Monday, August 10, 2009

Of Cabbages and Klingons

Well, I followed the link at What Really Happened to Curt Maynard’s blog where he talks about this new search engine and how Google slights people by comparison. He lists a variety of writers whom I expect he is fond of and noted that the top guy had around 53,000,000 hits. I then did what anyone would do (grin), I put my own name into the search engine and lo and behold, I get 60,800,000 hits. Well, that made me feel good for about two minutes and also explained why the Guinness Records people contacted me the other day. Apparently, in my field, I make the least money with the widest exposure on the internet. Well, that made me feel bad for about two minutes and so it goes.

In any case, we’re not here to talk about me today. I actually have a blog for that with no posts of that sort resident. Let’s talk about the fall of The Empire and how uncanny it is the way it mirrors the conditions for the fall of Rome. Military adventurism is high on the list as a factor. It’s that grasp exceeding the reach thing as well as too much space between the supply wagons and so on and so forth.

They say that Rome wasn’t built in a day and it didn’t come down in a day either. Another factor in the fall of Rome was the debasement of the currency (sound familiar?) as well as high taxes on farmer’s outputs so that they stopped growing food.

It really is fascinating to see so many features mirrored in the long past and to reach the understanding that it has always been like this. That’s how it is on Planet Earth. That’s what we do. It’s as if the same reality play just repeats itself over and over and you wander into the jungle and you can see the stone heads of fallen kings whose names you never heard of covered in moss and flowering vines. A cobra hisses in the underbrush. It’s not a threat. It’s a warning of what awaits naked ambition and unbridled greed.

Every now and then someone criticizes me for being in Europe and not on the front lines in Babylon. I was on the front lines in Babylon for a long time. A warrior can retire and not have to go on and on until he fades away. A warrior can take a desk job. The thing is that I’m not big on excitement anymore. I like peace and quiet and the embrace of Nature. I’m sure it’s going to be spectacular when the whole thing implodes and crashes to the earth but I’m not interested. Some people like dangerous thrills and I’ve had my share without having to look for them all the time. Some people like the bright lights and the short dresses and the exotic mystery which you can go deeper and deeper into until it turns out to be nothing at all. Some people like to be tied up and spanked but I’ll pass on that too.

I just can’t get over the fact that so many people are pretending its all normal and it’s all going to get fixed in the mix by the usual experts who decide who gets what according to the theme of “Me first, you later... maybe.” Now, of course there are a lot of people who are upset but I suspect they are still in the minority yet. However, the dominos are rolling in slo-mo and sooner or later, critical mass is reached. It’s unavoidable. It’s in your face.

It’s got Voice of the Theater speakers and yet... apparently it’s not happening. Or... is it like that search engine where the actual outrage is far more than what is being reported by the prostitutes in the main stream press? Is the whole thing simmering under the radar? Is the radar turned off or pointed at high end residential zones?

Of course there are already barbarians at the gate (this would not be PC if I named anyone, even though I don’t know anyone) but the most dangerous barbarians are the ones already inside the gates. They are camouflaged as solid citizens enjoying the fruits of materialism under the thin veneer of civilization. They are the people that go batshit when the conveniences stop working.

America has more people in prison than any country on Earth and some of the heaviest laws around. They hand out forty years and multiple life sentences for all kinds of things now like they were M&Ms. This is one of the considerations when the system goes down and I could see huge Road Warrior gangs on death cycles sweeping across the blasted landscape with “Born to be Wild” playing in their helmets. Well... they won’t be wearing helmets will they? That’s probably retro but... what do I know?

Maybe the country will break up into factions. The gays and the lesbians will have San Francisco and parts of Massachusetts. The Hispanics will take Texas and Arizona along with Southern Kali-fornia. The blacks will take the south along the eastern seaboard and a lot of abandoned cities. The whites will head for the center of the country and various and sundry will have their little outposts somewhere out of sight... for the moment.

Cannibalism will break out here and there. A spiritual master told me once that in the last days of a civilization this becomes rampant. I can see orc-like figures roasting strange meats on old refrigerator grills over flaming 55 gallon oil drums. The fire catches the red highlights of madness in their eyes. It’s going to be Escape from New York and 28 Days rolled up into one film with that whole zombie thing happening all the way through.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to the politicians and celebrities, the rich and powerful. They will probably have these small armies of mercenaries to protect them in their fortresses but... once the thing falls then loyalty goes out the window with the rule of law and there’s no reason why the private guards wouldn’t off their employers and just head off with the swag... or stay in the fortress.

