Thursday, October 16, 2014

Soros, the Khmer Rouge and the Harmonica Virgins

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

It could be just me. Sometimes that's all it is. However... fortunately and unfortunately as well, that is not always the case, probably not even by half. There is this palpable sense of imminence in the air. It's been rising in recent days from about the level of a hummingbird's fart to an ocean roar. At the moment it's the ordinary sound of waves coming upon the beach, nothing spectacular or booming, as they sometimes are when the waves are a few meters high and come crashing upon the sand in a most convincing fashion.

This sense I'm getting is, like I said, of imminence and that implies something that would be imminent. It's not a looming specter kind of imminence, sometimes attended by clouds of war or... the image of ghost rider horseman, whose black steeds are stamping on the aethers, foretelling famine and pestilence and those other sidekicks, riding equestrian shotgun, along with hordes of wraiths and sundry trailing in the wake.

This particular imminence has a giddy surrealism to it, as if all those supernatural portents that have been heralded for so long and never arrived are finally, finally about to show up. On the day that The Harmonica Virgins arrived, I drove up and down the Hana Highway, hoping whatever it was would catch me in the act. I felt nothing. I saw nothing. I lack those New Age genes that make it possible for a person to simulate occurrence, in lieu of actual occurrence, which is a pretty nifty thing to have and which one is able to naturally manufacture, when authenticity is secondary to appearances in ones list of priorities. Regardless of that, nothing happened. Following that there was Y2K AND... nothing happened. Then there was 2012 AND... nothing happened. There might have been a few other signal cosmic events but none of those happened either, so far as I know. I think it's safe to say that nothing along these lines has yet happened. Nothing good has happened but there have been all kinds of bad events and pandemics of excess, just in case we were short on things to capture our attention.

The reason I say that this seems to be a positive imminence is because I am experiencing major upgrades on a positive level. Of course, simultaneously along with this, all kinds of truly awful things can come about. I'm thinking the whole thing is location specific and maybe, at the same time, mucho good and mucho bad can both come about in tandem... at a distance, except in those case where the good and the bad are standing close together and any of this actually applies to them anyway, which it does, which it does.

On the negative end we have burning questions like this one. Why are these plagues appearing all of a sudden? Why are there so many of them and why are all of them so virulent? The obvious answer is that those in control of the government are expediting the spread of these lab generated poisons for a particular purpose. What is that purpose? This we do not know; not exactly. We could speculate and come up with several purposes and intents but... is that all? I don't know.

What I know is that, given what I have seen, there is nothing so vile, craven or evil that they would hesitate a moment in performing it. Still furthermore, is it all a hoax? One can't help but wonder is it all a hoax? I don't know.

When The Truth takes off her clothes, the world disappears. At that juncture one can go skinny dipping in the pools of infinity and sunbathe on the rocks of time. In the meantime you got to slog through the mud of materialism; sucking at your ankles and trying to climb your legs as if it were a living thing, which, by this time it is a shit golem sort of way.

Years ago, I met one of the famous astrologers of the time; Robert Aiken. He had just arrived from Hollywood where he was doing charts for the stars. He was a very suave, very cool guy AND... if you ever got a reading from him you would never forget it. He presented your reading to you as a dramatic event, standing up and coming off the cuff; as he spoke his words pinged off of me with such realism that I was high once he got done. I never met another like him. I could hear the truth as he spoke it to me. This is incidental to what I am going to say next. I don't want to imply that what he said was so but... maybe when you hear it all and see it in context I won't come off as trying to make myself into something I'm not. I got a reason for it all.

In the course of giving me his reading he said that my chart was eerily like Krishnamurti's. I'd heard of the guy but not read much by or about him. That remains the case to this day. He wasn't, apparently, a very nice person (grin). He was what polite society would call 'difficult'. He was especially unkind to the young. There's more but that's his life. So... I went home and told my girlfriend, who at that time was Judy Roth, the former wife of Manny Roth, who owned The Cafe Wha and other places in Greenwich Village. At that time period he didn't like me much. Years later he opened a place in Woodstock and I would perform there and... we became friends.

I told her what Robert said and, as a result Robert tracked me down and said, “I said your chart was very much like Krishnamurti's. I did not mean to imply that you are Krishnamurti or that your life would go as his did. It won't, if only because you will be coming up in different times.” This was one of those things where you tell someone something and they repeat it back to someone else but they embellish it. I bring this up in order to confirm that I am not always a nice guy, my principles get in the way and they are stronger than I am. Maybe I shouldn't have beaten all that metaphysics into my head over the years.

I bring this up because I want to talk about this, once again, Mark Twain's line about statistics runs through my mind, “There are lies, damned lies and then there are statistics. No way do I believe that 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted. It may not seem like a lot but it is. Imagine how stunned I was to find that this particular slant on the man woman dynamic was invented by a Tribe Member; Jaclyn Freidman. Her article called "My Sluthood, Myself" is pretty revealing. When you study the women's feminist movement you find that the leaders are mostly Tribe members, or gay, or both. This too is very revealing.

