Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boston Stupid and... Working for the Man in Afghanistan.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Where were we? Right! Absurdity piled on to absurdity. We might add Arrogance piled on to genetically infused and cultivated hubris. I walk outside, I look around. There's not much to see that's any different from yesterday or 15 years ago. This is the town that time forgot; probably why I'm here. I go on the internet and it's the same as it was yesterday but not 15 years ago. It's pregnant with Mission Creep and seriously pregnant with creeps but I am daily astounded at the amount of good souls out there. My personal experience is running about 50 to 1, clear eyed to cross-eyed, regular to constipated, forgiving to resentful and seemingly, not much change looming on the horizon for either type, except more of the same, albeit with an upgrade of intensity. Isn't that what you would expect? Getting stunned like an ox on the road to Damascus is not a common feat. Millions of Big Macs and Pink Slime Shakes go down the galloping gullets of the nutritionally screwed every single day ...but epiphanies are a Blue Moon rare kind of a thing.

Collective epiphanies are near unheard of but bear a certain resemblance for those residents of Mississippi, Alabama and neighboring states to that rapture they're waiting on ...and will need an industrial forklift in order to attend. Yesterday I had it explained to me how the shift in consciousness will go down, as opposed to all of the conflicting religious and new age scenarios, waiting on directory assistance. Now, no doubt about it, there are those who may disagree with this and we'll find that out tomorrow. Today we've got to see what's in the Petri Dish. Along with absurdity piled on to absurdity, there is corruption piled on top of corruption. Hmmmm, o---kay... what ethnic cabal of born and baptized Satanists, seeking to turn the United Sates into a Soviet era gulag, would be engaged in efforts to repeal the Second Amendment?

Most of Europe and- let's face it- most of the world is seriously pissed at serial voyeur, Howdy Doody Obama and his Zio-NAZI handlers. This qualifies as the most epic embarrassment in a century. This damage cannot be undone and the way this impacts on all previous alliances from economic to mutual defense is catastrophic in the long run AND... the heads of all of these countries KNOW who is controlling the US Govt and they also know WHO did 9/11.Since Obama don't know nuthin about nuthin, it stands to reason he wouldn't know anything about 9/11, right? Wrong! He knows. He works for the people who did it.

Yesterday, the World Series started and they're talking about that 'Boston Strong' thing. It should be called 'Boston Stupid' or 'Boston Big Brother' (in da house!). After that brief mention, they paraded 3 medal of Honor winners out on to the field and talked a lot of bullshit about supporting the troops and their powerful service and sacrifice 'working for the man in Afghanistan'; making the world safe for heroin and all opium by products. There ain't no opprobrium for opium in the US. Meanwhile, Hillbilly Heroin (see Breaking Bad if you haven't already) is creating serious competition and taking money out of the hands of the CIA and it's minders in Tel Aviv and New York. Well, we know who's deep into those markets. Others also know.

Yes, there they were, those vacant brained Medal of Honor winners, celebrating their service in one of The Banker's Wars. All wars are Banker's Wars! When you go to a search engine to get a list of the heads of the Central Banks, they don't want to let you have that. What you get is a list of Central Banks and when a link says something about Central Bank heads, you'll get five or six head shots of safe players with Asian names. Possibly someone out there can provide a list of the Central Bankers so that I can put it into this post? The heads of the majors would be fine. I noticed a few years ago that they stuck a gentile into one of the positions. Before that there were none but I suppose it has happened 'occasionally' before.

It's time for that approximation of the 7th inning stretch, blog-wise. Actually this is more like a fifth inning stretch but I'll take them when they come up out of the subconscious. And... in our version of the premature 7th inning stretch, let's give a shout out to the Breast Cancer Industry! It should be a fortune 500 company! If most of the bucks are in the intentionally extended, allopathically invasive, dark ages medicine techniques, it stands to reason that it makes serious good financial sense to treat everyone as if they had breast cancer whether they have it or not. Just tell your victims (Remember your payments for that condo in Boca! Remember that bracelet for the bimbo you're banging out of the student nurses pool! It's always Christmas at the hospital when you got those Candy Strippers!) that there's an indication  they have a malignant life form (and that would be true because a malignant life form is standing or sitting right in front of them. D'accord?). Tell them, "better safe than sorry." "The tests are inconclusive and that's not a good sign." Crank up that chemo! Disco with the Chemo! Get down with the Chemo!

