Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Kiss My Ass and Call me Cupid

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Given the comments following my article, reprinted at SOTT yesterday and given the comments that periodically arrive at these sites, every time I mention the Zionist control of every major gay organization, maybe I should try one more time to clarify something that just doesn’t seem to want to be cleared up and which, is proof positive that I am probably correct in what I say, simply due to the intransigence of those who support an agenda that is not a positive for society at large.

Here is a riveting example of what happens when political correctness goes wild and a small segment of society gains the upper hand over public good. Here’s another example and several for what is going on with this movement at the political level. I’m not going to spend a lot of my valuable time listing those who head all of the major gay organizations but anyone criticizing the points that I tend to make on the subject should go to the listing of the board of directors of every one of these organizations and note that they are not only Jewish in the majority but on more than one occasion ‘entirely’ Jewish.

Following this, one has only to then look at who is responsible for all of the major wars of the last century and most of the smaller ones. As for World War One, a little study into the forces behind the Bolshevik Revolution as well as the reinstitution of the Federal Reserve in 1913 might speak to that. I could add so many other features as well as to declare that all conflicts for the most part are started by bankers for profit from both sides of any conflict. If truth is an issue with you, you will do the research. If it is not then my taking so much trouble to list so many facts concerning the truth of the matter only results in my wasting my time, because the truth is not what you are after. You can also look at the origins of the majority of the main players on Wall Street and then compare their ethnicity with the size of the population as a whole. You can also look at the war against Christianity and check out what players and groups and agendas are involved, even while the fundie potato heads of the Christian Zionist congregation support those intent on destroying them. Like I said though, if truth is not your objective, none of this matters.

Let’s go back to that gay thing. Whether the demands of law enforcement and other forces for the enforcement of some kind of equality upon the public for gays to live without fear of oppression and censure is a good idea is no longer germane to the question. They achieved equal and generally un-hassled a long time ago. There’s no real oppression anymore. There are only the complaints of it and the blowing out of proportion of occasional single events here and there that could be also said about anyone of any majority or minority in society.

I’m not going to get into the specific acts that certain people perform on each other and whether it’s hygienic or normal (what’s normal?) or sane or an integral part of society as a whole. Anyone can come to their own conclusions based on their own degree of tolerance or the lack of it, or their own understanding of what they do or do not believe about the natural rightness or perversity that may or may not be implicit in such acts. I don’t personally concern myself with what people do or do not do to each other behind closed doors in a consenting interchange. That isn’t my affair. I don’t care if they are using a feather or the whole chicken, or what props and fantasy role playing they apply to getting themselves off. That’s not my affair and I’m not passing judgment on it. I am passing judgment on who is behind the political engine and what their real agenda is. I am passing judgment on what has been done to certain societies by certain groups of people and what their motivations are.

Yeah, the people doing all of these things twist and shout every time someone calls attention to them. Who wants their criminal activity called attention to, especially when they are in a position to howl about it, due to the extraordinary power they exert in the media and in the sociopolitical world? None of this makes these things untrue. These things are true and there are so many facts that speak to that that you have to be seriously stupid, seriously brainwashed, or ten times of a coward to object to what is undeniable and irrefutable. Like I said recently, Kiss my ass and call me Cupid.

All these revisionist declarations continue to steamroll through the public mind; gay is genetic, gay is super normal and breeders are what is screwing up society. Any careful study of the emergence of certain sexual behaviors always shows that they occur during the fall of a particular culture. Anyone studying the forces coming in with the new age knows about the rise of the divine feminine and how that can apply in a time of intense materialism in the way certain forces ‘act out’ and on what level they act out at the time.

My take on the proliferation of gay at any time is that it is a passing phase in anyone’s life and that we all experience it at some point as a learning condition and that it is not eternal and enduring, anymore than any other kind of sex. The final state of evolution in anyone is expressed in the fulfillment of the alchemical marriage and it is an ‘internal affair’. Its rightful highest expression is the complete union of opposites in the individual. Everything is sex at the basic level. All technology is based on it. Plugs go into sockets. All violence and any kind of abuse is sexual, when the sexual force is repressed or suppressed and can’t find a positive outlet. The highest and most appropriate and enduring sexual expression is between us and our creator and presents itself in the true understanding of Tantra.

You can object to what I say here, that’s fine. It’s my perspective and opinion. It’s better for you though if you catch where I am actually coming from and not imagine or suppose otherwise just cause it fits your agenda, which doesn’t appreciate opposition of any kind because you are right no matter what and anything to the contrary isn’t acceptable to you. Believe what you like. We’ll see won’t we? We shall see ultimately what is and what is not.

9/11 was done by Israel and neo-con interests. Israel and neo con interests are now pushing for war with Iran as they do for wars all over the place. The heads of the Federal Reserve and all of the central banks are near exclusively Zionist Jews. You want to argue? Argue with the very names associated. They control the media, publishing, the entertainment, music and publishing industries. Do you want to argue about that? Argue with the very names associated with them. In any case, they admit it. Argue with that. They control the art world as well. Argue with that. You may not like it and you may huff and puff and scream anti-Semite but you can’t change the reality of what the facts clearly demonstrate. It’s no secret about who the main enemy of humanity is. What will be done about it and what’s coming up now as a result of it, will play out as it was meant to play out and we will see.

I don’t give a flying or stationary fuck who gets it on with who according to their personal tastes. I object to the political and social direction it wants to go in to the damage and disadvantage of everyone else. I object to the minds of children being programmed at an early age to believe and accept something as true which is not. I object to the lesbian parents of adopted children pushing for sex change operations at a prepubescent age. It’s sick. You may not agree with me. That’s too bad and unimportant to me. It’s sick.

I’d like to think I’ve cleared up some things here but I doubt it as far as the minds of those who hate the truth go. Look at Palestine or anything else. That is what is happening and what has happened. Like it or not, accept it or not, believe what you like, that’s how it is.

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siamsiam - not a pc man said...

On the gay issue. Could it be possible that gays are being encouraged to come out so they could be easy to identify come a purge - such as during every other purge in modern history.

Pushing the gay thing in the majorities faces (unintentional pun) makes the majority's uncomfortable. Full stop.

tmcfall said...

Very Nice Les, that would definitely clear it up for anyone who truly is looking to get "cleared up"; but we know the name of that tune, don't we!
Love & Blessings
Tom in Tempe Arizona

Anonymous said...

If you study the Protocols of the Elders in even a half assed manner, you will find these very plans to destabilize the fundamental values eschewed by generations of humans. It's a clear as the balls on a sleeping dog and you'd have to be pretty biased to not see it very early on in the script.

Anonymous said...

I am real happy to see you writing great stuff. There's a spot inside that it seems to fill up.

I was reading a claim that 5 of 7 Nobel prizes given out so far this year went to Juues. Of course, weez nose how that works from obummers thing... you know... getting a piece prize and with the uncountable wars and things, even killing merican's now with no due process stuff getting in the way. The Bard couldn't do better writing such a tragedy and comedy.

I am drinking wine today in the Poet's honor.


Dan said...

Cudo's Vis,

I work in a tattoo shop and for whatever reason we have alot of gay clients. Lots of drama in their relationships and always looking for haters. Be gay, I don't give a "Rats ass", but don't protect child abusers in your midst and stop trying to rub my nose in your lifestyle.

Anyways, I don't have the gift for expressing my thoughts like you express my thoughts, I think?? I love reading your work and thank God you exist with me in these times.


Anonymous said...

You don't hear anything about sex change for kiddies on the MSM;
the only place I hear it discussed in depth is on Catholic radio (oh those nasty bigoted Catholics....) Catholic radio also posited that the end outcome of gays in the military would be Catholic army chaplains would be expected to marry gay soldierboys and they should refuse.
wv: halusnur
Dem poppers are halusnurgenic

tmcfall said...

Not that this suprises me in any way but.......

by law the US gaurantees Israhell's oil supply NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS

Robin Redbreast said...

Hi I posted for the first time yesterday - (re. having bipolar and helping mr brother, and feeling at peace and oneness etc)

I am gay and have no issue what Les or anyone else feels. It is not a lifestyle choice - it is who I am. Knew when I was about 8years old. Didn't come out to most until about 21. I'm no way camp or obvious. I belong to no organisations - do not attend gay bars/clubs etc. Have been with my partner for 13 years so far. He is the same as me in all this. We're normal.
13 years ago, after meeting so many gay twats and not finding my soul mate - I prayed to God to help me find a special man for me. The very next day I met him. God loves us all and helps us if we are of good intention. Love to all and for God's sake stop judging anyone or anything. Just be and enjoy the energy that brings you. Life is just a ride (If you haven't heard "Jem" - please do download one of her tracks and you will be hooked (she's sold millions - I have no connection to her whatsoever - except spiritually - probably!).
Love and peace, compassion and empathy

Odin's Raven said...

Here's an article about the jewishness of so many 'top people' like Sarkosy, Cameron and even Blair.

Robin Redbreast said...

BTW in no way was my previous post directed at Les (but he knows that) I was talking generally when I said dont care what ANYONE thinks/says/judges. I don't push any part of my life (gay parts or not) onto anyone - why would I?!Also I was talking to everyone when I said stop judging - stop judging everyone everyone!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Visible.

Yanking the hangman was wise.

Powder dry.


Anonymous said...

Well, I have a feeling that perversion is on the rise due to some very sick stuff behind the scenes, as you point out. But, what is the goal? To destroy the solidarity of society?

If you pervert a youth his whole life is led astray. a weak, broken, shattered, disconnected
society which will be easy to control and easy to destroy. The devil is having his day, but it is only a day...something else is to follow.


Anonymous said...

I noticed the same thing, but didn't dare to mention it to anyone. Everyone is so PC, so righteous, so indignant in support of poor little gay people who have been so abused that they have to commit suicide bc they were screwing each other and someone video taped them and laughed at how ridiculous they looked.

Well, I deleted most of my gay friends from my FB due to this. I can't hear another spiel about how poor gay people need to get married. Give me a break! They are sexual all the time, w anyone who walks down the street. They don't people watch, they undress people.

I don't want to see these maniacs, which I personally have seen trolling the streets, around children. Now, they want to bring this into the school?

At what point do people have enough? I read the Brit papers and everytime there is an article about Chaz Bono, (the lardarshe), dancing w the "stars", every comment knocks him/her.

Every gay friendly propaganda piece is instantly downgraded by people who are able to vote w/o giving up their ID. So, the majority agree w me, but like me, dare not say it out loud.

This is another post that I am too scared to post my name to. Isn't that funny????

I think it's hilarious, Meanwhile, Margaret Cho has to make apologies for marrying a man. That is sick.

Chinese Sneakers said...

Here, i'd say you'd pretty much taken care of things by the end of your first paragraph--at least for me. Careful not to let them bait you for no good reason.

Now i'll go back and read the rest.

Visible said...

Yeah, i have serious doubts about Ms Knox but I don't know, do I? A whole lot of things don't add up and the person she appeared to be is a lot different than the airbrushed individual we presently see. It smacks of things like that woman who killed her child and had overwhelming evidence to that end but who walked; a lot of that going on these days.

Robin Redbreast said...

To Anonymous (and anyone else who is ignorant)
Please don't tar all gay people with the same brush - did you see my previous post?
Not all black people do crime,
not all white people are racist. Not all Jews are evil
Not all Masons are evil
Nothing is black or white FFS
Not all gays are perverts or paedos.. FFS!

siamsiam said...

The law of the jungle is the natural law. Their rule of law has perverted the law of nature to protect their perverted agenda.

Think about it. They always make reference to how unacceptable the law of the jungle - nature is.

Just a thought ...

kikz said...

Standing O!

i resent the gay agenda being utilized as a distractionary wedge w/the public, aka 'divide/conquer/busy out' by these groups and others on the con side, the repugs.

if this issue falls under the heading of health or bio. sciences, the kids aren't taught about their own anatomy/physiology...

but by freakin yahweh, they know what gays are/do... in primary school.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's someone who has looked closely into the Meredith Kercher murder, and whose view is expressed in the title of the piece, 'Miscarriage of Justice'

Anonymous said...

