Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bread and Circuses and The Toxic Elite

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Keep on trucking!

The Slim Shady Satanists are not happy. As has been stated often enough, one of the guarantees for evil destroying itself, is that the practitioners turn upon each other at some point. I often think of Evil as a Tarot card which has a guy sitting in a wasteland, gnawing off his own foot, with a few skeletons littered around the landscape.

If we ever needed more proof that the Crass Media is the propaganda arm of the government and the corporations that run it (and we don't), their lack of coverage on everything presently going down is something else. I can't seem to find anything about the truckers or any of the rest of the outraged populace. I haven't looked that hard cause I don't want to find out what happened between the Dodgers and The Cardinals, which game I am watching as I write this posting. Usually I have a movie or a sporting event going on because most of what I do is channeling of a sort and occupying one portion of my mind tends to free up that other portion; the sounding board. This is why there are such frequent mentions of, "Wow! I was just thinking about that today." or, "I dreamed about that last night.", or "I was just talking to my partner about that." This and many another modality occur now and again far and wide but since it's metaphysics it doesn't generate pervasive curiosity. In times of material darkness, people's attention is on the banal and superficial. That's how they got into the mess they are presently in.

Here's a secret to most. If you get your operational info from appearances and since appearances are deceiving, where does that leave you? If, on the other hand, you get your marching orders from your intuition, you are accessing source overview material, with some amount, depending on you, of source internal view. How many times have every one of us gotten a feeling, a hunch about something, acted on it and then found later that it was the smart thing to do? I have a few personal mottos. The one about to follow has been of great service to me on a number of occasions and an object lesson at those times I didn't pay attention; If the way before you is cloudy, don't move. If it's clear, you're not asking. You're dealing with weather and what is the primary quality of weather? It's change. If we only possessed a certain amount of patience, most of our problems and difficulties would not occur.

The month of October has played host to some number of degenerate schemes over the years. The toxic elite have a real attraction to certain time periods and particular numbers. Since they are into all kinds of voodoo and since the universe is composed of letters and number arranged in different ways, depending on what the object or environment is, they like to think of themselves as being tuned in to those particular mechanics. Of course, since they are Evil, their understanding is flawed at various points and their success inconsistent as a result. Eventually they negotiate themselves into a tight place they can't get out of.

A vast expanse of thinkers. whose minds are occupied by the force of materialism, like to purport that the universe is random and influenced by happenstance. This kind of thinking also allows for them to elevate themselves as the source of rational perspective. People like this are cultivated by the Toxic Elite, just as are bad writers, faux musicians rappers, who can only talk about bling, booty and Versace and actors who have made arrangements to serve the interests of the Toxic Elite, like Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis, the Pitt Family Hobson and most of them, in any case, for the purpose of career enhancement and elevation. Though many might think of 'making a deal with the Devil' as some kind of fantasy construct, you only have to hang out in Hollywood for a short time, with the right access ...and you will see that there are a lot of people that take this seriously. Brett Easton Ellis is deep into this kind of thing. This is the great allure of Scientology. They promise you success in exchange for submission and a whole lot of money. There's little difference between Scientology and Satanism. They are the SS of the entertainment world. Scientology has this state called 'clear'. What that is is, 'clearly compromised'.

If you are able to suspend the force that drives most people on a relentless treadmill, thereby making penetrating focus a difficult art, you can see the varieties of programming that are operational all around you. You can see them at work in people while they talk to you, which is why intelligent communicators will not interact with those areas of any individual. You see these programming venues at work in religion, social intercourse, business, pretty much anywhere the mass of population spends its time. They are blatantly operational and it takes a good deal of denial to keep one in the usual restraints.

You can see this in all its gruesome glory in the state of permitted influences over consciousness. Alcohol, the biggest chemical killer and generator of the most violence, IS LEGAL. The degree to which they push it in movies and elsewhere is ridiculous. I just watched a piece of shit film called "The Internship". They inserted gratuitous low brow sex and alcohol vignettes all though the film. It ended with one of the actors yelling at another one who was departing about how they were going to drink some amount of beers and get 'drunk'.

Alcohol and commercial tobacco are mass killers . The latter is engineered for that. You would think that those selling commercial cigarettes also own substantial shares in the Bad Health Industry. Useful comestibles, far, far less dangerous than the aforementioned are made seriously illegal and the majority of people in prison in Amerika, are there for drug offenses and 80% of those are there for simple possession. Anyone who supports this agenda is firmly in the pocket of the aforementioned, or the private prison industry, It's the same thing with the military industrial complex. War is a necessity for their profit margin. They vigorously lobby for this sort of thing and everyone who gets elected is vetted by the monsters. Ever wonder why the world hasn't changed into a peaceful and fantastic place? That sort of thing goes counter to the agenda of the Toxic Elite.