Want to see Cancer! Want to see real Cancer? Here you go! Don't miss the part about dating in the 6th grade. There's your cancer. There's a small portion at the heart of the black rot that permeates the materialism that sucks you down, pound for pound, round and round the drain of that infected culture of Petri Dish Poetry. Time for a short commercial and... here you are (manifesting) again! Just like it had eyes.

The real problem is not all the Tribe cheerleaders and manipulators of matter into meaningless shape. It's not their banker wars, the utter depravity of the government and all of it's sections from the IRS to the FBI, both of whom are totally corrupt and so is every agency in between and on either side. The REAL PROBLEM is in the complete lack of sensitivity and awareness in such a large body of the population. The real problem is what materialism does to an otherwise sane consciousness. By degrees it draws the mind down into a pit of madness. Those manipulating this force know just what it does. They know it splinters the will and the focus and it narrows the will and focus in terms of appetite and the satisfaction of that vast variety of low brow desires.

Walk into a supermarket. Walk into a supermarket as an intentional observer. Walk up and down every aisle and note what is available. Chances are there are several aisles with nothing but soft drinks. There has to be an entire aisle of potato chips. There is probably an entire aisle of candy. There are many aisles of processed food, in freezers, coolers, packages and cans. There are poisonous, death dealing energy drinks. There are stomach churning coffee drinks. Where's the food? This is the area of confusion I used to enter into often. I had to hunt all over the place for the things I eat; rice (when they have brown rice), fruits and vegetables, nuts, juices, other grains. Most of the time I have to go to the health food store for things I can't get in the supermarkets. The same applies to so many things in life; walking out into the world into a blizzard of things and life forms of which about .0001% percent elicits my interest, or... is that illicits?

They've turned the industries of the world into a gigantic garbage manufacturing machine. Toxic smoke comes out of the chimney pipes, plastic nonsense comes out of the hoppers. This is reflected in the birth canal as well because whatever you are thinking about during the act of conception has something to do with the being who arrives. As Mikhail Aivanov said, "if people could only see who shows up to have lunch when they are having sex, they would be a lot more careful about how they go about it." He's another brilliant fellow, a student of Peter Duenov. I read that link for the first time today. I knew  P.Duenov only peripheral to Mikhail Aivanov. I was struck by how what he says is so often reflected here, especially about the nearness of that Golden Age. I was floored by the comments from well known sources of wisdom. Well, that was not a bad digression, given where this paragraph started out (grin). There is very important info in that link for those to whom it applies. The rest of you can just present yourself at the recycling center. Oh right, never mind. It will appear right in front of you, if you continue to be deaf to the urging of Nature within and outside of you. If you are harmonizing there, everything else will come into sympathetic and protective resonance. If not... so be it. No one can say they haven't been told and warned over and over and over and over again. The telling and the warning are about to get much more dire.

Mid November is coming; to be followed by what follows ...and everyone is being slotted and routed toward whatever their vibrationary matrix directs it to, by virtue or vice of what it is. You are what you are, whether you are yourself or not. You are as you are and that is the determinant of the magnetism that acts upon you. Nothing is set in stone, though for many of you, it may feel as if your feet are because of your incredible disinclination to change in the face of so much evidence, indicative of a pressing need to... change. Change or die is the rule of existence and it is a reservoir of deep truth for those curious souls who are inclined to turn things over in their hands and consider them from all angles.

NOW is the time. NOW is ALWAYS the time. Consistency and determination on the course is all it takes. We've no problem being consistent at all kinds of things we would be much better served being more inconsistent at. It's that force of dream.

Bank of America bought a bunch of Marine's tickets to the World Series. I don't see that as much of a payoff for fighting their wars. Then, after the camera was done grazing over them hooting in their dress uniforms, the camera moved to this ridiculous fool of a Marine Sargent, singing God Bless something or other. He did some kind of opening drama queen thing before he launched into voice. I don't know how that went cause I fast forwarded; just like they do, if the truth shows up and they have to think about it in terms of what they do.

