Friday, October 31, 2014

Money doesn't Kill People, Bankers Kill People.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your paws always be hard as nails.

Sail away... sail away you lumbering behemoth. I see you in the minds eye as a massive complexity and as unfortunately adhesive as a glue board. How many unknowing hearts and minds are embedded in this cotton candy fantasy? Allegedly it was built upon the concept of individual liberty. This meant that you could maybe make your way toward an island of prosperity as the fruit of your own efforts. It certainly meant that those grasping, conniving, greedy, loveless and driven, obsessed and damned... opportunistic souls, flagellated by self interest, could steal everything that wasn't nailed down and then come back with a crowbar. It meant that anything you could get away with was Okay and even things you might not get away with; odds are, would be okay. That's what lawyers are for and there has never been a more litigious experiment gone wrong as this one, this swaying and weaving, like a drunk at Mardi Gras, monstrosity with a mind of its own.

In these latter days, one might imagine that it more fits the image of a dead horse; a flyblown corpse and all the greedy little scavengers are at work. They'll be getting down to the marrow, right down to the hedge funds and junk bonds and business as usual insider trading, that no one does anything about. We are standing by the horse, this former horse, presently transitive ...but not too close. The smell is fierce. We thank our fortunate stars that we did not find it floating in the river and needs must haul it ashore with grappling hooks. Something very definitely crawled up and died in there. Here is wisdom. You cannot save a dead horse. This is past Stage 4, all the way to exit, stage left.

We see the swarm of flies and those particular bees at work. Worms are moving under the skin. Perhaps larger scavengers are at work as well. Imagine that these creatures are lawyers, politicians, lobbyists, bankers and stock market players, along with a whole bunch of Noahide Judges, waving a baton over the affair like the Phantom of the Opera conducting Hell's Unfinished Symphony in Asia Minor. This zombie Jabberwock seems to be alive due to the vermin moving under the skin. This gives a simulacrum of life for those copulating with the corpse. Still, they are dressed well for all that. There's no need for them to disrobe; simply open their flies to engage with the flies. Here is one of the marvels of the age; it all has the appearance of being acceptable. This is a gauge for how far wrong the horse traveled until it fell to the ground.

If you want to make wrong right you have to go after the sexual behavior of a country. That is the point at which everything else can be morphed under a malignant will. The beast is acanaceous. Bring out the ballistocardiograph! Is it truly dead? Is it walking dead? It is a zombie creature. It may well be macropterous over short distances. The very Earth has become malloseismic, as if it were adverse to the natural assimilation of this exponentially enormous cadaver. It leaps, it glides, like a flying fish and then shakes the Earth when it comes to ground. Now I see a mastigophoprous, six headed demon flailing at the beast with a flaming cat-o-nine-tails. It shrieks and howls, “Get up! You cannot die. You are Babylon the Great Whore and this is not The Last Exit to Brooklyn!”

Sex is the essential dynamic of civilization and the precursor to the family unit, followed by the village, the city and the nation. Most of our technology is based on it. Male plugs go into female sockets. Disrupt the natural order of this and everything else will go haywire. This is the intent of those who ride upon the back of the beast, who feed on the carcass, who copulate with the corpse. One might well ask if there is progeny from this last activity. Why certainly, after a fashion. All action produces offspring and one is, in the end, the beneficiary or victim of their offspring.

In its concluding phase it has become a paedocracy manipulated by demented kinder with all the ruthless and selfish force to be expected of the same. Hanged cats droop from the earlobes of this Rabelaisian raad. Money doesn't kill people. Bankers kill people. Money doesn't kill people. Moneylenders kill people.

Dark insidious relief one feels as they wait in the shadows of time. Time is just whimsy; an inconsistent fabric woven upon the face of eternity. Bankers need clocks. Bankers need time. When made up out of thin air, money is loaned out at interest, it's all about time. Suits need time. Suits are the uniform of the servants of the ancient enemy, who also needs and uses time. Time has a variable gravity. It is not the same everywhere. It is a construct in the mind. It is the measuring rod of perpetual futility. It is also a rod upon the back of all those in indentured servitude. Tick... tick... tick.