The good news is that the Toxic Elite is rotting from the inside out. The good news is that their access to the power of temporal control is receding by the day. Their fear and uncertainty is going up. Their obsessions and compulsions are amplifying by the day. Their propensity for embarrassing mistakes is also on the rise. It's a lot like the court of Louis the 16th. They are mentally and emotionally disconnected from what is manifesting all around them. They are in an insulated bubble of illusion. How could anything go wrong for them? "Let them eat cake." It's no accident about the widespread use of SSRI's, nor is there about the conditions created that make people want to take them. There's no accident concerning the economic collapse, the gratuitous wars, the endless lies and all the rest of the day to day strategies of the Toxic Elite. The key to an optimistic state of mind is in realizing that they are in a state of panic and that that accounts for the uptick in crazy behavior. If they are in panic mode, they are aware of something coming, even if they don't know precisely what that is. They do know that it bodes them no good.

The Bread and Circuses thing is moving at maximum speed. I marvel at the packed stadiums that I see during the football games and the baseball playoffs. I thought the economy was in the toilet. They look like ordinary people down there in the box seats. Some parts of the economy are pumping, or else they're all living on credit. It's not the same in Europe. People are very much into savings here. Work-people are paid significant sums. The guilds are still very much operative. Food and lodging are subsidized so that the poor can maintain. At least that is the case here. They've even given me a pension. It's only 47 Euro a month but it does pay for my health insurance, which is seriously comprehensive. I get that very low price because I am an artist. I imagine such things are long gone from America, if they were ever in place at all.

When you go contrary to the natural order of things, you instigate a cosmic resistance. It grows and grows until it reaches critical mass, which is where we find ourselves today.

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Rick said...

Golly Visible, that guy Chris Johnson is really going off on you or don't you know that? He's attracted the usual gang of idiots barking like pariah dogs by the side of the road. I haven't seen such a whiny little bitch in a long time. It's good that you're not reacting. What did you do? I can't figure it out in terms of the level of reaction.

Visible said...

Well, he offered to proof my book and then he kept me on hooks for a month, quite psychopathically and then said his whole world was turning black and he wanted to die. All I said was, "Well, thanks for keeping me informed and I guess I can see what's going on." He read a lot into that and his guilt and ego thing are a surprisingly poisonous cocktail.

Following this he has been sending me regular emails screaming at me to remove him from my blog roll, basically ordering me to do it. I don't like being pushed around so I have ignored his childish behavior.. If he would just shut up for a little while I would remove his link but he's not going to dictate to me. I stopped reading the emails and just delete them.

No, I haven't been by his site. None of whatever he's going off about concerns me. He's just making himself look stupid but I guess he doesn't care. I wasn't mean to him, I just acknowledged that he was jerking me around and then playing the poor me card to cover his behavior. It's when I didn't buy into it that he went nova but... that's total proof I was correct in my call.

I just heard from a reader that, Neal of mental instability fame and Katz the non lawyer were all over there up to their usual nonsense. I've no time for any of that. I'm not even a part of any of it. He created this whole scenario himself.

In these times people are being exposed all over the place and it is a really good time to be most watchful of one's words and behavior. I'm watching myself like never before and will be for the next six weeks. I wish I could get it together to go somewhere but the combination of unexpected expenses and general uncertainty has kept me in limbo.

I feel sorry for that guy. I haven't seen such puerile and petulant behavior in a long time. Mr. Apocalypse is really taking an awakening walk.

Anonymous said...

a fair statement of the obvious...


get better and better at what you do as you improve as a human being.

Everyone has an achilles heel; this man unfortunately appears to have more than one....

the chutzpah !

Instead of what appears as surreptitiously purloining donations using smoke and mirrors; why doesn't he go and get a real bloody job like the rest of us?

Olive Farmer said...

I guess I exposed you enough for the legally blind myopic dot connectors to see you for what you are.

There is no light in you.

You do know the good guys get to win, right ? left ?

October 11, 2013 at 11:33 PM

You ?

Well, that's up to you. . .

some laughs are heartier than others...grin.



Visible said...

It is a time of dissension and those bushwacking from the underbrush are merely dancing to thee tune of Mr. Apocalypse. Some of us are dancing in accord and some of us are not. Time will tell. Meanwhile, everyone has some light in them or they wouldn't be alive, except in special cases, which most definitely would not apply to me.

