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The Queen of Farts and the Cat-Houses of Congress.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The Visibilantis, 'Lying Sack of Shit Award', is overwhelmingly and unanimously conferred upon the prissy and unctuous Lindsey Graham. The perennially blackmailed senator (sexual preference alert!) made it a point to twice mention in his Mox News interview that 200,000 Syrians had died due to Assad, when the going numbers everywhere else is around 90,000. Furthermore, as a representative of a country with secret renditions, global torture, imprisonment without trials, the murder of journalists, the gunning down and tasering of children and the sport killing of family dogs, he is also in line for the Hypocrite of the Year Award but... the competition there is so stiff that it resembles a naked Lindsey Graham, following a pubescent Boy Scout (granting the benefit of the doubt here) happening to walk past his bedroom window (warning, Politically incorrect commentary preceding). This is in no way a judgment on anyone getting hard for any number of reasons. What it is is a judgment upon a man who represents a country, whose depraved fascination with its citizens private lives, is counterpointed by his concealment of every salient detail of his own life. The litany of lies that this sewer mouthed sociopath, spews forth upon the electronic airwaves, is sick making in the extreme.

It both amazes and depresses me that there is such a large body of sold out whores, occupying the highest offices in many of the governments of the west and let's not forget Australia; whatever its location designation may be. The reason for this is, of course (irrefutably) because the Zionist-Satanic cabal decides, has been deciding, who gets into any of those offices and which then influences all of the appointments as well; keeping in mind how the judiciary and law enforcement, are also monitored, minded and inspired; things that can happen when the wrong life forms control the currency printing presses.

Did any of us ever imagine that the level of absurdity and hypocritical acting out upon the world's stage would ever get to this point? This is to me the most concretely conclusive proof of Mr. Apocalypse that one could ask for. If these fools were in their right minds; meaning those manipulating them (and being exposed at it) and... those being manipulated, they would never have come to such a pass. Somehow and in some fashion they would have restrained themselves. Had they one wit of awareness, or any clue of the horrific spectacle they have made of themselves, they would either kill themselves or buy a new identity and migrate to a far away land where 'everything's broken and no one speaks English'.

Hardly a day goes by when I do not see something new and either equally as outrageous, or more outrageous than anything previously accomplished, in terms of personal public embarrassments. In some cases the players seem to be committed to manifesting the most incredibly juvenile scenarios, like the Lady Gaga farting extravaganza. Here's what the dictionary says about the word 'Gaga', “Overexcited or irrational, typically as a result of infatuation or excessive enthusiasm; mentally confused; senile”. I'm guessing the infatuation part is self directive. The synonym is, 'senile'.

Now, while the Gaga thing is truly ridiculous, as is she, in any case, much of the rest of the mounting insanities, involve horrendous offenses against humanity by those who are not human. It should be patently clear to even the casual observer that a good portion of the human race, has been taken over by alien intelligences. When you don't control your own mind, something, or someone else, will do it for you, or is that, 'do it to you' (♫one more time♫. It's made all that much easier when you're already bent over in the first place. That sort of happens in stages. It often begins at home with your parents
(They Fuck you up Your Mum and Dad). If you are in that rare situation, where your parent are both sane and stable, then it's only a short wait to Kindergarten and primary school, where the pseudo-maestros of personality morphing get their hands on you. The efforts become more sophisticated, as you go further up the grades. If you're a lumpen prole, you won't continue all that long and if you're not, you may well wind up working in the same places as they do in the end, after all. Following that, perhaps a military service stint is in the cards; if you can't pay for college, or your breast is unnaturally swollen, with the sort of pretentious patriotism that makes you yearn to bayonet Arab people, or gun them down or... even kill them video game style. By this time your pretty messed up and whatever claim you had to a mind of your own, well,... the deed for that is in the hands of the usual claim jumpers and ass bandits extraordinaire.