The pederast alcolytes of fixed and rebar reinforced sarcerdotalism have spun a hideous web. It is a web of darkness and death, while at the same time it provides the ridiculous, so that any intelligent mind must reject it and... as is too often the case when the intelligence is not as great as it needs be, the baby goes out with the bathwater; unless they need it for a Satanic ceremony.

One is driven mad by the tachyphrasia of marketplace minders. To the ends of the Earth, peace has been extinguished, even into the wastelands and remote places. There yet remains those cloisters where the seeking heart might find respite from the noise but these places are elusive and personal maintenance in those places requires the possession of a singular art, obtained with difficulty. The totality of this uproar has reached into the hidden kingdoms that monitor existence and they have sent their representative, Mr. Apocalypse into the fray. Of all of his talents, it is his talent as a weaver that is perhaps the greatest in terms of the necessity of the moment. He weaves all of the plots and plans of the driven, all plans whatsoever, to a desired end; cosmically speaking.

We are resident in global wanchancy, looking for departed fortune. Can we survive in the nether regions of this dead horse? Should we migrate into the further unknown? Is there a caravansary upon the way? Are we the way we are because of what we are? Or are we merely deceived into a perpetuating Halloween of false appearances? After a time, one comes to believe that they are inseparable from the fabricated appearance of themselves. It is as if one dressed in a suit of clothes and never removed them. One then comes to identify with that. Of course, this is a temporary delusion that their inevitable departure will correct, or at least inform. Awash in the zabernism of local and national enforcement arms, we have come to the place where Push and Shove contend. For many there is relief only in being an automaton. If you keep your head down, none of those high blown thoughts about personal liberty will enter in.

Yes... presumably this beast was birthed in the promise of personal liberty and so... it goes without saying that in its last stages it motors into tyranny, becoming a travesty, in all things, upon that which it was originally intended to be, which is why that phrase, “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty', is such an accurate and enduring truth. Forsooth!!! In the end, mockery becomes the prevailing attitude and ridicule the instrument of abandoned fealty. When ones leaders have become dysfunctional clowns, there is little doubt that the beast will run off the side of the road.

Why did this gargantuan beast embark on a suicidal course? One reason is the radiating darkness from atop the pyramid. The other is the complicity of the people in the pursuit of pedestrian things. Were it not for the uniform and abysmal ignorance of the population collective, these marauders and reavers would not be able to prosper as they do. The strong arm dacoitage of government institutions has reached a level of absurdity never seen before. Small business owners are depositing cash from their business operations and the IRS, a thoroughly criminal organization, seizes their money under the pretense that it represents illegal gain. Then the victim has to go to court with all the expected expenses and generally settle for less than was taken. It's a scam.

Somehow the woodwork of the infrastructure has become riddled with termites. It seems no agency is unaffected. Wholesale theft is rampant as is abuse of power and the visitation of unnecessary force upon anyone who gets in the way for whatever the reason. This all has to be a matter of policy and WHO has recently been responsible for training the American police forces? So it goes.

Each of us must manage individually or in groups within the sad and irrevocable decay of the world we knew. It's decline accelerates with every passing day. As that progresses, conditions worsen. It will come to pass that many will find it no longer possible to live where they are, while at the same time, having waited too long, are no longer able to move away. Things can occur at a previously unimagined speed, while taking all kinds of frightening and unexpected turns. It stands to reason that the further away one is from the epicenters, the better ones chances are.

I wonder about many things, while I trust the moment I occupy. I provide no resistance to the natural course of my existence. Whatever anyone may think, what will be will be and all of it dependent on what we are, so... the only way to alter what will be is to alter what we are.

End Transmission.......

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Visible said...

