Friday, February 14, 2014

The Master of Appearances and the Trifecta of Evil.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

You can sense the changes looking for opportunity when one side of the culture is making relentless war on the other and the other is ten to a hundred times larger than the other, a change is going to come. It's not just a war of material states of existence, it's also a war of ideals and lifestyles carried on in a media that is owned and controlled by those making war on the rest of the population. Not a day passes when meaningless occurrences aren't trumpeted as important and the war is not isolated to any particular country, it's international. Never mind the irony of someone who depends on political correctness for their right to play to the cameras, while wearing a mink coat. It is a war of language with no discernible limits. Besides spreading mindless fear about underwear bombers and toothpaste tube pipe bombs, there is the endless effort to manufacture events intended to spread fear through the neighborhoods. Look, there are very bad people about but... we are the government. We will protect you.

In yet more telling irony, the very people who brought the Bolshevik state into being are now attacking the no longer Bolshevik country 'they once used as the world's greatest killing fields' of all time. It's the same thing as when they created the fantasy of their being oppressed there, in order to cover what they had done there. Lady Nature has all she can take of the banal and ridiculous that now passes for life, a life in which dignity and honor have been criminalized. She's opening the Earth to swallow things and raising huge storms across the countryside to show her displeasure with the direction of human life. We're going to see epic expressions of this when the warmer weather comes in. Nature is going to turn on her oppressors, just like the peoples of the world are going to turn on theirs.

It's easy to react to things like this and classify them as absurd conjecture, cause first of all, there is no Lady Nature and everything that is happening is happening for reasons given in the newspapers and on TV. The truth is that there is a hidden side to things and just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there. Everything manifest come out of the unseen, whether it begins in the mind, or it comes out of Nature. We never do see the source of the will that brings these conditions into being. You can tell yourself whatever you like. It changes nothing. What is, is... and the wisest among us across the ages all concur about there being an invisible realm of causes. In the western mystery tradition it's known as precipitation. The will passes down through these four planes of atziluth, briah, yetzirah and assiah. It is said that in the Atzilah-world the Shekinah alone rules; in the Beri'ah-world are the throne of God and the souls of the just under the dominion of Akatriel ("Crown of God"); in the Yetzirah-world are the "holy creatures" (hayyot) of Ezekiel's vision, and the ten classes of angels ruled over by Metatron and in the Assiah-world are the Ofanim, and the angels that combat evil, governed by Sandalphon. That's not the point of my mention here though. My point is that everything starts as an idea, gets blueprinted in the Creative world, brought into form in the Formative world and makes its full appearance in the Material world.

There are cosmic rules that govern all procedures and departures here and elsewhere. Sure it looks all chaotic and undisciplined down here. The strong prey on the weak. The avaricious, steal and plunder at will and those elected and appointed to protect us do anything but. I can understand how, when you only have the manifest to go by and don't put any credence in the invisible, you only believe in the visible. Sure, many give lip service to a heavenly realm, as well as Hellish dimensions but... when the broad daylight reality of full commitment comes about, through all those predictable tests and challenges ...and it does, we find out what we are made of and we then, perforce, go on to live the result of our spiritual inconsistency. Ah well, we've all got a portion of that in these times. It's no cakewalk for any of us that have given any percentage of a shit at some point or other. It's understandable that the majority of us would falter and from there it is a pretty easy ride to smolder in a subterranean resentment of those who bring to our attention to things we would rather forget because they are an unpleasant reminder of what we continue to evade and ignore at every turn.

Everything that happens, happens on schedule. Right now we are in a period of stagnation and one sensitive to the task can feel its presence. It's like being in the Horse Latitudes or The Doldrums and commensurate with times like these, you get a collective fascination with things like stuffed pork rinds and people that stick things in their beards being called artists. The planets are in a kind of faceoff, which usually occurs as a preliminary to dramatic change. I'm not the only one who is scheduled to be in the wind shortly. At least I know it's coming.

I lay in my bed this morning. I had awakened at fiveish, coming out of a dream state that has been coming around every night for some weeks. This morning, I lay there in consideration of what lies ahead of me and the routes I've come. At first I was unsettled, as I've been a lot of late, mostly because of the uncertainty of it all and then, 'enter the voice' and after some moments of back and forth, it was all as clear as one of those Caribbean skies you sometimes get, where the cerulean blue of the sky, merges up with the turquoise of the waters and a shimmering atmosphere of hyper clarity appears between the two. Short moments later I had forgotten everything that got said... how it goes sometimes.

