Wednesday, September 18, 2013

settings has been removed from my blogs. Only one person has that power

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

wow! Only I get to comment but the put it up much lter.They have a time window. They've beenall over my computer; worrd processor nearly everythjing and lucky I have backup but that was two month ago. this is major. Enails xompromised an d removed vodafone put a sapedcail number in for me they don't know whatr hssappening. game on. This may post where they can post

end transmission

Look at the vast red and green spaces at Mirrors and ddish at end of post


grassapelli said...

If they're looking to see who dares to comment. This old fiddler will.

Visible said...

thwy say it ends sept 19. Wow it is 19 and no more keyboard pranks

Visible said...

they have stopped me and I am In great pain too. luckily I have some countermeasures

Visible said...

they have stopped me and I am In great pain too. luckily I have some countermeasures

Visible said...

9/19 didn't happen

Visible said...

they cancelled my nfl game pass 269 dollars worth Keyboard duckin is back, Can't xhange any preferece on and ion

Visible said...

its setrup so I cannoit xhange anything you cn mkee it forever

Visible said...

they are major fooling with me here and taking out the important bits

Anti-war = anti-zionist said...

"Instead of embracing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal to save Washington from another disastrous war—his plan would put Syria’s chemical weapons under international control and destroy them—influential segments of the American political-media establishment are [hell]bent on discrediting him and thus in effect the alternative to war he represents. Still worse, purportedly liberal and progressive voices are playing a full-throated role in this mindless denigration of Putin, notably on CNN and MSNBC." - Stephen F. Cohen

These idiot heads in the US and Israel are going to lobby their own deaths if the zionist war machine invades Syria and /or Iran

Russia and China are going to level Tel Aviv and Washington if the zionist puppets attack Damascus.

What part of NYET do Obama and Netanyahu not understand? These wartards will get alot of innocent civilians killed both foreign and domestic.

Via escalation. Syria, Hezbollah and Iran will retaliate a zionist attack on Syria by pummeling Israel. Israel will nuke Iran in 'self defense'. Russia will nuke Israel to stop it in its tracks. The US will nuke Moscow in Israel's defense. Russia will nuke Washington in retaliation, if necessary with China as an ally.

This is what the zionist warmongers will procure.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This is a test. This is only a test. If this were a real emergency. . .oh, fook it1 I haven't had a TV in almost 20 years, and like I can remember the rest?

Hopefully all this sorts out. Well, I think it will. No, I KNOW it will. I think.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Just went to Siamese Mirrors. It looks OK from my end. I'm a Macster, not a PCer, Deller, or Linuxer, or whatever. No clue if that matters. A compooter tech, I am NOT.

Anonymous said...

I don't comment but hopefully you haven't been going to zen gardner without a good scanner as that site has web hacks.
Good luck

DreAmeoba said...

They must be really afraid to be messing with you like this, (not that I even have a clue what is happening). Hope you get thru this soon & are keeping well...
- DreAmeoba

Eudoxia said...

I've got a new computer, bought it 4 months ago brand new, it's got Windows 8 on it and Nightly (which I loath). For the past 2 days it's been really slow, and stops responding constantly. The last post I tried to put up a post, not sure if you got it Vis took me ages - disappeared twice. I ended up writing it in email and cutting and pasting. I've also noticed, and I don't post on many forums at all. Only reason I'm doing so of late is because I'm not working, contract on my house is unconditional so I've got oodles of time. I've had several of those disappear too, but only the ones that are actually addressing the current state of affairs of the demise of the ruling cabal. It also seems they don't like to be referred to as laughing stock or has beens. Maybe it's a coincidence or maybe it's not. And Mouser in response to your question - what sort of animal soils it's own nest? I've asked that question many times and this is the only answer I've come up with. The type of animal whose DNA doesn't correspond with the natural endemic biological life forms of this planet. The type whose resonance doesn't quite match that of our mother Earth's resonance, perhaps a non carbon based life form for example. I'm sure everybody here knows how many micro biologists met a sticky end during the Clinton administration - what did they know?? Has it ever occured to anyone and I'm sure it has, that the strip mining, clearing of the rain forests, Fukushima, the Gulf of Mexico and their subsequent spraying of CoreExit, the massive mobile phone masts emitting dirty EMFs that are responsible for the deaths of the honey bees, and causing all sorts of problems for migrating wild life, not to mention the other well knowns such as chemtrails and vaccinations is all just one HUGE terraforming operation? David Icke and Michael Tsarion addressed this area many years ago but I just could not swallow the Icke version of the baby eating, reptilian shape shifters and went down the path of archontic reptilian overlays so I cant say I'm exactly over joyed I am starting to agree with it, but let's face it what other explanation is there? If anybody has a better one then please do tell!

