Thursday, March 13, 2014

How to Bypass a Directed Darkness.

Due to apparently heavy pressure from the usual Morlocks my event in Zurich appears to have been cancelled. I'll have details when I get them. It was the Swiss Israel Association that was behind it.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I heard a few days ago from the author E.C. Moran of these two books:

Riding the Apocalypse Wave Vol 1
Riding the Apocalypse Wave
The Evolution of Consciousness in the Breakdown of Western Civilization
and the Birth of a new Worldwide Civilization

Riding the Apocalypse Wave Vol 2
Riding the Apocalypse Wave Volume 2
Cosmic Vibration, Esoteric Knowledge, and the Spiritual Principles
that create the World – And the great cycles

He wrote me because of his surprise that I was speaking on March 16th. According to him that is a significant date and maybe he’ll pop by and share his reasonings with you in the comments section.

He says;

March 16th is on the last chart of the attached pdf. It is the very end of “The Fall” from a 250 yr and 500 year cycle. It is also the point of the “official” beginning of the Si-Do interval of Western Civilization. The last 250 year British Empire culture and more importantly the 500 year end of the Renaissance Civilization, aka “Atlantic World”, is now DEAD. Or officially will be on March 16th, 2014. It also marks the point where Western Civilization itself begins to die.

On the bright side a whole new civilization, on the same scale as all of Western civilization is rising. This is the beginning of the very first semitone. This is where the music starts.

With the Si-Do interval there is also a shock that comes in. This will be a shock beyond the experience of anyone alive. The shock does not have to be bad or destructive but signifies a break with the past. It has been destructive in the past because people resist the change. But then we have passed through a dark age when people do these sorts of things. From a cycle point of view the situation has not been this good for a long time. It is all a matter of perspective. The book is 306 pages, highly illustrated, and so it is difficult to explain in a small pdf and email. The second book covers the esoteric/spiritual principles that are behind the waveforms. at Cycles.”

This is probably more the fodder of the in house intellectual mystics like Ray and others. Visible is far too right brain to be able to make head or tales of this kind of thing. I used to get people recommending a Ken Wilber to me. So... I went and read some of his work a few times and it hit me as gobblely-gook, with all those color coordinated esoteric sectors of whatever the hell it was. I’m not comfortable reading anyone but the lovers of god and the friends of god any more. Of course, ONCE AGAIN, this is not meant as a criticism. My interests are much narrower these days. However, my appreciation is much wider (grin).

Tonight, Mr. Visible is watching the first segment of that brilliant mini series, “The Singing Detective”. This is the original BBC production, not the piece of shit Hollywood remake that came later. “I Claudius” is on deck and that will probably be going down by the time the weekend rolls around. The Singing Detective is very, very funny, if you haven’t seen it before. It’s a little like something Irvine Welsh might do. Lines like, “I’m sorry, I’ll have to lift your penis now to grease around it” appear. The singing detective appears badly burned and it’s a gruesome thing, attended by much black humor. Hysterical.

That’s life isn't it? Gallows humor prevails in many places; hospitals, pathology labs, police departments. Sometimes it’s the only way to hold on to your sanity.

Let’s digress a bit, back to a previous posting. Frankly, I've had all I can take of the endless bullshit going down on this planet and the smug officiousness attending it; offspring of the clerk mind, the tedious prattling of bureaucrats, who are no more than fiduciary agents of The Prince of Darkness. I may not accomplish much while I’m here but I’m damn well not going to give an inch when it comes to collaborating with the seeming masters of temporary time.

I was talking about the wise use of sexual energy. I wouldn't want to give the impression that I have lived a life by any standards. Had I gotten married every time I lived with someone for more than two and a half years I would be on my 11th divorce, or thereabouts and the casual liaisons were many, many multiples of that. Yet I managed long periods of Brahmacharya and I’m certainly going for the gold at the moment. Like I say, “the ineffable forgives much for those who love much”. Intention has a lot to do with it all. One’s energy has to be sincere and even when you screw up (pun intended) you have to be sincerely contrite. I've done my share of ‘sincerely'.

