Friday, August 21, 2009

The Reality TV at the End of the World

I don’t think I’ve ever really seen a reality show except for being in the room on occasion when one of the early prototypes came on MTV. It’s been years since I’ve seen MTV and decades since I’ve seen network TV so it is safe to say I don’t know what’s going on there. I can look at the general state of intelligence and the culture though and get an intuit into the effects. So... I went to a search engine and I searched for, “How many reality shows are on TV?” Right near the top I found this. I don’t think even the hard core Nimrods who watch this stuff would imagine (if they had that facility) there were so many. I realize this is probably a list of past and present shows and that some are no longer on the air but... unbelievable all the same.

When I check into the MSM each day to see what they are lying about, there are always these faces of people I never heard of and now I suspect this is where they come from. I try to imagine (having that facility) the hundreds of casting agency offices across the country that filter the desperate dreams of the rank and file whose ranks are now filing toward the windows of the unemployment offices and disappearing job interviews across the vast and benighted, obese landscape of their Krispy Kreme world.

Each day I read about people being tazered and beaten by police. I read about people being fired for inopportune words that could have meant this and could have meant that but wound up interpreted by agents of social control, which cost them their jobs and whatever else. Each day I read about random acts of violence and bimbos in suitcases. Every week someone shoots up a workplace. Every week some government agency sets up a handful of retards in a non-existent terror plot and meanwhile... these reality shows presuppose an existence that is scripted by people intentionally driving the culture toward ever further outbreaks of madness.

I remember being at Altamont when Mick Jagger was on stage and the Hell’s Angels were wailing into the crowd with their pool cues. Jagger was doing that song “Midnight Rambler” and “Street Fighting Man” was also in the lineup and as surges of violence spread out from pockets of bad acid freakers shoved into phalanxes of drunken thugs, Jagger would soothingly cry out... “Peace, brothers and sisters” and then he would whip the stage with his studded belt and pour it on for the next round. People tell me there was a Satanic circle painted on the stage for The Stones but I didn’t see it. I was pretty close to the stage but out of pool cue range. It might have been there... certainly the behavior was.

That event reminds me of the disconnect between these reality shows and life on the streets of the American Dream as it turns restlessly in its bed seeking a comfortable lie but something is in the bed and is biting the sleeper or... the mattress is wet with urine... or one corner of the bed has collapsed or something.

You go way back to the Bread and Circuses thing and you look through the lens of recall into the passing of history and at every turn you see the population distracted by cheap entertainments while something truly dreadful was going on in the wings. Is this moment in this time an exception to the rule? Should we expect that this time it will be different and everything will right itself and we will be back on course again? It seems we are on a course and it is most definitely the wrong one.

I’m indifferent to the changing permutations of the culture. I don’t watch TV and I don’t read the magazines. I don’t listen to the music. My one exception is movies. In any case, the only impact the present state of the culture has on me is a certain revulsion that rises now and again. I know there are others who are not manipulated by these things either but... there is some large body of the public that views all of it as being real. They are the sort that will argue that professional wrestling is not fixed and that watching cars go around and around the same circle, over and over again, is somehow fascinating; as fascinating as the human billboards that exit from the cars to a Toby Keith song called “Towelheads from Tulsa”.

Across the water are tens of thousands of young Americans and even more hardened mercenaries who will be coming back to The Homeland at some point. They are learning what any man learns who is forced by bankers to kill for economic gain and they are all permanently damaged to some degree. Among them are that portion of psychopaths for whom this is an opportunity to torture and murder without penalty. Meanwhile the television puts forth vain and empty froth which is not unlike the froth inside of the heads of the people who are watching it.

Can it be assumed according to any yardstick or measuring device that... this is a mere phase from which some higher mind will suddenly spring like Venus from the forehead of Jupiter? Or is it rather one phase leading into another upon an ever deepening curve downward that is reflected in the increased acceleration of time as counterpoint?

Here I stand or sit, like yourself, surrounded by the cotton candy mist of torpor that veils the torments of those sacrificed upon the altar. Their blood is the grease that lubricates the gears and bearings of the Tilt a Whirl in the midnight amusement park of the nation that took too much and gave too little. I have been told we are all one but I cannot see the connection between them and me. I feel more kinship with the beasts of the field and less endangered by the beasts of the wild.

I know that I am supposed to love all with some kind of divine equanimity. I realize that I am required to move with an egalitarian awareness through the land of the Schmoos but some portion of me has not yet achieved to the liberation from passing judgment upon those who gave up their humanity for something that sticks in their teeth, tickles their privates and seeds their progeny as it devours their souls. Each day I hope that this state of being will descend upon me but so far it has not. Each day I watch the world move like a heavy drunk, leaning into the walls and shop windows for balance as it makes its way home.

If the world is a ship then the rudder is broken or the captain has gone overboard and now the course is determined by the impact of the things that hit it, or the tides, as it moves through space or across the tossing seas. I know this is an illusion and that everything is under control but it takes a lot of reminding under the circumstances.

