Monday, September 16, 2013

Waking Up AND the Sidestep Fandango Tango.

Dog Poet Transmitting (under duress)

May you always have your wits about you.

Serious doings in Visibleandia- more in the comments and more at Origami tomorrow, I hope

A good example of the media is to be found here. This is one of the most outrageous lies to be seen of late in a season of outrageous lies. For those who think I am crazy, or having a mis-diagnosed Kundalini experience, my internet is still going down and WhatreallyHappened has been removed from my Firefox Bookmarks for the 3rd time recently and now I can't even access the site for the second time recently (Michael has been assaulted as much as me, if not more). I can't go there ...AND my CD player boots up every time I try to go certain places. Michael wrote something yesterday at the beginning of his site. I wanted you to see it but it is probably changed now and maybe not. Damn! It's still there, I managed to get on through and the comment is there for September 15th, first entry; they are still inside my computer (see comments half an hour or several hours after blog posting) but don't know everything yet (grin). Fuck 'em. I will get this posting up, now back to the football thing;

Besides tons of other proof, if you saw the Seattle game last night, you know it's a lie, along with all them outrageous lies. Why do you think they want that lie believed? They do not want the public to know what powers they possess! You have only to watch Monty Pythons “The Meaning of Life from 30 years ago”; see the first scene!!! Damn! I'm on to the second scene; see the whole movie. They were definitely ahead of their time. I did not even remember it but... since all my recent movies have been disappeared from my computer, I put this on to watch while I write. Don't tell me I'm not connected to something!

Here's more of the Crass Media, working at the behest of an powerful agenda. Here's more of our available solutions. The threat to those resisting are profound, given also what precedes the Samson Option; too bad for them, Samson was not a member of Their Tribe. Michael is.

Alright people, I can't go into detail here (see next Origami and comments for that) but let me tell you, the shit has hit the fan. I'm swimming in it at the moment and carrying physical wounds as proof (to me anyway- I doubt you'll ear about that part. They won't hurt my family if I flee AND they can't stop me so... do the math, Du horen mich spater from another place.)

Yes... it's all gone up several notches since the missiles didn't hit Syria. They have international game plans, sometimes only tenuously connected to what happens but definitely connects as far as they are concerned. It is what it is and ...we only know what we know and should always remember that we don't know what we don't know. That would solve all kinds of personal problems of which I have seen a few. I even have a couple of my own (grin). However, if you follow that simple rule you might soon have no personal problems. I know simple is not easy, or I would not still have my own couple of.

Since those missiles went off in Syria and did not come down where they were aimed, everything has changed.. Everything has changed. This means they have changed not only where the missiles were directed but also from whence the missiles came ...and in all those places where there was agreement on sending the missiles; in the places where there is ignorance and wisdom, change has come and change will now be accelerated. If you woke up already, The Sidestep Fandango Tango will not be too difficult. If you have not woken up. You will be woken up or you will be mulched and probably, in some cases, not even notice. You'll just be gone.

There is a lot of leeway in the future that is to become the present, depending on how present you are. There's a cosmic truth going around that you won't be present if you can't be present. You can even wake up and smell the bodies burning, if you know anything about the nature of desire.

Speaking of mass media, you can see other shifts, ahead of certain actions coming, that are very different at those locations. Look around you and see if you notice anything. I'm not listing them all, it would not be possible in this limited format and I don't possess knowledge of them all in any case.

I'm closing this posting out early today. I hope this is a one off. There's plenty here for you to comment on and I'll see you next posting, if there is one.

End Transmission.......


bee wrangler said...

I am glad that the shit has hit the fan... it is about time. Mother earth has had enough. Today I walked out to greet the sun and as usual a chemtrail is slowly spreading out among the older chem-clouds. However I do not have the rage I once had, I now save my energy for the things that matter. I am so glad that I made the preparations that I have- a flock of wild free ranging chickens, and the knowledge of how to process them. A knowing of growing things that goes way back... and a nice little garden going. Fresh clean water available and lots of clean fish in it, just a short walk away, a hundred beehives for medicine and sweet honey-... and the big part- no fear. This is your gift to me dear friend vis- no fear! bee well y'all- jen

Visible said...

So then, I'll be awhile longer. I forgot I have to go to the P.O. to pay a bill and to visit Liselotte at the home and I have to do it on foot cause Susanne has the car but speaking of which I was speaking about.

Anonymous said...

The Russians shot down their missiles, hence why they did not land where they were aimed.

I take this to mean that the power they once had been given.... Is now being taken away. Been reading here for years, and Vis, it was you who said this would happen to them one day. Here we are.

I was just worrying about your safety, then I remembered who's got your back.

Tech tip: when you're computer gets a virus(s), reboot to Safe Mode (just hit the F8 key a few times as the computer boots up, then use the arrow key to select "safe mode with networking" from the list that will appear and hit the Enter key, then hit Enter again when you see the name of your operating system, then select Owner or Administrator when you see that option, click yes when you see the dialog box informing you that you are booting to Safe Mode.

You're desk top may look different and that's ok. Click on you're antivirus and update it, then run it while still in Safe Mode. This is "usually" very effective.

Also, search and download McAfee Stinger. Make sure you know if your operating system is 32 bit or 64 bit as you will need to choose which version of Stinger to download, ie., stinger32.exe or stinger64.exe.

It's a stand alone program that is very good at getting rid of worms and Trojan viruses that your regular antivirus doesn't get. After downloading this, you may want to rename the file because if you have the Conficker virus or one of its variants, it won't let you access this program (nasty little bastard, huh).

Don't run Stinger in Safe mode as it won't scan for rootkits, and you do want to scan for rootkits. Run stinger after you've run your updated antivirus program in Safe Mode, then reboot normally to desktop, then run Stinger.

Learned all of this the hard way... I would get blasted with viruses when I used to post on other message boards. Guess someone didn't like what I was saying... :)

Hang tough Vis!


Visible said...

I'm saving all those 'computer working' emails and they are going into the to do category.It's not a virus. Do viruses visit your home? Do viruses close off only controversial websites and your entertainment sites but leave all the mass media and my email always works except files go missing? Do viruses get rid of your personal works and nothing else except all your latest movies and not the old movies and none of them were on the OS disk? Do they do all those other things I'll get into the mention of but having to write this is keeping me from it? AND now I still have to go do the things I said I would do. Later.

Visible said...

Okay... I had one too many situations in which the same thing got said (none of your business, though you will probably hear about it). Unfortunately, some of it was caused by spiritual forces and some by temporal forces. When I looked into backgrounds, some of which I knew and some of which I found out; I have my sources but they won't tell me anything unless I ask, I found glaring similarities to the point of total redundancy. I also found the same things being said and... if they hadn't been said by people subjected to the supernatural side (whom I implicitly trust), I wouldn't have believed the last one. As above,so below, meaning it freaked out the good guys as well as the bad guys. Most of you have never spent any time around me so you don't know. Keep that in mind. You may be unwilling to believe certain things but... you must know, they do happen. They do happen so... admit it, you don't know in this case but, I don't lie. It's a curse, believe it.

Not even my detractors will say I lie, or they are lying. I was there. I know. Do you think I could write what write and be a liar? I went to prison twice for telling the truth, in the second case,

I Proved it in an American court with the highest conviction ratio in the nation. I am still the only one to accomplish that. In the first case it was proven by the circumstances afterward and I got a full pardon and no record. Telling the truth is dangerous but... not so much anymore. That's why I have no fear, even with what has happened. I will go into what's happening in more detail at Origami because Michael Rivero, who is an atheist, will not print Origami usually and he accounts for a lot of readers. So I am saving the supernatural for there.

