Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When the Music's over it Turns into Shit

An introductory disclaimer; I realize that this posting may not sit well with everyone but I suspect that’s true of all of my work. Once I left Woodstock, NY for a few years and during that time a friend of mine rose to a certain prominence in the town and as a result he knew a lot of people. He was good friend and I let him know I was coming back and he went around and announced it to a lot of people. After I arrived, he said to me, “Wow! I never knew... people either really, really like you or they really, really don’t like you”. He asked the people who didn’t like me why that was and they really didn’t know except to say occasionally, “It’s those things that he says”. I’d had this long running TV show in the town and in NYC too and I was a little more radical than I am now but I was younger too and that was also the format; socio-political commentary of a comedic and satirical bent. You’ll see some examples shortly, since I’m going to put a number of them online. Anyway, though you may be fans of the medium I will be trashing, I hope you will see beyond that to the possibility of the connections I will try to make.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

In the course of my travels I came across this and this too. We well know that the Synagogue of Satan controls the music industry and we can speculate that the word is out among all of the entertainers ‘allowed’ to be in the business, not to comment on wars and anything else that the ones running things don’t want them commenting on. One can also assume that those entertainers permitted to be heard and known, are selected for the qualities of self-interest, banality and a propensity for the enjoyment of dark shit. The majority of them are sell-outs in every sense of the word and that makes them whores for the money and the lifestyle.

Hip Hop and Rap are basically a black thang with a lot of white wannabes and acolytes of many colors who like that machismo, ‘bitches and ho’s and bling’ construct and the celebration of guns and murder as a rite of passage into manhood, without actually reaching it. On the female end, it’s either banality or slutwork and that’s now celebrated in gatherings and demonstrations in defense of sluthood. This is primarily because materialism debases the feminine principle, while also seeking to inject it sexually into the male population for the performance of it. Once again, one can look at the listing of the members of The Tribe, who control every gay organization and sometimes are exclusively on the boards of directors. I’m not seeking to diminish anyone who has particular attractions. We all go through this at some point, just as we are all born of every color and religion, so that we can see that the one is unimportant and that the other is the same thing, peddling a different suit of clothes. I’m talking about ‘programmed agendas’ and all you have to do is look at the MSM on any given day and you will see this cause highlighted, as if it were more important than wars, poverty, famine or anything else you can bring up.

Now they have taken this skewered putsch of multiculturalism and enforced sexual politicization and injected it into the minds of people like that fellow from Norway, convincing him that it’s the product of Muslims and other targeted groups, when in fact it is almost totally promoted by the Zionist chosen people agenda that he killed all those people in the defense of. They need to put ‘clueless and stupid’ on his headstone because apparently he was to dumb to catch on to it.

One can go back to the slave trade into the new world and see the stamp of The Tribe, named in the captain’s logs of the day. There’s a video out on it too. You may not care for the man who did it but that’s not the point. The point is, is it true? This brings me to the involvement of The Tribe in the black neighborhoods for decades as slum lords and pawn shop operators and in the theft of profits and copyrights of black musicians. Asians have now moved into certain areas of commercial operation that were once the exclusive province of The Tribe but then they’ve moved up into more global efforts of world enslavement. I mention this because it would be a good thing if black artists were a little more familiar with what’s been happening to them. There’s only Farrakhan who makes it public and we know how he’s perceived for his truthfulness.

I’m on record any number of times for not damning a whole race (if race it is) for the profligate activities of some, much to the chagrin of those who jump on my case for not doing so but my research and experience have proven certain things to me and that’s just how it is. That won’t spare me anything but that’s not what I’m about. If something is true, then it’s true and all I ask is that any and all prove it otherwise rather than resort to ad hominems in lieu of argument but... they don’t have a defensible argument, do they?

Anyone, who by this time, does not know that Israel and those intelligence services that they corrupted over time were behind 9/11 is a fool or a coward. Anyone who prefers a lie because they think their survival is based on it is also a fool and a coward and deserves being proven otherwise. The list of offenses committed against the global community by Israel and their central bankers is immense and impressive and it’s been going on for a long time and the founding of Israel was for no other reason than to give a sovereign legitimacy to a world wide crime organization.

The control of the media grants control of the culture. The control of the money flow grants control of society and nations and is the breeding ground for all wars for profit by those controlling these functions. The control of the art world grants a further control over the lives of the peoples of the world and it also controls the messages in the music and the lifestyles that adapt out of it.

One of the greatest ironies is that the world’s biggest group of blockheads, the fundamentalist Christian, is the reservoir for canon fodder for wars against themselves and any enemy defined by those who perverted their scriptures to accomplish this. If there’s a poster boy for bone dead stupid it is them. They can’t be reasoned with under any circumstances. They are brain dead zombies who march into spiritual corruption and war, to the music of Hell, constructed by those who seek to destroy them and who attack their symbols and lives relentlessly each day and which is patently obvious. Neither their god nor their Jesus actually ever existed except as a mask for the evil one who operates through their religion, with ongoing amusement at their incredible blindness to what should be obvious and is not, at least to them.

I can’t stand Rap or Hip Hop and I leave the area if I hear it. I’m not fond of a number of things and these are two of them. You might like these things and that doesn’t mean anything to me. Each of us has the freedom of choice to enjoy what we enjoy until we don’t anymore and that’s how I see it. I’m just stating a personal preference. All art comes out of the sexual force at some level of sublimation. In a time of materialism it is an in your face dynamic of intensifying perversity until whenever it reaches its limit or the natural and supernatural forces that be have had enough of it.

To understand anything in this world, all one has to do is study the sex force and how it differs from culture to culture and religion to religion in the practice and suppression of it. In some rare instances channeling applies but that would be an anomaly. Present day cultures under the darkness of materialism promote license as freedom and one is encouraged to exhaust and destroy themselves under the banner of their right to express themselves by wasting their forces in the service of that which consumes them in their weakness.

You can look at contemporary diet; education, interests and entertainments, or any example and see what’s taking place and you can even see what the inescapable result of the various practices and performances of all of it will lead to. These cultures and nations cannot endure given the direction they are headed in. You are looking at the death throes of millions and the death rattle is the music and also the approved soundtrack for what is taking place. You are literally dancing to the beat of your own destruction. You can tell me it’s not that bad and you can tell me it’s not that way but rather than tell me anything, take off your blinders and take a good look and pull together all of the seemingly disparate things which are and observe the whole cloth of which it is collectively woven.

