Monday, August 03, 2009

The Case of the Painful Kidney Affair

Regular readers here know that the reason I’ve been les visible for about ten days is because I was under attack from a fairly large kidney stone of about 6 mm. I had to go to the hospital because the pain was serious and I endured it for as long as I could and then I went running over to the laboratories of the dark side for some detachment from my state.

I saw first hand what people in the United States have to endure simply because I was not in the United States. I have an ‘artist’s health program’ which runs me about 100 Euro a month. I went to a bright neighborhood hospital which was pleasant in every respect except in the respect of treatment or understanding of medical conditions. The doctor wanted to put a ‘stent’ into my kidney line for the free flow of urine and then to wait a period of time so that he could puncture the kidney and extract the stone. There are a number of possible serious side effects to this venture and I said that I would take my chances on my own devices.

I had asked him to pulverize the stone with ultra sound but he gave me the argument that, because of where the stone was located there was pelvic bone in the way. I immediately ‘smelt’ something from this but didn’t get into it. When I waited outside his office the day I left, I saw a couple of older gentlemen with bags hanging on their sides that had some amount of bloody water flowing into their bags. I assumed this might be my fate at this doctor’s hands. So... me and Snaggle-Kidney made an “exit, stage right”.

Back home checking out alternative cures on the internet and finding, in no particular order... drink 2 liters of Coca-Cola in 2 hours and then drink pureed steamed asparagus. Since I can’t stand commercial soft drinks this was very unpleasant. Next it was, drink 2 ounces of extra virgin olive oil (I happen to have about a hundred and twenty five liters of that in the house) and 2 ounces of pure lemon juice. People complain about the nausea side of this. This one didn’t bother me at all. Next, prepare and drink celery seed tea. This proved to be a major diuretic. Meanwhile I was taking these homeopathic pills of asparagus and magnesium/phosphorium. These cause significant pain so after about a week I back off of this. Then there is the, ‘jump up and down method’ where you leap into the air and come down hard with joints locked. This sends all household animals crawling under beds and desks.

The pain medication that I had was nausea causing which led to my not being able to eat for days at a time which made it more difficult to take the various treatments because of the nausea attendant. This morning I found a soft off-white stone in the bathroom sink where I had been urinating for various reasons (cue the Lenny Bruce skit, “Are you pissing in the sink Lenny? I know you’re pissing in the sink”). I had passed gall stones before, using a yogic treatment... this seemed to be of the same composition (except larger) and so... I am suspecting this is the culprit as I have had no pain since.

In the process of learning about the treatments I was able to read the horror stories of those who have experienced this dreadful state. For some of them it is a routine occurrence. Do to my dietary awareness and other things I have avoided this until now. I learned that in the U.S a single CT scan can cost thousands of dollars. I got two with no problem and no charge. I learned that the ultra sound method for pulverizing the stone can cost up to fourteen thousand dollars and I suspect that is what stayed the hand of my doctor at the clinic. I stayed in the hospital for two days and underwent various blood and fluids tests as well as the CT’s and x-rays and the cost was ten Euro for each day in hospital.

Reading about all of the trial and pain endured by hundreds of sufferers who found relief through alternative medicine it is very clear to me why the medical community insists on their barbaric modalities. It’s about the money, honey. They get rich by subjecting you to unnecessary surgical events which tie in to recuperative and pharmaceutical expenses. It takes no time at all (in the U.S.) to rack up tens of thousands of dollars of charges for dangerous, stone age practices that are in place for only one reason... money.

As with my recent search for Vitamin K, I came up against a similar roadblock in all directions concerning kidney stone relief. All the naturopaths were on vacation and I was stymied coming and going. The last two nights I had very colorful and up close dreams about an organized band of werewolves from another dimension; no doubt there were vampires too and I was told that my kidney stone was the direct result of my meddling on extra-dimensional platforms in my K sessions. Apparently what I was doing was seriously messing with their ‘business as usual’ predatory activities on the human race. I have direct personal evidence of this but as to whether the dreams actually meant anything I wouldn’t venture to guess. I’m just throwing out what I ran into and it could be delusion, although... delusion doesn’t usually corroborate itself in ‘running alongside’ ancillary events.

People can make what they want of that last paragraph but keep in mind that I am up to some arcane things within the limits of my ability and have a particular aptitude for things that are not in the general area of operations. Or... I could be bat-shit crazy, though I suspect it is a combination of the two with the emphasis on the first part. In this last year I’ve been engaged in things I couldn’t begin to talk about here or anywhere and there’s no point in putting challenges on my credibility in other areas because of what I may be up to in private.