One of my favorite authors is Evelyn Waugh. He understood human society through the lens of a finely cultivated black humor. I read everything he ever wrote and that applies to some number of writers for whom I have a deep and abiding affection. Damn! I forgot how good this mini series is. You must see it if you haven’t. It’s intelligent theater and you have to be intelligent to appreciate it. There’s an epic performance of “Dem bones” now playing. Like I said, SCREAMINGLY FUNNY!

Why am I wandering all over the place with this posting? Am I that unfocused or... bored and unfocused? Hardly... we've got to keep our spirits up. We've got to know how to do that. There’s a story about Aleister Crowley. He was in a magical war with someone and they were sending death spells after him. He happened to know, through one agency or another, the window of time when the attack was going to take place, so he went down to the local cinema and watched a Charles Chaplin double feature. Because his mind was focused on the inanities on the screen the spell missed him and we know, or should know, what happens to spells that don’t find their initial target. I’m no fan of Crowley’s. He’s more the province of the, ‘complicated’ and ambitious. I’m not complicated nor ambitious.

Managing the sex force is a magnum opus but true serenity lies at the end of that road. I often advise people to read about the lives of the saints; St. Ignatius of Loyola and St Augustine, among others, comes to mind. What was it Blake said? “The road to excess leads to the palace of wisdom...for we never know what is enough until we know what is more than enough.” This is similar to a fool persisting in his folly and becoming wise. I don't need anyone railing on me about Loyola or anyone else hardly being saint material. This is only about the lives of so called saints.

Like I said, I’m losing all interest in these embarrassing shape shifters and perception manipulators. They will soon be at each others throats and those too stupid to see the writing on the walls, can consider themselves extras in one of those cast of thousands productions, where the walls come down, the lava comes down, or the ocean comes in or... the armies march forth. One can weep an ocean of tears for the stupid and indifferent but all you are going to have is an ocean of tears and the stupid and indifferent going about their business as usual. Heh heh... “I see, it’s Stalingrad all over again”. You really must see this series. I will add also that the latest HBO series, True Detective with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson is a masterpiece of acting and direction. You don’t see that kind of thing often. Usually I have to shut things off.

Look! I’m doing what Crowley did and others before him. I’m employing distraction but not for the same ends as we are usually used to.

Manage the desire bodies. When you see the spiteful and temporarily privileged living it up and the common knobs trying to emulate them, in their own limited fashion; when you see random outbreaks of violence and collective violent behavior among the young and it is to no good and transformative purpose, you should know that it’s time to step back and punt. As soon as you do, the wiser course is to then exit to the sidelines, stage right.

Like I said, yesterday... this Synagogue of Satan crap going on about Syria is a real deal. The effort in The Ukraine is just a diversion. Until Israel and Saudi Arabia are brought to their knees, or destroyed, there will be no peace. Here be monsters, more monstrous that all the monsters of myth and legend. Here be real monsters.

Let’s close on a breath of fresh air from one of the leading lights in passing litmus tests over the course of time. Step by step, inch by inch.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

im looking at putting a yurt up in virgin rainforest backing onto a national park meditations in green sounds like heaven no neigbours even better and yes you have been a constant comfort all the shit theyve slung at you means nothing and just for old times sakes two riders were approching and the wind began to howl

Visible said...

Heh... I've been wanting a yurt for awhile but they're pricey and it's a whole trip and I am just better off with what I got which has it's own charm. I do have space for a tipi now though. Once the finances iron out I think that is a given.


Visible said...

It appears that organized Tribe forces had my speaking event in Zurich cancelled. I don't have any real details yet. I'll let you know when I find out.

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Ahrooo, Woof woof.

Synchronicity, synchronicity, what would life be without it ? Is there a worse hell than boredom. Let someone else answer that. Too busy watching enjoyable shows and sleeping like a bear.

