Monday, September 28, 2009

The Department of Terror wants You!

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Terrorism isn’t what it used to be. It used to be you got real terrorists. Even if they were freedom fighters or people trying to protect their families, they were serious about it. These days it’s as if the Department of Terror can’t lay their hands on the definite article any more. They can’t even seem to find people who are already up to something. The Department of Economic Insecurity had done their best preparing the ground. Over the span of a few decades they had destroyed America’s manufacturing base; eliminated millions of jobs, leaned on immigration to allow a flood of migrants into the system while facilitating government drug operations at the same time. There should be plenty of motivated people.

Somehow, with everything we’ve done we just haven’t been able to generate the terror movement we’ve been looking for. It was assumed that after the government operations of Oklahoma City and 9/11 that any number of, wanna be famous, nut jobs would take the hint but... nadda. Finally law enforcement was compelled to recruit people and sometimes even invent them. The government was just not going to be able to go in the direction that the corporations and Israel wanted it to go without a serious, terror problem.

Hundreds of junior FBI agents, Homeland Security footpads and others were sent into the streets to find people who would fit the profile. They had to be from a Muslim country. They needed to be young and angry about something. Programs were established to make selected individuals angry if they weren’t already. They would suddenly lose their job; their wife might be assaulted by a diamond merchant on her way to a mosque, they might be evicted. Whatever it took to get them to the right emotional state and fired up about the right target was the goal. Once they were in the proper frame of mind, a government agent would appear as an angel of mercy and find them a job and a place to stay. Then they would groom the ‘terrorist’ by providing a mental framework. Then came the dummy bombs and engaging them in conversations where the ‘terrorist’ would say enough that the boys down at tech could make the taped evidence convincing.

Even with all of the effort they were putting into it, it still wasn’t working right. First of all, the ‘terrorists’ weren’t very bright. They could hardly be considered intelligent if they could be sucked into something like this in the first place. Sure, the government was also working on simply framing individuals by manufacturing evidence and adapting false scenarios to their ordinary movements but that had its own problems. It puts us where we are today. Now, all of a sudden there are half a dozen, five minute, stovetop, terror plots with no weapons, no crime, no nothing. All they got are people with the t-shirt that never actually went to Disneyland.

Israel’s getting pissed; the corporations are hamstrung by stupid laws that still marginally protect workers and consumers. The government is this close to being able to come out of the closet and still... screw up after screw up, delay after delay. In Pittsburgh a lousy couple of hundred protestors showed up to be greeted by thousands of riot cops and national guardsmen. They had Star Wars, crowd control weapons; titanium batons, vicious dogs and armored humvies. Meanwhile these worthless protestors did little more than march and call out the usual slogans. Even the police agitators among them couldn’t get anything happening. Finally the authorities had no choice but to attack. They knocked people off of bicycles. They clubbed elderly women. They tear gassed people on their way to school. They were damned efficient even without the desired response on the part of the protestors. It just shows you how wrong the country has gone when the people who should be completely enraged at the treatment they’ve been getting can’t even come up with a decent frown.

It was always the understanding of the corporations and the government employed by them that if you just put enough pressure on people they would explode. Anywhere else and at any other time all you had to do was make life unbearable for people and they would finally react and then you could round them up; sell them off for body parts, do necessary scientific experimentation on them or just slaughter them. Israel manages to do that without any problem at all. What’s wrong with the U.S.? Now we’ve got all those FEMA camps and coffins just sitting there with nobody in them.

We are seriously in need of real terrorists and we can’t get them for love or money. So we’re stuck with retards and cutouts. We do all the field work and, god knows, we’ve got paperwork coming out of the wazoo with all the necessary details and... what? It’s just not credible; not to mention times like when the NYC Police Commissioner sticks his big nose into an FBI terror sting and finds no terrorists, no weapons, no nothing. Now, how does that look?

We got dummy operations all over the place and not one real bomb and not a single terrorist who doesn’t look like we got him from Central Casting. In order for The Big Whammy (that’s what we’re calling it here at The Department of Terror) to look authentic we have got to have solid preliminaries. At the moment it looks like the whole thing is being run by a middle school, drama teacher. It looks like we’re running The Special Olympics instead of the greatest nation on Earth.