My recommendation to everyone is to stay in the area of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine as well as homeopathy and related services and stay away from allopathic procedures altogether. I used to say that, “at least they are useful for broken limbs”, until I broke my leg and they messed that up. Now I don’t think they’re much good for anything except possibly diagnostics related to hi-tech gadgetry. Luckily my aerodynamic martial arts needs had been sublimated into purely defensive realities by this time and I had taken the admonition to, ‘never kick higher than your waist’ to heart.

It’s been a few hours since I started this; stopping and going to attend to things I had not been able to attend to for about ten days as well as sitting in a hot bath and eating, which I’d done precious little of for a week and still, no pain so... hopeful here that some grace has come my way.

I got the impression that I went through this to protect me from certain dangers further up the line though how that might be I have no idea. I am mostly happy that I was able to maintain some sense of humor during the trial and did not become deranged and abusive from the hammer drill cycling of the period. It’s easy to lose your temper in the frustration of a situation that brings not only pain but that looming uncertainty which shows up whenever we think our faith is strong enough to carry us and we find that nothing about us is strong enough to carry us but that something is.

I’ll leave this at what it is now and think about what I’m going to have to say at smoking mirrors which is probably going to be about this bit of raging, parasitical two legged swine flu epidemic.

Good luck to you all and to all a good afternoon.


William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best.
Sorry to hear of your physical tribulations. The physical body can be real problematic at times.
I am to a large degree going to say I agree with your take on alternative health care, natural remedies are quite helpful I've found.
In general, in most cases, I have more confidence in natural plants put on this planet by beneficent forces than in substances cooked up in labs by humans.
I've done better with them

Anonymous said...

My sympathy. I know what you've gone through, since I've had 4 episodes, a useless lithotripsy, and ended up in the ER the last two times, just to get IV morphine for the pain.
I have to follow a fairly strict diet, avoidnommente high-oxalate foods, and drink atleast 2L of water. Adding citrus daily to your food - 'oranges and lemons, sold for a penny' - helps retard formation of the most common stones - oxalate ones. I also take magnesium and extra B6 with B complex, and potassium citrate if I've eaten risky food. I don't want another episode. Good luck!

tom said...

glad you're better

Anonymous said...

Les, My hope was you found some free time, guess it was given to you in a different form. I have to agree with your dream link. It seems that other forces can act on us. You acted back!!! I like to think as per the Nagas idea? Or that we have certain unwanted friends? Anyway you should be ready for more, as you are ready to share more?
Le Mat

Anonymous said...

Good to see in the land o' the living once again.
Will look up one of my mothers old cures, and will get back to you when I be more sober. Bank holiday here so I thought I would get pissed for a change.
Keep well, and salutations. Mac.

Anonymous said...

Les, perhaps you should purchase a book by Dr Balch 'Natural Healing'. Kidney stones and their causes are explained in great detail, foods you need to eat (and stay away from) are all listed.

Question...would the rabbi's consider you worthy enough to become victim in their ungodly human body parts scams?

Anonymous said...

Hello Les,

I suffered great pain from kidney stones but when I went to the doctor he wanted to send me for surgery and have them cut out.

I didn't fancy this because there had been a rash of cases of that flesh eating disease in local hospitals. So I refused.

Anyway, a friend who is into natural medicine recommended that I eat a small [pea size] piece of turmeric two or three times a day raw and chew it slowly.

When I went to the doctor... I thought I had a heart condition, the pain was that bad... after taking the raw turmeric root raw for a few days, the pain disappeared. It just dissolved the stones.

This is my personal experience and recommendation for the future. Turmeric has other medicinal qualities, so I now grow some myself in the garden and use it on a regular basis.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear you are over the stone problem. Don't be too concerned about medical costs in the US Obongo is going to get it straightened out! I understand the plan is heavy into euthanasia especially for older folks. The bill is over a thousand pages and no Congressman will bother to read it. They will be on a different plan. Government is a joke over here. With the shit going on I honestly think they have given up even the pretense of representation. No problem though, we have a whole bunch of people that are unemployed (20%+), broke, confused, feel like shit and don't have a clue what is going on. Oh well, at least the gov. is going to spring for the two swine flu shots. Maybe the vaccine in conjunction with the barium, aluminum, and nanoparticles in chemtrails along with fluorinated water and all the GMO foods and pesticide and herbicide contamination and and........ Maybe the synergesic affect of these various chemicals will cancel each other out. Yeah, that must be it. I'm going to be first in line for those free flu shots.