Yup, many signs point to that date.

The Rose Garden of the Heart fed by the early Morning Dew.

Be well, be Alert

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Maybe a pod cast can substitute.

Ms.Lilly's boys always leave a workaround due to lack of creativity in their second chakra.

They can send you the Sprungli chocolates by mail to help with the Si-Do shock, previously Ti-Do shock.

Be well, be Alert

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes indeed, some of us achieve sincerity and some of us have sincerity beaten into us. (haha)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, that's interesting- that wonderful Jewish religious holiday celebrating mass murder and destruction of all non-Jews - Purim is March 15-16 ...

coinciding with cancellation of Visible's speaking event and "the point where Western Civilization itself begins to die..." and "...a whole new civilization (let me guess - it is a creation of and to be lead by the Jewish), on the same scale as all of Western civilization is rising."

It's always gotta be about the Jews

(I will no longer avoid calling out the Jews - doing so by using their "rules" of this game and will continue until more than a handful of all Jews start acknowledging their massive hypocrisy, duplicitous ways in all things, their "religion(s)" of racism, theft of all things not-Jewish, mass murder, genocide, their roles in global slavery lasting for centuries, etc.

Yes there are a few "good" ones, a very few, and likely those who consider themselves to not be an exclusive race-religion, but just human beings no different than all others (for example - how many Jews cry out about injustices done to Germans, before, during, ever since the second Global War against the non-Jews (Jewish bankster-media combine instigated, funded, and profitable to), how many Hollywood movies depict the role of Jews in global slavery (80%, if not more, controlled by Jews), their multiple roles in creation and sustaining things like the American KKK, ...

It is true - "We are all responsible for the conditions of this dimension" - so it's time for all to call out the worst aspects of all, now, particularly the role of Jews who are no better than any others, but collectively have gotten away with far too much for far too long).

Anonymous said...

Viz et al,

My weather page had a thing about Microsoft not doing XP updates any more. I really can't afford a new computer; so I'm focusing on not having a computer anymore, copying stuff I might need. I'll miss Viz and Rense a lot. I won't miss email. I'll visit the library computers perhaps. Haven't had TV since it went digital. Don't miss it. I'm watching reruns of West Wing and The Finder on Netflix that my daughter gave me off of her account (doesn't have the mail-a-movie feature). Hulu hasn't worked for along time. Neither does YouTube (some sort of sync thing). Haven't seen a new movie in years, perhaps decades. Don't miss that.

LMAO. I wonder if Russia has GMO, prions, Roundup, et cetera, et cetera. Looks rather dreary on Google Maps, as does Ukraine.

I've taken up drinking black tea again though it has fluoride which rots your brain. I want stimulation. Don't want coffee since I require cream with it and I'm trying to be a vegan.

I'm taking zeolite, which removes radioactive isotopes from your body. I did some iodine to prevent thyroid cancer. Must look into when I should do that again. How the hell will I know shit like this if I can't get Viz & Rense any more. Grrrr, rant….

Serenity and Joy. God will provide. Amen.



Visible said...

unforgivable on my part, unprintable on yours. I love how things even out. Try a coconut milk enema. that's supposed to be good for Psoriasis of the brain.

Visible said...

As far as XP goes, you may be certain that the IT community, or whoever it is that keeps up with these things will assuredly be providing all necessary updates for Win XP. I've been hearing this for some time. Far too many companies are invested in XP. Something will work out.

Odin's Raven said...

Just what we need,.. another cyclical theory of history? I don't think I'll be in any hurry to discard Spengler and Toynbee.

Yes, Waugh was a master. Another underrated writer was Robert Graves.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Huh? Was my coconut milk suggestion askew?
I use it for many things. It is also slightly sweet.

Erik said...

Hmmm Machiventa,

Maybe try Linux? Ubuntu has some easier installs for XP i believe ...