Cultures and nations rise through the force of vision and industry toward an unreachable dream and descend rapidly into that failure unique to each... all the while the common mass never register the process, they merely play out their roles as canon fodder on the one hand and agents of desire and appetite on the other. You can see where the elite get the idea that they have no more value than cattle, even as they herd them toward their doom.

Now some woman in Tunisia is about to have twelve children at once which means the Octomom has to move over.

I’m a believer in the yin and yang of the thing. Hard science backs my hypothesis. I believe that whenever the darkness prevails across wide distances that the light must concentrate in certain locations. I believe that a signal goes out at these times and those attuned will hear the homing sound. Whenever large structures crash, there is some portion of the population that is beyond the kill zone.

Is there anywhere a leader of any country who is standing forth on the world’s stage and calling attention to the madness? Are they only being denied the coverage, bumped to Page 12 by some reality TV news? There are those small voices of reason and then there is a great wasteland of confusion moving toward irrevocable adjustment.

Seek out the concentrations of light. Move away from the centers of darkness. I can think of no other advice. That rough beast is on the move.

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Anonymous said...

"Or is it rather one phase leading into another upon an ever deepening curve downward that is reflected in the increased acceleration of time as counterpoint?"

Maybe, but those additional phases are likely to be much shorter and far more brutal.

Oliver Robertson said...

Reality shows are pretty bad in general, but I watched one this past weekend that is just beginning.

It is about a group of eight survivors of a post genocidal epidemic where most humans did not survive. These eight people of varying talents find themselves coming together in trying to form a colony of self sufficiency within this enviroment, becoming scavengers for basic survival needs.

I enjoyed the segments I watched and learned quite a few things from it.

It is called The Colony and appeared on Discovery channel on Saturday night. Peace...Oliver

William Wilson said...

Hi Les-
This might be the time when "dropping out" is a good idea.

Anonymous said...


You see into others as if they had your face? As we all share the face of god we are not the same. The idea we should expect nothing is big today? You see ends and outcomes that seem very true. Please dont let this turn you from those that dont. In the deepest part of their minds they do, but fear the loss that comes with this. Be upset about that as a father would be of his son?
I say those that watch TV use the hole thing as a reality show. To simple this statements is, I know. I feel most people know that TV is a joke. Problem, most people dont understand the images and things on TV affect them in many differeent ways. They dont put up the blockers needed to watch that crap?
Cultures and nations are created and given over to the masses like TV. We can look to the past but hard would it be to expect the same over and over. It feels right to do this, but we are again looking for things that look the same? What two thing are ever the same? History has patterns because we make them? No need to get mad about that?

"I know that I am supposed to love all with some kind of divine equanimity" - Do you know you are really doing this as you read this? Les you care and share. A large part of you is loving? A bit of you is asking why? Thats healthy!!! Dont let ideas outside your created dream move you to love more or less?

Thanks for your light!!! I say light moves out and take up all darkness, no matter the amount. If you see it, its has taken over the darkness?
I mean not to be a downer today. The world is out of control, but not for me? I maybe out of control in ways. Order and balance are human ideas are needed to keep a stream of idea going, but arent truly real?

William Wilson said...

Hi Les-wanted to add-
the idea of just stepping back in as many ways as possible(and still being able to survive) and letting the corrupt structures fall on their own, it has a lot to recommend. And if theres a way to screen psychopaths (topic of one of your recent articles at the other section of your web-log) OUT of positions of power and authority, in the new systems that'll arise, then a path to a new golden age might truly be forged.
Sometimes fighting with people just gives or stimulates in them more energy.
To comment on your expressed idea that it's difficult to drum up internal sympathy for certain folks, yeah, that space is familiar. I guess it's a matter of not letting asperity devolve into(much) contempt, being able to say "There but for the Grace of......" , you know.

paolocaruso said...

Les, Another excellent piece with brilliant analogies.

I was stopped for no reason under a bridge by a US state policeman when I was younger. I had the long hair and scruffy beard. The guy with the smokey the bear hat screamed at me like a drill seargeant. It was pitch dark and no one around. I noticed the cop had a US marine tattooo on his arm. I had done nothing wrong and I did not get a ticket but I was freaked out because this person was insane, he ranted about nothing and every other word was the F word.

It was only until the issue of PTS came out in Iraq, that reminded me of the state trooper. He was a Vietnam vet whose guilt of killing people was getting to him. He has probably since killed his wife or made the headlines... or became commander of the state police.

Anyway, hundreds of thousands of these demented meatheads are coming back to your home town and many will get badges... beware.

m_astera said...

Are there any leaders of any countries who are decent and in search of something beyond their own aggrandizement? No, I don't think so or they wouldn't have gotten to where they are. Such is the system of the psychopath reptiles.

But these are not even reptiles. They are automaton predators. Soulless and only wanting to fill their bellies and lusts, and have the herd at their pleasure.

Ciao Bello

Zoner said...

Dropping out is indeed what calls me and is pushing me to sell all my stuff and let the wind take me and my family where it will. Television has been removed here for years and it is not missed. To redefine the programming with the word "reality" attached is the ultimate con job IMHO.

