Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lowering the Moat Portcullis against the Unseen and Unwelcome Visitor.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

The promoters of the seminar in London are offering 5 tickets for five pounds (I think that's five pounds per ticket) for those who want to come and hear me. Details are sketchy, so I suggest that those possessing an interest contact Tahra at the Seminar webpage for details, especially if you have four people in your pocket with five pounds in each of their pockets (grin). There's a Charles Iwanga in the seminar comments to whom this may apply. He says he's 'skint' (grin).

As I have mentioned, perhaps more times than some readers might wish, I watch the NFL games on the internet. I don't watch them simply due to their being sporting events. I watch them for insights into the culture. Since I will never again, set foot on the American mainland, for so long as the Zio-Communists and Satanic Fascists have control of it, I need to see what's taking place there, even if it is only a limited view. It helps me find a perspective on what it's like there in a certain demographic. There are the subtleties that come across in what the announcers say and then there are the commercials, which brings me to my first observation for the day.

Nothing is sadder than to see some movie actor, like Tommy Lee Jones, or any of them really, making a commercial for some corporate monster after having made many many millions in this lifetime and finding themselves thinking they need yet more money and not caring who they get it from. Along with Tommy (whose films I enjoy) were James Earl Jones (who has long been a fixture in commercials anyway. He's the Walter Cronkite of Madison Avenue) and there was Malcolm McDowell, whose life is clearly marked on his face. I won't say any more about him. It's not my place. I guess I can understand when people like Nicolas Cage run out of money, as a result of buying up castles all over the world, during a bout of extended temporary insanity but people who get tens of millions of dollars for a film, or at least a few million every time they step in front of a camera... hmmm. When you make that kind of money, that kind of money makes more money and then you have a whole lot of money. Still, when you look like you actually emptied the cup that Hercules or Ulysses (I forget who) was challenged to empty and which turned out to be connected to the ocean, well, maybe you do need more money.

So I look into the faces of the crowds, howling like loons, faces painted, bellies bulging, minds filled with an excitement, manufactured by the culture and very much like patriotism and nationalism. You see, certain toxic mindsets are all-important to the sustenance of this 'survival of the sneakiest' culture. They like to do 'end runs' when they can; that's a football term. Life, like football, has rules. These rules exist to give a sense of control, balance and propriety to the usual proceedings taking place, among which always appears (at intervals) the expected offenses occurring as a matter of routine. In football there are referees to spot the infractions and deliver the penalties. In life we have (selective) law enforcement. The more that the force of materialism predominates in the culture, the more frequent and the greater in number are the offenses that ensue, until (we're getting there) it becomes a melee of a free for all, a wild-assed collective snatch and grab, where law enforcement is easily as corrupt as the very worst of the criminals and where the ordinarily honest, are forced into criminal behavior in order to survive and where weird and pointless shit like this happens. We need not look too far for the main source of almost all of the world's ills. These lovely creatures, along with the Satanists and companion mindsets at large can be clearly seen for what they are ...and how many times do I have to say that 94% of the Israelis supported Operation Cast Lead (and not just Israelis either)? Ironically, this is the same percentage of the media owned by the Baal worshiping segment of The Tribe. Another irony is the number of residents resident in The Criminal Syndicate Nation, in comparison to a similar number which has popped up all through the last century, in search of validated parking.. and which parking area was remarkable quiescent until right around the time they shot Kennedy. No, for 15+ years there was nothing to speak of being said (Hmmm that sentence seems a little odd) Then, from out some dark cavern there lumbered the largest and most effective PR machine ever seen

Lately it's getting near as hot as that location to which so many of the elite and chosen are bound. We can start looking for incidences of spontaneous combustion. We can also start looking for serious reactions by Nature in disrespect of fracking and all those various technologies that are causing the consolidation of methane clouds in low lying areas. Where is that big electric billboard that has the countdown for Critical Mass? Where is that camel who stands patiently by the large haystack, bent to it's knees by the weight on it's back? In the air there is a static electricity that sounds a lot like what you hear standing next to one of those anonymous transformer buildings. These days, there's a tape deck and speakers inside those rooms, to give the impression that transformers are humming. What's really happening is these anonymous rooms are occupied by the civilian equivalent of drone operators who sit in front of dozens of small computer screens and who watch you pee and whatever other things you do in every room of your house

Here is an example of how incredibly corrupt the country of America is at this time. Only the continuing presence of a mesmerizing and pervasively blanketing miasma, is keeping the populace from storming public buildings and gated communities around the country; don't forget those urban highrises... and hauling those vacuous sociopaths from their offices, boardrooms and dwelling spaces. America has been hijacked. Presently the final looting of everything left of value is taking place by those who bear no loyalty whatsoever to anything but money and self interest. They will rue the day when the public awakens and be they in Patagonia or anywhere else, plotting their next escapades, justice and retribution will find them.