It's right there on the border of too difficult to look at directly and coupled with the stagnation, it's unsettling. One of the things we are probably unaware of is the degree to which the prevailing climate of negativity affects our day to day outlook. If it's not the confusion and faithlessness in operation all around, it's the aimless pursuit of appetite, to the exclusion of any deeper concerns. There you are surrounded by it. If it's not tracking you through the shops and down the sidewalks, it's coming out of every transmission vehicle that spins the nonsense we have been told is real and which we have taken for real; it having been such a long time since real has been around these parts or those parts AND... if that weren't enough, there's the telepathic transmissions coming out of the poison planes of the lower etherics. It's some kind of Trifecta of Evil. It's understandable that most of us would be subdued by the weight of it all and in our confusions and uncertainties, it is a given that we would grab on to whatever material anchors there are to stabilize our state. This is why most people lace their arms through the bars of their cell when the liberator appears and why they mistake him for the enemy and move to harm him. That hasn't changed.

Even those who consider themselves of a rational nature, or in possession of a high state of awareness, will transform into beasts, when coming face to face with the agent of true meaning, who renders everything else meaningless. This is especially true when that encounter is in the manifest, because it's typical for those things seen to appear to be other than what they are.

This present malaise, this heavy stillness of dead wind can turn us against each other. We can attribute the enmity to something said, or some event not properly understood but often it is neither. It's been there all along. It's the sum of all we didn't leave behind and all that remains unfinished but which is studiously ignored.

I'm watching the ending of "3,000 Miles from Graceland", which was playing as I was writing this. It's one of those films about promise, possibility and redemption; the kind of films I tend to like more than any other, like "Interstate 60", or "Super". One thing most of us do far more than we realize, is to underestimate our potential and thereby ourselves and that has put us at the mercy of those who continuously over estimate themselves at our expense.

None of this is what we think it is though, it's not just about the good guys and the bad guys and the dramas that tediously recycle over and over and over again. This is just the window dressing, the stage setting and how it looks under the stage lighting. What it is all about is your appearance here and what you make of it and that is not dependent on you succeeding or failing, wining or losing, or any of those measurements which are, for the most part so arbitrary that they don't mean anything in the ultimate sense, or mean one thing here and another thing there, or one thing then and another thing now. It's all about what you did with your time and what your intentions were AND are; what you make of hope springing eternal and whether you got back up on your feet the last time you got knocked down and what you did and where you headed afterwards and how you felt about it and what bearing that had on anything.

Unless you are a twin, you're born alone and barring your departure in a plane wreck, or some similar group karma event, you die alone too. When you come before the judges, following your arrival into less visible locales, you'll be standing there alone too. Most people would prosper more fully and find a greater content, were they able to keep their focus solely upon their own thoughts and actions, or at least recognize their basic commonality with all life, separated only by experience and awareness; our appearance not withstanding.

Nothing going on around us or outside us, is of any comparative value, compared to what is going on inside us and what we have awakened, or suppressed within, because that accounts for everything we do and say and what the value and meaning of any of it amounts to. From wherever we draw our direction and inspiration AND we all draw it from somewhere, from that comes the composition and the expressions of what we are.

Sometimes because the times are good and fair, that brings lasting influence and success; insofar as things can last here and in other times it can bring censure and alienation. The truth is though, no matter what the times may hold and bring, that should have no bearing on what you bring forth and stand behind or in front of. That shouldn't change no matter what the times elevate or depreciate. Sooner or later, it will come around. This kind of recognition does not come from the world but from the one who has command of it all; the real force that rules behind the specter of the master of appearances. It's seeing through, not looking at, which makes all the difference.

End Transmission........

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Anonymous said...

Man, Vis, this synchronicity thing is truly amazing. I'm getting hammered these past few days and then you write this.

Once again, a million thanks! This Petri Dish really put things into proper perspective. It's such a huge help.

PS- Thanks also for the easy link to the new book. It'll be here next week! :)


Helena said...

Happy non-commercial Valentines to you. My skepticism has considerably subsided since I first started reading your blogs. You've held strong against the haters and lifted me off of many a dusty floor on numerous occasions. Looking forward to reading your new book. Ordered yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Vis -
Those last several paragraphs were epic! I love the spirituality that is just absolutely bursting through the seams of all your pieces lately. Your work now has that feel of the wind having turned, coming strong now from the West, and with it, hope. We can't see them, but Frodo and Sam are almost there! ;)
Take care -

PS - Here's a couple links that show over-reach that will really bite, and an awareness dawning about the key to freedom, ending usury:
[Arab Idol Winner Banned from World Cup Show|]
[Brother Nathanael Calls for Monetary Reform|]

Visible said...

