Tuesday, October 05, 2021

"Perhaps That is One of the Motivations, Aside from Culling, and Banned Research into Dreadful Things."

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Day by day... step by step... in increments of time and distance. Sometimes it seems to be moving very slow, and sometimes it is almost a blur, but the real pandemic spreads wider each day. Crazy is the new sane. This comes out of all the Possession that has been happening because of The Avatar sweeping out the planes. This is yet more evidence of his approach. When this starts happening, it's close by.

There are a lot of subjects one could cover, and depending on what you set out to do, you could bring it always to the same subject at the end. For me... that is The Divine and the angelic realm; called The Devic Realm by others. Heh heh... I call them both. The same quality of Heaven can be in different expressions of it. That is the beauty of Hinduism, and Buddhism, and Sufism, and Christianity. They all have a Heavenly Realm that suits the expectations and imagination of the residents. Hell works the same way, with different motives, tactics, conditions, and results. Here is another illustration of As Above, So Below. I'm a fan of Hermes Trismegistus for a number of reasons.

This Possession I mention. I've brought it up several times recently. Depending on your ability to see it, it can be easy to see. For some it might be more difficult, but... if you put a forensic perspective on present-day life in The World, you will see the Crazy. One of the things I consider about the vaccines is that they could well make people more open to Possession. Perhaps that is one of the motivations, aside from culling, and banned research into dreadful things.

Wherever evil is loose in The World, it spreads a net. This accounts for neighborhoods in cities and towns, but... what is Evil? Evil is the raw material of Good. Some work this in reverse, of course, and many do it unconsciously in reverse. However... those doing it the right way have the ability to melt that net of evil atmosphere, just as what happens when you turn on a light at night. The snares of the Infernal Realm are devious only to the devious. If you work for the forces of light, the Other Guys are no real concern of yours and are turned into Good Guys, even if only temporarily... when anyone employed by The Light encounters them.

In the search for God, I studied everything I could find. Most of it I discarded early. Some of it has stayed with me from the moment I found it. Truth is there to be found. ALL good things are there to be found, but... you got to do like what that song says. This won't be verbatim, “you got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and don't mess with Mr. In Between.” I think hang on to the affirmative is in there somewhere. Yes, I could look it up. It's not that important. Oh right! Yeah... it is (grin). I'm still not looking it up.

IF... you want to do The Right Thing, the Right Thing is not hard to find. However... when people find out what it costs, they look for another way. There are Biblical tales of this, and poems that cover it. It is not unknown. Only a few ever really stick to it cause it takes everything you got, BUT... if you are willing, eager even... to give it all you got, there ain't NOTHING like it! I consider giving up everything... to have the only thing worth having is a wonder and a miracle, indeed. The only thing worth having also includes everything one needs in order not to want anything EVER AGAIN.

Back to that Possession thing. This also accounts for all those world leaders of the sold-out kind. It accounts for all the religious perverts. If you are going to dress up like someone who goes around and speaks and acts for God, that had better be your sole intention. I don't suppose I even have to bring up the mercantile side of the equation where all the cui bono goes to dine... the corporate sociopaths, and the rest. However... they are not really in bed with each other. They strike deals between them for particular crimes, but they will turn on each other in a heartbeat. They are ALWAYS in search of an advantage.

What if you don't have anything they want? What if you know God has it all in hand so you don't interfere in wars you weren't suited up for? My objective is to be in harmony with all life and to emulate The Sun. Yes... those are ambitious objectives, but... “Reach high,” I say, and who knows how far you will actually get? Especially... if you are already giving it everything you've got, and The Cosmos... greases the wheels, because The Cosmos LIKES that kind of action. When I keep coming across it, I know I am going the right way.

Well... this was supposed to be a Petri Dish. You'll get enough of that sort of thing in the links, which is some of the shit I encounter that is not The Shit (as some might say. I don't actually use the term that way... except for right now... heh heh. Moving right along...

The truth is that I love talking about the ineffable. I love how REAL he/she/it is. This is because The Father and The Mother are simply two aspects of the same thing that is neither of them, but both of them whenever they are either. Yeah... okay, and moving right along.

Possession is moving like a virus, and it is exacerbated by The Awakening. This is what is making all the strange events taking place in the world, which are a response to Mr. Apocalypse... happen. The cosmic objective is to bring as much of Humanity into a new state of consciousness as possible. Not everyone WANTS to go, but... God loves them and is patient. I think we can all say he has been patient with us, considering how many TRY his patience. Finally... he gives them what they want, as it REALLY IS. What are you gunna do?. This is the essence of Karma and Shraddha at work or just Karma alone as is often the case, especially in times when people have lost their faith, and so many have no faith at all, except in what comes next, according to their industries. Such is Materialism.

What is it that stops people from believing in a finer world or MANY finer worlds at a higher rate of vibration? We even see that on this plane. Consider the difference between a strip club and a picnic in a meadow with angels unseen. Consider the difference between a bank and a food bank; a home, and The Street. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth can be found wherever there are those who carry it with them. There will be many more of us than there are at present because The Age of Aquarius is The Age of Brotherhood. It's a given, just as the passing age had its overall theme.

Yes, there will be people opposed to the concept of Brotherhood, and also those who will newly interpret it for financial gain. HOWEVER... all will not be as it has been, with foul play being the order of the day, where the darker spirits of Materialism have been feasting and making merry. The Avatar, who is The Sun King of the Age, will cleanse the human heart and mind where permission has been given. Elsewise... there is Possession.

