Friday, August 07, 2009

Leave Good Footprints- Cave Dei Videt

Yesterday, Michael Rivero made the statement that he would no longer link to AP articles because links create traffic and he doesn’t feel like supporting that. Yes, AP is a collection of anonymous, informed sources that lie in support of the fascist intent of corporate world takeover. They’re a pack of whores and their employers are pimps in pinstripes.

This struck me and I realized that I have been unwittingly assisting in this ♫as time goes by♫, so I’m going to do what I usually do when I learn or understand something that I hadn’t known or understood before, I’m going to apply it. In this case I’m going to apply it across the board and take it several steps further by no longer linking to ‘any’ MSM news site again. I’ll just say I saw it in the MSM, you’ll have to look for it on your own.

The way my mind works is that I reflexively eject most thoughts that come into my mind because they are looking for a free lunch at my expense. They want to feed at the well of my desire or longing by giving the impression that they are what I desire or long for. The thoughts that I do not eject are the ones that, for whatever reason, catch my attention and cause me to investigate them; why did they show up? Where did they come from? And... what are they trying to tell me?

Here is something I discovered a long time ago. When I look into something, I usually find something. Here is something I discovered more recently, there’s usually something underneath the initial discovery and something more underneath that and... so on and so forth. So when I look at something of interest now, I don’t stop with the surface acquisition. I keep studying and probing and... you know what? It seems to me that you can discover the secret of the universe in anything, if you just keep digging into any particular thing, until you discover its essential nature. That’s because the essential nature of anything is the essential nature of everything. You theoretical mathematicians with a metaphysical bent already know this. Everything real that we doubt, because we don’t know how to manipulate it, is proven in spades, if we could just learn that the passionate intensity of the surface and the bottomless depths are the same. It’s just a difference in perspective.

Ergo... all truths are connected somewhere and all lies are too. A firm focus of inquiry into any lie causes it to reveal its inconsistency and disappear. A firm focus of inquiry into any truth causes it to appear and reveal its quality.

I’m going to leave this area of mind play now and try to say in plain terms what I came here to say this morning. I can already feel some people’s eyes glazing over and some are asking themselves why this isn’t at Visible Origami instead of simmering here in the Petri Dish. So...

...what Michael said got me thinking deeper into the thing and I realized that in my efforts to speak the truth there are times, no doubt, when I am dragging engines of disinformation along with me as object examples of what is not the truth and sometimes using them as evidence of something, when... these engines of disinformation never told the truth at any time even when it looks to us like they did.

This got me thinking that I ought to turn my lens of inquiry upon myself when I go about the business of passing on information because, the odds are, I’m not right all the time and that means I’m casting some amount of shadow in my passage in pursuit of the light. I was thinking that this is how it always gets back to what it was after awhile. A whole lot of people set out to speak the truth and live correctly. The passionate exuberance of youth finds us dreaming of our careers as doctors and lawyers, policemen and politicians, where we make a difference in the world but... the majority wind up doing exactly what their predecessors did before them. It starts with little corruptions and sooner or later, self interest, along with ease and expediency are driving the car.

Every generation finds out what their antecedents discovered. They all make deals with the darkness. It is the rare individual that hangs in there at the loss of what everyone else sold out for. This poor fool who won’t make the necessary accommodations, now becomes an embarrassment to everyone who did make accommodations ...and a pain in the ass to the bankers and merchants that own everyone else’s ass. The next thing you know is that someone is muttering, “Will no one free me of this troublesome priest?”

I mentioned how most of the thoughts that enter our mind are just looking for a free lunch. It also serves that once they get that lunch they will be back for dinner and the following day’s breakfast. They get larger ♫as time goes by♫ and some of them come to require all your efforts just to feed them and this is how people get old in a hurry and wind up spending their lives to accommodate entities that mean them no good.

All the alternatives media eventually becomes the MSM. All the successful efforts to drive out corruption eventually become generators of corruption. Every nation based on the concept of personal liberty eventually turns into a state of tyranny. This is because of the compromises and adjustments they all make once they’ve become trusted institutions and they work that trust all the way to the point where no one trusts them anymore. That’s called success.

This was my intent in not having any advertising; not trading links (even though people get mad at me and think I’m a jerk), not playing footsie with larger alternative media and being dropped by many after it became clear that our brief courtship was not going to result in my dropping my pants and I wound up being linked at the same two larger sites I started out with.