I’ve got Napolitano on my back like an old raccoon coat that was raised from the dead and then caught rabies from a Fox News commentator. Look, I don’t mind that she’s a carpet muncher but I do mind her chewing the skin off of my ass when I’m already trying to do the best I can. It was different when Old Death Eyes was in charge. Working for vampire bats is workable because you know right off how things stand. Anyway, with Death Eyes as long as you were more than twelve years old you had nothing to worry about anyway, most of the time.

I just don’t understand it. Back in the day we used to be able to get all kinds of competent help. All the quality terror material has disappeared into the woodwork. I know part of the problem is that what looked good and believable at the time has been pretty much exposed for what it really was since. It’s harder to get people to believe the same thing over and over when it’s the same thing over and over. You got that hard core 30% that will believe anything. All you have to do is tell them it’s so but... something’s been happening with the other 70% that is worrisome. It’s like they know but they aren’t saying and you can’t seem to make them take a swing either. I wonder what’s going on in their little minds.

My immediate supervisor here at the department says it’s not going to matter all that much. He says it comes down to how many we actually have to kill and whatever that is we’ll “get er done”. He says the flu is going to take care of most of the problem. Apparently the vaccine is actually a trigger that reacts with something they haven’t released yet. That’s due to begin in a month or two. I don’t know exactly when because I’m on a different operation.

I’d just like to take a moment to say... to ask... to plead with the public about the real needs we have here at the department. America is in trouble and we need your help. There must be so many of you out there that are seriously pissed. Some of you must be infuriated. I know what we’ve done to you so I can only imagine. Won’t some of you please consider entering our terror program? We’ve got some extraordinary benefits although you may not think so looking at it from the outside. The fact is that you don’t have to remain a waterboarded, mind slave for the duration. We’re all about ability and reward here. Some of our top people started out as terrorists and even ordinary criminals. Well, let me tell you brother, there’s nothing ordinary about them now.

Our terror candidates get first class treatment all the way down the line. All that torture nonsense is just that. We have to make it look good, you see. Once you’re in the program you get special housing in the prison complex. Your special needs are attended to. Maybe you are presently having problems satisfying your special needs because of the legal penalties that are attached to them. You hook up with us and there won’t be a problem with that. You think about it and you give us a call. Our lines are always open.

End Transmission.......

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Rebel 4E said...

I'm hearing ya loud and clear L.V..

The Department Of Terror can kiss my lilly white ass...(o___O)

"There is no restraint that cannot be escaped. We are all absolutely free. If everybody could go into dhyana at will, nobody could be controlled — by fear of prison, by fear of whips or electroshock, by fear of death, even. All existing society is based on keeping those fears alive, to control the masses. Ten people who know would be more dangerous than a million armed anarchists."


Anonymous said...

Les, Sorry to break it to you but even though "they" offer great perks and an excellent "enlistment bonus", The treatment of our veterans by the VA after the fact has soured their "retirement" so badly that no one is interested in the "program".

Anonymous said...

"We are seriously in need of real terrorists and we can’t get them for love or money. So we’re stuck with retards and cutouts. "
The unintended results of HAARP and the dumbing down of the population,it really seems to have backfired on the ptb


kikz said...

ah shit>:) crack me up this am!

nice one les!

John said...

Oh, priceless Les. God-doG Poet. Where can I get one of those t-shirts?

Anonymous said...

Iran has a "secret" WMD site!

The "good" guys found it!

Terrorists? You want terrorists? Iran is it! After that Hungary can be it!

Ask me how utterly and absolutely SICK I am of USrael, go ahead, ask me...

Love your writings, LV.


jackruby64 said...

This just in: Oklahoma City Bombing Tapes Appear Edited
Well, no shit, Sherlock!
James aka jackruby64

storey said...

Yeah, US folks aren't fighting back too much. I think it's mostly lack of motivation, like what's the point.

OR, maybe like Muhammed Ali, Americans are just playing Rope-a-Dope, waiting for the thugs to wear themselves out, and/or get complacent.

Anonymous said...

"It just shows you how wrong the country has gone when the people who should be completely enraged at the treatment they’ve been getting can’t even come up with a decent frown."