There will be people on boats and maybe even small armies on former cruise ships. They’ll be moving along the coast looking for booty; in both senses of the word. I’ll probably be navel gazing in the Himalayas but then there’s the Chinese isn’t there?

Yes, of course it can get this bad. It has before and worse. Will it? I don’t know but it doesn’t make sense to be front row in Babylon when the firework display starts going off. I’ve already seen how quick people lose that patina of civilization to reveal the beast beneath. I read a study once that said if they turned off all the power in the cities that half the people would be dead in 3 days. That sounds absurd but... as I remember; they had a pretty good argument.

The fundies are going to be bouncing up and down like pogo sticks hoping that maybe that will jump start the rapture. The nights will be an interesting time. There will be screams and predatory cries. There will be explosions and the usual special effects in real life. I don’t know how much anyone actually cares. They are already doing this in Baghdad and other places and they don’t care about that. The people of Gaza and the West Bank are being systematically butchered by the IDF and beaten by the settlers which includes young children and not too many people seem to care about that either. They would rather twitter and exchange recipes on line because why would they want to trouble their beautiful minds?

They say what goes around comes around and some things are definitely coming around while the principals responsible are packing their bags for the next looting operation which will begin to rise as this one is falling. It’s some kind of a law of physics like a slow moving herpes outbreak. An infected area goes into remission and a new one surfaces. Its cultural sarcoma is what is D minor by Karposi.

I’m hoping there will be somewhere by a blue sea with dolphins and I can carry on like John Lilly but I suspect I would have to keep a weather eye out or maybe some of us will have fortresses too; very different kinds of fortresses and we will form alliances over time because there are always more good people than there are bad. I think.

Well... that was just a little stroll down Dark Fantasy Lane in search of that Spartacus Road that’s not adorned with slaves this time around.

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Anaughty Mouser said...

"...the Guinness Records people contacted me the other day. Apparently, in my field, I make the least money with the widest exposure on the internet." Kudos Les!
Why be front and center when the proverbial shit hits the fan - true.
Europe is close enough to the decay and coming apocalypse to monitor what is happening in real time. And with an allowance for a time zone delay - Italy, Germany and Sweden and their neighbors will be martialized right after the US and A.
The image of roving gangs of pirates roasting mystery meat over abandonned refridgerator grills imprints painfully true.
Rape and pilage.
Mercenaries offing their employers.
A pheonix rising out of the ashes.

Visible said...

That is one way it can go but I expect there to be safe harbors.

Anonymous said...

History has shown us the ways of collapse.There have been many examples upon which we can draw our conclusions. No two collapses will be the same, but the general patterns will give us a rough drawing of what to expect. There will be gangs and many horrors across the land and there will also be islands of stability that will go relatively untouched as if by magic. :)

We here all pretty much know what to do and where to be. The cities, being large malignancies upon the earth will be the worst places to be. If you can look out your window and see lots of green you are on the right track. Community is number one.

Anonymous said...

I suppose everybody's read the new "Family" stuff updates and the "jesus kills mohammed" shit, with the free 'end-times' video games in every soldier's laptop. And of course the blackwater/Xe dove-tailing into it all.

I really don't understand the scenario planned. I mean they've already vaccinated the troops, yet they've built up the "spiritual mapping", they're enthralled with "succubus economics" & rapture-ready for the big jeebus/messiah hologram show. Their seed-banks are refrigerated, and da jooz got their samson thingy dialed in. But road warriors need gas, so do the cruise ships - who's gonna pump? Ya think its just simply mass-insanity? That's what it appears to be. A little psycho melt-down by 95% of the sheeple? We can hope! (grin) Zero doubt that green lands are preferable.

I personally just haven't got the 'download' on the anticipated 'divine justice' as yet. (Haven't got my 'medicine' shipment lately either.) I do believe in 'safe harbors' though...for the moment.

And, yeah, a toast to your "success" (another grin)! It's only natural, and well deserved. Also somewhat hopeful.