The prosecuting district attorney nails the bad guys and then gets nailed because he was nailing prostitutes; getting setup by agents of the folks he nailed on his way to wherever it was he finally didn’t arrive at. The political priest moves up in the ranks and then slides his hands down into the pants of the innocents he was charged with protecting. If you want a relatively crime free society then you have to be aware of the criminal elements and manage them but you had better manage them inside yourself to begin with.

The people being screwed the most at the moment are the people who played by the rules and the people doing most of the screwing are the people who perverted the rules for their own enterprises and spend their time praising and enforcing virtues they never possessed to begin with. This is how come full time profligates spend all their time preaching about continence and abstinence and laughing at the one’s who take them seriously because they hung the ‘free lunch’ sign in their minds the moment they realized it was a lot less work to pretend to be something instead of actually doing it. They praise industry and savings while they offshore the one and loot the other.

There’s no way this system survives because it has RUN ITS TERM. This is something you need to know. This isn’t something you fix, because it was broken to begin with. The best we can hope for is an increase in the exposure and prosecution of the criminals (and that is in progress) while we build something new out of the ashes. It won’t mean anything though unless it really is something new and it won’t get anywhere unless we build it into ourselves in the first place and remember that quote about ‘eternal vigilance being the price of liberty’.

No man becomes a slave who did not sell himself into servitude in the first place ...and all because he thought he wanted something he found out he didn’t want, shortly after he got it. It tastes like ashes because it is composed of ashes; the burned out fruits of misinformed desire.

We’re coming up on the denouement and we’re going to be sitting in judgment of ourselves. It would have been nice if more of us had tumbled to the reality of that a long time ago.

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Anonymous said...

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"

Dump Limbaugh and Hannity, bring in the shiny new Glenn Beck--your new video savior--HE finally gets it...HE is a guy I can relate to---until the screen fades and a newer vision emerges--not just newer, but new AND improved--just enough truth, but not too much--there are contractual limitations--dealer prep and options not included--same thing we do every night Pinky--try to take over the world--

Expose some rabbi's and some priests and make room for.......well, whatever

Expose certain countries and politicians with the light from a lit fart and watch the new rats fill in their places--they feel your pain--Earl Schibe special only 29.99--leave the windows down and we'll do the interior too

Look deep into their eyes and you will see the same nothingness--look even closer and you will see the machine inside that runs all those who would be king--just before it dumps them onto the trash heap or the funeral pyre

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Supper, Snack---it all your brain sending out the invitations to feast on your spirit--

Sorry, closed for renovations--


Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up

Like Sand through the Hand of God.

kikz said...

nice one, les:)

and... if...eyes glaze

at the smokey mirrored reflection of visible origami in a petri dish...

that should serve to 're'-mind...

reflected light's focus is less sharp than visible source :)

to paraphrase stereoMC;

something ain't right...

I'm gonna get myself connected
I ain't gonna go blind
For the light that is reflected

Won't someone try t'open up your eyes
You must be blind, If you can't see
The gaping hole Called reality

I see through you

If you make sure you're connected
The writing's on the wall
But if your mind's neglected
Stumble you might fall

Kevenj said...

--Earl Schibe special only 29.99!!???

Where? Damn, I must have missed that.

I often wonder if somewhere out there ZOG Iterinc.(Intergallactic Amusement incorporated), isn't selling tickets to this noble part of the galaxy and making a..well, killing.

Anonymous said...

Earl will only give you the paint job on a brand new car if you bring in your old car and have it crushed and sent to china--The paint job is only 29.99 but going into debt for the same thing you already had is priceless--


William Wilson said...

hi Les, best

Theres one way I've found to deal with the MSM and that is to boycott, as much as possible. No purchase of cable, nor satellite, nor magazines, nor newspapers. And not buying those products and services advertised in the MSM which are supportive of causes I don't care for. Am not 100% to a condition of total uninvolvement cause I still buy dvds and books and use an isp.

There's a medium called underground comics that I've found expressive of truth to a degree I havent seen in System media.
I think a good practice if one doesnt like the existing materialist/capitalist/corporate/zionist set up, then it's good to keep the interacting and dealing with it to as small a degree as possible. And not fall for their inducements.
They want people involved with them, one of the things they seem to dislike the most is being ignored.

Anonymous said...

