Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kate Gosselin and the SPLC Terror Gang in Disneyland

I’ve noted lately that you can’t go to an MSM latrine trench without coming across little scrawls of graffiti like this, “How is Kate Gosselin feeling?” Whoever this person is, they are all over the place. If you type it into a search engine, your first choice in the drop down menu is, ‘Kate Gosselin hair’ followed by; parents, tummy tuck, bad press and... she’s got recipes too. It seems that Gosselin is the mother of sextuplets and a reality TV star along with an estranged husband. I didn’t look any deeper because of the nausea factor.

My going to the MSM is a sort of necessary evil and I keep it to a minimum. I go there to see what shape the lies are taking in the particular time in which I am reading them and this gives me something similar to the Time Monks in terms of predicting events. Of course, I have nowhere near the hardware, elves or savvy that the Time Monks have but I can still read between the lines to some degree. I get information from the twist put on news events, real or imagined and I get information from what’s not being said but of which I am aware through other mediums.

It soon becomes obvious that Nimrods, with the mental acuity of a hedge hog, like the Gosselin brood ...are there for the train wreck factor. It’s something stupid which is designed to keep the large body of stupids, who follow things like this, distracted from the truly horrible circumstances that are being erected around their doomed existences.

Twitter and The Gosselins are not accidents. What the Disney department of MK-Ultra did with Britney Spears, Timberlake and Aguilera was no accident. This is all by design. The creation of (Klaus) Barbie and Ken clones on the one hand and the loosing of all moral restraint on the other in every area of the entertainment world is not an accident. This is designed to confuse the inner and outer self by contradicting what you see with what you hear. It’s like someone incessantly tickling your genitals and telling you it is bad. This is why they set Spears up as a model virgin and then turned her into a public pig. Think about it.

You will note that we are never told which Mk-Ultra Disney agents are designing the fodder. We aren’t told who wrote The Patriot Act or who the principals behind the putsch of political correctness are. We aren’t given the faces and the names of the people who write the policies behind major social and political changes. Who decided to build the FEMA camps? Who authorized all of the coffin liners by the roadside? Who is pushing for mandatory flu inoculation? What are the names of the people who are promoting the plague of fascist enterprise across the globe? It’s not Howdy Doody Obama. He’s just the latest stooge, front man.

These days we know who did 9/11 and that is elements in the CIA and other intelligence services in tandem with Mossad. We know who crashed the financial system and that is Goldman Sachs in tandem with certain fellow travelers. We now know that representatives of Goldman Sachs are in all the key positions in the Howdy Doody administration where finance is concerned. We know who instigated the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and that is Israel. It is they who are now pressing to open the door to World War 3 with an assault on Iran.

Who are these other groups and individuals that are working within the social and cultural frameworks? Who is behind the changes in police behavior over the last ten years? Who is drafting the increasingly absurd laws that limit human expression? There are faces and names just like there are faces and names which consistently repeat when one investigates the Dutroux and Jersey affairs.

We know the public faces of those dancing around on the snake oil wagon but... who is putting the small pox in the blankets? Who brought the whiskey on to the reservation?

The one thing you begin to notice is the dreadful irony that constantly appears when you look into something instead of at it. Take a little time and search out what Morris Dees of The Southern Poverty Law Center had to say about militias shortly before the Oklahoma City bombing. Take a look at how he takes credit for predicting militia involvement in terror activity. Keep looking and note the connections between Dees and Elohim City. Now look at the cat screech fever of the moment as Dees’s rails against militias again.

Read about the Missouri, “Modern Militia Movement” written for law enforcement and guess whose name appears once again? Note the recent appearance of militia concerns across the nation as reported in the MSM and by those whose agendas are served by creating a re-constituted boogeyman.

Think about all of the Halloween characters who are now dancing in your living room window. They dance on strings and they pop up out of boxes like demented Henson puppets. Welcome to the 24/7 all Fear Network. Switch the channel and spend some time at the all Disinfo Channel. Then you can scoot on over to the all Gosselin channel and hear the heart rending “Tale of the Tummy Tuck”. I want the names of the people who made the decision to present us with this blood and shit spectacle.

I’ve given you some cause to think about at least one of the players here today. Real FBI evidence (snicker) is there to be seen and there’s a lot more where that came from.

