Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On the Move with the Murder and Money Junkies.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Yesterday I wrote a post. I didn't post it. It was a pretty intense indictment of the usual suspects, highlighting all of the things we know they've done, are doing, or likely intend to do. I'm not concerned about catching shit for going off on what, to my eyes, looks like the prelude to a horror show.

Here's the general appearance of things and I won't be telling you anything new. The Satanists in the corrupt, Zionist run, Arab countries, as well as the Satanists in the American administration, including their Israeli, mass murdering money and blackmail meisters are stymied. Here's the litany, The Brits have stepped back. Given the banker control of that country, the counter forces must be considerable. The French premier is strutting around like a chipmunk who thinks it's a rooster. There is no allied coalition, except for the aforementioned, depraved Arab interests, the centuries old enemy of humanity and the despotic figureheads, actively engaged in facilitating the fall of empire. Look out below!!!

Alright, since the war machine junkies are isolated and ignorantly brought the issue to congress, which, I think is going to work against their whole intent, it is now a matter of where, or when the next false flag goes down because John Kerry, stupidly, or with invisible help said, "Yea, if they want to give up those chemical weapons we won't need to attack but... they won't" It looks like he got finessed into a corner by his Russian counterpart and the Syrians gave a positive read on that too. The thing is, peace is not in the interest of the money and murder junkies. They want blood, they want huge costs; more profit and they want human torment and suffering to propitiate the house demons, who are the gods of the nation of Israel. All these factors make a false flag certain.

It has to be a really heavy event. They might want to work it in one of those countries that has been resistant to sending lip service and bodies into the coming fray. The message would be, "this is what they get and what you WILL get if you don't capitulate." The other option is to shock the intransigence out of congress and the American people so that the imperious end of things can operate with a free hand.

Another problem is that they have been telegraphing their moves. This has given Russia, China, Iran, Hezbollah and others, all the time in the world to get their defenses in order. Keep in mind, we only know what we've been told by any particular news source, be it 24/7 lying Crass Media, or any of the alternative sites, which run from being disinfo portals to fairly legitimate. We only know what we've been told about accessible weaponry. I'd say there's a lot we don't know. I'd also say, they're better set up than we've been told. By this time, there is no way under the sun that Obama doesn't know exactly what he's up to, in terms of the veracity of any information. He and those pushing for war, know there is no provocation besides the usual venality of the bankers, who are running the show. Obama is an evil monster. So is Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, John McCain and Dame Lindsey Graham. These despicable characters are all in the hip pocket of the American, Satanic arm of the dual national Zionists, who are playing the disassociation game, trying to give the appearance that their support is having to be dragged out of them, when they are behind the whole thing to begin with. The victim card is being played by a number of shills, from different perspectives, who are railing against Obama and then inserting, 'poor Israel' over there in their stolen lands, just peacefully genociding Palestinians, running that big lawnmower of theirs, cutting grass. They've already got plenty on their plate sucking the lifeblood out of western economies, pushing their culture destroying, sexual agendas and generally operating as a form of turbo-charged, planet threatening parasites. What's not to like?

I think they'll hit the US because they need the biggest amount of publicity and drama. They will get that there. In the same way they got maximum effectiveness out of the joint Mossad/FBI attack on Oklahoma City- because it was in the heartland and they managed to blow up a lot of children- I'd look for them to hit somewhere like Seattle, or one of those Christian demographics in the south. There's good reason to think in terms of a dirty bomb that will kill thousands and there can be many gruesome photos, which wouldn't be all that different from the graphics the public didn't see of Israel's white phosphorous Hell rain on Palestinian women and children (isn't that a WMD, chemical weapon?), or all that depleted Uranium in Iraq (isn't that a WMD, chemical weapon?). Well, there's a bigger list than that, as only a part of the dreadful portfolio of the world's biggest hypocrites and liars.

This next false flag has to have a 9/11 level impact. It has to stun and shock. It has to leave a manufactured blood trail to whomever they want to destroy. Things are not good for the globalist psychopaths. Just a couple of days ago, China took charge of a very important gas pipeline. While the Israeli mind controlled robots are engineering war after war, the BRIC countries are making economic arrangements.

