Thursday, October 04, 2012

Bless their Pointy Little Heads

Dog Transmitting, while the rest of you are abed.......

May your noses, always be cold and wet.

It's difficult, ...No 'fell aft aglay' goes unrewarded. I'll give you seven blue Wednesdays for one of your red turquoise Thursdays and call this even /steven can deliver. You take the manhole cover off and you see the nasties come afoot. I hope you have the connection to make the connection; nothing else explains it, besides and in between times, ring the bell! Heed the call! We are unfortunate travelers, one and all. This is the landscape of the dimension of the time frame, for the no names behind the ones who do this, nasty shit, full time in, the mainstream, to summon it forth again and again.

So, you got your Copperheads and Diamond Backs, who own the low rent shacks, where the trash collects and no one forgets but eventually everybody's going to lose their cherry. Ignorance doesn’t knock and there is no door that will open, no heart will be left unbroken. In this world you have to walk with 3 feet. You don't know how you got that extra leg from the Zio-conversion control of all things unholy of true Rock and Roll. The bells ring for one and all.

We are in the days of bad shit, right out of the pit. The most important thing is that we not fall in to it. Though, given human nature and this being Kali Yuga. It can be a problem. In Goa during the time of the early raves they had these pig toilets. They are probably still around. It would be the Christians who practice this because neither the Muslims not the Hindus eat pork. I am sure you will appreciate this tasty explanation and yes, of course, they then eat the pig when they want to. Now that is recycling!

We've covered a lot and not even gotten started yet but, dear reader, I have just been spending some days, with dear readers of the most exquisite and wondrous kind and I am exhausted with beauty and what can be. So I bid you adieu, with this shortest of posts and leave you with a brief transcript, a portion, a small section, of what we got up to, my friends and I. We'd never met before, some of us and some of us had but this piece is with one I had never met and we did it on the fly:

extemporaneously out of the blue from us to you.

More to come and then some.

End Transmission.......


preacher said...

Farmer Eaten By His Own Hogs

Or was that the reminder that led to the pig toilets?

The two vid-links show the same vid btw...
Party on dude!

the gardener said...

So THAT'S where the old country nasty saying of 'he went to sh!t and the hogs ate 'im' came from... it used to really freak me out when relatives...*ahem* would spill that out when I'd innocently inquire about someone's whereabouts. 'where's dad?" 'oh he went to shit and the hogs ate 'im' WHAT THE HELL?

There's a post listed on your reading sites on the right side by Truthseeker 'the spell is over' or some such and it is encouraging that this is being noted... of course as the demons keep ramping up their behaviors it would be impossible to notice that unless one was deaf, dumb AND blind... hahahahaha or psychopathic too like the 'leaders'.

That gets me into the big change upon us all and that is the massive energy shift of SATURN changing signs... can be debilitatingly wearying when that happens and it is going into SCORPIO... Michael Lutin wrote about this 'spell being broken' with the Saturn return of the last Saturn in Scorpio cycle way back in the early 80s... that's when a whole lot of dirty linen started popping up all over the place and then like a ... spell came over the masses and they became deaf, dumb, blind and lost all memories both long term and short term...

the Venus transiting conjuncting Sun while Retrograde in Gemini this past June 2012 also finished the past eight years of nasty cycling too... so the *spell* has been broken though most haven't realized it yet.

Glad that you are light on your feet and soul brother Visible... :)

the gardener

Visible said...

They do not show the same link. Give it a moment.

Anonymous said...

Lord vis,,I feel I should appologise for my countryman as he has fallen hook line and sinker for another of the jewish banking cabals homegrown white suppremacist off shoots,,without knowing who he is what he is or where he is going,,,,there are a lot of people like this in England,,,
A lot of it is hopeless patriotic duty for all the wrong reasons,,,,,,history in England is basically just a big bucket of lies poured through children's minds at an obscene rate from about the age of six or seven,,,

Sorry neil

Anonymous said...

"Puttin' On the Mitts"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "Puttin' On the Ritz", by Irving Berlin, made famous by numerous recording artists.)