The stage hands, gaffers and grips are hauling and hammering. The scene painters are busy. The time is approaching because the situation is not unlike where it was when The Segway Kid was right here in his first term. They are chatting up the perpetrators and the patsies are already with the makeup people. The financial climate and signs of social unrest are the perfect soil for the needs of the moment.

Let’s start naming names. Let’s start connecting the dots. For all of you in your living rooms there is a home version of our game in which you can play right along. Every time some talking head comes on the TV and immediately begins lying about something, you are supposed to say, “Bullshit!” and then immediately inquire as to what is being said by not being said. In most cases you can assume the opposite of whatever you are told. When the president or one of his goblin posse starts talking, you say, “Bullshit!” Anytime some lamprey in a suit says anything, say, “Bullshit!” If your circumstances make that undesirable then think it out loud.

When you see senators and congressmen interrogating members of the Federal Reserve; Goldman Sachs or any other Swine Flu operation, you should remember that as soon as the program ends they will have their clothes off and be rolling around with each other in a gigantic sty filled with heated blood, oil and shit. When you see Randy Cunningham sent to prison you have to ask yourself if you know all there is to know about what happened there. Ask yourself who Randy pissed off.

The people who arranged for Janet Jackson’s tit to stage a prison break are having dinner with the people who wrote The Patriot Act. The people who gave you herpes of the mind are the same people selling you temporary relief.

These people are in an increasingly desperate state. Something they didn’t expect is now inside their heads telling them to expect a visit. In their arrogant desire to display their power before the Schmoos they have hung themselves out to dry on their own washing lines. This does not put them in a good mood. It’s that old cornered rat thing.

You have seen them screw up the world beyond all recognition but that is nothing compared to what they have in mind to save themselves and that’s not going to happen.

Alas... there are many among us who have opted to stay the course on Fantasy Island even after Doctor Moreau sets up his practice. There is little you can do about this. This is their choice. Don’t let it be your choice too.

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Anoying Mouser said...

Well said Les.
I've been playing a home variation of *Bullshit* for over a year now.
The problem is almost all of my friends and family are fed up with me pointing out over and over and over again the spin, fluff and total lies on the MSM - which I myself am equally fed up with.
My immediate family literally roll their eyes when I speak of the 85% untrue rate on TV, radio and newspaper news.
And I just do not care to hear ANYMORE Zionist/illuminati/NWO minion BULLSHIT.

Visible said...

85%? You must be getting a couple of good channels I don't know about. My calculations come to 99.99% (grin)

Mouser said...

The other 4.99% is the "fluff" stuff also known as human interest stories like a woman of 50 has sextuplets.
Stuff that is true but toally unrelated to what is happening to our lives and our world.
85% bullshit plus 4.99% fluff gives me the same 99.99% nonsense that you get :)

Can'tAdd said...

14.99% not 4.99%.

Visible said...

proving that there is more than one way to skin an equation.

Anonymous said...

"Take a little time and search out what Morris Dees of The Southern Poverty Law Center had to say about militias shortly before the Oklahoma City bombing."

Every time I hear Oklahoma City bombings I think of the MSM on that fateful day talking about the two unexploded bombs the police found in the blown up federal building. They said "can you believe one of the unexploded bombs was larger than the one that went off!" They weren't even talking about a explosion outside the building. I remember seeing the police bomb squad truck that halls off unexploded ordinance. They screwed up big time when those bombs were planted but with a complaint CONgress and MSM not to worry. Archived MSM video would be very incriminating. The subject was completely dropped the next day.

The militia is growing again, time for another "terrorist attack." Those Iranians hate our freedom.


steamin,psycho said...

people are always going to watch and believe this bollocks,even when push has come to shove .they will be sitting at home viewing rate my turd or the news (same thing),while their neighbour is being dragged away for not having had their vaccinations.
cheers mate
peace,love and tolerance

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, As usual a well written colourful piece.
I subscribe to "Media Lens" site and good ole Jesse on "TV news Lies" site keeps on sending me updates. These two along with your input usually is enough to filter out the crap. As for TV, I only watch cooking and fishing programmes these days, prefering to get my info from the net.
As a point of interest, I read a book by Noam Chomsky called "Necessary illusions" subtitled, "population control in a democratic society" and very interesting it was too. One quote from it was by an ex government advisor, who said, "The role of the government is to serve the ruling elite and corporate power, whereas the role of the media is to control the ignorant and stupid masses". You don't need a degree in politics to see that this is how it is. I certainly don't agree with that line of thought but knowing that "they" do, helps towards understanding the crooked shitty system.
Another good article Les, take care, ian mckenzie

Greg Bacon said...