I'm sure when the Communist movement began, as all movements do from the ideological level, what was presented turned out to be very different from what happened. Today, that fatuous pseudo-intellectual, Bernard Levy talks one way and means another. Sartre used to hold forth in Parisian cafes and I'm guessing some of the upper crust of the Khmer Rouge did too. It's interesting how things come off the drawing board, in drawing rooms and cafes and then continue and continue until they permeate the medium they are after. This is what happened behind the cultural veil of Peace and Love in the '60's. Over the years I have watched it happen. I saw those types on university campuses. These days they are the professors; not all of them but certainly too many. Political Correctness is the same, whether it is the Khmer Rouge or any of the pennants that flutter and wave under the sign of it. Here is a contemporary example. The woman's face says it all.

The only reason that Political Correctness is not at the same level as the Khmer Rouge had it is that it hasn't evolved to that level yet. It is beyond debate who, what group, is behind these various movements and who gives them financial support. It's similar to when they lobby for and finance color revolutions and insurgent activity around the world. It's not like this is any big mystery. It's not like Little Georgie Soros is completely under the radar. Sure, 'their mass media' bought with extorted, central banking, ghost money bypasses him and sure, it paints all of these movements in a positive light. It's all about conditioning. The middle mass of the population is not very smart and possibly much less so these days. Regular media massage puts them in a relaxed frame of mind, sufficient for brainwashing. Sometimes it is the reverse of relaxed. Any halfway aware person can see through all of this in a heartbeat. Still... that would be a minority in today's intellectual climate.

So... maybe I'm not very nice bringing some of these things up but... by comparison with them I am as sweet as honey. This is how today's world comes across to the insightful. There is one promising note in all of this. It is visibly apparent that the world is out of balance and getting more so by the day and of one thing you can be absolutely certain; balance will be restored. Depending on just how out of balance things are at any particular location or time, upon that rests the severity of the necessary readjustments. As Lao Tzu says, “for a time bad men may press forward and prosper,” 'For a time'... and the whole point of all of that is to give ample time for the susceptible to align with the downward course, or for those whose intelligence immune system makes it possible for them to walk the spiral in the other direction. What is is. What is not is not. People can argue till the end of time about which is which. It changes nothing in the most important sense. Either you draw close to reality or you depart from it ...and as for the later, some form of self interest is always the cause. It makes you wonder, “is that really self interest?” In a way I suppose it is, if you're bat shit crazy. Things will turn out right when the time comes for it.

End Transmission.......

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Todd said...

Thank you Vis. Another enlightener. I became lost in links from your question/link of "is it a hoax?". The deeper I went, the darker it got, until I came upon the zionist protocols. Holy fuckin'A. Spells out exactly the course of events to kill off the goyims with an epidemic.
That is only one "idea" expressed in that old tripe. You've never let up on the jew angle, and i thought at first you might be prejudiced. No need to pre at all. They got some kinda track record, in-deed. So I apologize for my prejudice of you on that.
Since I stumbled onto Smoking Mirrors as a curious glazier a couple years ago, my awareness of shit has been scary. My thanks to you is genuine, if only in spirit.
Thanks again,

Visible said...

I would have let your post stand 'D' but you included so many slanderous lies. Somehow you got me defending the Catholic Church and all kinds of other rubbish. I know what your real problem is so... it just makes me smile. You're no part of the community here anyway and I've had it with people telling me the Jews should be learned from and served because they are so successful at nasty shit. If you find it possible to tell the truth you can post here, otherwise, not and you can interpret that anyway you want, it doesn't get another moments thought from me.

est said...

i just heard the geese, up overhead
their headed down to 'dead creek' [vt]

where they gather and feed
on their way back down south

i rode by there once awhile back
they fill the fields surrounding

canadian, snow, sure there's a few more
they keep telling me 'go south, go south

vera said...

It's not just you. The imminence pervades every second. The pace has quickened. Its even in the wind. It definitely has a positive feel to it. Maybe reinforcements REALLY are coming. It was OUR timing that was confused from the start. From here on out Broad Daylight Awareness is the order of the day. Eyes Wide Open, No Fear! Bring on the Imminence. Too far in to look back! Best of luck to you. May the Ineffable provide you with protection as you keep blasting the culprits. They have usurped the whole world. At least they haven't taken your voice and skill at getting the truth out there. For that be grateful. Things are speeding faster than light. Can't wait till you post another. Oh by the way, Mark Twain had quite a perspective on evils seen and unseen. Quite the fan of his. Take care.
With love,

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

I agree about political correctness, it is a crock of bull. I don't believe one can pick up a dog turd from the clean side either!

As far as your not believing the statistics of 1 in 6 women, well I do. I do because more than 50% of the women I know have been raped. Some have horror stories that make my experience look like a Mary Poppin's interlude.

Now it may be that women in the West are more susceptible to rape because they have more freedom, which I wouldn't give up in a pink fit! It could just be that my girlfriends, just per chance, happen to be quite attractive women. I can't explain why my experience is so different from what you all perceive to be your reality, but I can state emphatically that more than half the women I personally know, which is a fair number of women, have been raped. Many were raped or molested in their childhood. Please note that this has not made any of us man haters, because we all realise that different folks have different strokes. Please keep in mind that men who do interfere with women and children, which we know the Tribe do, are not necessarily a high statistic of males, but they don't need to be; how many children and women can one man rape and molest in their life time? The answer is a lot. You see most women never report such incidents because if it goes to trial your life is scrutinised, not the criminals! Even if a gal is a nice girl she can be made look like a slut by a good lawyer if she has had a couple of boyfriends. Face it, we do live in a male dominated society. Having said that I hate how women who rise to power all seem to lose that feminine aspect which makes us girls, girls.

