Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Wondering What's Going on Behind the Curtain

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I’ve been thinking about the things that have been going on and... knowing that the string pullers do all sorts of things to get the public moving in a particular direction and getting the public to believe certain things, I’ve been wondering and wondering and... wondering. I realize that there are some who might think my abilities to be rational, objective and deeply inquisitive might have been compromised but who knows what I’m really up to with all of that anyway?

One thing no one can doubt is the increasing presence of more and more officials with uniforms and weapons. There’s also been a major decrease in legislation that protects individual rights of movement and expression. There’s also been more and more evidence of provocateurs at major protests and... there have been increasing displays of local police abusing and injuring really old people. Why would they be attacking so many people in their 80’s and so many prepubescent children? Is it just the press that is calling attention to what might only be anomalies within a public composed of hundreds of millions of people in many locations?

I am hearing all kinds of things about The Gulf nightmare being an illusion; being worse than it appears to be, being so many things. I hear about hospitals filled with people suffering from all kinds of respiratory problems and then I hear nothing about it, depending on where I’ve got my ear turned. I purposely live in two particular locations where I don’t see much of anything that reflects the things I hear about and where I have the benefit of invisible and temporal protections. The former travels with me regardless and the latter is a matter of knowing where certain features are more likely to be present. The world is a place of pockets that have their own characteristics among the aggregate of everything happening somewhere at all times.

I keep being reminded that no one has ever taken control of the whole world at any time. I also have the words of Lao Tzu and others who say that it is never going to happen. I also have the benefit of ‘occult history’ which goes back much further than recorded history and which also shows the same thing.

I’m hearing about information concerning Dutroux and his child abuse ring surfacing among the papers of a Cardinal in the Catholic Church and breakdowns in fealty among the bad guys. Meanwhile, as Israel/Rothschild Crime Syndicate Nation acts more and more like the full bore psychopaths that they are; major strategic nations are breaking with long term arrangements and agreements to shift the balances of power in surprising directions. Turkey and Brazil are among two of the most economically successful nations on Earth. Others are also joining into a new coalition of the unwilling. Iran has got defensive measures in place that are not generally known and the cost of doing something stupid is giving pause to the intentions of those who are needed to make Israel’s dreams of power and plunder come true.

Because there are so many stories out there it becomes as hard for me to figure it out as it must be for the forces behind so many of the stories. I know by now that there is a lot of conflict in the ranks of those who are trying to run the table. There are a lot of things that don’t make sense. Consider chemtrails; doesn’t whatever is in these chemtrails fall on TBTB as much as they fall on anyone? Why would those versed in history and seeking to change history not know what invariably befalls people like them. Of course they do but... they are insane and doomed to fail and this leads me back to what I have long believed to begin with.

As I wonder and wonder, many things are eliminated from my considerations. The more I look at the whole scenario, the more it looks to me like TPTB are running scared and that is why there is such an effort being put into convincing the populace that there is so much military and domestic police presence available.

One of the things I noticed after 9/11 was the rise in the conservative mindset among the stupid and clueless. There was suddenly a huge population of right wingers using the term ‘libruls’ to be a catchall for the ‘enemy within’. 9/11 brought forth an army of mouth breathers who waved the flag and came together as a massive cheerleading section for every kind of evil behavior abroad, including torture factories for people arbitrarily chosen as terror agents, directed toward the destruction of all the good things in the west. They hate our freedoms is what it is.

Huge efforts are being made to corral the ordinary mind into believing that they need to be protected at the expense of previous freedoms, now gone missing. Demonstrations are being made all along The Gulf Coast, that long standing constitutional rights no longer exist. These things are done with no explanation at all and it seems that no matter what happens it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference to the people affected. They stand around their boats and shops and beaches as their lives crash and all they can say is, “Well, that’s too bad, we’re ruined now” or “How come BP isn’t hiring us to clean up this mess that ruined our lives”? The important thing seems to be just to get some money out of the thing and not the thing itself.

I wonder about so many things; how things look and how they are and how they are could be almost anything. I keep getting the feeling that TBTB are aware of something that is completely out of the sight of everyone else. It’s something big but I don’t know what it is. You see where Goldman Sachs dumped two hundred and fifty million dollars worth of BP stock just before the well blew and Tony Hayward dumped his stock too.

There’s a massive effort now underway to compromise the internet, if not shut it off entirely. I don’t think that’s possible the way the thing is constructed and even the idea of shutting off particular sites makes no sense, given that one can constantly create new sites with very little trouble.

As I sort all of the things I see and don’t see, along with what I feel, it seems increasingly clear that TPTB know all about the new age coming and also about what happens to the forces that get cleansed every time, because they are the least desired feature to be carried into the new age. I can see some effort being put into shell companies, so to speak, that will slip into the new age like marker cells. I note the sudden and ubiquitous appearance of formerly silent, or previously Zionist AshkeNazi interests turning up in opposition to their former selves as if they were the good guys trying to stop their former associates from bad behavior but mostly engaging in photo ops designed to show them as the good guys who went down to Mississippi to save the black man or any and every of the downtrodden that they always show up representing as if that were the primary concern of their self sacrificing lives.

I am definitely noticing the mutating of certain ‘genetically out for personal gain’ types as well as getting the sensation that any number of former cannibal rats are changing their outfits so that they can march into the new world with whoever makes it out of the old world. I could tell them how effective that’s going to be but that’s not my job at this particular moment.

What I’m trying to say is that everything we are seeing and hearing about might just be a distraction for those working to make themselves appear as if they were always the good guys, or just got noticed as the good guys or suddenly appeared out of the ranks of the victimized as the new voices of parity, honesty and positive change. It could be that they now know they are dealing with something that they can’t fight or manipulate and so they are rearranging their appearance and... all of what is happening is that the stage is being set to unveil then as being washed in the blood (irony alert).

As is typical for me in these short pieces, I didn’t explain myself very well and am reduced to working with innuendo and the like. It’s just that I’ve been noticing certain things and wondering if they might not very well know what’s coming because of certain communications recently presented by the living sun god as he makes his way into the prison world as liberator. Since I got told any number of times about how he was going to show up in the middle of things, I am wondering just how much of that might have already happened; just me wondering.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Les

I remember quite clearly an annual event from my early school days - in the mid 60's - called "commonwealth Day". We (I was 5 or 6 at the time) would all have little cloth 'union jack' flags and we would march in procession around the streets near to our school whilst singing: 'we fly the flag the bonny flag of red white and blue' - etc etc.

By the time I was 7 years old I realized how dumb this was and fortunately they just stopped it one year. However, funny thing is that I everyone I mention this to of my particular age group seems to have no recollection of this annual homage.

I just love to watch all those grown up Americans waving their little flags in homage to thier heros just like I did when I was 6!


Anonymous said...


Your wonder is a gift. Brave and open you are to it.

I say with no real ground, the masters know the coming age well. They know they will fade and light will return.
This has happen many more times then one can remember.
If you hold still and look deep you will see these patterns too.
The deal is, the masters want people to see them as the destroyers and rebuilders, not the great comsic wheel.
If they mask the changes that we surely feel coming, and try and claim them, people wont wake up, but hold to the "big brother" vib even as their oppressors are being destroyed.
Oh sure the master are killing off themseleves to, but "evil" plays these games of sacrifice.

