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Dancing to the Music of the Planets Passing in Space

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Along with the myriad of ills that attend Materialism, not to mention the ever increasing ripples of insanity that now appears in so many minds far and wide, due to a complete capitulation of the consciousness toward externals, there is the drive of excess pushing toward ever greater excesses. They say the line to get in to this funorama is sometimes a quarter of a mile long. That is long enough that most Americans would prefer to drive that distance in their cars. Speaking of insanity, this is pretty much the wedding cake at the marriage of bizarre and ridiculous. It seems that it all comes down to the sexual angle.

Yes... it all comes down to the sexual angle. Here we are talking about that basic drive that is everywhere in your face. When you toss in the survival instinct by threatening the livelihood, security and economic well being of the ordinary citizen, it becomes easier and easier to manipulate the reproductive drive and bend the natural aspect of the force. The more they can twist basic nature into The Land of Perversity, the easier it is to drive people in directions they would 'normally' not go. I am not here saying that certain forms of expression are evil. They are more a product of the times. Nature is female. Things made from Nature are an adaptation of the female as well and when it moves into the area of artifice, it mutates toward expressions of the feminine within the male aspect in ways that it would not express itself, were the culture less decadent than it is. Anyone who doubts this has only to take some LSD and walk through a mall on the weekend and see what impressions come up. I am NOT suggesting doing this. I am illustrating that I have clearly seen things in this state and that was a long time ago. It is not my nature to ingest the sacred substance in such locations but... for the sake of research I have done such things and in places stranger than that.

It behooves one to take a close look at the behavior of our leaders in these times. Note how they proceed in a lockstep en masse. From my observations and in my opinion, the force and control of Satanism upon those in power is ubiquitous. Behind the scenes in every corridor of power are agents of the darkness. They are placed in critical positions. Victoria Neuland comes to mind. I wouldn't refer to her as a person. That implies some aspect of humanity and she has none, nor do any of the rest of them. The sheer scope of their evil is more than most minds can comprehend. They slaughter millions and regret none of it. They revel in it. It is like the exhalation of saints but... in reverse.

Those performing these outrages are of the same stock as those who killed tens of millions in Russia and who later then tortured and murdered millions of Germans and who then set in place the fabricated Holocaust tale to shield them from exposure for their crimes. This is why they were harping for decades about the plight of Russian Jews, making themselves out to be the victims when they were the perpetrators of the crimes. “Save Soviet Jewry and Win Valuable Prizes”. This is all historically validated and verified and it is going to become known world wide soon enough when Mr. Apocalypse puts his walking stick under the skirts of darkness and lifts them up before the golden, revelatory light of the Avatar. Then all that was hidden shall become known and the scales will drop from the eyes of the world. Now their vision is obscured and they are fed lies which they believe are true and which are not.

It says in the New Testament; “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.” So it is that the evil doers are being pressed by the force of the divine to continue in their works for the fulfillment of the destiny of each and also granting a window of mercy for those who might still repent of their misdeeds. We are in the land of the last jot and tittle. Let those who have eyes to see let them see.

If you are fortunate then information will come to you in surprising ways. If your heart is open, your ears will be open and we are not speaking of physical ears. It is complex and its origins go back beyond the reach of personal memory. Our personal history is not just about this life. Just as it did not take one lifetime for people like Victoria Neuland and the bankers from hell to come to the level they are operating from, it did not take even a few lifetimes for us to get to our own level of awareness, nor did it for them.

It is all about control of the sexual force. If we are not controlling it then something else is. Those who are informed about the power of sexual retention know that when properly exercised it can lead to immortality, literally. It can also lead to various Hells. Of course, the last steps are only gained with a hand up. All of this takes place in the heart and mind and all of it depends on what comes into your heart and mind and what is allowed to stay there. As has often been stated here; one must stand guard at the gate of the mind.