I could not tell you how many times I stopped someone from raping me, because I am who I am. Other girls, who are not so assertive are not so lucky :O(. As I said in an earlier post I like to live on the edge, but having said that I never take unnecessary risks. I am not a tease either!!! I have not had to in order to be under great risk. Add alcohol and I can tell you many decent men no longer remain decent. Far too many people have a habit of justifying their bad behaviour by blaming it on others, and in relation to this issue that is a big problem.

Luv you brother but on this topic you are no expert. The girls I know all agree with me, sad to say. Perhaps the reason there are so many gay women can be accounted for as a result of what I have described too? Don't worry guys the majority of us simply are not Taco minded :o).

Cheers Kazz

robert said...

(part one of three)

End Game Now

The only danger from the latest last-chance-power-grab is to your psychic attitude and your spirit to be free. That and from the fear-driven human animals around you, willing to kill you if you don’t act in conformity to worshipped yet proven corrupt authorities ready to cage you.

It really is funny as hell to watch this play out, as long as you have detached your identity from your egoic perception of your life.

The fear-dominated elites have tried to rollout a series of bio-weapons (AIDS, SARS, HN51, Swine flu and Ebola, the first movement, etc., etc.) which ALL turned out to be duds as bio-weapons. Each deliberate inoculation of the weapons was accompanied, if you recall, by a chorus or outrageous hype and fear-mongering, to cheer on the viruses and “catapult the propaganda” as Cokie Wet Brain was heard to comment.

Lies upon lies upon lies still could not convince reality, nor overcome the counterforces which Life brings to the table, humbling the best-laid plans of rats and demented men. Back to the back rooms for more back door entertainment!

Meanwhile, the oozing agendas continue to corrupt bureaucrats everywhere until what appears to be a perfect storm of “circumstances”, carefully poisoning the will with a diet of overwhelming bullshit, crushed economies and the weapons of environmental warfare.

What a radical and precipitous perceptual shift, with the potential to blow up the entire skirt of the demonic hyper-cunts trying to run things, when this latest manufactured crisis is realized to be, NOT Nature’s fury in reaction to the sins of mass humanity but merely human and demonic intentional attacks on Life, trying to force events according to plan, but running out of time.

All the pseudo “Scientism” employed to present selected facts, in a smaller and smaller conceptual box, has trained the non-thinkers to weigh false evidence appearing real (or F.E.A.R for short) on the basis of the emotional reactions it triggers. This leads to an overwhelmed mind, by sheer volume, in the sense of loudness (those “talking” heads are actually YELLING in a controlled, nasal vocal posture) and by the 24X7 coverage across the globe, aided by the power of the hypnotic resonance of the mass mind in programmed reaction.

The primary mental martial art is to step aside, like a Matador, step outside of the box, outside of egoic boundaries, outside one’s tiny personal mental sphere concerned only with survival of habits. Simple logic and pure reason can deflate the Macy’s day balloon monsters before they grow close enough to fill all of visual space with scary scale.

Once the obvious pattern in plain sight is perceived, presuming that one’s head is extracted from one’s sphincter (Hey! anyone else notice that the Star of David resembles nothing more than a perfectly symmetric asshole?) it IS game over. The age-old pattern, once more subtly pervasive, now blatantly in your face, of those malificent manipulators, unwilling to let go of the illusory reins on the billion-mule team train, will be seen as playing their final card permitted them, praying to their shit that their final bluff will work this time….

::aylenche than

robert said...

(part two of three)

Too cowardly to carry forth on WWIII, and the deliberate crushing crashing of the economic engines world-wide taking too damn long, this latest hoax is intended to be the icing on the cake or the lube upon the *&#@. Just as before with all the other dud bio-weapons (almost as if there are natural and supernatural counter forces…) it is gambit to see who blinks first: the cowardly cold-hearts or the sleeping giant.

Tell a lie often enough (etc) and this is the 5th or 6th major try at this ploy, and this time, ALL of the collaborating, power- sucking podlings are shrilling and shilling!

Oh, all the “well-meaning” collaborators in the propaganda MEdia-Matrix! How they are bleating non-stop to make this happen for their masters, all remaining soul is for sale and it must be fun for a day, thinking you are part of the top gang, the insiders on a mass humanity takedown try!

Ooops! Mr Apocalypse and Lady Nature and the sleeping Eye-of-Odin’s distributed throughout the core of humanity have something to say and that turning on a pinhead point arrives, the fear gives way to a joyous certainty!

The realization that, Finally! the moment of the shift has arrived!

This most blatant wet dream of the evil-loving ones being hawked and pushed by the entire propaganda MEdia-Matrix, to have “cause” to finally and openly, do the last cattle roundup (“for the good of the chirren!”) means that we are here:

The test of faith over fear, keeping your own counsel or conforming to the reactive mass mind.

