Sunday, September 29, 2013

Outcasts from the Junta of the Status Quo.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

As mentioned in the last posting, behind the scenes must be going ballistic. What else can we think? When we see the surface and we see nothing, except certain evidences of the tension and uncertainty behind the veil, you know a whole lot of entrees are burning on the cosmic stove and since evil was always doing the cooking and evil has left the kitchen, the sold out swine, whose greatest culinary achievement is to sometimes be able to make a toasted cheese sandwich by wrapping it in tinfoil and then sticking it between the fins of a radiator, well, you're looking at some kind of reality show called The Toluene Chef; not that they know how to cook toluene either but most of them are composed of Plastic Wood.

When you talk about pulling out all stops, here is just one of the examples that are so blatant and inarguable that nothing short of total hubris or complete desperation can account for it. I don't want to say I am no fan of the man who put out this article. I'm pretty sure he is no fan of mine but I try not to judge people on personality issues, perceptions and conflicts. I'm always more concerned about the impact and result of a person's work and whether it is on the side of the angels, regardless of any temporary shortcomings the person is saddled with. I think we do ourselves and those who depend on us a disservice, when we let our egos become involved with demeaning the value of something, when we are not enamored of the messenger. That kind of thing is petty and... I don't like petty. So, let's file this with all of the other things that naturally belong in the, "I don't know" folder.

As is often the case, when one has passed through an intense period of blunt trauma and sailing against the wind, one can find themselves better off than they were, at least in terms of their humanity and understanding as well as the ability to dispense greater latitude, as the result of possessing a greater humanity and a deeper understanding. We hope that's the case and not the result of a disorientation, caused by a large ringing in a pair of overly boxed ears.

I haven't watched network TV in decades. All I know about what might be there is from reviews that come out in the Crass Media. There were no reality shows back when I occasionally watched. Ted Turner still owned CNN. This was before members of The Tribe schemed and strong-armed it out of his hands and turned it into a shit operation, devoted to deception and monstrous lies. You might not have liked Ted Turner and you might not like him now but... there are worse possibilities and we are the victims of them now. We are the victims of all of the accumulating, incremental abuses that have risen like skyscrapers of darkness all around us.

This is how it always ends. In the final days of unhindered evil, evil operates behind a screen for centuries prior to but... when the denouement arrives, evil is forced out to be seen, on the manifest playing field and given free range so that it can convict itself beyond the point of any possible argument in its defense. Evil thinks it has simply seen how great its power is and how weak seems the totality of all opposition. They are not permitted to see the reality of it all. They think they are calling the shots but they are being manipulated one hundred percent. They are being driven into the light but cannot see it because they are blind. So it goes.

I look around for articles to link to. I cannot find anything much different from anything I've linked to before and whatever there is to link to is no more than window dressing, presented as a curtain to hide the awful perversions taking place behind the scenes. They can't help themselves but they are unaware of that. They think it's all a matter of personal choice, whereas they have no choice in the matter whatsoever.

This is a critical point that I want to make and so I am repeating myself, which is usually the case when I want to get engaged with enhanced emphasis. There is so much entrenched and hard edged resistance to the good in us. I suppose their expectation is that we will just give up and look for another route, a route not necessarily indicative of our good intentions. A friend of mine once said to me, nothing is harder than when you are trying to change. If you're not trying to change, there's not a whole lot of resistance but, as soon as you do attempt to, the lidless eye will focus on you. This is why we instantly run into resistance as soon as we break out of the wind tunnel of the same old same old. This is how corruption finds its way into the life of every politician and the majority of business sluts and religious bobble heads. This is why all of those who choose the road of truth become immediate outcasts from the junta of the status quo.

I'll leave you with these thoughts and reflections of the moment and depart early, given that a radio broadcast will become available this evening, or soon enough. Be well and be aware.

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There will be a radio show this evening. Go to the radio blog to check, probably tomorrow early.

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Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Salient ponts made by your article, certainly result of intensity from recent events, Traumatic events IN this trauma-field based biosphere.

Trusting that new 'pearls' of balanced consciousness dong the fusion of duality based awareness have arisen from the shell in which such irritating experience occurs. May the wisdom pearl nutrients be only a short time away !!!!!

Glad to see you back 'alive and kicking' !!!

Be well, be Alert

Anonymous said...

Aloha, Vis,

Did you ever see that brilliant cheesy flick, "They Live" starring Roddy Piper? I reckon those magic sunglasses are in wide distribution now under the "Mr. A" label. About time, too!


Visible said...

Surely I saw that and Rodney Piper made sure it was cheesy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis, am I correct in the assumption that you did not write this Visible Origami post - - it just doesn't read like your stuff, and some of the things you said (about Ray B., Glen and others remote-viewing you, and teleporting objects), well, wow, that was pretty far out there.

I guess pretty much everyone is wondering if you are indeed going to explain more about all of that, and exactly what happened to you over the last couple of weeks, as promised in this last post of yours at Smoking Mirrors -

I'll bet most people who follow your blogs are dying to find out more about the details. Can't wait to find out myself. It sure is weird how Mike Rivero got messed with by the IRS, and you got messed with by weirdos in black surveillance vans, at about the same time. (Seems like it would have been a lot easier to just pull all of your websites, but then, I guess we aren't dealing with the brightest bulbs in the pack here.)

