Thursday, October 09, 2014

9/11, ISIS, ISIL and The Black Art of Reversed Kabala.

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ISIS stands for, The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria AND ISIL stands for, The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. I mention this because I am pretty sure that most people do not know what these acronyms or initialisms are. This is human nature. Our eyes see things and our minds bounce off of them. It's human nature. A trained professional focus is something possessed by competent scientists, detectives; people who must have it in order to be effective at what they do. Hermetic Scientists and Occult Scientists, competent Metaphysicians must also possess this, IF... they expect to get anywhere useful or profound in their efforts. Of course, with these last avocations, one needs more than a trained professional focus. One is engaged in a pursuit that can turn dangerous and which requires, besides an unusual skill set, certain qualities of being that must be strong enough to stand against certain 'inevitable' tests. This is why I state, unequivocally, one must have help.

I have had people argue with me about this. They've got that 'Invictus' mindset of theirs. Maybe they've been consistently successful at all the other things they've tried so far and this particular area of inquiry shouldn't be any different. Well... it is. In every other area of endeavor, most of the time, you are dealing with circumstances and entities of a temporal sort. The skill set required is no great stretch for a determined soul. On the other hand, when one is swimming in these other waters, one is dealing with conditions and entities of a more timeless sort AND... some of them can be clever beyond anything previously experienced in The Human Theater of the Interactive and they can be malicious and mendacious to an alarming degree. It's not smart and it's not sane to swim in unknown waters, unless you are swimming with someone who knows them well. That's my view on the matter and I speak from direct and varied experience.

Wake from Your Slumbers is one of the best truth sites on the internet. They usually have their fingers on the pulse of the moment, in terms of what is critical to know, like this and, as always, there's more to the story. As is usually the case, because the whole of The Bitch Hydra Media is owned by The Snake of Satanic Zionism, we don't hear about the thousands dead, the torture, the mass graves; all courtesy of Victoria Neuland, Point Priestess of The Zio-Ogre in the Ukraine and her nasty little weasel on a leash, Poroschenko, also a Tribe member. When it comes to murder and mayhem they always seem to have a supply. They are actively pressing for war with Russia. In their maniacal hubris they believe they have the edge.

Neuland's husband is that odious toad of a mass murderer, Robert Kagan, co-founder of PNAC and 9/11 architect, along with Ehud Barack and Dov Zakheim. Of course, there are other principle players but these are some of the greasy heavyweights in one of the most monstrous crimes of the last hundred years and WHY is this a monstrous crime? It is because most everything bad that has come about in the aftermath has been because of it. This is how Homeland Insecurity was born and then headed by Skull Chertoff; yet another dual national Israeli neo-con. TSA came out of this Zionist Israeli inspired hit against the USA. With the limitless funds provided by their central banks, they have been able to infiltrate and further corrupt the already bent nosed intelligence agencies in several critical nations. Basically they own the joint and it all come down to the money, with one important and powerful accessory and that is The Black Arts of Reversed Kabala.

Ironically, I've been watching John Carpenter's "The Thing" during the writing of this post. That's what they remind me of, the creature in the film.

Let's take a short ride in The Way Back Machine. I'll leave my saucer pod as collateral. History has been efficiently destroyed, obscured and or distorted and as a result 99.99% of us know very little about what was going on back around the time of The Chaldeans and certainly even less about anything going on before. We pretty much know jackshit about the ancient Egyptian periods. Most of this is hidden behind ridiculous speculation, fantasy, junk science and Beavis and Butthead archaeology, along with the usual block-headed academic pseudo intellectualism. Please feel free to enjoy the cheese cubes and white wine.

Much of this is intentional because behind the scenes are two versions of secret societies. Most of the time, the good guys are firmly in charge and those with a preference for the dark side have to make do with the small amount of secrets they are 'allowed' to steal from the legitimate fellowships that have been around longer than anyone can remember. These times are not like most of the time. These are the times, up until recently, when the bad guys get to wreak havoc across the landscape and the dumb cattle posing as the human race get to wind up on the hooks. This is the time when all kinds of Karma gets played out. Recently the bad guys have been running into snags. Things have become somewhat more unpredictable but nothing like they are about to be.