Visible said...

A few replies;

Thanks all!

I will get that book and thank you for that!

You write exceptionally well for someone who is pissed.

Le Mat; I am going to be elaborating on that and many other curious things having to do with my personal journeys in time and space at the "Les Visible" blog. I'm going to start putting vignettes in their as a precursor to my autobiography. I figure it will be less painful to write if I just start doing it as I go along.

To all- I found an enormous complex near the Bodensee lake (border of 3 countries) which will accommodate forty people easily. It has a full restaurant kitchen and all of that sort of thing and an indoor swimming pool with large sauna... pool table and a host of amenities. I should be able to get it for around 900,000 Euro. I's on about an acre of land with lease-able land around for garden projects.

I'm thinking of this as the main base for the community and then working with or for the extensions as we go. This area has been protected, more or less, for centuries.

Visible said...

Oh yeah... I still have to get the 900,000 but that's not much money in real time. It's too bad you can't reach into the future and pull out some of the income there because I know I've got enough there to buy this outright. One it is bought (or something like it) and I know this is going to happen, people who are ready and suitable can move in and we can make some fantastic things happen. If you haven't seen the Bodensee it's something else.

Zoner said...

Greetings and gratitude for your pain leaving you, and without the "miracles" of modern medicine. This hammered very close to home, as I have allowed myself to be less than kind with my children through a recent challenge;

"It’s easy to lose your temper in the frustration of a situation that brings not only pain but that looming uncertainty which shows up whenever we think our faith is strong enough to carry us and we find that nothing about us is strong enough to carry us but that something is."

I hope they truly understand this on some level.

Physical pain is no joke, but the feeling of being slapped down HARD for seeming to make forward progress toward coming to grips with things tells me I'm either doing something right or that I have no business assuming that I know a damn thing or that "I" should even be in the equation (my name is Chris so that may be a tough one). Either way it hurts like hell. I guess simply "hanging on" is the order of the day sometimes (always?)and the consequences get dealt with at some point. I can't see wherewolves, but that doesn't mean they aren't there, so I'm glad you have already gone crazy. I don't know if I'm ready for that much vision after the way a mere stretch of physical discomfort unraveled me. I also partly blame the heavy use of medication.

On a brighter note;

Now that you are feeling better, when do we start recording your next album?(chuckle) I still have some of my best guitars, and lots of spare time on my hands for creative pursuits. 900,000 Euro should be a snap with the right backing (it seems the "push" for your upcoming creative output will come from very "well positioned" players??) so the offer is made should you ever be in need of some capable musical backing. Drums, bass and guitars, lap and pedal steel, kazoo, whatever might be needed let me know and I'll gather the locals here in oour studio.

Whatever the need, between me and some of my pickin' and grinnin' homies, you should never concern yourself with lacking backing - all you have to do is ask, but of course you knew that already didn't you.

Rambling, sorry.


Anonymous said...

Kilaya here,
So happy to see one of your posts again. I had begun to worry about you. Yikes! Kidney stones are incredibly painful but it's good that you were able to get through all this without resorting to the knife or something worse. I do hope that this is the end of those episodes for you. Take care, we love ya!

Visible said...


Thank you.

Chris, how about this. there is a fellow named Randall; in fact there may be two Randall's. One of them is a recording engineer who has offered to mix my work on the pretext of also showing me how to do it and we are to use Dropbox to pass the wave files back and forth.

I can record the next series of albums that I am working on and some of the earlier work that I want to redo and send it to you with the music and vocals. Then you can replace the music with your own version of how it should sound and dropbox it back to me and then I drop box it to Randall. You can also put backing vocals on too if you are into doing this.

We'll operate on the understanding that if anything happens you will receive double the going studio musician rate (over time) or something reasonable. How's that sound?

Should you be inspired to change an arrangement so that it is noticeably different then we will discuss royalties. Should give us something to do.

Anonymous said...

Had many kidney stones in the past, eventually ended up in hospital and had surgery..had a Ureteric Stent put in for 3 weeks..the pain was unreal.
Glad to say that I've not suffered with stones since then...that was over 4 years ago.

kikz said...

wb :)

Hei Hu Quan said...