You have to thank the 3rd elf on the left for that. The other two are off on business of the interior.

I'm grateful for that Helena

As for the spirituality in the posts, this is what I was restraining in order to be posted on what really happened. I figured it was worth it for the extra thousands of readers who might not get here and I could slip it in now and again and I always had Origami but then it became not just the spiritual but even certain temporal things.

Ah well...

Visible said...

You have to thank the 3rd elf on the left for that. The other two are off on business of the interior.

I'm grateful for that Helena

As for the spirituality in the posts, this is what I was restraining in order to be posted on what really happened. I figured it was worth it for the extra thousands of readers who might not get here and I could slip it in now and again and I always had Origami but then it became not just the spiritual but even certain temporal things.

Ah well...

Visible said...

You have to thank the 3rd elf on the left for that. The other two are off on business of the interior.

I'm grateful for that Helena

As for the spirituality in the posts, this is what I was restraining in order to be posted on what really happened. I figured it was worth it for the extra thousands of readers who might not get here and I could slip it in now and again and I always had Origami but then it became not just the spiritual but even certain temporal things.

Ah well...

Anonymous said...

Jim at 4:54

I got hammered last weekend. Bad. It felt like I was under assault from agents unseen.

Catastrophic Fukushima-level person-to-person meltdown directed my way as the net result.

Big speedbump followed by a deep pothole, so to speak. Still reeling a bit.

Purpose of demonstration. What else.

Nice to have our Vis to read and contemplate.


Visible said...

Something like that happened to me in India.

flyingcossack said...

so many large crimes ... so little repayment

god help the jews

Unknown said...

Wow. He was making you edit that out? What a dick!

One question you own stock in Kleenex or Puffs? Is that why you are promoting this whole snorting business? Do you just not have snot? Ok that was three questions. Still...

Visible said...

What I like about you Andy is how incredibly tasteful you are, how sensitive and free of guile. I was unaware that I was promoting anything but I suppose you would know.

dave1010 said...

What a great song. Words and music.


Anonymous said...

So...the judges are going to be there, after we pass on from this realm. is kind of like American Idol. That makes total sense.

Unknown said...

Yes. Yes.
Seriously though, you are exhaling during the snorting, correct? Is there some way to lessen the need for Kleenexes and such?

Perhaps even a tactful, sensitive, guileful (if that's a word) way?

david griffith said...

thanks Andy - laughed so hard I forgot what I was here for.

Visible said...

Well Andy, despite the fact that this whole subject is just window dressing for you to engage in your own brand of slapstick and despite the point that you could care less one way or the other and... I'm a hundred percent sure on that, I clearly stated on several occasions that people should engage in very brief and gentle snorts because it is nothing more than an attending assist in casting thoughts out of the mind. Those experiencing difficulty, even after clear instruction should probably not engage in this to begin with.


As for Mr. Snark with the American Idol comment, take it up with scripture and the teachings of avatars and others across time. It's what they all say.

A mark of intelligence, even wisdom, is when a person can put aside what they prefer to be true so as to embrace what is actually true; "As above, so below".

Smyrna said...

I was mimicking Eudoxia's comment, Vis. Not trying to be cryptic. Sorry if it confused you.

You have too much patience re: the last few postings.

Make sure you've got a kleenex when you blow it out your arse Andy.

Visible said...

Ah... It wasn't for my edification, I see. Sorry, I move so fast from one thing to another that sometimes it is difficult to be on top of everything (grin).

Yeah... well, I'm trying to be moderately reserved in my responses. Andy's idea of a good time is to bait me which he's been at for awhile. It's either due to arrested development or... something more sinister.

Smyrna said...

A shit-stirrer like Andy isn't an entirely bad thing, Vis. Think of him as one of those old men that used to heckle the Muppets. Keeps you on your toes. Helps you focus. Makes you honest.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope Simon Cowell isn't one of the judges, waiting for me when I leave this realm. That dude's a Freemason. He's scary. Visible, do you know the judges' names? Have you met them? If so, sure would love it if you put in a good word for me. My karma ran over my dogma and I need all the help I can get...

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Intuition, the Mind and the Inevitability of White Water.

Visible said...

I actually don't think about it. I deal with it and everything else reflexively. It is in my mind for the duration of my response and no more.


As for the other comment, pretty much like the ones under discussion, I'm am never sanguine about being an advocate for the insincere, believing that you get everything you deserve.