As obvious as it should be to anyone who does not have a sprouting potato for a head, keeping in mind that even though a potato has eyes it is blind, like so many who have a mind but cannot think, who have a heart but cannot feel, in whose lives everything is a simulation of something gone from their memories... what is obvious, is blindingly so, in both cases. On the one hand, unavoidably apparent and on the other hand, so present it is threatening and demanding of eyes wide shut. Ever notice how uniformly resistant a certain segment of the population is to truth? It doesn't matter where you run into them at. One of my best friends voted for George Bush and this is a person I have traveled to other worlds with. When I tried to extract an explanation from him, I got some kind of rambling monologue wherein he completely bought into the lies tumbling from that fool's mouth. Another very close friend will hear no ill of The Tribe in any shape or form because he is fully aware of the effect that holding certain views can have on one's career at this point in time. Of course his arguments are the sort of fatuous gerbil shit that can only be found in the Crass Media and wouldn’t you know it? This fellow actually claims to live by the grace of the ineffable. Things like this make me laugh. He started telling me how Assad had killed 90,000 of his subjects. Even at this late date, neither of them have come to the realization of what lying sacks of shit nearly all contemporary journalists are.

I love my friends but I've come to accept that we are all, individually, moving at different speeds and not going to arrive at the same conclusions or places at the same time. We make different sacrifices for different reasons. I remember those various windows of time and opportunity that existed in the lives of so many of the people I knew. ♫How I wish, I wish in vain, that we could stand in that same room again. Ten thousand dollars at the drop of a hat, I'd give it all gladly, if our lives could be like that♫ I remember us being free and unencumbered, able to try our hands at anything. I remember the things that came along and got their attention. In some cases they were drawn to them and in other cases the forces or entities moved in on them. I watched some of them go from passionate idealism to the pragmatic or acquisitive. I watched their values change. In some cases I watched them disappear over the horizon, gone somewhere, in search of something. Some number of them died from excess and some from misadventure. Some got swept away by one spiritual teacher or another, though these were in the minority and some of them are still there today. Some of them are friendly but distant, as if some kind of abacus of dogma, or a curtain of belief, were stretched across the space between us. Some take a dim view of me, based on my perceived heresies and eccentric lifestyle. These are the reformed whores whose self righteousness is aflame with the projected purity of their own reflection. There aren't many of those and if there are, I no longer remember them (grin).

I remember the music that accompanied the segments of time and lying flat on my back in a dimly lit room, with several other people, all of us tripping on acid, somewhere in Makawao, Maui, while we listened to a mix tape of memorable and moving psychedelic music put together by Steve, who was a DJ, radio announcer at the time and is now, of all things, a lawyer. He used to get angry at me and offended for the slightest of reasons. I never could figure it out.

I remember a handful of exceptional people. Some were exceptional in the moment and then gravitated to the pedestrian afterwards, making those accommodations almost everyone makes to the world, for the purpose of security and sustenance. I've yet to find the right fit of compromises for myself. Tragically, there may be none (grin). Unless the cornucopia appears in the sky before me, unless serendipity kisses me on the check in following months, I'll find out about compromises and accommodations but... for some reason, it never gets to that. Something always appears, as if by magic, out of the empty desert, borne on the wind by jinns and delivered at the dark of the moon. The next day the desert is empty again but my whole world has changed in the meantime.

End Transmission.......


Jenny said...

Ahh yes...friends. I have found out that they have ways of finding out the truth according to them. Seems I have very few these days as I will not bend to the material world. Family is the same....only my children understand me.
But the great beyond rewards me daily with gifts I could never count they are so many.
Glad I have found this group of "friends" here in the comments section. They always have good words of wisdom to share as do you vis- take care- jen

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on that speaking engagement in London Les. knock their socks off. And yes intimidation has always been with us from the school yard bully to the officious mall security guard. Best is to give them the same back. I regularly mouth off at security guards at airports who want to check me for explosive residue or the like - what a farce. Get a proper job!


Unknown said...

I thought I'd slipped more gears than usual!

What happened to http://www.visibleorigami.com/2013/11/shingles-of-mind-and-flaming.html ?

Doug Pearson said...

