plundered at will. That will is now going to be drained away into fear and apprehension. Their fortress walls are going to fall away. Their protectors are going to turn on them. Their holdings are going to dissolve and spill from their fingers like a handful of sand. I wouldn’t want to be a banker today, or on any other day.

The existence of a system has kept them safe. This corrupt system has allowed for some kind of life for those preyed upon until now. Now it has turned upon those whose compliance had been forthcoming for so long. Soon that compliance will be gone and there are not enough police and armies to quell what is going to rise out of the midst. Maybe I’m wrong about this but like everything else, we’ll see.

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Visible sings:

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just me, Laurel A. said...

amen :)

Anonymous said...

A day or so ago a commenter said you were like a 'profit' in your work of identifying the truth to all those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear. I tend to agree with that.

Then today you write: Now the bankers tightly grasp what is going to turn into flaming coals in their hands. Judgment is going to cry out from the Earth they walk upon and have plundered at will. That will is now going to be drained away into fear and apprehension. Their fortress walls are going to fall away. Their protectors are going to turn on them. Their holdings are going to dissolve and spill from their fingers like a handful of sand.

Well Visible, I consider myself a God fearing man, reading those words made the hairs on my neck stand straight up like a frightened cat's - literally.

You are chanelling like a crystal my good friend, keep up your very valuable work.

Humbly yours,


Anonymous said...

Today, I understand better how business suits are a uniform of the criminal class. What's the purpose of a necktie, anyway? Well, at best it's an emblem, a symbol of power and priesthoods... much-to-often worn by wannabee gainsaying-types who want to partake in the spoils of the same.

And we think they look nice. We respect it. (c;

Life is funny that way.

Isn't it interesting how the public tends to look upon actors with admiration and envy? But, wait a minute... aren't these professional deceivers?

And just when we think it is boring and uneventful, it gets better! (c;

Our perception is what changes.

Thanks Vis.


DaveS said...

Awesome rant today chief!

Watching the markets today is like watching a long car race, knowing you're gonna witness a crash...

I don't think the bread and circuses are gonna keep the masses quelled until October... Feces are gonna fly and I'm glad I've got a seat high in the bleachers because I'm less likely to get hit by shit. I hope you do too.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I've worn a neck tie about a half dozen times in my life and every time felt like I voluntarily put a hangman's noose around my neck.

I loathed putting that thing on.

Neck ties have always reminded me of death, but never more so than now.

Ben said...

Vis, All,

Today I am moved to quote from the book of James. James was the half-brother of Jesus. This is what James wrote concerning the bankers:

Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming on you. Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days. Look! The wages you failed to pay the workers who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty. You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter. You have condemned and murdered the innocent one, who was not opposing you.

Be patient, then, brothers and sisters, until the Lord’s coming. See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop, patiently waiting for the autumn and spring rains. You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord’s coming is near. Don’t grumble against one another, brothers and sisters, or you will be judged. The Judge is standing at the door!

James wrote this many many years ago and it has been fulfilled partially at different times and different places. I believe we'll soon see it fulfilled globally because now the bankers truly have the whole globe in their thrall.

DaveS said...

PoTai asks, "What's the purpose of a necktie, anyway?"

I'm beginning to think those lil' pieces of cloth are ready-made nooses... something to remind those wearing them what the masses will do to them if they fuck-up. Unfortunately they've forgotten the lesson.

Silk is fortunately strong enough to hold even the thickest neck up when properly tied to a street light.


wv:insize... perfect for this post ;)

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

“Freedom is just another way of saying, there is nobody left to screw.” Janice would approve.
On a day when the market’s fear is so thick, you can cut with a knife. With the financial high priests are scurrying for their holes, you seem quite mellow today my friend.

Visible said...

Maybe because I feel no real connection to it, not having anything to lose but that may be relative because I am connected somehow. We all are. Then again, you could have been being sarcastic (grin). I do feel mellow mostly becaue something is coming up for me and I've been waiting a long time for it.

Anonymous said...


I cannot believe the Truthseeker could even print this obvious Israeli totally false propaganda about Iran WITHOUT a disclaimer.

Just bloody amazed.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

"I do feel mellow mostly becaue something is coming up for me and I've been waiting a long time for it." At lot of souls have been waiting for this gig to go down for a long time... hell even our alien neighbors are filling up they sky parking lot for a ring side seat. Get the show on the road!

kikz said...

when black monday comez.... (sung to the tune of steely dan's 'black friday')

that could be followed up w/a rousing rendition of 'jump, you fuckerz!'

an image comes to mind.. what begins as a black swan shape in the heavens, descending... morphs into a creeping fog......
kind of reversal of the scene out of the epic hollyweird bullshit - 10 commandments.... all those w/$$$$$ metaphorically painted on their doors get a visit.

wv - fatelice... hahahahhahahaha!

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Fifty years, a hundred years, a thousand years, ten thousand years is hardly even the beginning of a blink of the eye of the big picture.

If I try really really hard, I can barely, just barely begin to grasp a bit of a single frame of the big picture.