Anyway... back in the day, way back in the day, various sacred and not so sacred magics proliferated in various cultures and certain particular, less than human, traffickers with demons and the like were busy trying to steal everything they could get up next to. That included languages, as well as other peoples histories, anything that might give them a kind of legitimate heritage in the coming age of darkness which can be defined as that period which includes 'most' all of this phase of recorded history. Though cultures come and go and all kinds of technologies and philosophical mindsets and religions come and go, or morph from one thing into another, MAGIC does not change. The same invisible forces are what they were and they can be fooled about with by people with the required information concerning various possible means of manipulating them. The world as we know it today is very much under the spell of these tinhorn sorcerers but... their time is extremely limited. Some of them know this and some of them don't know this but it makes them antsy and pissed off regardless of what they know or don't know and they are also being supernaturally pressed forward and as a result, they are exposing themselves all over the map.

Behind the scenes, all of the dupes formerly deceived, or at least placated by graft or intimidated by threat, are increasingly aware of the terrible nature of the enemy in their midst and the scale of evil at work internationally. By now, a great many of them are aware of what is intended by the psychopaths. They know that nuclear devices are secreted in various Israeli embassies. They know what's going on in the corridors of power because a lot of them are in those corridors of power and they know that Cthulhu is slinking through the mix. They can't tolerate it any longer so... all factions are turning on all other factions or are about to.

A lot of dark entities have been brought on to the playing fields of the manifest plane through the medium of massive blood spills, in areas around the world, from Gaza to wherever it is that these hideous creatures are performing their ongoing acts of torture, outrage and murder, in order to invoke their presence. Of course, they think they are in control of these forces but that is an illusion. These forces are loyal to nothing. Even their dark lord only keeps them subject through fear and arcane restraints, given also that the dark lord has a great deal of borrowed power, which automatically creates fealty among the shit golems of the deep.

Across the span of the connected millennium there have been very, very few who have been in a position to control forces such as are being spoken of here. Some are names you may have heard of but the general portrait of these individuals runs from the farcical to the fantastic, like Solomon et al.

What is any individual expected to do when faced with the magnitude of evil and corruption that presently abounds? Unless you are a very, very exceptional being, more than human really, there is little you can do other than act appropriately within your own area of enterprise. Unless one has done sufficient work upon themselves they aren't even going to be in a position to do much good in any case. The good news is that all of this is being orchestrated and not by the people who think they are doing so. They are merely players in a cosmic drama of demonstration. It's one of those life lessons that comes around in times like these AND 'this cycle' is the merge matrix of a Grand Cycle and all kinds of things available in a more limited sense in 'the usual' times like these are... hmmm, you know what? Words fail me in my efforts to define the range of possibilities that are there for those who can see them. They only exist for those who can see them so, what difference does it make what I can or cannot state or describe? You'll know it when you see it... if you can see it in yourself. Whatever is inside you is the determinant of what you can see anywhere else or in anyone else.

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missingarib said...

Vis, as i sit here sharing your thoughts about the micro and macro world events , pictures and stories manipulated or distorted by the writers personal bias, historically and present event reporting as unreliable. The destruction of people and places ,the exhaustion of our physical being as well as what seems like self immolation on personal and societal scale. I conclude as your do that Whatever is inside you is the determinant of what you can see anywhere else or in anyone else.

The mental confusion or honest understanding of ones personal decline into old age engages me completely it seems . I have only one pressing ambition that is to connect with the instructions of the sages that have had that epiphany that eureka moment. The Lords of antiquity offered a map and instructions

"Impermanent, subject to change, are component things. Strive on with heedfulness!" This was the final admonition of the Buddha Gotama to his disciples.
And when the Buddha had passed away,Sakka, the chief of the deities, uttered the following:
Impermanent are all component things,
They arise and cease, that is their nature:
They come into being and pass away,
Release from them is bliss supreme.

much love
live long

Anonymous said...