We are all either involved in what is destroying us or engaged in preparation for what will replace what cannot continue under any circumstances. To paraphrase an immortal quote, the proper and essentially important, primary study of humanity is our self.

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A.Mouser said...

Great words Visible.

I would never recommend 'Fitty cent' to anyone, especially my daughters.

I stumbled upon this quote a couple of days ago;

"Christian Zionists don't worship Jesus, they worship Jews."

Powder dry.


Sim said...

Do you know Harry Hutton Visible?

He beat you to this by nearly six years...

Great post by the way. I mean yours, not Hutton's...

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
I've been grappling with the Jew thing again these last few days and I admit to
"falling off the wagon" in old testament nutter fashion quite often about it but I think of David Cole and that sets me right again.


Visible said...

Sim, that guy is pretty funny although brief; not a bad thing.

Patrice Stanton said...

"Anyone, who by this time, does not know that Israel and those intelligence services that they corrupted over time were behind 9/11 is a fool or a coward."

My first reaction to this is (again) an eyeroll. Maybe because I "don't want to believe it." BUT...I am open to facts (ie 'the truth') and will read anything to get to Truth. If you have post(s) with links please let me know. Much appreciated.

I agree with the overall content of the article and look forward to reading the linked Occidental Observer post as I, too, am an artist (graphic design, watercolorist,etc.) and abhor the destruction of the Fine Arts which I have studied the history of for decades. By the way the Destroyers of Fine Art have made no secret of their plans, which began in earnest at the turn of the 20th century...

And how I wish to God your mention of "Christians-as-cannon-fodder" (in their own destruction) weren't true...

Patrice Stanton

Anonymous said...

The list of jew owners of the slave ships bringing Africans to America . . . interesting.

The slave ship "Expedition" was owned by the jews John and Jacob Roosevelt.


Where have I heard that name before?

Anonymous said...

"... dance on fire it intends."

rap and hip hop; low brow corporate lackey materialism masquerading as righteous (urban) anger. fails any litmus test for actual music. expressionism at best, art is in the mind's eye of the beholder?

Ho hum...

Visible said...

Patrice... Here you go, all the proof in the world.

Anonymous said...

i think you know this but the "presidents" were/are mk ultra slaves. not sure when it began since most of the preceding ones acted like it.

i'm sure you know this but the plan was to build this country up, at the expense of the world, so the sheep would become service to self, intensely. how diabolical they are as it couldn't have been more effective. of course such selfish people would never risk their lives for the good of the many and stop the criminal syndicate, as is our duty.

you're prob read these books too:
cathy o'brien: trans-formation america
brice taylor: thanks for the memories
nick bryant: the franklin scandal

i can see the ones awakening are truly becoming one. often, what you write is exactly what's been going on in my mind that no longer has a name. you're the one that transmits it.

covkid said...

Hi Les and all,

@Patrice, Try this concerning the London 7/7 bombings.

covkid said...

And this,

Anonymous said...

"Anyone, who by this time, does not know that Israel and those intelligence services that they corrupted over time were behind 9/11 is a fool or a coward. Anyone who prefers a lie because they think their survival is based on it is also a fool and a coward and deserves being proven otherwise."

Thanks for these words and this post Les. The apocalypse continues, which is where the hope lies.

kikz said...

i must've done something right by my kids..

they can't stand that 'crapWrap'.. as they call it.

they know the backstory on the push; who's behind it and why.

Claire said...

Well said.
I have a question that maybe you could comment on. I have tried getting an answer from the horse's mouth, but the horse remains silent.

I agree, people who buy the 9-11 lie are stupid, or serving an agenda. Which category do you think Ron Paul falls into? Why does everyone make a special category for him? I was behind him 100% last time, but he remained silent through the entire "We got bin Laden" debacle, complete with assassination of the Christian cannon fodder that carried out that mission. His silence is no more acceptable than anyone else's, to me.

Anonymous said...

Judaism is neither a race or a religion, it is Xenophobic Tribalism.
A person unduly fearful or contemptuous of that which is foreign, especially of strangers or foreign peoples.
1. The organization, culture, or beliefs of a tribe.
2. A strong feeling of identity with and loyalty to one's tribe or group.

Best definition I ever found.

Odin's Raven said...

Let's acknowledge the great poet Alexander Pope; in whose Essay on Man, Epistle II
the quote occurs:

Know, then, thyself, presume not God to scan;
The proper study of mankind is man.
Placed on this isthmus of a middle state,
A being darkly wise, and rudely great:
With too much knowledge for the sceptic side,
With too much weakness for the stoic’s pride,
He hangs between; in doubt to act, or rest;
In doubt to deem himself a god, or beast;
In doubt his mind or body to prefer;
Born but to die, and reasoning but to err;
Alike in ignorance, his reason such,
Whether he thinks too little, or too much:
Chaos of thought and passion, all confused;
Still by himself abused, or disabused;
Created half to rise, and half to fall;
Great lord of all things, yet a prey to all;
Sole judge of truth, in endless error hurled:
The glory, jest, and riddle of the world!

Odin's Raven said...

Regarding Jewish participation in the slave trade; whilst some attention is given to the Atlantic trade in negroes, very little notice is taken of their prominence in the far older and longer lasting trade of white slaves, largely to Islamic areas.

See for instance
which mentions modern continuation of similar practices. It is also well known that Israel is the centre of the modern sex-trafficing 'white slave' trade of Eastern European women.

Here's a short summary of Jewish prominence in recent criminal activity.

kikz said...

interesting article i ran across on music.. frm graham hancock's site...

Anonymous said...

Les you have a large view of social links and events Love hearing your take.

We all have ears that hear different things. Im tellin ya old school hip hop, which is totally a black urban thing, and is very worth it. Thats not to say todays verson of hip hop is worth a dime.

You nailed it with the female image thing. So it is, when a tribe forgets its mother it forgets its past and future at the same time.

You see old hip hop is just rappin or flowing the past with stuff happening in the now. Its not music per say, its talk?

Cool beans?

Love Your Life

Mongo said...