Everything you see in entertainment and advertising is an expression of the sexual force, processed for the purpose. War is a permutation of the sexual force. Most aggression is an improper channeling of it. I'm going to give you the reason why there is such an incredible force pushing on us for all forms of sexual expression. It is because demons feed on the ectoplasm of the fluids. The more they get the more powerful they become and that is why it would be impossible for some of us to manage or escape it without the help of the Avatar. You can imagine it like a massive whirlpool in the ocean. The draw is so powerful and the draw is to another world, by degrees of vibrationary transition as the particles of your being are charged and harmonized with ever denser expressions of itself. On the other hand... on the other hand, there are other whirlpools also leading to other worlds, depending on one's focus and that too would be hard to maintain if it were not for the extreme benevolence of the divine. We really have no comprehension of the breadth and depth of the divine. There are places in the mind of god that a small taste of it causes one to completely lose themselves and to cease to be anything but an awareness of that and yet the divine goes on and on and on further still into immeasurable space. What the mystics say, is limited to the paucity of words. It is past all definition and description. It really must be experienced.

What are the things of the world compared to this when this is the pleasure and joy of the world that the world cannot provide? It only promises. It cannot deliver. The furthest reach of the imagination cannot grasp what is concealed in the better zones of the ineffable but certainly anything that can be gotten here is small change by comparison with that. It is near impossible to see this or to get this when the attention is mesmerized by the mundane. We live between two worlds; the sacred and profane and the one has the edge over our attention because of the age we are in. Still... there is a thing called 'degree of difficulty' and that means that the harder it is the bigger the payoff. You can't do it on your own so all of this struggle is about making enough of a connection so that the help can flow in. We are surrounded by bright angels and we cannot see them but the moment we turn to that spiritual sun which generates them, that moment they rush to our side. All the forces of good rush to our side when we invite them.

What moves in you and what moves on you has hands that shape you. We are shaped by what influences us from within and what impacts on us outside and that struggle between is our own rising and falling between the two. The reality of constant failure is to be of no great importance so long as one does not cease in the effort to rise. Victory is not achieved. It is conferred.

The yawning of the pit is so much greater than it was because the lures in use have coarsened and intensified. We are surrounded by a warfare of those at war with themselves but we are not subject to this if we have made peace with ourselves. Once again it is more than one world but you live in your own.

We know big changes are coming. We should know that one mind is in command of it all and it only looks otherwise when we are separated from our knowledge of that and our understanding of its certainty of being. It will certainly be chaos in places but the opposite will be true somewhere else. We live in a world of opposites, right? That means that every situation is counterpointed somewhere else. We make the decision of which of any of these states we exist in, except when it is made for us by the law of karma and we can dance with that if we can hear the music that comes from the rubbing of planets in space. We dance in any case. How that turns out depends on the choreographer. We are surrounded by dancers in a temporary and eternal dance.

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Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

I agree with your nearly everything you said. Not making love is like not eating. There is an old saying, 'if you do not eat you do not shit and if you do not shit you die'. Sex is a part of life, just as eating is, it is not sex that is bad but rather how we approach it. I have taught my children how you engage in sex is a bit like how you engage in eating, do you eat a McDonald's burger because it is quick, easy, and cheap, even though it will not nourish you and eventually kill you, or do you go to a fine restaurant, order a healthy meal, and savour the taste sensation in such a way as to enjoy every bite, knowing it is nourishing your body? One is nourishing and the other is poisonous to your body. I believe making love with your partner is nourishing, while straying from this is poisonous, not only to your body but also your soul. It appears even Jesus had Mary Magdalene.

The elite want to destroy marriage because it is a sacred union between man and woman that creates a bond that protects them and their children. The elite want to destroy the family because they want everyone to look to the 'State' for their security. People are way more easy to control when they are on their own. A loving relationship teaches us to open up our heart chakra and trust another human being, which precipitates the opening of the heart chakra on a broader level.

If we all stopped having sex the human race would be eradicated, and this is the elite's agenda (Agenda 21), to eradicate ALL of humanity! God told us to 'Go forth and multiply' (Genesis 9:7). Many might argue that this has caused over population of our planet but I do not agree. What has caused an over population of this planet is the elite's constant medalling which has caused humanity to fall to such a low vibration. If the elite were doing what they were supposed to be doing as guardian's of humanity, educating and helping humanity to comprehend the true nature of reality, then people would be vibrating at a high enough level to eventually elevate from this realm. The trouble is the elite have bastardised God's system to serve them, which is why the elite have to go to such extremes to corrupt humanity, otherwise humanity would clearly see God's Divine system has been hijacked. This means no souls are evolving from this plane so they just keep coming back. This is causing a back log on this plane, which is why the elite have created a death cult, as it is the only other way to deal with the overcrowding of this realm. More and more souls keep coming into this realm, but few, if any, are leaving!