What's needed for the power elite is a good distraction, like something going BOOM that can be blamed on Iran and off we'll go, fighting another war for Apartheid Israel.

Fighting to keep a nation, Israel, for Jews and Jews only, since they don't want any GOY thoughts to infect their country of racists, assassins, thieves, false-flag experts, bigots, felons fleeing the law and con artists.

Can't have none of that GOY concept of conscience plaguing 'G-d's Chosen.'

kikz said...

'there is a home version of our game in which you can play right along. Every time some talking head comes on the TV and immediately begins lying about something, you are supposed to say, “Bullshit!” and then immediately inquire as to what is being said by not being said. In most cases you can assume the opposite of whatever you are told.'

one of our favz >:)

we also play a version, we call 'HEEB/YID'.

anyone astutely familiar w/the state of american? tv/movies and the unseen/unnamed hands that craft this crap-medium - knows this is one busy, busy game.

morally, culturally and linguistically, 'goyim' are - to be inundated & attenuated by 'psychological incongruence' - neutralized and metaphorically devoured from the inside out. there is NO non-heeb/yid cultural point of reference unaffected.

linguistically there is not even pretense made anymore to limit blatant heeb/yid cultural references/slang delivered by non-heeb/yid characters - no matter the situational incongruence factor. it's the new norm. nosh, kvetch, schmoo, schvitz, meshuga (crazy), bubkes, schnook, shiksa, putz, shmutz, schmuck, schlong...............
potato farmer from rural idaho, mennonite from PA, jez priest, nepalese llama, amazon dwelling yanomami tribe member, arab, east indian, alien-legal/illegal/ET, or cartoon dog........... no matter, your speech will be peppered with heeb/yid groucho schtick. oy- vey! da ovakill! it iz to laff!

another aspect is heeb/yid over representation inre professional authority - in any endeavor -
be it financial, medical, historical, scientific, political... any one you can name...
the heeb/yid is the 'natural and expected' authority presented.

it's as if non-heeb contributions and acumen in these fields never existed, and if they do vaguely remain in the cultural consciousness, they are to be minimized. failing minimization, they are to be demonized as somehow? 'anti-semetic' in nature.

the tactic sounds familiar doesn't it? down the memory hole... like countless arab villages and towns in palestine, now renamed in heeb/yid.

the most stunning psychological aspect of this onslaught - heeb/yid cultural slurs to/about 'goyim' by 'goyim' characters. there is no moral/ethical low, no vulgarity, no taboo, no 'broadcast standard of decency' censorship that can not be run round... so long as it's yid on goyim.

none of this is accidental.

*cue - laff trak in 5-4-3-2-*

welcome to the land of YID, 'we rejoice!'
*cue - theme 'hava nagila'*
*cue - roll credits*

Phil said...

Hi Les, excellent comment as usual. BTW, we have an African Grey Parrot that can play the "Bullshit" game all day. She plays an indispensable role on our behalf while our backs are turned. She doesn't even believe anything we tell her either, so any comment made to her is met by her response - "BULLSHIT". She prefers to remain Anonymous at this time. (grin)

Anonymous said...

Certainly the bizarre half-asian looking husband, John is a total Jewish plot to push race mixing.

He's now on every magazine with a blonde.

He's crosseyed!

Watcher Girl said...

Hey, what about "Octomom". She needs some recognition too! HA! I am with you and all of your readers. And I have actually been playing the home variation BS for about, 4.5 years.
It's the old "Order out of Chaos" or "Create the problem and then offer a solution" and keep them completely dumbed down in the process. It's not just the media either. It's also the educational system. What a bunch of flaming morons today's children are. Of course that's all part of the plan. I hope the end comes quick.
Watcher Girl

m_astera said...