Les, one of your readers wrote the following a couple of weeks back and the 'don't mind' part hit me like a ton of bricks:

"There are three main villian groups...the perps, the perp supporters (including the M$M and the megaphonies) and the sheeple--who know 9/11 was an inside job but 'don't mind'."

More than any other nation, the Amerikan People have consistently demonstrated that as long as they're getting theirs, they don't give a flying fuck about anyone else, either domestically or internationally. Nor do they care about who or how many had to be displaced, exploited or murdered so that they can get 'theirs'.

I've gotten the impression that many of your commenters, and by extrapolation, readers, enjoy focusing on the perps and the perp supporters because it takes the focus off the American Sheeple, and by proxy, themselves, who, by 'not minding', have been propping up the system of evil and oppression for hundreds of years.

To them, I say, 'Not so fast, buddy.' which is part of the reason I decided to turn my handle into a little statement about the American Sheeple.

To those in denial and to those who would seek to shift ALL the blame elsewhere, I want my handle to be a constant and irritating reminder about the crucial supporting role that the average Joe & Joan have played, and continue to play, in the suffering and murders of MILLIONS of people around the world since 1776.

If they take great umbrage and offense to it, tough and good. That’s the point. Sometimes, the truth hurts.

Last time I checked it was Americans, not Jews, pulling the trigger and dropping bombs in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Pakistan and before that, in countless other countries.

Elevating willful ignorance to an art form since 1776.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad unions are no longer what they were. Terrists should have the chance to organize! And not a fake union like 'the bog' but some operation where they'd get benefits! Collective bargaining with reps could give the terrists an even footing with their government (and other) employers. Issuing grievances against private contractors (scabs), the right to strike (peacefully, of course).
It used be the case with assasins. It too was an honorable profession, once.


Anonymous said...

We are the dumbed down distracted humbled populace that they wanted until now. Now they are kicking us telliing us to get up and fight and we just sit there groveling in the corner. Sometimes things just work to well.

Another problem is that we are so egocentric that we can not clearly see history. We think in lifetimes when there are entities out there that think in centuries. How hard would it be to take over a country or the world if you had hundreds of years to do it and an organization to do it? Also, is this not what you would do if you found yourself with a lifetime that exceeded the norm?

The first step would be to usurp a religion. Religious fanatics make the best soldiers. Then you need a country. hmmm also, The weapons of choice would be economic (banks), information (media), programming (education), health (medicine)and walla a plan unfolds.

So the next question is and this could soon be very important, what do you do after you have taken over? hmmm... You are then free to dispose of the things or beings that are no longer needed.

Then along comes a problem with the plan. :)


Anonymous said...

"Top Scientist Advocates Mass Culling of 90% of Population" -2006
" Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation"
"Immunosterilization in humans"

Is the present plan to render all children infertile by mandating vaccination? Who is going to help the planet?

Anaughty Mouser said...

Expect the unexpected.
Zionist-Israel has one (actually several similar ones) option before the Samson option (nuking all the capitals of the world the moment they feel they are going to lose the pseudo-reality they live in).
They assassinate Obama and Brown and blame it on the Muslims/world-terrorists.
They literally mini-nuke the Oval office and Downing St. with the Pres and Primeminister Pussies in there.
Result: marshall law in America and UK, and the inception of the new world order for real - with all other country's leaders quickly agreeing because they fear for their own lives.
The Big Whammy option is on the table for the Rothschild-NWO-Zionists before the Samson option.
Did Haroshima and Nagasaki have any effect on the geopolitical world when they occured?

Anonymous said...

Visible, I am in awe. While I was reading this there were moments where I fell out of my chair inside my head. You consistently prove to me that there are no limits set for the mind that is not limited by the imperatives of personal gain.

Our true heroes are the ones we do not see until they are gone. I remember you mentioning, 'Mozart's Grave' as a metaphor. I think it was a metaphor. Didn't they dig up that grave and find no one there?

Sincerely splendid work. You take my breath away.


psychegram said...