I do believe God has allowed this reversal because it is serving a higher purpose, and as soon as that higher purpose is achieved the elite will become obsolete. My guess is that the Divine's plan is to raise a body up out of humanity, who are the saints, and they will be "God's chosen people', all of which will have come through the fire and proved their devotion to the eternal creator. As I have stated before, the country we know as Israel is Man's creation, just as Babylonian law/Maritime law/UCC law is Man's creation. The Devil mimics all of God's creations because the Devil is an imitator not a creator, which is where his hatred of humanity comes from, because humanity has the power to create, just as the Divine does. At least that is my take on it :o).

Cheers Kazz

Visible said...

I don't know what the deal is with Mary Magdalene and Jesus, I wasn't there and I don't go by hearsay by other people who weren't there. Not a word was said here about sex being bad. There is simply more than one way to handle the energy and more than one age to be at when one does.

Ray B. said...

Vis, Fulford has a paragraph that might be personally interesting to you:

"Even more startling for the US than events in South America and Japan, though, is the growing independence movement of the Sandwich Islands, otherwise known as Hawaii. On May 11th, for the first time ever at the United Nations, a UN member country, Pakistan, raised the point that Hawaii never actually voted to become part of the United States and was technically an illegally occupied colony."
Vis: "That implies some aspect of humanity and she has none, nor do any of the rest of them."

I wonder how this applies to Eudoxia Jones' comment back on the last VO, "I am quite convinced at this point in time that the genetic abomination known as psychopathy comes from this [Enlil's] bloodline." Or, is it more woo-woo?
Vis: "Now their vision is obscured and they are fed lies which they believe are true and which are not."

I had a version of that in woo-woo land, recently. (It turned out very well!) I had been doing standard-clearing before sleeping, had discovered a baddie, and had called in Higher Self to do a Cleaning. Well, it went on forever and had certain aspects that just didn't seem right. Then, I fell asleep. The next morning, I asked HS to continue on this and another one. Again, it went on forever and just didn't feel right.

So, I called in a (real) elf friend. After it arrived and got to work, certain 'fuzziness' and obscuration lifted. I saw that it had been a 25-level baddie (human, male, alive). He had been really messing with me, including false projections. The (real) elf stayed with me (and worked) the whole time this baddie got Cleaned.

This was actually very cool in the end, since 25-level baddies are few and far between these days. (Most 'attackers' are only 10-12 level, since the big 'sweep' a few years back.) So, we 'got' one of the few who could do real damage...
Vis: " did not take even a few lifetimes for us to get to our own level of awareness, nor did it for them."

A bit more related woo-woo. Last night, as part of other stuff going on, a very high portion of my Higher Self was exploring in new areas. It 'found' some past lives that were not previously-known. They were Early. This morning, Higher Self started working on those lives. They were Cleaned, and 'moved around' in some way. (All sorts of strange 'sensations'.) In this, my Soul became aware that these lives had 'completed'.

What will be interesting is whether the knowledge of these 'completions' will result in any fundamental changes to Ray, 'out here'... (grin)
Vis: "You can't do it on your own, so all of this struggle is about making enough of a connection so that the help can flow in."

That is a very fundamental truth. Most of the time, I have to make some effort to 'contact' Higher Self, whether meditation (prayer, to some of you) or a mantra. At some point, there is a definite 'shift', and HS is felt to be present. 'Work' begins at that point.

Be aware that baddies can sense this 'presence', and will work to shut the connection down (not usually during a 'session'). It is one of those things that need 'tending'...
Good semi-VO blog, Vis!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

They're all semi-V.O. these days, given I don't have to shape the message to accommodate atheists. As for Fulford; there is always the possibility of truth coming through any medium. Fulford and his multi colored ninjas trouble me, as did his interview with Rockefeller and sundry.

Eudoxia said...

Ditto here Ray I had another attack or rather forewarning of another attack the other night. They start very subtly and if one is not aware of what is happening it soon spirals out of control. It didn't get to that stage however.

Yea Fulford is a bit "how's your father" I suspect he works for Rockefeller with probably CIA handlers but who knows. In this age of disinformation all we can really go by is our intuition and impressions. I say this because he tends to sway away from China and Russia or rather puts out tainted information and omits the importance of the BRICS. That's the impression I get. He supports an agenda alright but just whose agenda is the million dollar question.