Erik said...

Hi All,

Andjres created this small extract of last nights radio-show, i'd like to share with you ...

I Give Lip Service

I give words without power to and about
The One that is the source of all power and what that means
is that I have no real and operative connection to her
except where my fate and my karma come in;
which is all about bringing me to the point
where I have the visceral acceptance and understanding
that She is real.

My life is what I make of it based upon the degree
to which I believe in the Eternal Motive Force
who's sole purpose of operation is to bring me closer.

Outside of this there is only my personalizing expressions
of myself playing with it and which I am not equipped for
because I lack all of the tools which can only come from Her
and which are functional when I step aside and allow Her
to utilize those tools through me.


Sounds as if this is a surrender affirmation?
If so my friend, then I'll accept these tools
and also their application on my life ... just for today !

Unknown said...

Not just the bankers. The heads of state, the lesser politicians, and the 'enforcers' are gonna see some pretty stressful times. Cops and National Guard or other soldiers will make great target practise for the Zetas, Mara Salvatrucha, Bloods, Crips, whatever, when the riots hit.

As for Marie Antoinette, she was better than what superfluous research and commonly understood understandin' about her is. She didn't deserve what she got. (Same with Niccolò Machiavelli. He just wrote a book on how the system works. If one reads some real history about them, they won't be so quick to condemn them.)

Killer post, as always. I figure this is gonna hit before end of year. Fine by me. I don't have anythin' to lose either. Not even myself, considerin' I am a fictional character.

Anonymous said...

That last comment clinched it. You are only a theoretical, fictional character in your own mind - in reality you don't exist at all. Sorry.

Boulderdash said...

Bull's eye!'s gone! said...

Ron Paul to Fort Knox: "Show me the gold!"

Sorry Ron, the Fed "removed and hid it all" out of the state of Tn.

namuh v.1.0h said...

"business suits are a uniform of the criminal class" - PoTai

Funny you should mention this, more resonance i suppose. I have considered how this uniform has changed little over the last century. Such an ugly, trite uniform ripe for anything better, yet remains the uniform of choice for business, politicians and powerbrokers. Like in many entrenched-systems like this, you had better acquiesce than complain. Like a symbol placed over your head, disguised as clothing of acceptance into the elite, yet very much a symbol of a noose (as 'via homer' noted), or a collar and choke chain. The ultimate 'gotcha' willingly doned by the dupes in the system (absolutely no offense intended to those who must wear them for a living, just a general observation).

& more resonance echoing down the spirals of history:

The Mask of Anarchy (in part)

"Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number,
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you -
Ye are many - they are few.

What is Freedom? - ye can tell
That which slavery is, too well -
For its very name has grown
To an echo of your own.

Tis to work and have such pay
As just keeps life from day to day
In your limbs, as in a cell
For the tyrants' use to dwell,

So that ye for them are made
Loom, and plough, and sword, and spade,
With or without your own will bent
To their defence and nourishment.

Tis to see your children weak
With their mothers pine and peak,
When the winter winds are bleak, -
They are dying whilst I speak.

Tis to hunger for such diet
As the rich man in his riot
Casts to the fat dogs that lie
Surfeiting beneath his eye;

Tis to let the Ghost of Gold
Take from Toil a thousandfold
More that e'er its substance could
In the tyrannies of old.

Paper coin - that forgery
Of the title-deeds, which ye
Hold to something of the worth
Of the inheritance of Earth.

Tis to be a slave in soul
And to hold no strong control
Over your own wills, but be
All that others make of ye."


"And that slaughter to the Nation
Shall steam up like inspiration,
Eloquent, oracular;
A volcano heard afar.

And these words shall then become
Like Oppression's thundered doom
Ringing through each heart and brain,
Heard again - again - again -

Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number -
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you -
Ye are many - they are few."

- Percy Bysshe Shelley - The Mask of Anarchy

[Written on the occasion of the massacre carried out by the British Government
at Peterloo, Manchester 1819 (well worth reading in full)]


Anonymous said...


Your words today were like opening up the windows before a tornado. It let some pressure off and I appreciate your style.

As for the money whores; bareback sex of the public leads to severe immunity responses. Better call Squibb..., and then jump FUCKERS! Cuz you are gonna take the poor's money shot you forcefully stroked. Created at your Mouth But Ass too and Piling it Higher and Deeper schools of bukake.

No love for the money zombies,


DaveR said...

Happy Funday to all hereabouts.

re: The Big Picture. I am but a single pixel in the corner of one frame.

re: the necktie. I read once, somewhere, from someone whom I believe knows, that the necktie is a sign/symbol of fealty to the queen.

I was once offered a job. During the interview I was in my usual sound-guy attire, blue jeans, and my hair was neatly bundled in a pony tail. I had noticed that all of my soon-not-to-be coworkers were wearing really bad suits. Cheap and ill-fitting. The interviewer was similarly attired and he told me I could have the job but I'd have to cut my hair. And, he said, I'd have to wear a tie. I asked why about the tie, and he said, "Because it's more professional." I remarked that it didn't make much sense to wear a suit and tie when most of the job is transporting and setting up sound systems. He shrugged.

