Tuesday, January 18, 2022

"It Might Look Like Many Rivers and Patterns Running in an Incomprehensible Mosaic of Differences."

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Yes! We have said it before. We have mentioned it as much as Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening. We have not mentioned it as much as The Divine ineffable, and that is as it should be. A few days ago, I made passing reference to people with a high social recognition factor losing their minds. In just those days since, there have been a surprising number of celebrities from all walks of life losing their shit. That is how The Street would put it. I am not The Street, so... please forgive my lapse into the colloquial commonplace. Right.

In the links, you will see few examples, because it is spreading faster than a new rumor about COVID. I don't have the time to be a news-gathering device, but... I can tell you about what I see. People are losing it. Violent expressions are not uncommon. In Los Angeles, crazies are walking in off the street and stabbing workers to death, then just walking away. In the Maya dream of pre-Bladerunner dystopia that is city life today... people think it is a cool kick to live in dangerous places. It adds a kind of scary mystery atmosphere to the Hollywood stage-set that is LA and sundry. It's like a bizarre sex victim ad in the local Penny Saver; “seeking anonymous sex partner to find me bound and masked at home.”

There is an entire subculture engaged in the most depraved and humiliating acts you can't imagine. I'm not saying it is End Times, cause End Times come and go and prove not to have been the absolute finito End Time. However... this one is trying to be. It hopes if it lines up enough bells and whistles it can sell tickets to a mass extermination event with a cast of... I don't know how many.

I talk about God because I think about God all day long. I don't talk to many people now because I don't want to talk about The World or The Weather or Whatever. Perhaps there is something beyond God. I don't know. What I do know is that all I found, in any direction I looked in, and did not stop looking in... until I could see what was behind it... I found God. God is the constant behind all appearances. Of course, there are degrees of God-Being you have to negotiate; archetypes, angels, finer angels and finer angels, Rishi-Elohim, depending on the direction you are going in, AND... you probably know what that means.

I have been truly fortunate, not in the events of this life so much, but fortunate that I had the objective I did and that it never changed; "These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great-souled ones." I don't know how to explain it. I'll try.

God is made out to be the most elusive of beings. Many claim to have found him. Few demonstrate to that effect. Anyone can find God. You don't need any social standing. You definitely do not need specific material things. You don't need an expensive education. That is often a hindrance. However, anyone can find God if they want to. Here is the most remarkable thing about finding God; there is NOTHING left to accomplish afterward. Your quest is at an end. Sure... you might have events yet to occur. You might be like an adept bound by his engagements, as personified by The Hanged Man. The reel might need to run out for a bit. It is different in every case.

Upon finding God, and the wonder, beauty, majesty, and splendor of it coming upon you, there comes one burning aspiration to follow, and that is to share it with everyone. It's like finding free everything forever and being able to give it away all day long; world without end. I'll admit, it's not for everyone. Some will stuff as much of it in bags as they can carry away. Some will gather cohorts with a scheme to sell it far and wide. Some will try to repackage it and claim it was of their own invention. That, in fact, is what has been going on for a long time.

Those stuffing their bags will return and find the source no longer present. Those scheming to sell it will find that it cannot be sold. The repackagers will discover this too. As soon as you try to materially traffic in it... it leaves you. Only those who love it for what it is and who share it at every turn get to hold on to it as it is only passing through them, BUT... it NEVER stops doing this for so long as one continues in the act of it. You are attached to a boundless reservoir. You only have to find it.

God does not make it as hard as people imagine it to- be- to- find- him. You have to be able to bear the experience of it. That is a hard one for most people. You have to let go of everything else. Everything else doesn't go anywhere. You simply have to let loose of it. None of it belongs to you anyway. You are watching schools of fish and birds in flight. They move as The Hive Mind tells them to, BUT... who is telling The Hive Mind to move? There are two streams of thought that move through The Hive Mind. One is carnal and one is divine. It might look like many rivers and patterns running in an incomprehensible mosaic of difference, but... it's just the two, going in different directions. Both have a powerful slipstream.

