Tuesday, April 18, 2023

"The High and Mighty Become The Low and Downtrodden. The Beautiful People Become Ugly. Living Leaves a Mark."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As I wandered This Wasteland Earth recently, I found an article that I later ran across again because it got legs.

This man had it all for some years. He was a top-tier celebrity with all the perks. People worshiped him because... in Times of Material Darkness... that is what people do. Then The Virus that Wasn't showed up... pretended to show up. It was never there, to begin with. They simply gave the old flu a new name.

COVID was the means by which to introduce The Killer Vaccine of The Usual Suspects. It seems they owned and ran every one of the manufacturers of demons' blood. I call it that because it is a medium by which possession is effected; if it doesn't kill you first. Oh... let's not be coy. It does both. One thing it certainly does is ruin your quality of life.

I mentioned 'clean-freak sociopaths' recently. Howard Stern comes to mind. He also dropped out of sight (at a certain level) for some time following The Scamdemic. I am not suggesting that Nicholson fits that persona. He always struck me more as a Good Time Charlie. Tom Cruise fits the bill more, and he had that germaphobe thing. Stern wouldn't leave his house. Tom's weirdness is more complex.

They all fear Death.

It amuses me no end that these people think they can bypass The Angel of Death by being clean-freaks and playing avoidance games; Doctor Faust, I presume?

Here are these big-time players going in fear of fake hazards. I never wore a mask except for the handful of times when I had no choice and they were separated by months at a time. I will be a fan of Safeway from now on because they NEVER enforced a mask mandate; at least the one where I live didn't, but... that could have been my invisible friends.

Yes... I have invisible friends who are many... many... many... many... many... times more powerful than ALL the visible friends anyone can have at any time on this Earth. Am I spechul? Well... I am unique, but... so are you. We are all unique.

How did you get the friends you have? Part of it was the magic of the law of attraction that works in the lives of all of us, and... you cultivated them too, didn't you? The love and kinship you feel for your friends obliged you to cultivate them and to overlook their shortcomings; hopeful that they would overlook yours.

I cultivated my invisible friends. You can do the same. You simply have to live up to your end of the arrangement. My invisible friends don't have shortcomings. I do, so I had to agree to have them neutralized, and... that does not come without pain.

The Law of Attraction did not make you into the person you are. Living did that, and you picked up all kinds of hangers-on and hitchhikers as you traveled from life to life to life. You became the person that you are by the choices you made as you traveled from life to life to life.

Your intentions shaped you, BUT... especially what you loved has shaped you, and this is The Primary Reason that you should love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength (will), and all your mind.

This is because you become like what you love. This is how you are shaped by what you love. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We emulate our heroes. My hero is God. You might ask, “Visible, God is ineffable. How can you have a hero you can't see or comprehend?” Well... God takes all kinds of shapes to express himself as his various potencies in action. God is The Sun, expressing through The Sun... as The Sun... to accomplish what The Sun does.

God is defined in action by his qualities. When you allow God's qualities to be expressed in you, that is God expressing through you because God is in residence within you, AND... you are either blocking him or usurping him or... you are allowing him free passage. All of your suffering is the result of you getting in God's way. When God is no longer hindered or obstructed, you will no longer suffer.

Nicholson... Stern... Cruise... they do not believe in God. They are atheists. Many of the people who are atheists believe that they are God.

Scientology is... in some ways... like The Mormons. Mormons believe that they can become God, and they are right about that, in a simplistic sense. HOWEVER, in order to become God, you must become like God. You must behave as God does, and that... is a bridge too far when you get right down to the requirements of it... for most people.

To be God you must ceaselessly give yourself away. You certainly can't run around as the self you imagine yourself to be. In order to be God, you would have to come to an arrangement with God because God is already God. This seems to imply to me that you would need God's permission. The good news is that God is not opposed to your being God. One of his main prophets directly stated that he was The Son of God and that we are God's offspring.