Sorry to hear about your "swiss gig" falling through Vis, was maybe to be expected, you realy have been hitting them out of the park lately ;)

Visible said...

Sorry Homer, it came with no provenance and I've got this troll checking in regular and I don't read past the point of discovering intent so I'm probably missing things. You comment came along with one of those and it seemed possible it was connected because I couldn't find any context. Please resubmit it; my apologies.

Anonymous said...

Les requested that I elaborate on the two books Riding the Apocalypse Wave and Riding the Apocalypse Wave - Volume 2.
The two books are somewhat left brain/ right brain. I myself am more right brain oriented. I would place the first book as more left brain and the second book more right brain. Although I do mix the two in both books.
Riding the Apocalypse Wave is mostly about the external world. It explores the process of the materialization of form from spirit using various concepts from the East and West.
From the East are the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. There is also the Bhagavad Gita. It is actually the Law of Three (Satva, Raja, and Tamas) from Patanjali and the Gita that is used describe the cycles.
From the West there is the Law of Octaves and the Law of Three. You can find the Law of Octaves and the Law of Three described in PD Ouspenski’s In Search of the Miraculous. Rodney Collin was a follower of Ouspenski and wrote a book called “The Theory of Celestial Influence”. In a small part of this book he elaborates upon various cosmic laws in regards to civilization and culture.
I am not a follower of Gurdijeff, Ouspensky or Collin and have never been a member or related in any way with any group thereof. I simply refer to these books as references and show the validity of some of the laws in them.
In the West there is also the principles expoused in the New Testament. I am a Christian, but obviously not a fundie. If the whole world is opposed to true Christianity then I must be on the correct path. It is certainly my path and I do not hide it.
I also combine science with regular waveforms to describe the cycles. I also introduce the Fractal of Actualization in Creative Time (FACT) waveform. This is a discontinuous waveform that is used to divide time.
So the book is a bit of a synthesis of east/west, science/religion, matter/spirituality. I would say that the first book is more left brain and the the second volume right brain. Although they are both a mix of the two. This is the background to the books.
I called it Riding the Apocalypse Wave because as Les has said we are in an Apocalypse, or unveiling. What is being unveiled is new knowledge, a new civilization as big as all of Western Civilization and a new age upon the earth.
I suggest people have an open mind as it is obvious that a new consciousness is dawning within humanity. There is a growing number of people who have changed in their thinking (consciousness) in even just the last 5 years. A great gathering of people is beginning to from around the world. This is the very beginning of a new worldwide civilization.
The status quo institutions look powerful but they have already began to break down and apart. This is also a time when there is a split where the new begins while the old disintegrates. This is all illustrated in the waveforms throughout the book. Both books are 8.5 x 11 format to make room for the illustrations. They are also available on the kindle.
Riding the Apocalypse -Volume 2 explores the spiritual basis behind the waveforms. It is therefore about the supreme reality behind all forms. The FACT waveform is illustrated for the three main ideas of creation; time space and the atom. The cycles are an expression of the law of three as described by the three gunas Indian cosmology. This also relates therefore to the ancient elements of both western and eastern cosmology. Volume 2 illustrates that everything is just a play upon the spirit of God.
Volume 2 also fits the 24,000 year Yuga Cycle into the cycles of civilization and culture.
I pray that the books are useful for struggling humanity.

Anonymous said...

On the XP issue, after my last update from Microsoft my computer became almost unusable. Went to the MS site to try correcting it, but kept getting a pop up that told me I'd need to update to Windows 8, and to do that I'd have to buy a new computer. Then I'd get some drivel about all the "affordable" new machines they had. Maybe billionaire Billy G. thinks $700 is affordable, but my pension barely covers food, utilities, and rent. The MS site also says they will continue supporting ONLY business clients (those with multiple licenses) through June 2015, but MS has no intention of doing anything beyond that, for anyone. They do offer help with conversion (at MS prices) to businesses wanting to "upgrade" to Windows 8.