Mr Apocalypse keeps on bringing it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Les. That is the most I have used a dictionary in many a moon! Wonderful word picture. Thank you

terry richard said...

Les, your latest posts have been awe inspired, I truly admire the wonder of these posts. The comments from your many friends are also a great multiplier for the intellect. Thank you all. By Father's Grace we shall all Dance together in the next Great Play.

Lance said...

Now those were descriptive images! And the vocabulary. I wasn't sure whether or not the words should be looked up or if you were making them up as you went along.

After reading this post, I walked the dog and tossed some things around in my mind. One of them being that this is the kind of thing Thoreau might have been writing had he lived beyond 45 and lived in our time.

Blogdog is one of the sites I scan for information, daily. Recently, Bix Weir had posted another wolf warning -- WOLF! WOLF! WOLF! WOLF! -- saying that by the end of the month, the SHTF. Well here it is, halfway through Halloween and the world hasn't turned into a pumpkin, yet, though it looks like some hideous jack-o-lantern, hollowed-out on the inside and artificially brought to life by a burning candle melting within.

In your piece, you made no direct mention of the Tribe, this time, but only alluded to it.

Did you know that in 1948 the Post Office Department issued a stamp commemorating (?) the "Five Civilized Tribes?"

If you look at that stamp you will notice that one particular tribe isn't among them. Hmmm.

In the movie The Outlaw Josie Wales, Chief Dan George, who plays a Cherokee Indian says "The Cherokee were called civilized because they were easy" -- or words to that effect. He tells about representatives of these five tribes traveling to Washington DC dressed in frock coats and Lincolnesque stove pipe hats and meeting with the Secretary of the interior who told them to "Endeavor to persevere" -- words for all of us in the times you describe provided we persevere in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Visible. My mind's eye is ablaze as I read your word art. I have no idea outside of the context of your writings what half of those words mean. Using your exquisite talent for weaving heretofore unknown to me words and phrases into a sharp and defined pictures in my head, the definitions become evident, most of the time. Mr. Apocalypse and you are excellent "dot connectors". You are a gift. Thank you, again.
I'm anonymous 'cause I don't know how otherwise to be

galen said...

Wish I knew who said this, but. . .

"The only guardian of freedom is freedom."
-- Unknown


Ray B. said...

Theoden: "Where is the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing? They have passed like rain on the mountain, like wind in the meadow. The days have gone down in the West behind the hills into shadow. How did it come to this?"


Gandalf: "Theoden king stands alone."
Eomer: "Not alone. Rohirrim!"
[Rohirrim gather behind him]

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Good one Vis. For a minute there I thought I was reading the book of Revelations. Lets see if I have this correct. If I got me some nose plugs and a can of bug spray I may be able to bring some of the scum to a halt. This sounds like a workable plan but I don't think I have it in me to do such an awful thing to the bugs. :)

missingarib said...

We read that " Yeshua called out in a loud voice and he said, “My Father, into your hands I lay down my spirit.” He said this and he expired.
All our moments compressed then released -
Vis ,your thoughts track in sync with the character in King Lear Act Five – “Men must endure
 their going hence, even as their coming hither: ripeness is all.”
" Each of us must manage individually or in groups within the sad and irrevocable decay of the world we knew. It's decline accelerates with every passing day. As that progresses, conditions worsen. It will come to pass that many will find it no longer possible to live where they are, while at the same time, having waited too long, are no longer able to move away", thus as the play ends with Albany speaking to the few

“The weight of this sad time we must obey;
Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say.
The oldest hath borne most: we that are young
Shall never see so much, nor live so long.”

much love live long

Ray B. said...

chris.w.mclean Jun 14 '13 at 1:01


"What does Theoden's quote in The Two Towers 'oft evil will shall evil mar' mean?"

"The formulation of this phrase seems odd and I can't pick the full meaning out of it. He says it after Wormtongue has thrown the Palantir out of Orthanc, which seems to be a great example of evil shooting itself in it's own foot, but that doesn't seem to be the thrust of the phrase."


