Thursday, December 11, 2014

Having Skin in the Game of Unfortunate Trends.

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May your noses always be noses.

Unreliable sensory perceptions; frontotemporal dementia. Yeah... that’s a condition that gets confused with Alzheimer’s. All kinds of things get confused with all kinds of things. This world is a hotbed of personalities, states of being and conditions being confused with each other. We live in times of chronic miss-diagnosis. We live in a time where the whole medical profession is nothing more than a pill dispensing industry. Without a doubt there are physicians who mean well and even do well. I’m just about trends. What is the most significant thing about trends? What is the most important feature of trends? The most significant and important thing about trends is where they lead.

So... when we talk here about the incredible depths of contemporary ignorance and indifference, we are not seeking to malign stupid people, or people who don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves. When we talk about the ‘gross’ obesity ‘epidemic, we are not seeking to offend people with weight problems, nor are we even calling attention to a few extra pounds here and there, some heavy people (and I know a few) are just as they are supposed to be and are light on their feet and as graceful as anyone else I’ve ever seen. We are talking about the kind of weight situation that requires two airline seats and which renders the hundreds of thousands, millions actually, who suffer from this, into perpetual victims of all kinds of health problems.

We firmly believe that there are interest groups that intentionally promote dietary practices that bring the ignorant and indifferent into these states and they do it in order to sell products on the one hand and ineffective and expensive medical treatments on the other. Having observed Monsanto, Syngenta, Dupont and Bayer at work, I have concluded that feeding the world is not their motivation. Controlling the world’s food supply for the purpose of enduring corporate profit and population control is their motivation. I have observed that 90% of the politicians, presently in office, are completely unconcerned about their sworn duties to the people they are presumed to serve. They are concerned about serving those interests that have guaranteed them a large and protected income, once they have left their sold out positions. Public Service is a euphemism for self interest.

Why am I tossing out these obvious examples that we all are and have been aware of for some time? I am pointing them out because of the direction they are trending in. Why did I bring up ‘frontotemporal dementia’? I bought it up because of the state it trends into and the country it travels through, to its terminal result.

Why am I bringing up stress and pressure so often now, here and at the radio broadcasts and wherever I am engaged in conversing with anyone directly or virtually? I do it because of the direction it is trending in. Stress and its relative intensity are a heat source. Anyone who has walked the streets of New York City can feel the force of the place and is aware of an invisible propulsive force that sends them at a faster rate up and down the street than they might ordinarily engage in. When you confine a large number of people in a relatively small space, they become a heat source. When you gather a large group of people in a space of certain dimensions; a crowded cocktail lounge or dance club, or a theater or concert hall, they generate heat. They are a heat source. When two or more people engage in sexual congress, they generate heat. They are a heat source. You can actually measure the heat that comes out of people’s bodies. You can feel it. You can feel the different degrees of radiant force from different centers in the human body and there is an obvious difference between a living and a dead person. Dead people also generate heat during the process of decomposition. Here we are also speaking of trends.

Everything that moves can be trended. Everything that doesn’t move can be trended. If you have the time, you will surely see that everything moves and everything changes. Mountains grow old and eventually turn to nothing but rolling foothills. The more high and jagged a mountain range, the younger it is. If it is volcanic it is younger still. They quite often create the new land masses. I’m getting a little far afield here and I am not a scientist but... I think I am generally correct. There may be exceptions and there may be more detailed arguments than my simplistic presentation but... what is important is if my point gets made in a comprehensible way. Hah! What do you know? Volcanoes generate heat too.

Heat is part of temperature levels just as cold is. All the complexities of weather come about through their interplay and there is a serious dance of oceans and mountains that account for all kinds of conditions. Emotions run hot and cold. One might come upon some interesting possibilities when they transpose these two opposites into the metaphysical realm. Hell is supposed to be hot? Does that make Heaven cold? Certainly if you move up through the different atmospheres it gets colder and colder. The further into the Earth you go it is supposed to get hotter, after a certain point.

The point of my dancing all over the map here and saying nothing conclusive is to provoke thought. There are some things you just can’t come right out and say. As far as I can see, no one ever has. This is the thing about learning past a certain level of awareness. You have to come to certain understandings on your own. They don’t contain their greatest value and permanence otherwise. It’s like not valuing something you didn’t pay for. Of course we are not talking in a purely financial sense. I would think that we are often put through things simply to attach value to the end result.

Shaktipat is a kind of heat transfer. Something already ignited, ignites something else. Someone already ignited ignites someone else. The Sun is the source of all heat on this planet, including that which is in the Earth. It is, indirectly, the source of all heat within us and all life as well, period. In the mystery schools of the ancient world there were certain teachings that were common at the time and which explained so many of the things that are now a mystery to most of us. These schools have never gone out of existence. The lineage of certain metaphysical schools is unbroken. Whatever may have happened to various secret societies (the ones we are ‘generally ‘familiar with), which turned them into what they are today and regardless of that, there are subtle, intricate and enduring truths. Whatever perversion and corruption might have resulted from the efforts of the shadow upon the weak, in those societies, is irrelevant to those cloisters where perversion and corruption have never entered in.

