Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Monster Shake n Bake Machine

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I have rarely seen an article with more misspellings and other errors than in this one. There was a guy in the Lone Star State who was pretty bad about this and also didn't want to hear about it but I haven't come across him in awhile. It almost looks like some dysfunctional machine wrote this article but what do I know? I include it anyway, because it strikes at the point of this whole charade about a film that doesn't exist and all the reactive chaos that has ensued.

One glaring and obvious conclusion we can draw from all of this, is that they are setting the stage for a large false flag, to accomplish their intent to attack Iran. We know the prime mover behind it all is Israel and their dual national neo-cons who, as agents of an enduring darkness that is the signature malefic of these unfortunate times, have spread strife and discord around the globe. These things are indisputable and yet they do not register as what they are. It is the prevailing willful ignorance of the greater mass, that permits this ugly war against the greater mass, to continue.

We don't need to go into the details. We don't need to hear arguments, pro or con. We don't need more evidence that confirms or denies any of this. We know who is responsible and we can only hope that Mr. Apocalypse will intensify his efforts to bring an awakening to those who seem determined to remain asleep.

How do they come to be so asleep? There are a combination of reasons; intentional programming to that end is a factor and that includes the educational system, the news media, the entertainment complexes, the epidemic of appetites, the trivialization of existence, the fear of being noticed. Fear is a big part of it. Fear can make you want to crawl under your bed and fear can make you stay asleep. Waking up is a frightening thing. You not only learn things about the world around you, you learn things about yourselves. It's like coming up against a test in your existence, one of those pass, fail tests where you are required to demonstrate a certain amount of courage or you are unable to. It sticks with you, these episodes. These episodes define you.

It's like seeking a higher truth. What's going to happen is that you are going to have to adjust to what you discover. You are going to have to continue to adjust and it is going to require everything, in order to continue. A lot of people have set out on this road for varying periods of time and found it to be too much for them. They make excuses then. They say there's nothing out there, or in there, because they looked. They come up with excuses, based on things they have to accomplish, that are necessary for some reason or another. If they are geared toward certain professions then they are not going to inquire in any case, because the truth and the pursuit of the truth, is not a part of what they do. You might say that lawyers deal with the truth. They present the truth in defense, or prosecution, of someone ...but we have seen how many angles there are to all of this. We've seen the manufacture and suppression of evidence over and over again. We've seen the courts turned into circuses of absurdity. We’ve seen the judges, who were appointed for no other reason, than to serve the agendas of those who appointed them. This accounts for The Supreme Court and their conferring personhood on corporations. The simplest definition of fascism, is when corporations control the government. We see this in the defense and support that Monsanto receives in its demonic assault on all that is normal and natural. Monsanto truly is 'my Satan'. Some things are glaringly apparent to those who have mustered the courage to see things as they are.

Many people actually see what is going on, to some degree, but they disguise what they see in order to go on as they do. They've got all kinds of defenses for this. It's in defense of their children, while their children are being taken from them. It is in defense of their livelihood, while their livelihood is being taken from them. It is in defense of their country, while their country is being taken from them. It is in defense of all kinds of things, that are being taken from them. So, it is all bullshit and it is a tragedy of great proportions, as so many people willingly assist in their own destruction, lying to themselves about motives, intentions and objectives.

Survival in this world depends on your capacity to tell and believe lies, while at the same time they condemn you to execution by sundry means. In other words, you survive for awhile, as half a person, or some percentage of a human being, until one deception or another kills you. These deceptions have become the very basis of governments and religions. After a time, governments and religions become like living things and think to ensure their survival by resisting change, when change is the cornerstone of existence. By imperative right of this truth, they are doomed and they will fall and pass away sooner or later.

An age is passing and a new age is coming. This is a universal constant. By comparison with a human life, an age is a long time, so the transition period can be extensive. Time passes and you don't see anything dramatic but that is a deception because, at a certain point, things begin to steamroll and we are all caught up in the events of our time, unless we have the good fortune to be set apart from them, by the fortunes of geography, or a rare state of being that grants us a favorable disposition of destiny.