Greatness and well looped!!!! I always try and give a free lunch out to any that ask. I now understand the meal I have left for myself too, thanks man!
Le Mat

Unknown said...

hmm...I've always thought about that- every time i check out an alternative news site when i sure as hell dont want to be reeling in news from the MSM. I've always thought i'd never be able to tell if i am reading pieces of disinformation or authentic agents wanting to show a kind of truth. Or maybe its a mixture. I guess it really requires the use of a magnifying glass to look closer and try to analyze..but can that work or would one just never really know for sure? I think this explains why I have always been hesitant and reluctant to pass on information or even tell others things I think, discover, or observe, because I am afraid of giving a piece of disinformation or information that seems somewhat personalized, whether I realized it or not, and so I pretty much keep to myself. Funny thing is...I have thoughts or doubts or questions that pop in my head about certain events, like 9/11, the situation in Iran, or even different topics that are discussed, like spirituality or the state of religion, the way we live, etc, that are sometimes, but not too often, "validated" or brought up by several alternative news sites that I read and have sometimes tried my best to figure out whether or not I am reading anything written by agents of disinformation, but I always end up never really taking most words for granted and instead, try my best to follow my own intuitions. I have actually noticed that, when looking inward, this in some ways helps to bring certain things you see going on brought into the light. Which probably makes the idea that you should look within yourself before you try to understand what you see surrounding you, true, I hope. Hmm, yep, I'm rambling but this piece got me thinking.

How do you tend to handle emails? If one wants to email you, can emails include thoughts and questions? Just wanted to make sure :)

Great thought-provoking piece, Les, and may ideas and thoughts keep coming to you :)


Visible said...

I try to answer all emails and mostly I succeed. The contents are up to the person writing.

Anonymous said...

The lamestream media newspapers make good birdcage lining or emergency toilet paper. I feel sorry for anyone who still watches corporate whore tv news reports. I don't think everything on blogs or alternate internet news sits is etched on a stone tablet somewhere but the truth can be found if you look. It's going to be fun to watch Fox lose bigtime on this pay to read fake news online, hear that loud sound of crickets Rupert.

Anonymous said...

Damn I thought everyone remembered the old Earl Schibe paint jobs. "Any car anytime $29.99 no ups no extras." Had to make sure there was no wax on the car or the paint job might fly off on the way home. They would also paint your chrome, no extra charge! This was back in the good old days that never were.

Les we can never have the kind of "new" you speak of as long as the same players are present. Is it possible to make a pact with the devil? The priests of old used religion for control, then the bankers came along with their fiat money, now we have governments passing every law imaginable to "protect" us. With modern technology everything can be monitored. All that is left is to chip us and they can know where we are, what we say, how much money we don't have, our medical history, and anything else they can think of. Did you hear the new cars can be turned off by satellite? Even if you get out of debt you are still a slave to technology. This is all part of duality and even if by some miracle things were to change can we assume it would stay that way? History is against us.

Nope, if we are to have a new beginning something must be done with those dark hats. They must be separated from the rest of humanity or there will be no permanent change. For this we need help. The dark ones have done very well with their demons, now we need the light to shine of us.


Visible said...

I've been hearing from readers that the zio-nazis at google blogger are making this site impossible to reach for them. hang in there.

Hank said...

I had lots of money once, for a while. I was in the herbal commodities business, that is until my business was the object of a hostile government takeover. But I have to say, they were nice enough to put me up in their house after they took mine, but that's a story for another article.

The thing is, I discovered some of the most amazing things about myself, and about having money, and about being rich.

I discovered much to my surprise, that all those things I used to want when I went to the mall, and had no money, I didn't want when I went with cab fare to Australia in my pocket. Once they were within my grasp, I didn't want them. I pondered this for some time, trying to understand why this was. Was it something about me? Was it something about money? Was it something about the ease with which I got the money, or the method I used to acquire it? Money for nothin and your chicks for free.

As it turned out, those guys that took over my business, provided me some time, with little responsibility, with which to ponder the whole thing, and this is actually where I made most of my discoveries.

First, there are two kinds of money. The kind you get for selling out, and I don't mean out of stock. That money "they" will let you keep, so they can screw you out of it a little at a time. That's the money they use to enslave you. The kind of money I got, they have no control over, so as soon as they find out you have it, they come and take IT, and anything you bought with what you got before they got to you.

The biggest lesson I learned about money, is that it is not what will make ME happy. With all that I had, there was NO increase in my happiness level, and in many cases it went down. Being monetarily wealthy was deleted from my list of things to do.