Inculcation of fears, phobias and social divisions. That is the agenda. As Les has pointed out on numerous occasions, we are all at some level bisexual and on a spiritual level entirely androgynous. Every human being has lived numerous lives via many races and language groups and of both sexes. Sexuality and eroticism, then, are expressions of the inner being. Naturally, those who are beholden to the dogmatic insistence of revealed religions are those most uncomfortable with this reality.

Social cohesiveness is a blessing to every nation. The agenda, again, is all about disrupting and possibly even destroying social cohesiveness in the interests of a dialectical vision of creating a new order as the result of stirring up chaos in society. Curiously, this agenda dovetails in a totally weird and strangely congruent manner with the imperatives of Kali Yuga and the turning of the Age.

In its earliest, spiritually infused stages, the motivation of the then gay liberation was all about fighting repression of erotic expression ~ a worthy goal in the face of a totally constipated social construct. It did not take long, however, before organized special interests eased out the original free-flowing activists in the gay movement, replacing them with paid functionaries and the LGBTQ and whatever the fuck Alphabet Soup gender identity politics. Thus, even within the nascent gay community, divisions were exacerbated and more and more minority interests were developed. Perhaps the ultimate expression of that developing anti-social agenda was the recent revelation from the Bay Area of the two Jewish dykes facilitating the gender rearrangement of their adopted pre-pubescent son. Many gay men are active in the anti-circumcision movement. Needless to say they are totally furious at this example of hyper-feminism on steroids.

Gay marriage is simply a silly idea. No need for that. One of the main motivations is the lack of equality before the law for any and all coupling arrangements outside of 'wedded bliss'. So change the friggen law, so that marriage is left to religious institutions and the state could only get involved in terms of rights of inheritance and similar areas where singles, out of wedlock couples etal do suffer discrimination under current laws favoring marriage.

There are commonsense solutions, you see. But the Agenda is not about that. The agenda is all about hyperactivating social divisions so that those behind the agenda can carry out Caesar's imperative of "Divide et Imperum". (Divide and Conquer ~ Divide and Rule).


Anonymous said...

the vatican is the highest level and the zionists were put in place to be their evildoers and cover, keeping the vatican shielded. too bad the truth movement has been deceived about this. yes, the zionists are pure evil but the vatican needs to be exposed. all roads do lead to rome. rome never fell, it morphed. if any of the truther read vatican assassins (keeping an open mind), they'd see they're still in the dark. i bet this won't get posted.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,


Speak brother speak!!

The Truth will make one FREE...

But most love and still cling to this Matrix Reality that the TRUTH is the last thing they are looking for..

Truth upsets them. Truth is not politically correct. Truth requires responsibility. Truth is an eye-opener..

However, most want to remain blind in the land where the one eye is King.

Thanks and God Bless,

Red Pill

Visible said...

Why wouldn't I post it; just cause you are wrong and can't capitalize Rome and are anonymous? Those are not reasons not to post it. When you can show me that Rome is running the central banks (direct proof), that they set up Israel, that they are the force behind political correctness and all of the other things I mentioned then your unsubstaniated claims, not backed up by a single shred of evidence of any kind might be considered as having some weight, not just by me but by everyone who comes around here.

Anonymous said...

i have been around A LOT of 'gays' in nyc and los angeles ('hollywood'!) and as a natural observer/voyeur have really tracked the efforts to mainstream this
exotic group. sadly -- it has worked. what was once
an outsider group of 'double incomes' unchained by
children and status quo crap has been played upon to insist on being 'allowed' into the system. what was once a highly educated, artistic, sensitive, outrageous, freethinking 'oppressed' group has become a completely sexualized demographic fully incorporated into the system of serfdom -- planning fuckinghoneymoons!!!! i see what has been done. take your outcasts, forbid them entry, tell them it is their right, dangle false acceptance and love and look what you get. loud, sexualized, developmentally arrested assholes......i see it everyday and mourn the loss of a fantastic outsider culture that served the world very well.
liz in l.a.

Anonymous said...

Amicus at 3:50:

Was society weak, broken, shattered and disconnected before or after this latest thrust by the zioborg?

We peasants have always been easy to control. How many tens of millions of us have, for example, marched off en masse over the centuries to be cannon fodder
under the staid rubric of an oganized religion/sovereignty/empire/ ideology etc. etc??


gurnygob said...

Les I talked with my 18 year old daughter yesterday about the whole gay agenda. Your post today sounded almost like a transcript of our conversation. Believe it or I don’t consider myself to be homophobic even though I do sometimes come across that way. I really don’t give a shit what they get up to. What I take exception too is the fact that they have taken it from the bed room to the school room and every other room as well. When I was growing up I remember going through the gay phase complex and you are right it is not an eternal or enduring condition. It’s something we all go through though most men and probably women too would deny it to the grave. The gay agenda turns this normal life experiences on its head and openly encourages children to express their gayness in public. It’s like telling a young boy who fantasises about being superman to express himself by leaping off a tall building to see if can really fly.

We, let’s say, people of normal persuasion, are expressly forbidden from expressing our opposition to anything gay for fear of being tagged with the homophobic label in the same way we are labelled anti-Semitic for questioning the holocaust or the Zionist war on Gaza and elsewhere. My daughter made a good point when she said that to be gay is like making a fashion statement, it’s like you’re nobody if you’re not gay. There is a detestable arrogance associated with being gay and the gay agenda in general that imposes its will on all levels of society. Call it gay pride or whatever but it is one of its most sickening aspects. You won’t get a job in media or politics or anywhere else for that matter without your pink credentials. In this age of ‘child protection’ and ‘rights of the child’ it would not be unfair to ask who is protecting our children from this destructive agenda that has, on more than one occasion, openly called for the age of sexual consent to be lowered to as young as 12 years of age in some cases. Is something dark and sinister going on? Your other points on gender change and military and so on are valid questions but then we are forbidden to point this out. So you can kiss my ass too and stick whatever label you want on me but that’s how I see it.


Anonymous said...

I've been an avid reader here for a few years and don't really post much because I'm not as articulate as most of you.

I'm surprised at some of the postings today from the loyal following. This always seemed like a safe place for anyone that knew the world was f@@cked up and wanted a place to come and feel normal by reading Les's superb stories and the crew's thoughtful feedback.

Why the sudden need to judge gays? I'm not gay, but I do have a couple of relatives who are and we share the same opinion on most topics. Their agenda is to be left alone and treated like everyone else is.

I probably should continue to just lurk, but everyone here, I think, is above all this and I want to point it out.

Are gays different? Yes. Are you different from the others here in some way? Yes.

There's some evil shit out there and it's aimed at us and it ain't about the gays.


just me, Laurel A. said...

first, let me address those who: a. call any form of anyone else's sexual expression or lack of "a perversion" and b. anyone who read that post by les and went all is neither a perversion nor a public matter. it is a bodily function like all other bodily functions. to bring yourself to a higher level might, for some, mean celibacy, or some such style of spiritual-intended restraint. for others, it might mean choosing a particular path of expression that (hopefully) is intended to better their ability to express and learn of and through love. not everyone has a higher intention. that is also their choice.

it is not anyone's damn business. sex, eating, sleeping, exercising, dreaming, pooping, peeing, all are no one else's business. all are things we all do in some form or another. it is only important to the person currently engaged in some form of any of the above.

which brings me to my point, well, one of them. any but any time SEX is brought into the picture, because like food, and other bodily drives, it is a strong drive, there is and always has been those who would seek to control you by this drive. the ways they accomplish this are amazingly varied. the trend to nearly enforce a gay protocol, to the point where young persons who are not totally inclined that way is a very debasing means of controlling and steering the population through a form of guaranteed birth control, guaranteed utter self-centered-ness in that the ones steering this are determined to make sure ALL a gay man or woman thinks about is being gay, and about how gays are abused.....and then every now and then, they send one of their thugs out to do just that, in a manner guaranteed to get everyone rightfully upset. to "prove" that gays are hated and persecuted. then they stir up the crowds to further encourage what was not and likely is not a problem for anyone else, to create it, and then they come along to help "fix" it.

firestarters. the point les is and has always made is that there are those purposefully inclined to choose the role of firestarters. habitually, gleefully, and within amazingly varied and creative venues. it is not pro or against gay. it is not pro or against a group or a religion. but i agree that if one takes a young person, a child, and inundates them with the joys of being straight, they will pass on through the normal phase of bisexual curiosity. and be straight. and if you take a young person, a child, and inundate them with the joys of being gay, they will pass on through the normal phase of bisexual curiosity. and become gay. and if you take a young person, a child, and inundate them with the joys of being celibate, they will pass on through the normal phase of bisexual curiosity. and become ..... well, not likely will they become happily celibate, but you get the point.

just me, Laurel A. said...

part two of the soliloquy:

all of this hoo haw about sexuality, class, height, weight, color, religion, education, mental health, age, and on and on is just plain blatant steering and control. it keeps you busy. just as the protesters on wall street are being humored. kept busy. they are being steered. they are being given comforts while they sit on wall street. they think they are winning. they are being very badly used. and wlal street is laughing becasue it took so little to make these ardent and honest protesters "content". the banksters have made their point. jp morgan paid for and bought his "show of energy". now, when they "lose", the protesters will be atta'boy-ed and told what a good fight they put up and how they could not have done any better, and how proud everyone is of them, blah blah blah. its all a joke, a lie, a diversion, same as the "problems" with gay, or with everything else that normally would not enter our heads to worry about. the banksters? the real solution, the one they DONT want you to know, is to just walk away. do with veyr little. do with even less. in one month, they would all be scrounging in the bowery. all because WE the people refused to buy a lot of shit. we the people realized that if families stick together, we dont need retirement. the youth are supposed to support the elderly. yes, its true. and if for a short time, we experienced such discomfort, wtf? would it kill us? naw. we are experiencing great discomfort and hunger right now, trying to meet impossible standards. they set those standards. we did not. so if you want to kill the banksters, and the asses refuse to do the right thing and jump, then dont buy shit. do with very little. why not? what are we afraid of? if enough could do this for just one month, those chamagners would be drinking rat poison by choice. because THEY need us to buy a shitload of stuff WE dont need to buy a shitload of stuff. you want to stop the problem with "gay"? they need us to have problems with people expressing themselves sexually. they call it perversion. WE do not care one way or another what two (or three?) consenting adults do in their private moments. why do you want to buy into the package that does not in any way benefit you and in every way benefits those-who-bank? ( am including all of their "relatives")

finally, if the very current thought in your head or the moment of your current activity or the one little tiny thing good or bad were all it took to tip the scales in your favor in our next shift, would it tip in your preferred direction? this is what really matters. nothing else.

this is starting to read like those damn email chain letters that promise money in 4 minutes......gah.

just me, Laurel A. said...

hell's bells, i am not drinking wine today....i am going to go and MAKE it.

Robin Redbreast said...

Fucking amen!
Its amazing - all that you can do!There is finally some sense in these comments
Lets have a beer x

Anonymous said...

This country was originally set up as a REPUBLIC not a democracy. A REPUBLIC governed by a constitution and bill or rights. Show me in the constitution where gays are a protected group. I'm sure there were fudge packers back in the colonial days but they sure as hell kept it to themselves. Like any mental illness it is not something to be flaunted in public.

In a democracy the joo can run wild. Equal rights for all groups even if they infringe on majority rights. What's next, a person has the right to marry his dog. Stay tuned. Yep, just like affirmative action so we can stuff individuals in positions they aren't qualified for. Over time it is easy to destroy a society that is ham strung with this kind of bullshit.

In the constitution the federal government was granted the right to run the military, regulate interstate commerce, sign treaties and not much else. All other power was reserved for the states and individuals. If we were a REPUBLIC the states (meaning the people within that state) would decide issues like gay rights and their wishes couldn't be overturned by some joo federal judge. If you didn't like the laws in one state you could move to another or get the hell out of the country.

Now don't get the idea that I'm anti-gay blah blah blah. If you like your bed smelling like fudge that is your business. It has been going on for thousands of years.

