Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rumblemania Steel Cage Match; Evil vs Evil

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May you never step in shit because of where you deposit it; cold noses in a long coming dawn’.

The last posting from the outpost, wherein I sit at this moment, didn’t agree with me but I don’t ‘do lunch’ anyway, so I may have missed it and my Twitter assistant, that I don’t have, is on vacation. Maybe, maybe not, shoulda, coulda... all those things aside, I’m not a chef, I’m just a cook and usually I don’t eat, if I eat at all. I do maintenance eating. In most cases you would have to think; “what’s eating him”? I’m not most cases.

Ah so, I am doing the panoramic view this morning, which I don’t usually do, going to Fox News, CNN, New York Times and sundry and I see that Rupert’s Fall; a cascading cloaca of shit which overflows Metropolis, wherever Metropolis may be, is absent from Fox and CNN but large elsewhere. I see that Mumbai is large somewhere and then not elsewhere. I note the striking banner of disinfo from msnbc about Jay Rockefeller’s cellphone cramming inquiry; years in the making as the obvious distraction from what seems to have been another botched false flag effort. Something is going haywire in the mainframe... that’s what I think.

It doesn’t add up. Evil always shoots itself in the foot and it is now on display. As the collapse of the dollar rubs up against the news reporting machinery, in reaction to the bankers who are trying to be Chinese acrobats but are not nearly as good as the Chinese, who have got both Pakistan and Iran in their cheeks like a chipmunk, or maybe it looks more like one of those beer garden, German girls carrying six liters of beer; however you picture it, I can just see that career suit, Panetta coming unto the epiphany of his Peter Principle. It’s kind of like, ‘never be the last to leave or the first to arrive’. I’d like to see one of those kung fu video games that feature Leon and Hillary going at it. I could get so creative but I’m a piker compared to the cosmos which is already about that business and showing them the meaning of Cardinal Wolsey’s speech. Yes, savor the moment and there is more to come.

I’m not ambitious. I’m small time and small change and I got rained on (thank you, Tom Waits), so I always look at the peculiarities around me as something to pass by; ambition, jealousy, envy, greed and such do not bother me. Lust is a formidable foe but I try to take the medication. It works most of the time. Then there are those rainy nights in Georgia but I digress. We are watching and more or less involved in astounding circumstances. Those of us who are watching, I suspect, are filled with gratitude that we are not major players in the arena, where you need full bore headgear and all the rest that stuff to get through the day, if you do get through the day...

Remember the Cardinal. You might see him on your windowsill someday and he will sing for you. You can think of the Cardinal as a symbol of something whenever you imagine that you would like to be a player in the arena. It’s a steel cage fight to the death and they do it lifetime after lifetime, bathing themselves in all the dreadful, bloodstained, crimson glory that makes them hard.

Hey! That’s how it goes in the world. There are people that you want to love and there are people you want to fuck and you make your arrangements and hope you don’t get fucked in the process but somebody does, somebody always does, when you are dealing with this kind of clientele and that is the reason that I personally stayed ‘off the game’ unless you’re talking freebees cause I mostly give myself away anyway. Now the drama comes down to how much you have and how much you can lose. You got nothing then you are in no danger of losing it. You got something; it depends on how bad someone else wants it and how capable you are of defending it.

This is the world we live in. It all comes down to what you find to be valuable. Gold is heavy and diamonds shine, so does cut glass but it won’t matter whether it’s gold or tungsten if it glimmers; mixed metaphors with a side of jalapenos. Carry yer mud, ye men of clay, put your back into it! Row! Row!

It was another religious drag queen who said, “kill them all, god will find his own”. It should not be too hard to see the writing on the wall. Look for a whole new world of graffiti that is about to arrive. The key denominator of revolution is when the middle class is pressed to the wall and the wall doesn’t move, at that time the world will tumble. It’s like an automatic coffee machine. It is the signal indicator of ruin. When the middle class is pressed, it makes wine out of the circumstances and in some cases, vinegar with the occasional fine balsamico. You should be hoping you get turned into that.