If you're in a position to, look for the sudden absence of important players from various potential target zones. This is a sign of where they want to hit. Look for a mysterious rise in various commodities trading, transport, energy and so forth. They will definitely telegraph this because they have to make their bids and moves 'before' they strike. With a good portion of the world watching, who were not watching before and all of those who have been watching all along, intensifying their focus, evidence is going to materialize.

They intend to kill tens of thousands. They want a big body count and they want horrible deaths. There is no low, nor any outrage they will not stoop to or commit. They are monsters.

In tandem with what's coming, they're going after everyone who is speaking truth to power. My Smoking Mirrors site was hacked and remains so, email accounts were hijacked and various harassments directed at this writer in recent days. Michael Rivero is under attack. I suspect it's going on all over the place.

Many horrible things are taking place, while the world is distracted by talk of an attack on Syria. The money and murder junkies are up against Mr. Apocalypse. The public is on the march with various million person marches. Thousands of independent citizens are howling at the goblins occupying public office. The cat is out of the bag and it's not a cat, it's a rat. It's a whole bunch of rats. Common sense tells them to run for the sewers and hide out for awhile, as their stooges go about their jobs. However, they are rats and they have big appetites and there's all kinds of rotten things and decomposing bodies that might soon be laying out in some kind of infernal smorgasbord. What to do? What to do? On the one hand, survival instincts are broadcasting a serious alarm. Something is moving through the mix that was not there before. They’re not sure what it is. It keeps changing shape but... whatever it is is not friendly to rat culture. Rats, like cockroaches are born survivors. They need to feed and they need to feed another day too. It's a lot like essential banker stress. They're destroying the system due to unbridled greed and pathological insanity. They know there's this point at which things will turn radically against them but... they need to stay until they have stolen everything but what if they don't stop until it's too late? What to do? What to do? Actually, they're not in charge of what happens to them. They're not in charge of anything. All of them are being allowed to believe what it is necessary for them to believe, in order to bring them to their inevitable fate. That's what we're looking at but... they can do some damage before they go so, be alert and be aware.

End Transmission.......

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Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List


bee wrangler said...

vis- I agree with your take on things... no fear here. I am a tower of power, a force of nature that will never be stopped. they can not kill an idea-freedom for all-jen

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Man, how seriously we are programmed to accept this game as if it's the only thing in town. If only the majority knew what life really was all about.

I assume we are expecting this mass kill off in the next 4 or 5 days, considering what you've written in a couple of previous posts.

Ya know, speaking in analogy, it seems Israel=Azrael, who just threw his book into the bonfire. Isn't it amazing Islam also shares this angel?!

Anonymous said...

False Flag black-op in 3...2...1......

It's going to be really big and really ugly.... And everyone is going to know who REALLY did it.

Putin masterfully stuffed these morons into a jar yesterday with the agreement to turn Syrias chemical weapons over to UN control and then to be destroyed. Guess I was totally wrong about Putin. He really is trying to stop a war. But now the psychopaths have to do something absolutely horrific to make sure this war of theirs happens.

That story of Dyess Air Force base shipping nukes to South Carolina on verbal orders only ( no paper trail) and our old friend Sen. Lyndsey Graham stating on the very same day that the Charleston, SC sea port could be nuked if we dont bomb Syria, is still floating around out there.

Dyess released a statement regarding the nuke transfer using language that doesn't necessarily deny that it happened...

They are evil enough to try this.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Mr. A had a lovely Sunday afternoon in Vienna. While an austrian guy took some photos of the undeclared NSA listening post (a villa) in Vienna on Friday he was mildly harassed by a policer officer who wasn't aware that it is illegal to guard an undeclared object of a foreign goverment.
So on Sunday in beautiful sunlight about 200 "friends of architecture" grabbed their photography gear and snapped the shit out of that building.


Anonymous said...

just think of all the braindeadgoy

John Haggee and all the "JEW" worshipping psychophants who could benefit from a serious dose of the truth from MASTER PROPHET

Les Visible...

who can PROVE that the so-called Jewish Narrative is a BIG FAT LIE just like Jesus said...

incidentally, it seems rather odd to point out that SELF DEFENSE is NOT TERRORISM...


nor is Self Defense a -

despite what kneepad wearing sodomites suggest 'cause they know what is coming...