If you're blue and you don't know
Who to vote for
Why don't you vote for Satanists...
Puttin' on the Mitts

Different sheep who are asleep
They get in line
And cast their votes for soulless twits...
Puttin' on the Mitts

Dressed up in a white-trash
Walmart stupor
Wishin' you were deep in
Kim K's pooper (super-duper...)

Come let's mix where Rockefeller
Goons use sticks
And club our heads while we jerk dicks...
Puttin' on the Mitts

Have you seen the Satanists
Hiding missing persons' lists
Stealing kids from neighborhoods
The mere thought will give them wood
Engaged in ritual murder
While the sheep barely murmur
Cops and priests on their team
Making your children scream...

If you're blue and you don't know
Who to vote for
Why don't you vote for Satanists...
Puttin' on the Mitts

preacher said...

Yeah, I was a bit too hasty...
Sorry about that.

Visible said...

Great Parody as always, so, go record them.


Honestly Neil, i felt sorry for the Guy. The Zionitas give them beer money so they will do the protests and of course, create the conditions that lead to their state, along with various help.

Anonymous said...

Financial finances
Blackmail and lies
Corporate bonds
The whole heartedly denied
Coldly and worthlesly
Down in to the fall
Confused and agitated
Backs against the wall
Disgraced disfavour
Merciless neglect
Ruthless entanglement
Living hells effects
A nightmare testing patience
Enslaved in bankers chains
Fraudulent jewish zionist cartel
For all those wars you need to pay...


Anonymous said...

I know lord vis....
England is crazy,,beautiful but hopelessly disengaged from its true nature,,,,,,
All though there are a few around who arent,,,,
Hope you have been having a good time over where you are,,,,nice jam session track,,atmosphere comes off nice
Good vibration in that room,,,,,,

Respects neil

Mouser said...

Maybe they'll get dropped on their pointy little heads.

Take a moment and step back from the zionist matrix we 'live' in. Suppose you are the leaders of China or Russia. You know the the elders of zionism are making a move for world hegemony through its evil sons. Their sons who steal and kill their way into an organised crime relationship with all places vunerable. So your China/Russia watching this thinly veiled take over of the world with as obvious plan of gradually introducing a fiat one world currency fractionally (extemely fractionally) backed by gold that the elders of zionism issue.

What do you do? Do you decide to wait 10 or 20 years for the writing on the wall to become actual? Or do you talk between yourselves to draw your own silent red line that without warning will be acted upon. Has that line been already indicated unambiguously to the evil sons? Is that very real red line the evil sons going by force into Syria? It is not inconceivable that when the very first USrael/NATO soldier sets his foot on Syrian soil that China and Russia together will respond with extreme force to route out all things USrael/NATO everywhere in the Middle East. Has not the Bear and the Dragon not made there warning very clear? Why would they wait for the evil sons to steal any more resource full land. Russia and China are willing to pay for the oil and minerals contained in Syria and Iran. Why would they sit back and watch a bunch of cowboy thugs steal it?

I think the elders of zionism's evil sons are going to get dropped on their pointy heads.

Punks and mobsters, the whole bunch are just thieves and murderers - no more than that.

How much more theft and murder are the Bear and Dragon going to just sit back and watch. I think /and actually hope) Syria is going to be the very last staw in the unwise elders of zionism's hegemony on this planet.

Long live planet earth without central bank usury.

Anonymous said...

Just sitting here waiting on those WWIII blues.

Maybe no one really much wants to lance the zio-pustule for fear of the mess it it would make.


My Dad recalls seeing pig outhouses when he was in the Phillipines in WWII.

preacher said...

Why feed your livestock with shit, when you can give them delicious gummy worms?

Hear, hear!
I shed a tear...

The Jewish Cartel, Not QE3

" Snordelhans
From the pen of the indomitable Brother Nathanael"

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

so China and Russia are the new great white hope, even given their history of Roschild/Jewish cabalistic Bbolshie infiltration? they will kick off MAD for the rest of the oil?

or alternatively those nasty Rothschilds Jews are gunna get it as the world is taken over by the Rockerfeller Jews and our Great and silent Queenie?

my problem is how to overcome this, now, innate cynicism which is entirely justified and how to create a parasite unfriendly host world without becoming a Nazi.

as for pigstyles, it's ok if you dont eat the pigs and just feed the pigs down the loo to feed more pigs, and so add infinitem. sounds like the media.
better to feed the bananas trees and let nature do the filtering.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Mother Nature's (Bhumidevi) husband is a Boar.