However, now that my team has Brett Favre at the helm, I may have to pop for that big-screen and just sink into the couch and await our demise while watching the Vikes win the Super Bowl.

It could go either way. (chuckle)

You take the victories where you can I guess.

I watched the movie "Ants" with my kid last night. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around that one, and was shocked to see the "hero" was named "Z". It left a really bad taste in my mouth but I'm not smart enough to figure out why.

Why they went to "Bugtopia" but chose to return to the "Colony" to just build it up bigger (and better as they said) is beyond me. Of course, "Bugtopia" was in actual fact, a garbage heap with a bunch of "Bohemians" sitting around a fire contemplating their navels and sharing the light, warmth, and labor.

Great piece. Very powerful, timely stuff, LV.

Love to all,


kikz said...

i think 'yer right...

sometimes, the only proactive action to be taken is to - get out of the way.

wild animals, drunks, wars, tornadoes, hurricanes...

sooner/later their position of immediate dominance diminishes...and opportunity presents for other action to be taken. just a question of timing...

bothers me non attainment disinterested detachment, or buddhahood (for lack of better terminology)
...the willfully ignorant, the shallow, the greedy, the violent...the cruel, and the seemingly unnecessary collateral damage they joyously inflict enmasse.

i don't envy their 'roles'...
but i do try to appreciate the contrast... these ever present archetypes are a constant reminder to me of who i consciously choose not to be, now or ever.

maybe all this shit IS cyclical/elliptical... and like orbit, is sped up by proximity to gravity - aka - a solar system.
kepler's 3rd.

our galaxy approaching the precessional new age, 2012...that of 'water bearer/aquarius' - the one j the c spoke of...has to mean something... it's been marked by all who knew of it's existence... maybe the seeming ubquity of insanity - is just a sign o the times... :)?

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry to nit-pick but, I think it was Minerva who jumped out of Jupiter's head after he swallowed her mother. Although I have been known to be wrong abouth these things.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing like reality. I don't understand why you were so surprised at the number of shows. As I said once before we're heavy into reality on this side of the pond. You presented a great (no excellent) critique of what is going on in our society but in my humble opinion you mischaracterize reality. You see, what you are describing is reality to the Nimrods and those of the dark persuasion. Lucifer brought his reality to this quarantined planet. The earth being the center of the universe was once reality to most people. You either go along with mainstream "reality" or find some other reality. The word has no meaning anymore.

Lets play a game. How well would you do if you went back to college. Are you mainstream enough to succeed/get good grades? If the professor asks you how many hijackers there were on 911, are we succeeding in bringing freedom and democracy to Iraq, why do the Palestinians shoot rockets into poor Israel, should we increase foreign aid to Israel, should the government charge for the mandatory flu shots which will protect us, why can't all countries have honest elections like the USA, our brave soldiers are fighting the terrorists over there so we don't have to fight them over here, the FED helps stabilize our economy, what would be your reply? Think you would pass, or get kicked out of school?

How about your student loan? It is mind boggling what college costs now days. People graduate tens of thousands in debt with poor job prospects. It is a mad mad world.

Like you, I don't watch TV, read magazines, or listen to pop music. I also don't watch movies. Last movie I went to see was Fahrenheit 911. Too much homosexuality, race mixing, no plot, absolute nonsense etc. I watch some of the old stuff but have trouble with that too.


Visible said...

yeah, I thought about that, Minerva being wisdom I think but I've also seen Venus characterized as such in more than one place so I just left it in without much caring about the legitimacy as long as my meaning got through. It's lazy of me I know but so it goes.

Fud... my point was very clearly to make the point you say I am not making so I wouldn't know how to proceed in response following that. On the matter of whether I should watch movies since, after all, you don't would relate best to the possibility that you look for you shoes under your bed one morning and discover they are gone because I am wearing them now/

Anonymous said...

The Romans claimed that their Venus goddess, the warrior goddess Pallas Athene was born from the brow of Jupiter and sent forth to do battle with Mars, ..."

Anonymous said...

As one who does not watch tv or films (except very rarely), listen to the radio or popular music (so that many allusions to these are opaque to me), and as one who is in my twilight years, I've come to terms (open to modifictaion) with one issue you raise.

I don't like or "love" all humans, especially those whose actions are harmful and evil. I do not wish to associate with many. But I wish their Ultimate Selves (the Ur nano-chips off the One Mind, Spirit, "God" or Consciousness) well, and hope they will see the error of their ways at some point, soon.

I do judge everyone, including myself, (using my critical faculty of discernment) in deciding whether what everyone does is harmful or good, acceptable or unacceptable ethically, and condemn "bad" or unacceptable actions and behaviour. No one can function normally without a sense of discernment.
But I do not pronounce (emphasis on pronounce) judgement on them as individuals (which is the other function of a judge, but the two - weighing or discerning and pronouncing - are mixed up) because that is not for me to do.

I've also read that duality is found only on this level of existence we are experiencing now, and that good vs bad, etc are not a part of ultimate Reality. I can only try to grasp that.