The most difficult thing we come up against are appearances. They can be overwhelming and they can be intimidating, like the sudden appearance of a police state, that was engineered by the state, in order to insure it's continuance, because the state had gotten up to no good and it didn't want interference on the part of it's citizens, in respect of the distribution of wealth, or the setting of policies of restraint, when things like war are such profitable enterprises. Of course, individual rights had to go down the drain, because individual rights interfere with corporate rights and government excesses. Religions and charities become part of the engines of oppression because they have that tax free status. Ostensibly they are in existence to minister to the bodies and souls of the congregation and the needy but really, they are about making a lot of money and not having to account for it. A large proportion of the big charities are nothing more than scams. So many things are not what they are supposed to be, simply setting themselves up to appear to be something they are not because there is money in it.

It's hard to take all of this. In the meantime, one's ability to make a living is threatened. Their mobility is compromised. Their freedom of personal expression is curtailed. Their right to hold diverse opinions and live, without excessive government interference, melts away. When you lose these things, you also lose your drive, your hope and faith. These things diminish us. They invite despair, while shackling us with a sense of helplessness.

Some of us know that all of this is passing, even if we are passing with it too. Some of us know that there is more to it all and more to us too but so many of us are confused, or brain deep in our appetites and meaningless desires. The world generates endless looping reels of things to want and to chase after. It's a monster Shake n Bake machine. It keeps pumping out the product. There are only a few things worth having and having them makes it possible to enjoy everything else in some meaningful way, even if it's a detachment from it, while engaging in it.

Most of life and your ability to get anything out of it depends on what you rely on. I rely on something that guides and informs me. If you don't have that then you are making your way lacking certain essentials. This eventually leads into some kind of cul de sac, some kind of detention area of the mind,the heart and the spirit.

WTF? We'll see. You can depend on that. You can come into the understanding of things by the willful pursuit of them or you can be dragged screaming into the presence of it. It's hard to accept that you are only here to be tried and tested and that the whole quality of your life depends on how you meet these things and what you take away from them when... when you are a junkie consumer of the objects of sensation. These points have been made over the centuries by many different individuals, in all sorts of ways. Some have made these points in statements of belief and through inquiry, presented in words for those who have an interest. In some cases they are life statements that stand as particular evidence of something.

One day follows another and on we go. What does it all mean? I expect we are going to find that out at some point.

End Transmission......

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Anonymous said...

truly one must enjoy the Divine Comedy...

I mean if you got to play G*d for just one day out of 18 or 22 billion so-called years...

wouldn't you have a Rabbi from Talmudia go to the Vatican in the name of...Terrorism ...calling hisself Oded Weiner....WTF

don't miss this one...FULL ON IRONY

another MUST SEE [KOL NIDRE] is the HAPPY NEW YEAR MESSAGE FROM the resident porch monkey......

“At a time when our public discourse can too often seem harsh; when society too often focuses on what divides us instead of what unites us; I hope that Americans of all faiths can take this opportunity to reach out to those who are less fortunate; to be tolerant of our neighbors; and to recognize ourselves in one another. And as a nation, let us be mindful of those who are suffering, and renew the unbreakable bond we share with our friends and allies – including the Bastard State of Israel.

“In that spirit, Michelle and I wish you and your families a sweet year full of health, happiness, and peace. L’Shana Tovah.”

now you gotta axe yoself....

where dat walkin' stick at...


Anonymous said...

Well, the explosion of protests and attacks on U.S. embassies, allegedly perpetrated by them-thar Moose-limbs, but actually done by You-Know-Who along with the help of the Usual Suspects, sure is intensifying, ain't it?

"Look over here! Look over here - HEY! They're BURNING U.S. flags and killing ambassadors to our great COUNTRY and it's them Goddamned Moose-limbs!"

How Mr. and Mrs. Couch Potato can swallow the same lies over and over again is beyond me, but so is their propensity for staying asleep while thunder and shotgun blasts are constantly booming in their ears. Pass the genetically modified Tostitos I think I need to get my mind right, Boss - wow, Britney sure looks crazy on The X Factor, I wonder who does her hair?

Meanwhile, the Fed is going to buy $40 billion worth of morgage bonds every month to ensure that all the money in circulation is virtually worthless - just as previously planned. And once the currency is worthless, inflation will spike to the point where buying a loaf of bread will necessitate a $100,000 bank loan, and then the shit will really hit the fan. The privatization of water is moving full speed ahead, and that is the final trump card for the Puppet Masters. Want a drink? Bwa-ha-ha. Come and get one, sucker, because what's in your tap is now RADIOACTIVE from that Fukushima thing (you know, it's all tainted from that made-up nuclear power fairy tale we came up with years ago, for just this very purpose - wink-wink, nudge-nudge).