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

I echo the sentiment of hanging in there and truly bearing down on the ideals which you'd like to see come to fruition, everybody. I'm Mr. Broken Record when it comes to much of what I have to say, and it is and will be as such until I see positive change, given I'm pretty obstinate about keeping on keeping on that way. However, given that fact and given I can grind people's gears here, I'm only going to comment every once in a while but do read all of that which Mr. Visible has to say/type and all the comments here. It's empirical at this point; being more in touch with people who share the same ideas as me being located in places not called the US. I mean, I do advocacy on Facebook, which has been a boon to certain linguistic endeavors and the making many a like-minded, foreigner friend thereby, but it's also been sadly telling about the typical american's passionate lack of care regarding many an existential issue. I focus much on how intentionally off the "justice system" of america is and there's a deafening silence produced as the form of "feedback" I get from the american crowd. Then, in person, they'll say "why do I talk smack about the police so much" laughingly, and I pretty much demure and turn the other cheek about their cheeky, flippant take on my display of giving a damn, given none of what they're laughing at would end up rendering any good circumstances for them if I'm correct about what I intuit about where the US is heading, and such sentiments are indicative of such people, who are otherwise my friends, being detached from reality. That's the quintessential definition of the term psycho, which I get called a lot on account of my odd take on many metaphysical issues. I can understand that, and were I to have not had the experiences I've had in that milieu, I'd be just like them. Now, what's exactly spurring them on, en masse, to not give a crap about terrible mundane issues, which they've taken to giving me laughable crap about while laughing, is something very telling about their character. Passionate apathy nowadays; what am I going to do about it? Oh yeah, keep on plugging away while these people, my friends, piss away many an initiative to steel themselves for what's to come. Their decision, but it is, simply put, like they have a hive mind and do what they do out of the "principle" of fitting in and never getting ostracized; something I do not intuit will end well for them, but, as I've been saying, if worse comes to worse, I'll do my best to help them out if they need it out of actual principle. It's the right thing to do and will demonstrate that I have a soul still connected to my mind. Much which is gotten into by the majority is the engaging in an, ultimately, beyond worthless popularity contest of sorts.

Anonymous said...

Murphy: Pork chop, Pork chop. Greasy, Greasy. We beat your team, fuckin easy easy. WHOOO! Go Wombats!

3,000 Miles to Graceland is an underrated movie. When that scene of the villian Murphy (Costner) blowing the air horn in the cops face at a checkpoint and saying the Wombats fight song I almost pissed my pants and literally fell on the floor laughing uncontrollably. Costner should play a villian more in the movies. The ending was alright sailing off to Shangri La with the babe and her son throwing his cap guns over the sides of the yacht. BTW the film was made by a Finnish guy and not a member of the tribe who must not ever be named.

Unknown said...

Actually, the slapstick was window dressing for the subject. Of course, since that does not agree with your estimation, I suppose we could go on this circular argument forever. Point is, I was having a particular difficulty which I was wondering if you had a remedy to. Pardon me for finding any humor in my situation. I will take your advise in the spirit it was given.

Visible said...

That would be infinitely more believable Andy if it weren't for going on for a very long time now and at a pretty consistent rate. It's neither here nor there to me because I'm not necessarily moved by it one way or the other. I'm just staying in the same passive aggressive framework of the exchange.

Like I also said, it isn't as if I hadn't explained about it clearly several times, knowing that there are some out there who, for reasons known only to them, imagine that I was calling for something along the lines of a Brahma Bull in rut.

kikz said...

thanks, i needed that. (weak smile).

russia.. ya know, the jews have xtians shilling for them. poor little jews, save just one more from a life of dangerous oppression, even death if they remain in russia, send your money so a jew can live in freedom in israel. i've seen the commercials........


the gardener said...

It's like being in the Horse Latitudes or The Doldrums and commensurate with times like these, you get a collective fascination with things like stuffed pork rinds and people that stick things in their beards being called artists.

SNORTS out loud with good giggle chaser. lol

Actually had a nasty little mind POS shit looping this morning and *remembered* to do the 'snort out of left nostril' maneuver-which ALWAYS removes the parasitic thought form before it can hollow its groove in the grey matter and write its own script to govern my life.

Andy if you've got ones big enough to Snort Vacate requiring tissues I'd suggest better, more consistent, Snort clearings. Mine are like a delicate-barely audible "sniff type snort out"... versus the precurser *SNORTS* of a good LOL

I've been caught up reading Donald Marshall's forum/site/facebook as referred to by Ginnie. Damn Sam!!! "Clone Centers"... "REM driven clones turned on whenever clonee gets into the REM dream cycle. He's naming names and my reading his site caused me to reflect upon the BeeGees... wondering if they really wrote their songs. And if they did... why?