This kind of crap is just another example how this country is corrupt and degenerate beyond redemption. It can't be changed from within. It must be washed completely out and the (divinely ordained, did you know that) constitutional republic restored.


Anonymous said...

someone needs to get that kid away from those lesbians,that kid is going to get extremely angry as soon as he hits teenage years,probably end up killing himself or hooked on cia mi6 mossad heroin,,,,

deep respects...neil

Richie (Dana) said...

I think Laurel A and Stickman have nailed this thing good. I was honestly thinking the same thoughts and was trying to figure out how to say it properly.

I would like to put a little extra emphasis on the Wall Street protest with the the old , tried and true, divide and conquer. It concerns me when we all get a little too excited about this movement and forget that TPTB surely expected and planned for this. You can bet that they are in that crowd enforce. They have successfully infiltrated every single group and organization in the world which is my main reason to shun all religion, politics,and any grouping on humans in any way. You wonderful people are the closest I have ever come in my entire life to belonging to something.
You will note that all of these "clubs" have leaders because humans love to "follow the leader".
Les has said many times that he does not know shit, which leaves us with no earthly leader.
This is, as it should be.
Our only resort as far as leadership should be to seek the Divine. Intelligence and knowledge are important, but wisdom should be our highest goal. There is only one place to find true wisdom in this world and that would be the Divine Creator.
I have said this in many ways before, but you people are the most awesome group of humans on this planet.
Les et all.....
Thank you, thank you, thank you.


gurnygob said...

just me, Laurel A. said..........and gurnygob response.

“what two (or three?) consenting adults do in their private moments.”

Laurel I think you missed the point. It’s not private it’s in your face. It’s, in the classroom and every other room as well. If some teacher had told my kids they are gay, because in a fleeting moment they thought they were, I would like to think it was my business and my duty as a Father to kick the teacher’s ass.

Laurel it is you who have bought into the package by trying to defend this assault on families and more so children.

I don’t spend my days condemning or even talking about gays, I have better things to do, but when my children come home from school and tell me they learned all about being gay in religious class I get fucking angry.

The worst advocates for the gay cause are gay people themselves. They parade it in the streets in the foulest of ways. If I were to express my sexuality in that way I would be arrested for indecent exposure.


word ver = minesups. Ha I wish!

Anonymous said...

"Now don't get the idea that I'm anti-gay blah blah blah. If you like your bed smelling like fudge that is your business."



Laurel, Christine, Caeli, Sunny Rose said...
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just me, Laurel A. said...

les, please post this under my name here, and delete the one from "sunnyrosegardens:...thank you :))


"Laurel I think you missed the point. It’s not private it’s in your face. It’s, in the classroom and every other room as well. If some teacher had told my kids they are gay, because in a fleeting moment they thought they were, I would like to think it was my business and my duty as a Father to kick the teacher’s ass.....Laurel it is you who have bought into the package by trying to defend this assault on families and more so children.

GURNY....i home-schooled my kids. i took that proactive approach, and you did not, it sounds like. next--- it isnt in my face. where the hell do you put YOUR face, man??? i keep MY face out of peoples crotches, (except when feeling particularly generous). third--your duty as a father is to raise your children. what part of that did you not understand when your children were born??? fourth --- stop trying to determine who buys, who sells, because they do not get all militant when YOU say MARCH. jeepers creepers, what a load you had today, didnt you.

Anonymous said...

My good friend, who is gay, has talked about the gay organizations not being for the benefit of gay people, but rather are for those who have an agenda to exploit the gays for whatever reason. I think we are seeing the reason right now. Mike quit those groups when he was in his 20s, and now in his 40s, he is living a nice quiet, very fulfilled life.

I think the zios are also using the conservative, born again christians for their benefit as well. I have a few fundies in my family, and they believe in standing by Israel, no matter what ...... because they are told to by the person preaching at them on Sundays. The fundies do not think catholics are christians, and think I am evil because I put nature before their god and bible. Me? Evil? For raising and rehabbing nature's babies and respecting the ways of the Native Americans? I don't think Jesus would recognize christianity today to be of his teachings, that's for sure.

Speaking of Jesus. While I was in the midwest helping my parents move into assisted living, Jesus paid me a nice visit. One night, while I was helping my Mother into bed, I was thinking how hard this was and how was I going to get both of my parents into a safe environment, away from my alcoholic and abusive siblings. When I went to turn off the light, I noticed the picture of Jesus, that my Mother kept on her dresser, was now laying on the floor right at my feet. He was letting me know he was making a pathway for me to help my parents. And he did just that. My parents are now living in a safe environment to enjoy the rest of their days together.

When I shared this with my fundie family members and their friends one evening, they all looked at me with blank stares of disbelief, or disgust. They couldn't believe Jesus would have anything to do with me. Ha! I've known I've grown alot when I no longer hate them and can stand back and see the innocence in their ignorance. And I say, "thank you geezus, I'm not one of them."


Visible said...

Laurel, I post them as they come in. 'm not in a position to do extensive editing and assisting beyond what I do do because of how much more all of this lays on my shoulders and I don't think anyone here realizes the amount of extra work requests I get via email and otherwise. As for removing a comment, people who log in or maybe even people who don't (I don't know all the details) can remove their own posts. I'll go and do that but I would rather not be subjected to this sort of thing.

just me, Laurel A. said...

my apologies les, was not wanting ot put you in a position, i honestly dont know how to delet them myself, and had psted while my duaghter's gmail was on, so it came up with her blogger info, not mine, and wierd people have bothered her before when i did not check to see that she was logged out. i will go now and see how to delete my post?

Visible said...

Now I just had to search all up and down the comments section here and couldn't find anything by sunnyrosegardens.

Anonymous said...

a fractured state of debasement
consumed in darkness conformed in detestable discord and the fruits of division and instability

in games of devalued defunct recipes
of a dismembered heart groomed in corruption and disability

in divided unpurposeful shattering inwards in conjunction with the denial unobserved but could be when centered individualy

integration in action of service to the union of all things atunes from the sky through humility

the teachings of those who became masters on the path up the mountain freed the mind of falsehoods sick history

the hearts of those masters who walked that path rose to the tips of the instance engaged in lifes essence of true mystery

the predatory demon encapsulated in conclusion of all delusions collapses in the strain devoid of continuity

in essence of truth that invigorates intensifys outwards manifests the point of all origonality


just me, Laurel A. said...

i just dont know how. i am trying. les, but maybe amarynth or erik, maybe, could tell me how to do this? its listed as "christine", comment #38.....i THINK i am "logged in" but i dont know how to do more.

Anonymous said...

Memo to gays:

Don't think you're so special just because you suck dick and/or take it up the ass or eat pussy. Hundreds of millions of straght people do the same thing. So what do you want, a medal?

Anonymous said...

Yeah mr. JR, the whole fucken situation is amazing. I was being facetious with that statement. It cracks me up how damn near everyone now days reguardless of their true feelings is afraid to say they don't approve of the gay life style. It is always "I don't have anything against gays" butt.....
There was a time in the not too distant past that most people had strong feeling concerning this issue. The joo controlled media has succeeded in knocking the edge off all of that.

One way to help understand something is to exagerate the situation. If everyone became gay it would be the end of the human race.


amarynth said...

Christine and Laurel A are one (grins). A momentary confusion here.

gurnygob said...

Christine said...

Dear Christine I would answer that if I knEW what the fuck you are talking about but I don't so I won't.


Erik said...

Vis and Laurel,

It was a post by 'Christine' and
i have removed it for you now ...

Visible said...

Okay, now I can delete it.

Visible said...

I'm assuming that's the post that got removed. Thank god for that (grin).

Terry Thurber said...

Even if there were no Jews in WWII Germany, there still would have been "refugee" camps surrounding essential goods and services centers at war's end.

Germany had been fire bombed back to a surreal stone age, of sorts. There was no infrastructure and there were no fat pink beautiful gentry dancing their heels off to Wagner's opuses. There were just starved Germans rifling garbage cans for coffee and calories.

Kurt Vonnegut flashed back to his POW days when he was assigned a job at a Dresden sugar beet syrup factory round the time Dresden tasted the fire bombs of truth, justice and the American "way". His descriptions still chill to this day.

Nazi Germany also supported the earliest migration of Yiddish who would be Jews to Palestine. According to Jeff Weber's archives, a Nazi ship, the "SS Tel Aviv" deposited German Zionists (that's why Helen said they should all move back to Germany) along with German machine tools and 100s of thousands of German marks to seed the "colonization". This happened around 1938, about the same time the European press was running headlines like "Judea Declares War on Germany" and General Smedley Butler published his well worth reading treatise, "War is a Racket".

We should also note the Sayan who blackmailed Woodrow Wilson into "restarting" WWI, just as England, according to Benjamin Freeman, was about to sign a "gentleman's surrender" to end the war, was US supreme court justice William Brandeis. The terms of Wilson's "blackmail" were that the authorize America's entry into WWI and that he sign the Federal Reserve act.

The Federal Reserve is a "War Usury Bank", and that is all that it is.

Many German Jews stayed behind. It should be noted that the reason Germany was supported early on in it's campaigns against England in both WWI and WWII by Americans was because the American press was controlled by Jews who had relatives in Germany. That all all changed when the Zionist Central Bankers dispatched sayans to transform fact into myth and blood into gold.

Germany's problem was not so much anything except that it pulled an "Iceland" on the common market and European central banks as the "Great Depression" humped up the misery scale. Germany's real problem back then was that it had "the Gaul" (pun intended) to tell the suits running the investment casinos responsible for the "depression" that they had not and were not underwriting the losses incurred by the suits in German and European counting rooms.

Germany began printing it's own currency outside the control of the central banks and enjoyed a healthy "homegrown" economy while the saps that fell for central bank's "working people will cover the fat cats markers" shtick That is all we need to know about the world when we try to understand the origins of WWII.

Germany is doing it again. They've refused to bailout the European Central Bank and are rumored to be printing Deutsch Marks as this is written. It's a good guess Geithner's threat to Germans that they run the risk of being labeled Nazis, again, if they did not help drive US markets visa vi weakening the USD (inflation carry) didn't work.

Folks - that is the only reason US Equity Markets feign good times. An inflated USD means more USDs are exchanged for Euros, thus increasing the dollar cost of US stocks held by Euro zone investors.

I guess I'll always wonder, had there not been Jews in Germany in the last days during WWII, would there still have been "concentration" or "Gazan" camps, or, would they have been called "refugee centers".

Another thing I can't figure out is why recording engineers make me play with "old" strings - but today I get to change them out - may require more effort to tune - but gosh - I really like the brilliance of new ones!

gurnygob said...

just me, Laurel A. said...or sunnyrosegardens said... or Christine said or whatever name you are posting under. Do you have special privileges here? You attacked me for speaking the truth. All I did was point out what I know to be true from personal experience. HA! They call Christians extremist. Why not go all shit out on Les for bringing up the Lesbian couple who are trying to turn a perfectly natural boy into something he is not. Look at the Child’s face for a start he doesn’t look a happy choppy to me. Laurel sunnyrosegardens Christine could it be that you are an ultra extreme feminist? Just asking.


just me, Laurel A. said...

FUD...."if everyone became gay it would be the end of the human race"................

seriously. i dont think there is such high demand to "be gay" that we are in any danger of a population depletion. where do you guys get these ideas??

and GURNY....its ok, i dont actually expect you to understand or answer. i was being a bit too academic, i suppose.

AMARYNTH and ERIK....thank you, and yes, we are sort of the same, she is my older daughter, the nano-engineering, materials films or whatever she does....the other older daughter and i are re-invigorating the blogspot for our previous sales, we are going to try to revive some sales interest, expand the inventory of the works o four hands, etcetera.....amarynth, pick a persona from there if you like, i am finishing up christines cross country team warm up suit, and then will i promise do the baby doll.

LES....i am so sorry, i really really did not want to do that to you, but i was lost, man, lost. please accept my thanks, my love, my wishes and hopes and dreams for your coming events......

Robin Redbreast said...