Sobriety in the expression of sexual energy is taught on an esoteric level in nearly all spiritual teachings. To squander this energy to fulfill a lower chakra desire, is in my opinion simply not worth it. This precious energy is more beneficial retained rather than lost. But the more people engage in sex the more the demonics get to feast which is no doubt why good ole Yahweh encouraged it plus it provides them with more slaves.

Katy said...

Just tonight was reading about the material world's counterfeit for everything ...passion and egoism for love, sensation for joy, etc.
But the one thing there is no counterfeit for is Peace. Christ mentions peace at all the big moments, and small moments. It is His Gift. Even in suffering one may be filled with peace.
Karen, i wish you peace. I pray you~~ who have this Big Heart! do not get caught up in the lies and traps of the material world. (You do not have to reach conclusions, or decide rules, or write strictures about leaders and bowing and giving to ceasar what is Caesar's or even what is required for humans to live ... You are freed from all that. (Soon enough, we will be presented with "evidence" about the Christ, and no doubt his mystical mother too...which will be the final lie of utmost temerity. Shall we be so filled with divine peace ~ eyes fixed on eternal love...we can simply...fart in their general direction?

Eudoxia said...

@ Ray B re the bloodline. I'm sort of of the view that the elite are a strain of Nephilm. What if when the fall occured as in The Book of Enoch and several other texts when they bred with the humans that this didn't go down to well with Enlil - perhaps because he knew there would be a genetic corruption or perhaps not. I don't think we'll ever really know.

Visible said...

This is generic woo woo but it's got a lot of that Fulford guy. and in the last quarter he comes on for a short while with a beard and sounds raving and incoherent. I'll see if I can find some of that stuff where he sounds rally crazy.

Kazz said...

If you are not saying sex is bad then I am Vis, because if sex is not approached with the right reverence it dislodges the sexual chakra, and unless all our chakras are aligned we can only access the Divine at the lowest level of creation, if at all, which means our connection with the Divine is clouded or completely negated. This is why the elite have gone to such extreme efforts to bath humanity in pornography and overwhelm people with what can only be described as extreme immorality.

The largest problem the elite have as I see it is the fact that humanity are no where near as corrupted or degraded as what they are.

Nobody knows whether Jesus was with Mary Magdalene or not, I agree, but there has been much speculation about a surviving blood line to Jesus. What I do know is that the Roman Catholic Church stopped men from having wives and that turned out really badly. No normal well rounded male would have a bar to do with giving up sex, so it is a wonderful way of screening well adjusted and well rounded males from that vocation. That would have served their agenda quite nicely to pervert Christianity, would it not?

Dear Ray B.,

Indigenous Australians are in the same boat as Indigenous Hawaiians, because Australia was invaded under the law 'terra nulliius', which means land nobody owns. Since Australia was populated by people when Cook arrived any suggestion Australia is a colony is an outright lie, and runs contrary to international law. Justice Kirby's Mabo decision supported this. The indigenous people of Australia, of which I am now one, because I am at least third generation Australian, are the lawful owners of Australia. The Abbott Corporation, which is illegally and unlawfully pretending to be a government, is actually a subsidiary company of the Crown Corporation, not to be confused with the Crown, Queen Elizabeth II of Windsor. Australia's wealth is being strip mined by a bunch of criminals, and the people are being poisoned.

We had two referendums in Queensland about adding sodium fluoride to the water and the people voted no on both occasions. Even so we have fluoride, and they are not just dumping Australia's industrial toxic waste in our people's drinking water, they are importing it from China, Belgium and Japan, and putting that in the water too. As I am sure you are aware putting sodium fluoride into people's drinking water is murder, and Dr. Dean Burke PhD, who worked for the Cancer Institute for 35 years, stated that sodium fluoride in the water is responsible for 20% of all cancer. Our people are dropping like flies!

Cheers Kazz

Visible said...

Here's more Fulford. Personally I think he's not only deluded but worse, whatever that is and here you hear him as a spokeman, according to him, for a huge power group. Him and Wilcox have some kind of circle jerk going on and you can find them in the interview relationship on youtube.

Kazz said...

Dear Katy,

I am free, it is everyone else I am concerned about. I really love people and it stresses me to see what is being done to them. Knowing the truth sets one free, but what good is freedom when so many of your brothers and sisters are still lost and suffering so badly :o(.