Steve said...

Yeah, and dynamite, TNT, C4 etc are chemicals too, and can be just as horrible to die from as the others.

Eudoxia said...

I think the money junkies are fully headed for one HUGE matrix moment. You simply can not be so downright evil your entire life and get away with it can you?? Maybe they'll all pick up a pair of John Carpenter sunglasses take one look at themselves and die of fright! Now wouldn't that be nice. I mean seriously can you imagine it. If they were to actually wake up to what they are, what sort of horror do you think awaits these guys n gals? Could they survive it - I think the shock would kill them I think that's the only reason they are still alive. What if they don't awaken, do more horrors await them, like a sort of Jacobs Ladder scenario, maybe they are already in one, and if that's the case why are we here too. Who's dream is this anyway? These people/creatures/things really deserve a place all of their own and that place isn't Earth not anymore.

Anonymous said...

Putting a forcefield around any children targeted for incineration.

Also around the little animals.

And the people, the trees, rocks.

While the dew is still on the roses.


Anonymous said...

My Youtube Channel has been attacked by a horde of Jews. I cannot access the channel or any videos anywhere on YT.

Deeda Tree said...

Here's my prediction, based on my acute level of awareness and intuitive intelligence:

Chicago will be the target for the next major false flag event. Here's why:

They hand picked Rahm "Rahmbo" Emannuel to take over the decades old, impossibly corrupt Daley political machine. Daley did not want to step down. He fully intended to be "Da Mayor" right up until he died, like his old man. He was threatened with a federal indictment if he did not step down. People very close to him were already being charged and he was beginning to feel the heat. As a token, his equally corrupt brother, Bill Daley was given the Chief of Staff position in Obama's regime in exchange for Rahmbo being allowed to run for mayor.

The Zionist are hoping to accomplish with Rahmbo what they couldn't do with Gulliani... He was too much of a goof to be taken seriously. Rahmbo has the look and feel of a future president of the USA. Plus he has that handy dandy dual Israeli citizenship that is so important. All he needs is a major crisis to preside over to galvanize his image to that of a savior of sorts.

Notice that the slimy Jew weasel was on the Letterman show last night, laughing it up while simultaneously promoting more atrocities in Syria. This is coinciding with a Discovery Channel series that focuses on past chiefs of staff, which prominently features Rahmbo as well. The aim of all this is to familiarize and reintroduce the Amerikan public to who this man is.

I predict the attack will happen sometime this month, or maybe in October, since that seems to be a popular month for false-flags. As a Chicago resident, this is deeply troubling.....

By the way Mr. Visible, I am an enormous fan of your work and consider you an important factor in the battle to destroy the influence of these zionist bastards. Keep up the stellar work.

Peace & blessings,

-Yusef Shafeeq

Anonymous said...

Buttonpusher at 2:46:

Maybe more like the end of October. They must recalibrate, tweak the plan and ratchet things up a bit for optimal effect.


Ginnie said...

Herpes of the Mind! I am still rolling off the couch! Thank you! And now we await that incredible moment when they see what they are..."Fifty Shades of Dorian Gray"...Hey! Mr. De Mille I think they're ready for that close up!

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Peace will never arise from merely killing the enemy.
Especially since the enemy is also ourselves.

The laws of nature transcend fancy words, beautiful thoughts and hopes, illusions and delusions.

"As long as there are slaughterhouses there will be battlefields."

- Tolstoy

"We are the living graves of murdered beasts
Slaughtered to satisfy our appetites
We never pause to wonder at our feasts
If animals, like men, can possibly have rights
We pray on Sundays that we may have light
To guide our footsteps on the path we tread
We're sick of war we do not want to fight
The thought of it now fills our hearts with dread
And yet we gorge ourselves upon the dead
Like carrion crows we live and feed on meat
Regardless of the suffering and pain
We cause by doing so.
If thus we treat Defenseless animals for sport or gain
How can we hope in this world to attain the PEACE we say we are so anxious for
We pray for it o'er hecatombs of slain
To God, while outraging the moral law
Thus cruelty begets its offspring: war."