To anonymous:
I don't want a medal (what would I do with that????)
Your words show your true colours - anger and disgust, I won't resort to name calling - wouldn't lower myself to that level.

It makes me feel at peace to know I have no reaction to your hatred other than sympathy.

BTW my bed has never smelt of fudge
and I have never pranced along or let others know I am gay until (and believe me they never know until I do tell them)- unless I know they are not like you.

I am amazed you attend Les' blog.

BTW I bet I have met you before and you never knew it was me!!
Ha ha the jokes on you, and you and you....
May you feel at peace - looking over your shoulder with your back against the wall - sweetheart!! You're the one who's screwed.

Anonymous said...

a walk with life
defusing heartless
crashing shadows
concluding darkness
smashing satan
sacrificing hell
chasing evil
collapsing spell
of tyrant oligarch
money lender
ruthless bankster
false jew pretender
deviant center
a savage shade
back to nowhere
from where it came


Tom Lowe said...

Anthropologically speaking, feminine males and masculine females have always existed in all cultures. This aspect of human society is completely cross cultural. In some cultures, they are celebrated, while in others, they are persecuted, and while varying in degree and manifestation, a certain degree of both occurs in all cultures as well. That is how it has always been.

It is clearly evident that so-called 'sex changes' are not authentic sex changes at all, but are merely expensive cosmetic disfigurement. The industry that commits sex change disfigurement apparently has a philosophy that runs counter to the long human tradition of having masculine women and feminine men as a portion of society.

These people are being lied to by the industry that commits sex change disfigurement. They are led to believe that they can never be happy as a feminine male or masculine woman, but that is absolutely not true.

What is the industry's motivation here? Primarily it is money. They not only get paid for the very expensive operations, but the expensive psychological counseling goes on forever, plus expensive medications and hormone treatments that go on forever. It's a gold mine for the medical industry. They rake it in by playing on someone else's dissatisfaction with self.

You and I pay for nearly all of it through 'programs'.

I am all for cosmetic enhancements, but the line is drawn at cutting things off that could have helped make intelligent, beautiful babies one day. With each such operation, an entire family line is murdered by genocide. While those who merely do enhancements deserve to live with grace among the people, those who have committed these transgressionary and fraudulent 'sex change' disfigurements have very severe punishment coming.

As all can see, an exact line has been drawn and illustrated, but alas some have already gone over it. They shall be punished for committing pre-emptory genocide.

Neko Kinoshita said...

I could no more be gay than the best man at my wedding could be straight.

Visible, you may feel the need to clarify your position, but you are preaching to the choir from here. I see it the same way you state it in this posting. It’s not the orientation that’s the issue, but the agenda. And do we not all see who is setting that agenda?

Are there still some of you here that don’t get it? It’s getting too deep into it for us to be fooled into fighting one another over THEIR created divisions, or is that diversions, perversions, or perhaps distractions?

Listen to the divine speaking from your own heart, there is no need to fight one another when we all know what is right.


gurnygob said...

Can people not post comments under one name, why do they need two or three names? If I knew who I was talking to I would talk to one but to talk to two is too much to talk to two never mind one.

shit now i'm all confused.


just me, Laurel A. said...

gurny, go find something to do until dinner time. you claim confusion, go eat a candy bar and get your blood sugar back on course....and thank you for the inquiry, BUT i really do not care to be part of your fetish fantasy for ultra feminists or such :O

amarynth said...

gurneygob, sometimes people in one household share one computer. Mistakes happen.

amarynth said...

The divisions that are created for us, are vast. The sly and slithering manipulation of your and my opinions happen. If you/(I) had never heard of gay bashing, you/(I) would not pay attention to gays .. they would just be there, like kinda other people would just be there. If no-one had made you and me aware of the 'sand-niggers' and 'towel-heads' and 'gays' and 'blacks' or 'whites' or whichever other divisions people get heated up against, we would be more accepting, like we are mostly accepting of our neighbors. They are there.

That is why the truth is somewhere inside, if we can find a clean and uncorrupted space. And we all can do that. Then divisions disappear and the right authenticity starts shimmering through.

If anyone is interested, start reading up seriously on the origins of social manipulation. It is a horror story.

Anonymous said...

people,dont read this its horrible

satan satan
devil demon
cold as winter
shriveled semen
sacrificed article
collapsing vertibrae
bankster jew
predator now prey
your burnt up shadow
collapsing inward
the great red dragon
crossed and splintered
windy windwards
lightnings gaze
sweeping thunder
on devils ways


gurnygob said...

just me, Laurel A. said...

aca-what, oh academic. I see, now your just showing your arrogant side. Fair-enough Laurel, you are right and I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

lord visibles,you dont have to put that out as it is extremely horrible,...neil

DaveR said...

You guys really had me going when I read:

"Christine said...
This post has been removed by a blog administrator.
Wednesday, October 05, 2011 9:04:00 PM"

I thought holymotherfuckingpileofshit, that musta been some comment to get pulled from HERE!

Right on stickman! I've said for years (and people look at me funny for it) that the State should not be involved in "marriage" in any way. What's it their business? And the way it's set up now with the 'permit', (oh, sorry, "license") is you create a corporation with the State as the 3rd party. Quick, everybody! Run out and get a "license" to be together. And, I find the laws and other arrangements whereby married people get preference to be truly disgusting. Insurance, mortgages/loans and on and on. Whatever happened to "equal protection under the law?" And the wife can't be forced to testify against the husband?? Who the hell came up with that one?

Thurber: good points all. Having been a recording engineer, they may want to avoid the exact brilliance you describe. Plenty of that around especially with a good condenser mic (steel strings and a 414?). The older ones (not 'false') have rich overtones and don't cut so much.

Ben said...

Vis, All,

Me being me, I keyed in on this in Vis's blog:

"You can also look at the war against Christianity and check out what players and groups and agendas are involved, even while the fundie potato heads of the Christian Zionist congregation support those intent on destroying them."

A great many of today's American "Christians" were raised up in churches that used Cyrus Scofield's Reference Bible. I was raised up on this and on "evangelical zionism". In my teen years I was such a zionist that I actually wore a "Star of David" on a necklace around my neck. (I long ago learned that David never used that "star"... but the Rotschild's did.)

About six years ago I started to learn a little about Cyrus Scofield. I learned that Scofield, who served time in jail as a con artist, had been recruited by a jew lawyer by the name of John J. Ingalls.

Ingalls led Scofield into deeper crime, and while serving another prison sentence for criminal forgery, Scofield became attracted to the writings of John Darby, who had written tracts on the "rapture" theory.

Once out of jail, Scofield was taken under the wings of jews Samuel Untermeyer, Samuel Gompers, Abraham Straus, Bernard Baruch and Jacob Schiff. These khazars financed Scofield over the twenty year period he wrote his "Reference Bible". They also saw to it that Scofield's work was heavily propagandized within America's Bible colleges and seminaries.

The result of Scofield's Reference Bible and his teaching essentially paralyzed the Christian church; Christians were taught long before it happened of the re-emergence of "Israel" and this facilitated the founding of this khazar kingdom.

You can look up some of Scofield's financiers and see the role they played in establishing such things as the Soviet Union and the Federal Reserve. The khazars Untermeyer, Straus, Baruch and Schiff all played significant roles in the rot of American and world culture. You can also learn of their involvement with pushing the United States into several wars.

Now, all this being said, all that has happened did not happen outside of Father Creator's direct purpose... as Vis has said a number of times, we are all here for the purposes of demonstration. Scofield and his enablers played the role assigned them by Father Creator and they'll answer to Him for this.

Regarding homosexuals - I have two friends that were seduced into homosexuality in their early teens. One of them is "non-practicing"... or perhaps I should say he has strived to remain completely celibate. The other is militant in his chosen degradation and is easily manipulated by the same types that manipulated Cyrus Scofield. This friend has absolutely no joy in his life and cannot recognize nor realize how he is being used and abused by the jews.

My prayer is that one day Father will remove the blinders from them both and release them from this bondage... even the one that practices celibacy, since this itself is a form of bondage. Ideally, I would like to see them return to strictly male/female relationships.

Hipmonkey said...

I just can't let the Rome comment go. Indeed the Roman plagiarizing of Horus and the original Egyptian Christianity into the exoteric historical belief we have today was the biggest deception in world history, clever as hell, but pure evil. Romes hands are very dirty in all this and I feel they still control parts of our reality still today. To 'prove' or show you would probably take years - but I have a feeling you know something about this. I don't think anti-Zionism is antisemitic, I can't lump all gays into one stereotype and I don't think it helps to create further division among the 99%. What's needed is unity and of course awareness, and the desire for Truth. I've read you for a long time, your RSS feed is on my homepage, but really, this article is a bit of a head scratcher for me. (Usury created Rothschild, and usury was A Catholic mistake). Jordan Maxwell has a good video called the Vatican Exposed (or something similar). I'm just hoping that because most of the banksters are Jews you don't want to throw them all in the ovens. That's sick! Again, I hope I'm just not getting this article correctly, but language can be a frustrating tool.

Nazi-Amerikkka is here - I'm betting on the energy of the youth to stop this insanity and expand the Consciousness that started in with the 60's revolution. WAKE UP. Red Pill!!!

Visible said...

Well Rome is most certainly dirty and has been a plague on the human estate for 1700 years or more but the direct harm is my concern but I don't know anything. I just have to deal with what is in front of me.

truthsoup said...

Bravo...Fucking...Bravo...further discussion or comment is unnecessary.

DaveR said...

"Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose." - Steve Jobs

Anonymous said...

Robin at 16:00

How is it that you presume to derive only ad hominen disgust, hatred and anger from my post? The fact is, the only disgust and anger the gay issue engenders in me is the way gayness has been co-opted, zio-style, into a knee jerk, semi confabulatory narrative celebration of 'otherness' victimhood.

Kieron said...

I see what this kerfuffle is about. It’s about CONTROL.
Control of who gets to express themselves, who gets to live according to their nature, who gets to breed, who gets to marry, who gets to have kids, who gets to be true to themselves and live the life they imagine, who gets to X, Y and Z.

All these commenters arguing about how gays shouldn’t get to marry, should be demure and not “flaunt it” (whatever “it” is), should not be able to have and raise kids, should do this or should not do that, should should should—-it’s all about control.

For all we know, the huge increase in manly women and womanly men is because of the estrogen-mimicking chemicals that we’re dumping into the environment, and the fake foods that are being pushed on us (*cough* soy, soybeans, soymilk *cough*). Maybe they’re here to help curb the population explosion, although they are perfectly able to reproduce so that theory is out the window. Maybe the huge increase is the revenge of the Goddess who has been denied for so long… I sure as hell don’t know! Neither do any of you, including Visible.

As for the Jewish lesbian couple child sex reassignment surgery story, that’s nutty if it’s true, and those women should be prosecuted for abusing the child's right to self-determination. But using extreme examples… well, you said it yourself: “There’s no real oppression anymore. There are only the complaints of it and the blowing out of proportion of occasional single events here and there…” Without addressing the “no real oppression” bit (it would be TL;DR or too long; didn't read), well now, talk about blowing it out of proportion of occasional single events here and there. Those women are hardly representative of gay men and lesbians in America or elsewhere. I know, I know, you didn’t say that but you’re sure picking out extreme examples to boost your argument.

In the end, there’s your opinion and then there’s mine. We'll all know better, by and by.

gurnygob said...

You know Les I am left wondering if maybe my input and comments into the gay issue this evening was even worth the effort. I feel stupid it for even getting involved to the point where it ended up in a slanging match between Laurel and myself. I don’t know Laurel from Adam or maybe that should be Eve, who cares. The other thing I was wondering is how we get over these issues. I mean our differences, is it even important? I suppose it depends on how passionate one is on the issues at hand. I am not really interested in whether a person is gay or not and I am not the sort to turn up at gay parades with my burn in hell banner. I have my views and maybe I should have just kept them to myself. So with that said I offer my apologies to Laurel and anyone else who may have taken offence. We shall just have to disagree on this one and leave it to a higher authority to judge the rights or wrongs of it when the time comes. In the mean time I will teach my children and grandchildren that it’s quite alright to come out and say I am straight. I guess there are bigger fish to fry. I did not need to get into this with someone I don’t even know it just made me feel bad. Well it’s back to the goldfish tank for me I’ll catch up with you all the next time round, now where was I,,,,,,,,,,


Anonymous said...