See, that brings me to the next point regarding the torches and pitchforks on Wall Street. Not that I think this is a bad thing necessarily, but just how would the enraged masses identify a Banker? What if they keep jeans and a workshirt in their desk drawers just in case?

Paraphrasing Eddie Murphy in Trading Places, "The best way to hurt rich folk is to make them into poor folk."

And let's not forget that on this "Black Monday", at 10:00am Hawaii time, Orly Taitz is supposed to present the State of Hawaii records people with their subpoena to produce for examination that pesky long-form birth certificate thingy. You know, the paper one, not the pdf one. "Black" Monday indeed.

Anonymous said...

Les, I like this article.
While the US people poo poo Socialism nothing significant will happen; the key is distribution of wealth along with concern for our fellow man - won't happen overnight.
The status quo is maintained by the fact that there must always be a boogie man under each and every bed and for you to believe that no one but tpb can keep him from jumping out and gobbling you all up. It's another version of womb to tomb.
Capitalism/corporatism says we'll look after you so long as you are our slave. Socialism says we look after ourselves by caring about each other.
Psychopaths must be recognised for who they are and what they do to human society. They must be placed in the right perspective in our minds so the majority of people understand we cannot let psychopaths anywhere near power or our situation will continue.
Then, how do we reverse greed and promote selflessness??
Big job and without a massive sea change will not happen, there will just be a new set of elite and things will continue differently but the same.


Anonymous said...


I know very little for certain. One of those few things I do know somewhere deep down is that I'm loved. Somehow, by someone, deeply. I don't know who or what that is, but I trust them.

Since I was small I have felt that I would be ok, if I needed something it would always turn up somehow. Over the years that feeling has been misplaced at times. Directly in line with me choosing to follow a material path and build the dreams I saw on TV.

So, I sold it all. The house, the car, left the high paid job (IT stuff) about 9 years ago (promptly blew all the money on drugs and partying) and started working with a cooperative to provide independent renewable power systems.

I own very little materially, it would all easily fit in a small car (if I owned one). What does one really need? No benefit payments here either, I'd rather not suck that nipple.

I just wanted to write this to say there are a lot of people I know that are like this. Shunning material possessions, trying to be self reliant, building community and trying to work out how to live in balance.

We have a lot to learn, but it's all there right in front of our eyes.

Maybe an earth cleansing is on the way and most of us die, so be it. I will continue to strive to live as I believe I should whatever happens. What else is there to do? :)

I'll try to book myself in for a new run after, and can't fucking wait to get my hands dirty helping with straightening this shit out on the rebound!

Thank you for sharing Vis.


Neko Kinoshita said...

And it continues, and it changes constantly, speed is picking up, and the veils are becoming tattered remnants even as we watch.
I can’t stop feeling as though the details don’t even matter as the madness begins to spread. I just listen and watch for indication of direction from the divine, thrashing about in my own illusions; I have only to worry if I am looking in the wrong directions. Only my own puny ego is confusing me, the signs and portents are showing up with almost the same level of crystal clarity that your writings exhibit daily.
I sometimes wish I could take a similar path to the one you have chosen, but that is merely hubris on my part. I have never actually put it this way, but the path you follow Visible does not seem to include children. Do not misunderstand; this isn’t any kind of criticism, just an observation.
It some ways children are an anchor, in both the positive and negative form of that term. The joy when they take their own faltering steps upon the paths they have chosen balances in an interesting way with the frustration when my own ego once again tricks me into thinking they should follow my suggestions. Care and protection must balance with the freedom they must be allowed, and this is a difficult thing in itself. When combined with the dark clouds that surround in this time, it can sometimes seem overwhelming.
Oh yeah, thanks for that comment the other day Ghana, it’s all good.
Still keeping the nose cold and wet,


Visible said...

I don't mention old growth forests and I don't mention seaside retreats. Does that mean I'm opposed to them. I do mention the children killed by various forces, does that mean I am opposed to children? I don't get the logic.

Friday said...

Not too long ago (maybe 8 years past) I was helping friends move from TN back to CA.

At some point my friends were invited to dinner at some richie rich friends and I was invited along.

The table of a dozen or so well-to-do folk (mostly Wednesday and Sunday Christians-save for the hostess and me) talked all over the board through soup, salad, appetizer and entree.

At some point the talk turned to poverty.

I stated, Poverty is the new Slavery.

I then opined that, if Christians walked the walk and let "money is the root of all evil" resonate with them, then to the curb this useless filthy lucre would have been kicked LONG ago.

I was not popular by the time desert and cordials were served, needless to say.

Bravo, I hear an echo of my opinion that night in that crowd in today's post. Thanks. Makes me realize I have been less alone than I believed.


Neko Kinoshita said...

See, you misunderstood. Gotcha!

The path you are on, does not include raising children. Perhaps I should have found a better way to say it, since I did not mean to imply that you were OPPOSED to them...

Ah, the language conceals as much as it reveals, would you not agree?