No one gets to where they get under their own steam. They are the end result of the influences they subscribed to; that got visited upon them. Each of us is a composite of those who wrote their ideas upon us and depending on what we were sympathetic to and the directions we were natively inclined toward, that’s where we wound up and that’s who we wound up as. Depending on what you are disposed to believe, from that is generated the trends in your life and that leads to the proof of the truth or the discovery of the lie, sooner or later.

Unreliable sensory perceptions; frontotemporal dementia.

Most people think that getting to attend Harvard or any Ivy League school is a wonderful opportunity. Most people think a high powered education and a high paying profession to follow is a wonderful thing and certainly it can seem that way for a specifically measured period of time. That education and that profession will account for the majority of your contacts, relationships and the lion’s share of all your social interplays in this life. It will account for the people you have to hang out with and answer to. You will become a product of that and there are specific trends to all of that, concerning what you get exposed to and the kind of people that you meet and the things you do; things you are compelled to do because you are paid to do them, or made to do them and there is a rationale and philosophy of justification that attends the whole process and it all makes sense and it all seems right.

Michael Rivero had this up on his website yesterday;

"Only those who decline to scramble up the career ladder are interesting as human beings. Nothing is more boring than a man with a career."
-- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Most people think that conditions and environments that are seriously toxic are highly desirable; that the wars their country fights are for freedom and all kinds of other things I don’t have to mention and that you already know about, are worth having and that you never actually have ...but they do have you. Everything trends somewhere and any careful observer can see where the same thing trended previously, or where things nearly identical in makeup also trended; if they want to, if they want to, unless the relevant version of Buck Fever takes over. Fever generates heat too and certain forms of heat generate smoke. All heat generates byproducts besides heat. Everything people think they want is accompanied by the relevant version of Buck Fever. It runs amok in Wal-Mart and it runs amok in the boardrooms.

I am beating this dead horse in a different manner today because I would like everyone to look at the world around them today; look at what is in the headlines; in the mass media and alternative media, look at the people around them and what they are engaged in and look at themselves the same way and ponder the meaning of it all and consider the trends of which they are all a part and the trends they generate as well. From any point one can see the road ahead and if they can’t, they can learn all kinds of things from observing where the road took them to. Trends are critically important and if one can’t readily observe them at any time ...then... they need to ask themselves why that is.

I was aware of the all of a sudden sensational publication of the Torture Report and the fact that it was even permitted to come out at all. I was aware of those who positioned themselves to be connected to the release of the findings of that study. I saw the shaggy Morlock head of Zio-con psychopath, Sen. Dianne Feinstein way back when this whole escapade was being generated. I’m not stupid and I am not inobservant. I’m aware of the original intention of the internet and what was going on with it in the beginning, just as I am aware of what it has come to be today. Would you say that it turned out in all ways like the powers that think they are wanted it to? So it is with the revealing and exposing of all manner of things in this time. The end result very often does not mesh up with the original intention because of... because of Mr. Apocalypse.

I draw your attention to the Satanist pedophile murder scandal taking place in the UK. There is more going on at all times than meets the eye and there is far more going behind the scenes than we know about, or those who are behind the scenes know about. There is, in this life at this time, a profound drama taking place and it is the result of events and conditions from a long, long time ago, all the way up to the present. It is for the purpose of demonstration and to determine the collective and individual destiny of the human race. I don’t care about Masons, or illuminati, Israelis, bankers, warmongers, or any of the rest of the players assigned the roles of the bad guys in this movie. I care about my job and my objective and though they may have a small role in the former, they have nothing to do with the latter. They may appear on these pages as characters in the posts, for the purpose of communicating ideas but otherwise they have no real and perpetuating existence to me. I might add... no power or influence that matters either.

You get something useful here then use it. If something puts you off or confuses you, ignore it. If you don’t like it here then don’t come here. If your too delicate and sensitive feelings don’t get the simpering unqualified support at all times that they are seeking, move to Sedona. I will repeat for the hundredth time; time will tell. We shall see. If there is truth and validity here it will be proven out. If there is none, that will be proven out too.

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Sunday’s radio broadcast is now up and running.

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Stu said...

I am constantly en-joyed to see the reflection of my own feelings and instincts presented here. Presented anywhere matter of fact, and the level to which that occurs now is stunning. Seems to me we're tuned to the same frequency and other receivers are becoming thick on the ground. How gratifying to see the long held, not always listened to, instinctual truths bouncing around like this. It gives me hope. Peace, stu

Anonymous said...