Black SUV's outside my house with black out windows and many antennas, as well as driving up and down my street and messing with my front door is a sign. The immense weight of evidence concerning what has been accomplished by internet, cannot be done by any virus. It takes someone right there to do this. It goes on repeatedly and changes it's tactics regularly. I formatted my computer and it only took a few hours to start again. I get back on the internet for periods through a constantly reusable work around and I have two computers. One is only a netbook so I can't really use it for my work; I could but won't; too labor intensive.

The revelation of long term readers, in deep cover, with extensive time investment, has been eye opening- factor. None of this was much happening before or, I didn't know about it. It's gone up many notches since... possibly because I am aware now, or the world situation has changed and they are desperate. They ARE going to lose. Let me wait for a bit to continue, in case I'm wasting my time. No worries on that score sooner up the road.

Anonymous said...


the gardener said...

Here is a fine "Playboy" interview with Jim Garrison c.1965 where he is telling so many truths with such a pleasant stream of intelligent verbosity... and more currently, a Mr. Steve Davis, with a lifetime of truths being revealed...some supernaturally touched...Obedience to False Leaders and here's a letter from the Church lawyers

He's got a little insider opining about the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping and interestingly enough (to me) brings up "those who revel that they're prophets v profits"...

Jim Garrison of the New Orleans District Attorney's office lays out a string of those who conveniently 'suicided' whilst ready to testify or under investigation...

Steven Davis reveals much the same MO with the networked players and they all serve/feed the same masters... so here are two truth tellers, one from 45 years ago and advertised through one of the biggest mouthpieces available then (though Garrison's rebuttal to NBC was quite outstanding too!) and another with the technology of today self publishing and heralding the internet as the magnifying glass of which the light shines bright on any focused intent.

Steve Davis has a lot of current dates which interested me... timings that went down for their causes and timings that backfired on them.

He can be a really intense read due to the many subject matters he's involved with-History of Joseph Smith and the founding of the Church... fall of the Church with Smith's murder... rise of the Church as they become funded and rise to 'be the Church of the New World Order'... first time I've seen anyone say that about 'them'.

"The Church" most surprised as anyone that their man did not 'win' that election last year. Double Crossers and more and worse in the games these people play.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Something is off about your writing today, Les. A lot of words and hardly anything said--very unlike you. That and my "disturbance in the force" meters are going off. I may very well be wrong, but if this IS an imposter know that this is not your average reader group. If you are in fact Les, then know I'm only looking out for when I say that I will be paying very close attention to the nuances of the next post.

Anonymous said...

Those long-termer ticks latched on and burrowed deep. They did whatever they could, by means subtle and unsubtle, to steer you off course. Now they're just bloated and obvious. At this point the more they try the more expose their ggame.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

If you're having trouble connecting to, you can find the IP address using the 'nslookup' tool, either from the terminal/DOS prompt or by googling 'public nslookup'. If you still have problems you can try going through a proxy or using the Tor service. Also if you're on Windows I recommend switching to Linux if you are comfortable with it, or have someone nearby who is. Much harder to plant viruses and spyware on a well-secured Linux install than on stock Windows. If you need help feel free to email me at ticallionz At gmail dot com

Visible said...

Of course it's me, don't be silly and you obviously did not pay attention. A lot was said and at the end of the post I mentioned everything about it being short and the next post being in line with the usual. You missed that? I think you're fucking with me because the alternative makes me wonder how you ever appreciated anything here.

Have you even read the other comments? See that you do, especially later on. Good grief, I despair of ever setting out to serve so many of you. Thank god for the ones who do get it.

Visible said...

Thanks man, but I already mentioned the web numeral address in the post and explained there in the beginning that I had gotten thru and the number is right there and I'm not dealing with spyware or anything like it and if this keeps up I will soon shoot myself and I don't even have a gun.

Otherwise, I really appreciate your offer of help

the gardener said...

I find it very telling that it was right around your birthday AND the release of you book (which spares no fantasy details of the ass kicking those only used to ass kissing GET) that you've had spooky interference.

You haven't even gotten to revel in your (yet another) creation presented to the world!

There's a Full Moon coming this week and it seems like the energies are already presenting. Fall Equinox energies are not to be sneezed at being the Harvest energies.

Always important to do a little more protection for self, loved ones, property in times like these. Spiritually and physically.

The flooding of CO along with all the freaking fracking sites opened up for dispersal puts us all at the mercy of the Creator. The fires in the mass acreage which also contains open mines of all sorts of deadly ingredients puts us all at the Mercy of the Creator.

I was informed of the deadly flooding south of Salt Lake City this weekend. Have not heard anything news wise about that event. Right near where fires were burning last week.

the gardener

(working on everything I can with the means I have availed to me)

Anonymous said...

My PC has been doing weird things too. I thought it was just because it's an old PC, but now I'm starting to wonder. People think that spiritual activity (warfare) can't happen on a PC because a PC is high-tech, logical and "scientific", while spiritual matters are "illogical and not scientific"...I don't know, but I knew a guy who had so much negativity about him that PCs and other tech gadgets quit working whenever he got around them. Seriously!

What missiles are you talking about? I keep a pretty constant eye on the latest happenings, and I haven't seen anything since the two tribal cruise missiles that were launched from the Mediterranean, week before last.


Anonymous said...

LV, the media is going under. What I watch for are the phoney "new" media voices. Watch for them. A slick website is the first mark of a replacement operation. The replacements have shortening lifespans. Remember when Glenn Beck was the revolution? Ron Paul? Tea Party? They're credible shorter and shorter durations. The system's media cannot reinvent itself fast enough and anyway its symbols of diversion are worn out. It has no library of fresh symbols.

Right now the Tribe is trying to deify MLK. Won't work. He was a fraud and Tribe operation. His handler was a Tribesman. I forget his name. He arranged MLK's "Harvard Ph.D. thesis" and procured white hookers in his hotel room. Whatever it took to run him as a wedge against White dominion.

I'm sorry if I popped anyone's bubble. I know many white people believe MLK to be the real deal; ditto Mother Theresa, Gandhi, the Dalai, et al. But in my opinion, if a personality is given media, he's a controller operation.


Sim said...

True story; take it or leave it:

I went to stay with Vis for a week last month from 19th to 25th August (his birthday fell right in the middle of that on the 22nd August).

Everything was fine... for a few days, anyway; we ate well, drank a few beers, watched some movies, played some boules, all pretty relaxed stuff.

Things changed (for me, anyway) on Visible's birthday; we were sitting in his study around 10.00 in the evening and one or more of his invisible friends paid a visit. Vis was chattering away to him, her, them, whatever (I couldn't see anyone but Vis of course) - but while I could not see anyone or anything else, I fucking well felt one or more of them; possibly, it didn't like me, but sure as shit, I didn't like it, whoever or whatever it was... just malevolent... and powerful....

Anyone who recalls Cap'n Spadgett writing about how scared he got? Well, I got a dose of that myself... (maybe a double dose). No exaggeration; I made some excuse to Vis about wanting to go for a piss, and I fled his house into the night. Could I get out of town though? No... every fucking road I took was a dead end, and when I did finally find what seemed like a road which would get me away from Castle Wankenstein, guess what turned up? Two SUVs, one behind me another maybe 200 meters in front of me... so I cut across some fields (pitch black, this must have been well after midnight and next thing a helicopter is maybe 100 feet above, and behind me, taking it real slow and staying with me....