You always say what needs to be said Visible. Thanks again.

All I hear, through out the town, are the tip toes on egg shells, no brains to be found. The all tolerant people have tolerated things so well, that they have literally tolerated themselves to hell. I am aware, but it's lonely where I am, the aware are are far and few between, and there's so many of "them".
Just keep on screaming the very things that have been designed to bring you down. Pay no attention to me, I'm just a homophobic, anti-semetic clown. It's really quite funny though, many of them hold degrees, so you can never be so smart as people like these. College can't give you the ability to critically think, in fact they make sure you cannot, that's right, just stare at me and blink. But go around and parrot the phrases that you were programmed to, if it wasn't so tragic, I would be laughing at you. You really have no idea, that you have ushered yourselves out, you let the mental programming tell you what life is all about. You really need a punch in your P.C. faces, you will never see the error in mixing all of the races. I bet you cannot guess who the people are that have NOT done so. They just keep winding you idiots up and letting you go. Your kind define the words, like stooge and chump, and soon you'll be discarded in the human dump. You've let your intellect, or the illusion of it, tolerate yourselves into some very deep shit. I'll never be impressed by the arrogant crowd, they pat each other on the back and laugh so very loud. They really cannot grasp how they have been taught to sell themselves out. They're the biggest group of morons and let there not be any doubt.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

pop a cork and toast a bankster.

there's a lot in common with the in-your-face gays always going on about their victim status, expecting super recognition whilst at the same time completely ignorant of or insentitive to any other issues (identity politics at its worst), and the Ashenazi jew doing the same.
theres also parallels on how each of those minorities got on in society, the one doing entertainment and the other the money grubbing, and how unhealthy it is when these pursuits/attitudes overide the basics and natural ways.
of course I don't know shit really, but I can smell imbalance and hypocrisy from miles away.
Those two types have a lot in common, but which one is wagging the other? It's obvious.


wv: hismati. fine but he can keep it to himself can't he?

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,


Thank you for bringing up subjects they tell us we shouldn't talk about unless we're on their side. Did I spot some agent provocateurs?

We all have free will. We must decide every time we put our foot down if we should put our foot down. This is not judging. Some try to make the right choices. Some do not. The decisions we make for children are extremely important. Homeschooling is really required now (especially if you want them to actually read and do math). All schools are bad. They receive funding from mean people with dark agendas.

Gays are a bummer and should keep their abominations and tacky clothing out of our faces, and especially out of the faces of children. Gays receive funding from these same mean people.

Children have free will too and will explore as we all did. Right teachings from the family are required to help them choose well.

Machiventa Melchizedek

PaulW said...

pratiessI'm not all that comfortable with the word "Homophobia" Broken down, it becomes "Man Fear". I dont fear any man , and I doubt many of you reading this , or the above do , either.

Anonymous said...

Considering all the hormone disrupting pesticides on our food and leaching from plastic containers it may not just be a choice. Now they're whippin out 100's of Nazi probes to further their agenda. I'm crawling back under a rock for a spell.

Anonymous said...

Do you know the expression: "eat shit ?: Well, this is what that section of the population does for pleasure!

Rob in WI said...

PatrickW, thanks for bringing up the Protocols; you beat me to it. Any open minded student of history, and prognosticator of things to be, will find most of it described there.
Should be required reading in the "public" schools, same as holohoax tales.
Visible, I'm surprised in reading comments that I haven't seen the term "homosexuals". Has the site, and/or followers, become so PC that certain terms are disallowed? Just curious. Best to all, Rob

Anonymous said...

Les interrogation what is normal? Answer: that which is in accordance with the creators laws, physical and spiritual.

Agreed with the poster who said sex, eating, sleeping, exercising, dreaming, pooping, peeing, all are no one else's business.

However they are all subject in operation to laws, the pertinent one's here being what we call "medical".

Les, in casting doubt over what is "normal" you may lead certain readers into avenues of ill health.
Best wishes to all.

Richie (Dana) said...

Okay then had your fun.
Drop the need to be "right".

You perhaps think we do not understand?
I am 55 and I fucking understand.
It is not about gay and right.
I care not that you might not understand what I say.
Your own destiny lies in your hands.
For your sake....I implore you......
Do the right thing.

There are some people who will always love you regardless. I know that sounds crazy.

I can see you, and want you to remain. You see that you never would have talked at all if not for your commitment. This will not be compromised.
Did Les delete your comments?

The subject espoused today may seem very important....but I would invite you to the next level.

The Divine One cares not for your sexual preference or your defense of same. If that is so...why beat on your fellow?
If you think you have it all figured out and and all those other people are wrong, then you may have a major problem.
This is not to say that I do not share your level of commitment as is plainly depicted here...

I intensely love the pure intent of this blog and those who comment so please forgive if I offend anyone. It is certainly not my intent.

Only with Love

Anonymous said...

Woah, it's like yall just picked up sticks and started whacking a hornet's nest. You are right and that's the problem Visible.

MachtNichts said...

Oy vey, Oy vey, we have got a long way to go. Anyone's lifestyle is nobody's business. It is about the 'in your face' and the 'get them younger and younger': The Agenda!
I want to quote from Protocol #IX: "We have fooled, bemused and corrupted the youth of the goyim by rearing them in principles and theories which are known to us to be false although it is by us that they have been inculcated."
But, I still say: macht nichts, Silvia

Anonymous said...

They can get a sex change op (indeed
cosmetic disfigurement) but still every cell in their body is going to be the original X or Y they were born with.

Robin Redbreast said...

To whomever it may concern Ignorance is not bliss - its blinding.
Judging others is self revealing.
The intensity of your reaction shows whats going on inside.
Complacency is never sought by me
Arrogance is self defeating
Always learning always growing
Never solved it never there yet.

Bit bored of this whole gay thing now - some people just make stereotypes because they believe what the little they see in and around their little world is the same all over the real world - suppose they don't get out much or something..... I don't know.

Love thy neighbour as thy self - you know that means you should love thy self FIRST - otherwise you can't love thy neighbour - do you get that??

BTW I am a homosexual - its just a long word - prefer the work gay or Robin ;) I am certainly also not a follower of fashion - your gaydar certainly wouldn't work on me (and surely I'm not the only one :))))

Visible said...

You know, I've been holding off having anything to say because I don't know what to say but I can tell you, a lot of these comments don't reflect what I think and it makes me sad to see them. Everyone of us will be this or have been this and you never know if it is in front of you or behind you and when the time comes, the last thing you want to confront are certain states of mind when you're not in a position to change your own. The political and social side of it is one thing. The personal side is quite another.

I have long term friendships with gay people and one of them caught the virus and I spent a year with him before he died. A lot of really jerk city people and most of them members of the tribe in the town of Woodstock believed because I was always seen with my friend Kenny O'Brien that I was that way and also had what he had and I caught some truly nasty shit and was seriously tempted on several occasions to kick some intolerant ass and it's only because pretty much have to be come at before I act out that kept me from doing so. Nothing I said would convince these people to the contrary, even though I had lived in the town for years and been seen with any number of people and was well known all around. People wanted to believe it and they wanted to make me feel like the scum of the Earth but that was okay. Kenny meant more to me than any of that and the way he went was pretty ugly.

Just about none of us can help what we are, even when we might could change or simply tone ourselves down to where people don't notice us anymore. We're stuck with what we are until God takes pity on us or we have run the course of all those moments in which our shortcomings are showcased. I know, because I live with mine.

Anyway, I don't know what good it does for me to say any of this but I've said it. The whole point of these blogs and this section is to provide somewhere to come and interact with kindred spirits and for the most part that has happened. I still feel terrible for what I said to Love Your Life the other day. I've had to experience that for years now and I finally got to where I couldn't see any other option but to let him know how he impacts on me. Saying it's not the bankers fault but the very victims of them who are responsible for the shit we find ourselves in was the last straw. And as wrong as he is and as correct as the rest of us may be as far as who is the chief malefactors, it doesn't take away from how I feel. Even when I'm right, if I haven't handled it with all the grace at my disposal, i feel like I have failed and I always take it more to heart than I maybe should and have to live with it until it disappears under the next load of compost.

I can't ask any of you to act different or be different than you are. I can only ask you to think about it. There are few sins as grave as hurting someone's heart.

Robin Redbreast said...

Thank you Les
Hurting another's heart is what you say it is.


Neko Kinoshita said...

I feel saddened by your feelings of failure. I empathize, because I suffer the same fault, taking too much responsibility for others thoughts, actions, and/or reactions.

Judgment is beyond my pay grade, and I am still learning to let be. I would like to say however, that even when I feel that I cannot agree with what you say, reflection shows that your statements are in no way different from my own position. Sometimes I react to the words without allowing understanding of the meaning.

Perhaps this would make more sense if I knew enough to know what I’m saying, but I’m just stumbling along out here in the cul-de-sac.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

interesting...especially when you declared this blog was written with the expression of exposing that there is a hidden agenda by the Zionists who have brainwashed us into this very type of reaction...

there is a hidden gay agenda and it has worked miracles since its inception...they have crammed the gay agenda down our throats for our education our our TV our organised our advertising...they have brainwashed the masses...for our own good of course...we are brainwashed NOT to think for ourselves and let the Zionist Agenda tell us what is best...i'm sorry to say but when this topic gets ALL their efforts tells me there is a hidden agenda...for if it doesn't serve and benefit the Zionists it doesn't get that kind of attention no matter what...

Money, illicit drugs, intelligence agencies, banking, capitalism, communism, organized religion, organized crime, international free trade agreements, the legal profession, the medical profession and its counterparts, the drug industry, law enforcement, private "national" banks, and the media in all its forms...all of these have the same control...the same promoters...and the same all cases they are the Zionist rulers of this world...

woe to them that are at ease in Zion...

do i see a more content happy loving caring society because of this agenda...not NO but HELL NO...

Best Wishes Always

Anonymous said...

It's like I said. If you don't agree that homosexuals are the victim, and 'oh poor them', you get the guilt of death put upon you.
I've looked up close. I used to be open minded about it. I went to the pride parades, and joined the student groups in college. Now, I have at least four friends w AIDS, that I know of. They are not victims. They also hated "breeders" so the hypocrisy is amazing. They also hate bisexuals. "Bi? Bye Bye" is the quote.

Several of my "friends" are HIV positive. Why? you may ask?
BECAUSE they had a lot of unprotected sex w strangers. Do they tell you that they are HIV positive? Not while you share a glass, a smoke or a meal, that's for dang sure. My neighbor was having unprotected sex w all kinds of men for five years after his lover died of AIDS, and NEVER told one of them. When he got sick, he sold his house at auction, left all his furniture and ran home to his mother in another state. Haven't heard from him since. He doesn't want all those men to find out about him.

You are right, people shouldn't hurt people's feelings. But, on the other hand, people need to look at this realistically.

Anonymous said...


Ignorance is not bliss, it is oblivion.

That is how the jew has been so successful at genociding gullible Europeans these past 100 years . . . our ignorance.

I realize that conflicts with your "coffee colored world where we all sit around holding hands singing kumbayah," (good luck selling that crap to the non-European world) but reality usually does conflict with jew BS.

p.s. I like the idea one of the above commenters has of posting relevant quotes from the jews' Protocols.

amarynth said...

I really like this. Keith Olbermann Reads The Statement Released By The Wall Street Protesters - 2011-10-05

Visible said...

see, that's what happens when you are so blinded by appearances that you don't get the substance behind them.

There is no way that I don't believe and express everything I have always done. There's no way that I feel the need to suddenly pander or sit around a campfire singing songs I can't and never liked in the first place.

