Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sailing on the Prevailing Wind of the Temporary.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet. Ruf!

Ah... to be more like my dog. The fidelity and unconditional love shames and inspires me every day; probably why he’s there. I’m beginning to think everything is where it is for a ‘very good reason’. Oh... I’ve always thought that but it didn't make it to the visceral until recently. You can believe it’s all there for a reason, or you can believe there is neither rhyme nor reason to any of it. Somehow... the latter is decidedly unattractive. Besides... when I look at the symmetry and beauty of Nature and the wider universe; what I see is an inexplicable harmony among diverse interactives. Now... how one explains that, to themselves and others is where the controversy comes in and... I suspect the reason for that is that no one really knows and everyone either suspects that or has a visceral awareness of it. I like what Lao Tzu said;

AND this;

How can you improve on that? You can’t. Probably one of the reasons he is not more universally followed is he provides no room for argument. You can’t argue with him except to expose yourself as a fool. The other thing is that there’s no effective religion that represents it. Sure you have the so called ‘Taoism’ but... that’s kind of like fries with your burger. You will be getting something to eat but the centerpiece of the meal is the burger and that you are going to have to go look for.

Today I was at the dentist; part of the process of my new teeth. I have to take care of this before I migrate because obviously... looking at the present state of my finances, something like this would be out of the question in the USA. When I am at the doctors (rarely) or a dentist, I encounter a perspective on the world that I don’t usually get; the same way I learn things from the commercials on NFL Network. First the medical offices; they got copies of Vogue and Cover and that sort of glamour garbage. I’ve been amazed to ponder the prices women (the ones with money) spend on clothing and shoes. You got 2,000 and up for shoes designed by men who hate women. You got jeans and nothing blouses for 4 and 600 and up. Everyone is making perfume. Jimmy Choo is making perfume now. I wonder if it incorporates the smell of his shoes? I look at the Heroin dead model’s eyes and the ridiculous poses which make the individual nothing more than a commodity AND they know this AND they’re okay with this, unless you get to the Jennifer Lawrence stage where you hear, “I’ll do anything for my career, it comes first;” followed by, “no one has the right to look at naked pictures of me. They should be ashamed of themselves yadda yadda.”

This reminds me of an old joke where a guy goes up to an attractive woman in a bar and asks her, “Would you go to bed with me for a million dollars?” She replies, “Yes, I would.” Then he says, “Well then, would you sleep with me for a hundred dollars?” She replies, “Of course not! What do you think I am?” He answers, “We've already established that, now we are only haggling over the price.”

I don’t know if it is the case on the regular networks in the USA but on NFL Network, it is pork and bacon central. Now they are selling some cheap pans that allow you to wrap all kinds of things in bacon; wrap whatever in bacon and wrap bacon around whatever from the inside too. I use my customary logic on this sort of thing and thereby I deduce that, if you are what you eat, it serves the imperatives of materialism for people to eat as much pork as possible.

What has any of this to do with Taoism, Nature, the Universe and my dog? There is an essential harmony to existence that exists when one is harmonious with their essential nature. The world then, reflexively, adjusts to that. When you are out of harmony with your essential nature, your perceptions of what is real and what is valuable and what is not become hopelessly out of sync with the natural order. When you are out of sync with the natural order, you come to an unnatural end and the degree of suffering you experience is massively enhanced. It may not seem so at times but... it WILL catch up with you. The truth of this is concealed from the lumpen proles. They are not to know that the rich and powerful are just as helpless as they. This keeps everyone driven.

Let’s look at that term, ‘driven’. All of us have been on the highways and encountered those individuals who are maniacally obsessed with getting somewhere so that they can hurry up and wait. I always wonder if it’s some kind of symbolic ass rape phenomena going on in the subconscious the way they like to tailgate and push. Well... thing is, they’re driven. They are under the spell and under the control of a force that drives one toward all manner of eventual calamity. Conversely... if ‘you’ are driving, you are in command. How can you be in command if there is any urgency about your movements? How could there be a need for urgency if you are operational within the Tao of your true nature? So... I have learned not to get angry at these fools but to be grateful that I do not share their condition. I am constantly reminded; ‘there but for fortune goes I.’

Everywhere you see people seeking to fit in with what is contrary to their best interests because it is the prevailing wind of the Temporary. They are trying to fit in the way cattle respond to being herded and they are being herded and for what amounts to the same end result, more or less. If one could see this, one would not do this, so... regardless of how one views scripture, it’s a case of the blind leading the blind with the predictable result.

Sure, it can get cold and lonely on The Lonesome Highway but there are unexpected perks that go down when one gets past the probationary period. One comes to find that the highway is alive and conscious. That’s a big thing, oh yeah!

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The Dankster said...