Resigned, I trudged into the town center and lay on a bench wondering WTF to do... (no money, no flight ticket home, nothing...) ... when Vis turned up, in his car and; a very brief exchange between us and he took me back to his home (he's not a man to argue with)....

Once there, I avoided going into his study, went to my bedroom tried to get some sleep... next morning, the sense of deep unease I had hadn't gone... and there was no way I was going to (or could) remain in that house. Slightly better prepared (at least I grabbed my passport this time) I slipped out of the house - in daylight - and made a run for it. I know that if Vis had caught me, he would have maybe tried to "reason" with me, but wild horses would not drag me back there.

I don't hold what happened (whatever did happen exactly) against Vis... I'm just relating this to confirm that when he mentions his "Invisible Friends" he's not bluffing, or deluded, or fantasizing at all... these "friends" exist alright, and at least one of them was really, really pissed at me.

(I will add that although I grabbed my passport, I didn't grab any money, clothes, or anything else... and I managed to get out of Germany and back to the U.K. only through the care and generosity of a friend. Thank you for that R. x)

howisthere42 said...

It just used to happen know and then.
Dont try to explain it les you dont mind if i call you les.
Im starting to look at it as a play station game.How fare did we get last time.You learn by your mistakes.Although you may have set the seen in the previous game you have just been knocked out off.Maybe there is somthing we have forgoton.
All im saying is I think I might be as nutty as you wher are and is to be.Dont freak out Im trying not to as i know there is a point to this exercise and the teachers are close at hand.
Please be good if you cant be good be carefull.
I cant say to much as my mother said tell no one anything.Thats good advice but i m getting lonely.And any way somone who sprang up out off the blue told me to use my web if i needed to find others,since i did not want to go with him,I now wish I had.But wait have i said to much or not enough o know what have i done what a butterfly there free you know but hard to catch.Beutifull creation is a butterfly peacefull i love this planet.
Always have.I think a lot always have.
Im just going to keep praying.
Love you man
Love your companions
Keep up the fight

Robin Redbreast said...

I'm sure you don't- but don't tar all us readers with the same brush!
Finished your novel yesterday. I really enjoyed - and I have a deeper understanding of something.... and have a greater appreciation of...... you and your ..... well it's more than conviction .....or belief or .... I don't know the right words... but your confidence inregards to it all being in control and I don't know!
You give us so much more than hope

Anonymous said...

Visible - whatever's up - best of luck, which you seem to have anyways.

Your computer, internet being sabotaged is totally believable as very similar things have happened to mine - and few would believe it even if i wanted to explain.

Zio-ogre with its million duped goyims is pulling out all stops for it's final battle. It's eying the beach front property all along the eastern Mediterranean with unlimited supply of debt-slaves to provide it with all material garbage it thrives one - and will stop at nothing to have it all.

Anonymous said...

Probably you are aware of these -latest internet warfare techniques: spoofing and mimicking; spoofing, hiding behind another computer's IP address to mimic whatever, whomever also uses the same IP.
Imagine what the deception possibilities with these tricks.

Visible said...

Wow! First time I heard the story.

Oh DV before I forget, those are the missiles I am talking about. The story of what really happened has come out.

Robin, I DEFINITELY didn't mean you. I hope if you don't get freaked by this you will visit.

Sim; Those must be the SUV's Susanne saw. A few years ago, at 4 in the morning, I was awakened by a noise outside my window. I raised the security blinds (quite common in Europe). I saw a black helicopter about a hundred feet from my house, at nearly the same height as my window. It was hovering a few feet above the houses that ran down the hill. It sat there for a few minutes. It seemed longer and then it flew away. I never could figure that out. Weird shit happens around me so often that I hardly think about it any more.

Sim, only Steven in India and the people in Mexico have ever had bad experiences with me.

Imon has visited me several times, So has Aliveinthewastelands once, Pope Ecclesiastes twice, Scott Armstrong, Mandocello, A lovely lady friend, whom I will not name but she can and several other readers have visited and had no problems with me or my house. I apologize for my invisible friends. I know they meant you nor Steven any harm. They are just very protective. I have seen them drive some people crazy to the point of institutionalization and physically harm some over the years. Yet they did nothing to Michael which surprised me. He showed up recently and I am willing to let bygones be bygones and welcome him back.

I cannot explain why they do what they do sometimes but I've seen their work over the years. It's probably why that 300 year old yogi said I was a god and all those followers showed up before I left. Many things like this have happened over the years and I don't know why. I really don't. I don't attribute such titles to myself but I have heard it dozens of times over the years. I have never understood it but I do talk to God every day and I don't care what anyone believes about that.

God tells me that soon, all will be revealed, "be patient, visible."

I really am sorry Sim. You left all your belonging. Susanne put them in a box untouched to send to you.

To you few who have been frightfully affected by contact with me, I apologize. I don't control these things. Steven never even said a word to me and there was no sign of anything. However, who as a real friend of mine would write such a blog posting and never even speak to me first?

He did me terrific damage for no discernible cause. I am still perplexed. I seldom have more than a few beers, anyone can tell you that. I was drinking in India for survival. I was in big danger. I would tell the tale but it would take to long. However, anyone who wants to visit can hear it. I told the whole story of my life to a young man tonight, whom I am recording some music with. His name is Jukka. He met me in a bar a few years ago and has followed the blogs ever since. He might show up to tell the tale of knowing me and he has been around me for years. I'll ask him. You'll see our music creations at the blogs soon.

Unfortunately, Sim is the only one who has forgiven what happened, although I have forgiven them. That tells something.

Yukka knows something of what has happened to me over recent days and has seen the injuries. I gave far better than I got, otherwise it might have been much worse. 'They' definitely know about my invisible friends now. They don't just act around me. They also act 'through' me. Let that stand as evidence to you whose employers might read this. You're next.

Sorry folks, had to be said. You don't know much about what has been going on around me lately. It's been brutal and cathartic. All is well now, or so I am told. The truth will out. Be patient.

I got to go. My shoulder hurts from sitting here and typing.

Tyler Vincent said...

In response to your Origami Comment:

"First of all, you definitely know nothing about kundalini, or that kundalini is conscious and aware. Then,l you are talking about God being responsible, dumbass. Wait a minute you're right but... you are still a dumbass.

Next, What about Susanne? Is it her kundalini? What about others whom I* won't name but have been here recently"

Thank you for your bitter words Visible, I appreciate that because I really needed a good laugh, and they teach me not to take any ad hominem attacks you say seriously or personally. It is merely ones ego desire to appear greater and more intelligent than everything that comes ones way as to why some of us feel the need to diminish those who mean no harm. I know because I've been there. I respect the good works that you do brother, you have taught me a lot, and continue to and for that I am eternally grateful.

In regards to my original comment, I am at loss to why you bring up the concept of working for one side or another when the force we are talking about controls and transcends both of them.

Knowing of Kundalini is one thing, experiencing it is quite another. I speak for myself Visible, I understand from my own personal experience. Why argue over whether the blue that one sees is actually another's red or visa versa? As for you, or anybody who wishes to know more specifically about the Kundalini, there are 54 hours and counting on the topichere. These shows are made by someone who has worked personally with hundreds, perhaps thousands of awakened individuals for many years specifically on the topic of Kundalini, and uses the knowledge gathered from these experiences to help educate others. I'm actually quite surprised that some who claim to be awakened actually have little clue about why they are experiencing what they are experiencing... although the divine allows that for a purpose. Something that might take one person 30-40 years to learn may take someone else 10 minutes. As for the anomalies you are experiencing with your technology, it sounds to me like it is your Kundalini.