The tipping point will be when, due to the limits on shouting lies 24X7 to overcome deaths-on-the-ground facts, new and untested inoculations begin to be deployed to increase the phantom numbers into single digits and actually create the epidemic, and will be made mandatory, on pain of death, involuntary quarantine, er incarceration or exile from the social networks! Oh, the horror of being cut off from your dumb phone!

Look at the bright side: If your worst fears are realized when you allow your manifestation machine to make them real, you won’t have to contemplate suicide to leave this vale of tears, that karma falls upon those who would impregnate you with their precious, their proud creation, the latest bio-weapon, which you have to fire point blank into a mass number of bodies to get it to a high enough kill ratio to live up to its hype.

Nothing says “I love you!” like a cowardly jab of toxic poison in the name of health!

When the dominant message stands exposed, minus the indirection, that individual choice must give way to the “needs” of the many (actually the psychotic needs of the very, very few!), when the “greater good” is invoked by the dark sorcerers, just as in all war propaganda, as trumping the free will of sovereign beings, instantly it is revealed as false, corrupt evil (redundant!) out for its last spin cycle around the block heads!

::tsrfas which

robert said...

(part three of three)

Lest you think elation is inappropriate at this time, consider the patterns:

First, cui bono, who benefits from stampeding and/or culling herd? The deliberate crashing of the teetering economies is accelerated, leading to a most desirable chaos in which brute force can flaunt its naked exhibitionism and mass death and destruction can be hastened, under the fog of chaos.

Second, we have seen this movie before, many times, as the mass mind is conditioned to see it as inevitable at some point and perceived as a natural punishment for collective guilt, a brain-dead reaction fostered by the Church of the State and all Its acolytes!

Third, NONE of the usual suspects is in ANY danger whatsoever, and the bangsters have the heat taken off of them and placed instead upon the medical industry cartel, along with the ineffectual political bureaucrats, thereby preparing the way for the NWO to take over what remains.

Reading the comments at ZeroHedge, where many smart people have long detected the oozing stain of the dark lord’s minions (zionists and wannabe demon-suckers) and where, in reaction, more than 60-70% of the commentators now are paid black-agency trolls, trying madly to dilute the truth being revealed with avalanches of juvenile distractions, it is notable that even some of the most astute are not yet seeing this at more than face value, as an obvious end game, as yet another Sandy Hook hoax, perpetrated right before their eyes, by the seeming consensus of the “intelligentsia”.

This illustrates what Visible points out about the absolute requirement to nurture and train your inner perception, and paying attention to one’s own state of spiritual attunement, lest we fall into the pit of despair and mass mind doomsday down spirals.

The craven opportunists, beginning with the governor of the state where Sandy Hook was staged, are licking their own asses over the chance to look down travel, and lock up freedom of movement, with authorization to use deadly force, to “save you”. Make no mistake: this is the end game in action. This is the perfect storm, whether it blows itself into a premature ejaculation or not, this is the demonstration you have been looking for!

Time to find your courage and sense of humor and prepare to be amazed at the depths of demonic depravity and the heights of human individuality. The terminally cynical need not arouse themselves from their spiritual slumber and may sleep through the action altogether, or perhaps die in their sleep...

Cheers Mates! It’s Game On!

::same syrstaf

Anonymous said...

what a post.


insiam said...

" ...... which makes us girls, girls. "

One can understand a lot from a few words Kazz. I would never use the term 'us men'. Why? Because it immediatley speaks of seperation. Division!

I am so glad that the 'girls' in my family do not consdier the world by your personal and unique point of view.

From your perspective the whole world should be a sex crime scene. However, in your own words the said rapists 'are not necessarily a high statistic of males'. So are we to assume that a minority of men are raping 60% of all women. They must be very busy!

Skepticfrog said...


Math classes are in order for you.

She writes: "1 in 6 is a believable number". It being true or not, is not the issue.
The issue is, that in order to disparage her comment, you throw in a bogus number of "60%".
Math lesson: 1 in 6 is = 16.66%.

I do not know if it is a demonstration of miserable math skills, or a deliberate lie to distort/discredit, but I detest both, and question your credibility.
Having THIS(!) poor math skills, puts EVERYTHING in question you opine or state, never mind the other alternative - which is even worse.

In the US - based on my daughter's experience - the 16% (including date rapes) is quite believable and I would not be overly surprised if it approaches 20%.(I hope it does not).

Anonymous said...

According to this something could have happened in dec 2012, or not who knows...

Visible said...

Heh heh... I'm afraid that is not much of an indication of anything and taking it out logically; nothing happened following it. As for psychic readings, they can come from anywhere and often do. They are very different from revelation.I am not seeking to contradict you at all nor seeking to be negative. This is just what came into my mind immediately following.

Kazz said...

Insiam and other doubting Thomas's,

I am not quite sure of what you are trying to say, so I will not respond unkindly.

All I know is that most of us are aware that the Tribe regularly rape children and kill them in sacrifices, we also know that members of these organisations are very much dominated by their sexual organs, we also know that we are living in the Kali Yuga, which is a time of great evil, so it is a no boner that lots of women are currently at the mercy of such fiends. We know demons roam more freely upon this realm at this time so I am at a loss as to why any one would even challenge my account.