Thats my take?

Love Your Life

Visible said...

I'm hearing the posting box has disappeared from the comments section of all of the blogs. It could just be for certain areas but in any case send your comments to me if that is the case.

Pstonie said...

I would say we should stop worrying. Our belief that the PTB have any power is what enables them. They're the useless eaters. Our anger towards them and anyone else feeds their cause. They can never win, then again, neither can we. I don't know what happens on other plains, but here we will always have some form of struggle, because that's how we learn. The key, I think, is not to let the struggle bring you down to their level.

I was fairly surprised to see the world change once I changed myself. For the first time I can say that I love life, and saying something like that no longer makes me wince.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Echos keep bouncing through the hills.

I too, have seen a number of wolves dressed as grandma, rats trying to look like innocent puppies and the like.

We fired a few morters and fountains last weekend, and lit a few sparklers too; but we spent more time discussing what it was that Jefferson was tring to say in the document, rather than just waving flags...

Peeking from under the dumpster in the alley,


DaveS said...


Funny how those same flag waving americans are also flag wearing americans. I went to photograph the local parade and honestly I thought I might get sick. Came home after viewing one-too-many triple XL flag wearing and waving yahoos.

The folks I got to share the roads with are idiots who get all upset when someone 'mistreats' the flag, then they wear it! Talk about disrespectful, don't these same goofs think it rather awful to let their flatulence pollute the flag they wear? And these same 'flag wavin' americans' will run a chinese made flag up a pole and leave it there until it looks like a rag.

I don't know nothin' about other countries flags, but I do know how Old Glory is supposed to be treated, and honestly, these flag-wavers have no sense of respect.

Not that I give a rat's ass about a piece of cloth, but the damn flag wavers pretend to. They also pretend to be informed, pretend to be free, and pretend to be a whole bunch of other shit they ain't.

Another thing that many of the so-called patriots also don't realize is that a flag on property makes that property Federal Land and open to foreign military attack. The Red, White and Blue is our military/Federal government flag... traditionally our civilian flag was black and white and flew over schools, libraries ect.

That's old history now, and I think it's funnier than pigs wallowing with monkeys in shit to see the anti-government stickers on the back of cars right next to a big flag sticker. What idiots.

But as you note that's gonna be changin' really soon. I can almost taste the Cortex... and it taste like, like, VICTORY. HooHaw!

wv:suckvac :)

abe said...

Good one Les. What the jews caught a glimpse of:
I'll leave it at that.

paolocaruso said...

The ashkenazi intelligenzia will soon change from zionist white and blue and put on their tie die T-shirts, to lead the anti-war movement,once defeat is in site. BTW they already control the anti-war movement (which is why it is deliberately ineffective).

Likewise, they will again lead the labor movement (which they already control) and take the heat off their cousins by focusing on rich arab and protestant people.

CNBC has a big focus on the Italian mafia with documentaries and articles. This is of course to take the heat off of the Madoffs, Goldman Sachs and Wall Street.

Anonymous said...

I was making an argument over the dinner table last Christmas for some injustice in Aussieland. After some time explaining the intricacies of the injustice the agreed to answer from all at the table was 'but that's the way things are'.
End of conversation! (In fact a walkout was the result of the aborted discussion with me inspecting the pattern on my dinner plate).
Mindsets are a strange and wondrous thing.
First they came...

Tony W. said...

Hi Les

the thing that comes to me is that time isn't really real is it its all part of the mechanism that is supposed to hold us in place.get up go to work oh now its time for lunch can't wait for the weekend so we have a little time to ourselves the whole system they use to hold us down is bullshit. they throw sports and celebrities at us to fill up the spare time before its back to work god forbid you think about,anything the number of people I've spoken with who have said i wish i had more time to speak but i have to get back to work ever noticed how
time speeds up slows down stops etc i was in a car crash once and in the middle of the roll we were sitting up side down and having a
conversation [brother Angus gone but not forgotten]things are
definitely not what they seem also those that desire to keep the
bullshit going are getting meaner by the day anyway stay strong stay
brave better to live on your feet than die on your knees

PS, I'm seeing some weird shit these days like movies of things that have happened and not good things i might add but i hold to what Les says have no fear trust in the divine

Unknown said...

What is coming is the Age of Aquarius. Looking due east on March 21 in 2012, we will see the constellation of Aquarius, not Pisces. I think this is why the Mayan Calendar ends on December 12, 2012. The Mayans just didn't make a new calendar.

Could it be as Zbig says TPTB are terrified of a global political awakening? Is that what happens when The Age of Aquarius begins? They may see their demise, and are freaked out by it, so what we may be seeing are the last gasps of a dying evil force? If so, I will breath easier (through my nose, of course).

Anonymous said...

Feel a bit of a cheat here, but my comment box is open so just thought I'd try a post.

I'm just wondering if TPTB are counting on riding out the coming storm in their underground cities that they've been building for the past couple of decades (if not longer). If so, how long before they really do turn into Morlocks and start eating each other? Glad I'll be up here and not down there with them, whatever is coming down the pipe!

You give me a lot of optimism, Les. Stay well.

S. Cat

Dammerung said...

My thought is that without a Black Swan, a totally unforeseen major event that arises in our favor, we lose. The monsters will rule the world for another 36,600 or whatever years under the present conditions. Here are some Black Swans I can imagine...

contact with benevolent ET
a return of "magic" to the world
discovery of zero point energy
ability to directly transmute matter into other forms

Without a miracle like these I see no reason TPTB won't just move to China and dominate the world from there, just like they moved from Europe to America after they destroyed it.

Rebel 4E said...

"I once put it rather pungently, and I was flattered that the British Foreign Secretary repeated this, as follows: ... namely, in early times, it was easier to to control a million people, literally it was easier to control a million people than physically to kill a million people. Today, it is infinitely easier to to kill a million people than to control a million people. It is easier to kill than to control...."
Zbigniew Brzezinski

"Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government."
Henry Kissinger

Certainly they feed on fear.
Checked out the MSM lately? (painful experience)
It's brimming with fear memes.

'I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer'

m_astera said...


"everything we are seeing and hearing about might just be a distraction for those working to make themselves appear as if they were always the good guys, or just got noticed as the good guys or suddenly appeared out of the ranks of the victimized as the new voices of parity, honesty and positive change."

Will be countered by this:

"It will become the fundamental purpose of the hierarchy to slowly remove these barriers to equality in such a way that the hierarchy appears to be the savior of consciousness rather than the guard of consciousness. There are those present that will ensure that the curtain falls swiftly for those who are ready to be equal with their Source, are willing to skirt the hierarchy's tangled pathways, and embrace their divinity as sovereign expressions of Source Reality."

As for those who refuse the truth no matter how often or clearly it is presented to them, they will have shown themselves to be below survival level, unable to learn and evolve, and they will not survive. Darwin had a few things right.

I grew up in the USA. It has never been a free country. The cops have always been brutal criminals, the government has always been corrupt, the people have never had any rights, and those whose lives are lived in fear of social disapproval have always been willing to betray their neighbor when told to by their masters. They don't even need a reward for doing so, only some assurance that they themselves will not be singled out for brutality.

The only difference now is the widespread ability to communicate information through the internet, which means it takes a little more effort to remain ignorant.

when I see or hear the term "liberals" used as a pejorative, I already know I'm dealing with damaged goods. I make a point of correcting them. If they repeat that meme, they have shown themselves to not be worthy of further time or energy.