I understand the Kundalini to be the personal aspect of divinity that connects us directly with the transcendental all encompassing divine. I have found that the line between those two can blur. Where does it end, I'm not so sure. I know it communicates to us in the image of whatever believe system we have chosen to follow. So, what some of us might think is God, may actually be the Kundalini communicating to us.

I think our Kundalini is constructing our personal experiences for us as individuals, and it will only allow us to understand what we are allowed to depending upon our karma. It doesn't mean Susanne and others won't experience some of the phenomenon and results of whatever karma you are creating in your life... but certainly I believe it is in control of all of the experiences we are having as a personal extension of the all encompassing divine.

I don't know if she is has a fully awakened Kundalini or not... most of of us have it dormant in the last three vertebrae. My feelings are that if she was, she would definitely believe in God, or divinity in some way or another.

Take care and much love to you.


preacher said...

So one or more of your not so invisible friends, got some real friends of yours scared and you ignore those warning signs... Who or what is driving you Vis? And why things turn against you now? I think you have to take some time to reconsider; retrace some of those footsteps that got you where you are now.

A friendly voice.

preacher said...

Is mr. A. tapping on your door too now?

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this is inappropriate, private, or none of my business, but with all of what happens around you Vis, how does Susanne not believe in God!

At the very least she must accept the presence of invisible forces (friends). Either that or she should think that you are bat-shit crazy and should have left a long time ago, unless she really likes crazy people and their crazy stories.

But I doubt she doubts you and believes you have invisible friends and their love and protection. Then how far is the existence of God from that?!

Jackson Holly said...

Wow ...

don't know what to say ...

Let's try this ...



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answer me stupid.


.. keep it 'tween the ditches, Vis,
with the sunny side up.

Anonymous said...

About those missiles: It scared the peewadding out of me, that we came that close to flashing right into WWIII. Equally scary is that it appears to have gone completely unnoticed here in the land of milk & honey. We are definitely on the brink, on a razor's edge, yet life goes on in never never land.

Now, instead, the news is all about the (maybe staged) shooting at the DC naval base, and high time to sieze those evil guns. They'll definitely milk this one for at least a week. One site is already saying that the news of the event was posted the day before it happened. I don't believe anything that's in the US media any more. Pretty much assume it's all lies.


Visible said...

U&unbelievable; Ty, let me see if I have this right. I have an awakened Kundalini. You don't but you are telling me how it works? When my Kundalini first arose, it lasted at the same intensity for 3 straight years. It was so powerful that it caused reactions never seen before from what I got from the people around it and it has continued to intrude in my life for decades and with all this wealth of contact, you are telling me how it is? This is like someone who has never been into the water telling a lifetime swimmer about the real nature of their experiences. I take it you haven't read other comments here or are unfamiliar with recent events? You aren't even here, have not been here and have no first hand experience of me at all but.. somehow, you are more of an authority on my life than me, with zero info. I will hold up a mirror to this and say that whatever negative implying you have made about me is true of you. You are talking about yourself, not me. You have no experience of me at all. I rest my case and won't proceed further with you. It's not useful and it is a dead end.

Anonymous, you also have no experience of me whatsoever. You are projecting from zero awareness which usually leads to false positives and false negatives. The truth is that Susanne was put with me by my invisible friends, they told me so and she is just as they want her to be. She has not left me in all this time because she KNOWS that no matter what she does or does not believe she knows I am a good person and until recently, the fact that I could with impunity protect our environment.

She doesn't doubt God might exist. She doesn't get what that might be. My invisible friends told me it was time to leave. They have other plans for me. I know what some of them are so, be patient, it will be demonstrated. You are called Anonymous and yet... do you agree that God either controls or permits whatever and in that sense whatever happens to me is in god's plan? I'm good to go with that. It's what I believe and live by 24/7. You're not here either. What could you know? It's more complicated than simple logical extractions from minimal appearances. I am amazed at the truly obvious appearance to me of people who have not read the post, or some of the comments and would not trust me at my end, which I am very cognizant of, based on presumption.

Preacher; things are not turning against me. This is nothing more than demonstration. How do you know they are real friends of mine? More friends than this have been around the supernatural with me and had positive experiences. It's possible some of these friends misinterpreted the energies. The invisible friends of mine are FAR MORE important than any mortal companions and I'm not budging with that. They've been with me for decades. These other friends I only met for the first time when they came here or met me somewhere. It's possible my invisible friends were simply announcing themselves and are possessed of so much power; ever been around a real angel? I have. They are really scary. That doesn't make them bad. They work for God and I work for god and for some reason, they like me. I could care less if anyone else likes me as long as they do and anyone who does like me, it is because of them.


Visible said...


I think it's a lot of offended egos around here because I have what you all desire and you think you are more worthy than me. Are they hanging out with you? Are these kinds of things happening around any of you? NO. They happen around me every day. Deal with it. Put in the lifetime of continuous effort that I have and maybe they will hang out with you.

Offending me is no way to befriend them. The difference between us is that if I knew someone who had this going on, I would do most anything to be around them and be one of their visible friends in the hope the contact would rub off on me. That's how it works. It's another form of Shaktipat.

Is Mr. Apocalypse knocking on my door? You're a smart ass aren't you? Of course he is but... why? That's the question. I'm much better off than you think I am and the majority of you are jealous. Trust me of that I'm certain.
I've run into it all my life. It's the wrong approach. You know so little. Hey, whatever you think, it doesn't change what happens around me. Jealously is it's own reward.

Tyler Vincent said...

What is more fluid, more yielding than water?
Yet back it comes again, wearing down the rigid strength
Which cannot yield to withstand it.
So it is that the strong are overcome by the weak,
The haughty by the humble.
This we know
But never learn,
So that when wise men tell us,
'He who bites the dust
Is owner of the earth,
He who is scapegoat
Is king,'
They seem to twist the truth.

-- Lao Tzu

Anaughty Mouser said...

I joined the truth911 website in 2007 when I woke up to the false flag/inside job. First the monthly news-emails were sent by a sincere woman named Janice Matthews.

About two years ago the director of the truth911 site changed to James Hufferd,

Today this new director sent the following - stating Israel was not "directly" involved in 9/11.

"But, with regard to 9/11, as I have opined here previously (see 'The Hot Rock of Zion',, 12/1/12), while the Mossad could conceivably have pulled the operation (including Larry Silverstein’s notorious Building 7), and while the evidence of Israeli foreknowledge is overwhelming, and while Israel may have been diabolical enough – for logistical and operational reasons, and due to lack of operational evidence, it seems to me more likely that, as Barbara Honegger speculated in her recent video “Behind the Smoke Curtain”, that key modern operation was done for and probably at the bequest of Israel, than by Israel. Because I have yet to see a shred of actual, credible evidence that the Israelis or Mossad did it.

Please provide me the same, and I’ll feature it next time.

JH: 9/16/13"

Does anyone have the link to 'Absolute proof Israel did 9/11' with page after page linking the zionists and israel to every single facet about 9/11?

I'd like to send the link to this self-outed zio-shill before I leave the 911grassroots site permanently.

Visible said...

Tyler, go pontificate and grandstand somewhere else. You blew it when you had to post the same comment at two blogs. You've been baiting me for some time. You have no credit here (I've pulled some comments from my Origami reply; following your lead). Your 15 minut3es are up. You'll get no further recognition, or responses in this medium. This is the end

Visible said...