Good question. Who wrote the Patriot Act?

Anonymous said...

Well, let's not forget that the Jon & Kate Show was created, produced, and written by Joos, then it was a Joo Dr. who tummy tucked and re-programmed Kate, then it was his Jooess daughter who lured Jon into the sack, despite looking like she was a 42year old bloated Harlet after the night before. The love train wrecking the goyim, don't they?

Greg Bacon said...

The Patriot Act was orignally crafted back in the Clinton administration after the OK City Murrah building bombing and fine-tuned after the CIA/MOSSAD attacks on 9/11.

Except the original PA didn't get too far with the Congress.

Who was the AG back during that time?

Janet Reno, who recused herself from another government sponsored butchery, the siege and fire bombing of those religious folks at Waco, Texas.

Who was appointed to oversee that investigation and whitewash?

A Deputy AG by the name of ERIC HOLDER.

Recognize that name?

Franz said...


Great stuff. And honestly, I think the MK-ULTRA thing started earlier and is immensely bigger than us peons can imagine. I can see it showing up in old Andy Hardy movies, or maybe that's terminal paranioa, not sure :)

Fud said:

"Every time I hear Oklahoma City bombings I think of the MSM on that fateful day talking about the two unexploded bombs..."

It's around! Several of those local news clips were put on the "extra" features of the old DVD, "911 IN PLANE SIGHT". The object was to prove that 911 had a precident, a big precident, the Oklahoma bombing.

I gave my copy away, but it is not possible to see those clips and trust the US gov afterward. One of the Clinton gang is now America's top law person? HOO HAA!

All we need to know about US law right now, init? An accomplice to mass murder is Attorney General. But since all recent presidents are mass murderers anyway, bring on Mickey Mouse and let's get to the main feature...

Anonymous said...

Aw shit no one told me this was a game. I have been at this for years. I have a way of knowing when the joos are knee deep in the horse shit that passes off for entertainment. The joose nose is a dead give away as they seem to need it for sniffing their way in and out of the predictable plot of swill.

It seems my own hooter is as adept at spotting them, for when friends, or family are looking at tv, and the joo arrives to save the day. there is always someone who will say it ahead of me. It's the joos stupid, Shill, Bollocks, there are any number of names for it , but the result is always, and ever jooish.

The writer will point out here. There is a vast difference between joos, and Jewish, as there is no doubt there is good in all peoples, but as the spellings are spelt different. I won't offend anyone. As the joos refer to me as human cattle of sorts. I care not if I offend them.

Which leaves the grabbers, and grifters, and sparkys, and chippies as they busy themselves with the set-up for machinations, without which the the jooish machine could not exist. They too have a keen eye as the watch and wait for their share at the trough of swill eying their own portion keenly.

Perish the thought one could infiltrate this mess of pottage, and add some fast acting laxative which would leave the joo on a trot for the loo, and a trail of un- written script in his wake,for the rest of the cast to peruse as they study their own poo.

The make-up artists could have a field day if the mirrors were removed simple one that, (just tell them how beautiful they are), send the bastards out with no make- up on and the world will see the whores, and vampires for what they really are.

No way would it work in my country to try to name names, or spill beans. For even as they are not joos, they are similar in their modus operandi. They have been at it for years, and have it down to a fine art.

The artful dodger of olden times is not a patch on the bastards in my parish. The recent elections has seen the fathers with their cretinous off-spring, as they were trotted out in search of their fathers seats. (Operative word that).

Keen faced father with even keener faced son did not stop at the scribblers door, for they both knew full well they would be met with a barrage of words, and bastard would be the least of the onslaught.

I make a point now when talking to neighbours or friends to hold my tongue. It is something to see as they goad me, for they look up information just for the pleasure of putting me down, and they not seeing the education they might be gaining at my lack of knowledge.

Just had a thought there, where I once read of Lyndon La Rouche where he thought Ireland was an experiment on the part of the Brutish Israelis. I think he called it Brutish Bestiality. Perhaps this is why we had such a troubled past.

See there you are, and I loosing my train of thought, a few more sentences and I would have no idea. This might be an experiment, or it might be school, for that matter it could even be a dream. I could be something, or it could be nothing. But then who cares ?