Nobody much likes to point out the visible horror, of military personnel, killing countless men, women and children ...because bankers ordered them to. Nobody much likes hearing about depleted uranium or white phosphorous, while the monsters responsible for their proliferation, are screeching about Syria and that phonied up chemical attack, also set in motion by the same bankers. Nobody wants to hear about the rapes and the suicides in the military ranks, or the alcoholism, binge drinking, drug use and pharmaceutical addictions. Nobody wants to hear about the increasing incidence of vets going nuts with guns, killing their families, or simply being routinely shot by police, usually former soldiers, who taze or kill everything that moves or opens it's mouth; something they've been doing ever since the Israelis took over training the police. They shoot the family dogs as a departmentally approved greeting, whenever they show up; shoot the owner too if they object.

Yeah... if you can't see what's going on, with all the access you got to what's going on... if you don't see how it might relate to you and those you tell yourself you love, as we like to say here, you don't want to see it but... you will see it. It will intensify and intensify and intensify, until you damn well do see it, at which point, it may or may not be... too late.

End Transmission........


insiam said...

The BBC's best being made to look what he is at the behest or Mr A. Courtesy Mr Russle Brand ...

a must watch (really) and only 10 mins.

Visible said...

What a surprise! all Tribe Members..

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Bulgarian folk songs of the pre-historical and pre-Christian age"

Veda Slovena

Anonymous said...

Come on, Bro.

What do ya got against depleted uranium? It's natural. So a bunch of women and children were killed in Afganistan or Iraq, they're brown people. They had it coming. And be sure not to say it like that, just say, "Collateral damage." It sounds more professional.

Ok, I'm done with my brief roleplay. There are actually people in this world who probably think like that. Excuse me, but I have to go vomit.


GRIDEX II a simulated grid failure in the USA and Canada and Mexico, too if I remember right, and a bank take down drill as well. Been a lotta doom dates lately and nothing has come about, but... we'll see....

Today, Congress is closed and the air force is flying all of "Them" to Largo, FL for a funeral of a little known congressman. Unprecedented! And just a little sinister as there is a nuke type drill in Maryland today. (Never heard another thing about those nukes from Dyess Air Force Base being shipped to SC last month...).

Other theories have the O creature either having the planes shot down or changing the flight plan to Gitmo. Either way, he's the only one left to run the country. Wouldn't that make for an interesting day! :)

Thanks for another nudge, Vis, to stay with it and right now.


Visible said...

Like I said

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This is incomplete, but here's a short list on CNN Money of a few u.s. high ranked banksters. It was all I could find on short notice, and I have to be outta here for errands today in a few minutes, being my seasonal work gig is over, and between those I am household knavette. Not a bad job, considering how nice be my liege.

A List Of u.s. Banksters

Anonymous said...

Major players who own the big banks? The Vatican owns 51% of B of A...B of A was formerly known as the Bank of Italy, founded by A.P. Giannini (a friend of Mark Twain's, who founded Bohemian Grove). The Bank of Italy financed Walt "Mind Control" Disney when Uncle Walt was just getting started in the business. The Bank of Italy also financed virtually all early Hollywood productions. Oops.

Visible said...

Ah.. the expected Tribe apologist, always known as anonymous. I believe it has been said that Bank of America is the ONLY non Tribe owned bank.

Is Bank of America a Central Bank? Is Mark Twain the Anti-Christ, or did the lead actor from "Bugs" decide he should comment at Visible's Blogs again?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mr. Viz.

You should be in the World Series, you knocked it out of the park again. Yes, food is a problem, isn't it? I've been truckin' along now in this new millennium, pushed further and further out to the periphery of human-constructs, and much of what was previously held to be important or even necessary have dropped and continue to drop away. My trust is quite more reserved. Now, more than ever, big concepts occupy much of my conscious space, interrupted by the material and the mundane. At times, I'm able to integrate them. And the subconscious is ever more easy to unravel. But then, never before have I had a forum to speak of them or study them with others regularly, like an adept. I have to thank you and the internet for that. I think Mr. Apocalypse invented the internet, not Al Gore. Actually, I believe it was various techs thru Govern(ment), the banks, what have you; but hey, Mr. A is the steering committee. Yessirree.

My family only vaguely understands this, because they are still largely encased in their generational cocoon of trust of the institution and it's glossy veneer of ideals and protection from criminals and crime. Ha! Some more than others, though.

As i find myself out further along the edge, i am able to only do so much; and looking in, i see, to my eternal anticipation, the tide will only turn when those who realize the lies at these centers of institution revolt against them, just as individuals must in the war without and the war within, as it were.

Keep choppin' at those roots!


kenneth said...