Pete said...

Hey Les, your spelling looks like that Lone Star Watchdog Guy !! What's up ?, haha, not funny, sorry.
Sorry you are getting hacked on, but a war is on for the control of consciousness..

neil said...

shit les i feel for ya man sending good vibes your way is about all i can do , your friend with the walking stick needs to slap a few hands..

Anonymous said...

Love and support to you dear Vis.

Anaughty Mouser said...


Here is another possibility on what kind of animal soils is own nest.

An animal that is wounded or sick. Perhaps the zionists are actually mentally ill. By way of some anomaly in their brains. An illness that displays itself as lacking in compassion, empathy and love.

Perhaps the zionists are actually mentally sick, and that is why they can soil their own nest - the world they and we live in.

There is only one solution to a hydrophobic (rabid) dog. No responsible parent would allow a mad dog to roam freely with one's children - biting them and causing their deaths.

The rabid dog would be humanely put down to protect all those who do not soil their own nests.

wiggins said...

These Luciferian crackpots are not averse to bumping off the odd US President or two along with other countries leaders who do not conform to their ideals i.e. that look out for the populations of their countries best interests rather than follow the maniacs script.
It would appear that now that they have cleaned house on the 'belligerents,' it is time to go after the blog meisters..... it will be interesting to see which blogs remain standing after the purge, as it will give a clear indication of who their puppets are....pip pip

Anonymous said...

Enough of this garbage!

Maybe someone should find out who these monsters are who are doing all of this crap and maybe follow them home! Maybe park in front of their house, mess with their electronics, and even jiggle the handle of the front door at 3am.

What more of a demonstration do we need to show how fucking evil these bastards are?

I read something yesterday from some retired agent, sorry don't remember the particulars about him or a link, but he said that when a government finally commits itself to stopping its own citizens from speaking the truth, than a holocaust isn't far behind. I don't know if that's true or not, but it seems plausible, particularly when internet access can broadcast that truth to significant numbers of people in a very short period of time.

The latter part of that last paragraph seems to fit the present circumstances around here...

Hang in there, Vis! I know you will, and I know you're not the least bit afraid of these shadow monsters who are seriously messing with you. The frustration, on the other hand, must be red lining about now. You will prevail.

Maybe you can type up blogs and have a friend or two post them (they may end up with the same problems you're having, however). Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

"Has it ever occured to anyone and I'm sure it has, that the strip mining, clearing of the rain forests, Fukushima, the Gulf of Mexico and their subsequent spraying of CoreExit, the massive mobile phone masts emitting dirty EMFs that are responsible for the deaths of the honey bees, and causing all sorts of problems for migrating wild life, not to mention the other well knowns such as chemtrails and vaccinations is all just one HUGE terraforming operation?"

That's a new thought for me. I'd say you are definitely on to something there.

And Les, test the spirits. Just as you said an angel of light can appear as one of darkness, so can one of darkness appear as one of light.
My heart goes out to you. I've no doubt that everything will be set to right for you.
steve, h-town

mike m said...

Hope you get to watch the Eagles Chiefs game tonite.

Andy Reid coming back to Philly against his old team who scored 30 points in less then 20 minutes of playing time against the Chargers last Sunday.

It will be fun to watch...I hope

Anonymous said...

"That's a new thought for me. I'd say you are definitely on to something there." Steve, h-town

Okay Stevie boy, explain to us just what 'terraforming operations' means to you. Go ahead, tell us what you really think.

Les Visible has said on numerous occaisions that only near personal friends of many years call him casually as 'Les'. How many years have you been close to Mr. Visible?

Where is 'h-town' anyway? Houston? Helsinki? Haifa?

Anonymous said...

No doubts about who is doing this to you Visible and why - they are running out of time and tricks. Their end-time rapidly approaches.

Putin - one world leader gets it- even published on zionist-RT: Grounds to believe Syria chemical attack was smart provocation – Putin September 19, 2013 16:50

Putin is also the only world leader who is standing up against Jewish Fascism and global crime. Reactions of the insane zio-ogre are brought about by Mr. Apocalypse

Watch world media,now on full display - who/what controls global media that is - 100% pro-zionist, pro-Jewish fascism propaganda.