Greetings Les, good to see you back and in true form. Your instincts and intuition have once again placed you in good stead and safe from harm. You are truly here for a reason in this place at this time. Your story and example once again points to how this world is very small and insignificant compared to the divine expanses within and outside ourselves if we only allow ourselves to be open to it. The PSYOPS we encounter daily is much to the contrary of this and would have us believe that 2-legged demons are Gods never to be challenged. That we are small and powerless. I've taught that something as small as a bee can empty a room and cause even the biggest man to run in fear. It's all in the mind and once we accept this and adapt our life to it we once again see things in stark and calm clarity. Fear is the greatest enemy we have been indoctrinated with and once it is released in favor of a greater dynamic we are truly free and move in a progression that scares the living shit out of our protracted enemies. This is the only hold that they have that allows us to police ourselves rather than them. The sheep that follow in queue to the slaughter without challenge nor fight.

The reason that these festering psychopaths are gearing up for an endgame with a massive cull by needle and weaponized H1N1 is because of what we the masses represent--a strategic military threat to their power. It has become so dire to them at this point because their think-tanks are expressing dismay that the largesse of us are awakening and they are fast losing the "Hearts & Minds" PSYOPS game. You can no longer fool someone who has experienced the epiphany of truth. For when this occurs, no propaganda or braying of rubbish will ever find root again. This makes us the threat that we are simply by existing in number and in the case of the U.S., a number greatly armed. First order of business during the Katrina Eugenocide op was to disarm the citizenry.

When the shoe drops in September and October as they plan for an escalation of the war against us, they will have their hands full and get more than they bargained for as those amongst their own ranks cut and run, deliver 'leaked' information, turn on their masters or sabotage from within. Some of them remember what happened to those loyal tools closest to the Nazi command who were slaughtered in the 'Night of the Long Knives'. They know what happens to those who carry secrets and sensitive information who outlive their usefulness. In Viet Nam, there were dogs that served in missions in various functions. When the "war" was over, the orders from command were to slaughter them all. Nothing's has changed in this regard and a threat is a threat subjectively deemed and viciously expedited.

Can you smell it in the air? Those who've not abandoned their instincts can and it's going to be a harsh bit of nasty business ahead for those who value their freedom and express it with their backs against the proverbial wall.

Hei Hu Quan

Still alive said...

Hello Les,

I wish you a full and quick recovery and I`ll keep my fingers crossed.

As for "health care" in America and the associated expenses I know all too well what you`re talking about. It`s a known fact that the American healthcare system is the most expensive in the world and the worst in the world. But then again, the only things America leads the world in is international terrorism, genocide and warmongering. What a country.

Also, if Les or anyone here knows of any alternative treatments for CML (chronic myelogenous leukemia) be sure to post.

`Til next time.

Bob Long Island NY said...

May I share with you and other readers my first hand experience with kidney stones. I am 61 years old, and between the ages of 38 and 52 I passed 12 stones, it seemed like around every Thanksgiving I was dealing with a stone. I am 5 foot 10 inches tall and weigh 155lbs.
The first time was the worst, as I had no idea what was happening except that the pain was the worst, felt like a knife had been plunged into my back in the area of the kidney. This was accompanied with blood in the urine. Went to the doctor, and was diagnosed, given some pills that turned the urine purple, some hydrocodone, and told to pee through a strainer. Over the next few weeks the stone finally made its way out.
I have come to learn that if you have a stone the odds are you will have another.
I would say I have passed at least two that would be 6mm, to me about ¼ inch.
First how to deal with the pain. Soak in as hot a tub of water as you can stand, and or lay on a heating pad. NOT at the same time. This has worked for me. Second how to expel a stone. I would start drinking water a glass at a time until I felt absolutely bloated. At some point you will have to urinate, I can get there in about twenty minutes. Then everytime you go, drink another glass of water. I will usually go 15 to 20 times in a session. Within three days the stone will usually pass.
Third, prevention. As I said it seemed as though this occurred every thanksgiving. The conclussion I came to was that, while I was drinking a lot during the summer, too much cola and ice tea, I was sweating the fluid out, while the kidneys went on vacation. Solution, is to drink enough WATER to keep your kidneys active, especially during the warmer months. Since I have been doing this, no stones in nine years. I know this is a bit long, but I really hope it helps you, or others who may read. This can be the kind of pain that can bring a grown man to tears.

Anonymous said...

Well, hopefully you are doing much better as of this writing. As an aside, with respect to insurance payments, I have had to endure a few procedures, including two minor surgery procedures, in the past five years or so, and in each instance, when I told them I had no medical insurance and would be paying cash, the charge to me was 1/4 of what they said that they would charge an insurance company.