Mongo not agree with some of the stuff said, but you cant have it all.. :b

I like the way your mind works,
We are on different paths...
but we have a similar view of materialism in common.

I have enjoyed your writing style, and biting wit for its audacity.

Yer Pal, Mongo...

Anonymous said...

Funny..., I prayed for Hey Suess and Ganesha arrived laughing; hysterically I might add.

I Thank Source for the properties in fungus in removing poison.

Your friend and brother,


katz said...

I love rap. if you understand it's anger, you will learn a lot from the good rappers like Eminem and Fiftycent. Those like Kanya West and Jay Z have gone to the dark side, as has Rianna. Lots of people like to diss these artists, but that is bc they don't understand. For one thing, Eminem agrees w Les. He has written songs about all this. That's why they didn't give him the Grammys that he earned. he was their top seller and they avoided him due to his work. He was pissed, and had a fit at the Grammys that year, and opted out for a while, until lately, when he came out w a good CD. the one bf, he freely admits sucked badly.
As for Fiftycent? he has a lot to say about poverty and youth in this country. It's not just a Black thing, either.
OK, I see how some old people hate rap bc they don't get it. I understand, bc I am old, but I do get it.
Bf you knock someone's work, you should give it a fair shot and listen to what the artist is saying. There is something to hear. I used to listen to Eminem, on my way to court. it would always make me more aggressive, as a lawyer, and that is what I needed to incite me to win my case.
Fiftycent's work has had me dancing for years.
Michael Jackson, and many other artists were murdered by the managers/agents/contractors who run the mafia in entertainment. Michael Jackson spoke out against them. His video "They don't care about us" is all about it. He named names. it turns out that he was not a pedophile, his sony songbook was the stake.
it's not only him that was murdered, either. there is a long list of them.

anyway, just sayin

Visible said...

To each their own. Your problem is that somehow you think I'm supposed to agree with you because you heard something that I didn't. I'm not supposed to hear anything I don't hear and you're welcome to what you do hear. I can dig through a massive landfill of shit and find something valuable but I chose not to expend that effort when I can already hear something far more valuable through the wind in the trees. We have different priorities and different muses; nothing is wrong with either so long as it satisfies what you require for what you believe is real. At some point what is actually real sorts itself out from the rest and the likelihood is that neither of our perspectives are representative.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les, if that's how it is, then that's how it is, thank you for saying so.

It's such a multi layered onion that we eventually peel, this sad world, but as in certain accounts of spiritual enlightenment, we eventually meet the lions roaring at the gates and we are too afraid to pass. So the many are hanging outside waiting for those animals to go away in denial of their existence.

The rest as you pointed out yesterday are whores to those you cited today, be it in music. government or banking. Should the Israelis and Jewish people around the world discover the truth about their fellow citizens and their heinous activities would they still support them? We might discover the answer to this.

Andrew of Sydney

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse because don't wanna give 'em
more than i have to.
Sorry for those promoting rap as valid
youthful political expression, you are halfwitz.
Showbizz-Madison Avenue-sinister manipulators
are encouraging the deecline of society with
this ignorant, demonic stupid shit pumped
through the subwoofers into the minds of
young idiots who think they have something
to really complain about, force-fed by the
show-bizz manipulator Satanists.
A young fat blak girl on a college campus
asked me if i wanted to help campaign for
Obama's re-election. how utterly clueless
and therefore useless the young slaves really
are! WE have allowed this corruption to
destroy our USA and apparently the world.
Just what we need, a hip-hop aggressive lawyer
to assist his courtroom thefts --for-food.

Anonymous said...

Here's a heart-warmer!

"The Bank of England recently received a request from the Venezuelan government about transferring the 99 tons of gold Venezuela holds in the bank back to Venezuela, said a person familiar with the matter. A spokesman from the Bank of England declined to comment whether Venezuela had any gold on deposit at the bank." That's great, but not really a gamechanger. After all the BOE should have said gold. What could well be a gamechanger is that according to an update from Bloomberg, Venezuela has gold with, you guessed it, JP Morgan, Barclays, and Bank Of Nova Scotia. As most know, JPM is one of the 5 vault banks. The fun begins if Chavez demands physical delivery of more than 10.6 tons of physical because as today's CME update of metal depository statistics, JPM only has 338,303 ounces of registered gold in storage. Or roughly 10.6 tons. A modest deposit of this size would cause some serious white hair at JPM as the bank scrambles to find the replacement gold, which has already been pledged about 100 times across the various paper markets. Keep an eye on gold in the illiquid after hour market.

Anonymous said...

well said Visible,
I'm with you 100%
dead on

from a remote area in Oregon

Anonymous said...


you still rock. ;-)

seems cliff high, george ure and you
have all had .gov hack attacks these
past few days.

yet we are still here.

Powers that were. As it was.

DogStar S.

Denny said...

Talking of slave ships, even the original design for ships' propellers was stolen from the rightful inventor by a guy named "Bauer", who not only left him destitute but didn't even furnish him with the return fare back to his native country. "Bauer"...Hmmm...I've heard that name before...

Anonymous said...

I have become a lover of poets

from a remote area of Oregon

spright said...

thanks vis!
we are all rapping here i think.
its a varied form of work.
Claire, i here what you say about Paul. i wondered too, maybe he is playing by the "rules" to get past the sentries at the gate.
his record says he reps for "We The People" so why not?
some issues can't hold front & center until he IS front and center.

thanks for all, and all for one

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm, think,...'if I only had a brain...'

I could be a rock musician,
with major label distribution,
snizzel with the chosen few.
My life would be so merry,
oh so extraordinary,
if I only knew a Jew.

I could while away the hours
high up in my ivory towers.
I'd never sing the blues.
I'd never have to worry,
never steal nor beg nor borry,
if I only knew a Jew.


Rob in WI said...

Love it; you're getting down to the nutcutting. Even included a disclaimer, for those who might be offended, by your explanation of what's going on. Keep on getting more specific, since you've stated that time is running short (I agree), and its time to lay it on the line. I'd encourage anyone who hasn't, to read the Protocols. The virulent infection, meant to spread worldwide, is described. Thanks, and be well, everyone.

Bruce Hayden said...