"That's exactly what it means."

"The desires and plans of evil people ("evil will;" "will" in this case being the noun relating to intent and desire) often ("oft") ruin ("mar") the cause of evil."

"That is, the phrase says that evil people are selfish, petty, and short-sighted, and that this quality in evil individuals often impairs the grander world-embracing schemes of capital-E-Evil. It's ironic, and the context of Wormtongue and the Palantir is a great example of that irony."

mikem said...

I nominate Mr.Apocalypse for Man of the Year!

Kazz said...


Your words captured my thoughts verbatim. It was as if your mind and mine were one. Even to your departing words, I find my heart at great peace :o). I am happy to go with the flow because I know the Divine is at the helm and whatever the Divine decides is right for me is okay with me. I have utter trust and faith in my eternal Father because I know every action is motivated by love.

Blessing always

Unknown said...

Look what grew in the petri dish. Scrabble taken to new levels hitherto unknown.

Mr A weaves another winner


galen said...

Hey, in the minds of many who study metaphysics, the law of cause and effect (some say karma) is sacrosanct, a given, precise and in place. Well, last week Jon Rappoport challenged that. I don't remember it ever being challenged before. I don't know where Jon stands on the litmus test; don't know if he's an atheist, but he throws out an original perspective on who we are beyond that great law. He may even be saying it's a myth. Anyway, thought I'd toss it out there 'cause I think it's worth considering; I mean perhaps it's only a belief that solidifies the cause and effect phenomenon in our lives, but beyond mind, it does not exist. It might be very freeing to shed such a mind-set. Just something I'm looking at right now, contemplating, considering. I imagine just the concept could be very upsetting to some people.

Here are some excerpts from Jon's article:

Breaking A Delusion Of Cause And effect ...making “the past” the great determinant of the present, as if the past is a series of links that, naturally, shape the ongoing Now. The past adds up to the present. Cause and effect. It’s a nice neat package. ... possibility for the future, if it exists at all, comes from the universe, or The Force, or the cosmos, squeezed out of a tube like toothpaste and passed to a person by the grace of a Something that responds to good behavior and patience…

The whole notion of cause and effect as a chain is a reality that is perceived at a certain level—and what breaks the chain is entering into a level where that rule doesn’t apply. This higher level flows from creation. This is where creating and imagination and greater energy combine to produce new realities. This is where and how a life undergoes a great and unprecedented change. ...

Imagination has nothing to do with conventional cause and effect. It isn’t interested in adhering to sequential time... ... Imagination creates its own worlds... ... Energy-imagination-creation is the jumping-off point from traditional cause-and-effect. This is why, ultimately, philosophy takes a back-seat to imagination. Philosophy is an attempt to sum up What Exists. Imagination creates new shapes that didn’t exist before. ...

Consider this whole business as a stage play, in which imagination creates reality… and then the human being WHO DID THE IMAGINING steps down his own perception and views what he did within a self-hypnotic space of cause and effect AND PRETENDS REALITY IS COMING FROM SOMEPLACE ELSE. It’s a joke. A cosmic joke.


Anonymous said...

well there you go...

being true to yourself

cheers old boy

you be jammin



Kazz said...


Every action has a reaction is basic physics. If you eat too much you become obese. If you smoke your health deteriorates.

If you step out of a plane without a parachute you fall to the earth too rapidly and probably die.

Yes there are exceptions to every rule, because there are such things as Divine intervention, and yes what is right and wrong can be very subjective, except when you are talking Divine Law, which is very exact.

Yes there is a grand play that had an ending before it began, and we all chose which role we would fill, which is where our free Will comes into it. No one can alter the outcome we can only alter our role in this grand presentation.

I know the elite have gone to great trouble to get people to step out from under God's covenant, by getting everyone to commit fraud (by getting them to adjoin their self to a corporate fiction), so the elite don't have to bare the consequences of their actions by harming God's creation.