Neko Kinoshita said...

Perhaps I should have pointed out that the purpose of the den is to provide protection for the kittens.

A certain level of interaction with the material is therefore required. The point being, I cannot give it all up and walk away from the material as long as the kitten cannot survive on her own. This is the responsibility I volunteered for, and a certain level of material comfort is desired to facilitate the care of the young ones. “The Road” was very dark film.

These thoughts dominate even as I observe the elder sister moving out into her own adventure, again. She must make her own choices, and all I am allowed is to advise. Kitten is instructed to watch and learn, that the mistakes contained in her sister’s lessons need not be repeated when her turn to leave the den comes. She will, no doubt, have enough new ones to make on her own. *grin*

Please do not misunderstand, I am not critical and do not wish to disturb. I’m just pointing out that I am unable to walk the exact path you take, even as I play catch-up in the climb. Are we not good? After all, it’s all good, even though we do not step in the same exact places on the path, yes?


Anonymous said...

A stunning piece of writing, Les. Thank you x infinity :)

@Paul @7:33PM. You are living my dream, man. Is it possible to contact you directly somehow? Does your coop have a website?

Nothing nefarious here. I'd just like to chat.

Anonymous said...

the seeping stench of fallen
those never ending lies
the crimes that were forgotten
ruthless ways that are despised
savage crooked empire
a rotting hagged shame
claimed by its own falsity
the devils wicked game
the turning change of all things
consequences of ill repute
shudder through the instance
of the mind of greeds dispute
the rains of summer lifting
waves reaching the shore
fortifying freedom
all peace consumes all war

Anonymous said...

Neko my brother;

Are you forgetting who the child is? I had some ancestors from one lineage come across the big pond and tell my other ancestors that were living here for a long time the way they lived was improper for children. You know. No real possessions to speak of besides the basic tools; clean water, mobility, food, shelter and the same love you feel for the kittens. They didn't read letters, but understood signs. They weren't educated because they were learned. The elders taught the youth to seek wisdom first and to live by Sacred Mother's code of symbiosis and synchronicity. The smallest of the tribe could measure up to any of the other lineage's oldest and wisest. It was proven by the ethics they did not negotiate, but kept. My other side of the family? Here we are today and they are ready to tell you and me that what you do today for your children is improper and we'll be taking them, thank you.

The choice comes around again and places are being prepared and invitations are going out to those ready to come back; children and women most especially. You have brothers and sisters here ready to talk turkey. I have posted at the LV community website and the NSL group I'm ready, willing and able to develop a relationship with other kindred spirits and malleable souls interested in re-establishing a tribe with Divine intention. I think we could be great friends and neighbors Neko.

Your bro,


Visible said...

I already did all that. I don't think I'm required to keep doing it. How could I possibly disinclude something I am everyone else once was. I'm afraid you've lost me. You imply that something I do doesn't include something when I don't include or disinclude anything that is a basic life function, only the time wasting things of contemporary life. It amazes me that some people seem to know more about me and what I do than I do and I'm right here. I need to catch up.

Anonymous said...

I think Neko maybe meant to say that "leaving it all to the wind" and owning nothing when one has children is a difficult pill to swallow. As parents, we want stability and safety for our children, something that does not come from selling it all and living a traveling life. To provide, you have to buy into the material life at least partially, while there are others who depend on you for everything. I am a mother to two young children myself, and if I was not, I would be living much like Les, going where the wind takes me to meet my destiny, but with children, I struggle to know how I can be open to the divine will while maintaining a roof over their heads. I have yet to see an answer to this other than what my own quiet voice is saying: be still and wait.

Anonymous said...

And then I refresh the comments (Les's response about old growth forests was the last one showing when I opened my big mouth). Sighs...

WV = strata

Anonymous said...

Don't go there brother.

Love, a friend

Unknown said...

"It amazes me that some people seem to know more about me and what I do than I do and I'm right here. I need to catch up."

ROFLMAO!!!!! Amy Tan said somethin' akin to that somewhere. (I'm an eclectic reader.) People attribute all kinds of things to the famous, semi-famous, infamous, and notorious that has nothin' to do with 'em.

Thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

crooked windows
smashed out doors
broken roof
rotten floors
false dominion
darkest lies
scattered forms
of hates despise
sweep of eagle
charging claw
lions streak
crossing north
chasing river
shooting star
the rising people's
lift afar


Visible said...

The point being missed is the companion of something else that is being missed and that is I'm not recommending what I am or do for anyone else. I'm not promoting people leaving their families, jobs or anything else. My mention of what I do is not a suggestion for others to follow me. All I've recommended is that people should consider moving out of urban enviroments and if they were in a position to to consider various ideas of relocation. I have made mention that attachment is the root of suffering, as has many another before me and that letting go is the sane choice because one will have no choice in any case at some point but somewhere, the impression has been gotten that I've said and encouraged things which aren't true. It this doesn't clear it up I'm not going to further concern myself with it. Deal with direct and certain statements I make and please don't make assumptions, especially without phrasing it as a question in the first place. This isn't the first time I've been sandbagged from this corner. It's happened enough, though over long periods of time, to make me wonder about motive and various things.