I agree that there is no substitute for peace, nor is there one for true love. Who would want to live in a world without peace, love and freedom? Not I!

Luv Kazz

Eudoxia said...

I think I know about the interview you mentioned, was it that one where he had the Romanoff guy and the Japanese ninja dude shaking his stick with the bells on it? Yea and Wilcox well dear me, if that guy doesn't have an impressive ego disguised as New Age shyte I don't know else he's got because he is so plastic. For Fulford to secure an interview with Rockefeller to me means he works for Rockefeller at least Soros in that brief minute was telling the truth -pukes-

Visible said...

This was four years ago and sounds like total blather. It's Wilcox interviewing Fulford. I feel like I would be laughed off the internet if I said shit like this.

Visible said...

Sex isn't good or bad. It is a directional force. It is the serpent force and direction interprets it. I think I will leave my statement simple.

Ray B. said...

Vis, I posted the Fulford quote on Hawaii (and only Hawaii) because I thought you might be interested in regard to your "home soil." Personally, I read him because of his east-Asian emphasis; I know of no other English-language alternative-news commentator in this regard. I throw out around three-quarters of his stuff immediately, but the Asian viewpoint is interesting. Caveat Emptor...


Eudoxia Jones: "I'm sort of of the view that the elite are a strain of Nephilim."

This would line-up with their emphasis on in-breeding, to maximize the strain (for whatever result). I do wonder how much is Nature (genetic) and how much is Nurture (being raised by psychopaths). Some authors have speculated that the unique genetics might allow for more ease (somehow) in influencing or 'overlighting' by 'outside' bad guys. On the other hand, I have seen (literally) cases where heavy shock has driven a person's etheric body (I believe) to the side. It is a kind of 'fleeing'. This also might allow for easier 'access' by outside forces. Hard to know, unless you're an insider...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

I agree Vis, but every direction has a destination and that destination can be Heaven or hell. I work on the perspective that no one would choose to go to hell if they really knew what they were getting their self into, and I can't say I have been to hell, but I have been through hell a couple of times and it wasn't very nice.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

Accept no substitutes. Love is the way. It's fruits....peace, charity, mercy, kindness. It's not something you have to dig in the ground to get, or fight for, or steal. It's right in front of and in and all around us. "At hand", so to speak.

Why would anyone want the alternative?

-ye olde beggar

Anonymous said...

"Got a complaint about the quality of my productions from a site that has been linking my work for awhile. I've been too subjective (grin). It's probably my attempts to sneak spiritual things into the postings, where they are generally verbotten so... "

Quote from "Ozzie and Harriet" back on the 9th of May. I can see you listened (not) :-)

Awesome post, stay subjective please.


Eudoxia said...

I'm listening to the Wilcox/Fulford interview now. You would be laughed off the internet and that's why I'm here and not elsewhere.

@ Ray B - sorry I missed your post back at VO. It's a feeling, an inkling. But I have not quite got a grip! I hear what you are saying about Enlil, yea to be sure they are characteristics displayed by your average garden variety psychopath as demonstrated by Yahweh throughout the Old Excrement. Purity bricks anybody?

Excellent simple statement Viz!

Kazz - Genesis is just a badly written rip off (purity brick) of the Sumerian Tablets as composed at and by the Council of Nicea.

Visible said...

Ray; I wasn't in any way seeking to negate what you said by negating a source and that is why I always say I will take my news from anywhere if it rings true to me. It is just that every time Fulford or Wilcox come up I have to say something because the guy is compromised if for no other reason that they sensationalize everything and also because nothing they say comes true. If you watch or listen to them whatever years ago you wish, none of it comes to pass and yet they keep going. I do not have access, for instance, to a lot of the higher self references you use. Therefore I don't have an opinion on it. What I hear has to do with general things or with my own perspectives and behavior. I get sent places to show me everything is okay where it might not have looked like it was. Some version of what these people say is true but not the one they give and certainly no world shaking change is coming about through a lawsuit, nor is there going to be sweeping world transformations coming about through green, white, black and red ninjas. That is quite ridiculous and so is this stuff about people in the Pentagon and ancient banking houses looking to be the good guys and pay everyone's rent and forgive all debt. They live off of debt but... in the end, I don't know all that I do know is that some things ring true and some do not. Sorry if I gave any indication of putting you in doubt, it is just that I have heard a lot from these people and by this time it all goes into the circular file.