As for what the discarnates are reported to say through those who are physically alive - I don't follow what current "channels" ( that seems to be the current modish American term) say, but have read accounts published by the (British) Society for Psychical Research, the Churches' Fellowship for Spiritual and Psychical Studies, and of others studied by William James, Charles Richet, Sir Oliver Lodge, Dr Guirdham, and other researchers of paranormal phenomena - those discarnates who say they are at levels where it's possible for them to impinge on the minds of mediums, do report "good" and "bad" situations and environments post mortem. They also say that many of them are at levels from which they cannot reach the living minds of mediums, and that what they themselves know and are reporting is limited and applies only to what they are experiencing at their location or level.
Those who've had mystical experiences, like Dr Richard Bucke, have said something similar. Some have also said that some individual spirits or souls or consciousnesses get extinguished as individuals, if they show ho growth.

We are all at different levels or states of Being and knowing. Different cultures have differing accounts of these post-mortem states. There are differences even in reported Near-Death-Experiences from different cultures.

We simply don't know except through certain kinds of experiences which seem to give those who have them, cognitive certainty.

Josey Wales said...

Dear Les,

I have been thinking about the levitation project that occurred at the Pentagon. Assuming the story is correct, i continue to think about what it was that that they feared, and why the authorities stopped them.

I am fascinated and can't get it out of my mind. I have slept on it and dreamed about it since you first mentioned it long ago.

What has come to mind is that the secret is also embodied in what the Falun Gong were doing in China that had the authorities there so upset that they started killing members of the Falun Gong.

I will look into this further but wanted your comment. After all the Falun Gong were peaceful. All they were doing was combining their consciousness and coupling it with coordinated movement.

Perhaps that is the secret,...or getting close to it.



David said...

I saw The Colony.
By the end of the first installment, it was very clear that the whole thing was so contrived that it was actually annoying.
Most of the "reality" shows are like that. After all, it sure feels real when you have a camera crew following you around every moment of the day, right?
Then, there is the fact that every abandoned werehouse has boxes of unused battery-powered tools, and that inverter was nice too.
Oh yeah, everyone I know would have armed themselves first. "Marauders" would be fertilizer.

Mike Cane said...

An absolutely epic post. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Les maharaj said:
"I feel more kinship with the beasts of the field and less endangered by the beasts of the wild."
- my deepest core sentiments these days.

I think Chavez is calling attention to the madness. And Evo Morales too in his way.

You probably saw the story of the New Zealand journalist woman subjected to 11 days of drugging and insanity from dr's and 'judges' for being "delusional" about the InsideJob™. Oh well, scratch NZ off the list of havens.

um, have you personally met this dude 'lucifer'? know where I could find him? er,so...what's with the "race mixing" thing? xtian wingnut psycho shit is showing.

really fucking TIRED and bored shitless with the know-it-all preaching sprayin around these part lately.


nina said...

Yes, it grates and disturbs. It affects us negatively because it makes us feel forced to accept that which our personal standards reject like bad teachers, narcissism and lies. Its another repeat of the pattern of "being forced without alternative" and follows us all through this de-basing rat race because we have a basis for comparison that won't go away, no matter what the definition of reality. Reality is just another divisive word.

Its pretty humorous to work so hard on the "why" part when multitudes of enthusiastic viewers are enthralled with "COPS". It always makes me leave my body and look at the scene from a distance where it just is - as something people do to pass their time outside of awareness.

Anonymous said...

There are some real slick individuals writing some of those movie scripts. They are very patient kind of like those Learned Elders we've read about. Over time they change attitudes, beliefs, society. Wasn't too many years ago you could be locked up for being homosexual. Should a grown man be allowed to marry a fourteen year old boy, how about his dog. Is it right in a "free society" to discriminate against such a person. Give them time we will see. Ask yourself this, why has societal attitude changed on so many subjects, has your attitude changed, why. Are people more enlightened now? (GRIN!)

Hey Les, have you ever considered changing stripes? You could write for any newspaper in the world. Make lots of money, big cars, fancy home, foxy women (although the mega successful seem to prefer young boys). Sometimes I wonder if that is why ZOG lets you stay healthy. Hope springs eternal. Maybe I'm out of line, don't blame you if you don't post this.


Visible said...

Thanks for the compliment Fud. I made my mind up a long time ago to do it on my terms or not at all. I'm employed by someone who takes care of me all up and down the line. It's almost the same as having a job and drawing a paycheck but I have neither.

At some point the door will open for me on this realm and I will be visible for a little while before I walk off into my own idea of the island in the mist.

They leave me alone because the only power they have over the human mind is not operating in mine. I couldn't actually explain it... just to say that's how it is.

There's nothing wrong with watching movies. What is wrong is whatever may be going on in a person's mind when they watch them. I've seen realized beings watching TV but I know they were cruising the minds of the people around them at the time.

Everyone who is employed by the divine and makes no deals and does not compromise their message for power. gold or pussy will have their moment in the sun. The idea that one will miss that opportunity is one of the biggest lies of all time.