Anyway Les it started as it always does, I set out to add my name in support of you, and then I tried to make sense of it all. A bit late to try to make sense I suppose. Perhaps I might wake up now to the sound of the skool bell, and the teecher will give me a few well earned digs, trow the home-work in the bot-bellied fire, and I have to write it out again.



Zoner said...

There is a game I like to play in the supermarket checkout line. Since I have not had a television program play in my home for almost 3 years now (outside of use for video rentals), I really have no clue who any of these characters are, but when I see the same faces on all the gossip rags it seems appropriate to exclaim in a loud voice, to no one in particular, "Oh my God, (insert People/US/Enquirer headline here), how is this possible?".

It gets some interesting responses.

And man, were they pushing the conversion to the new digital signal hard, making it seem like you were somehow doing something wrong if you neglected to "upgrayedd" (2 d's for a double dose of the digital pimpin').

SPLC? They list an "Intelligence Report" on their website and also claim to offer training to law enforcement. Who are these people, anyways? Their spokesman looks like something from the Henson Muppets! The word "hate" also appears about a zillion times in their material, just in case the point was not clear enough. All I can think of is what things might be like if/when Obama is killed by a White Power useful idiot and Joe "you don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist" Biden is prez.

I saw the newscast reports of the additional bombs INSIDE the Murrah building. Didn't hear much about that littl epiece of the puzzle after the fact though, did we? There is also an excellent talk given by a Retired Brig. General named Ben Partin that addresses the physics of that whole deal. A quick trip to Youtube will provide this info.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Child Molester, Pervert and Liar?

Anonymous said...

Right On!
But since I pulled the cable plug over 11 years ago, I don't have watch the "bullshit".

Anonymous said...

they will just keep on lying until the truth slaps them around the face and that is what is coming the realization that they have got everything but they can never have the feeling of their true self,it will occur suddenly maybe who knows,but it is so obvious, they never understood the writings all of them books,making a big fuss they tried to take the power to control nature not understanding that love or their true nature left them straight after and as long as they carry on doing what their doing they can never feel that feeling they are only divided in themselves their true self can be woven back through them though it is everymans aim to discover who they truely are and what they are really doing here,at one with the earth harmonized with the past the future and the present refreshed and ready to do what needs to be done that is the duty of all men they have just forgotten. they are trying to be the masters when they should of just been being the pupils of the school of life harmony to all...peace neil

Mouser said...

It is not a good feeling to know one is a cog in a wheel which is connected to an axel which is connected to a bunch of wheels which are bulldozing peoples lives and homes into the ground in the majority of world.
By going to work and paying taxes in any Western 'democracy' one's money is being siphoned off by the international ruling class and used to perpetuate an extremely unjust world where 20% of westerners are consuming 80% of the worlds resources.
I myself feed at the trough of capitalism and by that feeding and by paying my taxes and everyday western debts I am in fact contributing to the unbalance in the world. A deliberate unbalance which has been carefully planned and orchestrated for centuries by the families of the less than 2% who own more than 98% of the world's wealth.
These families and their minions are using my labour and earnings to amass more and more wealth at the expence of the 'developing' nations people who are deliberately prohibited from developing economically or in their standards of living through the unfair trade of their natural resources and labour to the developed countries.
The ruling families and their minions (like the Clintons for example) know that pennies to the dollar for third world resources and labour is a must to keep the staus quo and the keep on evermore increasing their 98% hold on wealth.
Whenever a person or group or nation (with good reason) challenges this acutely skewed set up, they are exposed to bribery and/or violence and murder to maintain the 'norm'.
By getting up and going to work and paying my taxes, bills and buying goods and services, I am a cog in a corrupt wheel which grossly manipulates and kills to achieve it's goals.
It is a sobering thought on an average working Monday morning in western europe.

Anonymous said...

Les, you are so right.......I couldn't describe the "bullshit" any better, you just have a way of just cutting through it. Keep up the great post's, it gives me hope knowing im not the only one who can smell it.
D. Richard

Zoner said...


Here's an acronym for you.

L.E.S. - V.I.S.I.B.L.E.

Lie Evasion System - Very Interesting Shit Is Being Left Exposed.

Thanks for helping see through the bullshit, man.