I am not always everybody’s favorite dinner guest, as an incarnation of Lord Shiva, I am usually on the ‘do not attend’ list for wedding, parties and births. Funerals are fine, no one minds the sorrow or loss side of the equation. It’s the other stuff that concerns them but I party alone in the burial ground after they are gone and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s topsy turvy time in this emerging world and things are about to blow so maybe it would be a good idea to stay indoors and maybe not but the crooks and robbers days are numbered. The dominoes are trembling, you can see the water move as the plastic, pink flamingo bobs up and down on the drink for the girlfriend of Senor Rothschild. Japan could have built their reactor into a safe spot but they took down the mountain to put it up. Somehow, I don’t think the Japanese people were memoed in on it. They won’t stop until they are stopped, as you can see a few years ago when they marched on The City in London, the traders were leaning out of their windows and waving handfuls of banknotes as a fuck you to the people. Israel just did a number on Greece and they’re still looking for a way to kill Erdogan across the way.

You’ve seen these articles about the five places you don’t want to be when the shit hits the fan? You see the cheerleaders for the same old same old, shaking their asses, doing the bitch and ho thing, while a tsunami of otherwise currencies are backing off as you see the beach increase and get longer and wider and all of a sudden there aren’t enough wars to generate enough economy to keep the walking on stilts Uncle Sam up right and whoa, cue Steppenwolf cause they are revving their engines and getting ready to rumble like meth crazed bikers in a Tarantino film. Certain situations require predictable occurrences. The guys that were waving banknotes are now carrying guns; uh huh, not enough bullets. You are going to see some wrenching and twisting that would put Chinese acrobats to shame as people are compelled to explain why they did what they did when they did and the natives are getting restless. The one thing you never want to do is to kill the middle class. They are your barrier of protection from the massive masses, once that’s gone, good luck. Hey, all the people you depend on are those people. They are the people that built your walls and installed your security systems. They do all those things that you don’t do. What are the odds?

I’ve said my piece for the day, it seems that I am writing from dawn to dusk these days but I can’t let this tradition die, even if I do need to work for a living now and again. It can’t always be the same kind of fun we are having here. Right, I don’t have to go out and work for a living. My work is right here. Maybe I should get two computer screens so I know what I’m doing (grin). I think the temperature is about to go up a few levels. We’ll have something a little nicer for you over at Origami tomorrow.

End transmission.......

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Alan Jong said...


The Cosmic Player said...

"Lust is a formidable foe but I try to take the medication. It works most of the time."......Amen to that!!!!

A.Mouser said...

Great post Les!

Keep on calling it like you see it. Sanity is a good and welcome oasis on this SS Untruth after the ice event.

Sincerely, Mouser

Anonymous said...

Yes, I feel it coming, also. Strange, the "elite" actually act like nothing is wrong.
Are they that oblivious to what is happening?
Do they plan on living literally, underground for a period of time?

Visible said...

That's just in the commnets section. I'm nobody important and I also tatlk about God too much and that pisses everybody in the control booth off; control booth? heh heh

Anonymous said...

"writing from dawn to dusk" ...

nighty night. don't forget the garlic.

Neko Kinoshita said...

No worries,

It's nice enough as it is.

None of us are important enough, except in the sight of who loves us.


Anonymous said...

Selfishly, deliriously -

Le Wiz - yep, that's my name for you today. So great to have you back sooner than later.

Prayers for Mumbai.

Observing the complete elimination of 7/7 talk with Murder err Murdoch mania, ending which resumes the Mumbai attacks, Afghan President Hamid (I am on to you) Karzai's brother assasination and west coast parading of the innocent little wittle royals babies. Poor Will, does Kate always have that perma-grin?

Thank you M-I5/6, M-ossad

Much love and Love is the Ultimate Heroism,


Anonymous said...

psycho against supremacist
genoside verses evil
cold ambition verses cold heart
illegal overthrows unequal
warmonger fights hatred
leaders dragged by fear
financial systems assasinated
the truths a fatal spear
burning lies evaporate
at the lair of all the stars
the forces of integrity
vitalitys living charge
rising on a moment
a gust of rolling wind
through the house of ill repute
a raging lion spring


Anonymous said...