As far us girls being girls, my point is that those women who get into positions of authority (for example Hillary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher types) are not really girls!!!!!!! In case you have not noticed these people lack any humanity towards their fellow human beings, which is, usually, not a girlie thing to do. Most girls are soft inside so they don't go around mass killing other people, and I believe the same can be said for men. So my only question is if you believe those in power are the same as you and me why are they doing the hideous things they are? Their lackies are forced to follow in their footsteps.


You may challenge many things but I am a truthful person, which is why I read Vis. If you disagree with this and wish to challenge my honesty than I must question your motive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My comment stands and if you don't like it I don't really care, because I know that I speak the truth. Perhaps the truth is just a little too unsettling for YOU!!!!

I was reading recently that last year over 12,000 women were raped in the US military, and over 14,000 males were raped. I suppose those statistics were made up too??

Get over it!!! The fact is this world is not a very safe place, whether you like it or not, and wish as you may you cannot protect your women 24 hours a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is why I suggest you teach them some form of self defence. My first defence teacher was my father. My father actually told me if I did not have a clean hit to lay there and not fight, so I might be lucky enough not to get too beat up or killed. My father was obviously not as naive as many of the men on this site. Thank Heavens!!!!!

Cheers Kazz

INSIAM said...

Skeptictoad ....

kazz has said in more than one occasion that she believes 6 out of 10 women have been raped and/or sexusally abused.

so as the auld saying goes 'look before you leap'

shoudl be second nature to toads :)

on this occasion she was resoonding to Vis's comment that he didn't believe one in six.

She believes 6 out of 10 whch is 60%. so taody you need to do some reading before you make such derogataory statements:

"I do not know if it is a demonstration of miserable math skills, or a deliberate lie to distort/discredit, but I detest both, and question your credibility.
Having THIS(!) poor math skills, puts EVERYTHING in question you opine or state, never mind the other alternative - which is even worse.'

insiam said...

Skeptictoad ...

what a miserable horrible pos to make such a statement:

Direct quote from karen Norman;

""FACT - 6 out of every 10 woman are raped in their lifetime!!!!!!!!!""

here i have made i teasy for your disgusiting toad like self to find her comment. well one of them.

galen said...

I have over half a dozen long-term women friends and none has been raped. Statistics (real or not) can cloud conclusions.

And, I tried not to comment on something that I already commented on but after two days of back and forth struggle in my mind I decided I had to, otherwise I'd be false here. So:

Karen, often, when you speak I feel talked down to.


Visible said...

This is similar to the so called rape epidemic. The guy doing the survey is a bit ridiculous; doesn't have very good acting chops. Man! Political correctness has gone viral.

I'm not looking to get into negative back and forths about this subject. I'm about 99.9999999 percent certain that these numbers are way out of line; much like that Kinsey poll that said one in six men are gay; bullshit. The majority of men who claim to be gay aren't even gay. There are other forces responsible for causing them to identify as such and materialism plays a major role in that, as does the way diet messes the hormones about. Drinking a whole lot of soda will probably turn you gay. Certainly taking a lot of Israeli ecstasy will.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Satanic Conning Towers of Subliminal Hellfire.

Kazz said...

Any one who has studied psychology knows that rape is not about sex it is about control and domination.

We live in a period where few people know how to access energy straight from the Divine, but rather depend upon a parasitical relationships with others in order to obtain it. Rape is a wonderful way of achieving this.

I came from the poorer side of the tracks and I am afraid it gets rather tedious down here at times.


As far as you feeling talked down to when I speak, well I can't control how you feel, only how I feel. There could be any number of reasons for why you feel the way you do, and most probably they have very little to do with me or others.

At least I am not challenging your honesty!!!!!!

One problem with many of the presumptions that have been made here by many of the commenters is that the women that you are questioning would actually discuss such an issue with you. How dumb are you to believe that if a woman friend had been raped that she would ever discuss it with you. Especially if you were stupid enough to just come out and ask them if they have been raped. Such an experience is extremely traumatic, degrading, and mentally challenging, so I assure you next to no women ever discuss being raped with any one let alone a male friend. Few, if any, of my male friends know of what I have been through. Women generally do not discuss such matters with just anybody and will more than likely lie if asked. Women are much more liberal discussing such issues with other women then they are with men, and I can assure you it is not something that women own up to easily. The main reason for this is the blame game. Generally women just want to pretend that things like this never really happened. They call it denial. There are all sorts of reasons why people do what they do. The truth of the matter is, contrary to what people think, we will never really know what the true statistic is because most women, and men, hide such things for all kinds of reasons. Shame, embarrassment, and a reluctance to revisit unpleasant memories are only one of a mountain of reasons for why this is so.

You guys are just going to have to live with that because it is a lot closer to the truth then then you will ever realise.

Reality sucks sometimes and that is just the way it is.

Visible said...

This is a pointless conversation because one cannot dialogue with someone who is always right and had the endless arguments to prove it. What is is. What is not is not. That's and end to it from me. "Lies... damned lies... and statistics"

The key is always to trace the statistics back to the source and then to study what the agenda of that source is.

Anonymous said...

Add mother issues to control and domination. Are her sons 6/10ths rapist? Is it ok when an abortion doctor rapes with a machine? What does that sound like? Don't tell me. They're required to put on their big girl pants and take one for the team for that one. No wonder the abortion doctors are all jews. That's just sick. Now the machine rape victims are catching breast cancer and there's the tribe making a killing on that too.