I thought that I really enjoyed watching baseball. you have got me beat. my son came up to me and asked if I was watching the world series? I told him that I would start watching when it moves to st. Louis. I knew that boston would be over the top. stay well.

Kenny d

Anonymous said...

When they look at it from all angles in their hand most times it becomes a mace instead of a hammer, pen or keyboard, doesn't it?

This is the outcome of evilution.

There is no moral write or wrong...

The Word only has context in the absurd...

"I want it right fucking now."



Anonymous said...

"Tribe apologist" are so predictable. I'll tell you what "Lord Visible", anytime you want to create a new section in these hallowed forums of yours, where people's opinions and evidence can be put forth for all to see and be debated, I'll be first in line. Until then, what you have to say is irrelevant and biased. I've tried submitting proof that your "Israel did everything bad in the world" theories are simply not true. But you won't publish that information. And this has happened to countless other people who have visited here as well.

You are a shill and liar. There is no question about this. And this is not a bad thing, everybody has to eat. However, once again, if you ever have the balls to take me up on that offer - create a new section, and publish EVERY opinion and EVERY shred of evidence, for and against EVERY argument that EVERYONE has (including your own), I'll be first in line.

That day will never come, however, just like Mr. Apocalypse will never come. You have a nice day now...and shill on, my brother.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

OK. Back from mine errands, calm and collected. List of central banks:

List Of Central Banks

As for who heads these infernal things, it looks like that's gonna take some digging. Like maybe clicking on each link in above link or something and like HELL I'm gonna do that to make a list. Don't have that kind of time or inclination.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I go to the supermarket, I always wonder why they don't sell food.

Visible said...

Anonymous, I post nearly all comments. However yoyu have proved nothing. You wrote a couple of statements which aren't proof of anything and obviously don't know Jack Shit about Mark Twain or the origins and actual being of Bohemian Grove 'at that time'. The worst thing about people like yourself is that you are immune to embarrassment. Now! Go to the heads of the 8 major Central Banks and please show the evidence of more Catholics than Tribe members. Then, go to the most recent head of the Federal Reserve about to be appointed and show me how she is Catholic, or the one before, or the one before. Go on... please do this, if you can't we here will all automatically KNOW what's what with you.

It's no wonder you're anonymous and most likely a...a... uh huh.

Visible said...

I was going to come on here and make a comment and did not know that I would run into Mr. Predictable who shows up here wailing and gnashing his gums.

Anyway, what I was going to say, as I was running it through my head, coming and going from the supermarket (the supermarket I was talking about earlier but it's European so there's more food there.

I'm a live and let live kind of a guy. That means I'm easy going as long as people are letting people which, these days some number of people are not doing.

I am aware of "judge not lest ye be judged". I'd like to honor that but for this period I have been appointed a judge simply to fill part of the large vacancy of people who need to be employed at this but are not. I'll get an upgrade once certain effects come into being which should be rather soon.

Anyway, as I was pulling out of the supermarket parking lot I had a momentary dimensional shift that I was suddenly in the USS because I saw a guy brake in front of the supermarket to wait for the person in the first parking spot to pull out. What was stupendously twisted about this was that there is space for about 75 cars in the lot and two spaces past the car he was waiting on was open. After about ten seconds, when the person in the car who had their lights still had not pulled out, our intrepid athlete took that spot two cars down. I waited to watch him exit his car. He was fit, looked like a lawyer or an accountant.

I remember the US being like this. I remember seeing people circle the front rank of cars by the supermarket several times waiting for people to unpark. I recall people getting in their cars to drive a hundred yards. I purposely park at the farthest spot on principle. I didn't get a driver's license until I was 35 years old and if it's in walking distance and I don't have to carry too much, I walk.

I don't know, it just struck me and I wanted to mention it. I notice so many things. I can't help it. I look at it more as cataloging rather than judging.

I can't help myself with the task in front of me and we have the metaphysics aperture (most of the time) every third day and it's coming up again shortly. We'll just have to deal with that SHED-ule until it changes, Until that time, some things can be viewed as a limitation upon my potential but the blogs would be much harder if I went cross current to the flow.

This is all about some soon to be happenings.

Anonymous said...

Anon @7:09,

For exactly whom, in your estimation, does Les Visible shill?

And for whom do you shill?

Can you n provide 'shreads of evidence' please?


Visible said...