Also during this time of pondering, I discovered through the support I got after the take over, and during the time of pondering through letters, phone calls and, yes money, that I was indeed rich. I had to use both of my hands to count my real friends, and there are no words to relate the value I found in that. I found out that I mattered to people, for things that I had never considered to be of value. I'll get back to this.

I also got a clearer picture about lies. It was mostly a lesson in size regards to lies, because I already knew quite a bit, from the lies I had told, the lies that had been told to me, and the lies I had told myself. Lies come in all sizes, shapes and colors, and there is actually value in hearing and learning about lies. It is very helpful to be able to recognize a lie, no matter what disguise it is dressed up in. We hear them every day, all day long in the MSM, and being able to see them for what they are, we do not fall into the trap of retelling them, having mistaken them for truth.

This is what I found was the value my friends found in me. I never lied to them. Not only that, I was willing to risk their disapproval by telling them the truth about themselves. I never really saw the value they found in that, until my time of pondering. It was actually me they missed, not the herbal commodities.

All this to say that I believe with all of me that Les is right about discovering the essential nature of anything is the essential nature of everything. Every time I discover an essential truth about myself, I find it in everything. If we learn ourselves, we become incorruptible, and immune to the corrosive nature of society and their representatives. We become the immovable object that prevents the bad guys from taking over the world, and we have always been here. We become the representatives of the force of life, and insure it's continued existence.

Les, you are a marvelous representative, and I for one come here for the company and the truth, not the herbal commodities.(grin) My mind never seems to eat it's fill, so keep doing what you do. Peace my friend, and to all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, Do you remember right after 9/11 possibly around the time that the coalition of ankle grabbers invaded Afghanistan. Rummy was ranting as Rummy did about how the enemies of the US were way ahead on propaganda especially in the newer fields such as the internet. He said they were going to have to catch up and catch up they would. Well I believe that social networking sites are there to distract the young. I believe that Rense and Alex Jones are gate keepers and disinfo merchants, and I believe the internet has become generally infiltrated by the government mafia to such an extent that you have to be really really careful not to be mislead by the dr Judy Woods of this world. I won't say any more as the assholes aint gettin any praise from me. Ian McKenzie

Fourwords onewords upwords said...


robert L said...

A firm focus of investigation reveals any lie, relentlessly probing untill all apparent layers are peeled away, sort a like peeling off layers of clothing, one after the other.
This axiom, is most uselful, in retrospect concerning not only pursuits of interest but survival. After having applied stamina, discipline and direct energy I have gotten to the golden truth, which has defeated evil corruption in my life. The quintessential or essence as we learned in philosphy requires years of patience, vigour, dedication. I have defeated the
beast. The monster, the corruption wreaking havoc, and I now can say to all with pride. You can win your war, but lose a few battles, but in the end victory is yours. Onward Soldiers.

Well (I wish I had) said...

Deep, deep, good vibes, Les

Your stuff leaves me high and hanging to dry.

Aha, I'm just a reflection!
No wonder I'm so shallow.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, am glad you're taking a poke at the mainstream media. I've never in my life seen a worse institution than the US MSM. A sorrier, more pernicious, corrosive, deceptive abomination of a boil on the collective backside of Americans than the MSM has never existed. The vileness and idiocy which that crew purveys is the intellectual version of the slop dished out to a pig. Their sententious twaddle inculcates intellectual supineness, conformity, obedience to a spurious authority, mindless consumption for corporate benefit and an unthinking loyalty to the continuing hegemony of a foreign country.
Sometimes I wish that the mainstream media had one neck-so I could wring it!

Visible said...

William Wilson does Carl Panzram live at the club Petri Dish.

Kevenj said...

Carl Panzram Les?

Forgive me, but WW hit it pretty good, thought I might have substituted EL(elected leaders) for MSM. though maybe this isn't the venue for steaming oneself & others.You going to a Friends church group over there by chance?

Visible said...

Panzram is the guy who said, "I wish all of humanity had a single neck so that I could strangle it." Whether WW was aware of the source of this or not I cannot know. I was just being playful and I'm not attending any church groups anywhere except in my head.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, yes I got that :)

There was a good strip on the person in question (Panzram) in Zero/Zero comix.

Anonymous said...

"...once they’ve become trusted institutions and they work that trust all the way to the point where no one trusts them anymore. That’s called success."
Excellent food for thought.



Joseph Brenner

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