St. said...


What do you think about Prigogine's Dissipative systems theory? The idea that the more complex a system is, that it is always teetering between collapse and more social organization...and that it has a higher chance of dissipating into more organization because it is so information rich?

It seems sensible but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Who watches the news, when everyone becomes the news?


Anonymous said...

When the stinky stuff really hits the fan, and the US looks very much like Germany did in the 1930's, white people will start banding together. When this happens, there will be rampant genocide. White people will not be content with the middle of the country, but will absolutely control the coasts.

Jews and politicians will be targeted, as they always have been in the past when a country collapses. The alternative is for the Jews to kill 50 million Christian citizens to maintain order, such as Russia did last century. This probably will not happen, because Americans are crazy and they possess over 100 million registered firearms.

This assumes that Israel will not attack Iran first, which will start a nuclear war involving Pakistan, Russia, India and China (PRIC). That should have several unpredictable consequences, as it could mean the stone ages for everyone. It appears to be a coin toss between economic collapse or nuclear war causing hell to reign in America.

Anonymous said...

Meltdown, no meltdown. War, no war. Riots, no riots. Revolution, no revolution. Plagues, no plagues.

In the ultimate truth of life, whether or not these are realized matters not one iota.

Truth is, in the immortal words of William Munny... "we all got it coming, kid."

Anonymous said...

Daunting prospects indeed, but I would assume most of your readers may have been thinking along those lines. How easy it is for to realize those things and yet an impossibility to get people to understand. When I tell most people there could be no money in six months, they say impossible. How could this be they say, we always had money ? Yet when I talk to some shop-keepers they say, they don't bother when they are given counterfeit money anymore, they just pass it onto the next customer. Fakes within fakes I suppose, of which the bankers are well aware.

They seem to think we could never have torture again, just like cannibalism they tell me will never catch on. While I am of the opinion, while cannibalism may not become a fashion, it could become necessary.

I wonder too as to the elite, and the politicians with their henchmen, if they had no idea in the good times of how to keep society safe. How will they survive in hard times while the populace is hungry, and looking for their blood ? In my country for some years now it is not possible to have any sort of legal firearm unless they be a land-owner, or club member. Well this leaves only the illegal arms out there, so that will be interesting if not downright dangerous.

I read somewhere recently of there being a lack of the banker class in the media recently as they have seemed to have all gone to their islands, and yachts. It makes me wonder as to their serving class. Should their servants be a little more aware of their masters ? Is there live-in accommodation within those bunkers for extended family ? If those serving class should not be more aware of sites such as this, and pay more attention to detail ?

I think I should have been rebuilding a boat, instead of classic cars all those years, as my neighbours were convinced I was mad in any case, but like Noah all those years ago, I could give the bastards the bird, as we seem to have learned nothing since Noah's time.

Dark fantasy my arse Les, dark,yes.

Regards, Mac.

Anonymous said...

The worthless education system has played a big part in the decline of the west. I've heard from teachers here that some kids can't even point out Das Homeland (USA) on an atlas or globe. School teaches nothing useful the only thing I learned of any value was how to type and figure out sales taxes ahahaha. Decline and collapse is nothing to get alarmed about, freedom loving people always seem to find each other and help each other through this failed world and that I believe is what God wants. L.V. that part about navel gazing in the Himalayas caused a furious bout of belly laughter thank you kind sir.

jackruby64 said...

Ahh, the wonder of post-apocolyptic scenarios... Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" (or anything else by him, for that matter, "Suttree" kicked my ass!)is a must, must read for an amazing, micro level portrait of life in post-whatever America. Please, anyone interested, get it and read it before the movie comes out later this year. Now, I did read "No Country For Old Men" after seeing the movie, but that movie was really close to novel that read like a screenplay anyway.
As for myself, I live in a rural, predominately agricultural area that is unfortunately situated near a major highway, I-65, and a large city, Nashville, 50 miles away. There are, however, extensive cave systems all around me as I live in the Mammoth Cave karst area. See ya underground...
James aka jackruby64delan

jackruby64 said...