People look at the elite and what they get away with, thinking that there is no Karma. I assure you there is. Appearances can be extremely deceiving, as in this case. As long as you are being corrected on this plain you have hope. Once God no longer bothers with you watch out. That is why the Bible tells you that it is better to pluck out your eye, or cut off your hand (something along that line :o)), if they cause you to sin.

It may appear that there is no justice or consequences to the hideous crimes committed currently but that simply is not the way it pans out in the end. As Vis recently posted, evil always ends up shooting itself in the foot, that in itself is Karmic :o). Karma (Ka = spirit/soul + Maat = cosmic harmony) is God's failsafe mechanism for protecting creation. The reason TPTW had to have such a large control mechanism in place was to keep their Karma at bay, but not even all the standing armies in the world cannot hold back the ocean of Karma coming their way. That is my take on the topic anyway.

Cheers Kazz

Visible said...

Generalities are generalities and not necessarily applicable across the spectrum. What might kill or diminish one person may have no effect on another, i.e. tobacco. On the other hand, there's no probability in stepping out of a plane without a parachute, unless the plane is on the ground.

Everyone who eats too much does not become obese. It depends on WHAT they are eating and their metabolism.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Dead Brown Leaves and Green Flowering Truth.

insiam said...


I must say that you seem so certain about so many things. The only thing i am certain of is that i can't be certain of anything, and therefor i keep an open mind.

Just saying :)

Anonymous said...

uh..... BRAVO!!! and having to break out google dictionary six or seven times was by no means a hindrance. Incredible writing! The third paragraph is pure genius.


galen said...

Thanks for comments. I like that the universes is mysterious and can't be fully figured out (at least by me, anyway - grin). I like when someone throws a wrench in the soup (especially when he/she thinks it might enhance the soup) and gets me to consider other possibilities. I like that I consider other possibilities. Am seeking life-time membership in The Non-Fundamental Club. Here's one more thing I like; it's from a month ago:

"There are some people who hear the word CREATE and wake up, as if a new flashing music has begun. This lone word makes them see something majestic and untamed. They feel the sound of a Niagara approaching. They suddenly know why they are alive. Most people don't travel to that grand arena because they've been trained like pets by some sector of this society to be good girls and boys. Maybe you once saw something truly free that didn't care about consequences, and it blew you into tomorrow and turned on your soul's electricity for an hour. CREATE is a word that should be oceanic. It should shake and blow apart the pillars of the smug boredom of the soul. CREATE is about what the individual does when he is on fire and doesn't care about concealing it. It's about what the individual invents when he has thrown off the false front that is slowly strangling him. CREATE is about the end of mindless postponement. It's about what happens when you burn up the pretty and petty little obsessions. It's about emerging from the empty suit and empty machine of society that goes around and around and sucks away the vital bloodstream. CREATE can come as a wild clanging of impossible things. Out of dull silence, imagination answers the call and opens up caverns of energy. Everything that already exists stands up and announces it is ready to melt down and become raw fuel for imagination. Fear announces it. Revenge announces it. The desperate wish to belong announces it. Threads of aimless longing announce it. The void announces it. Then, action. Then, nothing is ever the same again. The life of Herculean accommodation at all levels is over.
-- Jon Rappoport, The Creative Versus The Machine, 9/28/14


Ray B. said...

Vis: "On the other hand, there's no probability in stepping out of a plane without a parachute, unless the plane is on the ground."

Whether it's Karma, Fate, or The Hand of God, there are three absolutely-true 'stories' I like to remember:

Back around 1960, a French jet pilot was flying around the Alps. His engine exploded, so he hit the silk. His chute either didn't deploy or streamed, so he was a dead man. Well, after free-falling about 20,000 feet, he got 'lucky'. He 'hit' a nearly-vertical wall of a mountain, which gradually smoothed-out towards horizontal. He basically 'slalomed' down this mountainside to a stop. He sustained only minor injuries.