Well, I've explained myself as much as I intend to. The subject can remain open for discussion but without further imput from me. I've got better things to do and I already spend too much time doing what I do in these places in the first place.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Enjoyed your recent broadcast and the song -- beautiful! As some were predicting the market (should be called the racket) fell over 600 points today. I only took note because it seems to be all the buzz everywhere you look. It's nothing to me but it seems to put some quakey into the movey-shakey types. I know it will probably all lead to high inflation or something worse but my mood today just says (shrug) oh well, whatever. Something is about to deal with the money-changers and I'm just going with the flow.

wv: mounet -- Isn't "l'argent" French for money? Silly wv!

Anonymous said...

summer rolls
rivers flight
shining sphere
mountain height
glowing tempest
opened flow
rising stream
nature blows
above below
beyond and in
strings of swirling
travel wind
spinning feilds
calming life
summer beckons


Anonymous said...

turning circle
whirling bee
gliding bird
tip of tree
sphere of union
feild of change
living vibrance
cosmic range
rushing starlight
earth is whole
truths abundant
light does glow
natures risen
life does gleam
the streaming goodness
of unions dream


Anonymous said...

pierre said..

well, I must have made the same "mistake" as Neko, cause I was thinking simular, with respect to my own circumstances, visa-vis welfare and limited physcial capacity (and due diligence and not overdoing it and really stuffing things up and ongoing medical investigations, balance, patience). realising at the same time that the main message is not to be missed, the who/what is in control issue, and as it pertains to the individuals own circumstances (keeping an eye on the collective).
likewise I might extend that principle to staying in, or, in my case, going back to, the concrete jungle, and trusting in 'fate', if it's "all good" with the devine. (piss in punchbowl from me, not good).

hate ties, rather have the CPAP breathing machine on me all night (trying to get one, need it), which provides oxygen rather than reduce it, which is my interpretation of the tie device's literal or signbolic measure (not meaningful enough to be a symbol).
they might as well stick a pony tail up...

chants and rants

wv: polan. what they would do to the Iranians, in the name of the holocaust.

bob klinck said...

Surely the public who allow the bankers to dominate policy are also the problem? This is supposed to be a society of responsible individuals, but few people seem to feel a responsibility for ensuring the existence of a monetary system designed to maximize benefits for the public rather than for insiders.

the Grizz said...

Glad to see someone has done the homework on Miss Antoinette rather than just repeat the slander that is commonly treated as truth.

For those that don't like homework, a good rule of thumb is to believe the opposite of what TPTW put in their textbooks. Certainly works with Qaddafi also.

Good group of truthseekers here, Vis, the comment section puts a good tail on your dragon.

Anonymous said...


I think your talk of the Apocalypse must be getting out in the ether. Or being transferred vis a vis osmosis or Divine resonance or something.

Drudge's headline right now reads, "Barakalypse Now".

Or maybe he is smart enough to read your blog. All I know is that we are all thinking on the same wave length right now. At least most commenters here. I was thinking before I read the last "Smoking Mirrors", that a hard rain's a gonna fall. I have also been thinking about stringing up bankers by their neckties on lamp posts. Then I read that someone else mentions it.

"I know that the cannibals all wear smart suits and ties".

-Midnight Oil

Funny thing about Midnight Oil is that I once heard on local FM radio, years ago, that they were involved in researching a genetic engineering conspiracy down in Australia. Never heard about it again, and to tell the truth, never heard much from them again.

Neko Kinoshita said...


I'm not going to continue trying to explain what I meant, because I just keep digging a deeper hole (whole?).

I don't know anything anyway, so maybe I should stop while I'm behind.

The need to provide and protect is the core of most of the conflict I feel, and this is what I'm trying to express. No criticism or complaint was intended, and I'm sorry if the intent was misconstrued. Still, I understand that all of us walk our own path and must find where we need to place our next step. Even if each path is unique, there are rhymes in the song.


Wv: stopo – exactly.

Anonymous said...

If that 632 down day Monday wasn't enough, as I type 8:00 pm mountain time the Dow futures are showing down 274, S&P down 28. I'll bet there are a bunch of gov/financial officials pulling their white hair. Not a good time to be walking the streets of NY if they decide to jump. Wonder if this is related to the apocalypse.


Anonymous said...

It's spreading in England Les:
London violence spreads to two other cities.
Video: UK riots spread as police battle looters


John O said...

Hey Les,

I have a cousin whom I envied as a child. He had a troubled life split between his father and mother and as a result spent many a summer living with my beloved grandmother and grandfather. I adored them and would have gladly traded my life as the son of a Baptist minister with his. I hated my life and counted the minutes until I could get out in the world on my own terms.

After I finally got out on my own I never saw my cousin again. I heard he had made a success of his life but had little interest in looking him up even though we had been close as children.

A few years back I googled my cousin and immediately found numerous SEC filings. It turns out he is very wealthy and owns a large Bank and a few mortgage companies. He is worth billions.