- George Bernard Shaw

Anonymous said...

Hiya vis et al,
Yeah he's a man who stands by his word is mr putin! Which other super-power leader would offer a refund guarantee on warheads sold, eh?


mike m said...

Loved it watching the Eagles taking it to the Skins last night. The Refs tried to give it away but Chip Kelly, Shady, Vick and Jackson were too much to overcome.

All the talking knobs were picking RGIII and company and even though they made a valiant comeback it wasn't enough.

Anonymous said...

RT sources: Syrian rebels (mossad/c.i.a./mi6 mercenaries) plan chem attack (false flag) on Israel from Assad-controlled territories find it at RT news website; Edited September 10, 2013 12:58

John F Kerry (Kohn) is a war criminal who personally participated in war crimes while in Vietnam. At this time he should be spending his every waking moment and sleeping moment wondering when he is gonna be arrested for his crimes. There is no statute of limitations on murder. He should be worrying about how he will be served up criminal indictments for mass murder, how he will look without his makeup when put on trial, and how his parasite's life will be sustained once he is placed in prison for life, not instigating another mass murder, war crime as head of state department.

And Fukushima radiation threatens life on earth. Yes, i know what's this got to do with the main posting...
Who gave the nuclear energy miracle to the world?

That's correct - the Jews.

No this is not cointelpro or whatever such nonsense, though sometimes truth can be mistaken for fictions

Visible said...

I have Chicago on the list for that very same reason. I didn't feel like mentioning it this time because I already have several times.

Man! You've got to like that Chip Kelly! What a whole new look! It's going to give their opponents fits.

kenny said...

Help Kickstart World War III!

Boom shaka-laka-laka Boom ...

bigloner said...

Years back, in urban pioneer / ghetto days, from the the busy street full lumbering LeSabres, I heard a screech followed by a clunk.

A moment later two mangy dogs were in my back yard. They were doggy styling it away, which actually was pretty common in the neighborhood for dogs and people. No bestiality intended here, I just lived across from the tavern.

What was most sad / disgusting / horrific was that the bitch-in-heat had one of her front legs snapped in two so not even a muscle or ligament was holding things together....just bloody skin. They kept humping away faster and faster, the appendage swinging like a pendulum.

I didn't know what to do so I walked down the street for a beer and game of pool. They were gone when I got back.

I think the dogs are like the Synagogue of Satan. Just as the love of money is the root of all evil, it can be said that the love of money is the root of self destruction.

Jack Benny had a skit where the robber sez 'Yer money or yer life!' Jack Benny answers: 'Im thinking, I'm thinking'.

I lament over the fate of the dogs, but not so the SOS.

Richard said...

Mas and mas Visible
This is for Machiaventa

It seems the weather turned quire strange here in tierra de fuego, really dry, not even tears have put enough humidity into the atmospshere. the Roase Garden continues in Bloom but now early morning dew.

Be well, be Alert

Anonymous said...

The NFL needed just the kind of on-field shake-up that Chip Kelly has orchestrated. Pro football ofense was getting boring and predictable.


Visible said...

Hey Kenny!

Yeah, I saw that, falling out of the chair laughing.


Mandocello; I think they have a real chance. Everything comes down to confidence instilled for the last few seasons they have been a team at odds with themselves. Now they like each other. I love Kelly's humility, I just love it.

Anonymous said...

Vis -
A couple things: One, if the bad guys do anything to you, it's going to be very stupid, a la Obi Won and Darth Vader. Strike me down and I'll become more powerful than you can imagine... kind of thing.
Two - I grew up outside Eugene, OR and have been a life long Duck fan, so I got to see Kelly go through the ranks. The guy's a no-bullshit guy, and he doesn't back down, which are two very admirable traits. Wish he would've stuck around and won a national championship for us (I was in attendance for the Toilet Bowl, back when Oregon was truly awful), but I understand the desire to prove yourself at the highest level. Hopefully Vick can stay healthy through the season and I guarantee that Kelly will continue to add wrinkles.
Take care -
PS - While grabbing lunch, I had a great conversation w/ absolute strangers about Syria and Obama. I even got to explain the tie between usury and Islamic banking rules, to which the people nodded and had an "Aha!" moment. Tides shifting, for sure.