Ray B. said...

Karen Norman / Kazz: "Indigenous Australians are in the same boat as Indigenous Hawaiians..."

Unfortunately, in this world, Might means Right. (For now...) Native Americans come to mind. And, I visited the Isle of Anglesey in NW Wales, where a Roman Legion staged a surprise night 'amphibious landing' and wiped out (to a man) the main Druid 'headquarters' and training area. Thus, depriving Native Britains of their spiritual base and leading to the Romanization of their culture.
Kazz: "The indigenous people of Australia, of which I am now one, because I am at least third generation Australian, are the lawful owners of Australia..."

I am curious here (and it is none of my business, really) whether you mean your ancestors have interbred with indigenous stock, or whether there is a 'time period' wherein "occupiers" (the English stock) become "indigenous." If the latter, I am an "indigenous" American, although of English and (probably) German stock... (grin)


On sodium fluoride, the Nazis used this in the drinking water of different 'camps' because it 'dumbed down' and made the workers more 'docile' (if I remember my old reading correctly). It was not being used for killing off, just for control. I suspect this is the major reason it is being 'pushed' on Australia. And, is one of the reasons most Americans are sheeple. (I go for 'natural' water, for just this reason...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

If you listen tothe first minute of this and some of the claims. Hmmmm, I just don't know; an army of 200 million? etc. etc.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the extended reply. I agree with all you said. It is all correct about that aspect of Fulford's reporting. Bogus. I just enjoy the east-Asian perspective, as this is rarely followed in the Western press. With major 'discernment', of course. (I am not drawn to Wilcock, so I don't read his stuff.)

Off to bed...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Eudoxia said...

OK they are stating that Putin is the bee's knees, that's guilt by association. It truly identifies the culprits. Typical flipping the script tactic of the parasites. Confusion reigns supreme and does the Ninja loonie claim to have trained Putin?? WTF I doubt it. Who would want a bunch of loonies of this caliber to claim anything - Putin would no doubt die laughing at the claim. I'm sure he has already marked his new fan club as totally suicidal.

@ Ray B - I read Fulford also, I'm just not sure why, I liken it to poking a bruise and in more instances than not they give their agenda away because they are simply insane. Sweet dreams, my friend I gave up on Wilcox very early in the journey - the guy's ego is bigger than any elephant in any room. In fact his ego is his elephant in his own room.

Oh btw I had a dream about Putin the other night, he kept telling me he was going to fix everything, he was wearing a very expensive suite nobody else was, in fact most others were pretty well naked, like they had no shoes or missing shirts etc. As Viz would say - time will tell and we shall see but it does appear Putin's making considerable headway - he makes the elite look like total amateurs.

Eudoxia said...

hey Ray B - if you like the Asian perspective read Pepe Escobar's articles - he delivers and my bullshit radar doesn't explode. Yet anyway.

Eudoxia said...

The indigenous peoples being the original land guardians of Australia (in this instance) don't claim land ownership Kazz, they state they belong to the land. No we own nothing, we are a part of the whole, and nothing will change despite outward appearances, purity bricks and alternating paradigms throughout the Ages, nothing changes other than our consciousness and perception of it.

Kazz said...

Dear Ray B,

We have a water tank for drinking water but unfortunately we are still bathing in fluoridated water.

The American Indian's believed their deceased ancestors communicated with them, and one way of breaking this connection was to move people from their land. Man and nature have a divine connection, so if you want to remove Man from the Divine remove him from nature. The elite has painstakingly killed off or removed nearly all indigenous peoples from their land. It is no coincidence that John the Baptist lived in nature and got by from eating locusts and wild honey, nor is it a coincidence that Moses spent many years living with nature as a goat herder. Nature brings a man closer to God. It is also no coincidence that the elite's 'Agenda 21' removes humanity from having any contact with mother nature.

Once one's ancestors live in a country long enough they learn to love that country, the same way they do their home. Once one comes to see a country as their home they care more about it's environment then they do about how much it is worth in their pocket to destroy that environment. My husband and I are really just hippies at heart, so we are much more comfortable sitting around a fire with indigenous folk than we would ever be sitting in an upmarket restaurant in London. My husband's brother is nothing like him, he is an editor for a magazine in London. Last time he visited us he screamed at me a lot and said what I was saying was dangerous. It's funny how people see things differently, I thought the dangerous people were the one's who were exterminating everyone. Must be me!