In the meantime, in all honesty I should say that I have seen every segment of Deadwood more than once and every episode of The Trailer Park Boys.

Anonymous said...


Never met that dude Lucifer although I understand he is real popular with certain crowds. If you would like to have a chance to meet him I suggest you read "The Secrets of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge." (follow their instructions, it sure as hell isn't for me) Have you ever met God, ever see the wind, do you believe in it, have you ever seen Japan, how about Russia, China. Do you believe they exist without seeing them.
This isn't the place to get into the race mixing thing although I would love to do so. You seem so upset, maybe you are in the wrong place.


Anonymous said...


You met Lucifer every time you look at the world. As a story, he created this world, not "God" per say. We struggle to leave this world and its sites? We let the world move us and turn us into seen objects, which we are not. This is his power. Not all bad. You and I would not share a post on his internet without agreeing on his power. Better question, what are we without his help? Why did he want this system and why did he "fall?"

Anonymous said...

Being off the road for a while I was not to sure if I should do a favour for a friend who asked me to drive for him. So I reluctantly went anyway as it took me away from the norm. He is one of the troubled ones you refer to in your piece, and my own doings had their doings, so we hit it off most of the time.

Well as one of your posters pointed out, the cop with the attitude, or the adversary with the grumpy appearance, we have those problems, but we mostly work it out. Well as I do say, every cripple will have his own way of walking, and your crutch, is that. Your crutch.

Our blood is the grease all right, and the mechanics are not too sensitive if they should be a bit liberal with the grease on the bearings. While the mechanics are few, and the grease is aplenty little care is used in the application. You could be forgiven for your sense of sadness for the waste of grease by a sloppy mechanic, but the park needs both to stay in motion while we await a new mechanic.

You must have been reading my mind as you refer to the captain being missing from the ship. I wondered that to-day as I made my way along near forgotten roads. Amid frequent stops for coffee in old haunts with new yarns to tell to old faces, and old yarns to tell to new faces. Or the new young people in the old jobs trying to get by in a world which should have been made safer for tomorrows children who are cheated, as my generation would put our trust in our corrupt political elite who are the greatest liars of all time.

I wondered as I passed mile on mile of new road, as I look to see the new factories which were never to have workers. The ribbons of new houses which will never be homes. The warehouses waiting for the goods which are yet to arrive, on trucks which are parked due to lack of interest, or industry.

The traffic seemed to have a mind of it's own to-day, as I moved between the shoppers as they vied for space on the open road hurrying to the shop for crackers, and beer, and sip the froth of tele-visual consciousness , in the privacy of a closed out world.

I would love to have told those of us who hurry so. We live on an island, which is in the sea. We have no resources but those at hand. We have to become dependant on each other. When the ships stop arriving, we have no food. The TV lied, you are not a celebrity, find your own way out. Your politicians lied, they have no idea as to the plan, as they never had a plan in the first place. There are no saviours out there, and if by chance there is one, he gave you free will so it was left to your own devices in the first place and you made all the wrong choices.

Alas no there are no leaders to speak out on the stage of life, as the bully will always seek the starring role. He is also more adept at using mischief to get his way. The people will not listen if I shout as they will be cajoled by the bully to do his will. Perhaps the corner has fell off the bed, but I think the bully failed to notice. As he was rutting with his latest quarry, and I think we would not vie for to be either of the occupant lovers.

No we will not use the word love to describe this tryst. We will keep this word for a better place, and use it wisely for human decency.



Anonymous said...

There is a leader who is standing tall against the madness. His name is Vladimir Putin. He has garnered the support of the Russian Greek Orthodox church, and his people love him.

Was is most perverse is that the Jews have turned the US into a communist police state, and Russia has once again become the Christian vanguard of Europe. These tables have turned in only 50 years. When the US makes the horrible mistake of attacking Iran, it will be Russia defending the world from the Jews.

Of course, the treasonous, bought and paid for pigs in DC are counting on Continuance of Government (COG) to save their devil worshiping asses. COG is a facility built under the Colorado Rockies, meant to house these scum while the rest of the US is being nuked. They taxed US to build this facility, and caused the war to validate this facility, and are going to laugh like hell when their constituents are being fried.

The truly laughable aspect of all this is the majority of "Christian" Americans support the middle eastern wars, because they feel that they are justified in stealing those infidel Arabs' oil. They are truly every bit as corrupt as their DC representatives, whom they reelected almost without fail in 2008. They deserve their fate.

Anonymous said...

fud -
are you by any chance related to rick "man-on-dog" santorum?

Do I "believe in the wind...Russia"
I'm sorry, this is way beyond absurd.
Oh, I know "immigration is communism" and "race mixing is jewish communism" etc. etc.
Spend a lot of time at Stormfront?