The New Jew World Order is on the ropes. Will it be knocked out before it is too late?

Anonymous said...

Hi Visible,

sorry to hear about the interference,

Tonight and tomorrow we will try to pick up the slack and will be beaming one of your videos over the internet.

Air times




click here to watch or

Robert said...

@mouser Thursday, September 19, 2013 3:04:00 PM
Bang on kidly!

Eudoxia said...

Hope all is well Vis, this is really getting freaky! Was hoping all would be well today - nothing seems to have changed. I hope you are just busy fixing up your comp. Mouser - yea rabid dogs alright, put down humanely? If only I could be that compassionate, as hard as I try to go through the equivalent of the Buddhist annihilation I just can't find compassion for these monsters. One of the major reasons I say the reptilian terraforming is going on is that according to Christian O'Brien's book The Shining Ones where he presents a different interpretation of the Sumarian tablets to that of Sitchen. COB used Samual Noah Kramer, and George Barton's interpretation of the tablets. Both Christian O'Brien and his wife Barbara Joy were devotees of Charan Sing Ji who at the time was Satguru of Radha Soami Satsang Beas ashram in North India and they had his blessing to write the book. That is good enough for me to say that the motivation to write it was not ego driven. There was no mention of mining for gold in the book or Nibiru. It appears that Sitchen's version contained A LOT of conjecture - shit loads of it. The heirarchy Enlil, Enki, Ninhursag etc are correct though. All that is known of their origin according to the tables was that they descended from Mt Hermon, set up a settlement known as Karsag in the Fertile Crescent in Lebanon. They established a dam, irrigation, planted crops, orchards and domesticated animals and created us. There was a flood deliberate one caused by Enlil to wipe out the first creation (COB, The Shining Ones). Apparently Flinders Petrie found evidence of the flood exactly where the tables said it occured, but under The Memorandum of Articles of Association between Petrie and the Egyptian Antiquities he was only allowed to make information public that supported the Biblical narrative, that didn't because the flood was only about 100 kilometers x whatever it was (haven't got the book in front of me to quote exactly) and it was caused by the levee bursting - source Laurence Gardner. They re-built the settlement after the flood, and made another stock of humans but at some point a massive storm annihilated the entire settlement and they all went their separate ways. This is where all the different dieties accross the globe come from, the disbursement of the Sumarian heirarchy. If you think about it Yahweh got the desert! LOL no wonder he was pissed off. He was also known according to Gardner as The Warlord of the Shining Ones (Origin of God - LD). Anyway my point is that the early Sumarian statues did depict reptilian beings and in the book there were 2 classifications of heirarchy and they were actually referred to as the one eyed and the two eyed serpents. The one eyed serpents being the most important. The elite are supposed to carry the highest amount of DNA from the original creators, which is why they inter marry it's also said they are O Negative blood type. As far as I am concerned about what happens to these rabid dogs, well I'm quite happy for Mr Apocalypse to deal with them in any manner he sees fit. If anybody wants more information about The Shining Ones go to The terraforming bit isn't COB's theory at all - it's mine.

Anonymous said...

Scott Creighton makes a convincing argument that Mike Rivero is sweeping the stand-down order under the rug. Why?

And why does Rivero insist that a plane hit the Pentagon on 9/11? That is 100% false.

And why does Rivero insist that men travelled and walked on the moon in the late 1960's? That is 100% false.

Rivero does great work but why is he lying about certain things.

Maybe it is to keep us the people/sheeple confused and easier to rule.

Also chemtrails and haarp are being shown to be very real. Why does Rivero deny them categorically.

Something is not quite right (honest) at WRH. Further, the time stamps on the posts start each day around 7:00 am Californian time. That would be 4:00 am in Hawaii. Are we to believe Rivero gets up at 4:00 am everyday to begin the day's postings?

Isn't it more likely he is in fact in California and begins his day at 7:00 am?

Just asking.

Despite his blatant lies Rivero is doing good work. The problem is the well is poisoned and therefore what is true and what is not coming out of WRH is muddied.

Greg Bacon said...

Hang in there Les, we need your rapier like wit and ballsy approach to life and the TRUTH.

Don't let the SOB's get you down.

I'm sort of a heathen, so I don't pray, but my thoughts are with you.

bee wrangler said...

love you vis- jen

Jenny said...