They will only tell other women? And, who will those other women tell? Are you sure women aren't encouraging eachother to play one-upmanship when that subject comes up?

Women just can't handle casual sex and that's a good thing, except when they pose like they can Dishonesty is neither bold nor sexy.

Skepticfrog (aka: Skeptictoad) said...

Insiam, in spite of the invective, (Skeptictoad) you are still lying - relentlessly - through two postings.

You keep saying this number: 6 in 10.

She wrote no such thing. Here is the quote (cut and paste):
"As far as your not believing the statistics of 1 in 6 women, well I do." Friday, October 17, 2014 2:14:00 AM.

In THAT posting NOWHERE is a "6 in 10" mentioned.

You invent things to disparage the poster.
Your math still sucks.
What she wrote before(!) is not only irrelevant, but I'm unaware of it as well; you claim something she penned whenever and wherever, yet you respond to it now and here? You should have done it there and then.

You are making unsubstantiated claims, that she somewhere wrote this-and-that, with zero proof.

Your credibility has gone to zero.

Address only the here and now, where the claims you make can be readily substantiated. Otherwise it is just baseless, malicious attack on a poster you disagree with - nothing more.

galen said...

Well, still a bit more to say. You know, we're done when we're done.

Karen, when someone gives me honest feedback such as I gave you I look deep within to see what needs to be rectified/addressed. You respond with blaming me for my observations:

"There could be any number of reasons for why you feel the way you do, and most probably they have very little to do with me..."

Someone once taught me that blame is disempowerment. Very worth considering. That is not to say we do not discern right from wrong or name culprits, but to turn the spotlight from oneself or consider one's own part in the disruptions is (borrowing a word from you) DENIAL!!

This has been building within me for quite some time. But I have held it in. It's mostly about your tone and your vibration, like you're putting everyone in his or her place. And also about going on about yourself and how spiritually evolved you are and well-studied and. . . Well, there are a few more things I don't want to write about. And I bet if there was some kind of cosmic survey here we'd all be shocked about how many were equally or more well-studied and so spiritually advanced we'd want to study with THEM!! What's that saying about we never know when we're entertaining angels? And does not the one who runs this blog write over and over again about what humility hints at?

Yes, global Satanic sexual atrocities abound. But sorry, you are incorrect about women not discussing rape. I'm sure in some cases that's very true, but many share with trusted friends and in support groups for rape victims. That has shown itself to me since the mid-eighties with much light being shown on the issue, at least in the states it has.

So Dear Mother Superior, er, I mean Karen (that was just a little levity I couldn't resist, sorry), to ignore you would have served nothing. I owed it to you to come clean. Maybe something can be built from this. The hard stuff has so many hidden gifts.


Kazz said...

If you doubt what I have said is true please go over the comments on this board (over the last month) and ask yourself if you were a woman would you have the guts to admit to being raped with this crowd? Keep in mind that this crowd are more spiritually evolved than the usual.

I have been called a liar among other things, and that is the usual response women get in reference to this issue. Without realising it you guys have proven my point. Why would any woman come forward and be honest with you when all she gets is a dressing down. Just like you guys have given me here. I have said on numerous occasions, THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE. When it comes to MY experience I am the ONLY EXPERT.


As far as being defensive, well you try to stand up and tell the truth in a world full of lies and see how you end up responding over a period of time to all the doubting Thomas's. I never had a private education I earned it the hard way, on my own, but I did have the Holy Spirit to guide me. I only went to uni to challenge my knowledge, and what I found was that no one could actually provide any solid evidence to combat the arguments I put forward. Usually it just ended up with me being attacked, or the uni threw me out of the unit for being politically incorrect, which translates to my arguments were sounder than their indoctrination.

At the end of the day, how many of you have acquired the knowledge to make a judge abandon the court? How many of you have stood up to the police and won?

I will let my Acts speak for me.

Perhaps that is it, you guys don't really want a well informed person speaking on here. IS THAT IT?????????????

Vis, I am speaking from direct life experience and my personal encounters with friends. Friends that I trust dearly. As to whether you guys choose to ignore what I have put before you, well that is up to you. Do so to the detriment of the women you care about!

As for the attacks on my sons. I see you are through with attacking me and now you are attacking my family. The hostility towards an outspoken woman are tangible here, and are evidence of everything I have been saying. If a woman doesn't marry she is butch, if she does marry she has married a Beta male. If she stands up for herself and has children her sons have mother issues. LOL You lot are truly pathetic!!!!!!

The biggest problem I see here is not that I am a bad person, but that I am a woman who is willing to stand up and say what she thinks. You guys simply can't stand that can you???

You can say anything you like about me, but my family are happily together, and we love each other very much. My husband is still with me and we love each other more today than we got married. That speaks for itself. As I have said before, if you want to insult me be man enough to say it to my face, or stay the coward you are and be a keyboard warrior. Even better say it to my husband, if you have the guts lol. Not many would. Same with my sons, they would wipe the floor with you because they are not backward in coming forward. They are real men who know how to give respect to a lady, which is more than I can say for most of you!!!