Actually... what you are is God in Development. In fact, you are already God... but do not behave like God... so your God self is obscured by the obstruction of your false self. ALL you have to do is cease to act in an... apart... manner... you must embrace Unity and the soul of Unity is... Love. You must cease to be an expression of The Separated Mind. The Separated Mind makes you a fallen angel... a devil... one who is driven.

In Times of Material Darkness, we see people playing God (imperfectly) everywhere. Even the rampaging orcs are playing God. When one is born a Jew, they come here... by arrangement... to make The World a better place. In Times of Material Darkness, the majority of them default on that promise, though... there have been shining examples of those who have fulfilled the promises made. These are not the best of times for people making The World a better place.

Don't worry about it. God will step in. God is already here but concealed from mortal eyes. How does God change The World? He does it through The Generations. He does it through inspiration; his angels account for that in the human consciousness. Sometimes there comes The Generation of Vipers for The Purpose of Demonstration. People go sideways and get swept up in externals; like now.

Hollywood is a hotbed (grin) of Vanity and Narcissism; people playing God... well... they are actors. It is the same in government and religion. People play act as what they... in actuality... are not. It is the same way they pretend to be good people by making outward... public gestures... of generosity. The Inflexible Rules arrange for them to act in their own movie without realizing it.

Many of these people have a good run for a space of years, and then? And then? And then? Along comes Mr. Jones. Old Scratch... scratches those itches until they become running sores. The afflictions of life come upon those who pretended to be what they were not.

It's upside down, my friends. Life appears to be what it is not. The High and Mighty become The Low and Downtrodden. The Beautiful People become ugly. Living leaves a mark. Wealth becomes a constant burden. Beauty fades. The body starts to hurt from all the abuse it has taken. Power leads to powerful enemies. Fame becomes a public embarrassment; let the record show that... ah well...

The Point gets made. There is no escaping it, so... why bother? Heh heh... self-deception is the key player, with all those invisible entities, that... are... not... friends.

The most profound blessings occur out of sight. They are hidden within the smiling exterior. We come to look like what we become... he said... stating the obvious... but it is not obvious is it? Self-deception becomes a shared deception, and the most profound forms of cosmic justice occur out of sight.

As ye sow, so shall ye reap. This is inviolable law. So... why not do good with every thought... word... and deed? It's a mystery, isn't it? It is a mystery to those who conceal the truth of it from themselves through self-deception. A lifetime of causing harm can be wiped out by Grace in a minute... depending... depending. True conversions are rare. The shraddha they come, the shraddha they... yadda yadda.

How can you tell people to open their eyes when The Truth is all around them? The Fearful fear the cost of facing life with open eyes, but... what do you get otherwise? You are walking blind. If you know that a death... misunderstood... awaits us all, you can walk into Eternity with a smile on your face because you know that Death is just another stage in your journey. You've been through it many times before. You die when you go to sleep each night. Why do you wake up the same person? Is it another mystery?

You die whenever you have sex. Union is the death of the separated self, so... who are you having sex with, and.,.. do they really look like that? Don't let your union be temporary. Go for the whole enchilada.

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M - said...

"Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch Is Bursting With Life"

Life DOES always find a way; like the tomato plant growing out of a crack in the sidewalk. Nature amazes and inspires me. She always makes me smile. ≋;>

"Things have a way of working out...if we just get out of the way."

Anonymous said...

"manufacturers of demons' blood. I call it that because it is a medium by which possession is effected;"

it is fascinating to hear you say that because I've long suspected the same. Maybe the elite have tens of millions of demons imprisoned in the DUMBs and they harvested the demon blood and that is what the vaccine actually is, and by taking it, you lose your connection to the divine and become demonic for the rest of this lifetime. So the vax may LITERALLY be demon blood.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Death. The best day of my life was when I got hit by a train. But obviously, Death didn't want me. . .yet. I'm still here. I think I owe that one a nose lick after I turn myself into a smilodon.

Nostrils to the sky, as I continue to wait. . .to lick the nose of Death as a great fanged puddytat. . .maybe.

Visible said...

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