Saying that about me betrays an incredible disconnect between my efforts to be understood and the shit I got put through to get here, which I am certain was far more intense and dangerous than the majority of you. I was in situations where I was the only white boy, or defendant or general punching bag that made it through so many places unscathed.

A lot of it had to do with protection and some it had to do with being fearless and capable and I don't have to tell the tales and I often don't but there are witnesses enough around who can tell the tales if it comes to that.

I was as clear as clear could be about the agenda side of it and relatively clear about the human side. I'm not here to define right and wrong according to things I have seen or come up against. However right I may think I am, I have had it proven to me time and time again that I didn't know what was really happening or the features involved that made it so.

Now maybe you know more than me and in that case, I'll learn what's what eventually. It's just like the thing about Jews I have met enough of them, lived for years in the Jewish Rockies and NYC and I have met all kinds and I have met some great people and nothing is going to change that.

I don't wholesale things. It's not intelligent and it's not comprehensive and it's not so.

You don't like what I have to say in your anonymity, fine. That's perfectly fine but it's not going to have any effect on me. Only one thing has any effect on me and I can rely on it 100% anytime and anywhere.

I am most definitely wrong sometimes but I adjust the moment it becomes clear to me and it always does sooner rather than later. You got it sussed. You got the firepower and the stones, you walk the talk instead of just talking then go for it, otherwise, I don't really give a shit.

Chris said...

We as parents have the duty to lead our children into adulthood intact and whole to the best of our ability.

Words fail to demonstrate the disgust and revulsion I have for those idiot dykes, and the great sympathy I have for their BOY.

just me, Laurel A. said...

wow. it just blows my mind (pun not intended) that so many many many people feel an urge to decry "the gay lifestyle". if it isn't YOUR lifestyle, what is it to you? what do you care? in your face? so what? so is everything in this world. so what?

your kids come home from religion class all gay? then change your religion. change your church. or don't go at all. or for once, try to understand WHAT was actually taught that day.

you have nothing but smear talk against this group, that group? gays? ragheads? camel jockeys, niggahs, injuns, chinks, yanks, bitches, hoes? brats, bastards, old farts, fuckers, fuckheads, dicks, dickheads, losers, morons, retards, oh man, the list must be exhausting for those who feel they need to keep up with all of their hating. cripes, but i am exhausted just thinking them all up, but even here in les' world, there are a ton of those who have oh-so-explicit lists of what and who is "okay". why? have you that much energy to spare? after all of your good deeds, that is? damn damn damn! wish i had all that energy! now WHAT are you going to do if you get to the next level and gay is NOT an issue? what WILL you gripe about then? or will you just prefer to stay at this level so you can keep on being "right"?

gay is just a thing some people do in bed. straight is just a thing some people do in bed. dressing up in any manner is called "fashion". if a marilyn monroe look alike female dressed like the men in the gay parade to which gurny-who-does-not-live-there referred, then ol' gurny would be out there a-takin' pitchures, for sure. and so would about every person complaining about male cross dressing.

why does cross dressing, if it even should be thusly named, offend anyone? who is to say what is male, what is female? and why? its just flipping clothing. nothing more. its a fashion statement. as is any other type of style.

therefore, it isnt the clothing that is the problem, and really, the sex one has in ones private life is not the problem, and if hertero persons engage in the "gay acts" that offend, then its not a problem, so i guess the sex act itself is not the problem, then what the fuck is the problem?

you dont want your kids to be gay? you dont want to be gay? you can only raise your children. raise them right, they will grow up and be what and who they are, and they will be fine people. period. you dont want to be gay? duh, i think we all know the answer to that one. you dont want others to be gay? for real? this is your biggest problem in the world? seriously?

get past the artificial persuasions, and ask yourself, why does it matter to YOU? and then, you will have all the answer you need. and god willing, you will be free to pursue a better life of your own.

its just sex. its just not anyone elses business. it just isnt. my children will be who and what they want, and they are. i raised them well. i did NOT raise them superficially. thank god for that, or they would be at the throats of some of you mini-minded souls :))

Anonymous said...

OK Cupid, but like so many others you fail to press your argument to the bitter conclusion.

Who appealed to Abraham's selfish nature saying "If you make me your god, I'll give you a promised land".

Well no shit Sherlock, anytime he wanted to, Abraham could have gone and taken that promised land all by himself, but no, he and his descendants are now permanently fooled into thinking the demiurge gave it to them.

Result? They have to do the will of the demiurge. So why don't you put the blame where it truly belongs.

Anonymous said...

Good day Vis , fellow earthlings and others

Now I maybe the least among you I don't know and I don't care.

Reading your blogs the last few days and trying to stay out of the fray for the most part I have seen and confirmed a few of the truths I've come to rely on in my own fucked up life.

1) Putting your faith in any man generally leads to disillusionment.

2) Any internet forum will lead to an argument sooner or later if the comments section is open long enough.

3) We all make mistakes.

Now this place is filled with some pretty damn decent people. Some gay some coloured some white and maybe a few reptilians who've seen the light. God knows. But I felt some real comfort here some time ago when I asked for help. I mean real love and caring for a stranger.

Vis your comment to Love your Life and your regret of same today struck home. How often I have struck out in anger and frustration only to suffer with conscience for years after. Or made some foolish decision that hurt another for my own selfish comfort.

I see many of your lives has been difficult. I don't care to get into one up man ship because I can't. It's just to damn painful to talk about my life and more than I can muster to even begin to try. Let's just say I'm pretty sure there are some real tragedies amongst the readers here.

I come here everyday for HOPE my friends. Try not to let me down. I'll try not to let you down.
But If I do let you down or if you let me down I'll try and forgive me and I'll try and forgive you.

To me today, that's love as best as I can tell. And it conquers all.

Patrick V1.0

Robin Redbreast said...

Sorry but I'm no victim - whoever you are! Remember to always look over your shoulder and keep your back against the wall......
Can't explain others' behaviour in regards to sex all day and catching HIV etc
Can only stand by my own behaviour and in the end am only answerable to God - when the time comes - She/He is the one I'll have to justify myself too - when ever that will be. Hope you all feel comfortable with that future meeting and the way you have treated yourself but particularly others you have come in contact with in this life (and that includes online- as we are all real people). However you define your God - God bless you all ;)

Richie (Dana) said...

Patrick @ 7:00

Now that is what I am talking about.
Good on you my friend.


Anonymous said...

Jews, homosexuals...just waiting for the gypsies and we're all set!

amarynth said...

Thanks Patrick! The Love is still there, but it seems the weirdness is overtaking everywhere.

We are all wounded, we are all in pain, we are all traumatized. I wish you all peace.

katz said...

the political hacks brought up a few single-issue voter hot spots:
1. gay marriage;
2. illegal immigrants;
3. gays in the military/DADT;

but, somehow they forgot to debate the real issues, such as:
1. illegal wars;
2. 911 criminal investigation;
3. increased taxes;
4. health care w/o single payer;
5. torture and detention of prisoners, including juveniles in Cuba and Abu Graube, and various other black sites;
6. illegal rendition;
7. war crimes and crimes against humanity;
8. Israel, APAC, JINSA/PNAC JDL, ADL, and it's inordinate influence over US foreign policy.
9. Naked short sales;
10. Stock market manipulation and the plunge protection team;
11. fraudulent foreclosures;
12 Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo, Fanny Mae, Freddy Mac;
14. Ben Bernacke;
15. The corporate news monopoly and manipulation;
16. illegal searches and seizures;
17. privitazation of governmental functions, including jails;
18. capital punishment, esp in Texas;
19. use of tazers and other cruel and unusual punishment;
20. foreign policy including pay offs and benefits to Israel and everyone bribed to ignore the actions of Israel, including the various war crimes and crimes against humanity that have occurred in the past ten years;
21. off-shoring of our manufacturing and the fact that we no longer make anything of value;
22. the missing 2.3 TRILLION dollars from the Pentagon;
23. the interest groups that own our "elected" officials;
24. the hacked diebolt voting machines;
25. the scanner machines used by TSA to negatively impact health, safety and welfare of airline passengers;
26. the lack of privacy and the profiteering of social networks on our privacy;
27. the obvious Israeli dual citizens that occupy Homeland Security, and own the telephone companies;
28. the denial of alternate energy to consumers and the monopolization of energy corporations and exorbitant rate hikes;
29. bank fraud. banks selling bundled packages of bad mortgages over 30 times, to 30 different buyers;
30. corruption in Congress, the White House and in the Judiciary.

There are more issues, but too many to list. You probably think the first three issues are important? They are NOT.

We are all in the boat together.
And, this boat is sinking fast, while everyone ignores the big stuff to argue over completely ridiculous POV's that are so erroneous to start with that the entire issue is clouded.

Anonymous said...

Allow me to clarify my post of October 05, 2011 9:21:00 by way of paraphase, just so there's no mistake about what I intended to convey:

Memo to Jews:

Don't think you're so special just because you belve in God. Hundreds of millions of non-Jews also subscribe to the notion of a
monotheistic diety. So what do you want, a medal?

katz said...

as soon as I hit 'send" I remembered some more really important issues:

1. MONSANTO! those bastards!! bio-engineered foods, wood in food, etc.
2. water is contaminated w pharmaceuticals and FLUORIDE;
3. Pharmaceuticals (big issues!);
4. corporate farming;
5. incompetent government response to disasters;
6. Nuclear power plants, esp in light of Fugishima;
7. Nuclear bombs, cluster bombs, mini nukes, micro mini nukes, depleted uranium and chemical weapons;
8. neutron bombs;
9. use and targeting of unarmed civilians, as "legitimate" war tactic;
10. secret nasty wars, ie Libya, etc.
11. violations of the US Constitution, the 4th Geneva Conventions and international law;
12. the total morons who 'elected';
13. the psychopathy of the so called "leadership" of the USA and EU;
14. the misuse of drugs, the direct marketing of drugs to consumers and the lack of proper supervision by the FDA;
15. radiation danger from cell phones;
16. morgelleons disease;
17. dangerous and fatal treatment of cancer patients;
18. the health care system of profits over people.
19. chemtrails.
20. cruelty to animals due to commercial farming practices, feedlot abuse, abuse of dairy cattle, abuse of chickens and factory abuse of animals.

I'm sure there are ever more issues that affect us all. But, we are always sweating the small stuff...that is how they win.

Anonymous said...

Laural at 5:56 said--

"...its just sex. its just not anyone elses business. it just isn't...."

Exactly. So why is there such an in-your-face effort by the 'movement' to make it everyone's business? Fact is, it's as obnoxious as religious fundamentalists trying to shove creationisn on everyone just to further some veiled agenda.

Anonymous said...

old mother harmony
sweep near and far
summertime willow
oak dusted heart
sparking intensified
unraveling string
spinning and swirling
around and within
up up away
beyond and above
on the air of integritys
heavenly love
sweet true sensations
align and atune
consciously opened
where flowers bloom


gurnygob said...

just me, Laurel A. said...

Actually Laurel, Marilyn Monroe isn't my type. I’m a more Janet Napolitano sort of guy. hee hee!


Anonymous said...

peoples,I need to define between the common jew who is much the same as any of us lot and the elitist zionist type jew who is false and worships satan....

normal jews who hope for a better world for everybody,could never understand the bloodlust of their false debased god and weird storys of taking over everbody and turning the world into a great big toilet,the ones who pick the olives for the palestinian and stuff,who just happened to find themselves in this crazy situation are suffering aswell....

it would be better for them to do all they can to distance themselves from the zionist satanic toilet worshiping false jew,,,,because those toilet worshippers will sacrifice you at a moments notice,,,,,

anyway respects to you lot...neil

Anonymous said...

What I have experienced about gays, is that the majority of their conversations revolve around "being gay".

They are even more prejudiced than straight people. Do you ever see straight people invited to gay parties - NO. They all cluster together. When they travel, they stay in gay guest houses. They isolate themselves.

Do you see heterosexuals inviting their gay friends over to parties - YES.

Annnd, a lot of gays consider heterosexual sex as an aberration, and that's the problem, as you mentioned Les. They don't consider their sexual orientation as a minority orientation.