Hmmmm... I was just coming on here to ask what happened mis-direction boy. I guess he wasn't able to find any Jesuits in high profile economic power spots. Ah well, back to Origami.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous must be reading Avro Manhattan, and possibly some E.G. White. If so, I know the type. My brother is one. I used to be one. The vatican is still powerful, no doubt, but to semi-quote a protocol I read, they've been tunneled out and taken over from within.

I don't know what it is about the parking lot thing, but I've been there, seen that, wanted to strangle some people with the T-shirt. I've seen people waste up to an hour of their own time, idling their motor while waiting for a spot ten feet closer to the door before going on inside to punch the clock for another day's pay. Don't they have ANYTHING else to do with their time? It's like a status symbol to get closest to the door. Neener neener, nyah-nah-na-nah nah! Probably some serious metaphysical truths behind this phenom.


Anonymous said...

You may already know about this site, but it's a good one for corporate info and connections.

I was riffing today on Authors whose names turned into themes, ie Dickensian, Borgesian, Dickian, and thinking about how to define Visiblian? I won't try to define you, but I would include perhaps a bedrock wish that souls see the light as well as a great sense of humor. Your post about mirrors,love and making friends with the ineffable taught me a lot. I will send you a small donation as soon as I sell some shirts. Thank you again, especially for your patience.

Anonymous said...

Take the exception that proves the rule and blow it up with the signature Tirathite "loud speech", until the exception that juxtaposes the rule so clearly becomes confused enough to be mistaken for the rule. It's one of their infiltration tricks.

You've said a million times that jews aren't the only guilty ones and not all jews are guilty (but I won't be taking any chances by trusting a 'good jew'. The odds are against that bet.

You've had rows with this one before. Evidently, he wants to make your blog his own program. He could start his own BlogSpot to counter what you say. Noone would read it because he grasps at straws and jumps up and down like a fool and a big baby when he's shown his errors.

This is Petri Dish. He belongs in one.

Opportunity disguised as crisis once again

Anonymous said...

Once while out for a walk in the nice weather I saw a big ol' guy drive to his mailbox at the end of a twenty foot driveway. Just another day in the bankster banana republik (I saw that name for the glorious post racial hopetopia on the webbernett tubes and wish I had come up with it.)

Just for the Record said...

Marines 'Murdered Man Live on Camera':

By Kim Sengupta

Court martial sees graphic footage of 'execution' of injured Taliban fighter.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thank you for the link to Peter Duenov. I had not heard of him. A very interesting read.

"This immense wave comes from cosmic space and will inundate the entire earth. All those that attempt to oppose it will be carried off and transferred elsewhere."

Wow. That sounds similar to the info that I posted a few months back. It was about different groups being 'transplanted' to more appropriate planets for them.

I am not sure about all the rising and sinking of continents, though. (Remember the recent disaster movie, "2012"? Sounds like someone had read Duenov's prophecy.) This section sounds like it could be cross-contamination from the Biblical 'Revelations' chapter. Or, perhaps we have moved-on since that was needed...

A-la Duenov, when I was a teenager, I read a science fiction story about planet Earth having traversed a 'dampening field' section of the galaxy, where our natural 'gifts' were quashed. This novel dealt with the scenario where Earth was now exiting this area, and all the resulting consequences. Intriguingly similar.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Pending Descending and the Treasures of the Heart.

Eudoxia said...

LOLOL OMG now that's a statement and then some. Calling Les Visible a shill now that is something. What part of this anonymous do you not understand - Confusion says "best not to stick two feet in mouth at once lest you eat yourself accidentally"

Anybody who comes here is usually attracted here for usually the right reasons. It is clear to most that what LV is talking about is stuff he knows stuff about and what most here understand as well. So stuff you and your opinions. While what he talks about is usually very ugly, well, that is what truth is UGLY but it's REALLY REALLY UGLY to the disillusioned. It is sad but in this day truth is mighty hard to come by and only those who seek shall find, anybody else will come unstuck very quickly. Those who want to support a belief will not get anywhere near truth and that's the sad truth of it and they will end up insane sooner or later as their beliefs continue to erode away at a very fast pace. Once upon a time I was at the race track, my father was a jockey in his younger days, so I spent a good deal of time at the race track. Many years later I was there for a social event and somebody asked me for a tip. I said yea sure this is a 100% winner - "don't back the horses". I'll give you the same tip anonymous but no doubt you won't get it.