Try, try for just one moment to step back, to step far back, to where you have a panoramic perspective of the whole ugly, steaming pile of shit. Cast your gaze upon The Supreme Court, The Justice Department, the FBI, The two Cat-Houses of (unnatural) Congress and gasp... the... the... (groan) White House. Just look at what they are doing and saying; the decisions they are making. Could anyone still in their right mind and subject to the level of media exposure they are subject to, really countenance the behaviors they get up to on a regular basis? It's not possible that they can actually see themselves as they are. Ergo, something has happened to their perceptions and reasoning capacity. Criminal behavior is of no consequence to them. Consorting with criminals is of no consequence to them. Pocketing monies from criminals and criminal organizations is only business as usual. Passing laws in favor of killing millions of people is an attractive pursuit. Speaking out in public on behalf of it, is done without hesitation. They do what they're told and it makes no difference what they are told to do, they just do it.

It is as clear to me as clear can be that this whole theater of the absurd, Grand Guignol, extended performance, bonus DVD, murder and money porn, is under the direction of someone, or something, with a particular end in mind, emphasis on 'end'. There's a strange and unworkable dynamic taking place. You have a mass of trampled humanity, being squeezed like a Valencia orange, for the pleasure and profit of a small minority of creatures, who already possess far more than they can ever need, or use. It is not enough for this trampled humanity to be squeezed and sheared but they must suffer various injuries and extremities as well, for the entertainment of the aforementioned minority. A system like this cannot continue for any length of time, it is terminally self destructive. For reasons unknown to me, those contained within it are, more or less, unaware of the meaning and implications of their situation. That probably accounts for their passivity in the face of being devoured by the pernicious matrix that contains them.

Examine The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Now compare it to the daily operations and policies, of those entrusted with the governance and smooth running of the ship of state and witness what an absolute travesty is taking place, at the hands of these personages in authority in relation to those documents .... They blatantly and inarguably, violate every tenet of the laws and ideals, on which the country is allegedly based. They're doing it in broad daylight. They are doing it without shame or restraint. The Nodwell public is blinking like a poleaxed steer that is also being engaged in the rear. There are no words or terms, equal to the task of accurately describing the singular clusterfuck, now taking place in the United States and every other enslaved principality, around the world. It cannot long endure.

Ah well, one more polemic from the provinces in these dire times. There is that hope that help is on the way. There is that hope that these foul beasts will “fall like Lucifer, never to rise again”. There is the hope that hope will rise in the hearts and the minds of those with no hope. There is the hope that the scales will be adjusted and that judgment swift, certain and final will come to pass. As long as the stars twinkle in the skies there will be hope. As long as the sun and moon, dance from day to night and back again, there will be hope. Wishing and hoping... we wish that the wind shall shift and that the high and the mighty shall fall into ignominious disgrace. We wish and hope in silence and speech that the furies of Hell shall come and take away, Larry the Leech.

End Transmission........

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Anonymous said...


I spent several hours talking with Aaron Russo back in 94 about doing a film on the MASS MURDER of the Davidians....,7340,L-4405586,00.html

sent him 4 hours of raw video..
he declined, but did subsequently run for Gov. of Nevada,
and made the Film...

America : From Freedom to Fascism

you are so right about that flagrant fag Lindsey . . .

and can the picture get any more HD ?


Flecker's Magick said...

i would venture that, when things start to go noticeably wrong, the question, 'What is to be done?' particularly concerning the lumpen proles, has plagued thoughtful people for ever. Ironically, before the Diaspora's mal-factors and perpetraors became the problem, the tribe had long seen in this very same kind of face you write of, a great challenge to be overcome, for good.

And then, in a related matter, i wanted to add that it was somewhere in Orwell's Notes where i first met with the notion that we are pitted against the most serious revolutionaries the world has ever seen. They know all the tricks learned on the way to effectively seizing the reigns of power. And now they're trying to prevent a counter-revolution by suppressing it with all of the techniques from whatever evil they have learned being put into reverse.

i know it's been said, but it's worth repeating: 1984 is a playbook, not a novel. There is a plan and it won't be pretty for any of us here.

Thanks for keeping the lights ON, Les.


Anonymous said...