You know how the manduckpig virus seems to preferentially take out the young and strong? Can't help but wonder if that isn't a 'proof of concept' of that trigger mechanism you mention, distributed no doubt in some earlier widely received vaccination program, Hep B for example. Regardless, get you Vit D and plenty of sleep and manduckpig won't be able to hurt you. The vaccine is another matter.

And just in case you can't avoid him, see this from the Health Ranger.

I've got a good feeling about the whole 'civil unrest' situation. The promised 'Summer of Rage' never materialized in London. Pittsburgh as you noted was notable for its lack of rioters, not that that seems to have slowed down the riot cops much. Even here in little old Kingston, Ontario, the 'infamous' Aberdeen Street Party featured more armored cops than angry, drunken students. It's almost as though people have started figuring out that violence really doesn't solve shit ... and if you want to change things, all you gotta do is step out the way, stop giving your support to the vEmpire and watch as it falls flat on its face. Like someone charging an unlocked door, the pratfall is entertaining and as an extra bonus if he goes down hard enough he might not get up for a while.

You know, getting back to manduckpig, I kinda figured we'd already be seeing the mandatory vaccinations getting rolled out in strength by now. And yet ... things are quieter than expected. Almost like the quiet roar that's arisen from the wild 'net has been enough to slow things down. Just more proof that the future really is open to modification. Will the same principle apply to Iran? Time'll tell....

psychegram said...

A lot of interesting stuff on Natural News today. I'm betting almost everyone reading this will have lost a loved one to cancer. In my case, that would be my father, murdered several months ago by chemotherapy.

Maybe that's why reading this piece on the suppression of the Rife Machine had my fists clenching so hard my knuckles turned white. I already knew of this of course but not in such detail.

Hey, Rockefeller! In less than two years time you will hang for egregious crimes against humanity. We will build you a tombstone in the shape of a toilet and I will stand in line for days if need be just to have my shit flushed through your coffin. You fucked with the wrong species, you lizard-brained kidfucker.

Anonymous said...

Hej Psychegram,
What's the sport of kings?
-or- oil-thigh-da-bender-in-da-bender-in-da-bra!
A winter camp for overprivaledged kids?
Me too. 1976-1984, B,Sc, B.A.
Small world eh?
Mouser (Sweden)

Findatroll said...

Joesixpack 11:17 and Lukititfan,
Well well well.
First Joeyboy, This entry of yours has more stones and savey than everything else you have written in the past five months all together Who wrote it your mom?
Did you get in deep doodoo for some superficial analogy about wilful ignorance being akin to an art form and phone for help? WTF? And you recently used a Letter (with +'s) rating system for what you read here as if you are some sort of judge. Bringing me to my next point. The only other poser -er- poster here using this pretentious rating system is Luktifan (or whatever). Now you two just showed up within days of each other at this blog and I cannot remember either of you ever passing the litmus test.
Question gentlemen (or gentleman as the case may be); Was 9/11 a false flag by US secret services and Mossad?
Please answer or go somewhere else to monitor.

Anonymous said...

for the love of money most dont know,what they think they do,the wicked witch of the west,come,storm cloud brew,she come's from the evil of the many men she used and cast away,her eyes are made of diamonds,her teeth made all men slaves,from her mouth splutter war famine and greed,with spells that she say,this time she has come,for the middle east,to set everything ablaze,she's old and hagged and when she shrieks all that comes is hate,deceit is her nature,nature she's come to take,but I for one,wont go,I saw the wicked plan,this peace grew and grew inside,it covered all the sands, all the mountains all the sea's everything in sight,the witch soon knew she had no way she was blind she had no sight,she's a lesson to us all, but she should go away,she shouldnt pick a fight,if we stick to peace, peace will be raised...peace

Anonymous said...

Hey Psychegram,
The Rife case was pretty sad indeed. There is a living heir to Rife and others going all the way back to BeChamp: Gaston Naessens.

You'd like this current (but privished) book, "Good Bye Germ Theory" by Dr. William Trebing. Get it while you can. It will blow your mind.

The truth is we never needed any of the vaccines. The vaccines are giving us cancer and myriad other diseases, including infertility. All that's needed IS our non-cooperation, though.

We can do it if we stick together. Tell your friends and coworkers. Now is the time to fight back.