It's amazing to see, as you say, the different stages of realization that different people go through. An example for me...I see people that seem to understand the cycle of bullshit in the food/medical/pharmaceutical cartels. They seem to have it down pretty good and then in the next fucking sentence they're telling me this or that is approved by the FDA. I do declare!! Well, I guess it's better that they see some of it than none at all. Course I see it ALL. Yeah right. It's like when you're 16 you know everything. Then when you get to about 21 you realize you didn't know shit but know everything now. Then about 30 or so the same thing happens. With that in mind I guess we never ever really know shit but will on down the line. So we are forever learning and never really know shit. But I do know bullshit and sure don't make too many friends pointing it out. Logic is almost becoming a thing of the past in most places. Thanks for the daily slap of reality. Zoooooooooom........

Anonymous said...

"...in whose lives everything is a simulation of something gone from their memories... "

this is the drill, isn't it?

thanks as always

agnes poo bear

David V said...

Yeah, what DID happen to your latest Origami? I read it while I was up in the middle of the night, and now it's not there --?? I thought it was one of your best posts in some time.

I had various friends such as you describe. Now I don't have any friends other than my wife. I have made such compromises as I felt I had to, but I've remained what most folks call "foolishly idealistic" throughout. Now I've taken the big leap from the hellbound train and am waiting for the big splat to arrive. It's going to come for me, one way or another, regardless of whether or when it arrives for others. I've gotten too old and feeble, and still too idealistic, to ever go back.


Anonymous said...

As an acquaintance of mine once said:
I used to be conceited but now I have no faults at all.

missingarib said...

Vis,the push and pull of the tribes bluster has indeed blown down the straw houses of the misinformed,the stick houses of the hopeful for change ,but the brick houses of those that under stand and have fortified their hearts will stand.

“He no longer dreamed of storms, nor of women, nor of great occurrences, nor of great fish, nor fights, nor contests of strength, nor of his wife. He only dreamed of places now and the lions on the beach.― Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea

"Make mad the guilty, and appall the free,
Confound the ignorant, and amaze indeed
The very faculties of eyes and ears.
Hamlet Act 2

live long

Visible said...

That was a old post from the past that someone known or unknown to me put up for reasons unknown to me. I deleted it.

Anonymous said...

Long ago, there was a country named Doom, and the people who dwelt there were called Doomins. The Doomins were an efficient lot, very industrious, and proud of their cultural heritage. One day, the Tribe of Israel came to the land of Doom, and, via their politicians and policeman and co-opted military forces, they uprooted all of the Doomins, usurped all of their possessions, and forced them into the hinterlands. One day, a young man from abroad stumbled into one of the various small camps that the Doomins now occupied, far away from the cities where they so comfortably used to live. He was tired and hungry, and, after enjoying a much-needed meal around a warm campfire, offered to him by his gracious hosts, he asked the leader of the small group of Doomins how he might best fit in with his new group of companions. To which the leader said, "When in Doom, roam as the Doomins do..."

mike m said...

I am with you there on watching sports.

I enjoy it and as being a former athletic participant back in the day it is something in this world that I can relate to.

But the corporate fucksticks get no quarter from me as I am Quick Draw McGraw with the remote as soon as there is a break in the action.

Anonymous said...

That post is still up at Beforeitsnews:


Ray B. said...

Vis: "...and then there are the commercials..."

What makes me most sad/angry is when I see an old 'fight' song from the sixties (meaning a song to wake people up) being used to sell some mundane item. Grrr...


Vis: "...until (we're getting there) it becomes a melee of a free for all, a wild-assed collective snatch and grab..."

Pharaonic Egypt had two of those periods - called "Intermediate Periods" - where everything broke down and the people starved until they took matters into their own hands. The breakdown might last as long as a hundred years, until the collective healed.

The rulers also knew how to stave off these breakdowns. They called them "Jubilees." In this every-so-often proclamation, all debts were cancelled, prisoners released, property returned to the original owners, and the culture went into a peaceful 'reset'. It was amazingly successful.

It sounds like we could use one here...


Vis: "I love my friends but I've come to accept that we are all, individually, moving at different speeds and not going to arrive at the same conclusions or places at the same time."

That is one of the saddest realizations along the way. It took me a long time to just cry/scream, and then pack up and keep moving. It does get lonely...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Chinese Sneakers said...

After Titus sent his soldiers to smash up that demonic temple, some were dragged into captivity, and the rest were dispersed to the winds. It was then that vicious tribe got rigid about what had to be done to win out and overcome once more. And so it has been done. Some 2000 years later, the Occident has been thrown over and the tribe of Ba'al has seized the reins of power almost everywhere.

The facts are plain to see: We have been judged and found wanting. We're being defeated by a superior if sinister foe, with nary a physical blow having been thrown on their part.