Claire and spright: I think it's pretty obvious that Ron Paul has
figured out that he can't talk about 9/11. I, a commoner, emailed him several times in late 2006 urging him to run. I was angry at his avoidance of this elephant in the room for several years. If he did
question it he would have no more chance of getting elected than you or I. Never mind the electronic voting machines. Just think of some large portions of his base and what their beliefs are. As it is, he faces many large obstacles
to getting elected and then staying alive.

All that said, I personally don't think there will be elections in 2012. I think the tenth anniversary
of 9/11 is just too much for the dark powers to pass up. Obomba might declare himself puppet for life.

We sent 1200 heavily armed troops into Mexico months ago 'to help fight the drug war'. About six weeks or so ago we sent in another 1200 and their mission statement was extended until the end of September)Perhaps I'm paranoid but I think they will be on the border for a specific reason that doesn't have anything to do with the drug war. Anyone else been thinking about this one?

Anonymous said...


Better me than you Les.

No problem with folks 'rappin' out their grievances, only that they're getting paid for it.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

It's been CRAP with a silent 'C' since the beginning for me with that "genre".

Truth first, consequences later is my motto, with a golden rule "not in someones face", which speaks to intents.

Reseraching from Jabob's comment in prior LV post, I looked up the
The Bob
, I'd been meaning to previously.
yep, Bob Zimmerman, singing for Israel (another one bites the dust in my esteem and litmus testing methadology these days). It wouldn't be so bad or suss if he came out with it, Boy George style I suppose hehe., but what would I know, I stay away from shit more and more these days and always did to some extent. And what better days they are becoming, particulary on the potential side of things. we'll see. at least some of us.

(post-script disclaimers, the 'usual disclaimers' I call most of them).

wv proth. potentially rothfull divinity, or promised (only) gruel for Oliver Twist. Please sir, can we have some more. But which Sir?

siamsam said...

Yes Mr Vis, that is exactly how I see things. All one has to do is look around.

Your writings certainly confirm my observations...

Freddamedgjedda said...

I usually respond when Les mentions hip hop/rap. I fully respect that some people don't like it. I personally don't like soft-rock and country... (I am sorry but that is true, not to be mean!!!) But I do know that there are whores, as well as desent people who make that kind of music... And good lyrics are good lyrics...

I have been listening to rap-music since I was 7-8 years old. I am the standard rap-fan: white, graffiti artist(punk)/skater/pot-head/rebel. Now I am well educated in constructions,and I still listen to rap-music, but none of the artists mentioned here. I listen to truth-seeking and truth-speaking rap-music.(as I see it)

I also search relentlessly for truth, and when I come to new understandings, (all the time) I try to correct my behavior and my paradigm. I love to be proven wrong or limited in my understanding, because that means I have the opportunity to learn something.

Rap means to speak. Hip Hop is not the music. Hip Hop is the kulture, rap-music is one of the expressions of hip hop kulture. Breaking,beatboxing,graffiti,street language, street fashion,DJ-ing... All part of the KULTURE with a K! There is a difference few people recognice. Most have not even heard this before.

Hip-hop as a culture has been approved by the United Nations! Did you all get that? It is an approved kulture. I am allowed to call myself a hiphopper if I agree with the kulture, I DO NOT HAVE TO LISTEN TO; OR EVEN LIKE RAP-MUSIC.

Here is the Hip Hop Declaration Of Peace:

Why are there so few that know this? So many people have opinions about Hip Hop but most don't even know what the term means. Hip Hop started as an ANTI-MAINSTREAM expression in the poor urban areas, who were populated by mostly african-americans. The Stop the Violence Movement was started in 1989, by the same people who are known as some of the pioneers of the Hip Hop Kulture. Hip Hop has since evolved into a full blown kulture. Recognise this, and then we can have some meaningful discussions on the topic.

That said, I also think that many of the so called pioneers sold out, like Big Daddy Kane, 2pac(biggest sellout of all)(most likely gay, and a freemason), Ice cube, The Roots(Common) and sooooooo many more!!!

I also think Jay-Z is a joke, either a wannabe- or full blown satanist. Nas has tried to make some conscious records lately, but I really don't know what to think of him(I think he is controlled opposition). KRS-One keeps on delivering eye-opening truths and insights, and his records keeps getting better and better IMO, but he may also be a hidden mason, but he is saying a bunch of cool stuff!! He does kind of pass the 9/11 litmus test! The song is called "Bush knocked down the towers". But maybe it should be called "Mossad knocked down the Towers". I really don't know!

Here are some of the artist I listen to, and I listen for content, and delivery both.

Immortal Technique
Loop Troop
Non Phixion
Dilated Peoples

Visible said...

I'm not printing the bad spelling anonymous comment because it's moronic and pointless. You couldn't even spell Willie Nelson and I never heard of Fred Reed so how could I possibly rip him off. Here's a clue, generalized literary ideas are not patentable or capable of copyright or no one could write a book now. You don't make any sense and my comment about fundie Christians is a wide area and I doubt whoever this Fred Reed is that he has a monopoly on talking about them.

As for the comment on rap music, all I said was I can't stand and I can't. I noted that others like it and it's no problem for me that they do. I acknowledge that like needles in a hay stack there is some good writing out there but the pounding monotony of it makes me feel like a wolverine is trying to fuck me in the ear and turn my brain into mush so I flee when I hear it out of self defense. there are people that appreciate all kinds of things that I'm not into and it seldom troubles me except in those cases where I consider it flat out wrong. The knock on my music is pointless because I never try to pass myself off as a musician in the first place and once I'm done with it I rarely listen to it, or anything else. the point of my songs is the message in them and I have never heard the same sort of thing in rap. I listened to some of it in the beginning but it just bored me because of the machine gun blast of whatever and the constant looping of the same sounds. I don't like ballet or opera either though I like some arias. can't stand those things or musicals usually or modern art which isn't art and poetry slams which are juvenile and uninspired, or performance art which generally sucks and generally is seeking a pornographic epiphany. I don't like religions or governments or cities or crowds but many people insist on these things and love being there or being involved in them, that's their choice. I've made mine.

Anonymous said...

Fred Reed and Joe Bageant (RIP) were best of friends.

Fred is quite good in that rarefied literary pasture of what I call neo-Americana.

katz said...