Those ones in the parade wearing and waving US flags? Dead people walking. If they are your friends and family, say a good-bye to them. They have thrown in their lot with the betrayer and hence will be betrayed.

Tony in Australia, I think what you had at the dinner table is a preview of those who have chosen not to survive. It's probably inevitable that some of them will, in the future, come to you for help and tell you that they realize now you were right. One thing you will already know is that they cannot be trusted.

Odin's Raven said...

Here are some YouTube videos of an eclectic Hindu guru who speaks of 2012 as the changing of the guard on the level of spiritual rulers and teachers, and an influx of spiritually beneficial energy that will last for several centuries.He also seems to have a particular devotion to the sun.

nina said...

Visible said ... it seems that no matter what happens it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference to the people affected. They stand around their boats and shops and beaches as their lives crash and all they can say is, “Well, that’s too bad, we’re ruined now” or “How come BP isn’t hiring us to clean up this mess that ruined our lives”? The important thing seems to be just to get some money out of the thing and not the thing itself.

Yes, I've thought about that too.
This is a paragraph from my blog post on June 11th:
... After enough years of disaster, our primary concerns are with the violations of sanctity taking place. Remove "loss of livelihoods" from the mix and you get genocide exactly as other genocides, which are continuing simultaneous to the GOM genocide, which is one not all that singular in its potential for mass destruction when you consider the complex vegetable matter being laid to waste globally on a continuing basis. ...

What I am saying here is agreement, the thing itself is driven off into space which leads to a terrible conclusion after wondering long enough, nothing but money/materialism has sanctity, the animals, the vegetation, the organisms, the seas, human health, worldwide are of no consequence. This is the plan for the future everywhere.
This is how desperate they've become.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

Yesterday one of my old friends told me about another of our old friends who still loves Obama. At first I thought he was joking. He shook his head and with a look of dismay said "It's true, he still loves him." I think the main reason people hang onto an idol that has obviously gone awry is because they've invested so much energy into it. For them to abandon it would be an admission of stupidity which makes it an ego thing.

I have several other old friends who have become rabid Christian Zionists. They avoid me like the plague now because I have an ongoing anointing by the Holy Spirit to disprove the validity of Christian Zionism. As it turns out, mostly all I do is recite certain truths over and over, embedding the truths in regular conversation with them whenever possible. But they hang on to their "God's Chosen People" idol all the more, because in order to admit the truth about who the false Jews are would be an admission of incredible stupidity. Jesus' basic message was "Repent." The sad thing about where most people are at is that the cure (repentance, i.e. an admission of having made a mistake) would be more painful than the slow death associated with upholding the status quo.

That's why Jesus chose to live a life of base simplicity, as an example showing us how not to be accumulating things. People who own things have to exert some energy to protect those things. The more things they own the more energy they have to put into protecting their things. Idols are the most precious of all things to people who have them. Jesus told Jeremiah in chapter 50 verse 38 that owning idols causes madness. When I listen to my Christian Zionist friends defending their idol I recognize an element of craziness about them. The bigger and more powerful the idol the more crazy the owners are.

Today's NWO leaders are the craziest of all the people who have ever lived on this planet. By the way, the god they worship is the sun god which is the principality Antichrist, the so-called "savior of the world." Not coincidentally, he is also the spirit of idolatry and the spirit of top-down-control. He is also the spirit of looking back (remember Lot's wife). He is like a chameleon with many disguises and names. A tricky bastard to say the least.

Here are some other thoughts I had just before I started to write this. The American flag is a Masonic emblem that was designed to represent the Masonic takeover of the world using America as the financial tool. The Masons worship the sun god because he gives them power. It makes them crazy as hell but they don't care as long as they have power. The 4th July weekend was taken over by that power. I was somewhat surprised to see that during the 4th of July weekend Henry Makow came out with some ridiculous crap to the effect of that God made an error in judgment by creating woman's breasts to be beautiful to look at. A design flaw in other words. Henry is an Khazar (Ashkenazi Jew) so it would follow that he would assume to know better than God about certain things.

And I was somewhat surprised to see you Les come out over the 4th of July weekend with a statement that God has wild sex, takes drugs, and smokes cigarettes. It's characteristic of the fallen human nature to want to make God in our image. I think when people start talking about God that we can learn a lot more about where the person is at mentally than we can learn about God. That's why it's so important for us to not hold too tightly onto any thing, any person, any idea, or any idol.

kikz said...

oh they are nervous..

even zbig has vocalized it...they know we're awake.

when you give a big cool lizard like zbig the williez....well....

the cat is out the bag, the GreatGame 2.0 is afoot.


Nick said...

The first time I read a Smoking Mirrors article I was awed I thought here is THE gift to the world, a man of the people and approachable by all . His background, his style and most importantly the consistency of The Truth in every single piece of work ringing in the readers' heart and mind was... well, I can only say superhuman.
I believed that as word of this work spread, anybody who had internet access would read LV and that the work would have translators working on it. Although the ticker over at SM is approaching two-and-a-half-million, a big number indeed! It is nonetheless baffling and I honestly believe that a force has been acting on it because my expectation was that the ticker would record the highest number of all other tickers. I know I don't know the real reason why the ticker is not reading billions but that is what I expected and nor can I fathom why the other blogs do not have at least the same kind of numbers as SM.

The majority of articles on all LV's blogs, radio and songs have been like mana for me. My thanks to Les for his incredible generosity and everything and the blogs he has put out and the many great comments poems, quotes and links on them that have enlightened me, opened and broadened channels to see outside of my life conditioning.

DaveS said...

Les and all,

I'm feeling a bit verbose this week. Must be the fact I'm not floating the river and I'm not working either. Such are the times.

I've slunk down quite a few dark Internet alleys in the past seven or eight years I've been hooked to web.

9/11 was my political awaking... not awaking, but certainly the moment I got off my ass and started trying to find some answers. Funny thing happens when you fall down that rabbit hole... I found it was deeper than I expected, and the oddest part was that it seems the rabbit hole was designed by M.C. Escher and I ended back where I started; believing the destruction of the Twin Towers was done with explosives and was done by Ziofreaks.

While I was traveling down thru the levels of the rabbit hole I drug myself thru some pretty creepy places. Hate spewing neonazi sites that I'm sure were fronts to catch flys, some really ignorant debunking sites, ect. I'm sure most here know what I'm talking about. The whole time I was searching I continued to believe the way those towers fell had to be from a demolition style set up. I still feel that way.

I will say this – there are a lot of really weird theories out there. And there are easily as many folks posting who write really well, can argue points like a juror, yet far too many of these people are argumentative only to prove how 'smart' they are, often at the expense of what had been a serious discourse.

There seems to be a lot of paranoia on the web, and I'm seeing more and more of it where it really doesn't need to be. Folks here are constantly on the look-out for people who post under a normal poster's name... there are many who are too quick to jump on someone's odd post, acting as if we're slowly being picked-off by body snatchers, one by one.

We all have ups and downs, right? Too much coffee and I make tons of mistakes typing... shit like that. Recently I was at the receiving end of more or less being shown the door at a site because I'm supposedly a troll or worse. All I was trying to do was share information. I understand why it happens, and I understand it's just part of life on the 'net. Mostly I let that crap roll off my back – I got a life and being 'allowed' to post somewhere isn't going to make or break me.