You want just one example of why health "insurance" is so costly these days? Think about it.

nobody said...

Hey Les, late as usual. Glad to hear you're better and that you dealt with it naturally. That aside, I may have something germane to add from the other end of things.

Just lately here the government started putting fluoride in the water. What with being in a dinky little flat, switching to rainwater wasn't really an option, so I checked out the systems for filtering fluoride from water. There aren't many. There's reverse osmosis which is essentially a super filter, and there's distillation. What with the reverse osmosis requiring new filters twice a year and a new membrane every two years I went with the distiller. It's basically a glorified kettle with a sealed top that contains a finned coiled cooling tube with a fan. Simple stuff. If I had my workshop I could've built it myself.

Anyway, it came with a booklet explaining the differences between soft water, hard water, and everything in between. The guy who wrote it declare that the ticket to health and long life is distilled water. And I'm thinking he's probably right. Without being certain, I expect your stones were an accumulation of minerals. Is that right? If so, the ideal thing would be to not accumulate them to begin with. And the way to do this is with distilled water. Further, distilled water not only not adds minerals but works to remove what you've built up previously.

My little distiller cost A$400 and does 4 litres of water in about 4 hours. We run it overnight and that does the old man and me. And sure the water tastes good but the main thing is how much muck gets left behind in the distiller. It's nuts. Every two weeks I scrape out about a stick of chalk's worth of grey sludgy shit. You should see it, it's enough to make you gag.

I've been meaning to put a thing up on my blog with photes of the distiller and of the sludge. Give me a week or so. Otherwise I think it's the best thing ever and I'd recommend it to anyone, kidney stones or no.



DodgyOne said...

I see naringenin has indications of benefit in many areas and may be helpful with leukemia. I have ordered some from for reducing heart problems and getting of big phama toxins.

See also ->

I will have a blood test in a few months to see if levels of colesterol and trigliserates are improved. I hope it can be of use to others and would be interested in other sources.

Anonymous said...

Turmeric, fresh or dried, is so very beneficial for a whole range of ailments, both as a preventative and a 'treatment.'

Be sure to have a good supply.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Very sorry to hear about your nephrous concrement.
Equally glad to hear it has passed.

Ken Smith said...

I've never had kidney stones, but I've been with a couple of friends who had them -- and it was painful just to watch them in pain.

For those considering living somewhere outside the US, I want to offer my personal experience with an illness and medical care. I live in Mexico, about 30 miles south of Guadalajara, in the small town of Chapala.

Six months ago, I had not been feeling quite right for several days. There was no severe pain, until 30 minutes before I called a neighbor asking for help to get to an emergency room. I had no idea what was wrong with me.

Big surprise! I had pneumonia and one collapsed lung with the other lung filling with fluid. I'm 68-years-old and that was the first time I had been in a hospital bed. Scary stuff.

In the US I have both Medicare and VA medical benefits. I told the doctor that I would get the next flight back to the US. He told me that a flight could be fatal if there was even a minor change in cabin air pressure. That got my attention.

I am completely satisfied with the medical care I got here in Mexico. The doctor had advanced study and residency at UCLA. The nurse had graduate studies at Tulane.

I had 14 days of twice daily IV treatments of antibiotics, B-12, and something else. Plus breathing mask treatments, blood tests, cardiograms, and I forget what else. I was in the clinic for two overnight stays. Then, for the remainder of the treatment I was at home at night, but I was given the cell phone numbers of the doctor and the nurse who would make a house call if necessary.

The total cost for all the above was less than US$2,000 -- probably less than my Medicare co-pay would have been.

Also, I was sent to a diagnostic lab in Guadalajara for an MRI. Total cost for this, including three independent reviews by diagnostic physicians, was US$280. I'm told that this MRI could be as much as $4,000 in the US.

I manage the website for my good friend, Joe Bageant ( Joe lives about half the year in his hometown of Winchester, Virginia. He also has a cabana in Belize where his doctor is a Cuban. Joe has written about his medical treatment in Belize and it's worth reading if you are considering a move there.

But, medical care in Belize has limitations. Joe has visited me here in Chapala for several extended stays. On his last trip, he had some problems and I introduced him to my doctor. He now considers this doctor as his primary care physician.

It's not perfect here, but I have greater faith in Mexican medical care than I do for the system in the US.

From Joe's website, we get a lot of email from readers on the theme of: "I can't stand it here any more. Where can I live where there is more sanity?" I would prefer France, but it's cheaper here in Mexico and much easier to become a legal resident.