If anyone can tell me the reason WHY the song... "Massachusetts" was written by these "Isle of Man" aka "Manx" 20 year old brothers or what their inspiration for it was... I'd be relieved. As it was I was 'reading and snorting' so nothing would get stuck in there. Worse than in craw is weird shit stuck in memory banks.

As far as death goes-had three varied and important to me deaths go down since Venus went direct on January 29thish... been thinking of all three of them a lot. Pondering their lives and their after lives. Of course, plenty of those who haven't died this past few weeks as well that have kept me busy pondering as well.

One was my kitty boy---we all loved him so. As it was subzero and my vehicle only runs 20 degrees higher than zub zero... his sudden illness and death (complete with a miracle rebound giving us 8 hours of true happiness before he passed on) caused me to realize how it wasn't THAT long ago that people took care of their sick and their dead their own selves.

He died and I closed his eyes and curled him up in his fave sleeping box. Nice little towel draping him as it was too cold to do anything with him for a while. Dogs who loved him so would stick their noses in under the covers and give his ears a lick-wagging their tails. Visiting him until I could do the deed of dealing with his shell. (snort)

Thank you dear friend for doing what you do and so prolifically too. Many are silent about your works but practice what you preach... I know all three of you are free this month of February 2014... Dave, Charles and Chris. All with real histories, real lives, real people who loved them left behind.

the gardener

the gardener said...

PS- read your latest Curious Tale of Ash and The Whine when you first finished last Fall... offered it up as ebook... loved it and ate it all up fast as I could. Hope everyone orders it and loves those 'just desserts'...

the gardener

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The God Gig and the Spinning Whirligig of Maya.

Anonymous said...

Grow a moustache.

Kleenex problem solved.

walking hawk

david griffith said...

Couldn't help but think about this for awhile. I'm quite 'slow' and mean that sincerely. As a demonstration of that, you'll see that I've responded to comments from two different articles while thinking 'they were one.' :)

“Perhaps I should have looked for a job with a pension.”

So says a voice I respect but the voice is in print. I get no sense - except by context - of whether this is spoken in sorrow, jest or some subtle shading, lying in between.

Irony is something that I often ‘don’t get’ although “Isn’t that ironic.” immediately springs to mind. “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.” - or so my parents said - which makes sarcasm sound a bit nasty.

I think it’s why the absurd is so delightful to me. It’s clear yet unexpected.

We can pick a ‘false note’ in speech because it’s all there in the tone, the pauses, the speed of delivery but when the written word is the form of communication, we can’t help but colour it with our own emphasis.

It explains why “Perhaps I should have looked for a job with a pension.” could be taken as a flat statement of fact or be expressed as one of those gentle asides I personally use when talking to myself .... usually prefaced with “Oh dear ...” It’s not meant seriously.

I read the article through and was struck - as I often am - by clarity of thought and subject matter. I then read through the comments and one of the last comments is so irreverent and so ‘at odds’ with ‘what’s gone before.’ that I can’t help but laugh.

But it’s not actually a ‘good’ laugh or a deep laugh. It’s a ‘Blazing saddles.’ sort of laugh. The scene where the cowboys are all sitting around eating their evening meal of beans and more beans. The appreciative slurping down of the food is broken by a fart and then another until a cacophony of farts fill the air.

All goes silent and a voice pipes up.

“Can I have some more beans, boss?”

“No - you’ve had enough.”

I roared with laughter but the context was there and roaring with laughter was an apt response.

I wouldn’t find the same scene funny if set in an invisible church with communion occurring.

There is nothing in these written words - of emotional tone - other than a gentle wondering and the expression of it.

Visible said...


about the inability to detect sarcasm, that comment was not directed at you and I was being sarcastic when I made the comment about the pension. I hope that clear everything up. This happens often where people think I am talking to them. If you look back through the comments you will see someone shouting at me and accusing me of having no faith. Once you find that it will make more sense.

david griffith said...

my mistake Visible.

It was Liz from LA's comment about the pension and Andy's comment - the equivalent of a fart - which prompted my comment.

No offence to either of them.

Sorry I wasn't clear and I'd trust that we DO cut through insincerity and misunderstandings here ... it's not like we haven't met before :)

cheers. Love to all

Visible said...

Uh huh... unfortunately they are both still annoyed at me but... what are you gonna do?



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