At the same time I worry, because honestly we got to stick together if we're gonna change anything.

What I'm proposing is that individually we should try and find those parts of the puzzle most people agree on, and find the best way to present those few ideas to the unwashed masses... you know, those who've got a lot of catching-up to do, that is, if we're gonna change anything.

Yeah, I know the change is coming regardless, but shouldn't we put some mattresses out to help soften the fall? Give those who remain ignorant a place to start?

In that vein, I think it would be wise for all of us believers to find something simple these newcomers can start with, and that we mostly all agree on. Then hammer those points home, again and again, until we're all sick of it. But I'd bet we'd see some real results from this.

I know it's fun to have some pet theory that brings it all together; gray aliens, hitler's ghost, muslim jihadist... but wouldn't it be simpler to just explain how those towers fell due to explosives. Once you've convinced the newbies of that, then it's just a hop and skip to the dancing mossad dicks, the put options, the endless wars for zion, ect. But you need to get them to see big lie. The little lies will then fall apart.

I got to run... I'm taking a buddy and his boys fishing. Got to enjoy what freedoms we have, while we still have them.


Anonymous said...

these powers that be
blind internally
corupted in deceit
deluded by their greed
wanted something unobtainable
something unsustainable
something untrainable
deluded uncontainable
and when the forces blow
love transmitters glow
hiawatha seed does grow
in the heart of all that know
the everliving flow
grew the grass and made the snow
the wolf and sheep and crow
the ground the high the low
the howling of the wind
the streams of inner springs
hanging on the strings
back and forth the inner swing
the lifting of the king
in the heart of all who in
fether inner spin
on the truth balancing
the wonders of the mind
reading of the signs
the symbols of the time
realigning of the line
of the mountain thats the mind
flying eagle inner climb
the elite surely blind
but they have had there time.


Anonymous said...

and the fear they have tried to infect us with has just turned round and infected them...peace neil

Liz said...

This is the best play I've ever attended. It fills me with horror, and joy, and all the human emotions, delicious. Best to you and yours, Les Visible

Lukiftian said...

By jove my good man, I do believe you have it. Excellent post.

But I agree with Dammerung. And yet I also believe in miracles, and Black Swans... majestic creatures that they are.

To all of you, be the Black Swan. Be your own Black Swan.

kf said...

I had an awkward and indecisive moment this 4th of July when the National Anthem was played. Everyone except the very drunk rose and placed hand over heart. Being under- or unemployed for some years now, I don't get out much and I haven't watched TV for years, so I don't hear the song. I was startled at first, then angry, then sad. Finally I decided to rise - but only out of respect for the band (Spon Com of the RR Blues:) I could not bring myself to place hand over heart.


Anonymous said...

Hey Les!


Is there any special kind of martial arts you would recommend to a novice who would like to learn to defend himself rather fast and is not very sporty? Any opinion about WingChun?

Keep them good posts coming!

m_astera said...


"contact with benevolent ET"
Done, several examples

"a return of "magic" to the world"
Magic has never left

"discovery of zero point energy"
Done and demonstrated, numerous times

"ability to directly transmute matter into other forms"
Also done, many times

I assume that what you are really asking is for a benevolent ET to come and knock on your door, when you are in a relaxed and receptive mood, not too busy, and then give you all of the above as a present, without requiring any effort on your part?

Probably even that wouldn't be good enough. You would want a more attractive ET, simpler zero point energy, effortless magic, and cheaper transmutation of elements.

Are you too lazy to even do a web search?

Dumb Goy-

Don't suppose there's any ego or fear of appearing stupid involved in your having the one and only unquestionable answer for everyone, do you?

Why are you afraid of the Sun God, anyway? What did he ever do to harm you?

As Jesus said to Jeremiah, Ch. 53, V.1, "What part of 'Ye are Gods' don't you get?".

(No, I won't go to hell for saying that. I have a special dispensation to say anything I like. Sort of like an indulgence. Don't you wish you had one?)

paolocaruso said...

Coincidently, July 6th, The Drudge Report posted a headline, THE INTERNET IS OVER, but it ended up being an interview with Prince,and pertained to downloading music.

However on July 7th, today, The Drudge Report is posting headlines where Homeland Security, NSA and Cyber Command are now infiltrating the internet and limiting controversial sites.

Maybe the sensational headline on the 7th was a playful precursor to today's big news.

The paranoid USA is turning in on itself, it wont be too long now.

Neko Kinoshita said...


The towers WERE brought down with explosives. Look up super-thermite.
Oh, never mind, just read Smoking Mirrors from April 6th.

More to the point, truth will be truth, whether you choose to accept it or not. There is no need to sugar-coat the truth to make it palatable to those who will not accept it.

If you do not agree, go your own way, but do not presume that anyone wants to "go along just to get along" that's how this would got so messed up, or have you not been paying attention?


DaveS said...

I grew up in the USA. It has never been a free country. The cops have always been brutal criminals, the government has always been corrupt, the people have never had any rights, and those whose lives are lived in fear of social disapproval have always been willing to betray their neighbor when told to by their masters. They don't even need a reward for doing so, only some assurance that they themselves will not be singled out for brutality. M Astera

Here, here!

That's the damn truth. Thanks for putting it so well.


estebanfolsom said...

by Maurice Ogden

"1. Into our town the Hangman came, Smelling of gold and blood and flame. And he paced our bricks with a diffident air, And built his frame in the courthouse square.
The scaffold stood by the courthouse side, Only as wide as the door was wide; A frame as tall, or little more, Than the capping sill of the courthouse door.
And we wondered, whenever we had the time, Who the criminal, what the crime That the Hangman judged with the yellow twist of knotted hemp in his busy fist.
And innocent though we were, with dread, We passed those eyes of buckshot lead -- Till one cried: "Hangman, who is he For whom you raised the gallows-tree?"
Then a twinkle grew in the buckshot eye, And he gave us a riddle instead of reply: "He who serves me best," said he, "Shall earn the rope of the gallows-tree."
And he stepped down, and laid his hand On a man who came from another land. And we breathed again, for another's grief At the Hangman's hand was our relief
And the gallows-frame on the courthouse lawn By tomorrow's sun would be struck and gone. So we gave him way, and no one spoke, Out of respect for his Hangman's cloak.
2. The next day's sun looked mildly down On roof and street in our quiet town, And stark and black in the morning air Was the gallows-tree in the courthouse square.
And the Hangman stood at his usual stand With the yellow hemp in his busy hand; With his buckshot eye and his jaw like a pike And his air so knowing and business-like.
And we cried, "Hangman, have you not done Yesterday, with the foreign one?" Then we fell silent, and stood amazed, "Oh, not for him was the gallows raised."
He laughed a laugh as he looked at us: "Did you think I'd gone to all this fuss To hang one man? That's a thing I do To stretch a rope when the rope is new."
Then one cried "Murder!" and one cried "Shame!" And into our midst the Hangman came To that man's place. "Do you hold," said he, "with him that was meant for the gallows-tree?"
And he laid his hand on that one's arm. And we shrank back in quick alarm! And we gave him way, and no one spoke Out of fear of his Hangman's cloak.
That night we saw with dread surprise The Hangman's scaffold had grown in size. Fed by the blood beneath the chute, The gallows-tree had taken root;
Now as wide, or a little more, Than the steps that led to the courthouse door, As tall as the writing, or nearly as tall, Halfway up on the courthouse wall.
3. The third he took -- we had all heard tell -- Was a usurer, and an infidel. "What," said the Hangman "have you to do With the gallows-bound, and he a Jew?"
And we cried out, "Is this one he Who has served you well and faithfully?" The Hangman smiled: "It's a clever scheme to try the strength of the gallows-beam."
The fourth man's dark, accusing song Had scratched our comfort hard and long; "And what concern," he gave us back. "Have you for the doomed -- the doomed and Black?"
The fifth. The sixth. And we cried again, "Hangman, Hangman, is this the man?" "It's a trick," he said. "that we hangmen know For easing the trap when the trap springs slow."
And so we ceased, and asked no more, As the Hangman tallied his bloody score. And sun by sun, and night by night, The gallows grew to monstrous height.