As soon as someone comes out of the closet, they think everybody is a closet gay - another one of my observations.

Or they'll say something like "she's gay, she just doesn't know it yet".

DaveR said...

Hey Les,

In a pissing match is it usually decided by distance or accuracy? Or are there divisions for each?

Anonymous said...

I still maintain, and I said this the other day as well, but no-one cares to respond.

There is a missing piece in your puzzle, Les. IF it's an agenda being pushed by the PTB, then why do gays in America struggle so much to get gay marriage approved? If it's what the PTB wants, it's what the PTB gets, and it aint happening.

In a social sense, they are pretty much accepted, with a few exceptions that made headlines (teen suicides from bullying and so on).

The other missing piece is the rise of the fascist, conservative right (dominionist tea-party), who are vehemently anti-gay.

So I don't know, Les. I just don't see what you see.

BTW. Please don't bite my head off like you did the other day, one of the reasons I keep coming here is because all points of view are welcome.

Oh, and BTW, I wouldn't know how to find out whether the leaders of gay movenents are all Jewish.

Oh yeah, and that "our children are being programmed" comment of yours also doesn't hold water. Children of gay parents are not only predominantly straight when they reach adulthood, but children of lesbians may do better than their peers:,8599,1994480,00.html#ixzz1a2AzYSoH

Anonymous said...

Wahine here -

Just wanted to let you know Laurel A, you're coming across as obnoxious right now. Get down off that self-righteous soapbox.
"gay is just a thing some people do in bed"
Really? That simply is not true. Open your eyes.
And stop being such a bitch to Gurneybob, its like seeing someone be mean to a puppy.

Robin Redbreast said...

I still don't get how one person's experiences in life and of a few people, means that everybody of that person's experience means the whole of the rest of the people in this wirld of billions - with a similar orientation - are somehow all the same - based on that one person's experience!! I'm sounding confused now - I suppose it's like saying that all people with red hair are angry?? I dunno, I just don't understand how some people come to their views of how life is. O give me strength! ;) dear father god lord and ladies xx

Visible said...

I don't remember biting anyone's head off except for love your life and if do on occasion stray into a temporary state of confrontation it is slim and far between all the times I don't. Meanwhile you are anonymous and I just have to tell you, anonymous does not have the same level of rights as everyone else. That's just how it is. I can't do anything about for a whole lot of reasons.

Meanwhile saying something like you just said about how you wouldn't know how to go about finding out who heads these gay organizations tells me that if I did bite you head off it was probably well deserved. It is impossibly easy to go to a search engine and find out what the major gay political organization are and if you can't manage that then you only have to go to one and send an email and ask them for a list or where you can find one. Then you have only to go to the sites and scroll around until you find the 'about us', the staff list or the members of the boards of directors.

It's easy to come around here and criticize- anonymously and it's easy to talk a lot of shit and have no credentials for ever having done shit. It's real easy to talk out of the side of you mouth and significantly more difficult to speak the truth and stand behind it when most people want no part of it because the truth is a unwelcome guest who seldom gets invited to anything.

Mayhap I'm not communicating effectively or in a specific and critical sense, I am not conveying something that's hard to say and when said hard to be gentle with or about. I don't care what people think most of the time. Not because I don't like them or because I'm an intransigent jerk who puts what I think ahead of everyone else and believes I have that right. I just don't care that much because it doesn't make that much difference.

Some of the things I've seen here the last day or so about who the bad guys are and that everyone is basically fucked no matter who they are, strikes me as ludicrous and wholesale judgment on the part of people who are unlikely to leave this world a better place than they found it and on their way to becoming just like the people they want dead, destroyed and thrown in prison. I don't have the luxury that some of you have to be flat out dead certain that I'm right and everyone else is flawed one way or another. I just don't. I really don't know and I definitely prefer that to being stuffed to the eyebrows with Cliff Notes and surface floaters. What's real and true doesn't hang out at Starbucks and you don't get it off a shelf or pick it off a tree. If you happen to be real and true after whatever strenuous effort took you there then real and true will come looking for you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks "just me, Laurel A."

Your words could have been my words :)))

This looks to me like textbook David Icke's "problem - reaction - solution". Yes, keep it up, and they will come "fix it" for us ;)

Here we are fighting about something so insignificant as homosexuality, sheesh.

Divide and conquer - we've been had...again...and again....and again....and again.....and again......and again....and again....

Visible said...

Robin, it's not worth your time and trouble and most of it is anonymous trolls. There's one thing for certain that I have found and that is you can't change other peoples thought processes. They go a lot of time, ego and vanity invested in them. Very few people can let themselves know that 99% of everything they think is not only incorrect in any ultimate and lasting sense but often quite dangerous like an accident looking for a place to happen.

The more invested people are in what they convinced themselves is real, the more certain they will meet real sooner or later.

My favorite thing is when you have labored your whole in a certain pursuit and have acquired not only a body of work but certain friendships with entities that make all inspiration and solid arrivals, as well as so many other things, available to the people who take the trouble to sit next to the pump and you find yourself on the firing life of people who haven't done a damn thing but know all about everything. A wiser mind just keeps moving on and doesn't concern themselves with barking dogs who react to sounds and movement that have nothing to do with the caravan that rode on off into the sun.

Arguments are plentiful and enduring to the extent that people place value on them and they exist only so that quarrelsome types will have something to bounce off each others heads. Just about all of it don't mean shit and what does is in hiding and only reveals itself when you or I come out of hiding.

Anonymous said...

It's not the Gays that piss me off. It's the damn Irish!


just me, Laurel A. said...

gurnyglob and wahine here.......

now you have the power to decide if i might or might not be permitted the luxe of MY soapbox? and you have taken to deciding what small animals i may or may not like? and that is the BEST you have to support your "views"? bahahahahahahahahahaa!! next you will be jumping on me abou tthe style of shoes you presume i wear, or what my personal thoughts are aobut shepard smith, or where i shop and what i buy, or my grammar or spelling or punctuation, or the way i dont cap things at the forefront....really important issues like that, cause you have some kind of important thing to say, right? TROLLLLLLSSSS! baaaahahahahahaaa! ok, back to the making of wine :)) .... i have a yen for some pear wine i think.....

Chinese Sneakers said...

Ah, now we're back on track:

"Arguments are plentiful and enduring to the extent that people place value on them and they exist only so that quarrelsome types will have something to bounce off each others heads. Just about all of it don't mean shit and what does is in hiding and only reveals itself when you or I come out of hiding."

All aboard that's comin' aboard.

...the Express Kundalini.

Visible said...

exactly JR. That is just the sort of trenchant observation I should have made and not all that unlike about a whole lot of other observation that are being made and... stop me if I'm wrong but your has the oh so slight insinuation of satire and the other things are not amusing or else I've lost my sense of humor because it only hurts when I laugh.

Anonymous said...

via homer..

And who do them darned celibates always get a free pass?

They're up to something, I just know it..

bholanath said...

Like Ras Bob says, "it's a foolish dog that barks at the flying bird".

...similar to that caravan you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Oscar Wilde wasn´t Irish or was he ?

Anonymous said...

The right hand of Zion encourages hatred against "teh gayz" because it binds the evangelical xtians to Israel's interests. The left hand of zion encourages "teh gayz" to join corporate Amerikkka and the military because it serves Israel's interests. No matter what you think about "teh gayz", it really doesn't fucking matter, just as long as you don't forget that both the left and right hands of Zion are barebacking your bitch asses into the poorhouse. Period, the end.

BTW, have any of you heard of "pinkwashing"? IT refers to the lefty zionists attempt to get mainstream gay Amerikkka to cosign Israel's attempts to proclaim that they are the Middle Easts only true democracy, even as they fling monkey wrenches into Palestine's demands for sovereignty and statehood:

-A Happy Camper from Gay Pareeeeeeeeeeee

Robin Redbreast said...

Sorry, I should have stopped this a while back!? Still smiling thou (grin)
It's gonna be another beautiful day again - whatever the weather :)
Energy not be wasted on the wasted
Love and blessings to you all

Visible said...

Oscar Wilde was English. His life was quite a tale, pretty yellow nineties until he let his arrogance concerning what he could get away with and the manner in which he made it known operate beyond the frequency of his control. His boyfriend, Lord Alfred Douglas was the son of the Marquis of Queensberry and a very connected and powerful. Oscar managed to piss him off by flaunting his relationship while also laughing. Those days were not like these days and so, the Arquis went after Oscar and took him to court for something like moral turpitude. The offshot was that Oscar got convicted and I think sentenced to something like two years in Redding Gaol.

Oscar wound up spending that time in pretty much total darkness and wrote The Ballad of Redding Gaol, one of the greatest poems ever written on scraps of toilet paper he somehow managed to get his hands on with charcoal pencils smuggled to him by compassionate guards. His time in the clink served to destroy him and he never recovered. I'm not one hundred percent sure I have all these details straight but... pretty close. Oscar was a very amusing and witty guy but also a cruel and unpleasant man in the way he treated other people and he made a lot of enemies, including James Whistler, they hated each other with singular venom.

Anonymous said...

Great post, thank you!

Not that it matters greatly, but Wilde was Irish.


Robin Redbreast said...

Got It Good lyrics

If I had one wish
If I had one wish
It would be to be free of this fighting all around
'Cause it's so wrong
And it could be so right
In my heart I know we're here to grow, to love, to give, to learn, to live...
And I believe in miracles
Open up your eyes

Got a soul, got a mind
Got a heart that beats in time
You've got a smile, got a voice
Got the gift of love
You've got it good
Don't forget how lucky you are
Darling, darling, use it to connect with everyone

Don't you know we're golden
Covered up with mud
One day you'll see the truth that we all share the same blood
Supposed to love thy neighbour
Together we should stand
Whatever colour, race or creed
Come on and hold my hand
'Cause I don't differentiate
We're all the same to me

Got a soul, got a mind
Got a heart that beats in time
[ From: ]
You've got a smile, got a voice
Got the gift of love
You've got it good
Don't forget how lucky you are
Darling, darling, use it to connect with everyone

And it's getting so serious
Crushed my heart in pieces
But I know I'm not alone in wanting peace
Not alone
And if you feel what I feel
Raise your hands with me

Got a soul, got a mind
Got a heart that beats in time
You've got a smile, got a voice
Got the gift of love
You've got it good
Don't forget how lucky you are
Darling, darling, use it to connect with everyone

Got a soul, got a mind
Got a heart that beats in time
You've got a smile, got a voice
Got the gift of love
You've got it good
Don't forget how lucky you are
Darling, darling, thank you for the moments that we had

Words courtesy of Jen (music) xx

Robin Redbreast said...

Ps sorry if my constant posts are getting on your nerves - please let me know
Went to the beach with my dog and partner yesterday (Ogmore by Sea) - my partner pointed out a double rainbow (which I just managed to photo) also rough sea was producing foaming sea balls onto cliff (got a great 7 sec video of that too! ) if anybody would like to see these- please email me and I'll forward them to you. Beautiful world we live on xx

Anonymous said...

There are some things in life that destroy a man. They exist. They are not ghosts but they come that way. I am indeed destroyed. Never saw it coming. My prayers for you elites. My greatest fear is not death but that I may forget the lessons I've learned.


Patrick V1.0

Anonymous said...

I am a man who has sex with men. I follow your column because of your devotion to the cause of getting the truth about 9/11 out. There is a bit of good in the worst of us in and a bit of bad in the best of us.

Jews have contributed at least as much to the world as they have taken.

9/11 has not been confronted--not because the perpetrators are evil. But because the vast majority of Americans still can't face the truth about THEMSELVES.

At the end of the day, we are all in this together as we go through these changes. It is the same as it ever was.

Yes, women and gays have it made--unless you live in Africa, Arabia, the Islamic lands, Persia, Russia, China, India and many American states.

To stereotype any group, even paranoid old hippies, is very limiting. Everyone is making their contribution to the Universe as It changes.

Live and let live.

Anonymous said...

Oscar Wilde was Irish! Oh, dear, dear, dear, Les--don't you have access to the Internet and Wikipedia?
Oy vey, it really IS the apocalypse. . .