After all that, I decided to switch out my XP OS for Ubuntu. I'm much happier now. Ubuntu looks and feels a little like the old Win 3.5 - menus on the top. If you're just looking for an OS to run an internet browser Ubuntu comes with Mozilla / Firefox as part of the package. I have little use for other software at this stage, but Ubuntu also comes with word processing, spreadsheet, and MS office type applications. Haven't tried them, so can't say how they work, but after 20 years of MS putting out a new OS every year or two, Ubuntu is welcome relief. Ubuntu comes out with a major upgrade every two years, minor fixes and patches much more frequently.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I knew that. Just wanted to hear you apologize! (haha)

But that coconut milk enema.. hmmm.
Yes, linux and now ubuntu light.

light ubuntu

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

So many dates to signify the end of the era. I give up. Is March 16, 2014 the new 12/21/2012?

Well, what ever. In spite of the fact I've given up on these dates, form all the news stories I'm reading, it looks like next week is gonna be a doozy.

Purim! The ultimate party day. Well, outside of Beltane. I'm not Jewish in this life, but I'm going to celebrate it anyway, sort of. From a completely different angle. Ya know how there's that 'Reverse Kabbalah' thing? I'm gonna do a Reverse Purim thing. I'm gonna celebrate a future revenge of the end of this era and all the vile crap that is.

May all the vilest of humanity be chained to a cliff like Prometheus was, and have their noses licked off by a smilodon every day to regrow, and so on. . .

(Gods I wuv doze puddytats. Wish they didn't cost so much to feed. Not to mention I do live in a two bedroom flat, and the owner might object. But we do have a lot of schools around, so feeding might not be a problem. In fact, there's one right across the street from our complex, so. . . On the other hand, you can't train them to use the litter box, if the other wild cats are any indication. Never mind.)

David V said...

I think you are correct to focus on knowing and loving your Creator. You can use terms like The Ineffable, The Divine, whatever. I choose The Creator because, as you have pointed out, even the devil, who is also called The Destroyer (Abaddon, Apollyon), is transformed into an angel of light. Anyway, the time is nigh when those who at least claim to believe are going to find out just how much they truly believe. They will find themselves having to cling to and trust the divine for their every meal, their every breath. Like Job, they will need to be able to say "though He slay me, yet will I trust Him".

I've seen all the date-time predictions fall by the wayside, from millenium to 2012, from prophecies by saints and popes to those made by every tom-dick-n-harry guru and lama rama bwana ramalamadingdong...This material world still goes on. I don't for the life of me know how, but it does. Still, if you step back and look at trends, it is clear that the zionist west is going hell-bent-for-leather making the final moves and preparations to try to both rule the world and depopulate it at the same time. They make up any old lie on a daily basis, no longer even caring if the lies get exposed. So it must be any day now. Russia and China are now very clearly in the crosshairs, and they know it.

I have quit trying to alert or warn any of the folks that I've already warned repeatedly. Any further effort on my part just makes me into a hybrid of chicken little and the little boy who cried wolf. Besides, it takes years to make any realistic preparation, and even that won't be enough for the real shock, when it comes.

How many really believe and are preparing to meet their god? One percent? One-tenth of one percent? Probably even less than that. The thing now is to meet and greet and walk with with The Creator, full time, because the strong delusion is all around us and closing in tight.


Anonymous said...

The other day you posted about Hollywood shit masquerading as entertainment. The names "Goodman, Clooney, and Damon" alone should push the SHIT-O-METER 720 degrees!
Posterity will be merciless with Hollywood, which is where my concern with the whore ends.

"All evil is corrective and remedial,and is therefore not permanent. It is rooted in ignorance,ignorance of the true nature and relation of things, and so long as we remain in that state of ignorance, we remain subject to evil.