Brian Crossland said...

"Fifty shades of Dorian Gray"
Brilliant...what a picture that paints!

Jules4Mick said...

Is Putin the genuine article kicking Obama's arse like a grand master chess player or is he playing good cop bad cop with his "American partner" I hope it's the former but I am fucked if I know, hope turns to despair and back to hope then back to despair swinging back and forth like Strauss Kahn at one of Silvio Berlusconi's parties

una paloma blanca said...

is there a lesson planned on 101?

flyingcossack said...

whatever the jews do ... they plan on blaming whoever they intend to kill, to americans ... and to the rest of the world, they plan on blaming obama

like they genocided russia and ukraine ... and blamed stalin

any information source putting a target on obama's back, or americans' back ... is serving jewish interests ... they intend to make this appear as a war between nations ... and their fallguy is all packaged up and ready

the battle is international jewry against everyone else

Robert said...

Hi Les,

I have finished my first read finally (reading electronically is an eye strainer due to the lower resolution of LCD screens versus the fractal perfection of printed paper) and I made some editorial comments on grammar and consistency. You may add them to your edit decision list for the hard copy, FWIW.

In general: the net effect of your imagination is to energize, since it reads like Spiritual Science fiction/Speculative fiction, where the truth of our possibilities can be revealed and we can cheer the hero for once!

The font change representing character POV changes is a good idea but is not consistently followed and in the beginning, there is some confusion about just who is speaking to us.

The amount of information you are conveying is impressive in its depth and breadth and is entertaining. However, even if Poe or Leonard are your examples, there needs to me more action for leavening, even if the actions are only inner psychological decision type actions.

The rhythm you hit around the middle shows that mix, but then there are a few more info bombs which Ash must drop, which at least the very least need more paragraphs/white space to save the eyes on their gallop through it, to break of the didactic intensity into waves instead of one DC pulse!

Your action and descriptive powers are great; I would suggest, as a matter of digestibility and demanding less total commitment of your readers, that you weave more context and detail of the motions of the characters, let us SEE them more in their characteristic motions so that we can make our own imaginative connections, not just get the picture second hand from narrative. Standard editor suggestions really, to make the meal have a better “mouth feel” and get the heart moving even while the enlightenment IV is inserted into our arms! 

We are all SO starved by the Zionistic/Talmudic MEdiaMatrix’s bread and water/bread and circuses diet of anti-heroes and mind control-favoring frustration plots that we could ALL enjoy more time imagining more of real heroes and real people showing us by example spirits and minds NOT paralyzed by the immensity of the edifice we need to bring down in order to breath freely again!

I wanted more time with ALL of your non-psychopathic characters, lingering in their lives with your love light showing upon them!

Your portrayal of the master Max takes Whitey to see rang true (quite a feat!) and was liberating to conceive! Another spiritual hero for a change!

I hope you find this feedback useful.

I enjoyed the read and it inspired me to pick up my horn after several months and find my tone in again in mere minutes!

That shows its power to inspire even with its current level of “freeze-dried” density, which is a common problem in my creative writing too:

SO much to say to counter the onslaught of industrial bullshit and people’s attention span has been blown to tiny pieces. All the more reason to add more white space, breathing space and conception space, to add more room inside the story for the readers to have meetings of the mind with your characters and their creators, and with each other in the dream time…

Thank you for your many labors of love!

Eudoxia said...

Talk about putting both feet into forked tongue filled mouths. Wasn't it Obama who said that Syria wasn't about regime change???? I do recall him saying that and John Kerry too I think. However, in a recent article entitled Obama Giving Entire Control to Russians a certain retired US Airforce general said this:

“Now we given the entire control of this operation to the Russians. Are we going to have blue helmets in there securing these chemical weapon storage sites? What will that do in a civil war that has been going on two-and-a-half years? It really puts Bashar Assad in the driver’s seat as far as Syria goes because now the U.N. will be supporting him,” said McInerney. “The French want to make it a U.N. Security Council issue. Then you have the auspices of the U.N. overarching this particular agreement. So it takes away all of the U.S. flexibility.”