Even the bad times are good - for those who know why they're here.

Ray B. said...

Vis, good column. It seems like this one was 2/3 Visible Origami. Cool!

Vis: "It's not smart and it's not sane to swim in unknown waters, unless you are swimming with someone who knows them well. That's my view on the matter and I speak from direct and varied experience."

Sometimes "someone who knows them well" can be odd indeed. I had a period around 1980 when I would occasionally get 'mellow', as it were. One time, I was in a drop-back chair, accompanied by a cat who liked to lay out on my chest. I had this 'urge' to leave the body through the top of my head. As this intent built up, the cat's head raised up, his eyes really-widened as he 'looked' at something just beyond my head, and he went into an alert, defensive 'readiness'. I immediately 'knew' that someone/something was behind me, just waiting for me to leave the body. With a certain amount of apprehension, I 'squelched' that impulse and spent the rest of the time firmly in my body. I credit that cat with possibly changing my life experience. "Someone" indeed...

By the way, that is why I like to 'commune' with unseen folks of lots of different levels. Each group is 'specialized' to their own circumstances, and often are relatively 'ignorant' of other areas. Some part of me is 'sopping up' knowledge of different levels, in order not to be a complete 'rube' at a given level. Of course, total knowledge is impossible. So, I mostly depend on Higher Self to 'fill in'. Works for me...
Vis: "...MAGIC does not change. The same invisible forces are what they were and they can be fooled about with by people with the required information concerning various possible means of manipulating them."

As I became 'sensitive' to various levels of consciousness, it was interesting to 'browse' the energies of different magick books. Some were quite intense, and one could 'tiptoe' around the edges and get a 'feeling' as to who was involved. A few were of the High Magic feeling, and one could feel the 'camaraderie' and high intent of the people/forces involved. Others kind of raised the hackles on the back of the neck and caused an impulsive backing-away, and were also indications of the (perhaps hidden) intent of the 'folks' involved. It was amazing that both of these types might be in the same bookshelf. Buyer beware...

In the Otherwhere, I have run into both kinds of individuals/groups. It is a big world 'out there', beyond the shackles of ordinary consciousness. I like it!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

My understanding is that ISIS has another meaning. ISIS is the female Christ, and by my calculations we are due for a Christ. Perhaps God thought if he sent a female Christ the men would not crucify her!!!!!!!!! Anything is possible.

As for the reversed Kabala, it is my understanding that God permitted this to occur in order to test humanity. The old saying of no pain no gain. How else do you get the Christos to germinate and rise?
How else do you get an entire species to consciously evolve? My answer is you put them under great pressure?

True, I have no way of knowing what is. I rely upon my feelings and guidance from within. At this point I really don't give a shit. I am here to cause as much havock as possible because change is needed. I am very good at chaos :o).

The way I look at it we have nothing left to lose, so as long as we don't breach God's Law (do not harm another, harm their property, or commit fraud) we are protected. At least that is what I have been told. My personal experience is that the best way to upset TPTW and their little enterprise is to shout the truth from the rooftops, as you are doing Vis,


Luv your sister in truth.

PS. Anyone who wants to start in on me for being a female had better realise that I use idiots like you for motivation, so if you think you can scare me off you would be WRONG!

Cheers Kazz

Anonymous said...

and all this time I thought ISIS stood for the Israeli Secret Intelligence Services..oops

Teresa said...

Dear Viz,

My life has always been hard. I have been tested, broken, re-forged and broken again. I know why I am here. I always fight. The war is here, again. This is my bad Karma. I have been here before. I am not smart enough to do anything other than fight.

To my beloved Viz and commenters, stick to the truth as best as you know how.

Begging your forgiveness, and with love,


Anonymous said...

Robert Kagan's spawn is Elena Kagan, a Justice of the US Supreme Court--or in the inimitable words of Vis: "those nine vultures sitting on the dead branches of the Constitution."

Small tribalist world, eh?

(Cheers, Vis--and I'm actively hopeful that you find your new home--or that it finds you--very soon. Here's my vote for one of the smaller enclaves in the Bahamas chain.)