We shall find, after earnest observation and reflection, that all, except those who have entered the way of wisdom, believe that happiness is only to be obtained by the gratification of desire. It is this belief, rooted in the soil of ignorance, and continually watered by selfish cravings, that is the cause of all the misery in the world. And I do not limit the word desire to the grosser animal cravings; it extends to the higher psychic realm, where far more powerful, subtle, and insidious cravings hold in bondage the intellectual and refined, depriving them of all that beauty, harmony, and purity of soul."
James Allen

Regardless of what is on the TV, do not watch it. Every American actor, actress, actor person, whether LGBT or not..IS IN MAJOR FUCKING DENIAL!! SWITCH THEM OFF!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your trip cancellation.

Beware, oh traveller, for the road travels also...


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Off topic, but I thought you'd all like to know:

"Son of Goldman Sachs Chairman Jon Corzine Found Dead"


And who's next? Another one, right after Manhatten trader Edmund (Eddie) Reilly allegedly steps in front of a moving train. Or was he pushed? Drugged? I haven't seen a video, so. . . Or was he told they were going to slowly torture his pet bedbug to death id he didn't kill himself? I dunno. Who knows? I wasn't there.

I can't wait for next week. Well, I guess I have to; BUT IT'S FOOKIN' TORTURE!

Anonymous said...

St. Ignatius...I was just reading about him today...a very interesting icon of him here..the position of the lions...

Music and its metaphysics was an interest of Peter Damianovich Ouspensky and his teacher Gurdjieff also.

I suggest the movie, 'Meetings with remarkable men'. (I think that's it)
Interestingly Gurdjieff also urged the value of learning to concentrate on two or more things at the same time.
I do believe Tesla had that capability.

Thank you les visible. I talked to God about you today. Sometimes the synchronicity and affinity here with you and the commenters are too hard to believe. (Grin)

Your friend,
- the beggar (among Saints)

Anonymous said...

Push Those Buttons:
Do you have a blog? If not, please start one - I love your posts, you often make me laugh out loud, and as Les says, we can all do with that!

Ginnie said...

Regarding bankers and deaths. They must have not read the fine print on their "contracts".


Henry Makow...I know! He's not my favorite either. However...

Ray B. said...

This seemed like a good "intellectual mystic" (grin) way to describe the banksters and their ways:

"Babylon's Banksters" by Joseph P. Farrell, pp.288-9

"The basic methodology of the banksters, both in ancient and in modern times, has been to substitute one notion of money for another, and thereby to usurp the power of the state to create and issue money and substitute a private monopoly for its creation. In the former instance, the idea of money is that of a receipt for goods and services on the productive output of the state itself. In other words, money is "real" money and is a unit of information, of exchange, based on the creative activity of a whole state. It is thus issued by the state itself, and free of any interest-bearing debt. In the latter case, money is "false" money, or what we have called a facsimile of money, issued by a private monopoly and bearing debt interest, and circulated as money. The facsimile of money, in other words, is a debt-bearing note, and debt, under such a system, can only increase and never be repaid.

In the first instance, it is to be noted, money represents the creation of information, i.e., units of exchange, issued in proportion to the productive output of a state, and as such, the unit of exchange represents real information in the physical world. In this instance, the connection between finance and physics is direct and overt, and easily perceived. It is therefore an analogue of the actual alchemical and transmutative properties, ultimately, of the physical medium itself. In the second instance, however, money represents almost the exact opposite, since it represents not production but an interest-bearing debt, a kind of "negative information" that can only and must inevitably grow at a rate exponentially faster than the productive output of the state. It bears, in other words, no relation to physical reality. It is a kind of false alchemy, a financial black hole into which the productive output of a state is inevitably sucked, and from which it can never emerge, unless the very underlying idea of the facsimile of money is clearly repudiated and rejected.

The system of the facsimile of money is, in other words, deliberately designed to enhance and enrich only those who control its issuance, and can never serve the broader public good because it is not designed to do so."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. I helped build two large yurts up in Oregon. Good energy. However, they have no thermal mass. So, be prepared to keep a fire going nearly-constantly, or you'll be at ambient temperature ten minutes after the coals cool...