I was shocked the kid who couldn't add 2+2 ended up so wealthy. I do not envy him now. I'd much rather be me who has nothing to lose and has no fear.

Ten years ago I moved my family to one of the most depressed areas of the states to watch all this from the sidelines.Most friends thought I was nuts to cash out my 401K and move to Hooterville.

My cousin is trapped like a rat by his success in his money games. I wouldn't trade places with him now for all his money. He can wear his ring of power for a little while longer. Maybe he'll find out how liberating losing it all can be.

I doubt folks around here are even going to notice when the other shoe drops. In all of this countries history this place has never had a boom time. Good place to be these days.

I haven't spoken to my cousin in all these years and don't know what I'd say if I did. Duck and cover comes to mind.

It'll likely be hillbillies that inherit the world. I doubt they'd fuck shit up as bad as Bilderbergers.

Blessings from BFE, John O

Anonymous said...

The zionist Rothschild NWO:

We evolved into this apocalyptic nightmare with--to borrow a phrase--eyes wide shut. Except for the efforts of a few brave and steadfastly committed souls, we passively shrugged, with a ubiquitous what-can-one-person-do? attitude, as avarice-driven monsters increased their stranglehold over every last vestige of our lives. We did not rise up demanding justice when injustice prevailed. We were deluded by our own arrogant claims of the "world's greatest nation." Self-satisfied and unconcerned in our 'right' to freedom, believing it would always be there. We traded away our grassroots power for short-term comforts. We did not hold the media and journalists accountable each time they spewed forth lies as truth, betraying our trust and closing down democratic debate. We kept ourselves politically ignorant and became disinterested observers rather than participants because it took less knowledge, courage, effort and sacrifice. We were placated and distracted by rampant consumerism. Hypnotized by mindless drivel shoveled out like sugary, empty calories as we gave our souls over to the brainless Hollywood creations, captivating us daily via our electronic opiates. We succumbed to 'elections' being sold to the highest bidder; naively believing our votes mattered, while ignoring the vast conspiracy destroying our right to choose our own representatives and not that of the omnipotent mystery elite.

As a result, Capitol Hill and every State Legislature throughout the land are now nothing more than exclusive multimillionaire clubs where each day's business is conducted to enrich the interests of self and the corporations writing our laws, while destroying human beings, wildlife and our irreplaceable ecosystems for raw greed.

The nation we are becoming, have become, is poised to surpass anything George Orwell envisioned. Our civil liberties are gone. Stolen by a network of secretive, unaccountable, surveillance-crazed lunatics, handed unfettered control by a Congress who, based on their appalling 'leadership,' are just as deranged. The first lie out of the mouths of our officials is that they "swear to uphold the Constitution" while egregiously making it obsolete in every way possible. Our courts--from the Supreme Court down--are stacked with biased zealots fulfilling their own partisan, financial and religious agendas, unfit to judge even a mud-wrestling contest. Our law enforcement are militarized corporate goon squads; doing the bidding of the ruthless who have melded their own bastardized version of "Christianity" with Ayn Rand's philosophy of survival of the most callous, unprincipled and genocidal. Our military are bent on global domination and eternal war; completely forfeiting their humanity, ready and willing to turn on their own citizens.

The end.

Visible said...

A couple of things. I'm plain spoken. I feel I need to be. However, my speaking is without rancor. It's just for the sake of clarity because it is not uncommon for something I say to be taken in concert with something I didn't say and there comes the implication that if I didn't say it, or I said only part of it that someone how I meant that too. It can be confusing. Of course children, like animals, plants and rocks are all a part of any schematic I would embrace because they are all an integral part of what we are and also something that we were and in some cases still are. Because there is so much one can focus on, I select those things I feel to be the most important and the reader has to fill in the blanks about how they might apply to anything else because all of these essays are a specific length which seldom varys by more than a paragraph. It's an exercise of intention that I've had in mind from the beginning.

All is well but without treating directly with what appears, I risk being as obscure as I appear to be sometimes (grin). All is well on all accounts so let's just continue as we have, without the sense of there being any emotional negativity attached and only an impetus for greater clarity.

As for Marie Antoinette, The French Revolution is something I've put some real attention on over time and I'm aware that when Marie said, "Let them eat cake", that she was referring to a type of bread that was commonly consumes at the time and which was inexpensive. However, she was known for her vanity and the court itself was known for pomp and spectacle and this sort of thing did not sit well in the eyes of those who eventually tore the place down. Therefore my image of her sitting at her vanity, which was a real expression of the state of mind of the aristocrats at the time.

I can't be excessively precise and detailed in all of these things and the reader has to fill in the blanks or intuit my intent. I hope that clears it up (another grin).

Anonymous said...

As usual, this blog reflects what is happening around me. It never fails to bring tears to my eyes or give me thrilling goosebumps, and always manages to make the heart buzz and smile in the patently evident presence of Love and her attendant glories.