Anonymous said...

Keep the drum bet going Les.....if it can wake up one a month.....that's a job very well done. Have been reading your writing for a while & other MSM bull shit just to see what new lies are in works. But, tell you what....I have moved up the chain of enlightenment I should say (ofcourse, with help from people like you!) & now I'm trying to reverse engineer all the stuff that I have read/heard/told growing in a Hindu family....& especially about the monks/gurus & people like Buddha (who was a Hindu king before becoming a monk). Well, what I wanted to say is that I always wondered why those monk's/rishi's always meditated, lived very simple lives, usually lived in remote forests away from common man's habitat...I guess because they probably realized that what we see, perceive & experience is directly related to our state of mind. May be I'm not doing a good job of putting in properly...but I'll give it a try anyways. As I have commented out in my earlier responses to your blogs....its our mind that sees good/bad depending on how it is conditioned. Yes, I agree that we live in a commercial/materialistic world where we are being mind-fucked at every available moment that we let our minds open up to such things. Its the desire in us that opens up our mind to such bad influences & whoever programmed the mind-fucking waves will seize this opportunity to enter our minds & corrupt/rot. So, meditating is like trying to control the mind not to open to these outside desires. I consider this is the same thing that many sages/rishi's/monks are trying to tell in different ways from time immemorial, its not that many don't get it.....many do....but the to what degree, it varies. We all know so many very very good people amongst us but they just don't get it. I have very talented, highly educated, people in high places...but they just don't get.....& also its not that many don't get it...they do...but the dilemma many end up (I guess) is if one has to give up desire.....then there is not much to live for.....that's the hard part. Though I have realized this to a great extent...I just can't give up desire ( I mean to great extent) since I have dependencies.....that are not there yet in this realization & I can't just cut off the its a very delicate job & requires lots of patience to spread the message. I'm just tired of hearning who's behind what.....sorry Les....but it won't interest me anymore...but do read once in a while just to keep updated. But, what I'm more interested is how to uplift my self from this below normal life that I'm living. I'm not advocating Hinduism here...but true hinduism which is just a "way of life" is all about one self & the realization of the self....once that is achived....everything else falls into places...atleast for that person....& nothing can harm him...cause he would have risen above this matrix....or lets say de-leverage from this "bull-shit" & no more mind-fucking....cause that won't have any effect, we have to fight ourselves....first & that in & of itself will make the bad stuff disappear. I haven't read that many scriptures...or epics or such....& I don't believe I need to...but doing so may not hurt...but for self realization all we need to ask ourselves some simple questions & answer them honestly.

Good luck

Visible said...

I follow the Hindu tradition and perhaps you should spend what time you spend with me over at Visible Origami (new post going up in an hour or so) where the things you wish to have discussed are discussed. What I do at these other blogs are for a specific purpose and I don't enjoy it anymore that you or some others but it needs be done for the moment.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

Kundalini Rising and The Lake of Material Fire.

Hank said...

You left out the fire du jour. What would a "news" broadcast be with live coverage of a fire. Like we're cave people who are amazed by fire. The real problem is that there ARE people that are amazed by the fire du jour. Heart broken that some millionair's house burns down, with all their worldly possessions. It never occurs to these cave people that the house was built where there are fires every fucking year, and have been for all of recorded history. Awww, poor millionair.

What else? Oh yea, the hurricane story. It's the same story every year, with video of water jugs, batteries, plywood and overpriced generators. And of course when the storm hits, the reporters draw lots to see which one gets to stand out in the storm and get the shit blown out of them on camera, just to show how it looks when the wind blows. Amazing stuff that wind. I mean it blows and shit, woah!

And of course the who's fucking who, or being fucked over by who, or wanting to be fucked by who, or who's just plain fucked up. Got to have that fuck story, but you can never actually use the word, fuck. The appearance of morality must be maintained. No titty at the super bowl.

This is all the usual fare, but...but..there have been stories lately that for some unexplained reason, have been sneaked through. There are two that stand out in my mind, and I have not yet gleaned their intent. One was a story about the wars in the middle east, being told by the reporters that have been on the ground there, and it seems to be an honest assessment, showing Afganistan for the war torn, poverty stricken country that it is. The other is a story about islam by Christian Ammanpuor, that puts a real face on the muslim people in Afganistan, Iraq and the Palestinians in Gaza. It puts a faces and names on the women and children being murdered by the israelies. It shows how the efforts of one former American soldier, building schools in Afganistan is making a difference that all the bombs and guns in the world could never do.