"The Illuminati operating in the guise of the Jacobins forced the regime change historians call the French Revolution (1789). During the Russian Revolution they masqueraded as the Bolsheviks. Today they brag they are behind the Middle East revolutions. So maybe we should believe them."

So what are the Rothschild crime family up to now? Bankrupting America, Europe, collapsing all fiat currencies, sitting on 500 billion in real gold bullion in Switzerland, straw-manning China as the West's adversary.

How DSK and Murdoch's outing and demise is tied into SDR implementation and one world government is a valid question.

The internet, 9/11 and WRC7 are THE reason we the people of the world even are aware of what is going on from Rothschilds side.

Anonymous said...

angry old disunion
complicated old confuse
disturbing misdirection
disfunctional abuse
misuse of unconcerning
misintepreted discord
institutions of disrespect
greed against the walls
in the halls of everlasting
the ebb and flow inside
tide of all things change
to freedom to reside
lies are just extinguished
at the gates of all aware
fairer minds are conscious
medicine will repair


Anonymous said...

That's the way of the world.
The easy part is removing ones self.
As a recently 'dearly departed' once said – Just say no!


Anonymous said...

Mumbai blast in diamond district;

"Unlike earlier multiple bomb attacks on the city, no radical organisation has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. However, suspicion fell once again on the Indian Mujahideen (IM), an underground terrorist group sworn to avenge the massacre of hundreds of Muslims in the neighbouring state of Gujarat."

Translation: Mossad.
Mossad was sent in by Rothschild/israel to use force against the Indian diamond (and gold) traders to make them do as the NWO zionists command. And of course blaming the murders on their enemies just as in 9/11.

This is all getting too obvious - n'est pa?

Is this

Anonymous said...

calm of in paradise
palms of all sea
lift of the birds
flight of all free
breeze of five mountains
weaving sunlight
shining of harmonys
rivers drawn might
climbing like fountains
vibrance effects
addorned in the patterns
full loving respect
protecting the people
guiding the dawn
of forming in paradise
of unity born


Just wondering said...


What does the "Is this" added on to the bottom of the Anon 11:56 comment mean?

the grappling caballero said...

The money terrorists are going after Italy's gold now. Love how those "rebels" in Libya set up a goldman sachs style bank. I'm glad I don't have a pot to piss in and am not tied down to Sally Suckemsilly and some kids screaming feed me.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that on Tuesday, the group "Anonymous" will be releasing documents of "communications" that will light our hair on fire. I don't know if it is the real Anonymous group or the fake one, ie: Assange, that is behind it.

Blessings to everyone

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Often I feel a little affection for Lord Shiva..

A much finer person might be so fortunate as to associate with Lord Shiva every day!

Om Namah Shivaya!
Sri Gopeshwar Mahadeva ki Jai!

Visible said...

Sxactly what it says, it is a coninuation of the thought without a ? while remanining a ?

Visible said...

I think (but I don't know).

est said...

i would
have to answer
in the affirmative

this is

but may

it may
not be

Visible said...

the thing about being on the cutting edge is that almost no one is there. they are busy with the economic compromise facsimile stabbing the thing with spoons and forks. one doesn't do it dor the money because it only comes late or never but, talk about vatching a wave. to each their own.

SouthHungary said...

Yes,take out the middle class,but the arrogant fools fail to see they are the only line of defence against the mass-so well said.

Anonymous said...

"the grappling caballero said...

The money terrorists are going after Italy's gold now(1). Love how those "rebels" in Libya set up a goldman sachs style bank(2). I'm glad I don't have a pot to piss in(3) and am not tied down to Sally Suckemsilly(4) and some kids(5) screaming feed me."

Your words caught my eye - worth a comment(s);

(1) Exactly. NWO zionists are sitting on 500 billion in real gold bullion in Switzerland. They need to collapse all fiat currencies and control all large amounts of gold in order to implement the SDR as a one world currency.

(2) Exactly. The so called "redels" are actually US/Nato supported, Rothschild/israel controlled, NWO zionist useful idiots. The goal is to prevent at any cost (of life) the establishment of the gold Dinar as a vialble currency.