FYI, I've had major surveillance and harassment in the past. As most people who have experienced this on a wide scale know, the best way to protect yourself in these instances, is to document all the harassment, and post it far and wide all over the Net. For example, take photos of physical intrusions (like black surveillance vans outside your house). Get license plates in those photos, if you can. Shoot videos (such as, of helicopters following you, as Sim described; or of teleported objects into your space). Write everything down that happens to you in a log. Include all the major players involved (even if they are just aliases used in blog posts, such as Ray B., Glen, et al). Be as detailed as possible, and post the information everywhere you can on the Internet, with your name firmly affixed. This will lessen your chances of having something drastic happen to you. It appears your ordeal has abated - just wanted to pass these tips along, in case someone who reads this, might need the assistance in the future.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's something about the spooky Tribal connections associated with the recent attack in Kenya.
Undeleted Evidence

Farmer said...

Its time to start launching shit bombs on all the pretty suits and dresses, of the vampire ball, and their toddies.

I am finding my patience with the drone sheep to be thin, so I do go out much anymore.

Hope you are back for a while, if it makes you feel any better, the computer systems have all been taken over long ago, and every new computer, for the last 10 years has had back door chips on them.

Sooo. Welcome to the world of the digitally harassed.

The initiation into the club of the DH, is a purple purple, so (twist) there.

Oh yeah, we need a date, for a group metaphysical shit bomb session on the one eyed bandit that thinks it runs this turd in space.

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of points...

1. - I worked for the US DoD for over two decades...I tried to explain the corruption to my family and those around me...they may wake up...soon...but the PTB have already invested heavily in their is going to take a lot of bloodshed to thwart it.

2. - What is wrong with a tin-foil wrapped cheese sandwich heated on the radiator?


RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves - The Life of an Insane Family

Eudoxia said...

Yea people are finding those particular sun glasses everywhere at the moment :- Great to see you back Vis - PHEW! Much like you, I've not watched TV for a long time, until mother came to live with me. I find myself relegated to outside with my music in nature (not that this is a bad thing) while she sits inside with that infernal thing blasting. She'll have her own granny flat in the new house - what a blessing. I didn't know what a life line Vis' sites were until the past 2 weeks. Take away a comfort zone and all sorts of shit hits the fan! I know there is, in general, a great deal of suffering for many at the moment in one form or another. A continuance of the compression, and it will just continue to squeeze the shyte out of everything. I found myself in a state of depression, I was lacking motivation for anything until I started painting again - depression will lift once I pin point what it is I'm in resistance to. I really need to do this before Universe slaps me up the side of the head with something. A visit to my Yogi friend is in order.

Richard said...

Ahhhh, the synchronicity.

On his twitter account Rowdy Roddy Piper posted that 'They Live' was a DOCUMENTARY, and the corny bit it seems was in order for the film to be allowed distribution, the director is too good to have made a B movie unintentionally.
Have fu, put them glasses on, and if they take away your gum, they took avay your gun,,,,,or vice versa....whatever.

Be well, be Alert, Love

Visible said...

I wrote that Origami and... have you seen any of those guys around? Now, I don't know any of this for certain. I just know that the people who took over my situation pointed them out.

I probably should not have done what I did in order to make them reveal themselves. God told me to do what I did and I figured more research on their part would reveal the truth of my status.

I won't go into what I did, except to say it worked but at a pretty significant cost. Ah well, onward and upward.

Visible said...

If you like precise and detailed astrological readings you should contact Robert Phoenix at the following email.

The radio show is up now.

Eudoxia said...

They Live pretty well was a documentary, and yea B grade isn't Carpenter's style. I don't think even Kubrick could have done any better.

Eudoxia said...

Although in saying that he did direct The that was revealing, showed esoterically the hoax of the Apollo moon landing. I defy anybody to really pay attention to that one :-

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis, whatever kind of ethereal stupor or obstacle you were in the preceding weeks, I am relieved that you are back on the ramp for us.
Please feel getting hugged
Yours Martin

Visible said...

Roddy Piper was awful and the fight scenes were Three Stooges country. Carpenter is supposed to remake it but for mysterious reasons, it has been stalled for several years.

Anonymous said...

Hey Visible, good thing you only had one Ray B. to deal with. If you had two, you'd be dealing with rabies...

Eudoxia said...

A friend of mind put me onto this band - London Grammar - don't know what is going on in the realm of commercial music but I doubt this is. It's very worth listening to and watching. Sorry lost the code to link it

Enjoy I did...........

Visible said...

Heh heh; Well, I don't know that it's true either. The ones who came after me said that, so, I don't what's true and what isn't. I do know they're not around. I'm presuming if this is true, they now know that There is no truth to what was initially presumed but... if they know this, where are they?

I'm dealing with teleportation, creatures from other realms. Some of the strangest sequences of events I have ever seen.

I already thought my life was pretty strange, now? I can't even measure or define.

Visible said...

That music video is not available in this country.

Eudoxia said...

Try again Viz it's wonderful - try the music - but the visual is brilliant. It's the essence extinguishing the scarecrow, the lion and the tin man in one hit. That's how I got it anyway.

Visible said...

A new visible Origami is up now-

Prometheus as Liver Pate.

Eudoxia said...

okay try this one

Not quite the same but it is what this (what ever this is) is all about after all.....

JerseyCynic said...

Speaking of "window dressing, presented as a curtain to hide the awful perversions taking place behind the scenes

Daddy's achy breaky tart just won't go away

Happy to be hearing from you again, Visible

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Old Soft Shoe Outside the Kingdom of Boredom Ad Infinitum.



Joseph Brenner

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