One can go to where Time is a palpable force or one can go where it is Timeless. Both exist. A day in prison is not like a day at the beach. If you have sentenced yourself to The Penitentiary of the Mind you are going to want to have a friend on the parole board (as above so below). The Avatar is a Liberator. He literally sets you free... if you will let him. I am not suggesting one join some Avatar religion, and... whatever true spiritual course you are already on... is FINE. The Avatar is the expression of them all in unity and will flood all temples whatever they may be. Everything will be new, and yet... somehow still the same.

I suppose you learn if you have been through a round of yugas. That's a lot of lifetimes. Alternatively, you could do it all in one yuga, because each yuga has a portion of all the others as it goes through its season. OR... you could do it MUCH more quickly by just going to The Source, which is, I can say with absolute conviction... resident in you at this very moment. You would not exist otherwise. That is a cosmic truth.

It is ESSENTIAL to remember that no matter how crazy it may get Out There. If you are on your center, and they are off their center, why would you even encounter them at all? It takes two to tango.

God does NOT leave his servants and friends defenseless. Each of us is attended by entities drawn to us according to what we think... and say... and do. Change that and you change your Crew. Bottom line; the forces of light are ALWAYS more powerful than The Darkness. FAR... far more powerful. They don't come around where The Light is. There is no up-side for them (grin).

You cannot effectively live if you are influenced by Fear. It indicates a poor possession of Love, which displaces Fear. Then that would lead to another kind of Possession. Increase your Love and you will decrease your Fear, until you find yourself in the demonstration of the 23rd Psalm, however it expresses itself for you. I see now why I was put through so many dark and dangerous places when I was young. The power of Spirit and your shining Shraddha will get you through anywhere, and also keep you free of it on up the road.

I keep seeing forms of behavior in the wider world. It looks like this and then it looks like that, almost like the Hokey Pokey again. I pray that China does not run into trouble with Taiwan.

End Transmission.......

And a wheelbarrow full of links on the way to the compost pile=

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Ray B. said...

Vis, a most 'possessing' blog. Appreciated!

Vis: "Consider the difference between a strip club and a picnic in a meadow with angels unseen."

On a few trips which I made to England/Scotland before 2000 to visit spiritual sites, I was shown (real) faerie glens. To understand the sensations one feels at places like that, there is a basic principle: Everything higher in vibration than oneself will Feel Good (expansive, enlightening, sacred, etc.). Everything lower in vibration than oneself will Feel Bad (constrictive, endarkening, profane, etc.).

When you walk into an ordinary glen and feel the former, Someone is there. If you have the ability to 'tune higher', you will see them. Otherwise, you can simply ask Them if they would like to talk. Amazing things can happen... (They are not even vaguely human; they are energy-beings - although they can 'appear' human if you need it for your comfort.)

Another time, I was walking by a waterfall. Pretty, but there was Something Else there. (See above.) I 'tuned higher', and a beautiful (real) faerie appeared. It was Big, and amorphous like the waterfall. It loved the waterfall...

One of the things I am looking-forward-to is when humanity's Consciousness is raised enough to 'see' these Unseen beings. Lots of areas will be automatically protected, just to encourage these Beings to stay...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Sign of the times: Brain implant relieves patient’s severe depression in 'landmark' US study: Device zaps brain when it detects neural activity associated with irrational thoughts.

(After reading the article, check-out the comment section. Most 'hell no' comments are way down-voted, while most 'cool' comments are way up-voted. No agenda there. Scary...)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

You seem to be onto something, but I also think in addition they don't want us to find out what we really are. . .in addition to what 'they' really are, since if that happened, 'they' will be toast. Well, they will be toast anyway; but hey. One stanza describes it in the best poem ever written, thank you Percy Shelley.

`Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number,
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you --
Ye are many -- they are few.

The Masque of Anarchy. If only the people would unite. Maybe they will, against all odds? Then again, those with the wrong priorities are being removed from this planet at an increasingly fast rate, so. . .

I don't think the wrong side of history should be making any plans.

Wonder if there's anything to the theory of the Tun calendar running out on October 28.


But I always felt that somehow I maybe wrong because I knew in my heart that the

Visible said...

Well... that was abrupt (grin).

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Last thing I posted was the RMN link. I did not write that last incomplete sentence, and have no idea where it came from. I wouldn't write something like that. Did I do an accidental copy/paste, or what? I'm about as 'unaware' of what I do as you can get without drugs. After all, I'm dead and waiting for the body to catch up. I don't live here anymore, thank the gods. Not really. After all, I've got one nostril on each side of The Veil these days. There are distinct advantages to that. I have a feelin' ya know what I'm talkin' aboot.

Visible said...

aye dearie, I ken.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

RE: #6 ;O)

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, That mysterious abrupt sentence came from the link about Oct 28th.

Loved the reference to Psalm 23 (again). That one works magic for me. Thanks, Visible!!

Love, Priscilla

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The ENDURING Truth is that They Can Do Nothing to You Unless You Fear Them. This is VERY Hard to Explain."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Oops! Copy/pasted more than I intended to. The space cadet striketh again. Thanx, Priscilla.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

DAMN, I AM SUCH A ZONE CASE! Cosmic Awareness is saying the same thing as Vis on RMN. He's one of the RMN mystics who seems to be onto something, ifn ya gots 8 minutes to spare:


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