You said it before Visible and it seems to apply to Graham - Reverse Kundalini - probably applies to all of CONgresS

In case this has never been offered by you or your readers

Douglas Reed's The Controversy of Zion - there are portions of the book that read as if it's happening today - that is same tricks by the same crime tribe for centuries are documented by Reed - who was not an anti-semite whateverthefuck that is

it's a good compliment to the Juri Lina book you posted on Smoking Mirrors the other day

Anonymous said...

Yep, reminds me of a Dusty Springfield great, "Wishing hopping thinking and praying, planning and dreaming......"

I've always been more of a wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which fills up first kind of guy, but to each his own.

"your breast is unnaturally swollen, with the sort of pretentious patriotism that makes you yearn to bayonet Arab people, or gun them game style." You have a way with words. I love the sarcasm and more truth than some can appreciate. I was with my nine year old grandson a few days ago and out of the blue he said he can't wait to go to war. WTF I told him, you want to go murder people. War isn't a video game. His mother didn't say anything but I could tell she wasn't too pleased with what I told her little darling. That's how messed up kids are now days. I've taken the kid to the range and if you aren't constantly watching him someone will get killed. I gave up trying to teach him gun safety. When I was about his age I had a pellet gun, 22 pump and a single shot 410 shotgun and access to all the ammo.

If you are waiting for people in mass to wake up it isn't going to happen. Not in this country anyway. Hell, it is even difficult to hold a conversation with most of them.


Anonymous said...

The March of Tyranny (with big jewish head):

hilarious pic

flyingcossack said...

brendon o’connell from a town called perth
he’s got the guts of a thousand man’s worth
if we only had a few more guys like him
we wouldn’t be swimming in the shit we’re in

Visible said...

Heh heh, that ties right in with the R. Crumb underground comics I'm reading.

Rob in WI said...

Have you read R.Crumb's book of Genesis? I've been trying to find a copy. One of my grandsons has been asking me about the bible lately.
The recent blogs have been great.
Just heard on radio that judge Helterslime ruled against Larry Silverslime. Perhaps some of the tribe controlling the airlines decided the little crook has received enough. Who knows?
Be well Visible y all, Rob

Mo Raf said...

Hope springs eternal, for the quality o' mercy tis not strained.

Those that are drunk on the intoxication of their appetites care not for aught. Hence the symbolic "cremation of care", set fire to your cares. Where did the mantra "Do as thou will shall be the whole of the law" truly originate?

Answer: The year was 1666 and the town was modern Odessa. The first image of the one eyed (Odin) did manifest, through the breaking of the Lurian vessels. The original banishing of care and the cremation of the Torahs and Talmuds, leaving only one book for the acolytes.

But todays filthy lusters don't realise the enormity of their mistakes because Mr. A has no intention of living in Palestine, no no nooo. He's told them to dismantle their stupid state and quick time. The only thing they got right was the immoral morality and Mr. A is, well not pleased exactly, but perhaps satisfied at the groundwork.

Expect the flying carpet to be pulled from underneath them swiftly and savagely, for the reversal of time is taking bold strides towards us Mr V.

Rabbit said...

I see one poster mentioned Brendan O'Connell. I reject any suggestion he is brave or of any use to the human race as it stands. I am from Perth and when his matter first popped up made a point of getting into the court house to see him. I met the guy, offered to back him financially to fight it properly and smash the hate laws he was being charged with. I myself had recently had a visit from the exact same cops who grabbed him. It was a result of a Rabbi in the USA sending them after me with an anonymous tipoff from a Zioscum called Ravdov on Youtube - an ADL affiliated pervert who boasted about it so I knew who sent them. I had not done or said anything online to justify their visit and I gave them an earbashing and sent them on their way, made a video about it too. However Brendan chose to keep pushing things publically to the extent he was making a spectacle of himself and damaging the Palestinian and anti-Zionist cause and inviting the legal action. However had he allowed me to provide the best lawyer for him and it had been fought properly he could have beaten these laws the first time they had been used which would have set a precedent whgich in his case would have been quite strong given his extreme bahaviour and language.