Tired and bored is different from "upset". Somebody's definitely in the "wrong place".
Sorry to have stepped on some folks' BeliefSystem froggies. NOT. Cognitive certainty is different, and humbling, btw.


kikz said...

deadwood rocked! the writing and cast, superb! so much talent...
delivered w/a nod to sweet will;)

dirt-worshipers, hoopleheads, celestials, whores, woo & his pigs... doc, jane, dan and al. oh al, by the godz, i love that bastard. al was the role of a lifetime, it still tickles me, ian mcshane was once lovejoy.

deadwood ended w/ lots of unresolved plot issues... right after the episodes involving hearst/pinkerton agency.

i'd imagine the producers were told in the immortal words of poppy bush, 'not prudent' to show these powerful families in bad light.

brisa said...

Sing song for the wrong and the wicked and the strong and the sick as thick as thieves, For the faceless fear that was never so near, too clear to misbelieve.

Well the sea is jumpin' salty and the porpoise has the blues. My recollections's faulty and I cannot find my shoes. And my wiring is misfiring due to cigarettes and booze....I'm behind in my dues....I just now got the news...

He seems to tell us lies, but still we will believe him then, together he will lead us into darkness my friend.

Let it fall down, let it fall down, let it all fall down....

....The man says stand to one side son, we got to keep the big ball rollin'. It's just a question controllin' for whom the bell is tollin'.

Let it fall down, let it fall down, let is all fall down.

"Let it all Fall Down" James Taylor circa 1974

Animadverto said...

I have only watched, maybe, a couple episodes of reality TV, many, many years ago. The characters were sociopaths on steroids. I dealt with them every day at work; I certainly did not want to watch them at night on TV too.

When it hits the fan all of you, including myself, will have to make some very unpleasant choices. Blissful thoughts of love "will not" be part of the algorithm. Its kinda like what to do with those psychopaths and sociopaths; they will kill you without giving it a second thought. I don't know about anyone here, but I have no intention of being nailed to a cross or herded onto a train naked at gun point.

Capture is not an option and I don't believe in suicide. This harsh reality starts to narrow ones options. The followers of Lucifer call this Social Darwinism. Be it opponent(s) of the state, person(s) more hungry and desperate than yourself, or a pack of feral dogs, the algorithm is the same.

I have, over the years, wielded divine justice over the illuminated-damned, with consistency. Having said this, I don't believe such gifts can stop roided out apes with machine guns.

Anono said...

So I made a 'mind' mistake and went to see a movie w/a friend (The first paid for prime time movie in a year, only the 3rd in 5 years)...and no I didn't know the plot ahead of time...The Hangover (am I allowed to name it and give my critique?) Being late to the gate, 8 minutes in, I was confused...was it a movie about homosexuals? What were all these men doing on a rooftop talking about one of them getting married (you know that kind of marriage is legal in some places) soon went to all of them waking up the next day in a trashed out hotel suite trying to piece together the night before...there's a baby, a tiger, a missing tooth and a missing groom...turns out the missing groom has a 'traditional' bride to be waiting patiently for him....This movie, in my humble aged, independent thinking brain opinion, went downhill from there...BUT it managed to cover some VERY interesting territory, which I will try to succinctly relate the MAIN PLOTTED POINTS...all REAL men go to Vegas, some go secretly, some go under false cover, these were false cover kinds of guys...all women, God bless them, get lied to by their guys at some point in their lives...either BEFORE marriage, DURING marriage, or AFTER marriage....But the SECRET of SECRETS in this movie, is that most men are not only homosexual wanna be's but they are, what is the term...oh yes, bestiality wanna be's, too....and it does not matter the allure, beauty, or bonus points a WOMAN presents as her eternal gift to her man...he wants sex with men, even though he doesn't KNOW it or REMEMBER it...he just does...ANY other race of female, in whatever category she presents herself is acceptable as well, and the bonus BINGO Prize is animals on top of everything else would be cool, too...ESPECIALLY IF HE CAN'T REMEMBER ANY OF IT!!! WOW,! Men... Men....'s a Man's world...and then this delightful groom shows up late for his wedding, has ONE manly word with the future Father-In-Law, in explanation of his tardiness, "VEGAS", and the KNOWING FIL repeats, "VEGAS", and the groom grabs his beautiful bride to be's hands and tells, her, if she'll stay married to him, he'll never treat her like that again....hmmmmmm...... IT took me a week to wipe the SLEAZE off of my brain...wipe the pictures at the end out of my inner sight...oh did I mention one of the guys, you know the unhappily married one married to a 'traditional bitch'...yeah, he marries a 'titty dancer' while he's there, course she's not your normal drugged out, missing tooth, drugged up, FU'p, immoral, lost her bearings, kind of beautiful woman you see picked up on "COPS" all the time (ha ha)...nope this is BEAUTY QUEEN Stellar titty/pole dancer type woman with an infant AND lives in hotels...but I digress.... Sometimes seeing a movie is like letting someone CRAP in your mind...I heartily recommend you SKIP this's so disgusting in its ingeniousness, it isn't even good. The poor souls sitting there watching it ... mostly under 35 I might add, lapped and laughed it up...taking in the message...screw, screw, screw, and screw...maybe if you screw enough, you'll find your way to Nirvana...oops, I mean Vegas...