Jesus, Glen! I'm sorry to hear this. Many of those sites are bogus. I joined one and NEVER went back. That's where my litmus test came from. I'm surrounded by liars. It is one of the big disappointments of my life.

You visited me several times. Look at what I'm dealing with at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Sim@ 9:44

You seem to have had the opposite experience from my visit to LV's house.


Anonymous said...

Hey preacher your comment is suspect.

Vis has clearly explained that his friends protect him.

And if he has been working for the wrong side, he sure has been doing a bad job of it hasn't he?

He sticks his neck out for no material gain of any kind whatsoever, but to work for truth.

You see this but still you suggest he might be compromised?

Horrible, just horrible.

Vis says there are people who have been around for a while to gain legitimacy, I hope you are not one of them.

Anonymous said...

Hello Visible,

I am sorry to hear about all your recent excitement and even more sorry that I could not be there to support you in them...though quite frankly, I know and am willing to attest to all the skeptics on here, that the divine has your back and you have no need for me.
I just wish that I could be there out of purely selfish motives...that I could be of more service to your great work, and receive some of the blessings of your invisible friends as well....(I too have felt there presence on many occasion, but never in a negative way).

I have been tell you that I plan on visiting for nearly a year, but the divine has other plans, as I just been unable to make it happen so far.

Anyway, I wish you, Suzanne, lisolette, poncho and the gang all the best, and I hope to see you soon.



Anaughty Mouser said...

Yes, I gladly attest to having visited you and Susanne on four occaisions without altercation. I am very thankful to have met you personally.

Telling the whole truth brings all sorts of negative creatures trying to silence you.

Les Visible you, not the Blankfeins, are doing God's work.

More power to you in your light work.

Peace and love

Anonymous said...

Vis, I asked that question about Suzanne in humility even though it might not have seemed that way.

The comment about her leaving was a bad attempt at being funny, I didn't mean it in a mean way. Please forgive me.

I know that I project from zero awareness, this is why I read you and long to meet you.

I am anonymous because of some personal reasons, but I would have nothing to hide from you, nor I suspect could I.

I realize now my question was infantile but it was from an honest place.

I love you and truly want the best for you.

David said...

Hi Glenn - I don't know you, but appreciate this e-mail. Good luck getting Hufferd to remove you from the list. I've asked him several times, and he's claims he's tried to remove me, but I still get his useless messages.

By the way, my take on it is the same as yours -- and I've told Hufferd as much directly. At this point, any serious student of 9/11 who denies that it was primarily a Mossad operation must be presumed to be a disinfo shill.

If you're not familiar with the "Truth and Shadows" blog, you should check it out. The primary participants there have debunked Honneger's nonsense.

Cheers from the State of Maine --

Anonymous said...


'simmer down now'

not sure exactly what's up

but i know, you have it

well in hand, as i trust you

that's no small thing, you know

very few gain my trust, as you have

will help you,if i can[if you need]

just let me know how and i will

if you need no help [then]

i will rest easy and light

Anonymous said...


You may NOT shoot yourself. (I know you wouldn't.)

Yeah, I got cyber problems too. Freezes up only on controversial stuff.

And liars are everywhere. Maybe some of them don't even know they are lying. Freaky. People have no respect for the Truth.

I too saw an extraordinary thing.



Anonymous said...

Hey Les - here it is: -

Anonymous said...

Again, a very deep felt apology to you Vis, to your friends, to God, and to Suzanne. Such a mistake will not happen again.

Visible said...

Whoa... sorry friends. I was only hearing the negative through all the long day and it was getting to me. That is not a good sign to show your enemies and I just went to bed. I can't remember what I said but it wasn't pretty ...probably more of my full disclosure kind of thing. I'm fine though it appears I only slept for a couple of hours.

I should probably be ashamed but with everything that has happened for the last days I've not slept much and that has the usual effect on me. I've rested well now, sorry I was disorderly, if I was.

I lost large parts of my efforts over the last two months, even the book I worked on, though I got a copy back; even my other books off my hard drives. All my personal movie files of recent times are gone and some freaky shit happened... by the end of it all last night I was a little punch drunk.

I can't expect everyone to love me, that's mu job (grin) but... I didn't expect all of the other side to show up all by themselves.

Man, this is not your usual gig. What was I thinking when I signed on? Heh heh, I forgot to dress for the occasion in Kevlar. I'm going to go back to praying for my friends and forget about the Sturm und Drang. Where's that composer Wagner when you need him? Where's Tristan? Where's Isolde? Heh heh. Let me go and see what damage I did. Visible, you dum ass!

Visible said...

Oh yeah, thank you all. I won't forget. That was superfine to see. If I do have all this clout, you will be the beneficiaries. My friend Gardener and all sorts chimed in on email. Sometimes, often, I wish the emails were the comments.

Eudoxia said...

I've had a few strange visitations over the years but none who turn up regularly. One of the oddest though aside from what appeared to be half a grey alien once (and I have no idea what that wanted) was I got bombarded one night by flying gold sparks. Over the next few nights at exactly the same time, these sparks got bigger until on the forth evening they appeared to be what looked like fairies, they were no longer gold though, they were a dark green, brownish color and about 6 inches long - there were about 50 or so of them. They were just flying about in a chaotic way. Okay wasn't quite what I was expecting, not that I was expecting anything least of all a swarm of fairies. So I went to see a lady who reads tarot cards in one of the arcades near where I used to work. I told her what was happening, and she confirmed they were real and told me to ask them to leave if they weren't going to divulge what they wanted. So that night when they turned up I asked them politely to leave and go back outside - they obliged. I haven't had anymore encounters with them since aside from an evening a couple of years ago, where very bright lights almost like miniature lanterns appeared in a potted cycad I had on the front patio. I had a friend there at the time and we watched this for about half an hour or so, then when he walked closer to take a look they vanished not to be seen since. So it gets a little weirder, a life long friend of mine who is an artist made me a ceramic fairy about 10 - 15 years or so ago. I didn't really like it, it just wasn't my style at the time. Anyway I had it near a salt lamp and it started to melt it. She saw this and offered to fix it up for me and re-paint it. So she did and guess what color she painted it a greenish, brownish color. She said she didn't like the color, I said that's the color they are and that's when I told her about my fairy encounter and to my amazement she didn't even question it. She works for a shrink I thought her response would probably be to make me an appointment! Then about a year or so after that we watched Pan's Labyrinth and low and behold what color were the fairies - the same color. That was Del Toro's absolute kick ass movie of all time! And I recall as a small child I liked to play with Praying Mantis, I was fascinated by them, however, none of them turned into fairies as I recall.

Eudoxia said...