I am not entitled to any other passport other than an Australian one, which I don't have, because as a child of God one is not required to have permission from anyone to travel abroad.

All I know Ray is that this planet means a lot more to me than trinkets and toys, and other material manifestations,
"For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?' (Matthew 16:26)

Cheers Kazz

Kazz said...

You are right Eudoxia we are merely guardians and caretakers of the land. We belong to the land in the same way it belongs to us. We are all from the same atoms. We are One. My body belongs to the land, and that is where it will eventually return, but I belong to my Father and that is where my soul is heading after this gig :op.

I tried phoning you today, I will give you a buzz tomorrow if you are around,

Luv Kazz

Smyrna said...

Isn't Benjamin Fulford a comedy series?

Anonymous said...

so, is this Hitler put fluoride in the water at the concentration camps thing real or do we just repeat it ad infinitum? Was there ever a credible source for this often repeated line?


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Reading this makes me wanna go into a remote dark cave somewhere and never come out, more than ever.

It's like, I didn't cause this mess; and I don't wanna deal with it. Of course in reality I have no choice. On the other hand, I don't have to feed it, and I am doing a little to try and wake people up with my blog and what political forums I'm on. Ifn they can deal with my insulting them and everything they hold dear, every chance I get.

Sex. Hmmmmm. Been celibate for 'bout a decade. Just sort of evolved into that, and don't miss it. Interest in it faded with time, then one day, I just don't wanna go there no more. BUT Y'ALL CAN PET MY NOSE ANY TIME YA WANT!

Ray B. said...

Eudoxia Jones, thank you for the Pepe Escobar reference. I had not heard of him. I will check it out.

On Putin, I had some strange, completely-unprovable info when I 'checked into him' using Higher Self, over the years. When I first 'asked' after Yeltsin's time in office, HS said that Putin had made an agreement (on some level) to get into higher power. His Soul had been removed from his body, and was actually 'stored' in some manner. Another Soul was substituted-in; not a good one. This was the only time HS was this 'far out' on a human, so I just said 'hmmm' and left it at that.

Several years later, I thought to 'check in' again. This was after much of the 'sweep' from higher to lower levels in woo-woo land had taken place. To my surprise, HS said that Putin's Soul had been 'retrieved' and was back in place - with some additional 'knowledge'. Again, 'hmmm'.

I have no idea whether any of this 'stuff' is real. I thought I'd throw it into the mix, just for the record...
Karen Norman / Kazz, I agree with the importance of being in Nature. Some Native Americans who had been in foreign wars were told by their tribal healers to go off on extended trips into the wilderness in order to recover. I suspect that the 'naturalness' can 'dilute out' a lot of human 'stuff' over time, even without conscious release.

Some early European settlers would 'defect' or 'go Native'. Was this 'draw' an unconscious recognition that the 'bond' with Nature was better than the 'imported' bubble of (European) mass consciousness?

I also have seen that this 'effect' only happens where Nature is prevalent. I have been in outlying neighborhoods where this Nature 'effect' is dominant, and then had it 'disappear' when some threshold of increasing human habitation occurred. I feel it as a 'shift' and then almost as if some 'fog' or 'pressure' had set in. The human 'bubble' had displaced the nature 'bubble'. Cities? Wow.

(If humans were enlightened, would the 'reverse' occur?)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

WILCOCK!!!! DAVID WILCOCK! Rubs my fur in the wrong direction, too. Don't read fulford or faal/booth, or any of those other, whatever they are, either. If I see their names, the links don't get clicked.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'm gonna be wiped by any earthquake. Poo! Everything seems so normal. Birds are out there, all the felines are laid back; though I must admit none of the cats I ever took care of were worth anything as earthquake predictors. They just rolled with it, and afterward. . .what ever.

Dayam! What does it take to get smooshed silly 'round here?

Kazz said...

Dear Ray B.,

Might does not make one right it makes them an arse hole!

Dear Bodhati,

'is this Hitler put fluoride in the water at the concentration camps thing real or do we just repeat it ad infinitum'.