Second, back in WWII, a tail-gunner on a B-17 bomber was intently watching for enemy fighters approaching from the rear. There was a big bang, and the plane shook. No call came from the cockpit, so he kept facing rearwards. The plane lost altitude, and after some time did a belly-landing into a field. The gunner finally turned around, and there was no plane! A flak shell had blown the plane in two, somewhat behind the wing. His 'segment' somehow had the perfect combination of aerodynamics and center-of-gravity to, in effect, become a flying wing! (I was an aero engineer, so I can vouch that this is indeed possible...) If he had moved about in the 'segment', he would have disturbed the perfect CG location and probably died.

Third, there was an American infantry soldier in the area around Bastogne toward the end of WWII. He could not bring himself to kill the opposing semi-beaten Germans, so he secretly only fired over their heads. Well, the Germans did a ferocious counterattack that winter, and captured many including his outfit. He was unfortunately caught by an SS unit, who shot them as impediments to the 'charge'. This man was only wounded in the machine-gunning. An SS soldier was ordered to bayonet the group to be sure they were dead. This man heard the soldier approaching, and waited for death. Instead, the German soldier thrust his bayonet into the ground next to this soldier and walked on. He lived to report this massacre.

I remember the above as evidence that all may not be the way it seems...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

I saw those stories years ago. I wouldn't recommend them as possibilities worth the trusting of... sans parachute. In life there are exceptions to nearly everything but they are seldom on tap.

galen said...

And then there's Grace. As the teachers explained it to me, it comes, even if one has done diddly-squat to manifest it. It comes, unannounced and unsummoned. It brings gifts, healing, surprises. You can't request it. It's on its own terms. I guess it's okay to expect it but maybe not okay to rely on it. It has nothing to do with effort or prayer or need. No sense of timing either. Last week it showed up. Dropped a present. Now I can't be who I was. I wonder who I'm becoming.


Kazz said...

Dear Galen,

The physical world is simply potential, what we create with it depends upon who we are. Creation without input from the soul gives us nuclear weapons, whereas creation under the guidance of soul gives us nuclear power to provide for humanity. A knife can be used to provide a meal for a family, or it can be used to kill someone. The creation itself is inanimate, which is where the saying guns don't kill people, people kill people, comes from. We are at a place right now in our species development where we can solve most of the problems we have created, or we have the potential to wipe our species into oblivion. The latter is being pursued by the Satanists, because they are a death cult which is residual from the impact of planetary changes brought about by the Divine thousands of years ago. This is where the belief that Man is fundamentally evil came from, when in actual fact it was just a necessary ingredient required to help our species evolve.

I once stated that the Divine showed me post creation back to about 3,500 BC. Knowing Man's past journey has helped me to see the Divine's Agenda :o). It has also shown me Man's agenda. I will let you guess which Agenda will win out :o).

In order to better receive transmissions from the Divine I first had to spend roughly 10 years refining myself. It is a long arduous journey but one that has been very beneficial. As I battled my own personal demons my spiritual sight into the physical world gave me a much clearer picture of reality, It was akin to tuning in a radio so that instead of static I got crystal clear reception. This is an ongoing work throughout existence. This is why TPTW have tried so hard to corrupt society, because they know it blinds people to the true nature of reality.

Jesus Christ said as you believe so shall it be. We each create our own existence within the bigger picture, but we are still just bit players in God's grand play called life. The only thing I really know is my existence, and where that path leads. I do not even care what others are doing or working towards because each journey is a personal foray between them and God. How they handle their journey will decide their fate, which is why I don't compete with others. My focus is simply on being the best that I can be in order to better harmonise myself with the Divine. The Creator is with me everywhere I go, only the Creator knows me to my very core, and only the Creator carries me when all others flee from my side.

Ray B

I noted in my last post about Divine intervention, which is like God's handprint. I have personally felt the hand of God come down and save me on more than one occasion. I have also seen this same intervention with others. It is my understanding that if it where not for God every single one of us would be dead!