This one really resonated with me, Les. I rewatched the documentary Gonzo yesterday and was immediately struck at the similarities between your writing style and his. I wondered how I had never noticed it before. Thankfully for us, you have been able to raise the bar with your ability to report on the current state of the world without being consumed by it (for the most part) (grin)...I love your skills, your mind and your heart and I hope you know how vital your ongoing work is to the awakening that we find ourselves in at this juncture. You may not hear it enough, my intrepid friend, that your efforts to document this apocalypse have not gone unnoticed in the higher realms...i pray the light at the end of the tunnel finds you quickly and that you sail on angel wings to a safe haven with all and blessings

Smyrna said...

Great little post there today, Vis.

I did some of my own dentistry recently. I used one of those engraving tools you scratch names on trophies etc. with to remove the tobacco patina and what not; then finished off with some White King on a cotton bud to whiten things up.

Anonymous said...

whatever the case, "we" stand to receive our just rewards...

thankfully, your treasures awaiting
far outweigh those you carry with you...

Oh Canada....

Is Brodsky a Zionist...?



Anonymous said...

I agree in part with Dankster, although I don't think H.S. Thompson could be in the same league with Visible.

Interestingly, I heard he was going to cover some pedophilia business involving george bush before he died..... not sure what the truth is there

I read on a billboard here in Smell A. his quote about life is interesting, some people get rich and some eat shit and die. I wondered how people thought he was a genius.

Anyway, bacon is on the rise here. It's heavily promoted and people are eating it up. I was talking with my brother about how smart and clean hogs are. He said yea but they taste so good, and that is all that matters.

I wonder at the percentage of bacon lovers that would balk when it came time for them to personally slaughter a pig.


Anonymous said...

Yudhisthira's dog

Lance said...

Bacon for breakfast. Ham sandwiches for lunch. Pork chops for supper. Now that's living high on the hog!

galen said...

You onta somtin, Davy, maybe dat imminence so many were feelin' wa dat Canada false flag yesterday?


Visible said...

Since so many people won't hotlink, I shouldn't have to either (grin). It feels a little weird, my not going through extra trouble which is my basic nature... but I'll get over it,

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


It takes about 1/30th the time to copy/paste as opposed to hot linking.

Nothing snarky to say, and in this household; if you can't say anything snarky, don't say anything at all. . .or type anything in this case.

Visible said...

Truth be told, you never came into mind. I was just reflecting on long time tradition here. I just had a wonderful visitation and recorded it in Origami; up tomorrow.

galen said...

I copied and pasted the link, Vis, and it said "Content not available."



Anonymous said...

Smyrna at 2:27

To brush I use baking soda mixed with a few drops of peroxide , enough tp make a paste. This is followed by flossing with floss that has first bern dipped into peroxide. Cheap and extremely effective.

I avoid commercial toothpaste like the plague. It contains aspartame and who knows what else.


Visible said...

It was nothing important, just a picture.

Smyrna said...

Hi mandocello.

I eat baking soda. It's alkaline and good for your gut.

There's no need to ever brush your teeth as far as I am concerned. Floss and toothpick as required, but 'brush' your teeth with your tongue.

Toothpaste (one of the most monstrously conceived commie plots) always made me gag, spew etc.

Eudoxia said...

Animals are amazing creatures - they are more balanced than people. However in saying that if a person is unbalanced, angry, hostile or whatever then their animals usually reflect that. On the subject of animals if anybody lives in areas where there are tick problems, I've just discovered a natural deterrent - Baltic Amber tick collars for dogs and cats. It has a 2 fold mechanism: 1. It emits a resign that goes through the fur that ticks and fleas don't like and 2. it puts a mild static electric current through the fur which doesn't affect the animal but ticks and fleas hate it so they abandon ship. I'm in the process of tracking down a source here in Oz, but I'll be ordering them for all of my fur kids so I'll let you know how they go. As my male cat is a tick magnet, I will know how well it works once it's on him.

Good to see you back Smyrna how is desert life going? I've made it to my new digs and it's a lush green paradise but with it's obvious draw backs!

Eudoxia said...

On the subject of the Canadian solder who got murdered by the tribe, how's this for an MSM "let's appeal to the emotions of the prols"

Nice profile, Crillo obviously loved animals and his animals obviously loved him, however, if he was that compassionate then desiring to be a soldier doesn't compute?????

The 3rd Elf said...

Visible's radio show is now up...

est said...

i have to agree
although h s t was good

he couldn't hold a candle
to this guy [visible]

i read all his stuff
quite entertaining
but that's it

you want to read something, try
joseph conrad

no one has ever described
a storm on the sea, like him

english was his third language
he learned it in the merchant marines

i'll stop here
lest i repeat my self

Anonymous said...


I am one of those 'driven' drivers. I love to drive fast, it's sheer pleasure when the roads are empty. But then I forget and try to keep on going when the roads are busy. I don't tailgate and I try not to be rude. But you are right, my entire mindset is wrong for sharing the roads. And I know it.

Knowing I was out of alignment, I made an effort to just "go with the flow" - and I was astounded. When I try to go fast in my ego-centered state, everything moves to block me. When I told myself "just let it happen, go with the flow", everyone got out of my way and I made it to my destination in about the same amount of time.

The problem I have, as with spiritual practice, is that my ego causes me to forget what I already know is right/true.



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