DaveS said...

The towers WERE brought down with explosives. Look up super-thermite.
Oh, never mind, just read Smoking Mirrors from April 6th.

More to the point, truth will be truth, whether you choose to accept it or not. There is no need to sugar-coat the truth to make it palatable to those who will not accept it.

Neko, I'm pretty sure I said the towers were done by explosives, and that's the point, right?

Regarding the 'truth' of what happened that day, well I think we can all agree to the fact that pre-planted explosives took down the buildings. What I was getting at, was that everyone who agrees on the explosives has a pet theory about the rest of the 'facts' and it's the pet theories that I feel often stand in the way of bringing the less informed (ignorant) to our side.

Isn't it enough work trying to convince people of the simple fact of preplanted explosives without adding a bunch of icing to an already too-rich-for-most-to-eat cake?

It's like the arguments over at WRH about what hit the Pentagon... Does it matter? Yeah it does, but rather than argue the plane vs cruise missile theory, why not focus on the explosions in the towers, which are so freakin' obvious that I have to give the propagandist props for pulling the wool over a lot of sheep's eyes. It's another version of the emperors clothes and a lot of folks are looking at a naked dude and they think they see a guy in a nice suit.

I'm single and without any fuck trophies to raise and support, so it's been pretty easy for me to believe the evil crap the government has done. But I can see how it's hard for my friends with kids and house payments to see the big picture. It would mean they'd have to rethink everything they've done in life, because they made many choices based on informations that was lies.

Nobody wants to admit they bought a lemon... and the more expensive the lemon, the more they'll defend their stupidity. That's simple human nature. And it's something that has been exploited again and again throughout history.

I'm a pretty piss-poor writer, but I don't remember my post having anything to do with sugar-coating anything. Rather, I thought I was saying that for the ignorant, you got to start simple. Help them see the towers were brought down by a controlled demolition, then, after they're finally pissed-off enough to care, help them down the path to your pet theories that deal with the minutia.

I'd rather the world be arguing about whether our government was in cahoots with the gray aliens, reptilians or just a bunch of evil men. Once they see the towers were a lie... well, I think the rest of the journey is simply following the yellow cake brick road.

4:20 in the weewee hours here in dark CO, and I hope I've clarified my position.

I also want to clarify that I love the discussions about the weird here... this is a forum filled with those of us who already get it. I'm just saying that when we travel away from the land of kindred spirits, it might help to pretend we're the profession propagandist, and stick to a real simple set of facts. Keep hammering those home so we can look our maker (or ourselves) in the eye and know we did what we could.

Peace (someday soon)
wv;loyonway... perfect as we inch closer to Leo.

estebanfolsom said...

from above

The wings of the scaffold opened wide Till they covered the square from side to side; And the monster cross-beam, looking down, Cast its shadow across the town.
4. Then through the town the Hangman came, Through the empty streets, and called my name -- And I looked at the gallows soaring tall, And thought, "There is no one left at all
For hanging, and so he calls to me To help pull down the gallows-tree." So I went out with right good hope To the Hangman's tree and the Hangman's rope.
He smiled at me as I came down To the courthouse square through the silent town. And supple and stretched in his busy hand Was the yellow twist of the hempen strand.
And he whistled his tune as he tried the trap, And it sprang down with a ready snap -- And then with a smile of awful command He laid his hand upon my hand.
"You tricked me. Hangman!," I shouted then, "That your scaffold was built for other men... And I no henchman of yours," I cried, "You lied to me, Hangman. Foully lied!"
Then a twinkle grew in the buckshot eye, "Lied to you? Tricked you?" he said. "Not I. For I answered straight and I told you true -- The scaffold was raised for none but you.
For who has served me more faithfully Then you with your coward's hope?" said he, "And where are the others who might have stood Side by your side in the common good?"
"Dead," I whispered. And amiably "Murdered," the Hangman corrected me: "First the foreigner, then the Jew... I did no more than you let me do."
Beneath the beam that blocked the sky None had stood so alone as I. The Hangman noosed me, and no voice there Cried "Stop!" for me in the empty square."

this is the origin
'and then they
came for me'
go figure

Dave Klausler said...

Anon 4:55 PM

"Is there any special kind of martial arts you would recommend to a novice who would like to learn to defend himself rather fast and is not very sporty?"

I have spoken to Les a bit on this... I believe that he shares my affinity for Hapkido; you'll note that he has referenced "wrist locks" a few times in recent past. A good dojang & master will have you doing [effective] basics within a few months. Some skills are VERY easy to implement; most are VERY painful.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

Gettin it on with the Great Beyond.>

Visible said...

Anon 4:55

The key to the martial arts is to neutralize the presence of conflict so that it does not occur in the mind of the person seeking it.

To gain any expertise in any of them one must apply themselves for some length of time. Aikido takes longer to grasp and practice than any of the others but it is the most useful in answering the needs of the first paragraph.

When I first grasped the possession of a particular form of the arts, given to me spontaneously by the kundalini force; probably as the fruit of previous incarnations, I did not understand that regardless of possession, practice was a necessity. It was some years before I put this into effect.

Certain forms are pretty useless and can be painful or embarrassing if one hasn't acquired some degree of mastery. Kung Fu is one of them. Wing Chung isn't something I would recommend for quickness of application and a comfort zone for the unpredictable situation.

I would think that being able to get away and impress upon one's attacker the folly of pursuit would be best.

Never argue with a gun or a knife.

I would think that the quickest form that would prove the most useful would be Japanese Jujitsu and a familiarity with the Kubotan or carrying an extendable whip baton. Studying the use of a fighting cane is also something one can get very good at with some speed.

This is an ordinary looking curved neck cane (mine is hickory) with a pointed edge at the end of the crook. You can carry it around with you too. I don't know about the baton legally but as they say, "better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6".

Japanese Jujitsu and Hapkido, which have a lot of similarities, involve a number of techniques which can be mastered pretty quickly, if one is diligent. This is why law enforcement makes use of them more than any other forms. They also apply directly to street situations. I'm not fond of Karate for this reason. It looks good but I've seen it be inefficient in a lot of situations.

Of course, anyone who is really good at something is really good at it. Still, I notice that in most arts you are taught to fight other people practicing the same art. This is not what you run into most of the time and your reflexes are trained for forms of aggression that may not mirror what you encounter.