The synchronicity seem to be moving faster at an exponetial rate: Here in South Africa things are moving against the banks too. A court case is going on against Standard Bank by Michael Tellinger in the High Court (26 July), as well as by others. Check out the Johan Joubert website for details. Mainstream journalists are writing about this here.

Deepest appreciation to all here for this connecting of hearts at Vis' abundant oasis.

Tim, Cape Town

est said...

we are all god's children

how quickly we forget

siamsam said...

“These youths should not be seen as the vanguard of some kind of genuine revolution against an abusive system. If that were the case they would be rioting outside of Downing Street, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace”.

One of the fat arse Texan's cohorts has repeatedly posted the above re the London revolution.

Showing yet again what a bunch of fucking paid for whores they are. Anyone with half a brain knows that the areas he repeatedly mentions (several posted articles) are 'protected by a ring of steel'.

Maybe he is worried seeing what a few hundred young angry men can do. When they start to shit themselves they lose composure and reveal what they are - cowardly shit)

siamsam said...

anon @ 4.31........

Anyone that follows 'truthseeker' with due diligence will see that amongst a lot of 'truth' there are many articles which vilify Iran.

Classic 101 stuff: rense does the alien stuff, makow the skirt, ike the love and lizards. Am i wrong?

Just my opinion which may in no way reflect Vis's

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:31;

that Truthseeker article (vilifying Iran written by Israel) is from World Net Daily, a well known neocon zionist mouthpiece. I also find it strange that they (the Truthseeker) would re-post it.

TheSpiritof1960 said...

Great article and I personally, cannot wait to see what is going to happen when the majority of the world's population, realise how badly they've been treated by the political,financial, religious and legal establishment / elite

Patrick said...

Behind every banker is a grinning lawyer

The banker struts and strides
amongst the detritus of his mala fides
panning for your pennies whilst grasping and glad handing
JP and Morgan, Goldman with bulging Sacks do display their branding
stowing and stashing, all awhile sharpened teeth gnash
notes and coin bulging in vaults of green
whilst those hearts of black those enslaved do thrash
Our living nightmare their fondest dream

But who gives them their swords
to decimate the hoards
those trained to deceive
lawyers’, I believe
could any other design the print
that encourages the loan
that then enslaves to the bone
repossessing the kitchen sink and the family home

The lawyer, so prim and suave
batman capes to hide the victims he does carve
the judge he doth impress
whilst banker awaits the inevitable rape
no need to undress
as all we want is your shekels, don’t mind the feigned caress
thereafter, we’ll surely take our leave
whilst you scrimp and scrape, now silently grieve

Our children confused, mouths agape
how their parents have fallen
who is responsible for their unholy mauling
look no further than the lawyer’s cape
who squats beside the peacock banker
scribbling text to beguile those who hanker
to improve their existence, to leave behind the grime and crime
lawyers and their bankers, sign away your life on their dotted line

So you thought the bankers, so shiny and smart
Could design the derivates that tugged at your heart
That fuelled the hedges that wrapped up the debt
And resold it to the market as a sure fire bet
No, only the lawyers could construct such bunk
And then package the faeces as wholesome junk
Now when you round up all those miserable bankers
Remember the lawyers, the blight of humanity, most devious cankers’

Venusphere said...

It's happening- NOW- in the Present.

Anonymous said...

Ah Les, thank you for that - your last clarification regarding children is exactly what I thought you were trying to say (I formed almost exactly the sentiment you expressed this morning while thinking about your response to Neko (and me?) and trying to see your bigger point rather than get rankled with how you came across while you made it. You just beat me to it in posting it here :-).
I did want to note that sometimes a question is just a question - no hidden agenda, so rest easy. I think many who come here see you as a source of wisdom, which can turn you into a teacher in other's eyes, rather than what you really are: a fellow human figuring things out and sharing your insights with the rest of us. No ill will or negativity here - namaste.

WV = wilgu Wilgu forgive us?

Visible said...

Well, I am what I am, whatever that gets determined to be because I don't know. My confusion was based on never having said anything to a particular effect in the first place and trying to figure out how it got assumed, especially since it's not so on any account.

I seldom respond to comments and prefer to let the posts speak to whatever there is to say. Unfortunately they're not comprehensive for all, all the time. It's not a game anyone can win so, mostly I keep out of it, hoping people will take what's useful and not concern themselves with the rest.

Anonymous said...

Neko and other parents;

I'm with you, but there are answers; instead of fear and excuses. We are the solution and the tribe we have searched for to help us raise our children and I'm not making any fuckig excuses anymore. I have listed at the New Shangri La that I am ready for the internal to manifest itself externally. I have listed my skills and inventory for the development of a New place to raise families. We can create anything we imagine. You imagined the POS you currently drift through and it manifested itself. Have you all forgotten it takes work and effort to birth something beautiful?

All wordsmiths here and no ferriers? I can't keep waiting for us to show up and be the right neighbors and neither can my kids. Today, for the sake of the wealthy words created here, at least do an inventory of what you could give if you could dare to imagine it.




Anon warning me not to go there.
I'm not afraid to open any door and point the finger at myself and state to all. Chickenshit parents put us here.