E Vero

p.s. LV: This was the funniest essay I've read ever.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else out there getting the feeling that we are coming up on the final act of whatever play this is were in?

The depop shot is starting to lose wind. The wars are just happening right and past sins are getting exposed.

Beware though, like a cornered and wounded animal they may strike in ways not yet foreseen.

community is the answer folks!


psychegram said...

Hey Mouser,

That went way over my head. Maybe it'll come back down to earth for me at some point but maybe it'd be quicker if you just rephrased in response to my head-scratching 'hunh?'

Anonymous said...

Just think , how easy it will or won't be when they want to load those cattle cars or turn poor ,rat ridden districts all around Canada and the U.S. into thousands of Katarina style internment camps in the coming months ahead. So, since my friends, we are recognized as pigs by the overlooking giraffes in those dry-cleaned suits. Then one can easily guess by the certain name of (swine flu) they've chosen to infect or derange the masses will be the one used to kill-off same. The only ones chosen by the elite luciferians (yes, they actually are satanists. Got that!?)to make it out alive will be the ones who can smirk in unison with a hard overhand stroke.

Only don't let things dishearten you , that Les and the few like him help to really encourage discovery. We don't fall for the diversions as this mindset allows us to catch the scheeming elite partially dressed when they thought we would be checking out the corporate news shows.

I have seen my own reflection in the dish many times and did not like what I had seen. But , whatever manner I find myself pondering the Universal questions, I am reminded tht God, whatever God is, is a mathematician.

Ellipser (William G.)

paolocaruso said...

How about that charade of three guy in mixed match US army uniforms dragging a "supposed" G20 protester into a car in front of the crowd and other police officers. It looked staged and the protester was a shill.

Along the same lines as Les, I believe this particular incident was to incite the protesters, even to get them to help the shill, so they could get their own heads bashed in.

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up

The Real and the Ever Changing.

Rebel 4E said...

Witness the bravery and valour of these fine, upstanding Police Orifices as they fearlessly tackle two intimidating 'Terrorists'....makes ya proud don't it..(+__O)

JSP said...


Just look in the mirror, and you'll find a troll.

I've never used a rating system on any of Les' blogs but for you, I'll make an exception.

Grammer: F
Punctuation: F
Writing: F
Reading Comprehension: F
Ad Hominem: C
Projection: B+
Hypocrisy: A-
Lying: A
Trolling: A+
Baiting: A+

No doubt, you are definitely a master baiter.

I generally have a policy of not feeding the trolls yet this is the second time I've acknowledged your keyboard warrioring with a response.

I promise you though, there won't be a third. For whatever reason, Les allows you to continue your nasty habit of chronic master baiting all over his comment sections but I will no longer be party to the desecration of one of the finest groups of blogs on net.

Perhaps he enjoys watching you get bitch slapped as much as I've enjoyed dishing out the bitch slapping but I'm already bored with you so unless someone else wants to take over, it looks like you'll have to slither away and find some new subjects for your master baiting.

BTW, comparing me to Lukiftian was a low blow so I'll throw in a C+ for hurting my feelings on that particular point.

Happy Stroking, Troll.

Elevating willful ignorance to an art form since 1776.

Exhibit A: Findatroll & Richard Welsh

Visible said...

sniff... why can't we all just get along.

Well... I've got a certain framework that comments have to conform to and even if I don't like certain things that I encounter I am required to post them. Of course, if something starts to degenerate into an ongoing feud.......

Sometimes there's humor to be gleaned too.

Don said...

For the benefit of some Michael who has gotten after Les about appropriating the Dog Poet meme I submit that one of the sites most connected to the term origin has mentioned him yet again.

Rebel 4E said...

Lol! (with) L.V...(o__O)

Yeah...come on lads (or lasses)..let's all play nice, I've got my guitar ready here...
Let's all sing a little song together..
after 3 'Cough'(clears throat)....1..2..3
"Kumbaya my Lord, Kumbaya Kumbaya my Lord, Kumbaya Kumbaya my Lord, Kumbaya O Lord Kumbaya...."

P.s...Yes, I know..I have far too much time on my!

John said...