I understand someone having a bad day, but it appears that everytime I try to communicate, everyone, including you, Les, is hostile. watch out, that attitude will ruin your life. it's as if you want the world to fall apart, and you can't wait until everything is trashed. meanwhile, you trash even people who see your point.
Someone said some nasty thing about my lawyering, as if I am immoral or worthless. I help a lot of people, everyday. I put my money, time and effort where by mouth is, and try to help others everyday. What have you done for others? go ahead and generalize some more. next time, maybe call me names. I'm used to it, I used to argue w zionist trolls on aol message boards, back 9 years ago. It's just ironic that those who are seeing the light speak in darkness and mean spirited hate.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time to mention the "Inside Laurel Canyon" by Dave McGowen articles again, Vis. It's been a while. The lead-up history is covered there. Newer readers may not know. covers the symbolism details.

It's not just rap that symbolizes the "synagogue of satan."


Jody Paulson said...

I'll always respect Eminem for putting out "Mosh" just before the 2004 elections. Considering the times, it was a pretty brave thing to do.

The first 9-11 truth song I ever heard was "What would you do" by Paris, which came out a year or two after the attacks. So not all rap is crap.

Denny said...

Patrice Stanton 4:41:00 PM

Inside the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art there's a grotesque looking goat on display with an old car tyre around its body.

Isn't the goat a representation of satan? And isn't having a (burning) tyre around the body symbolical of being a traitor?

Anonymous said...

Hip hop 'culture'. Rap 'music'.

It's been sold-out, bought-out, co-opted, prepackaged, niche-marketed, and consumed like any other junk food that's been laced with an alphabet soup of chemical preservatives, flavor enhancers, emulsifiers and artificial colorings and artificial flavorings.

It's got as much to do with anything real as pringles potato chips have to do with vichyssoise.

Same can be said for any other whored-out aspect of pop culture.

Like Mr. Visibilities said, if you dig around in a landfill you're bound to find a few things of real value.

It just depends on where you want to direct your energies.


kikz said...

mornin les..

inre fred reed... unc' fred, as i call him.. an old friend of the now passed joe bageant.

he's a one eyed nam vet, author of some funny books, grew up po/white in w. va; lives in guadalajara.. maintains a couple of blogs.

i love unc' fred for his stance on kids joinin the mil... to nutshell... " we were rubes once, too."

only thing about fred i hav a prob w/is is stance on israhell. he sees no prob w/it or much of anything it does, which is worrisome.

possibly 'bad speller', is referencing a recent post of freds' inre the quality of our music.. rather, the lack thereof, as indicative of culture-slouch...

silly that the bad speller can't recognize; it's not plagiarism for aware peepz to discuss a ubiquitous thing, music, and its influence on us...

read him for years, he can

Neko Kinoshita said...

I don’t care for Rap, although there may have been one or two I thought were good.
I don’t much like most country either, but there have been exceptions.
I can’t stand most “pop” music, and that’s been true for a half-century.

“I like rock, I like soul, I like rock but I never liked disco.”

I like musicals, and opera, but a lot of it isn’t worth the effort to listen.
I studied and enjoy much classical music, but a lot of it is REALLY boring.

“90% of everything is crap.” Choosing what to sift through for the gems is personal selection, yes?

“Hip-hop as a culture has been approved by the United Nations!” kinda says it all.
Hillbilly culture doesn’t need to be approved by anyone, not even us hillbillies.


Anonymous said...

I don't like labels, genres and such. I do like some of your tunes Les. I do like most of James McMurtry's work also. I'm not into getting fucked in the ear by wolverines regardless of the label or popularity of it, glad that you're not either.

You can't make this stuff up! said...


Swine are insatiable, it is thought. They eat everything that comes their way and gorge themselves until they die. So do capitalism and Zionism. A broad (and encouraging ) public now agrees about the swinishness of Israeli capitalism; the perception of Zionism as swinish is still the province of a tiny minority in Israel, though not around the world. Zionism and capitalism started differently.

But they all ended up as pigs.

Erik said...

Hmmm, maybe 'rap' is just
a metaphor for something else ...?

"mission accomplished" Vis (grin)

Anonymous said...

911 psy-op is off the msm political table. End of story. I imagine R.P. does not wish to diminish the attendance to his final 'pitch for the angels' in this his last political season.

It's unlikely that he is unfamiliar in any way with 'the problem' that besets us. However I believe his clearly articulated intention to deconstruct the global banksters' (Fed/IRS) domestic interests - those witch fuel both our well oiled war machine and subsequent economic and constitutional demise - goes a long way by short extrapolation toward addressing the power base of self-same 911 perps.

R.P., 'our town' views notwithstanding, is a common sense advocate and country doctor who has a local bias regarding roe v. wade. based on 40+ years of professional child birthing. Think I'll give him a pass on that one, and hope he doesn't get so close to the actual 'office' that he becomes silenced on all issues.

p.s. - again, it's all about the forum ... as no policies of import (or export) have originated from within '1600' since 1963.

Visible said...

Have you ever considered that there's something wrong with the way you communicate? You have an unnecessarily sharp edge and you exaggerate too when it doesn't suit you to simply be precise. Nothing I said measures up against what you just said so I'd call that overkill. You're mention of all your good works and the lack of mine with absolutely no knowledge of my life speaks volumes but I don't go around listing what I do. That's between me and God.

Erik said...


Vis is reacting to someone who's comment did not get published here ;)

namuh v0h.0h said...

It's all just perspective.

Back in the day, being an adventurous soul, I explored many music genres as I became aware of them. After exploring 'punk' for awhile, I was about to give up on it as angry noisy stuff. The media juiced this opinion with articles that hyped the angry, the alienated & prejudiced (makes for a good story); Though, it turned out not to be representatively true.

In the early 80s, a friend turned me on to 3 albums: Talking Heads '77', Gang of Four (1st), & Flying Lizards. This gave me the perspective of the range of sound that was 'punk' at the time. In those days, it was more about anything not commercial, alternative, a whole range of experimental & familiar sounds; A treasure trove of creativity for the adventurous. After my 1st live punk show, I was hooked by the pure fresh creative energy of it all. The kids were great. My rewards, 10+ years of amazing shows (in just that genre).