P.P.S. Machiventa, XP has had nearly all of the back-doors worked out of it by white-hat hackers over the years. That may have something to do with why the pressure is on to switch to a 'better' OS. Get a non-M$ anti-virus/malware package and Firefox. The latter has many add-ons to make up for anything XP 'lacks'. You'll be fine! (You might want to download a 'clean' copy of XP with all updates, in case it 'vanishes'.)

William Freeman said...

Hi Vis, without wanting to be bitty, the singing detective wasn't actually burnt. He had a very bad case of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.
Anyway, even if I don't comment much at the time, I always follow your blogs. Cheers
William Freeman

Flecker's Magick said...

"The coming fin de siècle (no, not the bike race in Helsinki) has the distinction of being the most eminently foreseen secular reversal in history; so foreseen in fact that many have been waiting for years for it with baited breath.

However, that does not mean that the details of its unfolding will be known to us with any greater clarity than if it had emerged, kraken-wise, unheralded out of the depths.

What it does mean is that those responsible for staying the present course will be all the more reviled by posterity, and will in good time meet with a retribution so horrible that one could say hell itself arose to take them.

It's not merely that they missed the warning signs, or even that they failed to heed the warning signs; no, the signs were proclaimed with a great voice and they silenced it; stoned the prophets who were sent to them; smothered, smited, and shackled any protest of dissent. They rushed headlong to their own graves and tried to drag us all with them.

There is no excuse for what these men have done and no pity shall find them.

Anonymous said...

Viz, Eric, IC, Homer, True knights of the Internet! Where else would anyone get this input and support. THANK YOU. Perhaps I will be able to keep you all after all.



Smyrna said...

Vis, I'm looking for a link to the great essay that Darkmoon wrote about the Tribe control and degradation of the Art game. Any help cobber?

Visible said...

William, go back and look at how that description is worded in the post.


Smyma, the keywords and her name brings it all up- The Plot Against Art.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#24-Yes I do have a blog. I've been blogging for years, and it's about as obnoxious as you can get. I'm insulting, iconoclastic, and I take if everyone goes right, I go left to the utmost extreme. It is informative, but if you don't take the abuse personally, you might get a kick out of it. And despite all my promotion of cannibalism, I have NOT eaten anyone. . .YET!


(Also, good luck telling if I'm serious or not. I ain't tellin'!)

Smyrna said...

Muchos gracias, Vis. 'The Plot against Art' aint on her site anymore.

I hope plenty of folk read that essay. I need it for a relative who is waking up.

Visible said...

Smyma, there's also a part 2

Smyrna said...

Yes, part 2 is right there at the end of part 1, no problem. Thanks Vis.

How they must laugh!

Visible said...

She's quite the brilliant writer.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Sirius Bidness in Times of Material Darkness.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Infinite and Complex Symphony of Shiva's Drum.

David Fiske said...

Hi Vis,
I found the “Singing Detective” didn't live up to to its good beginning which was intriguing.
The full “Brideshead Revisited” (Waugh )is a great wonder and hypnotic TV.
The world is full of the bizarre. “Forbidden Knowledge” had film about a 3000 metre USA UFO that shot down the Malaysian jet to warn Russia what it could do.
There is nothing you can say but someone will believe it.
Not a discerning world.
You are right, stick to those that love the Light (God).

Visible said...

I've seen every film made from Waughs work as I have seen everyone made from Maughams work and read everything he's written, along with Saki (who is an interesting story). These are my favorites along with Twain, Kipling, Conrad, Poe well... there are a lot of them. If I start listing favorite authors I'll be here all night.

I liked the Singing Detective for it's eclecticism. I give latitude for things that deliver certain things. When it comes to films, personal taste is a mysterious thing and it's the only thing one has to satisfy. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I watched "Mr. Nobody" the other night and think it's way better than the similarly arranged "Eternal Sunshine" which I thought was actually pretty weak in comparison.



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