I like steve's idea-sounds very real. I am in h town too-Houston.I see what it is doing to all of nature. I believe it is a very bad plan- jen

ChewyBees said...

This is not a comment to scare anybody.

If anyone reading this believes for one second that Microsoft, Apple, Android, and any other mainstream OS providers are not completely compromised, and that your systems are not wide open to their paranoid spying, then god bless you, I guess.

Microsoft has been compromised for well over a decade. Do you think that Bill Gates, or any man, is allowed to hold billions of dollars without a compromise? The more money these rich jags hold the greater the compromise.

Remember about 15 years ago when the "justice" department held trial against Microsoft for not allowing Netscape to integrate their browser into the OS? That had nothing to do with Netscape or a browser. It was all about strong arming Microsoft into opening their Kernel (ie core code) to government access, so computers could be spied on. Since then, no OS is locked down or safe. Every computer, every browser, every router, every single file is back doored to allow any government agency immediate access. The deniers of this hide their money and mushrooms in their mattress.

Here's the kicker...who gives a shit?! The truth of it all is that the only authority that government has, and has ever had, is at the point of a gun.

Government has a single purpose of skimming labor value, through the racket of Federal debt notes. All labor value is traded for paper, immediately taxed, and then continually taxed until government has all labor value. The only true value in it all is a man's labor: physical, intellectual, or spiritual. They use the populace to produce their needed energy, and then take that energy in ever decreasing amount, starting with 50 points off the top, and ending with a populace in debt up to their Adam's apple. It is the greatest ever devised scheme of racketeering, and they know it.

The belief system behind it all is patriotism, flags and songs and pledges, making the herd follow the shep-herds because the wolves are always howling at the door. The wolves are created, promoted, and developed as a means of herd control, don't anyone think for a second otherwise.

Your computer, all your information, your entire fictional image of "identity" is in the hands of strangers that only want to make each of us their jailhouse bitch. Slavery exists in degrees. It isn't just picking cotton, bailing it and bullwhips cracking. It is any means necessary for those that hate life to live high on their hoggy existence via the labor effort of those that can, and will be deceived.

Why do we fear them? What is the ultimate consequence? Is it our bullshit bling? Is it even our lives? We are purportedly given the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I must have missed the bus to that destination. All we are guaranteed is our own ability to choose between that which intends to harm and kill us, and our own ability to govern ourselves.

Some call that anarchy. I call it self preservation and self reliance. Trusting strangers is folly, and those strangers know it. Make the decision, if you have the mental and spiritual willpower to do so, to choose yourself long before you even give an ounce of credence to gangsters on a Federal level.

the gardener said...

Bravo Chewybees! Well digested for my Sunday Sermon since Reverend Vis' tools are temporarily indisposed.

"We can't take nothing with us but our souls... dig it!" JL

the dark ones of the Anti-life force care for nothing except shutting off that god damned light shining on them 24/7 to better commence with the looting of others property, including their lives... and souls if they can be beaten down and off of their holders.

Yes I remember the 'trials' with MS... about then is when Gates revealed his Philanthropy side... using up all those "banned oral polio vaccines to protect the children in Africa"... banned in the States, like DDT, because they were causing death and POLIO due to their being constructed with live virus vaccine. LIVE VIRUS POLIO in the vaccination. Get that?

On this glorious day that the Lord hath made... also the Fall Equinox... 0 degrees Libra is the declarer of that state of being... EQUINOX... equal light and dark. Then downhill with the Light until the Solstice point of 12/21ish... 0 Capricorn Sun point. Then growing Light and diminishing darkness in the days.

Time for the harvest and to put all to rest for the winter here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Vis will recover from this assault-may the rest of us be so protected. And even strengthened and encouraged.

the gardener

neal said...

Were you at the pentagon on 911? Have you been to the moon? Those that were around, maybe see the rot, in your minds, probably feels all important, and involved. That is poison, better not be herded into the alternative venom, that is not going to work out very well.

If you were not there, do not have an eyewitness. You are being herded, better to come out of that, and be feral, that is what happens to the eyewitness, more or less.

DaMatrix said...

Well, if "they" are looking to see who comments, count me in too. Comment made.

Eudoxia said...

Hey Neal - if Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon, and the whole world witnessed this - I'm going to ask the million dollar question - Who filmed the first man to walk on the moon?????????? NASA must have sent a camera crew up first to set it all up eh? Or do ya think they filmed it direct from Houston - impressive!



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