Varaha Avatara (The Boar Incarnation)

niijii said...

Hi all,
My uncle told a story of when he was in Japan during WWII. He had just finished what he had to do in an outhouse when he heard a sound from below. He jumped to his feet and got out fast and saw a little boy with a big smile proudly carrying a turd in a shovel heading to the rice paddy.

This was the story he told whenever he heard the saying "one person's shit is another person's gold.

This was also the happiest story he told about that damn war.

Best to all.

Anonymous said...

James Meredith sez hey...

See the brief video clip he made for the RToP, where Waters explains,

"I will be required as a juror to sit, to listen to testimony which will maybe give me a little bit more of a feeling about where a solution might be.

There is a nonviolent solution to this problem that might stop us all killing each others’ children for the next 100 years."

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine was launched in 2009 following Talmudia's bloody assault on Gaza, which killed approximately 1,400 Palestinians, and has since worked to bring together legal experts, scholars, activists and other people of note to expose the reality of "Israel's"... 70-year-old military occupation and colonization of Palestinian land.

Previous sessions have been held in Barcelona, London and Cape Town. These hearings have addressed, respectively, European Union support for "Israel", the complicity of corporations in the occupation of Palestine and the question of whether "Israel" is guilty of the crime of "JEWISH" apartheid.....and or pre-meditated Mass Murder

The fourth and final session will be held on October 6–7, 2012, at New York City's historic Great Hall at Cooper Union (7 East 7th Street, Manhattan).

For more information about the Russell Tribunal on Palestine-NYC or to arrange for an interview with one of our speakers or jurors, please call Sherry Wolf at 773-991-3877 or email

10-4 good buddy

free Lyndie England

the gardener said...

Agreed parody maker! Record them, much more relevant the way you've recreated them... "Puttin' on the Mitts"... yes. no.

First wood stove fire of the season. Supposed to be a dry winter here again where four foot standing snow is the norm for six months out of the year. We were having some great mid 70s until the entire sky was X with the chemtrails... which have made me sick. Busting with our own chi worked but they started in at night time and put a veil over our skies.

Bust a hole in that veil is what I'm working on. Let the sun and moon and the stars shine down on all those who need a good shining-strengthen those of us who are meant to be here-burn up with the light all those who don't belong. They had their chances, made their choices when it was easy sleezy pickins for them to do what they do best with no holds barred... lie, cheat, steal, murder... for the BUCK. Everyone has shown who and what they really are and a whole lot of the good ones are suffering pretty heavily right now-chins up... that cycle is over and it is a whole new ball game.

the gardener

got it up to 64 inside already... 70s the goal.

Anonymous said...

Pig toilets. My, the things I learn on this forum. ;O)

flying cossack said...

mouser, unfortunately, russia was just playing good cop to america's bad cop ... when zionist un invaded syria, good cop cut tail and ran

zion's control of russia is even more solid than its control of u.s. ... any war between russia and u.s. would be just as fictional as the cold war ... its purpose would be to take attention away from zion/jews and get non-jews to kill each other

countries dont need to fight each other ... they just need to conquer the zionist entity in their own country

flying cossack said...

and this is done how?

zionists are murderers first ... if they cant buy you, there will be murder

to defeat zionism, they must be removed from their murder shield ... the truth movement has to permeate the military/police/mob

est said...

i'm not sure where to begin
we have the same father
our mother is the earth
we are all gods' children
from the moment of our birth

how we treat each other
is how we will be judged
you can call yourself
whatever you like
a point i won't begrudge

you've been given gifts sublime
but not for waging war
can't you see i trust in you
to realize what they're for ?

can't you see your the hope
the worlds been waiting on ?
when are you going to cut the bs
put an end to the endless con ?