Yes, Lucifer is rising and his day has come. And ain't it great? Don't it make you prouder 'n shit to be a human being? Nope, me either, but that's okay, because we still have free will and the Easter Bunny is on the way to save us and wipe out the bad guys.

Because, as we were all taught as youngsters, crime doesn't pay, cheaters never prosper, and bad guys never win. Repeat after me, children. Got it? Now get in line for your vaccinations and then take out your books, it's time for your World History class. Followed by various exercises and lessons designed to fuck your mind up and turn you into a non-questioning drone who spends his or her entire life working and slaving for the profit of the corporations while paying off your never-ending debt to the parasitic banksters, in between intermittent, sporadic, life-force-draining episodes wherein you BREED en masse, in order to raise even more brain-dead Useless Eaters, who perpetuate the whole thing over and over and over again. Ain't life grand?

And, yeah, baby, the Apocalypse is at hand - or is that Alpaca Lips?

I think the latter is more likely, but that's just me. But, hey, surely now, the White Rider will appear soon, on the back of Shadowfax, and Frodo and Pippin and Aragorn will partake in the Final Battle for Twiddle Earth and soon this will all be a bad dream, soon this will all be a distant memory, yeah, uh-huh, sure it will. The Dark Side invented all of our fairy tales, for our dining and dancing pleasure as we sit here drooling in the very soup they made for us.

Think of anything - anything at all - and these ghouls invented it. They invented all the mythical Good Guys who are, any day now, going to rise up and smash the very creatures who invented THEM? Huh? Yep. Sure. That makes sense.

Okay, I feel better now - and, yes, I'm feeling a little dark today, but that's how it goes for me lately. One day I'm up, the next day I'm down. Like a yo-yo.

But that's duality for ya.

So let's make a toast - here's to hoping we can all get past this's to hoping good really does trump's to hope.

Hope is a good thing.

I will most certainly drink to that while I watch this endless stream of shit unfold.

Clarity said...

Perfect, Visible.

This is so beautifully written:

"Most of life and your ability to get anything out of it depends on what you rely on. I rely on something that guides and informs me. If you don't have that then you are making your way lacking certain essentials. This eventually leads into some kind of cul de sac, some kind of detention area of the mind,the heart and the spirit."

"It's hard to accept that you are only here to be tried and tested and that the whole quality of your life depends on how you meet these things and what you take away from them when... when you are a junkie consumer of the objects of sensation."

There are moments even for the non-junkie consumers when it is hard to accept. Always, but at those times even more, your words are especially helpful. You have my continued gratitude and love.

mike m, your destination... you have spoken of this place before? Is this where your girl is from? Either way, I hope you do make it happen, and that you find beauty and peace there. I have a question for you, if you don't mind. No problem if you'd rather not. :)

Neil, looking forward to more poems. There was an especially beautiful one recently that I didn't get a chance to comment on.


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:00:00 PM



UselessEater U.K

preacher said...

Jim Stone thinks a nuclear attack on Iran is imminent. He was also the one, who brought the story into this world that there were nukes used at Fukushima, so I don't know how to rate his stories.

There is no U.S. embassy, consulate, or any U.S. representation of any sort in Benghazi Libya. Embassy killings never happened.

John Rambo said...

Dawg, I think you might dig this one:

Sort of like a metaphysical explanation of what the world is going through at present.

Maybe you already know about that blog or maybe not, but I think you will like it.

Anonymous said...

Happiness is nobody's bitch. They carrot-stick it with the allure of a tastefully decorated home in the suburbs, 2.3 cars in the driveway, the tapping feet of 1.2 children playing, and all of the accompanying bric-a-brac. They've put the cart before the horse again. Does "happy" and "happen" have a common root? (note to self: look for OED at flea market). It's been my experience that success came from a spirit of happiness and love for what I was doing. I went awol from the slave plantation for that very reason. Happiness ain't playin ball there.

I'm informed that "love" is rooted in the heiroglyph for "kung fu". Do we kill them with love and joy in our hearts? I'll speak for myself when I say I kinda like this war.

My fuddy duddy old bible says in Gen 4:12 that these fuckers were cursed with the touch of death. ('Interpreted' by their sages in the talmud, it means all goyim (nations) are their slaves). That doesn't just extend to crops, by the metaphysical laws of the universe. They're killing the goose that lays the golden eggs again. If they wind up judged and sentenced by their own perverted laws, they are truly f*cked. It's getting to a point where people would rather lay down and die than provide them with any portion of their product and their increase, and that's just the peaceful people. They're flirting so close to the edge, sometimes I wonder if they wouldn't consider it an act of mercy to kill them.