Insiam - THUMBS UP TO YOU thanks for the link, The Tribe is really coming unstuck now! Everywhere you look it's there and it's right in your face if it's not then you really should be a rock and probably will end up one.

Interesting scenario developed over here yesterday. I'm in OZ and we have bush fires raging in New South Wales, hundreds of people have lost homes. It was found that at least one of the major fires was a result of the military firing live ammunition during one of their military drills. There ya go. What demented retarded FUCKING IDIOT orders that shit during one of the hottest springs on record in a drought????????? But wait it gets way better! Apparently emergency services crews were not allowed into the military area to put it out due to unexploded mines!!!!!!!!!! NO shit! No statement has yet been made by the retard in charge.

Seriously ... beam me up Scotty.

the gardener said...

Eudoxia- didn't they try to pin that fire on SMOKERS or kids? Mr Amazing that this was revealed-must have been the 'not allowing outsiders in to put out that munitions fire' eh?

BUT WAIT-LOOK OVER HERE! manufactured marriage over A friend of mine once saw a pic of Bloom's shirtless self and proclaimed "look at his little soft cum belly-he appears to have taken a lot of shots' and I'm like "what?" lol

Maybe these manufactured 'models' and 'actors' are created just for arranged marriages and to breed and make diversion with their cummings and goings? *shrugs*

I'm pondering the chemistry or maybe alchemy between the varieties of radioactive materials with the hydrogen sulfide blowing around coming up from the deepest parts of the oceans to the topside. Poor Oar fish-didn't REmember this one in San Cabo almost exactly a year ago-hmmm.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

to Anonymous October 24,4:58:00 PM

"The Rothschilds (jewsish) in fact over time were entrusted with the bulk of the Vatican's wealth.

The Jewish Ency., Vol. 2, p.497 states; "It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Rothschilds that at the present time (1905) the latter are the guardians of the papal treasure."

"... the Rothschilds took over all the financial operations of the worldwide Catholic Church in 1823. Today the large banking and financial business of the Catholic Church is an extensive system interlocked with the Rothschilds and the rest of the International Banking system"."

oops - you're usual, typical, yes, predictable, lies are rapidly being revealed and will soon be unacceptable throughout the world

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. Again, you feed me. I'm late on commenting on this one, but thank you for the Peter Duenov link. Once you give some thought to "ownership", I always wondered how anyone presumed the right of ownership of even one square inch of the planet. OR ponder the joke of the Genetic Scientist who happens to bump into God and begins to brag about how Man now has God-Like powers because Man can now make Humans too. God listens to his bragging for a spell, then God scoops up a handful of Earth, blows on it and instantly a Human is fully formed. God asks the scientist if he can do that. The scientist bends down to scoop up a handful of Earth, and God politely stops him and says, "Oh no, you go get your own Earth."
Anyway, while Georgie and his evil-doers are busy creating their own reality, I daydream about all of them being raptured (more like Hoover-ed) to their paralel planet and obliged to LIVE it. Totally non-violent (for those of us of a different mind-set) and they will have just what they were wanting. Sigh. Love to all, Serena

mike m said...

The jew way of thinking that a jew told me many years ago:

"You gotta fuck over that guy first before he has a chance to fuck you over".

Isn't that just a lovely way to think about life?

wiggins said...

This might cause some consternation at Buck House...

Visible said...

I didn't even know that but it's what I figured. thanks

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Cowgirl from Hell on the Damnation Train.

Anonymous said...

Wow! a wiggins photo award too!
A big one!

the gardener said...

ooooh X FLARES BABY!!!

X-FLARE UPDATE: New sunspot AR1882 isn't very big, but it is potent. The active region has already unleashed two strong solar flares today: An X1 at 08:01 UT followed by an X2 at 15:07 UT. There is no reason to think this fusillade will end soon, so stay tuned for more flares.

then this... music to our ears? During the time that terrestrial shortwave transmissions were blacked out, the sun filled in the gap with a loud radio burst of its own. In New Mexico, amateur radio astronomer Thomas Ashcraft recorded the sounds. "This radio burst was a strong one and might be too intense for headphones," cautions Ashcraft.

I've been waiting for these. This. Just a hunch that these types of Solar energies are what's needed to neutralize a lot of bad scooby doobies here on this planet.

segued to via Vis' link to the Bulgarian Peter Duenov.(after a bizarre little sampling of readers from glp discoursing 'the NoBody'...)

the gardener



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