God WILL reveal himself to you if you are persistent and true. I don't feel like talking about anything else, and if I do, it has to be trending back to this. God is not just some everlasting light from which all things proceed (grin). He is also the source of far-far more than you imagine to be possible. The study of God is endless, and fascinating beyond description. The realms of being are inexhaustible. Every wonderful possibility of conscious engagement is taking place somewhere. So is its shadow self. They are entire worlds. You live in the one that resonates with where you are at. You can resonate yourself out of anywhere. Change your tune. Nothing happens here, nothing moves that does not make the web tremble and alert The Webweaver.

Just because no one answers you does not mean no one is listening. If a manhole cover flips in the city with no one to flip it, does that mean God is playing Tiddlywinks? There is NOTHING random, not even a single dust mote, which is frozen sunlight dancing in the sunlight as do we all... coming and going. To what end?

New religions are coming. It will be fine until they get here. Then it is probably a good idea to move along because God will be doing just that. They may seem to be a much better replacement for what we had; just like that one did when it replaced the previous archetypes, changing their names as if they were towns in Palestine, way before the Israelis made that an art form. New scoundrels will appear to refashion the scripture and make it possible to hijack The Message. It will take a while though and conditions will be good for those who are still here, except in those places where it is not.

The thing is, cultures only go so far in the direction of their high note. Then they begin to crumble and molder to dust away. It's not something you can put a band-aid on. You could plant mushrooms in it. Some venues and ideologies are meant to prosper in the coming age and some are not. I look to The Sun for my cues. If all life here came from The Sun, then that must mean it still is coming from The Sun. That implies (to me) that a lot more than life is coming from The Sun. The Sun has a variety of rays upon which more subtle things travel. If the PART of yourself that needs to be open to this is open to this... you get the message. You get the transmission. You get your cues.

God is the ONLY important thing. It might take some souls millions of years... lives... to get this. I can hear the Hound of Heaven baying. What I can say is that you get out of God what you put into God, in terms of his company and attendant benefits. If you want to be his friend then you have to be his friend. It's the same high to low. The conditions and forms of expression are different down here, and even more confining below here. It gets lighter, clearer, cooler, and more beautiful as you live and breathe in The Kingdom of God within. You also attract the spiritual pollinators depending on what blooms from you.

Change can come very swiftly, especially when those most challenged by Change feel forced to act in defense of their many crimes. “It's just business, nothing personal.” When it gets really crazy streetside, you can feel as if it is closing in on you. It's just appearances. Time will tell and we shall see, and no matter what, God will still be there for whomever the interest may arise in.

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Via Fox News
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As I keep saying, they are losing it at certain levels of the culture. The Awakening is hitting everyone but the reactions differ. Insanity is accelerated in the right climates where morality is already on life support=
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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

All I can say is the news is weirder than I ever saw it, and I'm amazed at how we are barely effected by what's happenin'. 'Specially since we live in kalipornia.

Anonymous said...

Appears that quite a number of younger people are passing over lately.
Radio hosts, singers, athletes, my news sources claim unexpected. All under 40 y/o.
Might it be the serum?
So far this pathologist is the only man that has the 'balls' to speak up.
I suppose he is old and just can't take this shit any longer.
Still a good man. I had a pathology prof just like him when I was in school.
Brave and truthful.


All thanks to the last gasp of the usual suspects.
Oh, btw, the rumor about Celine Dion was true too, muscle spasms.

Visible said...


Anonymous said...

"unknown what caused her to collapse in the first place"
Why would they put that in quotes?
Because they do know or that is a direct quote from an 'authority' of some sort.
Reminds me of that song 'What's going on' by ... Marvin

Anonymous said...

The insanity intensifies:



Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"It is a Dream, a Nightmare. It is a Glistening Dream Web to Which We are all Attached by Karma."



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