I say these stories must have been sneaked through because they actually touched me. There was truth in them, and I was humbled and heartbroken to be confronted with the images of the hell these people live every day. I've known it in my mind, but knowing it did not lessen the impact of seeing it.

These are two big stories that stick out in my mind, but I have noticed many more little truths being leaked out through the MSM. Are they getting a conscience? Are they realizing that they are part of the little people as well? I don't know, but I am hearing them use the word liar in reference to politicians more and more.

Of course I always hold out the possibility that I am the victim of wishful thinking, and full of shit, but I will be watching. Peace my friends.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les-Appreciation of you keeping tabs on the MSM, I dont have the stomach for them anymore. Bad for the blood pressure.
Who is really running the government and many of our other large organizations/institutions is easy to figure out- it's the people and organizations who always or almost always get their way.
Figuring this out only requires that one look at events, and see their connection to other events.
And, the Patriot Act, "hate crimes" laws and similar totalitariam minded tactics are so those who always or almost always get their way can ensure that they will continue to get their way.
It's pretty simple

Anonymous said...

I heard a simple "nutshell" saying back in the early to mid 80s, which I adopted, and has served me well.

Regardless of who they are, if they are any government, any corporation, any organized religion, any TV media, any medical group, any self reported / self appointed authority.

"If their lips are moving they are lying."

It's that simple and time and truth have proved me right a hell of lot more than proven me wrong, where and when it comes to this little rule.

Once I came upon this little gem of truth, life got a whole lot clearer around me.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, sometimes the US MSM is so juvenile and idiotic it seems like everything on TV and print (from them) is just another issue of the Weekly World News. For those not in the USA, its probably one of the sleaziest periodicals that ever graced a supermarket checkout line. Actually, in certain ways,the MSM is even funnier because there are few things more amusing than clowns and bozos who take themselves seriously.
In the old Disney TV show and cartoons they had a character named Tinker Bell, a fairy with wings and a wand, she could fly around and everything she tapped with her wand would change or disappear. The US MSM and those who run it are kind of like of like Tinker Bell-everything they touch, turns into something disgusting. They can take paper, wires, plastic. metal, machines, images- you name it-and change it from something normally innocuous(like a roll of newsprint or a vat of ink) into something nauseating.
There were good people in the past who could turn average things into good things. Today, the MSM seems to have mastered the process-in reverse.

Anonymous said...

Well done. I think we should look into and name names. The biggest and most clear to me, myself. We react and cry and worry, no one does this for us. We use ideas of pain and lust and loss as if we really created them and need them. Not so. These ideas have been given to us by the soon named. They too are not the source of these ideas, given over to the elite as well. These ideas are given to and suggested in willingness of ourself to want them. Really would you be ready for no money, no big brother, no prepackaged dinner? My point, their is a stream of real sickness and darkness in the human mind, this needs to be named?(ego)

Anonymous said...


mmmmm! I love a good circus. so sad that people choose defiance and hate instead of Love and cooperation.

We'll get there.


Still alive said...

How much of a clinical moron do you have to be to believe one word of the cartoons and comical lies that pass for the "news" from that overflowing landfill known as the MSM?

An episode of The Flintstones is closer to reality. And more entertaining.

I wonder about this: when the NWO (or whatever you choose to call it) and their lackeys in the government make their final putsch against America to impose their tyranny and wet dream delusions on everyone, what percentage of the military will abandon their post and do what they took an oath to do-defend the U.S. Constitution, by fighting alongside Americans instead of against them?

What percentage of Americans will do their patriotic duty by fighting back and resisting tyranny?

That`s the $64,000 question.

darthbatman said...

LaMat, your comment is inspired and resonates to me a great deal of truth.
High five man.

Neil, I believe your ideas are right on target as well. The modality of fear always leads to destruction. Live by the sword...

Excellent post, Les, and great discussion. Keep fighting the good fight guys, we can make it right!



Joseph Brenner

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