He also wasn't gay. He was married with children.

I am not a victim. I am not a victim. I am not a victim. (Try it as a mantra, Les--you'll like it!)

Visible said...

I'm well aware that Oscar Wilde was Irish. I wouldn't have known so much about him without knowing that. I said so someone would correct me. Don't ask me why I found that amusing or even necessary. I just thought I would do something different so people wouldn't have to keep yelling at me for the same old things. I believe it's my job to give them something new

Anonymous said...

Masturbation is just another form of homosexuality. I's sex with a person of the same sex, after all.

Perhaps we'd all be better off if we simply limited ourselves to rubbing against inanimate objects like chairs or lamposts and such.

simon said...

I wish I'd said that

Denny said...

GAY GAY GAY.....!!! What corruption of what was once a very pleasant and expressive word. Now it can never be used again in its original context.

Personally, I find sex between two erotic women (ie NOT dykes) a real turn on, but sex between two men (erotic or not) a real turn off.

Incidently, has anyone ever thought about it... Both males AND females come into this world through the female body and then spend a number of years grasping and sucking female breasts. Surely this one fact alone makes it pretty obvious that sex between two women is far more natural than sex between two men.


Katz 8:44 00 PM

Add to that list global nicotine addiction through the inhalation of toxic smoke and the highly toxic mercury in everyone's MOUTH.

Neko Kinoshita said...

There are only two kinds of people I can't stand.

Those who are intolerant of other people's cultures,

and the Dutch.


wv: dailin - when communication with the divine is desired, all you have to do is dialin.

Anonymous said...

I live in SW Texas, and my mouth is
parched with sand..... no rain in
a year...
... But when I saw all those Israelis
protesting (pic on rense) I had hope.
Even if I perish in this horrid drought, which has killed just about every plant around me, if the Israelis get the message and protest Zion -- Israelis are not Zion, just an adjunct-- if they rise up against the Red Shield.... there may be hope...
even if I perish before without rain.

Anonymous said...


Thank you Neil, so beautiful (:

Muchhh Love,

Atnimal in the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Seems to me the issue here is that being gay has been presented as being a choice, like a fashion statement. It isn't.

There are just as many relationship-for-life gays as heterosexuals. There are just as many floozy gays as heterosexuals.

I've been over this choice thing with a few teens and many of them do it to be popular. (Shaking head back and forth again, still.)


Robin Redbreast said...

Anybody checked out Jem??

Robin Redbreast said...

BTW am still goosebumpy - anyone else?

kikz said...

PSA: cointelpro techniques

enjoy :)

jacaranda said...

You did a good job, Les.

I was puzzled for a long time about the 'gay is the new black' and the proliferation of gay themes in the media. I could not understand why Obama prioritized the gay agenda while he distanced himself from pervasive racism and discrimination against Black People. The attack on people of faith, particularly Black Churches was coordinated and vicious.
I researched the players and followed the money and it became clear.

It is all in the Protocols of the Elders--many people are being misled and manipulated.

This is not about civil rights. This is part of the agenda of the NWO.

Anonymous said...

Hey cousin Les. The zionists really are seeing their entire false reality falling apart in real time. No, literally - check this article out and savor the sheer horror in the back of the neocon's mind:

Might be time to dust off all those old tomes full of Gentile (and gentle) Wisdom laid by the way side of history.

Take care,
-abe in ELA

Anonymous said...

Thanks for causing me to look up Lord Alfred-knew some of the story but what is very interesting to me is that Lord Alfred's brother -Francis Douglas, Viscount Drumlanrig
who was his private secretary to Archibald Primrose-later to be England's PM and who married "In 1878, Rosebery married Hannah, only child of the Jewish banker Baron Mayer de Rothschild, and the greatest English heiress of her day. Her father had died in 1874 and she had inherited the bulk of his estate".,_5th_Earl_of_Rosebery

"t was also speculated that he was bisexual. Like Oscar Wilde, he was hounded by John Douglas, 9th Marquess of Queensberry for his association with one of Queensberry's sons — Francis Douglas, Viscount Drumlanrig[3] who was his private secretary."

So there is the "Rothschild" thing with the lead up to both World Wars and the "queer" thing which saw both Oscar Wilde and his lover, Lord Alfred imprisoned for their crimes at different times in their lives.

here's a good site I found about Lord Alfred Douglas-

intense connections at very high levels in English society via Oscar Wilde.

the gardener

Denny said...

"Drug stores" sprouting up like mushrooms all over Sweden with every second TV advert pushing pharmaceutical shit - and needless to say no shortage of morons advertising it.

Les, Smoking Mirrors is an oasis in this vast desert of zombies.

Anonymous said...

Please! Hurry up and write another blog so we can move on.
This whole thing has given me a headache

Rob in WI said...

Glad you've kept this comment stream open by delaying another post. IMHO supremacy delusions by any group are a poison. I've been accused of being a male supremasist and a white su..,
neither of which were true. Simply questioned the point at which the quest for equality became a quest for supremacy; ie; radical feminism.
Your article was far more focused on agendas, not sexuality. The zionists have an agenda, which is not secret, but available to anyone who wants to look for it, and is often bragged about.
Most jews are not zionists, just as most goy are not agentuers, but
those that are, are driven to control the rest of us. An agenda is required, to institute control.
Agenda techniques include pitting us against one another. The most vulgar of zionist agendas have nothing to do with homosexual "marriage", but with promotion of war, destruction of families, etc.
Thanks for your attention, Rob

just me, Laurel A. said...

RobinH....what is "Jem"? ....... otherwise, i pray all has calmed down, and no more of that nastiness will be voiced here. it just irks me, because in times past, no one bothered anyone one way or the other regardless of their personal proclivities, lifestyles, clothing, and so on--its just a ruse to get you wound up and absorbed in defending yourself, a strong offensive is always improved by another's determined and predictable defense. stay the course Robin, dont get sideswiped by mini-minds.

DaveR said...

John Lash (on Red Ice): "The ultimate danger that humanity is facing today is in intra-species predation. Meaning within our own species. And so there is a part of the human species that has split off and become pathologically, criminally, murderously insane. ... I'm saying this is happening. The planet has been taken over in the governmental/military/economic/educational/pharmaceutical sectors, by murderous, deceiving psychopaths. And the real danger to our species now is to get the agenda of these psychopaths, to get their M.O., to get to know who they are and to take them down. Because they're not going to stop until they are taken down.

So we've got quite a job on our hands here, and it's extremely important in facing this critical moment in our evolution to distinguish between that which is done to us by an alien intrusion into our minds, causing us to behave like zombies remotely controlled by some psychic entities, and that which is done to us by our kind.

Lee said...

Wow, the latest count is 154 comments. Ever since the SOTT issue, the comment count has risen from a average 30 to 50 to the present numbers.

Les has obviously borrowed a few arrows from Cupid, or should I say, Tezcatlipoca (the Aztec god featured on the page above) and shot them is the asses of us readers. Guess what? We come back for more, and deservedly so.

LEE/Naj Tenochitlan
* fine trasmissione *

Robin Redbreast said...

Laurel B et al,
Trying to learn not to retaliate to others' narrow-mindedness - I still like to think that if you plant enough seeds with people by talking about your own open way of thinking, a few may sprout or maybe not, it matters not I suppose - it doesn't wind me up - and makes me feel mote content that I have given my best;)
In regards to Jem, I came across her music about 7 years ago. It's beautiful, spiritual, lively, comforting, relaxing, inspiring, reflective, loving, and an eclectic style that I'm sure most people would gain from.
I would highly recommend goggling: Jem music
There is a link on my homepage - let me know what you think all please (I repeat I have no connection to Jem - other than spiritually. Song titles I would recommend a listen are: Down to Earth, You Will Make It, You're Amazing, Finally Woken, Save Me, Flying High, Just a Ride, Keep on Walking, You Will Make It, Got It Good, And So I Pray, I Always Knew.......
Phew!! quite a few goodies - you may well recognise some of her songs that have since been used for tv theme music and adverts. She's one fine girl who is not interested in fame- she's very grounded: my aim too
Please if anybody has comments re. her beautiful music- let us know xx
Peace and forever growing

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

The Big Empty Wasteland of Indefinable Angst.

Anonymous said...

Dinane said:
"I've been over this choice thing with a few teens and many of them do it to be popular. (Shaking head back and forth again, still.)"

I got a different take from two twenty something males I worked with when I lived in Colorado about five years ago. On a couple of occasions one of them casually mentioned that he had been to a party where over half the chicks were making out with each other. WTF! He is straight, it wasn't a gay party. A few month later he said the same thing about another party he attended.

The other guy told me some young people have a gay affair to "find out if they are straight." WTF again.

I went to plenty of parties when I was young and sure as hell didn't witness anything like that. People who were straight didn't wonder if they were gay. If anything the gay lifestyle disgusted them.

So what happened? Have people in general become more enlightened (right!) or did they let the MSM take over their mind? People think they have free will, but do they when they allow the idiot box to subvert their thought? And do they really have thought when their opinions come from the MSM and their behavior isn't a product of study and reflection.

And Les I hope you didn't think I was knocking you in my earlier comments concerning gays. You are a more evolved soul than I am. My opinion on that subject hasn't changed since I was a teen and I don't see them ever changing. As the Indians say UHG.


Anonymous said...

Denny said:
"Surely this one fact alone makes it pretty obvious that sex between two women is far more natural than sex between two men."

I've been reading the comments from the bottom up, not bad reading. I'm glad you brought that up Denny. While I certainly don't approve I have always been willing to cut the women some slack if they don't flaunt it. Take some petite soft little honey. Maybe she doesn't want a big hairy guy laying all over her. Many men are pretty crude. Hey, if she wants to get some foxy female with a strap that's her business.

Now I draw the line way before the likes of butch Napolitano. So don't get me wrong on that one.


Visible said...

The "captcha" didn't render - so could not do the word verify.

Used to be able to do it anonymously every once in a while at Smoking Mirrors.

Haven't visited for a while. Added some "big brother snoop" blocks to my "hosts" file a while back - maybe captcha or the blog object hosting your "Cupid" article is associated with one of those blocks - or issues with the old Netscape 9 browser are the cause.

Could be an intermittent - hardly any sun spots these days so can't blame Sol. :)


Visible said...

As a matter of fact, I understand why men at a certain level of sexual awareness get turned on by young women going at each other. Understanding the psycho sexual inclinations of a certain dimension of observer status; no one is touching you so go ahead and touch yourself. The problem is not getting the point of the attraction. The problem is talking about the actuality of why and the relevance with people who are too intensely invested in things they don't understand the reason of to begin with.

As I have pointed out, I spend nearly all of my time by myself. It's not because I have to. It's because I don't see the point in having a social parameter or any kind of frottage exchange with people that don't get who their greatest lover is to begin with. This and other features are absolute with me. Imagine what it is like when it's only fucking relative like most of the shit people get up to and create and those convincing arguments in order to make the whole stupid redundacy take upon itself some kind of worth the trouble, transformed into coin of the realm

Lukiftian said...

"If everyone became gay it would be the end of the human race."

Actually Fud, in Joe Haldeman's seminal sci-fi classic 'The Forever War' almost everyone does become gay eventually, and it's far from the end of the human race. Interestingly, straights are considered 'queer' and deviant by the end of the book.

What we term 'humanity' or the 'human race' is a living process we are in the midst of, and who really is to say or to judge what we'll be at the culmination of that process, or even if there will be one?

Visible said...

In that case it should probably be shut down anyway.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Being an individual person now and forever, I don't really concern myself with this collective "we, us, etc."

Haven't for quite some time.

As a matter of conscious and unconscious rote I am, it seems, on a markedly different wavelength, vibration, path as are these famous "we" and "us."

No, thanks.

I do identify with certain people but they are few and far between just as I supposed they would be and surely are.

Maybe some day..

Neo-Colonials said...

What is planned for all of European Civilization

From the British-Zisrael Aristocracy

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Condo Dwelling in Perpetual Hamster City.



Joseph Brenner

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