The flags are false. The herring are red. The boys are crying wolf. I don't know if I'm hearing Jews in the attic or a Negro in the woodpile. The metaphors are mixing, and it's hard to separate the baby from the chaff, the cream from the bathwater and the wheat from the milk.

I woke up at 5AM today to the news headline on TV: "World War III?" They were talking about eye ran, prepping us with their 'programming'.

I got to the hospital for work and on the elevator was a sign indicating that the double flu shots (regular and piggy) will be MANDATORY. LOL. I'll just be Bartleby the Scrivener and say, "I would prefer not to." I'm a doctor (MD please don't hold it against me), and I'm not going to take any vaccine.

Les, I wish Little Bunny Foo Foo would hurry up and start bopping some heads.

Visible said...


I'm going to do something I don't ordinarily do because the proof is in the pudding after all but... let me say this... Israel and the U.S, don't quite know what they are dealing with when it comes to Iran and it is going to bite them in the ass.

Look, it's fairly obvious that; well maybe it's not fairly obvious but it is to me. I'm speaking for the one in charge right now and I can tell you that this has all been orchestrated for a reason.

It's a form of cosmic jujitsu. Your opponent over reaches or I could quote from the I-Ching about how it profits the great man but I'll leave that for now, suffice to say that things are not what they seem.

Anonymous said...

Odd, how I have been thinking the same thoughts of the brazeness of the criminal class in control of the message, les?

My comment, that can't get around the censors:

"Yes indeedee folks.

These same people, behind the people, behind the people, that have shed their disguise and now leer and sneer at us in defiance.
They elected someone called "Hussein" after whipping the serfs into a frenzy over someone else called Hussein. And can hardly control their guffaws in public.

With the aid of their controlled msm, which "Hussein" is now saying he must bail out, because most of us have figured out they always, but always lie to us. But no money, honey, for your health care, soooorrrrry. Ya see, only @ 75% of the public, and 75% of the physicians support the Single Payer option: ergo: it must be stricken and hidden from msm discourse.

While one of the dual citizens in our Senate introduces a bill to gag bloggers...fiercely protecting his msm allies that control the message.
"Don't touch that dial, we control the horizontal, we control the vertical...."

Funny ain't it? How come no one in 'murica seems to be laughing much any more? Perhaps too much hilarity will get us tasered by their goons? Yes, more than two of us laughing together brings sound cannons and electric hooks in the flesh. A chuckle leads to terrorism....and telling a joke in George H.W. Bush International will get you arrested and taken away (posted on the walls everywhere, citizen. This is a no joke zone, and you're the punchline. And punchee.)

Well, here's a knee-slapper fer ya: the funny thing about the time of men when "hubris is off the charts" as les states? So will be the retribution they will reap. It is inevitable, like the moon always following the sun. A surety. Foregone conclusion.

No threat, it's a promise the Greeks made ages ago to all of us who "listen." Listen to what that nagging voice is telling you.

You know this must end, and you know who must do it. We've run out of excuses, and we are almost completely backed into a corner.

Quit stuffing your face with sweet cakes, and being distracted with silly diversions......

there's no wizard, no fairies or winged angels gonna do it for us.

Arise hobbits.... arise.....look into the reflection pool: that's all we got.

It's enough, history tells us so. Is it Time?


Anonymous said...

Excellent observations, in Les's post.

For a long time I have thought "they" got far less of a public reaction out of 9/11 than they expected to.

John said...

Well, Les.

In the bigger picture the way I figger is that they figger that they already figgered out how to get that damn camel through that old needle's eye.

And regarding today's news, it's just plain silly scary. I don't think China and Russia are on board. Are they just going to sit in a corner like little Jack Horner? But, I don't know anything really.

chuckyman said...

A timely reminder that the best laid plans of monsters and men often go awry.

Having seen these kinds of things growing up in Belfast what we are missing is the sequence of trigger events;

First the police need to be completely alienated from the community they work in.
Then they need to brutally break up a peaceful protest march.
Brutally beat up/shoot to death an unarmed civilian.
Finally the force needs to assault an area where all 3 of the previous steps have taken place…….Not yet

The behaviour of the police at the G20 (funny - I thought a satanic coven should have 13) is not new. The behaviour of the police at Kent State University or the Chicago Democratic convention in the sixties is an often forgotten.