I hope this has been useful.

Visible said...


That's funny. After I had finished the Origami post I figured I would come and answer that question. You were responding at the same time.

During the last two years of my stay in Hawaii I met a local man in Hana. I was living just up the road. He had this intensive routine that he followed which took about two hours and we would do it three times a week. It was a grueling affair. About a year into it- because we were doing it in a playground off of the main road into Hana the police used to pull over and watch for a little while.

One day they got out of the car and came over to talk and it wasn't long after that David (which was the guy I worked out with) was doing instruction for them.

Anyway, David has these 10 Japanese Jujitsu moves that we would practice over and over and they all had to do with taking the other fellows center of gravity away. Impressive.

David was very good at what he did but kind of rough. We would practice some things with a plastic knife for awhile and then he would insist on using a real knife which resulted in my receiving some minor cuts on occasion. It didn't make any difference to him which didn't make him the ideal teacher for everyone.

When I got wacked now and then, harder than I thought necessary, he would always say, "How you tink it feel when one moke do l'dat?

Conversely, he never seemed to mind getting clocked either.

Neko Kinoshita said...


I think it would be wise for all of us believers to find something simple these newcomers can start with, and that we mostly all agree on. Then hammer those points home, again and again, until we're all sick of it.

Too late. It's time to stop trying to explain color to the blind.

The shaking is over and the 2X4 is moving. Perhaps the events around the dark of the moon will awaken a few, but there is no time left for persuasion.

I'm sorry if I come across too agumentative, but since only one of my two offspring seems likely to make it, I'm a little testy these days.

We are where we are supposed to be, I hope you are also.

Watching the storm clouds gather from the alley,

Anonymous said...

to estebanfolsom
like that one,sort of leaves a sort of real eerie feeling about it.

dave s..I'm the same as you,I feel for a lot of my local people,as most of them have completely brought into there slavery and will defend it with all there might imprortance and their fancy wrist watches.I'm here waiting for them when they fall.

and peoples we may be a load of tin foil hat wearers with little tenticle things coming out,but we are happy tinfoil hat wearers,and that accounts for a lot.
I'm going to shine mine up I thinks.

peace to all neil.

Dave Klausler said...

Agreed Les.

Did I mention that I am a very fast runner? That too, has served me well.

Anonymous said...

to the bloke that was asking about basic self defence check out captain chris from new jersey no advert i'm not even in the same country just common sense shit that works and doesn't take years to get it together the centre of gravity thing one hand to lower back one hand to upper chest considering their not carrying weapons of course but that also can be dealt with anyway good luck

Visible said...

This is interesting. Michael Rivero has this video of Rothschild frontman Alex Jones.> linked on his site.

This is the first time I've seen something like that. Good for Michael if this is intentional and it seems to be given his one word comment and the fact that it wasn't posted by a member.

Anonymous said...

i have a black belt in the oldest form of self defense known to mankind.

"feets don't fail me now!"

Visible said...

Center of gravity and balance is a big deal.

In basketball and football you always watch the hips on defense for direction of break. Some say the eyes (grin) but they're not always visible and smart players know this anyway. Hips don't lie... heh heh. Somehow this ties into the Visible Origami post.

Anonymous said...

Ive been in and seen a great deal of fear based fighting. Ive found moving with others energy always turn out bad.

Anonymous said...
i have a black belt in the oldest form of self defense known to mankind.

"feets don't fail me now!"

8:09 AM

Now thats the better "art" to follow. Run!!! and get fast at it! Silly is showing people your power and force. Show God not fear makers. Running away isnt about fight or flight, its about love of self and the other party youre now NOT beating down?

Love Your Life

Visible said...

The good news with that is if someone is killing your family at least you'll be able to breed another, I think.

Visible said...

The martial arts thing is like sex, another hot button item. Besides fighting, which is secondary to the point of the thing, it resolves one's conflict with oneself, it keeps one limber. It's a form of yoga for those who are not so attracted to traditional yogas. It instills balance. It builds confidence. It reduces stress. It makes you a terrific dancer. It controls weight and it naturally leads into better lifestyle practices such as right diet, posture and all sorts of things.

The same is true about positive channeling of the sex force. It involves a lot more than just coupling. Both of them bring out a certain uncontrolled male response along the lines of "I hear you're fast"

Funnily, that's probably useful in the one and undesirable in the other (grin)

Dammerung said...

m_astera said...

Well, you're not entirely wrong. I "believe" in electricity insofar as I have felt it, seen it, and used it extensively to better my own personal life. On the other hand, I'm supposed to take those other phenomenea on faith.

I'll believe in zero point energy when I have a small reactor in my spare room that liberates me from the electric company.

I'll believe in aliens when I can book a room on a cruise to Arcturus.

I'll believe in transmutation when I can log-on to my computer, find the best and most reliable HDMI cord ever invented, download the schematic, and have my free energy machine in the spare room spit one out in seconds.

Until then, it's just belief in the words of others. Even if those things really DO exist right this minute they're of no good or use to me because I can't harness their benefits.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Les thats true, martial arts are healthy and balanced. Its why you choose them thats of question here.

Yes if I lost my family, God would give me a place and time for it again and again? Fear of pain and suffering of your loved ones, is an old trick my friend.

I would protect them or anyone Les, but Im not hoping to change the aggressor or killer, thats God to man? I hope to move within it, with light and not haste?

Love Your Life

Visible said...

It's Hapkido that they generally train police forces in some portion of and also Japanese Jujitsu in some places .

I'm sure that's not the exclusive systems and that others are taken from as well, depending on the instructor they have hired.

There are similarities in Aikidio and Hapkido at some points. Aikido studied in the proper atmosphere usually takes up to 18 months before you think you are doing anything at all; six months of sitting, six months of falling, six months of being a dummy- though that probably goes on for the whole time (grin).

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave S.

Contrary to some commenter here, I understood your post to be an attempt to deal with the issue of how to convey and convince the “ignorant” to take a look at what really is going on; The lies, the betrayal of the people by the governments, Zionists, Jews, world government, world dominance ect. etc…. And the idea, as I understood it, was to use the collapse of the towers on 9/11, with it’s obvious, grave discrepancies between the official version and the now known provable true version, complete with; termite demolition, Larry Silverstein, dancing Israelis etc. as a steppingstone to wake up the “ignorant”.

Well, I believe for the truly gullible, this is way too complex and in most cases would go far beyond their comprehension.

Why not use something much more oversightable? An unlike smaller, but more telling incident? An isolated incident, something that is much easier to research and certainly more convincing to he, who believes to be an American “Patriot”. Something that would infuriate him tremendously, if he knew about. Something that would expose the very culprits of 9/11, while absolutely no mentioning of it. Something that eventually down the road would automatically lead him to ask further questions about 9/11, beyond the official version?

Why not let them start with the USS-Liberty? Because of its sinister purpose, this is much more convincing, more heinous and more traitorous (to the American “Patriot”) than anything in American history!

The USS-Liberty incident, as I feel, is the incident that exposes the “arch-culprits” responsible for so many miseries, wars, deaths, crimes and mischief brought upon humanity since ancient times. This incident may likely be the core from which all truth radiates to the complete exposure of the bad guys that will ultimately lead to total enlightenment of the critics obedient to their traitors in government.