He refused. He then stood up in court and did everything wrong, making political statements and challenging the court etc which especially at an early hearing like that was pointless and no media was going to mention any of it or likely to after that. He then proceeded to slander me, online and he actually was on quite friendly terms with that same Rabbi in some respects. The Rabbi (I know his name and address etc actually) of course used Brendan as a stick to beat otehrs with, especially me being from Perth but he also was able to use O'Connell's quite nasty slander of yours truly to considerable effect in his harrassment of me. The damage done to the cause, to my own image and to anyone who got near this little creep here in Perth is hard to quantify because I keep coming across others who have been burnt by him. Others who do vastly more to get the truth out there.

Brendan O'Connell ended up creating a very bad precedent which will practically guarantee anyone else charged with the same laws will go down hard. He did so much harm, when he could with help have done a great deal of good. Turned the tables on the Zippers and shoved their law which was at the time untested, back whjere the sun don't shine. He is a loathesome twat. Either an egoistic attention grabber with no concept of tactical thinking or worse a deliberate plant intended to do the damage he did.

He has a small gang of followers who run around trying to pump him up, and I hope Flyingcossack isn't one of them, however there is something rather familiar about that handle. There are those who only know what his followers present and or the media prints so Cossack may be merely misled, I hope so, however if this is the case, he should now have a better idea of the truth.

Rabbit said...

Now for the bad news. It's even worse than it looks from there Les. I've been getting a handle on the Islamic world since my conversion and some very disturbing things are going on.

There is a terrible thing happening in Islam. The violence and intolerance which is presumed by many to be part of it, is in fact not truly Islam but it is growing very fast at this time. There are many Islamic sects but Wahhabis have always been the most intolerant and strict in some respects.

There is nothing in the Quran which amounts to teachings of violence or even intolerance towards others unless they attack our religion. In fact it is very clear over the need to avoid insulting others and their beliefs, namely so that we will not suffer the same in return. This and the poetic beauty of the Quran has been testified to by non-Muslim scholars who have studied the Quran throughout history. There are no contradictions and it is not hard to understand. The mistake many people make is to assume that just because a historical story is related which includes violence or other seemingly wrong ideas that it amounts to a teaching. Just as the Prophet's own marital arrangements are a historical telling but in no way a teaching for us all to follow. The age of marriage for example was a cultural artefact of the times and common to all people in the area and in the West it was no different at that time. However the Quran teachings set the first restrictions on this matter by making a minimum maturity law and requiring that the woman agree with the marriage also. Like all its teachings the subtlety of the language means it placed a pressure on people to begin to evolve towards enlightenment and even today it points towards a better way than anything yet practised by any society.

The situation which has arisen was foretold by Muhammad (SAW) and it goes like this.

Certain Muslims would begin to become a prominent sect and these would take great care to learn their prayers and Quran so perfectly that they would appear to be more devout than all others. However as He said "Their prayers would not go below their throats" which is to say they would have the word, but lack the spirit of Islam. He said these would begin to lead many Muslims into a false interpretation of Islam and by this means cause great strife and dissent within Islam as well as bring hatred and enmity upon us from others. Eventually these would ally with the enemies of Islam and to the point where they were openly sided with Shaitan (Satan). He even specifically pointed out from whence they would arise, and this was accurate given the birthplace of Wahhabism.

Now today Wahhabis are seen by many Muslims (including until recently my wife) as the most pious and educated Muslims. We have a friend who is a powerful chieftain in Pakistan and a Lawyer living in London and he is a very scholarly Muslim.
However I have recently silenced him by pointing out some serious flaws with those they represent and it appears our friendship may be at an end, since the intolerance of these people is deeply ingrained. Thankfully because his "advice" was generally seen by my wife as the best. Even though she was afraid of him ever knowing her and my sympathies towards Shias, because these people hate Shiites so much you cannot imagine. The reason is very simple. Shias represent the most moderate interpretation of Islam and they also take certain Hadiths (Hadiths are sayings about the Prophet by those who knew him, not the word of God but the recollections of men and some are disputed by other men of the time); as true and the same Hadiths very clearly destroy the claim to legitimacy of Wahhabism. In fact Sunnis and Shias disagree about some Hadiths.

The Wahhabis actually reject ALL Hadiths and if one reads some of them it is easy to see why since they are clearly the subject of many.

...continued with apologies about the length....

Rabbit said...

some more....