Anonymous said...

Jack Squatt here....
You know...even the Lord of the Rings got
bastardized by the Omission of the Written
Ending from the big cinematic production.
Didn't everybody posting here Actually Read it?
The Shire has been overrun by Cop-Mafia
fucking uniformed Idiots thinking that THEY are the
Big Warriors, with their "Two feathers in their caps"
to denote their proud mama's-boy status. Then
the Real Experienced Hobbits-of-Note return
home, and Kick those Cop-Mafia out of their Trip.

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting link from an interesting link...

Could tonight be the night?

Sirius crosses the ecliptic and then what...???

Perhaps more a song of the spheres than of the pop variety.
(Sorry, I am trying to make a point, not insult your talent. I really do like your music.)

Here's hoping tomorrow's dawn will be a little brighter than today's!

-Andy M.

missingarib said...

Vis, the words of the christian prayer if properly observed ? including thy kingdom come !
and to him that knocketh it shall be opened; not only who prays heartily, and seeks diligently, but who is importunate, and will have no denial; continues knocking; though there may be some time a seeming delay, yet the door will not always be shut to him; after much knocking it will be opened; Matthew 7:8

The quiet of a new morning uninterrupted by the singing of birds or the crowing or roasters,or the sound of our children laughing and playing- only the faint rumble of distant wars -ya'all will be safe inside away from the alarm that noise should stir in us. A Head in the sand makes one's ass a bigger target---------------

and as you reflected "An age is passing and a new age is coming. This is a universal constant."-- you message is constant and many many thanks and blessings for your efforts ----
live long

Richard said...

Mas y mas Visible
A fine piece again, gratitude arises spontaneously.
Something new is in the air, like a clamp down on options if one is limiting the awereness to the known.
If however there is an opening to new possibilities, outside of the commonly considered ones, welll......
As for the guidance that many people turn to, a frequent experience has been that the'friends' from other planes, while with power of vision, usually make some commercial contract.
Taoist tradition suggests to ask three times, three occassions that are distinct, 'who are you? What do yo want? How what you propose is aligned to greater harmony?
If there is a congruency to t he responses, take a decision, if not keep on in an even more alert state.
Be well
Shiva/Shakti tango......

Anonymous said...

QE3 will be the collapse of the economy. Those chosen ones want the majik kneegrow to be the face of the collapse. It is all baked into the cake. Did the yellow whores of the lamestream media talk about the latest downgrading? The glorious indispensable superpower is now aa- rating. Umm these Tostitos and Cheez Whiz are so delicious!

Visible said...

Andy, the reason Jesus and many others spoke in simple lines was to reach a greater audience. For those seeking intricacy and complexity, it's there. Latching on to a few examples of something and not being aware of the wider catalog can cause one to make the assumption that everything contained there is emblematic of the very little they heard.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of being I'm looking at a Yahoo news article today, and I see a shot of the alleged "Mars rover" (named Opportunity). And I started wondering if this was yet another "opportunity" for the NASA boys to flim-flam the public, like they did with the Apollo "moon landings".

Now, I'm not rushing to judgment here, but doesn't this photo of the alleged "Mars rover" look a bit odd -

Is it just me, or does the rover's construction look a bit dodgy, as did the alleged "lunar rover" of Apollo moon mission fame? Maybe dodgy isn't the right word to use here. Hokey might be better. Or juvenile, perhaps. Whatever word you might choose, the "rover" certainly looks like some sort of miniature serving cart on wheels (and fragile as hell, to put it mildly).

Which brings us to an interesting quote from the companion article to the image link above -

"Opportunity is one of two golf cart-size NASA rovers that landed on Mars in January 2004 (Spirit was the other) to explore different landing sites. The solar-powered rovers were initially expected to last just 90 days on Mars, but each survived for years on the Red Planet. Spirit stopped communicating with Earth in 2010, but Opportunity is still operational."

My first question is, how the fuck could one of these things "land" on Mars? (Think about that one for a while....hmm.). As you look at the rover photo at the top link, one wonders where the hell the propulsion system is. Look at those weird wheels again, and the odd shape and structure of the craft. How does it "fly"? How does it "land"?