The danger to the ruling class of thieves is that the working and middle class are reaching a point where they are no better off under the current financial debt servitude. As you rightly point out Les – this is a time of awakening.

In 1969 – the year of my birth – the police force attacked the Bogside area in Derry. So many of the residents were involved and the rioting was so prolonged that they literally reduced the police to a state of exhaustion. That’s when the army was sent in. The modern IRA did not exist in any functioning way compared to the organisation that arose. All this took place when guns were few and far between

Picture this happening in modern urban America.

All of the planning and preparation in the world cannot prepare people for that eventuality. Unemployment levels among Americans under the age of 25 are at record breaking levels.

The university students in modern western countries are about as dangerous as a well fed sheep. They are not the threat

From experience I pray that this never comes to pass. If it does it will kick off rapidly. That is why the recent overreaction in Pittsburgh occurred. The powers to be need to suppress any outbreak quickly. That will only make it worse.

Sweet dreams


PS LV, I thought I would give this blogging thing a go

Visible said...


You have a kindred brother in yer lande is name is James Corr.

Why don't you see to your countrymen.

arh begorrah.

chuckyman said...

Les, I hereby confer on you the title of honorary Irishman.

I can do this as we are all descended from the high kings of all Ireland.

PS who's this John Corr fellow?

Kevenj said...

"Elevating willful ignorance to an art form since 1776."

Thanx for being the light of the world to all of us bud. Now I can see.
Feel better?

Excellent Les, I just want to know where I can sign up, IF they keep that little promise of, well(blush), you know, that "no problem w/special needs" kind ofthing going.
And imported beer. Thats real.
I'm already there.

chuckyman said...

Yep. Always like to go to bed with a warm cheery thought in my head.

All better now and ready for another day waiting for the big fan to get switched on

Mouser said...

Psychegram -

Anonymous said... about that Moon Bomb, kids?
Comin'up in 8 days.
Are they pokin' a stick into some real hornets' nest up there, just to see what'll happen? (In the spirit of "free scientific inquiry" of course.)
Could this be another "shock doctrine" experiment; a test for a response from the observing 'others', or just a horribly stupid megalomaniacal blundering of trying to spread terror throughout the galaxy? Maybe there's al-ciada old women and kids plotting some nefarious scheme to bombard us with lunar water balloons.
Whatever, it'll be interesting to watch (all) these "best laid plans..." heh heh And, it's all under control too!


Visible said...

What Moon Bomb?

Rebel 4E said...

T - minus 8 days. . . . . . . .
NASA = Never A Straight Answer

I suspect NASA knows exactly what they're up to..and I suspect it's nefarious rather than benign.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps we could organize a million armed-man march on Washington D.C. and trick the idiot PTB into nuking themselves out of fear. Would that be a compromise? A million Americans for all of the politicians and lobbyists? Perhaps we could run a citizenship for firearms scam and take care of two problems at once without losing any Americans.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best.

One thing te government does, besides groom and pump and prime those they want to publicize as terrorists.......
is use INFORMANTS as hit men. People who theyve compromized and can lean on. Blackmail is not unknown, either.
It's not "terror" they're afraid of, it's a good example.

Thus the brouhaha over President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez

Anonymous said...

abulia, amnesia, apathy, as Mr. Hoffman lamented in
Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. see my fellow
barnacles on the Titanic of Tyranny, take heart and be
brave; to become a fesering thorn prick in the fat foot of the
elephant state, one need only break off the thorn hedge of society.

who says that barnacles have no bite?

Anonymous said...

Visible, you said: "I haven’t seen any network TV in many years."

Have you tried the hot show "Sons of Anarchy" on the FX channel??

I think possibly you might just dig it. It stars (among others) the outrageous actress Katey Sagal (who btw, has a band of her own).

The first season of Sons of Anarchy aired through the autumn of 2008, but it is now available on DVD.

If you don't get the FX channel, then you can watch this current new season online via Hulu.

Here is a link to view the SOA shows on Hulu:

Here is a link to the Sons of Anarchy website:

And an SOA article at wikipedia:


-- LJ



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