Anonymous said...

I have never commented here before but should I do so in the future you can call me Dublin Mick.

I like it because after reading an article in one of the British papers about how Mr. Mandelson was related to Moses, I attempted a comment under this name.

I simply tried to post "and I am the walrus koo koo ka choo." Dublin Mick

All I received was a screen indicating this service is not available to you. No sense of humor any more in merry old England.

Back to the subject at hand. I have always felt we are on some type of prison planet here. I am afraid I can never wrap myself around this idea that we are to love and spread this light toward the demons who plunder the planet.

It is hard to love someone who wants to kill you, drink your blood, chemtrail you and top it all off with a vaccine cocktail.

I have always felt there was a war in heaven and many of the ancient concepts are correct in that Lucifer and his legions were indeed cast from the spiritual abode and ended up here.

I believe the correct number is two thirds referring to demon angels. Most likely they first incarnated as T-Rex types and somehow managed later to obtain human bodies after the Annunaki experiments and seeding.

You can look into the eyes of most of them and draw the impression you are looking at a T-Rex in my opinion.

At any rate they did not seem to advance very well. It still seems to be the same old pattern of destroy anything that moves.

They are extremely hard to ignore much less spread light upon. I am firmly convinced after we are finished up here which maybe soon whether from pole shift, war or something incoming they will be sent to some place worse than this one.

Hopefully it will be so dark they can't see each other and the only food source will be themselves.

The spirit world is the real world and frankly the archangels didn't take to them too well either. I think they get quite a reception on the other side when it is all sorted out.

Live your life with courage so that even your death will become an everlasting flame. ....Alexander the Great

Anonymous said...

Article from U.K. 'News'Paper(lmfao!)
(inserts mine)

"THOUSANDS of the worst families in England are to be put in “Sin Bins” in a bid to change their bad behaviour, Ed Balls (WTF! name) announced yesterday.

The Children’s Secretary set out £400million (And we're supposedly all cash strapped) plans to put 20,000 problem families under '24-HOUR CCTV' super-vision in their own homes.

They will be monitored to ensure that children attend school, go to bed on time and eat proper meals."

Now you too can be in your very own Reality 'Programme'....what a lovely place the U.K.raine. is these!

Ruth said...

Right, Les, I need some advice. The US is finished, and the UK where I am at the moment is feeling less and less like there anywhere safe on this planet? I'd like to get my children there if possible...assuming I can get my husband to move!
Love the blog - you're tapped into something good. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I saw the pentagram on the Rolling Stones stage. Only I saw it on a seperate Canadian broadcast, as the owner of the TV kept going back and forth surfing between channels because at the same time other bands were playing , If I remember correctly, was for LiveAid. (the one where Keith Richards and Bob Dylan and some othe person tried to do a song together but they were too wasted).

I caught the part of the old Stones concert showing a Black guy getting stabbed to death by a Hell's Angel and the film footage taken from behind the drums that clearly did show a pentagram in the middle of the stage.

Strange part is, a couple years later I literally almost walked into Bob Dylan as he and Ronnie Hawkins were exting a building in Toronto. Bob Seger was finishing up his show , (The people I was with left during Seger's final encore as the very drunken and obviously very angry Seger yelled out to the audience, "Don't you people have homes to go to!?")

I greeted Bob, and he replied with, "How's it going?"

But right before he and Hawkins got into the waiting limo, a buddy I was with, had jokingly asked Dylan, "Hey, Bob. How's Keith Richards?"

Dylan gave us a strange look while my friends and I laughed and walked away.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
I'm a frequent reader and enjoy your poetic approach. Reality is less rational and prosaic than we'd like to admit. The show Oliver Robertson refers to, The Colony, shows on Discovery Tuesdays at 10pm. No I don't work for Discovery. The show's premise is a mass biological catastrophe - swine flu? bird flu? Are we being prepared for the future, or just an artistic coincidence? Check for the recent back episode where they install solar panels. There's a shot of the sun. No, it's not a round yellow orb, it's six-pointed. Really, look at the episode. Rather blatant if you pause at that point.
You have to reject the social programming and the obvious commentary from experts - crisis makes thieves of many - duh! I needed a PhD. for that! Once those are ignored there's some good info on survival techniques; field-expedient water filters, solar power, off-grid electricity and some very creative re-purposing of industrial junk. The social scenarios are realistic, even if a little sanitized. The series could be a useful training aid for serious survivalists, but at a high-school level.

m_astera said...

This is one of the most entertaining comment strings I've seen yet on Les's blogs. Queers (Jews) and reality shows. Oh and racial mixing. I'm all for racial mixing as long as it's my seed raising their IQ and not the other direction. And if they're cute. And if I don't have to go to the store with the kids.

OTOH, is sex really that important? Only on planet Earth? Yeah, Anu (Lucifer/Satan) populated this pustulent fistula with too many of his automaton predators. Which still isn't most of us. So what ARE we going to do about them?

Loveandpeace said...

"too much race mixing"

m_astera said...