With all the crap I have copped on this site for simply telling my truth it leaves no doubt in my mind as to how things really are in this world. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Take a good look at the responses and abuse I have had to put up with here for simply being honest and it will show you that my perspective is way closer to the truth than what you guys are saying.

What I don't get is how you all rave on about how bad things are. In actual fact I was only agreeing with all of your observations, but for some reason now all of you are trying to tell me how good we women have it. They say women are fickle ha ha ha ha

I have said enough on this subject gentlemen? Don't worry I won't be posting here any more. I have a country to save!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with your male dominated perspective. See how well that serves you in the long run.

insiam said...

septictoad aka sekpticfrog

I actually gave you the quote from her previous post where she states 6 out of 10. That is her belief. i even give you the link to that post.

i think all readers can easily go to that link and see that she states 6 out of ten. She, having read recent posts, does not dipsute this.

Strange thing is you do. How very odd.

For all readers who wish to see where septictoad is coming from with his vitriolic attacks on my credibility. Please simply look at karen Normans comment - it can not be any clearer as to what she says:

Direct quote from karen Norman;

""FACT - 6 out of every 10 woman are raped in their lifetime!!!!!!!!!""

insaim said...

PS skepticforg ...

re the following quote from Karen:

""As far as your not believing the statistics of 1 in 6 women, well I do."

as i already explained she was responding to Vis who said he did not believe 1 out of 6.

Of course she does (believe 1 out of 6) because she has already made it quite clear that she thinks it is 6 out of 10.

What is so difficult about that. Really?

in the most simplistic terms. she believes 1 out of 6 is indisputble as the real figure is 6 out of 10.

Karen please correct the Frog! (although his get out will be simply that he was refering to a specific post and not what you really think)

Visible said...

Let me see if I can put this into perspective. Okay... there are 161 million women in the country. That means, with the 6 out of ten number that around 100 million women have been raped in the US alone. With the 1 in 6 number this means around 27 million women have been raped. There are only 11 million women in all the colleges in the country so the rapes comer to 2.5 times (or so) the amount of women in college.

I have no way of knowing what is true or not true but I definitely believe both those numbers are hugely inflated.

In these days and times people feel outraged when you don't agree with them. They argue things they can't prove except for throwing out statistics which are the life blood as to how all, the counters get funded.

Thing is, it's human nature not to back track but to go to any length of absurdity to prove the unproveable. I can only go by my own experience. I have met thousands of women and been intimately involved with hundreds; though that sort of thing has long left the auditorium. I have read far and wide and I have garnered a lot of personal stories and according to what I have heard; and remember, I was (still am) a hippie, counter culture guy which would be a hot bed for this kind of action and no way does my experiences come anywhere near supporting these numbers.

We need to be able to agree to disagree without calling each other names. Just remind yourself that what is is and what is not is not and it doesn't matter what anyone says. Truth is truth and everything else isn't.

I don't argue about these things because the people who do are committed to their own beliefs and these beliefs shore up their world view. For most people they are deeply attached to the things they have convinced themselves of.

Twenty five to 30 million women is a whole lot of women. Try comparing that to all the other kinds of statistics and that might provide some perspective.

It was widely stated by the Kinsey freaks that 1 in every 6 men is gay. Then the gays said it was one in ten for both people and animals. Actually it's no more than 2 percent.

We have to be able to separate the personal from on interactions. No one profits when name calling and the outrage of personal injury comes in because someone didn't buy your argument.

You want to believe that number is the real number? Feel free. You want to believe something else? Feel free. Whether you do or don't it don't change a thing; what is is and what is not is not.

Visible said...

Now these kind of details are available all over the place. the United Nations says there around 250,000 cases of rape and ATTEMPTED rape across the whole world.

and then there's the manner of gathering the stats which you can read about

Here's some more voodoo math. 89,000 reported rapes in the US but they got 16% listed right below that number. How do you get 16% from 89,000 You don't. If 89,000 is the correct number, it takes around 11 of those to make a million and then you factor that into 161,000,000

Look at some of the info in the chart. Percent of college rapes never reported= 95% Obviously that is bullshit. Anyone who has seen the way questionnaires are formed knows that the questions are formed to dove tail with the needs of whatever corporation is getting money for them.

When they want to attack other countries they skewer the questions to meet the needs; same thing with political parties and percentages of national support for one non elected criminal over another.

Bottom line though, the world is a dangerous place. Still... you can't trust statistics when they contradict each other right next to each other and non stop.

galen said...

Karen, I'm sorry I called you Mother Superior. A back-slide. Please forgive me. Well, for me, it wasn't so much about what you said but how you said it and keep saying it. And many have shared similar challenges to yours. Seems it comes with life.

So, I didn't want to get into to this but because of my name it is assumed that I am a male. Sorry, I'm not. Eowyn Complex? Quite likely. So I only say this so you don't think the guys are ganging up on you. 

And you're not being ignored, only disagreed with. You call us "pathetic." Thank you for your observation and conclusion, and may this pathos find a way to become more enlightened and allow for constructive dialogue. I just wish it was not falsely reduced to a male/female issue when it really is one of personalities and perspectives.