(3) I believe in minimalism. I don't want a pot to piss in.

(4) I believe in love. I would truly cherish a woman to marry.

(5) I have three children and they are the only thing in my life keeping me somewhat stable in these times of universal deceit.

Just wondering said...

Thank you for answering Visible.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's an interesting free e-book about the role of the you-know-who's and their banksters in promoting bloodshed and savagery over the past couple of centuries, especially in the French Revolution and in the Soviet Union.


Most of the violence, degradation and misery falls on the middle and working classes. Eventually the ghouls may destroy each other.

Gypsy said...

" follows that those who have the power to ‘create’ out of nothing all the money in each country and the whole world and lend it as stated, have total power over all states, parties, firms, radio, press, individuals and so on. Therefore the powers or Parliament are largely ephemeral … The power of Parliament in general, and especially with regard to money, is non-existent, and all the true sovereignty is in the hands of those private individuals who issue all money and determine its value and distribution.”

Gypsy said...

"The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men….—and these few men are the heirs of those who long ago laid the foundation for the takeover of the entire world! … bankers such as the Rockefellers, the House of Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Kuhn Loeb & Co., Lehman Brothers, are among those bankers who have tremendous interest in the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve has never had a public audit and all too often has acted in complete defiance of the Constitution of the United States…” It should also be mentioned that membership of the Board of the Federal Reserve has never been divulged officially; and that all the Chief Executive officers of ‘The Fed’ since its formation have been Jews. (Alan Greenspan is the latest.)"

Gypsy Scholar said...

"In fact, as we know, the only people to benefit from “One World” will be the Jewish International Bankers who will control its monetary and economic system and, thereby, control the World Government."

This above fact is infinitely important for every living person on earth to completely understand.

reenie said...

Visible said...

I'll let it pass this time but don't come around thowing up a link that isn't even hotlinked as well as being anonymous without making some kind of comment to accompany it with and causing me to have to take the time to write this. No more of these are allowed without accompaniement.

Visible said...

new Origami-

Sunglasses of Serendipity.

Ready to rumble said...

"What has been created by the Money-Changers is not life, and is in fact anti-life for over ninety-per-cent of the people on the planet." Kirwan

Anonymous said...

dyutam chalayatam asmi
“I am also the gambling of the cheats…”
Bhagavad-gita 10.36

Unknown said...

For one thing, I LOVED your Jambalaya post, and the religious drag queen who wiped the Albigensians was Arnaud Amaury. We joke about 'im often enough. I even wrote a short story called, 'Cook 'Em All, Let The Chef Sort 'Em Out', based on Amaury's slogan redone on that military t-shirt of: 'Kill 'Em All. Let God Sort 'Em Out'.

If the Cathars had been allowed to live and grow, me thinks we'd have a better world, but the best are always slain, aren't they. Then again, do people like that even NEED physical existence any more? Their eradication isn't their loss. Them and their knowledge is the loss of those of the livin'.

ROCK ON, DUDE!!!!!!!!

Ray B. said...

Hi, Vis.

Every once in a while, someone's comment just leaps out at me; almost 'framed' for my attention. This just did it for me:

"The one thing you never want to do is to kill the middle class. They are your barrier of protection from the massive masses, once that’s gone, good luck."

Great writing and insight.

The thing that I am curious about is whether this 'kill the middle class' is conscious from the upper earthly bad-guy side, i.e., they know and accept what you said and WANT to 'sacrifice' their own underlings. (Uppers emerging intact later.)

Or, do the uppers actually WANT to go down with the ship, too, in a kind of Ragnarok-style ending, to 'end up' with their god?

Or, is it a case of where the uppers WANT to get things so bad that it spreads to the uppers? So, the gods (in this instance, their god) have to 'manifest in' to contain it? (I am remembering a true tale within Yogananda's first book where two young boys in a religious fervor decide to decapitate one of them in order to 'force' Shiva to intervene.)

Of course, in the end, it is what All-God intends (or, our Higher Self and Beyond, if you wish). Can't help but speculate, though.

Be well...

Visible said...

New Smoking Mirrors-

Dog Poet Transmitting The Apocalypse.



Joseph Brenner

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