Before this gets out of hand, as in bashing fud, Who has not figured out the race mixing agenda? The readers here haven't?

Read the protocols. That is the agenda. Geeze I hate to do this, even bring up the subject on a site that thinks murderous predators like Castro are their hero, but you reelly need to figure this out or die. They have you pegged and wired. Push button, get response. Get a forkin' clue please.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps collectively, we are lucifer and these reptilian psyco/sociopaths are our keepers.

Phil R

Anonymous said...


Maybe you are, as has been mentioned before, at blogs here and the New Shangri la, a drunk and a mean one at that.

I have never even seen Visible mention Castro's name and I can't remember ever seeing anyone mention Castro's name at any of the related sites. I think you need to get a grip on yourself. If I were forming a community I would not let you in. You appear to be far more of a liability than an asset. I think we all benefit from the fact that you are at some distance from most of us. I shudder to think what it would be like to have you up close.

That you would slander someone like the author of this blog who works for nothing on behalf of us all says all that needs to be said about you.


Anonymous said...

Please enlighten me (us) as to how race mixing is wrong.
Love knows no colour or race.
White with anything makes truly beautiful babies.
Jesus was in all likelihood a browned-skin man.
MLK jr was black.
Ghandi was brown-skinned.
Was John Lennon wrong to yoke with Yoko Ono because she was yellow-skinned?
Race-mixing is not wrong if it is based on love.
This is only my personal opinion.

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up

Dog Poets Broadcasting from the Sirius Cluster.

Zoner said...

It would appear that the "Summer of Rage" was nothing more than another manufactured tantrum for wide audiences (pun fully intended).

I suggest we turn our attention to preparing for The Fall, starring every one of us in the newest "Reality" show this rock has known.

See you all in the Green Room. I hope we all make the cut!


m_astera said...


I think that someone who is going to libel another person, such as calling names like "mean drunk", should have the nerve to sign their name.

As for 'slandering' Les, I wasn't. What I wrote was "a site that thinks murderous predators like Castro are their hero".

I was talking about the general run of commentators. "Their" was used in a plural sense. Castro has definitely been mentioned in the comments. But the intent was to infer other unsavory Marxist dictator types who surely qualify as heroes for many readers here. The other names weren't used because when they are the attacks on me are over the top.

I also think Les is able to defend himself pretty well, so he probably doesn't need the whole board attacking anyone who dares criticize anything on any of his blogs, yet that seems to be the SOP. I get a little bored reading a bunch of people agreeing with Les about everything and telling him how wonderful he is, so I try to stir things up occasionally.

Don't know if you've noticed, but LV spends a lot of time cutting people and institutions down, and using harsher language than anything you are likely to read from me. Don't think you'll find me calling people diseased whores or comparing them to used condoms on my web sites.

If I didn't think he was a good writer, and value his opinion, I wouldn't read or post here.

BTW, I spend about half my waking hours helping others pro-bono, writing and consulting. I don't happen to write about politics and current events, I write mostly about sustainable agriculture and nutrition. But you wouldn't know that and likely wouldn't understand it.

As for a community, who invited you anyway?

Michael Astera

m_astera said...


I said nothing about love, and nothing about cute brown skinned babies. The subject was the race mixing agenda. Set up by the Zionists. Laid out in the Protocols. Pushed throughout the 20th century.

To what end? You'll have to do some studying on your own, but you will learn a lot.


Anonymous said...


You just call them murderous predators. Your commentary seems to come out of the C.I.A. Handbook. You're down there in Latin America disparaging the man whose country you occupy. You seem to have no associates or girl friend which may speak to your misanthropy as much as anything else. You seem to be defending the diseased whores and used condoms as if these politicians and institutions were anything but, while implying that Visible is just recklessly aggressive instead of surgically precise.

It is interesting that you feel you have to attack him because other people praise him. They do it because he awakens that feeling in them. It is something you do not do and that may be the point. Nowhere else on the internet do I see such a collection of gifted readers and nowhere do I see such an overflowing of praise for someone. He's got something special and I imagine that a larger portion of the world will also know that one day. If you were to disappear from here I doubt more than a handful of people would notice. On the other hand, if he disappeared it would be something different again.

I'm done talking to you. I should have been done the first time but it seems I did not say all that needed to be said. You are pugnacious and combative and you don't care who you hurt, nor do you seem to notice it when you do. You are ill made and for all your skills you would be more greatly benefited by working on yourself which is where your efforts seem to be most urgently required.

I cannot sign my name because public exposure would cause some number of problems I wish to avoid in my professional life. Take that any way you like.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I forgot my initial whilst getting swept away in my own rhetoric.


Still alive said...

Hello Les,

I too cannot come to a point where I can forgive the schmoos for buying into reality tv land (and everything linked to it) and letting their minds turn to jello and in the process becoming zombie sheeple. In my opinion it is a choice they consciously made. Screw`em. They will have to live with being clueless morons.

Maybe they should all move to Stepford County and join the wives there.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up.

Hypnotized Frogs Cooking in the Alphabet Soup.



Joseph Brenner

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