Mac, classic cars, you say? I own and maintain a 1968 Triumph Spitfire, it is my link to another time, when the war was in Viet Nam and the cold (war). I like nothing better than cruising down a back country "twisty" listening to the Kinks "Arthur(Or The Decline and Fall of The British Empire)" or the White Album or some other period piece of music. Life's simple pleasures...
James aka jackruby64

Anonymous said...

The most likely scenario is that something is coming from outer space which will cause a regular cyclical cataclysm (a la Velikovski). That's why they have raped and pillaged with no bounds - they need the money and gold to make their Earthly bunkers and Spacely platforms. Now, they have been literally printing the money (even dealing in selling / leasing the dollar templates to their pals like Sadam...) and "manufacturing" the gold (a la alchemy) in huge quantities, but they've needed to sell the lie that's it's all valuable so they can get their stuff built. Same story with diamonds, by the way... They've got incredible tech, yes, but they still needed to pay some monkeys a few bananas for some grunt work. As gold, diamonds, and Reserve notes can simply be made and traded for real valuables, the masses have been fooled by a magic show and a few trinkets in giving up important things.

At least 90% of the Western population will die within a few days to weeks in this scenario, so the vast amount of ramblings about the dollar / economy is useless. They will get their wish of only 500 million people on this planet, as so stated in many documents and even the Georgia Guidestones. Naturally, eating human flesh is a means of extreme survival, but has occured many times in "prehistory" because of cyclical cataclysms, but this is perhaps the planet's best kept secret and why history / geology / archaeology / anthropology and astronomy has been so corrupted and controlled for so long.

How many know, for example, that the Great Pyramid of Giza (not the other crappy ones built by the inferior and outclassed "Egyptians") was once covered in writing which foretold, much like a book, the true history of the World and various occult knowledge - including the functions of the pyramid itself - and warned of future unavoidable cataclysms??? Ironically, Egypt itself was destroyed by a relatively minor cataclysm which is why the land was suddenly ruled by the Hyksos for about 600 years and why the "Israelites" were able to escape and had to wonder in the "wilderness" for at least 40 years. For that "minor" cataclysm, it took the lives of 70-80% of the regional population and hundreds of years to rebuild and achieve some sort of safe civilisation again. But, don't count on your history books telling you about any of this...

That's why the Vatican operates a secret telescope in Arizona and somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere (Argentina?). That's why certain filters for telescopes have been taken off the market for civilians - because they can be used to better track / visualise incoming and passing comets. That's why the weather is "weird" - and not because of CO2 emissions. That's partly why our weather is also manipulated via HAARP and partly why they spray chemtrails. That's why our Sun is behaving so strangely this past year. That might be why the Earth's precessional wobble was severely disturbed about 3-4 years ago. That is why our magnetic poles are in the process of reversing. That could be why there is some evidence that Earth's tilt has actually changed in the last 1-2 years from 23.5 (yearly average) to 40 plus (??? strange, I know and maybe the biggest conspiracy of all time if true). This is why they really want to track us with electronic gadgets and injections via vaccines. They want to track and COLLECT the survivors. This is why the have hoarded food and built vast underground facilities. This is why the real space program is so secret. This is why there has always been cooperation among "media ememies"; the big boys know and plan on leaving all of us in the lurch. What more proof does a person need?

Anonymous said...

Opting out. A noble strategy when one sees the futility in supporting either/any side. Probably the most sane choice, actually.
Yes, the seeds of self-destruction have been sown, and its only a matter of time before they bloom (sprouts have already appeared).
This link is worth considering, as its a realistic way the fan will be landslided with crapola:

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean to infer that above said cataclysm will be happening within a few days or weeks, NO, just that many people will die quickly when it happens. The time frame? 2011 to 2021 sometime, but surely not the Mayan 2012 thing. My guess is that because the MSM is embracing the 2012 "prophecy" it gets disqualified, although 2011 and 2013 stand out as excellent years for shenanigans; the former because people will be unprepared like they are currently, and the latter 2013 because people will be "jaded" and be thinking all this doom and gloom is pure BS. Then we also have Project Blue Beam to contend with sometime in this time frame. Should be interesting if not majestic (pardun the pun...).

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your writing. I feel less alone knowing that there people out there articulating their thoughts in a way that resonate with my own. I don't know what's coming.....but ah, get ready!