The highest free fall without a parachute was a woman who fell 2,222 feet. Her parachute did not open. She broke nearly every bone in her body when she fell into marshland, and today she walks.
Read it in a Guinness Book of Records man years ago.

Each of us provides a personal viewpoint into reality for the Divine. I honour everyone's personal viewpoint as long as it does not harm another, harm their property, or does not cause them to commit fraud upon their fellow Man, because that is the Divine's Law. When people breach these laws they need to be held accountable, otherwise you find yourself in the mess we are currently experiencing. The Divine has only allowed TPTW to breach Divine Law to separate the wheat from the chaff, which has taken approximately 6,000 years. I believe the harvest has already begun.

I look at what I have created and I see something beautiful :o). I hope that each of you can say the same. I do not wish to take that which belongs to others, and I do not wish others to conform to my way of thinking as long as they are not creating harm, so I am fine to let people create freely. Are you willing to let me do the same???

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Game of Life with the Flesh, the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

Kazz said...

Dear Insiam,

You said 'The only thing I am certain of is that I can't be certain of anything, and therefore I keep an open mind.'

This comes from a man who recently claimed on this same site that 'all Western women are fucked'.

Doesn't sound very open minded to me Insiam.

Just saying :o).

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

please stop trolling for conflict. Is that possible?

Anonymous said...

@11:32 p.m...

What he said.

The 3rd Elf said...

Visible's radio show just went up.

insiam said...

Dear Kazz

You have taken one short sentence way out of context. When i stated that western women were 'fecked'. I stated it as an observation and qualified by adding that they were not to blame and were victims of a feminist agenda - in my opinion. Not stated as a fact.

Your passive agressive is quite obvious :)

Anonymous said...

@ 11:32 pm and 1:18 am

Confused so googled it.

From Urban Dictionary definition of trolling. There are so many.

Funny enough: I never suspected Kazz was trolling here until Les Visible told us.

Thank you Vis.

I was immediately reminded of the old arabic saying "you wash my eyes for me".

Kazz said...

I looked up the definition of a troll and decided Jesus must have been a troll too, only without the internet. Please refer to Luke 12:49-56.

Just like Jesus I have come to set the slaves free. Please refer to Luke 4:18.

I have withstood your attacks and now comes the character assassination. My personal opinion is that I speak too much truth. I get right to the nitty gritty and we can't have that can we, or the people really will wake up from their slumber.

Jesus didn't make people feel good, he challenged them, just like I do, but that makes me a troll?

You guys are just running scared because you CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH (she says as she moves the marbles around in her hands (movie with Jack Nicholson).


est said...

life is like the shake of the dice
you know you'll get something

but really what you get
is totally up to you

it has little to do with
who and what you are

intent and direction
are all that matters

galen said...

Perhaps the marbles were not in the hands but in the head. Perhaps.


Kazz said...


Absolutely. One must keep a few loose marbles in such crazy times otherwise one really would end up in their own rerun of one flew over the Cuckoo's nest! As long as I can keeping laughing at myself, along with God, and remember not to take myself, or any one else for that matter, too seriously, it is all good ;o).

Coruscant L'amore,

I couldn't agree more with your observation. My understanding of Jesus is that he is the embodiment of the Divine within Man, he gave us a living example of the Christ consciousness. Socrates clearly displayed this same consciousness, so did Buddha 500 years earlier, as well as Akhenaten/Ahmenhotep IV/Moses? thousands of years earlier (the Christ consciousness is clearly evident in his poetry and policies towards neighbouring countries).

I believe Christ personified the perfect living being, integrating spirit perfectly into matter, providing an example for us all to follow.

I find a particular irony in the fact that some people, who call themselves Christians, believe they can kill for Christ. They are too indoctrinated to comprehend that Christianity is a way of being, not a religion. They are akin to a meat eating vegetarian!