McInerney said the lack of defined objectives prevents him from backing any military action in Syria. He said the best path would be to covertly fund the rebels we know to be moderate to the exclusion of the more radical elements, including groups affiliated with al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Well there you go. What are they going to do now declare war with the UN Security Council???? We all knew it was about regime change but now these knobs are broadcasting it to the entire world. They really have lost the plot - good job!

Anonymous said...


flyingcossack said...

the reason "england" and "france" backed off is because the jews intend to make this charade an east/west war ... with "england", "france", israel being the "neutral" parties ... the zionist goal is to paint jews as peacemakers of WWIII, while killing as many tribe-wise people/areas as possible

when building a house out of lies ... build it cheaply and dont moor it ... it wont kill you when it collapses ... and always have a new house waiting

flyingcossack said...

jews are going to serve up "zion" because theyve already created "scion"

the only way this evil is stopped is if each country solves the zionist entity in their own country ... if countries and races continue to fall for jewish trolls and kill each other, then zion will live on, just under a new name

Anonymous said...

Aloha, Les,

Looking back at the "unlikely" turn of events, and that WW3 is falling behind schedule, I'm convinced that Mr. Apocalypse has been hard at work. Folks, let's give him a big hand! He stuck his cane out at just the right moment, and Whoops, Cameron trips! Obama trips! Kerry trips! Ass over teakettle! Slapstick at its finest! Bravo, Mr. A! Encore!

Though part of me fears the next false-flag, another part of me knows that Mr. A is going to expose so much that it'll turn into the Mother of All Boomerangs! And you can take that to the Central Bank!

Mucho blessings,

the gardener said...

Earlier this morning, when I was in the garden, seeking some dew to utilize in my rising sun 'shining the light' experiment #2021... I was nudged out of the way by my loving little cat PITA... which reminded me of this typically strange RMN article Is Putin angry enough to fully let the cat out of the bag?

Putin and Co have many 'cats' to let out of the bags. Many many many cats of all sizes, shapes, colors, kinds. Some 'moondoggie' cats, some 9/11 kitties, some gold pusses, lots of sneaking and spying bankster goody puddies.

He and his back up gangs have got to command some respect, even from the flamboyant pathological idiots, fronting the mainstream noise makers. tee hee

the gardener

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if cops in Chicago, in a routine traffic procedure, stopped a car filled with mossad agents and containers of sarin.

Mr. A in the mix.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Showcasing the Skells and Starving the Vampires.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

Science is about inspiration, serendipity and, mostly, the daily grind of trial and error. Even if Einstein and Newton never lived scientific progress would be where it is right now. A lot of people walking along the beach looking for shiny pebbles.

Science is not like art where the personal characteristics of the creator are important. Scientific ideas are easy to steal. A great artist can not be imitated. At least not in the sense of their originality.

There is a difference between being smart and having aptitudes. One can be a great mathematician and still be a fool.

Nuclear power is not an exclusively jewish enterprise. Enrico Fermi was the first to produce a self perpetuation chain reaction of urianium isotopes. He was roman catholic. A lot of Einstein's contemporaries weren't jewish and they contributed to the development of the new physics. I think that Planck, Heisenberg and Shroedinger stayed in their native germany during ww2; which hurt their respective reputations. (I might be wrong about one of those names??)

Anyway, hopefully, further destruction and loss of life can be averted. Hope is a beautiful thing; maybe the most beautiful thing.

All is well. All manner of things shall be well. All can only be well.

Take care Mr. Visible!


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Science is not like art where the personal characteristics of the creator are important"

Unless it's the science of God, of course.

Visible said...

Why do you keep posting that same thing over and over again? I'm not annoyed (yet), just wondering.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

No Pain... No Gain.... and NO CENTRAL BANKERS!

Tyler said...

Who knows visible, if enough of you want so prophetically enough to believe a false flag will happen, it just might. I on the other hand am not so sure. Keep in mind if they do attack Syria, one way or another, Israel will be destroyed in the process, so why would Israel do such a thing? I don't know. Time will tell.