when will you find the courage
to trust in the good of a man
that you haven't met and never will
if you continue with this plan

how can you judge another
and give yourselves a pass
picking off folks helicopter gun ship
always seemed a little too crass

if you want to kill a man
you must look him in the eye
put your hands around his neck
and listen to his cry

listen to his pleading
'i'm not ready to die'
take his life into your hands
and let his spirit fly

then you will see his sorrow
then you will see his fear
you should know better after all
when death is always near

it's just a suggestion i'll throw out
and only for what it's worth
why don't you give those nukes up
save yourselves and the rest of this earth

est said...

the solution
[hesitate to use the word]
seems simple to me
every single last one
should get as far away
as fast as they can

let them have
what they covet most
left to there own devices
they will soon be toast

the whole world
should help them leave
and let's see what happens
when the ones who practice
to deceive finally get their wish

i say let that piece of stone behind
truly inherit the earth
and all mankind
can breathe a sigh of relief

that's how to solve this puzzle
break the siege not for trade
but to help them to leave

let the bastards have their
ill gotten gain and stop hiding
behind the real settlers

that's right the ones
that have been there
the whole time

feel free to substitute
us for them
and they for their

at any time

Anonymous said...

the independant today fri5 has an interesting article about ketamine

Anonymous said...

Est,,, that's beautiful,,,

Gratitudes neil

The Scrabster said...

Hey Vis
I think your readers will love this example of demonic possession.

insiam said...

i knew (well sort of) that you had been down Italy way Vis, but i din't know you played piano:)

insiam said...

Neil my friend..

I think you need not feel obliged to appologise for said young specimen> He could not have fell hook, line or sinker for any ideology - as first one would require a semi functioning brain.


Anonymous said...

I don't see the benefit of pig toilets. Pigs just make more shit out of it. What genius thought he solved the problem of shit? Did he work for the gubberment?

mike m said...

Pig toilets are there for "Purpose of Demostration", if ya know what I mean.

preacher said...

the gardener said...

In one of my favorite local shops today... owner had gotten thyroid cancer like so many here in Mormon land have had-never seen so many neck scars in my life. Her husband said she's got 'no immune system and was sick' I asked him 'how long is that going to last?' he says 'forever'... he was talking about being one of 150 men being laid off out of one of the mines. Somehow the Chinese are heavily invested in this area-doing hydroelectric dams, investing in mines... it is really a give away of our resources to the foreigners.

So anyway-a pig eyed man pops out with how 'we should of just nuked IRAQ instead of having our soldiers in that hell hole'... I'm like 'well really they have 'nuked' Iraq and all the REST OF US YOU FUCKING MORON with all the DU they've used along with other forbidden war tactics'... he didn't even know wth 'DU' is or means... then I'm like what's up with Idaho allowing 6700 TONS of DU contaminated Kuwaiti soil being deposited HERE in fishing/hunting wonderland... is that WHY SO MANY HAVE THYROID CANCER?" HMMMM?

I saw some eye contact between the two men about my interloping into their conversation. "just nuke 'em" after that remark I just threw it out there about 'remember when Bush was going to DRAFT EVERYONE UNDER 45?" especially nurses and doctors for SOMETHING?

I'm going back there tomorrow and touch everything and claim it for the Creator... try to heal my friend's 'lack of immune system'... go to the river and walk in it or around it as it got really cold here after a full day of full on chemtrailing which turned the skies into muddled white and it immediately got really cold which had already predicted. 1+1= 'huh?'

the gardener

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Dark Hearts not on the Mend.

Visible said...

Insiam, as a matter of fact, as a matter of fact.

Skepticfrog said...

I dunno how long it's going to stay up. The vid is not a doctored variant;, note how the on-screen (Peoples Court) logo moves up with the sudden appearance of the bottom "newsflash" strip.

This is the earliest election result you have ever seen in your life.

In case it's taken down, it is a screenshot vid of an afternoon broadcast in Phoenix Arizona, CBS affiliate KPHO (channel 5) at 3:30p.m. local time on Friday, Oct. 19th. a few weeks ahead of the election.

The suddenly appearing bottom newsflash states "President - Nationwide Precincts reporting 99% 2012
Obama (D) 40,237,566 43%
Romney (R) 38,116,216 40%

If you see it (still up), SAVE it. It will be interesting to compare at "election" time.

Could be a hoax or joke, but I don't think so. More like a mistake/error.

Should it be real, no further comment is necessary...



Joseph Brenner

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