My second question is, how did they get that photo of the lander, which appears to be on Mars' soil. Do they have some "mother ship" up there, which is taking pictures of the rover, as it takes pictures of Mars?

The reason I say that is because the recent "photos" sent back by the "rover", all show that same Mars-like topography.

You can read the whole Yahoo article here, and view "Mars photos", as well -

My third question is pretty simple - if that photo at the very beginning of this post of mine depicts an actual photo of the Mars rover while it goes about its business on the surface of Mars, is it a recent picture? That's what seems to be implied here.

If so, how the hell is the thing so clean? Notice the shiny wheels, and the antiseptic top portion of the vehicle? That thing has supposedly been on Mars for eight years now. Do they have a rover car wash up there?

Looks like they might have done it to us again here. Inhale hundreds of millions of dollars for "Mars exploration" - build some cheap models, put them on a movie set, show pictures to the sheep, and divert the rest of the money to wars, torture, imprisonment, and the erosion of our freedoms...hey, the formula works for all the other scams they've perpetrated. Might as well keep running the same play from the Scammers' Playbook, eh.

neal said...

That link, what is up with that "the creator does not exist, yet an Israeali Jew is implicated?

Wait, maybe heard that before, something about ozone masking burning fuels, and coverings, and such. Dolphin skins, Muslims, relatives, WTF? That is some blues.

They always seem to be tempted to take credit for the real thing, maybe they should get clear, or prepare for being rubbed out. That is really the same thing, either way. Maybe back and forth, that would be something.

Anonymous said...

War beckons with lies and choice propaganda
Exploitation the cousin of the broken and diseased
sleep thats afraid devolving underhandedly
The misshapen collective forgotten and demeaned
Lost in a world of miss understanding
Encased in the place where each forget
By the dull drone of fascist dictators
Burnt children the war machines hungry effects
Dead thoughts leading nothing to nowhere
Just the place in each essence is deprived
A vampire system feeding off suffering
Victims left bleeding inhumain lives
The system broken criminals looting
War casts its crumbling perverted cause
But where humanity stands as sister and brother
Peace travels swiftly overcoming wars form


Anonymous said...

Harmony calling
Loves first form
Beautiful innocence
Vibrant and warm
A dream to the heavens
Path through the stars
Golden sunshine
Drifting through hearts
The gateway within
songs of the birds
Sung to the sky
The sun and the earth
Living breathing
Calming and bright
Notes in eternity
Of the essence of life


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

getting a buzz out of Henry Ford's autobio. he started funding the Nazis 8 years before the Rothschilds and Morgans (I don;t think I'll find that in his book), so he was ahead of his time I guess. good to see a realist (probably extrovert and no time for metaphysics) who actually made stuff and knew about the useless class of bankers and paper shufflers.

Australian ex Gitmo detainee/torturee David Hicks almost has his day in court as the government seeks to prevent him from making a killing from his memoirs, just as evidence of forced vaccine abuses at Gitmo to be made public thereby, government withdraws its case. cowardly pricks.

thinking of the clear koala sighting in daylight yesterday and how long he's got before WWIII or similar. 22 hours of sleep each day, I doubt he's a koala dreaming he is a man. that might turn him into a Drop Bear

Anonymous said...;&cp=25&gs_id=22&xhr=t&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&biw=1271&bih=522&wrapid=tljp1347753888515048&q=1+forest+glen+cherrybrook&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x6b12a0d7912ac919:0x69e478200957ee16,1+Forest+Glen,+Cherrybrook+NSW+2126&gl=au&sa=X&ei=uhdVUK3LNoWuiQe21YHwAQ&sqi=2&ved=0CB8Q8gEwAA

Anonymous said...

Heavenly golden
Colourful streaks
Sky of an eagle
The suns living seat
Made of pure harmony
Brushing through soul
The gateway to stars
Love that is whole
A walk through the garden
The path to where begin
Chords of the universal
Everlasting strings
Notes of the tempest
The rose in a heart
Of where love opens
The Divine living spark


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

mmmm. jim stone on the latest outrage.

est said...

after wasting almost 14 minutes
of my precious time on earth

watching this incoherent mess
i have come to two conclusions :

this film could not possibly produce
the effect [s] attributed to it – and

that mohammed [as filmed]
was actually a jew [who knew ?]

Anonymous said...

I, with all my pure heart, wish all those who long for ZION their wish: the ZION which I call the heaven.