Whenever I look, I find the best (most creative) stuff in general, music specifically, in the non-commercial world, alternative. Once the music industry gets their hands on anything new, they corrupt it. 97% of commercial music is not only superficial, but propagandizes the worst of human behavior to our culture. There is nothing new in this game, which has been going on since mass-media was created. They either want to sell u something, or corrupt you; The means and the look are very much the same.

There is nothing enlightening about commercial music. It's rare that a neil young, or ween falls through the cracks as a glimmer of brilliance in the commercial world. If you want good music look elsewhere.

Les's main point is that the whores & their handlers in music (in everything) corrupt it all, the commercial rap world just the latest and greatest. Many genres have good classic roots (pure creativity), the music industry takes it over and corrupts it. I tend to turn away from most any commercial music in a hurry, rap or gaga, rock or love songs - gag. I knew what you were saying Les, i also knew others would take it wrong ;) ... the bling, butts, violence in much of commercial rap is some of the worst corrupt propagandizing turn-brains-to-mush superficial crap around. Always had a certain respect for eminem (even though i don't listen to him much), he always struck me as sincere.

It's an old story, if you can't stop it (a movement from the people (heart)), then subvert it, take it over, commercialize it, sell it, kill the icons if uncorruptable (Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin, JFK, MLK). They did it with the tea-party, they did it with the ecology movement, with the media, with politics, with music, etc, etc. It's an old game.

40 years of alternative music has brought me great adventures in song and in experiencing life. If I had remained close minded, I would of missed out on a lot of incredible experiences. Remember my story? I almost gave up on punk; Luckily I saw the light; I learned to not be closed minded (& not listen to the media, nor people's opinions often based on the media) - and it has been a wonderful ride ever since, a rich field of experiences.

I've been to many raves, drum circles, punk, gdead, jambands, jazz, bluegrass, rhythm & blues, psych-grundge, post-rock, speed-metal, psychedelic, hardcore, & folk shows; Also listen to goth, shoegaze, classical, punk-lounge, trip-hop, non-commercial rap, techno, world, new-age, trance, etc.

people really shouldn't opinionate about something they haven't explored.

I don't know why people insist on using the terms good & bad ('shite'). 'It's not my cup-of-tea' would be a much better statement. Every time an absolute term is used; you close your mind a little, put up walls;
Leave room for movement - it's always best.
'Be supple like the reed.'

The same open mindedness has been beneficial on all levels concerning life.

It's all just perspective.

katz said...

no doubt there is an edge to what I say. I don't mouse around. but, then neither do you.

I also don't spend time hoping for the end, as I would like to live a bit longer and provide for my family, in the process.

I don't give a darn what anyone else does for others, that was not my point. the point is, if you spend a blog discussing music, or a genre of music, maybe you should talk about the kind of music you know, not something you are disgusted with.

I have quite a few rap videos I would show you, but if it's all garbage, what will you learn?
or rather, who cares, your mind is made up.

there are a few who will analyze music videos for their symbolic and unconscious messaging. maybe you should ck them out? has a few good ones, and there is another guy, who's name escapes me, who is blogging all the time about the music industry and it's subconscious messages. it's quite interesting, you might check it out. I think that guy is called the Celtic Rebel, come to think of it...........

Anonymous said...

That came pretty close to grandstanding. Where is this scroll going? Has everyone sudenly become a music critic? Blimey! Lighten up folks - opinions are like noses, everyone has one.

neal said...

Back in the day, I was a drummer and singer in a group, and did the old Pow-Wow circuit. My son's first kick in the womb was to Her beat, and there was healing, and growth, and good times, when enough were grooving.

Even the bad guys could do no more than invite small whirlwinds to the show.

Proper music is Life, and can make an ice age another walk in the park.

Visible said...

Perhaps giving the disclaimer more attention would have settled points raised. I am very familiar with the genre, not a name has been mentioned that I haven't heard of. I listened to Public Enemy and Arrested Development long ago and I've watched the devolution of the medium. My opinion is only that and I was clear about it to begin with and even mentioned what I expected but somehow that escapes those who don't want to consider it. I see what's going on and my job is to comment on it and I will continue to. I'm not here to win any popularity contests. Negative reactions just roll off my back. What I find amusing is that people feel the need to defend something that isn't even part of them as if it were and to personalize the engagement instead of simply making their case. The point at had is the subject under discussion, not me. Every day is a new subject or an old subject made new and I don't spend any time thinking about the ones behind. The best I can tell people is that if you don't like it here don't come around. There are many many places where people can hear what they want to hear. They don't have to come somewhere to hear what they don't want to hear. I'm comfortable with what I had to say and stand by every word. I was extremely reserved considering what I could have said and a great deal more brief than I might have been. So ends what I have to say here.

DaveS said...

Vis –

For what it's worth, many people (me included) take our heros/leaders opinions on things very seriously... far too seriously, judging by the discourse on this particular subject.

I thought about writing earlier to 'defend' this rapper or that rapper, then I realized the point of your post had nothing to do with rap or any of the other sacred cows you've BBQ'ed.

People aren't willing/won't accept that you have your own thoughts just like most normal people do. I can't imagine living in a world where everyone and everything agreed... how f'in' boring! What does it matter to me if you like rap, fairy music or listening to Meatloaf while eating chocolate ice cream naked?

It's the bigger things that are important to me. Truth, justice and the ability to call a spade a spade (and not a shovel) is much, much, more important as far as I'm concerned.

As long as we're bogged-down in the minutia we're missing the bigger, and to me, far more important picture. We aught to rapping (ahem) about other things.


Rob in WI said...

My take on this post is that it's not about any particular music or art, but the manipulative sources behind the public spectacle. You've always expressed the position, "if you don't like what I say, go somewhere else." Good position.

namuh v.1.0h said...

katz - Don't take words so seriously. I rewrite, read through anything I write a dozen times, trying to say things clearly; someone will still take offense or misunderstand something ... as a lawyer, you must know how tricky words are. I appreciated your defense of rap. Sounded to me that Les accepts others will hear different than he, just accept that it's not his cup-of-tea and let it go. There's a difference between meaningful music & commercial crap. People have been rather touchy lately ... must be in the air (lots of stuff in the air).