A trivial observation perhaps:

Conventional thought about earth's heat assumes much of it arises from radioactive decay. But that is interesting too, since earth's radioactive elements (in fact all elements more massive than iron in the periodic table) were synthesized from lighter elements by a generation of stars older than our sun in supernova events as the old stars died. So energy from radioactive decay originates in "suns" too - just not our sun.

Two other sources of heat from within the earth arise from friction due to internal movement of magma (the energy being derived from the earth's rotation and from the tidal effects from the moon), and from stored heat due to gravitational potential energy as the earth accreted matter while forming.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for another thought provoking post. Here in the USI, the people have been dumbed down to the point that it is impossible to teach them anything. Hopefully, the rest of the world is in better shape.

Thomas said...

Cheers Visible.

Much Truth, you bring, as far as I can see. But not all of what you say is True, I am sure, too.

Buut... compared to most, and me as well, your true-to-false ratio is pretty blessed good, I would say ;)

In any case, I am not one with awareness/ability to discern between True and False, except in some simple regards, so, I wouldn't really know what I'm talking about. Time will tell, as you say.

Surely, you are a better example to the world than most, including myself.

Best wishes, all of you :) - May the Divine bless you with a pure and unfailing discrimination.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just as important to study how bad people behave as the good person does. What make the, "Serpent of Old", the Devil unhappy is testing the boundaries and see it for what it is.


There are the most evil forces now merging into this world that will destroy any record of man's past.

Les, How do you feel about reptilians? W.H.G.

Anonymous said...

I posted a link yesterday - turns out to be an old April Fool.
Try this - a classic case of what Les has been describing to us today ?

Visible said...

I don't know about reptilians. I have a serpent in me but that is the kundalini risen. Everyone has this in potential, few in kinetic. Leo (I am one) and Capricorn are the two serpent power variants.

Like anything elsem a serpent is neither good nor bad, it depends on the one hosting it and their basic inclinations. The force of the serpent develops upon specific human character.

Once on Ketamine a few years ago in Italy I found myself on the plane of the reptile mind. I could see them overlooking me (actually under looking) as I was overlooking and what I got was that there was no business between us; both they and I knew this.

Let's put it this way, you will never run into a polar bear unless you go to see one. You might well have no problem with the bear even then. However, you might mess with or otherwise annoy the bear and then you would have a problem. or you might be careless and attract its attention.

I catch shit about my photo with the hand mudras. My hands actually move and position like that when I am on higher planes of consciousness. Good and evil spring from the same force. It all depends on your inclinations; seriously. However... when people who are not too well informed see this sort of thing they ONLY think evil just as when they think of ALL secret societies. I have people come in and start screaming at me because of Lucis Trust and that Kundalini is a negative and Satanic force, which is ridiculous but you can't tell people like that anything. Kundalini is thousands of years older than The Theosophical Society and Lucis Trust. Feels like I am spelling that name wrong for some reason. Too bad. The Indians have it handled. It is simply religious practice from either end.

Finding me evil takes some imagination, by the yardstick of "by their works ye shall know them" I do not engage in sexual duplicity games. I do not operate with personal gain (money) as a motive and I do not seek power over others or a higher position and I defy anyone to show otherwise. These are the 3 things one can use to check anyone out.

I... and others like me are at our own level on the spiral staircase. There are things we know (not much) and things we don't know (considerable). Each of us has a guide instructor and a job. We serve the incomprehensible and indefinable light. We don't always do it perfectly but we are sincere, dedicated and unflagging.

The serpent force can be modified. It is a power. It also has levels of awareness so... it can be raw and forceful and it can be very subtle (a word often used to define the serpent)

In this age, the 'inclination;' of this force in people, 'generally'- due to environmental climate, is toward the dark side... or that is what one sees at inception. I did... but it did not incline that way after, however it is often prompting in that manner but one stands back from the influence and it strengthened thereby.

There is a vast distance between individuals at different levels with this; good and bad and ones station can change in either direction dramatically in a very short time. I've seen that. Without a doubt, the dark agents at the top level of their kind have a relationship with this force and use it.

There's another word, 'Fohat' that applies here and there.

Comes down to your values and intentions and... what do you love and how much?

Visible said...

That is supposed to be " is strengthened thereby."

Visible said...

I screwed up with the Radio broadcast and forgot to put the link up there to begin with. I fixed it at the radio site and now I have fixed it on the main page and will fix it here too Sunday 12-7-14 Radio Broadcast.

My apologies for that. I have been much distracted by the changes I am dancing with on my way out the door here.

Anonymous said...

No need to apologize about being distracted by changes while you are dancing out the did you put it, at the end of the above post of yours - "You get something useful here then use it. If something puts you off or confuses you, ignore it. If you don’t like it here then don’t come here. If your too delicate and sensitive feelings don’t get the simpering unqualified support at all times that they are seeking, move to Sedona."

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The High Value Potential of Each Living Moment.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Pooka Time in the Circus of the Ridiculous and Absurd.



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