Les, I am reading with great interest your community building. I have thought about doing something similar here in Mexico, but not as seriously or as well organized as you. I know of a nearby vacant compound with about 20 casitas (small one-bedroom detached houses) that could be great spot for a community of like-minded people. This group of small houses looks something like the motels built on Route 66 a half-century ago.

I've been in Mexico for two years. I lived in southern France for five years earlier this decade, followed by a year in Denmark and another year bouncing around Europe -- mostly Croatia, Romania and Germany. I've not been to Bodensee, but I've been close enough to know that's a beautiful part of the world.

For your Bodensee community, how will residency visas be handled? I loved living in France, but I was not able to get a residency visa and every three months I had to travel to Switzerland (Geneva or Zurich) to be outside the Schengen treaty countries, then re-enter France.

Hank said...

Les my friend, so glad to hear you are feeling better. The body betrayal that comes with!

I mean, I understand the need, in this reality, for an entropic existence, but dealing with the process can be very challenging. We strive with our minds and spirits to find meaning and perspective, and then we get interrupted by having to repair the vehicle.

As to the "health care industry", it is one of the most disheartening aspects of being alive and human. I'm certain it was worse in past lives, but compared to how good it COULD be, it is truly sad.

What started off as such a noble profession, where helping the sick and injured was the goal, has been sullied and disgraced by people who only see it as a way to take advantage and make money. We have the technology to find or create cures, but the entire thrust of the industry is to make "treatments" to allow the disease to continue. There is no "profit" in a cure.

Indeed, I firmly believe that there are those that help perpetuate and increase the need for an entire industry, by giving us poison that is marketed as food. By allowing the poisoning of our water and air through deregulation, with their corporate owned government.

They allow the marketing of alcohol and cigarettes which are known killers, but make substances like pot, that help some conditions, and help prevent others, illegal. Everything to hurt and nothing to help.

At this point, in America, there is so much money arrayed against any change in a system designed to perpetuate disease and profits, I really don't expect anything but a different color lipstick on the pig.

Capitalism in America has become a shark feeding frenzy, and the only things that will stop it, is if the food runs out, or we kill the sharks. Oh, and in case you didn't know, WE are the food.

Stay well Les, and peace and good health to all.

Anonymous said...

"chip away at the stone" -Aerosmith

I once had a dream that had wolves running around in the snow. Trying not to get shot by hunters in a helicopter, one of the wolves jumped behind a tree , pulled out a gun with moose antlers on it and brought the helicopter down.
The happy wolves ran over to a frightened Sarah Palin , who was trying to morph into a wolf herself. The pack quickly tore her apart, but did not feed on her. When I awoke I wrote the dream down, as I believe some dreams , especially re-occurring ones) are the super-conscience.
- Ellipser

m_rocknest said...

First time I’ve had the nerve to post anything on a Visible blog but this seemed an appropriate time and place to slide in. (I put this little comment on the New Shangri-La forum earlier but removed it.) So here goes.

Les, I might have known you would find “” which sounds silly but actually seems to make sense too. You are a whiz at internet searching. And speaking of whiz ... so happy you are in free flow now and the pain is gone. I know you can empathize with Americans who go through all that you did and then face bankruptcy afterwards. I know I can because we lived there “naked” (that’s uninsured for anyone who doesn’t know) for over 10 years. When circumstances brought us to Canada and that particular weight was lifted temporarily, we decided to stay here permanently. It’s not that I have a great deal of faith in the so-called medical sciences (I played a part in that scene many years ago) but should we ever get injured in an accident I’m certain the E.R. would be the best destination for us. There are many disturbing aspects to living in Canada (our PM and his band of ziophiles for instance) but health care is not one of them as far as I’m concerned. No, it’s not a perfect system but it isn’t downright cruel and indifferent either.

I hope you kept the stone to find out what type it is (calcium or oxalate) since that information could be useful for any dietary adjustments you might care to make ... although I doubt you’d need to do anything too drastic, diet wise, since you are already a healthy eater. Keep well.

nicki nicki tembo said...

so happy to know that you're better

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Tonawanda Whitefish and the Apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

Always avoid hosptials, jails, churches, schools, ahaha but seriously a person knows his/her body better than any doctor. I hope you get will and will pray over it.

Robert said...

Flaxseed oil, olive oil, turmeric and thyme. The first three are good for you.
Best wishes,



Joseph Brenner

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