In the weird stakes, the next painting encounter was even, not sure if better is the right word but it will suffice for now. Is it possible to paint things into existence? This is a valid question because I painted an abstract one day, together the same friend and I worked it up into quite a nice painting. I noticed several days after we did it when I put it on the wall upside down, my Rotti's head appeared in it - no mistaking that it was him alright and neither of us did it intentionally. However, that was before he passed and underneath his head, appeared another dog's head - the head of the dog I have now, and again no mistaking it's his. I showed this to my friend then she saw it then says to me "I painted him too" take a look at the painting in the spare room - sure enough there he was in all his glory - in fact it was the whole dog! I didn't notice it when I hung it there, but then again I wasn't looking, it was another abstract. But he's so obvious I wonder now how I missed it. Definately him - no mistaking him he's a german shepherd/malamute cross but he looks like a white wolf. I have another dog also a bit younger than him but she didn't turn up in any painting. Okay not in the grand scheme of creation we don't paint things into existence but it's just downright odd. How I came to aquire him was just as interesting. I used to catch a train to work, there was a woman on the train who had been on that same train each morning for at least 4 years - we never spoke. One day I sat next to her and we started talking, she told me that her dog was terminal. I just lost a cat so we were talking about animals, her dog was a shepherd/malamute cross and a very impressive looking dog at that. Just like a white wolf. We went on Christmas break last year and when we came back she told me she had lost her dog. During that time my Rotti had been diagnosed with cancer. So here we were on the train, crying our eyes out and we didn't even know each other's names! I lost him a few weeks later. I really wanted to get another Rotti but out of curiosity a couple of weeks later, I googled what puppies of that breed would look like. What comes up - an add for that same hybrid 5 minutes down the road from me! What are the odds????? So I ended up with a puppy I never really intended to get or did I?? Even more curious is that the woman on the train and I were made redundant from our jobs within weeks of each other. So neither of us catch that same train anymore.

Anonymous said...

'so neither of us catch that
same train,anymore'

we settled down so easy,
on the floor

and when we went to town
the people stand all round

and say, we ain't no good
for livin' any more

Unknown said...

Who are all these players again, Bud?

Ok, I tried learning to do it...lets see what happens!

Anonymous said...

Dave McGowan turns his Laurel Canyon series into a book with new content.


Visible said...

Heh Heh...I appreciate your story but they are definitely not fairies. One of my lifelong friends is Lord of the Devic Realm and that's where my my friends come from. I am trying to avoid telling all I know about this, given what happened to me in Italy.

explanation of dimensions My friends come from the Fifth dimension. Fairies are from the 4th.

Fairies come in Tribes like someone else we know and none of them are seen except by those who having etheric sight. Of those who do see them, artists are chief among those who can see them and where they are most likely to be noticed is in the UK and in Hawaii and they are very different beings with different names and different impact.

I have never found any of them annoying and I like them coming around. The last thing I would ever ask is for them to go away. I feel so privileged that they would grace me with their presence. I feel honored they would grant me visitation and they would consider me would worthy to enjoy their company.

If you are talking about my guests, they are going to listen to any talk of going away

concise tale

I had immediate control of everything in the second link via my Kundalini awakening but gave it away because I found it dangerous in the world I was present in at that time.

I was also given communicative access to the Fifth Dimension. Mine was no ordinary Kundalini awakening. People who talk of this sort of thing these days are generally talking about limited access. There is a big difference. Yogi's and sensitives who encounter me at however their access, on the one hand, especially tantrics, of which there are few, recognize what's going on. The sensitives experience awe and fear. This happened to a reader from New York who visits psychics. This is also an explanation for the 300 year old guru who ran into me in India.

My friends are not specific to the Fifth Dimension. Some are even higher and I have a few lower. When I cast aside my magical powers, I retained my friends. Some are from past lives.

Some of the lower friends are there only for my protection; astral creatures. They can be fearful but angels, seen by the unitiated can be overpowering and appear truly frightening, especially my angels who are of a type designed for protective actions. Some of these are direct underbosses (grin) of the archangels. I have also met some of those. I don't care who believes any of this or doesn't, I'm just speaking to those who have already had positive experiences with me and have been healed- you know who you are. have had prayers granted and who have been 'assisted'. If you have been frightened, you need to dig your relationship and intentions toward me. Whether you are even aware of them or not.

The rest of you are free to think of me as deluded, arrogant, insufferably confident and whatever the case may be. You can stay there if you like, or have your situation changed by asking. Each of you has friends like mine but are not in activated mode. In these times that can swiftly change.

I would recommend anyone who has the good sense to advantage themselves of this opportunity. The window will close soon enough.

My friends are not demons, though they can summon them should the need arise. I carried all of my martial arts awarenesses in too but they only activate in circumstances of great need. It was the higher awareness of this on the part of dangerous criminals when I was in prison that served to protect me. These periods of my life are well documented should you be able to access the official records.

If you want to travel with me as equals, it is yours. If not, what can I say? Yes, I am very strange but I am your friend, I am your 'visible' friend.

Anonymous said...

"... if I knew someone who had this going on, I would do most anything to be around them and be one of their visible friends in the hope the contact would rub off on me. That's how it works. It's another form of Shaktipat."

I am one of those people. God willing I will visit one day soon, if you will have me.

Much love,
Laura in CA

Anonymous said...

Dave McGowan, Dave McGowan, Dave McGowan. He had me wrapped up in his thing and then, at the end, he says it's "Nazis" running these pacification ops. Yeah, "Nazis" in the recording industry, "Nazis" in Hollywood. "Nazis" all through the media are engineering the diversions and blinds to keep the U.S. sheep in the pen. "Nazis" run the U.S. intelligence establishment. Hey McGowan, where are the Germans in Hollywood? I don't see any. Or maybe Jews are the front men for the Nazis, who stay carefully covered. Now Jews and Nazis are working together. All is forgiven.

You gotta be kidding me. McGowan sounds as stupid as Jim Marrs. Why would a fellow derail his own research of decades with an irrational conclusion?

Methinks Mr. McGowan is an agent himself.


Visible said...

Of course you can come!

Dave; He might just be under pressure that you and I would not accept.

Anonymous said...

Wow Les, I read all the comments.
Gives me the heebie-jeebies.

I'm thinking you are a missile also..of some importance.
And someone/thing tried to shoot you down.
I see they weren't successful.
-steve in h-town

Anonymous said...


Maybe you just got manhandled a bit, with no malevolent intent. Perhaps a bit of an initiation? A testing of mettle? An exposed fear; certainty vs certitude?


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"It is also stated, vaiṣṇavānāḿ yathā śambhuḥ: Śambhu, Lord Śiva, is the greatest of all Vaiṣṇavas."

the most auspicious

whanker banker said...

You AND Your Little DOG!

This is not the end of the discussion! Alpha zionist Rothschild

I'll get YOU (debt slaves), my pretty!

His flying monkeys aren't very happy either as the realization of the end of the zionist plan for a new world begins to sink in.

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Seems that the intesity is ratching upwards, but then who likes lukewarm anyway?

Shiva's dogs do as Shiva's doga chose, then again to do the Shiva/Shakti tango takes two, just no confucius ( heh heh) with Kali, or Lillith, or delilah, as they are so capable of fomenting confucous with their disguises.

Be well, be Alert

the gardener said...

RE: the "nazis"... lots of nazi stuff raising its head again... another generation of confused trying to work out the strings of who, what and where the "nazis' were/are and really all about.

And really it is necessary to have some kind of grasp of the situation with the 'nazis' as so many of them have played out and are still playing out their global annihilation games upon the rest of us to this day... confusion is a necessity to cause the masspeople to give their consent to be used and sacrificed for 'the cause' whatever that really is... for many it is the riches that come with cheating, stealing, killing, sneaking... for their masters it has got to be MORE...

"Raiders of the Lost Ark" scenes come to my mind (its intention for creation no doubt) because the history of this world has had many layers of energy endowed beings that had no use for the money...the gold and other minerals (same as now) yes but the especially fiat play money?

Here's Russell Brand's take on why after being named 'GQ's MAN OF THE YEAR" he was KICKED off the stage and ejected from event ...

hahahaha Russell Brand 'Man of the Year'... why he's hooking up with Goldsmith's daughter Jemima Khan... whose two brothers married into the Rothschild family via their wives being sisters.