Freddamedgjedda thanx for the history, stuff i didn't know, i love it. Will check out the bands u listed. At 50something, I still always love something new. I may not like it, but that's just IMHO :)

neal: "Proper music is Life" - very nice. Pure music to me is not corrupted by words, pure sound - the root of music is the beat, the rhythm of the universe, the heartbeat. [but, that's way down the rabbit hole]

a little down the rabbit hole:

Even 'silly little love songs' are insidiously evil, in that they promote an overly romantic notion of love, or an inability to deal with it at all ('she left me & took my dog'); Nothing will be mentioned of selfless, enlightened love at all.

Commercial music (movies, tv etc) perniciously propagandizes to the culture one way of looking at love ... period. This is how it corrupts the spirit, undermining any notion that there are other ways to view it. This is one way to mold a culture to limited ways of thinking and how to look at life.

Commercial industries influence your views of love, cars, family, work, patriotism, partying, relationships, you name it ... music is just one means to mold a culture, with easy to sell (profitable) pop songs no less. Tunes that stick to your head like mold, like ad jingles, sing in the shower diddies, which will never pass the test of time. 'evil i tells ya, eeeeevil.' ;)

I've found, the music I like the most is often stuff I did not necessarily like when I 1st heard it. Never judge music unless you've listened to it a number of times (explored it). One really has no right to opinionate on something u don't listen to it, & u don't know it. You don't have to like it, or listen to it. That's just fine. I thought Les was pretty clear talking bout the whores & handlers that bloat the commercial music industry.

Any differences we have are minor compared to what we have in common. Our differences are actually our greatest creative strength, even if they also hold our greatest problems (less judging, more accepting would solve much).

a confluence

"Existence is infinite, not to be defined;
And, though it seem but a bit of wood in your hand, to carve as you please,
It is not to be lightly played with and laid down.
When rulers adhered to the way of life,
They were upheld by natural loyalty:
Heaven and earth were joined and made fertile,
Life was a freshness of rain,
Subject to none,
Free to all.
But men of culture came, with their grades and their distinctions;
And as soon as such differences had been devised
No one knew where to end them,
Though the one who does know the end of all such differences
Is the sound man:
Might be likened to the course
Of many rivers reaching the one sea." - Lao Tzu


After 1.7 gigs of vids, phew! I really liked this one (speaking of: less judging, more accepting).
It speaks of the constant bombardment of conditioning we are all up against since birth. Relates to how our probs & conflicts are usually a result of such, not our real self. Well worded & thought out.

I really like how it starts:

"You were born a small bundle of infinite potential"
- peace

Anonymous said...

Here's a cutting edge rap.. (1929)

Mohini Chatterjee

I ASKED if I should pray.
But the Brahmin said,
'pray for nothing, say
Every night in bed,
'I have been a king,
I have been a slave,
Nor is there anything.
Fool, rascal, knave,
That I have not been,
And yet upon my breast
A myriad heads have lain.'''
That he might Set at rest
A boy's turbulent days
Mohini Chatterjee
Spoke these, or words like these,
I add in commentary,
'Old lovers yet may have
All that time denied --
Grave is heaped on grave
That they be satisfied --
Over the blackened earth
The old troops parade,
Birth is heaped on Birth
That such cannonade
May thunder time away,
Birth-hour and death-hour meet,
Or, as great sages say,
Men dance on deathless feet.'

-William Butler Yeats

ltravail said...

Applause for the deep thoughtfulness and lyricism of your posting. Just a comment on your assertion that "it would be a good thing if black artists were a little more familiar with what’s been happening to them." Fact of the matter is they DO know, and like all other celebrities happily make their deal with the devil in exchange for fleeting fame and bling. Professor Griff, formerly of the rap group Public Enemy (PE), has talked about it for years. He was forced out of PE for his forceful and public anti-zionist oratory. His former PE partner, Chuck D, says after Griff was laid low by industry "movers & shakers", a chilling effect ran throughout all "hip hop nation", and no rapper since dared criticize the "synagogue of Satan" - choosing to stick to the "pimps up hoes down" schtick that is that "art form's" bread and butter. Plenty of Griff videos on You Tube of him taking the message to anyone who will listen. One thing you can say about jolly ol' Satan - he is an equal opportunity co-optor. What more proof does anyone need that human beings differ not a wit by race, creed, or ethnicity. There are only those with integrity of character, and those with none at all...

The Red Lady said...

The Red Lady says...
Hey Les...
I have been reading your site for
quite some time but this is only
the second time I have commented.
The issues with the Zionists and
the "dark hats" can be summed up in 2 words...reptilian entities.
Countless numbers of you tube sites,articles, etc. all tell of the invasion of the dark reptiles and their interbreeding with humanity to push for their One World Agenda. Everybody always sidesteps this issue...either that or it is not posted. Well, much is going on behind the scenes that is not being published... the last bastions of the Illuminati are being removed at a rapid rate..the light and the upliftment of People Power rules supreme. Don't believe what you hear or see in the media...98% (approximately) are lies. Keep looking up at the sky at night for our family in their ships..there are many sitings...
Disclosure should be very soon..I can't put a time on that. When the
news of how our space family has been working with humanity for eons of time for their upliftment and they will soon make themselves known...then you will see a wiping out of all debt and a return to a more balanced harmonious way of life. New beautiful technology to uplift rather than destroy, new monetary system, a clean planet. Never underestimate the power of meditation and the effects it has.
When one lives in the heart, their reality transcends the fear based lies and they survive and prosper when all is tumbling down around them. You know it all has to come down...the system is corrupt from the inside has to GO. How people prepare for it is key.
The choice is Love or Fear.
Staying away from the media outlets is a good idea. A person can only see so much hatred and anger force fed on them, not to mention the mind control techniques being used in television...puts you in a beta state..more easily manipulated...
On a different subject...
Peter, Paul and Mary are fabulous, so is Simon and Garfunkel, Moody Blues and Cat Stevens. You can't get any better than this music( in my opinion). I enjoy you website.
Take care...

Anonymous said...

Hello Les
Thought I'd write and let you know how much I enjoy your essays, all of them from all of your sites. My favourites are still SM and Petri as the subject of these blogs is what most interests me. My view of what I see around me is reinforced by what you write; you are able to cobble the odds and ends together and present them in very much a way I understand. I thank you for that.
You seem to have a good team looking after the presentation of your sites as well; all sites are easy to navigate and understand. Your team does a good job; thanks to them too.
What you do is so important along with other bloggers of the same ilk ; you do penetrate our difficult to change society. As well you encourage people who have a similar vision to push on.
I know my 'strangeness' rubs off on others and at least gives them an excuse to have a look and maybe see what I see. Hey! I make a difference, maybe, sort of; I know you do.