Now. There is a word in Arabic "Awliyah" which translates in various ways but as with all Arabic the context is critical to understanding. The word "Wali" is the singular and it means "Guardian" or "Protector" The enemies of Islam have deliberately mistranslated the word to mean "Friend" in certain verses of the Quran which at a long stretch could seem correct but in fact no serious Arabic scholar would pretend. It is impossible for it to be read as such by any honest person. YET Wahhabis do at least allow a debate to rage around this word and its translation and as such they feed the false lies told by the enemies of Islam.
This is FAR MORE SIGNIFICANT than I can tell in even the long posts for which I am infamous.

An example is a verse which says:
"O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your
protectors: They are but protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns
to them is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust....[Quran 5:51]

Change this to:
"O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your
FRIENDS: They are but FRIENDS to each other" and you get an entirely different meaning.

Not only does this falsely suggest Islam requires intolerance of others, but it hides the warning (meant to retain Islamic unity) about seeking protection from non-Muslims. There are other such verses and they collectively create a false impression and introduce contradictions in a book which has been stated by non-Muslim scholars even as containing no contradictions or errors of any kind. The true interpretation doesn’t even forbid Muslims from giving protection to non-Muslims, indeed we are told to do so elsewhere.

The result is an endless debate amongst many Muslims and scholars about the interpretation of many other verses which is in itself a blasphemous implication to a true Muslim. i.e.: Allah is perfect and by His own words gave us a book for ALL MEN TO READ AND UNDERSTAND. The implication of those who claim we need Imams to explain it to us, is that Allah wrote a book for all men to read, and for other men to interpret for them. Remove this single mistranslation and nobody can seriously suggest there are any parts of the Quran which are hard for any man to understand, even in the imperfect English translations. There is no authority in Islam and nobody can pull rank when it comes to interpreting anything. Even a Fatwa by the most learned and respected Imam or Mullah is only an opinion. The Wahhabis however make a great show out of being the most scholarly and learning all recitals and prayers perfectly. They grow their beards and follow some very strict and austere practices to further enhance their reputation and to give themselves an appearance of authority. This is a presumed authority and has no legitimate basis in fact and they were even foretold in prophecies including from whence they would arise and how despite small numbers they would become very influential and powerful even to become a threat to Islam's existence not to mention the rest of the world.
The Wahhabis were patronised by the British MI6 (Rothschilds)and given weapons and money to grab certain parts of the Middle East at the same time the same Rothschilds were creating the Muslim Brotherhood to drive a stake into the heart of the Ottoman Empire at the start of WWI. The Wahhabis have remained close to the same Bankers and Zionists of course ever since and I don’t need to point out the power and wealth they derived from the oil and control of Mecca and Medina.

.....still more....this is my record for your site, makes up for the uncommonly (for me) short ones I drop in with...

Rabbit said...

....Last one.....

Their cash wealth allows them to exert undue influence in countries like Pakistan and other economically weak Muslim states where they control many schools for example as well as the ongoing Western patronage which gives them almost exclusive access to the media in the West too. Every time you hear some nasty Imam justifying rape or violence etc, it will be one of them. (Salafism is just Wahhabism when it is on tour)

These extremists actually are completely fake Muslims. They breach some extremely important Quranic teachings which would define them as the very worst thing in Islam, Kafir. The only really violent teaching in the Quran which demands direct action, even killing is against Kafirs. A Kafir is someone who has been Muslim but then rejects it. They use the same teaching to wage violence against any Muslim who doesn't agree with their ideas, and this especially means Shias. In fact Shias are the closest to the true Islam as far as I can see, they are the only ones who never seek protection from non-Muslims which is what it is all about.
According to the actual correct translation (which is consistent with the rest of the Quran) those who such as the Salafists and Takfiris in Libya and Syria as well as the Saudis and other of those Gulf Arab sheikhdoms seek protection from the USA, NATO and even the Zionists actually ceased to be Muslim, even more so as they seek this "alliance" (another possible translation) to lend assistance to their efforts to eradicate Shias and other Muslims who do not agree with their particular views.