Since Goldsmith has been rumored to be Lady Diana's real father making Jemima Goldsmith Khan her half sister and with the death/murder of Lady Diana Spencer being activated once again by unusual sources... the generational offspring of these arranged breedings can have some massive impact on these ancient powers utilized by these old bloodlines used to using everything and everyone in their considerable powers...

The same generation carrying the energies of the 60s via their birth charts are evidence that the energies of the planets are not just for the era that they touched... in known time. The Pluto in Virgo generation had the parents who did and saw more than was healthy for anyone.

May they pull the sheets back and cross and double cross for their own amusement if not for nobler reasons.

the gardener

Visible said...

Damn! 3 incredible comments and Richard wins the Kewpie Doll; too funny and clever!

Anonymous said...

Hi Visible...on September 5th, 2013, you made a post at Smoking Mirrors, titled, "The Nocturnal Bot Flies of The Apocalypse", wherein you wrote about a black surveillance van that had been parked outside your house complete with bizarre antennae, while your dogs were barking, and shortly thereafter, someone rattled your front doorknob.

On September 16th, 2013, in the comments section of the "No Pain... No Gain... and NO CENTRAL BANKERS!" thread, at Smoking Mirrors, you wrote that four nights ago (which would have been roughly September 11th or 12th, depending on the exact timing of the event), a black surveillance van was parked outside you house complete with bizarre antennae, while your dogs were barking, and shortly thereafter, someone rattled your front doorknob.

So these creeps came back and visited you a second time...have they visited more than twice? What happened the second time, was it any different than the first time (meaning, are there any other details to relate, regarding the creeps' Sept. 11/12 visit, versus their Sept. 5 visit)?

Visible said...

Boy! We got some savvy people here. Yes, they have been back more than two times. Some of my friends know a lot more and some of it is very scary, unless you're me, even though it happened to me. I don't think I can b\get into anything more tonight. I've spent the whole evening constructing songs with Jukka and it's some of the best work I've done. You'll see the rough results ere at the blogs. I'll tell you, I'm sad now, thinking about what Jukka and I could have done by now or in future time and I am soon to move away 800 kilometers but I will be back for month here and there before I leave so, who knows. It's already screamingly funny ironic and... and really beautiful. I am so looking forward to this.

Meanwhile, I will follow up over the next series of blogs, depending on where they are.

See you there.

albatross said...

I would not say, despite your accomplishments and abilities, than we (or at least I) are "jealous" of you. I am still young, and lucky to have a teacher/role-model like you. But does that make me jealous? No, because I realize that I have my own journey ahead of me if I want to approach the level you're currently at. That excites me. And furthermore I know that this lifetime may be a small blip in the soul perspective, and that there is a always a reason that I am where I am. And I also know, Mr. Les Visible, that you are far from the only one who works for God. Indirectly, we all do in some way--especially the bad guys. Of course, working for him directly is a much worthier pursuit, but that doesn't change a premise you taught me, which is the assumption that "everything is perfect and you're just not seeing it." I know you understand these things better than I do (for now), but I'm surprised that you would flout your talents to say "I'm much better off than you think I am and the majority of you are jealous."

Correct me if I'm wrong here. No disrespect, but I have to point something out when I think it's not right.

preacher said...

"My friends are not demons, though they can summon them should the need arise."

Dear Vis, have you ever heard of any story in which good spirits or angels would summon up demons to protect somebody? Why would they?

Visible said...

Albatross; don't become one (grin). Seriously. Anyone who gave a shit about how they affect me and cared about the response, would email me. That is what 'my friends' do when they aren't sure about something I said.

I don't want to bang on you but what I meant was obvious and I ever said "I'm better than you" I said, "I'm much better off than you think I am." There is a BIG difference. I won't continue explaining. If you are righteous, you'll get the point. But... you did mention you did mention you are a teacher. Look at the other things and compare them by inference of what you accused me of.

Visible said...

Preacher; you don't give up do you, nor do I have your name. Yeah, I do. You have the impression that everything is written down? Or only in the3 books you approve of? I'm sure Homer knows the texts, though they would be called Devas. Otherwise read some Hindu scriptures or books. Especially check out Ahora. I'm not your research assistant, nor do I owe you explanations. Do the math. None of you are going to accomplish anything this way. You will find, especially as time goes on that I'm not a liar. None of you increase your stature with the divine by trying to one up me.

Visible said...

Sorry about the text errors. I haven't slept for days, nor do you know why.

Love (seriously)


Eudoxia said...

Thanks for your reply Vis, no I wasn't suggesting you tell your friends to go away :- I was not sure what I was dealing with at the time and to be honest I'm still really not sure what it was that I encountered other than what appeared to be fairies. I'm not trying to argue the point and I have Manly P Hall's book Teachings of All Ages, this is what I consulted after my encounter. I was living alone at the time, except for the animals and I wasn't particularly annoyed by their presence other than they were chaotic, like dive bombing into furniture etc it was like they were in a frenzy - it was the physic woman who I went to see, the card reader who suggested first I try automatic writing to see what they wanted and failing that to ask them to go back to the garden. I definately wasn't hallucinating. You said "Fairies come in Tribes like someone else we know and none of them are seen except by those who having etheric sight" Okay I don't quite get that and I am nowhere near the level you are, in a way you remind me of a Yogi friend when I ask him questions he gives me cryptic answers some I get some I don't. He's an interesting fellow to say the least but he freaks a lot of people out -grin- Anyway who is "we" (I assume it's you and your invisible friends) and you mention tribes - are swarms tribes? I don't claim to have etheric sight, other than to say occasionally things break though? Can you answer me this without necessarily going into too much detail? If they weren't fairies, then what were/are they? My first impression was they were 4th dimensional entities or etheric entities of some type - sylphs/fairies. I might add at this point, that shortly after that encounter I became involved with my now former partner and he brought something else into the mix with him, that was not benevolent at all. When I reflect back on that encounter I am under the distinct impression they, whatever they were, were trying to warn me of something.

Anonymous said...

Hiya vis,
After just about coming through the last 5 months of mental torture and abuse at the hands of 'higher powers', who incidently can also manifest themselves through other people in close proximity too, I was wondering what your take on the regular sightings ive recently had of 'white orbs' in the night sky?
Anyway good to hear you are keeping the music flowing. I was upset to see negative comments recently, however these were negated by more positive ones about your music ( re; 'walk through the fire') which undoubtedly proove your great songwriting ability.

My little pony said...

Sometimes I catch myself from crying out like a spoiled brat: Where's my pony?

As if life had a responsibility to fulfill a childhood dream.

Today I caught an image of that cutout pony. And guess who was riding it - regaled in bicycle helmet and sunglasses?

Yup, the former leader of the free world. The present leader is depicted bare-chested riding a huge bear.

'There's got to be a pony in there somewhere' just took on a whole knew meaning.

Barry's sits on top of cut-out ponies while Vladimir rides wild bears bare-chested.

The juxtaposition gets no more obvious than this.

Oh, Barry - you can keep the f*cking pony, real men ride bears!

Ginnie said...

comment #65
Preacher...I spent 10 years studying the "bible" exclusively until I came to the conclusion "something ain't right"
so I left off going to church and closed the book. I was condemned, shunned, called not very nice names and my answer to all was..."God knows where I live and He can find me". And boy has He! Anyway, about the angelic using the demonic we are specifically told that in the absence of voluntarily doing right that you will be " handed over to the devil that he may sift" you/us. What about them there apples, huh?