Anonymous said...

'Pretties for you' seem forever dangling, but we get what we pay for.

It may be so, what they say, that the true measure of a person's wealth is what they can live without.

Make it up as you go along, pay attention to what presents in the moment.

It's a gift, acceptance is key.

All that glitters ...


JerseyCynic said...

Your best words yet Les. Very timely.

Patrick that was SPOT ON my friend.

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers"

Anonymous said...

Majid Ali, Tuesday, August 09, 2011 3:21:00 PM
Now, if you had $3.87 million to give me because your poor dead husband who was the kings banker and was given this money as a gratuity but died before he could spend it and now because of a change in government you must give this money away or be banished from the kingdom forever, I may be interested but otherwise this is not the place for you to be my friend unless, of course, if you want my bank account details so that you may send me all or a portion of said $3.87 mill. I'd be only too happy to comply however on second thought never mind I have $5.6 mill. coming from a little old lady in Zimbabwe who does laundry for someone in Detroit and she tells me she has excess money she wishes to forward to me at my address under Sydney harbour bridge of which I may add I am at liberty to offer you a share in for a mere $560,000, beautiful harbour frontage; reply asap.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lately I've been feeling like John Lithgow... in coach... with a window seat. And that ain't no swan out there.


Anonymous said...

pierre said..

@ Father Brown

Peter Garret* did to Midnight Oil's legacy and cred what Julian Assange did to Wikileaks. (assuming they were genuine organisations in the first place).


* lead singer of loud and politically ardent Oz rock band (70's-80's) who joined the mainstream Australian Labor Party, then shut his mouth forever, for the sake of unity. Said party now sending refugee children to Malaysia to be disposed of.

wv: unosm. MS&M united, and united they shall fall

Anonymous said...

Never liked the 'Oils; Garrett always looked dysfunctional and took it with him to parliament (how unfortunate for Labor).


Anonymous said...

Chickenshit parents put us here!

My dad calls from England all excited to say he's on holiday watching fighter jets take off.

I'm thinking to myself you have a strange sense of priorities dad. How is a daughter suppose to respond to a dad saying a fighter jet is taking off ... about to drop bombs on innocent people. Doesn't he think about this part I wonder.

Brainwashed generation who think hiding behind comfort will benefit their children.

tim said...

Did you know that this essay has been made into a video at Vidrebels's blog? Word for word and narrated by an Englishman whom I've forgotten his name.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Wednesday, August 10, 2011 10:43:00 PM
May I come to the defence of your dad.
I've been a dad to my beautiful daughter for 40 yrs. we haven't been together for all of those years but as she says when we have differences, 'but you're my dad' and we talk.
I like that. We can have differences and still the love doesn't diminish.
She's a school teacher; I say to her 'those that can't make things; teach' - she tolerates that; that's just me, I used to manufacture mechanical things (I'm not sure I believe that any more anyhow).
She says to me about global warming, I say to her 'you don't know the facts', she operates on emotion - we'll get together on that some time soon and talk.
There are many things we will never see, eye to eye, but I am not her and visa... I'm pleased she is an individual; well with me as her dad she had no choice on that one.
Most dads love mechanical things and I'm sure your dad didn't give a second thought to how dangerous that fighter jet could be; I've seen F18's in flight they are a beautiful piece of machinery but ever so deadly in the execution of that for which they were built.
A muse: What could we do for peace with the dollars spent on war.


Anonymous said...

Dear Anonthy

Thank you for your considerate reply in defense of my dad. You sound like a wonderful dad and I do love my dad who also gave me my right to individuality and I do not mean to come across as been disrespectful towards him.

You are absolutely right in saying, in general, dads have a fascination with all things mechanical; be it fighter jets, formula one cars, space rockets, nuts, bolts, drills. Well the nuts and bolts are harmless and useful but I have never seen the point of formula one cars riding around and around in circles; is this not a terrible waste of petrol? Sending rockets to space is another senseless and utter wasteful thing and talking about so-called global warming how much fuel emissions does a rocket expel? Most of all fighter jets are horrific and the illusion of beauty is false in its destruction.

Yes, what could we do in harmony instead of wasting lives in war. Concentrate on self-sufficient farming, natural medicine in herbs, art & culture built around local communities for a start would be great.


Anonymous said...

I found this site from a link on a youtube video. The video was voiced by a British-sounding guy with a very deep voice with good pronunciation, cadence, and vocal technique.

Is that Les Visible's voice? Or did Heretic Productions get a professional voice-over actor?

Anyway, that voice sounds like a professional orator.

Anonymous said...

Aye Les,
It has been awhile my friend, your message is right on the mark..And delivered like a True Prophet and speaker of truth that you are..
Many Blessings My Friend..

Raven Wolf123

Anonymous said...

There are individual in the world who have the solution to the banksters issue if someone would search just a little. There's no need in everyone standing around crying, moaning or making poetry about the flat tire rather than doing something about repairing it and getting on the road to change. Try this one out for starters on youtube.....
Bruce G. McCarthy - Datum Line



Joseph Brenner

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