Jenny said...

while driving into town working all week I was watching the parade of fools here in h-town...locked into the dream world of consuming everything they can touch. It is true insanity here in the bible belt- mega churches, mega football teams- mega sized people and the celebrations of food that they eat.... ugh, I am walking to the sandpit today, taking off my shoes and going fishing. Mother nature will do the clean up for those of us who care, we just need to trust our intuition. You were right on with that part- seen it over and over in my life. I listen to my little voices now... -jen

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Looks like it's gonna be a real interesting next 6 or 7 weeks. Wonder how many companies are gonna play the mid November 'power grid failure' test game. Great time for it. It's freezing in parts of the country then.

About as many probably know about that as the trucker strike. Nobody I talk to. Everybody is just too damn busy with the mundane. Glad I was forced out of that at a very young age.

Anonymous said...

Question: What do you call two gynecologists, who are are talking animatedly about esoteric medical concepts, while their patient sits in front of them with her legs wide open?

Answer: Having an outside-the-box discussion.

Visible said...

heh heh

Ginnie said...

Live coverage by the bravest person I know Pete from DC. EVERYTHING you never thought would be told is being told!
Ride For The Constitution

the gardener said...

"In a societal tank so full of septic shit the gardener with head tilted back to allow the breathing in of what there was to breathe heard a voice from her counsel say: when you tell these people your story-are their reactions appropriate or inappropriate? That is the first step in discernment of what you are dealing with".

Discernment and discretion... I had a funny little opening yesterday... heard a few old guys talking about the closures of the parks and stuff and the rude behaviors of the federal staff there upon the visitors and it clicked on me 'these are the behaviors appropriately only of NEW OWNERS clearing their property of any who do not belong' so I offered up to them the suggestion that perhaps 'new owners of whom our national parks and other public works were supposedly given up as collateral towards all these invested loans or wtF ever'...

Their reactions were appropriate... they remembered! And having done my duty the time shift clicked and they left and I returned to my auto repair works.

This is all like a Mad Magazine episode of 'spy v spy' remember them? So many mobster factions trying to steal from each other-so desperate to get 'theirs' (though stolen) that they totally forget about the rest of us. lol
the gardener

Anonymous said...

V. there was a link about dear leader closing the interstate with the national guard to prevent the trucker strike. I'm not buying anything this weekend except maybe some craigslist items off a local buddy.
Once a buddy was having a party and invited me. A voice in my head said do not go, do not go. At the "party" there were shotguns drawn and fired and a person was dragged underneath a car and Johnny Law showed up with a paddy wagon. Instinct bellyfeel is never wrong.

Anonymous said...

I told my wife I was thinking of seeing a psychiatrist. She said: Are you crazy!!!


Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Yeah discernment, healthy and appropriate limit, whatever it may be, including the heel of a shoe on a cockroach invading one's home is a gentle act for the other inhabitants of the home.

Then, if and when able, a truly radical act, fotgiveness.

Which is followed by the broom cleaning out the goo, returning the home to its previous, hopefully pristine condition, loving kindness.

Be well, be Alert

Angus said...

Hi Les !

Just wanted to say: your contributions are among the few online articles which demostrate a deep grasp of the mechanics of Time ie Kali Yuga and the playing out of the opposing forces - Good:-) and er Not So Good.:-!

Your recent writings are much more compact and coherent than before.

What exactly are you on !

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Here it is. Good for thousands of recorded and millions of unrecorded years, until in the late 1800's Sri Yukteswar's (neo) minuscule and human proportionate, conveniently friendly version appeared. This was quickly championed by the newcomer neo-Adwaitin Europeans and Americans. The original "New Agers."

The very same people who would deliver the Bhagavad Gita to us all - minus Lord Krishna.

It is after all soooo much easier to accommodate (manipulate) our limited perceptions and tragic absence of faith in God.

The epitome of Kali yuga.

Vedic Conception of Time (until 1898)

Visible said...

Yeah... how it looks to me too, not that I would know but I do suspect that mini moments of other yuga appear in relative aspect to the yugas they appear in.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

On the Brink of Irresistable Change.

Eudoxia said...

Vis you aren't the only one stuck in limbo - the people I'm buying into the property with, well their contract on their house crashed for the second time wtf??? I could ask a stupid question at this point in time such why are things being kept on ice? It seems to be happening to many of us, about to go in one direction only to be slapped down and kept where we are. This shit just keeps getting weirder every day................

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes indeed to mini moments and overlapping of the ages.
Among other marvelous things..

the Golden Age within Kali-yuga

the Kali demon begs for mercy

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for keeping a steady pulse while on the tightrope.
I am grateful for the readings you provide.
One of your observations in this post reminded me of this little gem which I collected from somewhere on the web:
“All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” ― Blaise Pascal, Pensées




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