US is ‘floundering’ over Syria, says ex-Mossad chief


"An attack like 9/11 cannot repeat itself today’
The United States and Europe are far more prepared to confront terrorism since the attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in September 2001, Shavit said.

“I do not believe that global terrorism can execute an operation on the scale of the 9/11 attacks,” he said. “Many things have changed in the United States, Europe, and the rest of the free world, both with regards to preventative and defensive measures and with regards to the development of offensive counter-terrorism doctrines.”

‘The fact of the matter is that since 9/11 they haven’t repeated an attack of similar magnitude, and it’s not for lack of trying’"

Visible said...

Well ,of course, that makes sense. There haven't been any false flags over recent years. As good as it is to think that Israel will be destroyed, I'm perplexed as to how you put all of those pieces together as if you knew what the false flag would be and what the response would be. Everyone is expecting a false flag, I'll keep in mind that it didn't happen when it happens.

Tyler Vincent said...

And it hasn't so its good to keep that in mind, like this one that didn't happen...

"An urgent action report prepared by the Russian Defense Ministry for President Putin said that the two Israeli ballistic cruise missiles which were fired by an Israeli Dolphin-class submarine in the Eastern Mediterranean, near the Syrian waters, on September 3 were destroyed by the US Navy, adding that Tel Aviv was about to start the war on Syria on that day."


According to Jonathon Azaziah, the US military has already prevented an attack on a US ship by Israel. As stated here Azaziah. Even the CIA is warning the US Military to be on the look out for a False Flag.

Of course, I do not know if there even will be a false flag, never mind where. As for what the response could potentially be, its widely known that no one knows the unforeseen consequences, but judging by the Russian war ships in the region, and the threats from Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon towards Israel, that she will be the first one attacked, I think its pretty clear that whatever the response, it will be massive.

Iraq’s Al-Mukhtar Army Vows to Hit Saudi Oil Installations, Ports in Case of War on Syria


TEHRAN (FNA)- Leader of Iraq’s Jaysh Al-Mukhtar (Al-Mukhtar army) Sheikh Wathiq Al-Battat vowed to target Saudi Arabia’s oil installations and ports if the US attacks Syria in a bid to harm the West’s economy by stopping the flow of crude to the western countries.

Putin Orders Massive Strike Against Saudi Arabia If West Attacks Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- A grim “urgent action memorandum” issued yesterday from the office of President Putin to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation has ordered a “massive military strike” against Saudi Arabia in the event that the West attacks Syria, media reports said.

Iranian Deputy FM: Israel Prime Victim of War on Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian warned of the dire consequences of an attack on Syria by the US and its allies, saying that the Zionist regime of Israel will be the first target of retaliatory operations by the regional forces, if Damascus comes under aggression.

Visible said...

We've all see that but given this is just stuff I read in the media I don't know how true any of it is. Since God is all powerful and I believe in God, I'll just rely on that.

Tyler Vincent said...

Hell yea Vis, I concur.



KSwan said...

Vis and Yusef Shafeeq (Deeda Tree),

Your posts on Chicago as the potential next false flag site reminds me of an article I came across regarding Chicago. It was written last year this month, though. But with what is now happening with Russia, Syria, Iran, thought this might be of interest.

Article below. I'm curious as to any thoughts on this:




Visible said...

My dear friends- supernatural and temporal shit everywhere. Many of you know Susanne does not believe in God. Many of you know about Mexico and India and that they were government ops.

Two days ago some gov started fucking with internet connection. Four nights ago the dogs started going off After Susanne came back at 2:00AM and saw a black suv with bristling antennas outside the house all night the dogs were going off, Susanne got up to see and saw another suspicious car driving up and down the street. Late, I heard someone messing with the front door. They are just fucking with me, god told me so. I will talk about what god told me at next Origami; AMAZING SHIT! TRULY AMAZING SHT NOT THE LEAST OF WHICH IS WHAT GOD HAS TOLD ME.

I fixed the internet thing a few hours ago by pure intuition which no one but a serious pro could have done; amazing shit! I'll get into it in a couple days.



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