Let the poor uninvited light seeking soul who sometimes feel he is lord have his wish and confirm the receipt of this address "1 Forest Glen Cherrybrook NSW 2126" in plain language.

Is that too much to ask?

Mouser said...

Greetings Sir Visible. Thank you for the ongoning commentary on the denouvement of thousands of years of jewish supremacist zionism. I really do believe the truth will set us free - birth pains of a new era are upon us. Honourable mention to anon@2:00 for playing the devil's advocate. The truth will always vanquish over evil BECAUSE evil ALWAYS destroys itself in the final act.

Shylock is in his death throes, and like a cornered wounded animal, he is dangerous, but he is dying. Let us not get sucked into any more wars for israel. Just say no to killing our fellow man.

Listened to theuglytruth with Max French and Mark Glenn yesterday out of Canada. They were speaking the truth about that shitty little country in the ME. It was music to my ears.

Peace and love

Everyman said...

âme damnée

Liber scriptus proferetur,
In quo totum continetur,
Unde mundus iudicetur.

Iudex ergo cum sedebit,
Quidquid latet, apparebit:
Nil inultum remanebit.

Confutatis maledictis,
Flammis acribus addictis.


When the Book of Deeds is brought
In which all thy sins are sought
Judgment on thee will be wrought.

When thy Judge is seated here,
Whatever’s hidden will appear—
Thou shalt be punished, have no fear!

Sinner thrice doomed, thy fate is dire—
To burn forever in raging fire!


Shylock, you better listen up!


Anonymous said...

Thanks clarity,,,,,neil

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

On the Road to Somewhere, with no Suitcase in my Hand.

Anonymous said...

Word is they have total control of all the major communications centers, and are constantly keeping an eye on the public's growing awareness to the very tv media's devilish-double-dealings.

Yes, Canada is but one of many nations that'v been totally taken over. The members of the free trade Conservative elite.

They are directly putting the ultimate pressure on our politicians. Canadian tax payers don't obey PM Harper; A zionist version of America's own highly trained conman (decades) Ignatieff. Iggy was the guy the American conservative party wanted very much running things up there in stupid/nice Canada Land.

Still has the masonic Made by Israel labelling.

They danced on 911 and the Saudi family members got free magic plane rides home? men invested in war/oil/drugs/insurance scams are starting to show up again on TV, I haven't seen Wolfowitz in years , but there he was today. Not looking very happy.

When Bin Laden's family members made it back to Saudi Land they probably did so in style.

American media prefers America stay focused by fear.

And Les, they even took over the one thing almost every other freaking Canadian watches and reads about, the NHL. wah!
And just to be A-holes they pretend money grows on tree's, each side wanting more that no doubt ended up in a circle-jerk, then shut down the NHL for good. Guess what? The public doesn't give a fuck'n crap! We're starring at WW 3 and some goalie blabbing...


Anonymous said...

"In this perfected socialist world there can be no change and hence no history: That is why the perfect man of the near future will be, in Seidenbergian terminology, 'post-historic.' Everybody will be happy, because there will be no individuals -- only organisms that are part of a species and have no separate consciousness. To see how attractive the inevitable future is, you have only to reflect, dear reader, how much happier you would be, if you were an ant or a cockroach in your basement. You could operate by what Mr. Seidenberg calls 'pure reason.' You could not possibly be affected by religion, art, literature, philosophy, science, capitalism, racial discrimination, or any of the other horrid things that will have to be blotted out anyway in the interests of Equality and Social Justice. You could never have a thought to trouble you. You would have no consciousness; hence you would not know that you exist, and would have no organ that could feel pain when somebody steps on you. What more could you want?"

-- Prof. Revilo P. Oliver, "History and Biology", American Opinion, December 1963

mike m said...


I tried

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

Buggerland Heaven, with a Side of Kiddie Porn.

9/11/24/7 said...

If they (meaning mostly every moron in the U.S of A) cannot see through illusion by now, forget about it. It aint gonna happen.

By the way. The Easter Bunny died for our sins.

Visible said...

Didn't I already post those last 3 comments? Senior moment? or Senor Momenta; we'll see.

Clarity said...

mike m -

I'm so sorry! I usually keep checking back on the comments until there don't seem to be any new ones, but somehow I missed yours.

Was it the email?

Did you put @ where AT was written?

If you're talking about something else, then please clue me in! Brain function is not at full power...




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