Anonymous said...

PS: I think especially of you--and the wisdom of your writing--whenever I listen to "The Day is Coming" by My Morning Jacket. Been listening to it quite a lot these days.

Anonymous said...

ISIS stands for, The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
You are wrong !
ISIS stand for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

Kazz said...

No doubt the more recent name of ISIS may very well be capitalised to spell out anything the global elite want it to, however if you do your homework, which I have; I have studied ancient Egyptian religion at university, and I assure you the early Egyptian Goddess known as Isis, wife of Osiris, mother of Horus, has long been rumoured to be the female god head incarnate.

You are too quick to argue, after all how many of you have actually studied ancient Egyptian religion?

I have also been to Egypt, absolutely fascinating place, and the people were lovely.

Cheers Kazz

Visible said...

I think some people are just being snarky ad don't give a damn one way or the other about the meaning. It' in the nature of a certain strain of anonymous.

Alan Jong said...

I try to be as unbiased as possible, and so I went and read some of Robert Kagan's work. First of all his writing is boring compared to yours. There was a couple of things that I noticed right up front, Their interested in maintaining the dominance the United States has over the entire world whatever it is, economically mostly, so in his perspective China's already an enemy, and Russia invaded Ukraine. It's the kind of person our education system produces, and it's self defeating. They're living in a small bubble of like minded people, and their only view of the rest of society is based on data, numbers, and statistics. Their strategic interest for maintaining U.S hegemony, is related to having a level of control over the natural resources of the Planet, or easy access to them. Most Americans don't read policy papers and things like that because it's boring material to glop over. He's just a neocon, and while from their perspective they might be guided by ideals like, that the U.S will more democratically distribute those resources or what not, universal law affect it in this way. "The more you try to hold on to something the more it slips away." God gave freedom not slavery. The chaos in the Middle East now is a prime example of that. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, as they say.

Alan Jong said...

The system is in such a state, corporations that are publicly traded are slaves, you can be a slave owner, and that slave either profits you or not. Say for instance you got into apple early enough, that slave made you some money right? In a system where corporations are slaves beholden to shareholders, there are a lot fewer freemen in the world. The world in enslaved by shareholders, the problem is some have been conditioned to believe money is the end, money is only a means to an end, money being an end in itself is the present day root of all evil. Money as a means to an end is neutral, could be used for good or evil.

BCii said...

Greetings, friends!

It's always a pleasure to come by Vis' online living room / buffet table. I do so almost every day.

I've been unraveling some deep knots of the mind here these past days. Some things, when you finally first get them, seem so revolutionary and radical, and yet so simple and obvious, like, why didn't I see that before? How come no one ever told me that? This is one thing I wish I'd gotten years ago: Heart Centered Attention. That's been almost like the 'missing link' in my whole journey up to now. God! I'm glad it's clearing up. Now I can finally start getting 'unstuck.' It's that hypnotic vortex of the mind going loopty-loopty-loop that I've been stuck in for ages, never realizing what it was that set me free in those occasional moments of spontaneity, joy, and fearlessness.

I'll just leave this here, no time for more at the moment. Thanks to everyone. Your presence is a gift immeasurable.

Your brother on the road,
William T.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Sticky Web Syndrome and the Densities of Dream.

galen said...


Winter postpones many things

but never has there not come spring


Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth coming to actual light, rendering actual justice, will also render the saying "truth is stranger than fiction" (science fiction and fantasy too) to be quite the quintessential verity. Good luck and God bless to all those out there if you even need it...

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Pinhead Infantry of the Ignorant Armies of Night.

Kazz said...

Dear Teresa,

We are here because we fight! God has sent his Christian soldiers to deal with these demons. Christ was a warrior who stood fast and bowed to no Man or Woman, which is why the Satanist's/money lenders crucified him, or did they? We are all equal under God's Law. I do not beg anything of anyone. The only force I bow to is the Divine force, my Father!

All who bow to Man belong to Satan! Each one of us must ask which master we serve!!!!!!!!!!

Luv Kazz



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