You can never convince them all, but using this one incident as a first clue is easier a start and does not make you a “Jew-hater” or an “Anti-Semite”, because if it does it would be perfect proof , that one is on the right track.

Just an opinion.

R. Zuercher

DaveS said...

R. Zuercher-

I agree. Good idea, and originally what I thought would be an easy sell. Unfortunately humans have short memories, combined with a mostly, "I don't care" attitude in the mainstream herd, so I believe the typical reply is, "that was a long time ago, and just a mistake (or another excuse is given).

The towers' collapse is something my generation and younger generations are living with now...

Not to say it isn't worth a shot... along with the reality of Waco, Oklahoma City, Vince Foster and a host of other creepy things that have happened in the past forty years.

Hell, just the most recent revelations to come to light in regards to how the neocons used the Iran hostage crises to oust Jimmy Carter should be enough. I was 10 or 11 at the time and I thought it stunk then. Now I find I was right... at ten? I can't believe more folks didn't question the way that happened.

Regardless, thanks for humoring me... maybe something we discussed will do some good. I feel like I'm trying to make lemmings understand why they should stop at the edge of the cliff... and there are millions more pushing to jump off behind – it might be an impossible task.

wv:beducken... damn good advice

m_astera said...

These blog's of Les's, and the comments, just keep getting better and better.

I have to jump in on the martial arts thing. As I've mentioned to LV, I grew up on military bases and changed schools every year, sometimes twice a year. I had to fight my way into each school, always at least one fistfight. I had no training whatsoever, simply experience and attitude,, and I wouldn't take any shit from anyone. When I was in seventh grade, in the midst of what was more or less a boxing match, I concluded that fighting was just stupid. Went home and told my mother that, but she didn't understand.

In my teens I studied boxing a little but stayed out of fights as much as possible. Wasn't a TV watcher but I caught a few Kung-Fu episodes and kinda liked the mystical aspect but didn't follow up on it until my mid-20s, when I signed up for a karate school; what a disappointment that was. I was hoping for some enlightened instruction and companionship but all I found were a bunch of punks who wanted to be badasses, including the instructor. I didn't stay there long, only long enough to learn the first set of kicks and punches, which I then practiced on my own. After a couple of years I came to the remarkable conclusion that those simple beginning moves were all that was needed, the other stuff was fluff. Distract the opponent with a fake to the head while you take out their knee. The fight is over and they won't be walking again for a long time.

The one time I actually came up against a so-called martial artist was outside a bar in Eugene Oregon. I had made a smart remark to him and he had invited me outside; I thought to talk things over. When we stepped outside he went into a scary-looking fighting stance and I figured my ass was cooked. I told him I didn't want to fight him and apologized for insulting him. Wasn't good enough; he unzipped his pants and started pissing on me. Well, maybe I was going to die, but no one was going to piss on me, so I tackled him, took him over a railing and down three steps of rise onto the concrete, picked him up and swung him around to throw him through a plate glass store window, thought better of that, so I threw him back on the cement and beat his head into it until he stopped struggling.

A few days later I ran into a couple of buddies of his at the college coffee shop; they knew nothing about the fight but were talking about how their friend, a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, had been jumped by three hippies and was still in the hospital.

I realize that there must be schools of martial arts that are more enlightened than what I encountered, but I have never found them, nor have I personally encountered anyone enamored of martial arts who wasn't more or less a punk wishing to be a badass. Other people's experience will likely differ, and apologies if I'm insulting anyone here, it's only my experience.

I would hope that after someone studied and practiced fighting long enough they would come to the same conclusion that I did back in seventh grade, that fighting is stupid. And I also understand that some people do need to learn to defend themselves; I just see nothing cool about it. Like hunting animals for food, sometimes hurting and killing for survival is necessary.

Worth mentioning that I never met a cop that wasn't the enemy of humanity in general, just punks with badges and uniforms, so I sure as hell wouldn't teach a cop anything.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, LV for capturing the current scene so well.
Note the comment and video link from "think"

The Swiss bank also dumped bp stocks in time, and bought them up
again says this:
The only hypothesis which accounts for tritium levels found at the wtcsiteby Dr Ward;
echoed by a Finnish expert

also by a Russian specialist in a long interview with a British interviewer, which I can't locate

Visible said...

Well Michael, I have to disagree but not in any offensive way (grin), First, I agree about the schools in a general way, especially Karate and your encounter with that fellow sort of bears out what I said earlier about it.

I grew up on military bases too and had to fight a lot. I too studied boxing and had an affinity for it but, since I am tall and slender it is not the ideal thing for reasons which I am sure you know.

However... as life progressed I got either better at this thing or I got the essence of it because conflict just never seems to happen around me any more and I attribute it to practicing this art on myself. I love the dancing thing and I love being alone in a meadow in Italy and going through the eclectic mix of things that I've sort of compiled.

I go through any number of hoops to avoid a confrontation and probably wouldn't care if someone pissed on me. I might think it's funny or I might think God was doing it which, in a manner of speaking he is. In my sort of conflict, a person throwing a punch it seeking a direction and I seek to oblige him. Obliging people in this manner through one or two movements quite often results in an end to the conflict and in some cases a, "wow! where did you learn that? It happens.

I'm not angry in these situations. I look at it as a bit of frisky fun. Maybe that's immature of me but I have found a sincere friendly manner also ends conflicts. Back in Hawaii I used to get lit a lot and go into Kalama Park in Kihei and spar with the locals. My friends thought I should have my head examined and sometimes I did too when I woke up the next morning with bruised ribs. I really got out there for awhile in Hawaii. Thankfully I am nothing like that these days.

I would almost say that no further encounters will happen but there are a few people who have promised to kick my ass so I suppose an encounter might happen or not. The divine determines that and often resolves these things right at the point of genesis.

However... outside of all the ego trips these things can be a lot of fun, tone your body and keep you fit. I've managed to stay in surprising shape by following a few simple routines. It seldom occurs to me that there's anything martial about it. I should mention that everyone should do at least 30 crunches every other day to avoid back problems for life.

And I have met some splendid human beings who were policemen. One of them was called Officer Hassle (true) and I ran into him on an acid trip. I've had some surprising adventures with, heck, I'll tell that story


Visible said...

About twenty years ago I was taking a train from LA to Washington D.C. and I had this ecstasy like compound which you could take successively and continue to be high on. On one of the nights I was in the club car and we were using the piano and singing classic tunes. There was about five of us.

There was a woman there, an attractive woman of about 35 and there was some chemistry. I turned her on to some of what I had and boy did she like that. Later we were in an empty car, languorously making out without any real urgency to do much more. I've been in that situation a lot. In the process of touchy feelie my hand encountered a gun at the waist under her shirt. Imagine my surprise... heh heh. She told me she was a parole officer on her way to Salt Lake City to pick up a fugitive. I think it was Salt Lake City.

We were both amused at my amusement. The spell was broken so we just stayed up and talked. That happens a lot too. I've got a couple of other cop stories about getting wild and not knowing it was a cop. One time in New Orleans I had an incredible time with this guy. He was serious fun and it involved lots of other people. The next morning I said, "We should get together again if I ever pass this way" and he gave me his card with the police badge on it and all. He was some kind of special detail guy. We'd been getting high on all kinds of things and well, it was New Orleans so you can imagine the rest.