Anyway, I know this energy and I am not afraid of it. You can run away but around the next corner will be that which you ran from, albeit with a new face. So consider staying. There are new parts of ourselves yet untapped into. I do not demonize you but rather am grateful for the opportunity you provided for all involved to learn more about where they stand. Be well, Karen, whatever you choose to do.


Kazz said...

Just to clarify - Vis,

At no time have I stated that the 6 out of 10 figure is universal. I even acknowledged to Insiam that I had no way of knowing what the world was like from his perspective.

I have only ever used my own first hand experience, which is considered primary evidence, and acceptable not only for academia but also for a court of law.

I cannot speak of the entire world, but I can say that when I backpacked around Europe this figure remained constant with the girls I travelled with and ran across. Keep in mind these women were all living on the edge, as in out and about in different environments. In other words out of their comfort zone. Simple intelligence would insist that a woman that hardly ever goes any where or does any thing is a lot less likely to be placed in harms way.

You have totally misconstrued what I said Vis.

Guess that proves you are human like the rest of us :o).

Kazz said...

Insiam you are a sweetheart. Thank you. You really are a gentleman.

Sorry Galen I did think you were a male for some reason. Maybe because you spoke of asking your female friends but restrained from giving a first hand account? (possibly)

By the way thx guys for the birthday wishes.

I do not mean to be nasty. I had a tough week. We went and brought a new car so I could get to an operation I needed this week; I did not want a reoccurance of what happened a fortnight ago (when our old car broke down 8 times and I nearly got killed twice).

You wouldn't want to read about it, our new secondhand car broke down with exactly the same problem, and I ended up getting stuck in a transit lane for 4 hours (waiting for a tow truck) with a mouthful of stitches. Fixing an old dental problem from an x who had a good right :o).

Any hoo I got back to the jetty to watch my boat pull off into the distance, which meant an hours wait in the cold, which is not the best thing in the world when you have just had the roof of your mouth carved open. That experience was followed with a weekend visit from the father-in-law from hell. The good news is the father-in-law is gone, and he lives in a different state, and my pain killers work really well :o).

Galen, Insiam, and Vis, thank you for showing me that you guys care, even if it is just a little bit :o).

Cheers Kazz (Hopefully in better form soon)

Visible said...

Karen; you need to knock that off. I never associated you with the number 6 out of 10, you did. I only said it sounds preposterous and it is. Implying that I am wrong and you must be right because scientific empiricism accepts layman observation in tiny momentary demographics as being emblematic of truth across the board is ludicrous. Your observations, meaning what you heard from the odd backpacker is NOT SCIENCE, no way no how.

It's fine to insist that you are right, although every other study goes contrary to your numbers (what would that mean?)

" my own first hand experience, which is considered primary evidence, and acceptable not only for academia but also for a court of law." saying something like this removes all credibility from what you say. this is just one more incidence of people refusing to say, "I don't know" and refusing to step back from a personal opinion that they use as a scientific guideline.

I have no emotion invested in this and am merely stating my take on the whole affair. I posted UN stats which are lower than both of your stats and except for LBGT and NOW stats which are skewered for government grants and donations NONE of the other stats agree with yours.

Snarky little comments that imply that of course I am wrong and that just proves I am human is ridiculous subterfuge. either your numbers are in agreement with all of the other numbers put out by LARGE efforts involving hundreds of people around the planet or they are not. That's just how it is. You can't just say something is so and have it be so cause you want it to be.

Arguably, all of these statistics are to some degree slanted for the purpose of getting money but yours don't agree with anyone else and that's my point. Inflating numbers in this way indirectly spreads fear and also slanders a huge portion of men who never had anything to do with this kind of behavior, me included. MOST men do not do this kind of thing. Most men don't beat women. Most men may be asleep but their parents raised them right.

There is nothing personal here. this is just how I see it. You see it your way and I will see it mine. I am perfectly fine with agreeing to disagree. A fixed mind is a fundie trait, as is refusing to allow that something may not be so. Casual inquiries while backpacking is NOT reputable science.

Kazz said...

I here you Vis. As I said I was brought up on the rough side of the tracks. My neck of the neighbourhood does support the statistics I gave, but that is a personal understanding from direct experience. Where I was brought up also saw the most ghastly murder Australia ever saw. Google Anita Coby murder. This is one of the reasons I moved.

I agree that most men are good, and have stated that in prior posts. It is for this reason that I claimed I love you guys. It is the one's who are giving in and lowering their energy who are acting as hosts to these lower dimensional beings that are doing the damage. Alcohol aids greatly in this process which is why it is legal while herbs, that are good for you, are criminalised.

Having said that Vis, you cannot always count on a good guy to be a good guy. Even good guys do bad things occasionally, the same goes for women. I have had good men jump on top of me on more than one occasion, which is why I suggested self defence for the ladies. The difference between a good man and a tyrant is that the good man can usually be talked back into his senses, where I tyrant cannot. I have also been hoisted onto a guys shoulders and carried off. Being a 5' 6" woman in this world does not provide the same experience as being a man over 6'. I have also been drugged but managed to get to safety before a passed out. I have many incidents to support my perspective Vis.

While I am willing to concede that the statistics I gave are not consistent everywhere, my point was, that they are most definitely consistent with my experience, and that of the women I know, and have travelled with. If you don't want to give me that much then there is nothing more to be said.

Cheers Kazz



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