Both collectively and individually, this tribe is driven and single-minded about what they are after. Whereas we are apathetic and abulic, easily divided and readily confused. The tribe has become the ruling power and we are debt serfs to their mastery of money. We have understood them little, but ourselves we know not at all (present company excepted).

And so i write this to say that I'm throwing my hands up. I've grown sick and tired from trying to wake people up when they are so damn intent on walking dead. I'm resigned in pain to what will surely come to people who think much too highly of themselves and twaddle on about the meaningless.

This was never about religion, as both sides have gladly joined in idolatry and mammon worship. It's always been about the real politik and the spirit it takes to exclude others. In addressing that problem, we have failed to muster a victory when it mattered most. One peoples after another rolled over and capitulated, as if they all enjoyed taking the submissive bottom role. We have let it be, just the way they wanted it, but not the way it should've been. The most significant battles were socio-cultural and we have succumbed to their dominance in material terms. Ask yourselves why the so-called governments of free people borrow at interest from the private banking cabal?

Anyway, they are not going to suddenly halt their nefarious dealings. This tribe is not going to stop dominating us, not willingly. Why would they? when we've hardly even bothered to get started in opposition to them. I mean, who among us even know how money is created?

So the end is nigh and they will soon have triumphed on a worldwide basis, while we continue spiralling down into the abyss of defeat. C'est finis. The final victory will be theirs and subjugation shall be ours. I'm certain most will go quietly down the road to serfdom, save for a few brave hearts who will prove to be too exceptional for their own people to understand or support.

So get a passport if you dare, and start gettin' outta' Dodge before they march you away to the nearest fema gulag. You're only hope is to get yourself right with creation and the time for that is running short.

Be(e) well, go(o)d people.

(With all due acknowledgements to Wilhelm Marr)

Terry Richard said...

Les: I delivered some scrap metal to a scrapper today, I had to have my picture taken for and ID card, a thumb print, and a zoom camera in the parking lot took a picture of my truck's license plate from a 40 foot pole. I hear the barred doors closing. In the not to distant future, I will be taking a walk on the beach with Larry from South Dakota. I will be listening for the next step in my search for a better perch. As always, your word poetry is a tonic. Those who stray in the Royal Maze, rarely find their way out. You are the Dog Poet, how did you receive your tag.

Anonymous said...

For those who continue to seek the truth, we all eventually become strangers in a strange land.

wiggins said...

Dogman on the chrisspivey.co.uk blog is bigging up the event. I've relayed to him that you are the *star* turn.... ;-)

Larry Silverstein said...


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Don't You Know we're Riding on the Disinfo Express.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Everything has come down from the banks of the Ganges." - Francois Voltaire

Wisdom of The Wise #45


Anonymous said...


Leafblowers and Grammar:

The USA is the same ole BUT there are many more leafblowers and other horrible machines than you may recall. They blow the leaves from one pile to another and are a real mess considering the radioactive particles deposited in them daily, especially when it rains. This makes being a bike rider, as I am, unpleasant and toxic. I should be allowed to shoot the leafblower operators from my bike as I ride by. They are usually tiny men, perhaps a small fixture on my handlebars. I really enjoy being very negative about the USA as you can see. Oh, wait, I forgot, there isn't a USA any more and hasn't been since 1933 or was it 1913. Well, shit, maybe a shotgun will do. The noise alone from leafblowers is horrid. Rant, grrr.

The word 'country' is misspelled twice in the article about DC. (DC is not part of a county.) As a grammarian, I am underjoyed at the REALLY poor grammar and spelling (hello, spellcheck has a grammar feature) of nearly everyone. Grammarians can tell a lot about a writer from their grammar, like where they come from and what their education was like. Weirdly, they often have copyeditors and it still comes through. David Icke uses 'an' in front of 'h' when it doesn't belong, a feature of the Cockney culture also typical of Tribbles. The worst are the Japanese. Their brains are set on permanent double negatives and not just grammatical. Except for the wonderful Michio Kaku who hasn't been afraid to rat out the criminal TEPCO. Really, try reading the comments sections of Japanese blogs. Very confused people. They're allowing the Japanese government to force the homeless and mentally disabled to work in the Fukushima deathplants. I suppose the USA will do the same when the ogres blow up one of our plants. Rant, grrr.

You're right about law enforcement, extremely corrupt. We may not find friends as we know too much and need to offend. Rant, grrr.

On the bright side, it is almost Christmas, which means that the Lagunitas beer company is producing the amazing Brown Sugga' beer. Yum.

I watched the first day of David Icke's TPV (The People's Voice). Not bad. The art section really needs you, however. I like how the presenters (great Brit word) seem like real people. Probably, they don't deserve you, but they reach a lot of people and the people really need you.

Carry on great one.





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