You have struck a cord I have been playing deep in my consciousness lately. It keeps occurring to me that we are being told things to freak us out that simply are not true, and if you understand that freaking people out causes them to resonate in the 'fight or flight' mindset rather than the 'creative' mindset, you understand that this alone will have the undesirable effect of moving all nutrition away from the major organs towards the limbs. This is not harmful for a short period of time but if this kind of behaviour is prolonged it causes disease in the major organs. With this being the case one would only need minimal amounts of fluoride, GM foods, EM interference, geo engineered drops, and tainted vaccinations to facilitate a negative effect on an individual.

Whilst at uni I studied a philosophical ethics unit and eugenics was one of the topics. It was asked whether it was fair for the elite to use their money and power to improve their offspring to make them super humans. Since then I have come to the conclusion that the elite are doing this, but they are also creating a dumb working class slave human who is fatter and more docile, hence the fluoride, which coincidentally calcifies the rods and cones in your pineal gland, closing down any and all transmissions from the Divine. The fact that this is being done against the people's Will is criminal.

If they are not doing this then I am truly gobsmacked at how dumb people have become on their own, so much so that I find it difficult not to conclude they have had a lot of help.

Dear Gene,

Heaven is freedom and hell is slavery. Heaven is love, joy, and peace while hell is hatred, sorrow, and war. I have been to a Heavenly realm many times and absolute joy and love reigned there, so I can only presume absolute sorrow and hatred reign in hell. I get the impression that people creating hell on earth are not going to like their new abode very much, which is why it took so much deceit, lies, and temptation to get them where they are today. I wish no one bad tidings, if anything I feel a certain amount of compassion for these people because they are in between a rock and a hard place with an increasing pressure pushing down on both sides of them. Having said that I have an enormous amount of compassion for the victims of these people, even though many of these victims are complicit to a certain degree in their fate.

I get the drift about subjectiveness when it comes to perspective but what I am saying is that hell, to me, is a bit like getting your leg sawed off without any pain killer. It is not something anyone who is in their right mind would choose to undergo.

Cheers Kazz

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

We're Shakin' in Our Boots here, Boss.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Visible! Many thanks to you, sir.

Kazz said...

Dear Gene,

I agree with you that one enslaves their self. This process may take many lifetimes and occurs under many conditions. The most mind blowing thing is that following Man's law, which most people think makes them 'good people', is what leads to slavery. Freedom, to me, is a state of mind. Someone may choose to lock me up but I will always be free, because I KNOW WHO AND WHAT I AM :o).

I also agree with your view that expectations limit one. I feel the reason I have such an excellent time is that I often have no destination :o). This has allowed the Divine to take me to the most marvellous places and provide me with the most awesome experiences. Being a living on the edge type of girl opens me to the cosmic flow I feel.

Thomas' observation of me being 'unhinged' is a very good description of who I AM, because I am detached from what many consider to be the civilised world. I have my own gig going on with the Divine and we are rockin' :o).

I try to read and experience as much as I can, always keeping within the boundaries set by the Divine, which are more of a moral nature than not being too out there. By this I mean I harm no one and attempt not to harm my self. Life is to be experienced and enjoyed, but existence comes with responsibility. People can evolve or devolve so it is wise to know what evolves or devolves you. This process is very individual which is why it is so important to be master/mistress of your own universe and stay in constant contact with home base/the Divine. It is for this reason one cannot judge another unless there is harm to someone outside of the self, and this is only done to protect the innocent, not so much to punish the guilty, that is God's gig. This is why compassion, patience, and tolerance are such awesome traits to hone because as you do unto others so shall it be done unto you (Matthew 7:2).

Freedom, to me, is having the guts to do and say what you feel you should, in other words remaining true to who you really are, irrespective of the consequences, and doing it contrary to the outcome, which is why I think Jesus is so cool.

Luv Kazz

Christopher said...

The photo of you in a library has me confused. You are making the sign of the Baphomet, w your right hand. At the same time, you are both pointing up, and below, like a Baphomet, as if to say, as it is above, so it is below.

Yet, you understand Satanism, quite well, and seem to oppose it, while you signal your approval of it, in the ending photo.

Visible said...

Please... that's been covered infinitum and that is not the sign of the baphomet. that would be with the four opposing fingers (not the thumb) separated two to a side to make a V. Please look for photos of Ramakrishna and the serpent power and stop looking for trouble. Too many people always want to find the darkness in me to match the darkness in themselves. I've no interest in that other path. It's not for me.



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