Never under estimate the readership.
Spiritual pride is a big one. Those who "think they know it all" are usually introduced to how much they don't know by the author of all.

excuse me while I have coffee with my invisible best friends!

Ray B. said...

Viz: "It's possible some of these friends misinterpreted the energies."

A day or two after my very first posting on Vis' blogs (a couple of years ago), I was awakened by a 'visitor' watching me from a distance. There was also a (probably psychic) strong earthy 'smell' present at this time.

During this period, I was in near-continuous 'cleaning' of different baddies. Consequently, I nearly 'went after' this visitor. However, he/she/it simply watched me. This was highly unusual.

When I asked after some time, Higher Self replied that the visitor was not a baddie, and to just leave he/she/it alone. The watching lasted for about three days. It was a little unnerving.

Given the 'coincidence' of timing with the blog, I asked whether there was any connection with Vis. Higher Self replied that Vis had sent 'someone' to check on me (grin).


Vis: "Sim, only ... have ever had bad experiences with me."

A possibility on what might have happened to Sim. The following occurrence was related to me by Joseph McMoneagle (a high-profile remote-viewer of the once-secret Stargate program, then retired locally). This was while I was taking a class at the Monroe Institute in the mid-80s.

While in the Stargate program, McMoneagle had once been handed a sealed envelope containing coordinates of a 'target'. Unbeknownst to him, it was of a UFO-incident position/time. Sure enough, he started reporting being inside some alien craft.

Now, what was interesting here is that the occupants were aware of him. They could 'see' him, and basically told him to leave. When he didn't, something was done to cause him to feel intense fear. So, as a consequence, he popped back into his body; remote-viewing terminated.

Where I consider McMoneagle a 'hero' is in his subsequent actions. He immediately went inside, and reviewed what had just been 'done' to him. He saw where and how they had 'tweaked' him. Then, he went right back into his remote-viewing state. He 'reappeared' in the alien craft. McMoneagle basically said to them that he knew what they'd done to him, and it wouldn't work again. And only then did he end the 'session'. Wow. Big huevos...

Now, Sim's 'symptoms' sound a lot like what was done to McMoneagle by the aliens. They wanted him out, and knew just what 'input' or 'tweak' to perform to get the desired reaction. This sounds a lot like Sim's visceral 'panic' reaction. I would almost bet that one of Vis' friends wanted Sim out of the room/house for that time and knew just how to do it...

(A side note: There is a possible 'positive' side to this, if Vis' friend was of a high-enough consciousness-state. I don't know whether Sim actually had any earlier experiences to make him [her?] absolutely convinced that the 'other side' exists. Based on his commentary, I'll bet that he does now [ironic grin]. In that sense, this may have been a 'designed' consciousness-raising experience for him. It was based on fear, which I don't really agree with. But, in his case, who knows how big a 2x4 was necessary - if this was actually the deeper intent.)

My two cents...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...


I'm still trying to figure out what happened that day we couldn't find the old castle keep ruins that we set out to visit on the hill located outside of town.

Maybe it would be a good place to lose those pesky blackSUV guests They might neeer be allowed to get out of there, given their purpose and intent.


Visible said...

What xan I say? I'm here and running full speed, just can't post at the moment. bear with me (you/ve already gotten them daily for a long time, except occasionally. Open Office has vhsnged the spellcheck putting in letters that don't matvh ip. V wa ts to be can will 6h4y change in the post?


Visible said...

and revesing tooem too.


Visible said...

Yeah, something weird always happens, c huh? now it's working. They want to mess me up on the other end. Posting around tomorrow, unless thihs happens again now

Mandocello... uh huh

Visible said...

someone who doesn't want to be named is here and German and has seen some of it. Jukka will be here tomorrow.

His name is Ju. The C are supposed to be K. Xoo;! it's in. He'll be here tomorrow. He's a din and speaks English and German like a pro. Tomorrow then.

Visible said...

They changed it back, the c to the K

Unjreal.This is truly strange. The person is right here watching. I could just swtich back but it refuses to change

Visible said...

They too out the name of the software; checking back. It's Open something. Will this change now

Visible said...

I guess they're waiting The software thing until it goes to a post.

I won't post anymorem until it'ds fixed. Vodafone is my carrier. They have essups here ONLY on Mobo;e. I am desktop

Visible said...

changed from what I typed, with a witness. He can't tajke it anyhmore but Jukka (now they are Ds It won't put the letter in. It'd brtweenJ andL

Visible said...

I willk try to answer anyone. The negtives will, of course, appear first.

Anonymous said...

'this is a test,
this is only a test

we control the vertical
we control the horinzonital

do not adjust your set,
as this is only a test'

Anti-war = anti-zionist said...

"Instead of embracing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal to save Washington from another disastrous war—his plan would put Syria’s chemical weapons under international control and destroy them—influential segments of the American political-media establishment are [hell]bent on discrediting him and thus in effect the alternative to war he represents. Still worse, purportedly liberal and progressive voices are playing a full-throated role in this mindless denigration of Putin, notably on CNN and MSNBC." - Stephen F. Cohen

These idiot heads in the US and Israel are going to lobby there own deaths if the zionist war machine invades Syria and/or Iran.

Russia and China are going to level Tel Aviv and Washington if the zionist puppets attack Damascus.

What part of NYET do Obama and Netanyahu not understand? These wartards will get alot of innocent civilians killed both foreign and domestic.

Visible said...

wow! faNcxy that,

must be bried you see

Visible said...

this blog too has comments withheld they'll show up aftger you arfe gon e

Visible said...

They got me covverd

I have some woerk arounds

We'll see.

Visible said...

want to hear asomethihng totally off the wall. above and belwo are gbetting for and against me. Thats what you get when they move on you it upgrades aND BETS GET BIGGER. WE what I mean.

Visible said...

we dont have bets like that here.

Visible said...

the negative side yes the positive side no.

Southern Hungary said...

Stick with it mate,you are on the right side and these hasbara trolls can only resort to pathetic attacks.
Good luck and good work.

Ginnie said...

Found you anyway! Took a bit but hey, guess they are really scared!
For a guy who isn't important you sure SEEM important. At least stopping you SEEMs important.

geobro said...

vis i gave you the heads up on news stories being put out before they happened in other parts of the world .9-11 sandy hook now the naval yard was posted 9 hrs before it happened by the msm need to catch the ball my friend when it is being thrown

optimystic said...

-how fortunate are you and i,whose home
is timelessness:we who have wandered down
from fragrant mountains of eternal now

to frolic in such mysteries as birth
and death a day(or maybe even less)

ee cummings

vicky from California said...

Thank-you for the creative vibrant word flow which is ever more refreshing. I have grown tired of the others dulldrom spew of rhetoric. I praised your down home style to one's who had no ears to hear but I hear and appreciate all you have given to the pc crawlers who yearn for words of truth or clarity. You are in my prayers and heart. Much love

James Hufferd said...

I would just like to clarify. I never said that Israel was not directly involved in 9/11 (see discussion above), just that I had never seen evidence that they were. Which is true. Was Israel involved? I'm still looking for and completely open to evidence that such is the case -- to the extent that I implored my readers to send me credible evidence of it. So far, though many have called me unpleasant names, no one has yet come forth with any evidence. Which, of course, proves nothing. So, show me the goods if you can. And if you still can't, maybe someone else will. You do demand evidence of guilt in the crime charged before execution, don't you?



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