For now they pretend to be allies of these enemies of Islam (not friends you see, because they believe they can never be) but it is their intention to turn on them as well in the fullness of time.

It is no co-incidence that the exact same mistranslations are crucial to the outlook of Islamophobes and the gullible victims of their lies. Yet another instance of the "alliance" between the open enemies of Islam and the hidden ones inside.

The violent and intolerant form is spreading, thanks to massive media help with the message and the assistance given by reactionary and violent people subject to the falsehoods.

This is why their Salafist acolytes are committing such atrocities in Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Egypt and other places. They misuse the teaching to declare themselves arbiters of what is Muslim and twist the entire Islamic teachings into something subtly different on the surface yet deeply and irrevocably altered in its heart. I can truly see why the Prophet (SAW) said they must be destroyed whenever they arise. It is our mistake that we have not done so, but they rose to such power and prominence so recently because the usual suspects gave it to them. They hold access to the Holy cities over all Muslims so all are afraid to speak against them, and their influence grows. Especially among the illiterate, the disaffected young men and many nasty people just looking for any excuse to hate and harm others.

On their own they are capable of bring the West and East to open and total warfare, but in league with their Zionist cohorts we have ourselves a very serious problem.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "When you don't control your own mind, something, or someone else, will do it for you, or is that, 'do it to you'..."

Flecker's Magick, July 18, 2013 5:08:00 PM :
"I know it's been said, but it's worth repeating: 1984 is a playbook, not a novel."

These two quotes come together for me. There is a much greater game afoot than just control of physical resources. It echoes up through the higher levels, and does indeed feature various forms of manipulation of those unfortunate enough to be blind, deaf, and dumb to the subtle energies. Fortunately, we currently have more allies than enemies of that sort, or it Would be all over.

This ties into the "1984" quote, except I have a different book in mind. To paraphrase, "I know it's seldom said, but it's worth stating: 'The Lord of the Rings' is a playbook, not a novel."

We have allies, or at least coalition members, that Tolkien at least partially grasped. The (real) Elves are amazing, and have helped clear out areas around Soul level. The higher-level entities that Tolkien represented by Tom Bombadil are no longer 'neutral' or disengaged. They are part of the coalition. I call them 'Stone Circle Entities', because that's where I first 'saw' them. (When they are 'opened' down here, I see them as large, semi-transparent domes of light.) They are helping with areas out-to and beyond SpaceTime itself. And more.

I wish more readers could 'see' what I see. The last decade has been wonderful; pretty much a clean sweep of the higher to subtle levels. What an accomplishment!

A treat: Long-term readers of my 'bat-shit insane' viewpoint may remember that only two worlds (of several hundred) had not 'turned' yet: Earth and 'Other'. Well, Other turned four days ago! (I had not 'checked' for a while.) Apparently, it was a major shift in consciousness for the whole population, and not a 'division' of the populace. It is done.

So now, Earth will be the focus of varied races previously involved on Other, should they choose. Wowza. We are already well beyond our natural 'turning' point. As mentioned, the delay is for 'optimization' reasons. It is sooo close!

I wonder what we'll be when we 'grow up'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Smyrna said...

Thanks for not forgetting Australia there, Vis. West is our designation, if not our location.

The welcome mat is still there.

Visible said...

A new visible Origami is up now-

The Darkness within the Darkness and the Light within the Light..

Anonymous said...

My favorite R.Crumb comic says plunge into the depths of Despair on the cover. I still laugh no matter how many times I have read it. Mine is the 1983 reprint. It isn't all bad Visible, Les. The race war the media and Bwak! want has been a dud. All their moves are failures now there is a wind of change blowing in.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Trayvonita Tango, over to Hayseed County in the Teratogenic States of America.

marilyn said...

ah yes, dusty springfield...all ya' gotta do is hold 'em and love 'em and show 'em that you care. why is that so hard for people to do?
'till my dying day, i maintain that it is 'lack of love' that is the problem.
so simple a solution, so hard to implement.
love ya' vis.

Visible said...

Ah yes, Despair Comics. I think there might have only been the one; no more than two.

Visible said...

Amen to that Marilyn. Love is my constant guide when I don't know what to do.



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