Makow's site said...

The word "solipsism" means a self-created reality that has little or no connection with Truth.

The word was coined in 1874 from the Latin solus "alone" and ipse "self".

It is the view that self is the only object of real knowledge or the only thing that is real.

The New World Order is dedicated to replacing Truth with a solipsism created by the same people who create money from nothing and charge interest.

S & P Agenda said...

Bilderberg isn’t a secret society. . . . It’s a meeting of people who represent a certain ideology. . . . Not OWG [One World Government] or NWO [New World Order] as too many people mistakenly believe. Rather, the ideology is of a ONE WORLD COMPANY LIMITED.

It seems the Bilderbergers are less interested in governing the world than in owning the world.

Man I hate those guys said...

One thing you can say about jolly ol' Satan - he is an equal opportunity co-optor.

Elvis, M.Jackson even Public Enemy etc.

The synagogue of Satan (aka zionist jews) co-opts everything of value, then it corrupts it, and if part part a or b are not possible (example The Kennedy brothers) - they kill it.

Citizen Elle said...

As much as I used to love to be up on the latest music, tv show, movie, etc; I now find that there are so many issues with them that I really must protect myself from them.
I mean I cancelled cable 8 years ago, stopped listening to commercial radio, going to major motion pictures… One simple reason being that intuitively I feel the risks of exposure to their potential subliminal programming is far too great. (Memes are good to understand in this regard.)

I remember getting paid to do experiments in college that, at the time, I didn’t realize were experiments in subliminal programming via tv/computer screens. That was in the 80’s & these btards have been at it for much longer. IMHO they’ve clearly perfected mind control of those who are willing to walk around unconscious & they’ve caught me in their trap when I lapse back which I regrettably still do. I find that the resonance in my body can’t tolerate this sh anymore – rap, crime shows, talking heads spewing the “true life” stories < yeah, right. I used to buy that sh, too. So many still fall for the “true life” story BS, watching them as if they can learn the truth about a person or event from them. Trust me, somebody’s agenda is woven into to that fabric if it comes from the traditional Hollywood (magic stick) forces. OK speaking to the choir here but, just sayin…..

It’s been a slow process but, like Maestro LV, I now also remove myself very quickly or, get awfully vocal in regards to much of the A/V pollution that is relentlessly pushed on us from seemingly endless sources. Is it not f’n everywhere? My sensitivity has heightened. Just being in the room with a TV streaming is enough to make me VERY uncomfortable.
My new way bothers people but, I don’t really give a F anymore.

It’s a wild time in the game of life. Consciousness evolution sure has its hi’s & lo’s. Somedays I recognize that we all just need to sing our own songs (cheers to you, Maestro, for sharing with us) – really be our own sage, entertainers, and council. I’m confident that this trend will grow & I observe with delight as much as possible.

from the deep – much love to all,

ChewyBees said...

All one has to do is look up the word 'Semitic' to see that the races of Semitic peoples are hardly whatever bastardized race of people has inhabited by force that region of Mesopotamia.

Then there is the myth about the tribes of Israel, all being 'slaves' of Egypt that somehow escaped. Most people still believe this even though there is ample anthropological evidence to contrary, and it is a generally accepted fact in the field that the tribes of Israel were tribes of Egypt that rejected the society Egypt had become.

The very meaning of Israel can be translated to Is = Isis, Ra = Ra, El = Elohim, three powerful gods of the Egyptian world.

From its onset, Israel was embroiled in deception and fraud, as a supposedly omnipotent, all powerful, jealous and fearful god had to use Moses and bunch of Levite priests as 'his' go between, or middlemen. Moses goes into the tent, a bunch of smoke appears, Moses convenes with god (and Aaron, and the Levites) in secret, then comes out of the tent and lets everyone know god's will. Sounds like a congressional meeting.

Almost nothing in the bible can be substantiated by real evidence. There is nothing that has been discovered or will be discovered that can prove any of it. It is a collection of well written stories, molded and adjusted over centuries as a tool to control the populace. All scripture is hearsay. All preachers are salesman of the lowest order. All 'houses of god' are built to keep god out. The only church exists in the heart of a man.

We are and have always been an easily controlled species of life. The same bloodlines have perpetuated the control and extortion for centuries, and for the most part have maintained their genetic (im)purity and thus the scam. They don't let outsiders in. It is under the guise of a religion, but this religion worships a lord, a lord of mammon, based on the hoarding of wealth. Their enemy is love. Their tools are that which is not love. There's a lot of tools out there, and the greatest of them all is Chritianity.

ChewyBees said...

In regards to an earlier post, I would never use the word 'lawyering' in regards to my own self, even if that was my chosen employment of profiteering and deception. I can't think of a four letter, or really any other word so self-deprecating. That's a no-lube Freudian slip if I ever read one.

Freddamedgjedda said...

"Back to the palm and the fist, overstand, the palm and the fist are symbols of the hand. It's what the hand is doing, not what it is, the doing is the effect of cause, that's what it is. So what is it when you live by the definitions of what others give, living the history of what others live. You're like a kid, I mean a goat, beeing led to the slithing of your own throat. Well for many there's no hope, it's like they're up shit's creek without a boat."

"Knowledge is the foundation, wisdom is the way, undertanding will serve you, that's your only way."


"What's music? Music is life. What's life? Life is death. What's death? Death is silence. What's silence? Silence is music..."

"Looking for love. We are all, looking for love. Looking for love. George Bush is, looking for love. Even Sharon is, looking for love..."

Loop Troop

Quality lyrics IMHO! I am very thankful I have "bumped into" all these great poets in this life! You are my beloved teachers!

Les and the others posting here have done so much to expand my awareness, I am forever in gratitude!! I do feel that I maybe one of the youngest commenters on this site, I am 31 years young, getting younger by the minute. Age is in your head! Peace and much love!

Rappers to the left of me, singers to the right...

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

ZATO and the Wannabe Whores of Babylon.



Joseph Brenner

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