I've also met the other type and their type is more and more commonplace but I just pretend I am talking to my father, who was a kind of policeman and I am respectful and I look in their eyes and I talk to their humanity and it works.

Neko Kinoshita said...

R. Zuercher and DaveS,

You insist on misunderstanding what I am saying.

By all means, look for a way to reach those that will pull away frm you, speak of color to the blind, and talk to those who will not hear.

Just count me out (meowt?).

I live in a house with three others. One is listening to what I say and begins to understand, a second is at least beginning to listen. The third does not hear anything I say, and is not likely to understand anything until that 2X4 lands.

I have lost many whom I thought were friends because I will not close my eyes; and I can see all around me those who will not understand anything.

There is no more time to "convince" those who do not wish to know. The dark of the moon approches and the Cardinal Cross will be here before the next.

Change is already here and I will not sacrifice those depending on me for those who have chosen what is before them.

I have no more to say about this.

Visible said...

I don't know how it is but I seem to miss almost all of this stuff. I read the comments before I put them up but I still miss this kind of thing. Maybe that's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

A well-reasoned and argued essay, "Left-Leaning Despisers of the 9/11 Truth Movement: Do You Really Believe in Miracles?"

more on the Finnish expert, sill can't locate the Russian one

The very high cancer rate among First Responders is cited as another indicator.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Meow all,

You’re not missing it Les, you’re just a little beyond noticing the signs. I guess having a direct connection can do that for you.

Look guys, forty years ago I was learning backpacking and wilderness survival techniques.

Thirty-five years ago I participated in discussions on re-building a sustainable community in the aftermath of a devastating crash of civilization.

Thirty years ago I was studying Magic and learning small unit tactics and military history all at the same time.

Twenty-five years ago I began studying fighting techniques that did not involve firearms (primarily sword techniques) and I began to study Zen. The most important thing I learned from all that was that all ways are “The Way.”

I found Visible’s blogs a short time ago and lurked for more than a year before I tried to contribute to these discussions.

Most of the time I find that Les is way out there in front of me and that "I am only an egg."

I moved around a lot. I left the Ozarks because I was sitting on top of the third largest cavern system in the world and I was way too close to the New Madrid. (sinkholes open in earthquakes, you know)

I left the Sonoran Desert because five million people are living in that valley, dependant on the three “A”s (Automobiles, Air conditioning, and Aquaducts). Not a nice place to be if the power goes out.

I left Western Nebraska, because they get less rainfall than the Sonoran Desert, and I was way too close to Yellowstone. The ICBMs all over the place don’t help either.

I’m now on the wrong side of the Blue Ridge fault, but I’m high enough up in the hills to think I may not need to worry about Cayce’s Carolina prediction. At least I hope so.

And all of that is bullshit because I go where the Divine leads me.

I am constantly seeking the divine, and I carry the weight of both my karma, and those who depend on me.

And now I have said more than I should. But please understand, there is no more time. I have felt this change approaching all my life and it really is here. I am not ready, but then again, I don’t think I am supposed to be.


Visible said...

Beautiful, Neko.

bholanath said...

Yes, Neko - thank you.

m_astera said...

I'm with you pretty much, Neko.

None of what's coming down now is any sort of news to me either. I would say that I knew most of what I know now about how the world is run by the late 1980s, and I had plenty of clues before that. Some finer detail has been added since, for instance I actually voted in the US presidential election in 2004, after which point I completely gave up on the USA.

Thinking back on it, I have been trying to wake people up to the evil and corruption they are living in since the late 1960s; family, friends, acquaintances, letters to the editor and so on. I'd have to say my success rate has been unimpressive, even with those I have been attempting to inform for forty years. They do NOT wish to know and will do anything to avoid knowing, including Kill the Messenger.

It's not that I've given up speaking my piece, but that I no longer have any hope or expectation of changing anyone. For God's sake, how more obvious can things get?

Just thinking about an old friend who I gave a 9/11 DVD to a few years ago. He watched it with his wife, and there was no doubt that he was convinced it was an inside job, but did it make any difference? No, it didn't. He just wanted to forget about the whole thing and go back to pretending everything was OK.

There is fear and then there is paralyzing fear. The second type is usually related to societal disapproval, what Gurdjieff called "fear of your wife's slipper". It's a strange one, one that back in the 1960s led young men to submit to the draft and let themselves be sent to Vietnam to kill and die rather than face society's disapprobation. They were called brave patriotic heroes, while those with the guts to say hell no were called cowards.

With all of the information that is so freely and readily available, it takes a truly determined fear to remain asleep, and I can't see having much use for anyone that determined to remain ignorant.

If being willing to see what you are looking at and then follow through should prove to be a prerequisite for survival over the next five years or so, probably one of my three children will survive, but no one else in the family stands much of a chance. Same goes for my friends, a few will probably make it, a very few. That's the free-will aspect of our existence. We make our choices and live with the results.

DaveS said...

Neko Kinoshita-

A big meow back at you. Nice post and I get what you're saying... I'm sorry if I in anyway might have offended you, that wasn't my intention, and I don't believe I did... but the internet thingy can get weird when we're trying to have a conversation that would probably make more sense and be better accomplished while sitting on the top of a nice high mountain away from distractions :) Hopefully with a nice strong cup of lapsang souchong to sip on. Maybe in a dream?

I hear you loud and clear... I think sometimes a 2x4 wouldn't be enough. Maybe a mack truck? I see plenty of people who have really thick skulls – so thick that a deep water oil drill wouldn't penetrate far enough to reach them.

I have plenty of friends who prefer to remain ignorant and do so quite easily.

I got work to do...


m_astera said...

Les, perhaps I'm the General Smedley Butler of street fighters, if Smedley had had his epiphany at age 12. :-)

I've been in enough fights since then and I don't recall ever getting my ass kicked: it's just that I don't want anything to do with it. I find it stupid. Sometimes it's necessary for self defense, but I've seldom felt good about it afterwards. Glorifying causing pain to others as if someone who can is some sort of admirable person, no. Kinda like the hunters who strap a deer they shot to the hood of their pickup.

Some people do like sparring, just as some like playing rugby; that sort of competition has never attracted me. I like to stay in shape by riding a bicycle, doing hard physical work, lifting weights, climbing rocks, diving in the ocean. To each their own and I don't judge or have any problem with anything as long as the participants are willing, and hopefully having a good time.

Your good cop examples were entertaining but not that typical of cops. The woman parole officer was probably just a minion of the PTB drawing a paycheck. The cop you got high with? Perhaps an undercover narc whose next move was to bust everyone who he had bought drugs from. I just don't like force and threats of force, and I see all established governments in today's world as criminal looters, so I don't have much respect for anyone who helps them loot or takes a share of it.

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up.

Dick and Jane get Crucified on Corfu.>

Neko Kinoshita said...

M_Astera, I relate

Hey DaveS, No offence intended or taken.

The 2X4 is a reference to how the divine will awaken you.
First he/she will touch you gently on the sholder. (I think I'll use "he" for reference)
If that doesn't work he shakes you a bit.
If that doesn't work, he'll shake you a bit harder.
If you are still not awake he'll pick up a 2X4.

I know Les had used this story before, and it wasn't the first time I had heard it then either.

Well, time to get back to pretending I care about the mundane.

Perhaps more from the alley later, time is so short...



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