Following the words of Christ in the New Testament can shed light on how to free yourself from corporate enslavement. After studying the law, the words of Jesus Christ took on new meaning for me, so Jesus really was the catalyst for setting me free. I do not question what I cannot know, but I am grateful for the mercies Jesus' words have brought me. I cannot not give credit where it is due, because it was absolutely Jesus who told me to learn the law, and now I can't find where Jesus says that anywhere in the Bible, but I know it was Jesus that told me, so I am stumped!!

As an avid historian I am well aware of the slanted view that is often recorded as historical fact. One must use a discerning eye and critical mind when delving into the true nature of reality. As I am a philosopher I am happy to be corrected, because getting to the truth is way more important to me than being right :o).


Kazz said...


I have looked into putting all that we own in our own trust (getting it out of our names/titles, that belong to corporations), but it occurs to me that all these trusts are breached anyway, because the trustees have all conspired to commit fraud against the beneficiaries, which voids the trusts. It also occurs to me that if sovereignty meant anything at all to these people they would not be invading sovereign nations unlawfully.

I have also become aware that the elite are contracting with people who are incompetents, and an incompetent cannot enter into a legal contract, so none of their contracts would stand up in a de jure court anyway, which is, no doubt, why they have taken over all the courts My experience with these people is that they don't adhere to God's Law/Common Law, or Man's Law/Civil Law, because they are the Men of Lawlessness that the Bible speaks of.

It also occurs to me that even though the police have told me they will leave me alone if I don't harm others, don't harm others property, and don't commit fraud, this is only temporary, because although I am being treated as a free woman, because I know who I AM, in the future both the free and enslaved will have to be RFID chipped. In other words these grand deceivers have simply allowed those who cracked their scheme to live free until such time as they have total control and then they are going to enslave everyone. It appears to me the only way you can really free yourself is to not take the chip and die, unless God removes you from this dimension first. This is why the Bible says those who save their life lose it and those that lose their life save it.

My conclusion therefore is, unless God removes his chosen one's they will be forced to go through the same gauntlet as the slaves, which is why Satan is referred to as the grand deceiver, because he deceives ALL!

Cheers Kazz

Kazz said...

Dear Gene,

I am aware of all that you have stated. I have been reading up on the Luciferian Doctrine lately and cannot believe people don't see how the facts have all been twisted. How people cannot work out that the ROMAN Catholic Church was just an offshoot of the ROMAN Empire is beyond me. What I mean is only an idiot could think that this organisation is the representative of Christ on this plain. I do not mean offence to the good people out there who follow this religion, but for God's sake how can they not work out that these people represent the lower energies in this universe. The Pope steps down because it is exposed that the Vatican is laundering money for the Italian Mafia, and this comes on the tail of a full expose of mass child sexual abuse by priests. How can people not realise that all of this occurred to undermine God?

I am like you Gene, my only concern is that I will let down the Father and not carry out the mission I came here to achieve, whatever that is, because I work on a need to know basis. I know what I have to do as the situation arises. I can see the sense in this system, otherwise I might blow the Father's agenda.

How people cannot identify the evil one's by their acts is beyond me! How sad people have become so spiritually blinded by the times, and no doubt many reincarnations of corruption, that they cannot see what is actually unfolding. I do not know why the Father has awakened me, but my daily mantra is do not let me let you down Father! It is my will to help as many people as I can, but they are so indoctrinated, and those who work for the police etc have been hypnotised. I have actually seen one of our local policemen's coloured part of his eye glaze over white when I asked him once about the Freemasons. I have studied psychology so I know hypnotism when I see it. How sad :o(.

Many of these people are very bright, but their intelligence is being driven by their ego instead of their soul, so they are being driven by remote control and they don't even realise it. This is why I bow to no Man or Woman, because I am the soul driver of my biological body in this holographic existence.

You take care too Gene. Thanks for the chat.

Cheers Kazz



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