Anonymous said...

Now that's synchronicity! As a matter of fact I'm looking around right this moment for some old refrigerator grills to finish of my brick fire pit. No! I mean it! They're grate!
This post reminds me of a chapter from Gary Jenning's novel Aztec. The protagonist is wandering the northern deserts of Mexico in search of the Homeland of the Aztecs when he finds a man turning a small roast on a spit and invites our hero to join him. The protagonist asks what kind of meat it is and the man answers 'baby'. "Baby what?"
Our hero shrugs, sits down to eat and notes to the reader the excellence of the meal.
Now, when we start dancing the Apocalypso, I want everyone here to know that I'm drawing the line-- I won't eat children!

---unless they're Vegans.


m_astera said...

Homeland of the Aztecs? Spent a few years chasing that down myself. Try Chaco Canyon. Also see Canyons of the World. Cannibalism included.

Visible said...

I have the whole collection of Tacitus. Fascinating reading.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, adding congrats to the Guinness contact. I'm reading a book on Ireland that mentions that Guinness did some good charitable work in Ireland during the 1800s. Good beer, too.
Things seem to be lining up, what is notable to me is how few saw the current world situation coming. And, the fear. The fear people manifested because they didn't want to be called names.
Been reading. lately, a few books by Gerry Spence, the lawyer who worked on behalf of Karen Silkwood's family as well as Randy Weaver. He makes te point that the "enemy" to mankind, the Corporate God, the Giant of Greed, if you will, is essentially faceless. A structure that many are powerless against because they can't directly see or act against it, as they could against, say, a directly annoying person. And another point he makes is that the average people living in a corporate System are complicit in their bondage to this Corporate God.
Anther interesting point he made is that a major reason for the increase in depression, as a mental disease, is because slaves are not happy.

I'd wager that a good way to shrink the faceless opponent is by mass non-engagment through controlling ones desires and appetites. It's like a bad person(the Corporate God) who tries to lure a small child (the average person) into a car by using the inducement of a piece of candy (money, temporal power).
If the child falls for the inducement, he or she gets harmed. If not, the child is safe.

Anonymous said...

People are eating babies all the time(for real). Orc gangs feed off living flesh now! Some of this is in the material world. Most of this is happening in our dreams too. The images we see in adds and TV only help create this. There are many countless plains of the mind and soul. In one, death is having a BBQ. We should ask why the seen world is movong into a dark dream? Or even why we choose to see it that way?
What you see is an action or event of what you want to see? Im not cool with the ideas and pictures you have shared with us. You seems to will such outcomes? Try for something else maybe? Yes I too feel a turning of things that can be seen as death or worse but we all know better. We are just killing or pulling down one world to pick up and live in a new one?

Still alive said...

Les, don`t sell yourself short. I just clicked on Bing and you were referenced 70,300000 times.

Yes, evil will come in full force after all of us. When, who can say? But it`s on the way.

Maybe this time humanity can be victorious.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now

God Steps in When you Step Back.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, wanted to add a comment on the fall of Rome. Another cause for it's fall has been considered by historians to be the Roman government making many occupations hereditary. If you were, say, a baker, then your son had to be a baker. And, one of the causes for the destruction of Rome's middle classes was all the exemptions to taxation given to those above the middle
It got so bad that many folks simply dropped out by whatever ways they could. They'de live outside the Empire, or they'de become bandits & highwaymen or they'de sell their property to the local or regional honcho and go live on his estate.
It's heating up about health care here in the US, Les. Theres a law, EMTALA, which mandates a hospital ER has to treat/stabilize anyone who needs and asks for help. At the same time we have many losing their jobs & health insurance. So many hospitals are hurting financially cause many patients cant pay. Its a conflict between the medical community/services and private insurance companies.
Instead of spending money which winds up in the pockets of war profiteers , I'd like to see single payer, government run health care for every person in the US.
If the US government would stop it's wars close all overseas bases bring the troops home and end the "war on drugs". Then, there'd be plenty of money for programs which help people.
One reason the greedheads here dont want universal government run health coverage is that a worker getting health care via their employer, it binds that worker more to an employer, it makes him or her more docile

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Prophecy of Diseased Whores and Vampire Scum.



Joseph Brenner

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